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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The Bay Area News Group is very proud of itself today as it unveils a (growing) database of public employee salaries for much of the Bay Area. Expect lots of folks on the 18th Floor to be search the database today… and if you have time, you can see how much more many of these folks make than you.

Speaking of public employees…

Not a day can go by without some news coming out of the San Jose City Council District 5 race. Yesterday it was Aaron Resendez who was making public a conversation that he had with Councilmember Nora Campos’ Chief of Staff Ryan Ford. (Nora Campos is candidate Xavier Campos’ brother.) It wasn’t a conversation as much as it was a dressing down of Resendez by Ford, according to Resendez. He has called on Councilmember Nora Campos for a public apology, which sounds like he deserves… even Kathleen says so. Ryan Ford should expect a congratulatory call from Cindy Chavez and Neil Struthers today, “Our little boy is all grown up…”
Also, our call for campaign mailers yielded some fruit, and since we are in District 5 already, here is a glimpse of how nasty the race has become… With all due respect to Pat Dando, do voters in District 5 know her name still? Do voters in District 10?

Scott Herhold can not resist apparently. He takes yet another shot, albeit from a different angle, at District Attorney Dolores Carr. This time, Herhold isn’t talking about her fancy car or her lack of ethics, although these things find their way into the piece (ok, not the car stuff). He profiles a Deputy DA who wants her boss to lose… she joins 40 other Deputy DA’s in wanting the same thing. 40 DA’s and one columnist…

Speaking of issues of crime and justice, the Merc Editorial Board continues to review its sample ballot and come up with judicial nominations in todays paper. They choose JoAnne McCracken, Vanessa Zecher, and Julia Alloggiamento but absolutely positively do not want you to vote for Thomas Spielbauer. They went so far as to write: Don’t vote for Thomas Spielbauer. Wow. Perhaps Speilbauer and District Attorney Dolores Carr could commisserate about being treated like shit from the same newspaper…

Willow Glen Middle School was at the center of the world yesterday. (Some would say that Lincoln and Minnesota are always the center of the world…) A student apprently wrote a “hit list” on a bathroom wall that sent everyone into high alert.

Matier and Ross at the Chronicle (and the entire Chronicle, come to think about it) loves writing negative stories about the 49ers wishes to move to Santa Clara… yesterday’s story was about how much money the 49ers are spending on their campaign. Another way to look at it is they are spending all that money to get the hell out of San Francisco…

Violent crime is on a downswing, according to statistics in San Jose. Of course, if you read Protect San Jose, we are headed down the road of Oakland…

Mountain View is buying up land faster than a South Bay city trying to land a Major League Baseball team…

Assembly candidate Josh Becker gets a long write-up by Daily News Group reporter Will Oremus… and the story (obviously) includes a stop at University Cafe in Palo Alto… a.k.a. Becker’s headquarters.

Admit it Palo Alto readers, you were at the City Council meeting last night when the Council was discussing the Stanford University hospitals’ expansion plans… that must have been so much NIMBY fun… so much fun, in fact, that the Palo Alto City Council put more demands, euphemistically called “community benefits” on the growing list of things Stanford should do to make their project acceptable to Palo Alto… like a “revenue guarantee“…

It has been a while since we made fun of Palo Alto Weekly’s Editor Jay Thorwaldson for his “blogging” — but his recent chime-in on High-Speed Rail re-sparked our snarkiness. He has posted twice in 2010. Perhaps he is getting into this new-fangled technology thingy…

We put this towards the end because really, who cares: Newt Gingrich endorsed Meg Whitman. One has to believe that Whitman sold her 2012 Presidential endorsement down the river for this endorsement…

Finally, does pointing out the Merc’s technical difficulties ever get old? Watch Dog doesn’t think so… this was a headline for a breaking news story last night:

Morning News Round-Up — 4.20.10: 420, need we say more?

