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July 11, 2013

Daily Fetch 7.11.13: Mary Jane, Marry Jane, and pimp my non-profit…

NBC Bay Area says the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department eradicated some Mary Jane found in Henry Coe State Park. This story made Fetch’s interns grab for the Cheetos and Funyuns.

Much to Chuck Reed’s chagrin, Ken Yeager is marrying gay couples  and writing about it in the Mercury News.

pimpmynonprofitIn our latest episode of pimp my non-profit, Momma Alvarado was not content with gifting taxpayer money to her son ($25Gs + $25Gs + $15Gs +$5Gs = HOLY CRAP), she also sent tens of thousands of dollars to another non-profit (Teatro Vision) founded by none other than Teresa Alvarado’s husband Jess Moreles and Teresa’s sister-in-law Elisa Marina Alvarado (and now also has Teresa Alvarado’s paid campaign helper Peter Allen as the president of its board).  AlvaradoFamilyBusiness5

When GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado says she wants to continue the work of her mother, does this mean more no-bid, no-oversight, taxpayer handouts to her family? More to come…

San Jose Inside thinks California’s Political Reform Act is like Swiss Cheese, well if that’s the case then how much of a bumbler is Teresa Alvarado for potentially violating it by meeting with Independent Expenditure groups to coordinate their campaigns?

The Mission City Lantern shows with FPPC documents that Alvarado’s new campaign hack, Jim Gonzalez, has a history of violating campaign laws, so maybe it was his idea?

The LA Times tells us that Rep. Mike Honda raised a paltry $345,000 versus Ro Khanna’s $1 million.

Looks like some in the Berryessa community are up in arms over Sywest Development plans to raze the Century Berryessa 10 movie theaters and potentially replace them with a Walmart. Thank you to the San Jose Blog.

West Nile has made it to San Jose, we’re all going to die.

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