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March 29, 2012

Daily Fetch 3.29.12: San Jose, the Lawsuit Capital of Silicon Valley…

San Jose is becoming the lawsuit capital of Silicon Valley… We have the labor unions at the City suing the City over the pension reform ballot language. We have San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant suing to keep the anti-pension reform ballot argument from reaching voters in their ballot guide… and now we have San Jose’s newest casino, (the unfortunately named) M8trix, is suing the City of San Jose for allegedly dragging their feet on permits which will probably mean that M8trix will open later than their really bad radio ads say they will… Because the one thing that is clear is that lawsuits always speed things up… just like you should always go all in on 8-2 off-suit… (Even with high-priced lobbyist this project can’t get sped up?…)

Here’s some high-speed-ish train news that everyone (or almost everyone) can get behind. Bay Area transportation officials have agreed to split the cool $1.5 billion cost of Caltrain electrification

San Jose Inside has an interesting take on the recent political fundraising numbers: “…Money talks during election season, and it seems the closer a person is to San Jose’s City Hall, the louder their voice…” The folks with ties to City Hall by incumbency (Pierluigi Oliverio, Rose Herrera, Kansen Chu), Planning Commission-ship (Edesa Bitbadal), or employment (Denelle Fedor) all did pretty well with fundraising. Pay-to-play is back?

Speaking of raising money… Palo Alto has two new plans to pay for stuff. Ironically, they are right next to each other on the Weekly’s website:

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