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April 12, 2012

Daily Fetch 4.12.12: November in Redwood City, we can’t wait…

Big election news today and it has nothing to do with the 20-person (ok, 8-person) race for Supervisor this June… It’s about Redwood City in November. The City Council may put the Saltworks project on the November ballot to see what voters think. This will be a Battle Royale in Redwood City, and frankly, we can’t wait

Speaking of the 20-person Supervisors race — Menlo Park’s Kirsten Keith has her day in the sun… Well, maybe not the sun, but certainly the Daily Journal.

In other news (and other Bonnie Eslinger stories)… San Mateo County’s top medical chief rips Peninsula health district for ignoring uninsured adults… Oops…

The Almanac would like you to know that the Menlo Park City Council and the Menlo Park Planning Commission will be busy in the next four weeks… (Which is what folks expect them to be all the time, but that’s a different story.) Menlo Park has some big issues brewing, including their budget and the Facebook campus. Which will make the aforementioned Kirsten Keith positively exhausted by election day (and Andy Cohen too!)…


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