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April 17, 2012

Daily Fetch 4.17.12: Watch out for those Federal probes… Ouch!

We love this headline and it’s where we’ll start today because it is so funny…

Ouch.  Federal probes can hurt.  Seriously Google, we konw you can’t stand Microsoft, but go hire their attorneys…

In other, more Mountain View-y news, the Google bridge to Google has been scaled back… “environmentalists, birders, and military” said “Thanks, but no thanks…”

If you have a few minutes today, head over to San Jose Inside and read Josh Koehn’s piece about a lecture series at San Jose State that featured former Mayors Norm Mineta, Janet Gray Hayes, Susan Hammer, and Ron Gonzales… and current Mayor Chuck Reed. Apparently Tom McEnery can’t stand those folks and decided to skip it…

We thought it was over yesterday, but Mike Rosenberg’s piece on Jed York continues today… Title: Diety or Just a Young, Priveleged Guy?

Finally, the Merc Editorial Board chimes in East Bay style calling for Nadia Lockyer to resign from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors… Probably a good idea and probably about a month or two (or more!) late.

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