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April 16, 2012

Daily Fetch 4.16.12: Tax Day! (Better late than never…)

Tax day!

We’ll start with pension reform (modification) in San Jose. Scott Herhold found out that it is difficult to ascertain what it really means to City workers paychecks and future pension checks. Trust us Scott, City workers know exactly what it means down to the penny… They just don’t like you… but we do like the graphics.

Jed York gets the golden treatment by Mike Rosenberg in the Merc today. As if this kid doesn’t have enough going for him… The Chronicle is also on the Santa Clara 49ers beat chiming in with this: Loss of 49ers’ will be big hit to SF budget… Sorry folks, park’s closed…

Speaking of (soon-to-be) South Bay sports, the weekend Internal Affairs team at the Merc does some sleuthing into where super-attorney Allen Ruby has been on the A’s legal front… the answer is thinking up great quotes. Also, suprising nobody, the pension reform/modification battle is costing the City of San Jose money… Surprising even fewer people is the fact that lawyers are expensive…

San Jose Inside read the San Jose Independent Police Auditor’s investigation into the San Jose Police Department’s Internal Affairs division… Surprise! The rat-squad doesn’t know what they are doing and never brings any charges


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