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January 28, 2011

Daily Fetch 1.28.11: San Mateo County lands a big fish (maybe)

In real estate news… San Mateo County is landing a big fish:  Facebook has bought land near the Sun Microsystems (former) campus is Menlo Park.  That’s good news for Menlo Park, bad news for Palo Alto, Facebook’s current home.  We who will play Facebook’s real estate agent in Social Network II…
From San Bruno:
The Daily Journal Editorial crew gives props to Congresswoman Jackie Speier for being generally awesome, but specifically about her response to the Tuscon shooting.
There will be (another) Save Caltrain-type summit this weekend.  If you didn’t get your fill last week, this weekend is your chance
Woodside will start looking for a new Town Manager as Susan George announced she’ll step down (in 12 months)… Nothing from COWs of Woodside on this topic yet
That’s all for now…

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