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March 28, 2012

Daily Fetch 3.28.12: 2 more reasons MLB should get out of Oakland…

We’ll start in Oakland, yes Oakland… with two reasons why Major League Baseball should want to get the hell out of there: Ignacio De La Fuente and Don Perata. From the esteemed paper to the north: “…Consulting payments to Oakland City Councilman Ignacio De La Fuente by a group tied to former state-senator-turned-lobbyist Don Perata are raising questions about a possible conflict of interest in the awarding of a $7 million contract to run the Oakland Coliseum complex…” If there was anything shocking about this it would be shocking…

Here’s something you haven’t read in a while: The City of San Jose prioritized road repair work that they’ll (hopefully) fund next year. The times, they are a changin’?

The times might be a changin’ at San Jose City Hall, but not quickly… Moody’s joined Fitch and downgraded the City’s credit rating from AAA to AA1… Who knew that Moody’s was following #pensiongate on NBC Bay Area? (We’re kidding…)

There was a bit of a scare at San Jose’s downtown post office yesterday because there was a package of white powder that someone thought was anthrax (and no one started snorting)… it was “a harmless herbal remedy shipped from Taiwan…”

In Palo Alto High there was a scary scene at swim practice when a swimmer lost consciousness but quick-acting staff pulled him from the water, administered CPR, and all is well…

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