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

420… ’nuff said. Now, onto November
It has been a bad few weeks for the South Bay Labor Council head honcho Cindy Chavez. First she got Jude Barry blacklisted — which led to bad press. Then she sent a threatening letter to several Democratic Assemblymembers because they are supporting her “opponent” in a City Council race — which led to bad press. Then her strong, yet unsuccessful, push to get Republican Dolores Carr endorsed for DA was uncovered — which led to bad press. Today, the Merc’s Scott Herhold ties it all up in a bow… He concludes: “…For such a sunny personality, hers are cold tactics indeed…”
“Hi Phil, it’s Cindy. Can you relaunch sanjoserevealed as soon as possible? Thanks…”
Check out Watch Dog’s piece from yesterday about Cindy Chavez, Dolores Carr, and Xavier Campos: United Carr Workers and Xavier Campos.
Watch Dog didn’t really know something like this was possible, but… National Hispanic University was sold to a for-profit college conglomerate. Think of it as Walmart coming in to buy your small school. Laureate Education is the purchaser and their company is valued at $3.5 billion. If you are going to sell out, go big or go home, we guess…
Lately when anyone has been talking about Santa Clara, it has been about the 49ers or Yahoo… that’s because everyone has stopped talking about the BAREC housing development that was controversial and contentious. But it is finally FINALLY moving forward as the clean-up starts… (If you know nothing about this development, then don’t even try to understand the history…)
Yesterday was a bad day to be train-dependent. First a bomb threat that screwed up the afternoon/ evening community, then a suspicious package at the Caltrain Station in Mountain View closed things down for a while last night…
Speaking of trains… but a much, much faster one, hopefully. The Mountain View Council is studying the High-Speed Rail alignment options for Mountain View, and they really don’t know what they like best… or least.
One Silicon Valley-ite who is running for high office has released his tax returns… Tom Campbell. And we learn what we already knew… he isn’t a rich as Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, or Steve Poizner… Most stunning of all, he donated only $600 to charity in 2009. … that’s it. Perhaps the library in Almaden didn’t need his help last year.
Speaking of Silicon Valley types running for office… Chris Kelly is a former Facebook executive running for Attorney General. (In case you didn’t know that, and if you didn’t know that, then you are in the majority…) He is facing some tough questions about Facebook’s privacy policies. Questions like, does Facebook have a privacy policy?
Palo Alto is celebrating 420… well, Earth Day actually. They have a bunch of new enviro-sheek things happening.
To the blogs…
Protect San Jose answers a real(?) “Ask a Beat Cop” question today about a car getting stolen in downtown San Jose… of course the answer is about high-capacity night clubs
Mission City Lantern has some advice for Cindy Chavez

Morning News Round-Up — 8.20.09: A Correction to Start…

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

We start with a correction this morning because screwed up. And boy did we heard about it from many, many people. We misread a Merc. story yesterday about the City of San Jose wasting money on cost overruns for capital projects. In fairness to us, the sentence was (somewhat) confusingly written:

the substation is one of just three San Jose capital projects out of hundreds over the past decade or so to exceed their construction contingency budgets…

We believe one could read this sentence two ways, but we apparently read it the wrong, more cynical way. Apologies all around — and thank all of you for reading so diligently.

On to the Round-Up…

The Merc’s Editorial Board is tickled Tesla stays in Silicon Valley with its “cool Roadster.” San Jose’s Office of Economic Development is considerably less tickled… it sort of makes this press release look silly… and this one too.

It seems an Op-Ed on Sunday struck a nerve, if you believe what you read in the Letters to the Editor in the Merc. Remember, Cindy Chavez wrote (but did not text) about campaign finance reform in San Jose. Bill Baron, the chair of the Chamber of Commerce’s political arm COMPAC, responded yesterday in Letters… our favorite line:
“…you’re being robbed of ‘sunshine’ in broad daylight, one dollar and one text at a time...” Colorful language Mr. Baron…

It has been a couple days since Dolores Carr’s name has been in the paper — and her name isn’t in this story either. But we sort of wonder why… There is a story in today’s Merc. about a defendant that was found “factually innocent” on a burglary charge. It seems both the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara County DA’s office made mistakes which could have screwed up one 20-year old’s life (and his family’s loves) for the next 6 years. No word from Protect San Jose on this issue… yet. (For those of you who are considering a run against Carr, you should cut out this story for your opposition research file. Just a helpful hint from your friends at Watch Dog.)

East Side Union High School Superintendent Bob Nunez (apparently) left his last gig with a (huge) black mark. (Un)Suprisingly, East Side Union Trustees didn’t know about it because they didn’t ask his former employer for references. Now, (un)surprisingly, similar accusations are coming to haunt Nunez. Former Trustee/Superintendent George Shirakawa, Jr. shrugged off (possible) thievery saying “…Bob brought labor peace…” So, if we get this straight, misusing District funds is ok as long as nobody is on strike? Bloggers at The Unruly Advocate are not surprised with the shenanigans… Neither are we.

