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April 6, 2012

Daily Fetch 4.6.12: Opening Day (and pension reform)

From the Merc:  ”…San Jose city workers on Thursday won a last-minute legal reprieve that stops the city’s June 5 pension reform ballot measure from going to print — for now.  In a two-paragraph order, three judges of the 6th District Court of Appeal based in San Jose put on hold Wednesday’s decision by a Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge overruling the unions’ objections to the measure’s title and wording…”  Protect?  Something to say/Tweet?  Josh Koehn at San Jose Inside has a look at the legal back and forth and back again…

Today is Opening Day for the San Jose A’s.  Of course, they are still playing in Oakland, but don’t let that get you down because Bud Selig has a blue ribbon panel looking into the A’s stadium options… (Ok, that last bit is very old news, but it’s Opening Day and hope springs eternal…)

Jennifer Sparacino is retiring… which means a great deal to you if you are either a Santa Clara City Councilmember or Jed York…



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