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April 10, 2012

Daily Fetch 4.10.12: We had the wrong crazy person…

We’ll start by a correction, of sorts. Yesterday we wrote about San Jose Inside’s coverage of the Democratic Central Committee’s San Jose Council District 8 endorsement “discussion”… It turns out the blind quote: “…people literally stood up and said they think she is crazy…” We had that “she” in the quote as Cindy Chavez, but apparently the blindly-quoted Democrat was talking about Rose Herrera’s labor-backed District 8 challenger Patricia Martinez-Roach. If the shoe fits…

As you no doubt know, this is a big week for the pension reform measure in San Jose (or #pensiongate, depending on where you stand…) If you stand in the “pensions are too high” camp and you own property, Tracy Seipel has a must-read story for you today. Special fund on Santa Clara County property tax bill pays for employee pensions… Which is why being a Supervisor is easier than being a City Councilmember these days…

In case the San Jose Police Union wasn’t outraged enough about the pension reform measure… having Raj Jayadev’s name in the paper will get them a bit more angry. Jayadev writes about Trayvon Martin.

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