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April 9, 2012

Daily Fetch 4.9.12: Big week for pension reform (or is it #pensiongate?)…

It’s Monday… what do we know?

Well, this week will be a very big one for pension reform (or #pensiongate, depending on your view) in San Jose. A judge will rule if the ballot will go forward or not. The Internal Affairs crew at the Merc has a take… (Please Protect, write about this sooner rather than later…)

We rarely write about hockey because… well, because it’s hockey… (Sorry Sharks fans…) But it is that time of year again when the Sharks will let down all of their fans and flame out in the playoffs… (Sorry Sharks fans…) Flaming out in the playoffs is the type of thing that is true until it isn’t… (Not to be left out of the flame out, the San Jose-hating Giants lost their first three games of the season…)

San Jose Inside has the scoop about the Democratic Central Committee’s endorsement process and how things got “weird” when the endorsements for City Council in San Jose were on the agenda… including this blind quote about South Bay Labor big-wig Cindy Chavez: “…people literally stood up and said they think she is crazy…”

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