Facing a $44 million deficit San Jose State University President Jon Whitmore is ditching 200 faculty members. Whitmore will share the news during his Welcome Back speech today… He probably won’t say, “Welcome back, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…” What he should do is blame the strong leadership in Sacramento.

Congressmember Anna Eshoo announced she’s moving forward with a healthcare Town Hall – via phone. Constituents can register online (and then Eshoo’s staff can hand-pick questioners…) We aren’t kidding, check out this NPR story from yesterday

Moto Amore owner John Bettancourt is one pissed off scooter rider. Bettancourt accuses San Jose bureaucracy of forcing him out of business while code enforcement’s Mike Hannon says having a tax certificate is not the same as having necessary permits. Downtown Councilmember Sam Liccardo is still hoping to talk to Bettancourt…

Gary “Mr. Roadshow” Richards dedicates his (generally) car-centric time to the two wheelers in our midst. It’s the time of month again for the San Jose Bike Party to hit the street, cyclists ask Mr. Roadshow about trails and parking…

The Merc.’s Scott Herhold also talks bikes, this time with (bike vs. drunk driver) survivor MaryAnn Levenson. Back in the saddle, Levenson teaches bike safety when she’s not kicking ass in competition.

The Alameda (State Route 82/El Camino Real) is getting a face-lift and plans are underway to ditch the “highway” moniker.

There’s big trouble in Garlic-land… Gilroy Police, while looking for (wife beater) Joel Barnes, wound up with a meth dealing teenage girl (apparently) shacking up with machine gun toting 30 something’s Raul Maciel and Thomas Esparza. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Joel Barnes may call the Sheriff’s office at 299-2311. We have to say, nothing goes with meth like garlic.

The Los Altos Town Crier caught up with the news that Pilgrims Haven is a go

The tanking economy is driving Los Altos library lovers to call for renewal (and increase) of a 20 year old parcel tax. Los Altos Hills Councilmember/library fan Jean Mordo said the (up to) $90 proposed tax “is not a lot of money” and looks forward to a June 2010 ballot measure.

It’s a booze-free (not free-booze) day for the Los Altos Community Picnic after the City Council said no to the proposed sale of donated beer. Mayor Megan Satterlee called the “novel” idea “excellent, out-of-the-box thinking” but joined colleagues in saying drinking would contradict the “family-spirited thing.”

Morning News Round-Up — 8.3.09: $20 million here, $20 million there…

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

San Jose employee unions can’t be happy about a new audit the City Council will be hearing about this week. The audit says that the City could save $20 million/ year just be bringing employee health benefits in line with the private sector AND in line with other government agencies. Expect a backlash from labor-backed City Councilmembers. (Too bad there isn’t a local blog reacting to the audit…) Local public employee unions should be glad they don’t operate in San Mateo County. Up there, there is a County-wide task force looking at public employee benefits and pensions… The Merc. Editorial Board also thinks health benefits and pensions should be a priority.

The Merc’s Scott Herhold must read Watch Dog. His piece in Sunday’s paper was titled: DA Dolores Carr deserves a re-election opponent. Amen Brother. We even listed some potential (re-election) suspects (through links) last week.

Changes as the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International (?) Airport are being seen as a good thing by passengers. Unfortunately, as the airport gets better, the flights get fewer

The East Side Union High School District has a new Acting Superintendent. Raising the obvious question, wasn’t the last one just an “acting” Superintendent. (That’s a pun people…)

Did you know that the next Secretary of State (?) is getting re-married? That’s right. You just probably don’t know who the next Secretary of State was going to be. But it’s State Senator Elaine Alquist… and she is about to be off the market again.

Gilroy Mayor Al Pinheiro is under fire… and it isn’t (all) about the Recall. This time he is getting dinged for cuts to public safety. Actually, this is all about the Recall — and the saga is growing. Mayor Gage?

The Merc’s Internal Affairs can’t get enough of the blogwars in San Jose, probably because San Jose Inside is getting new (?) information out every Friday afternoon. This time, they SHOW ME THE MONEY… sort of.

Speaking of Phil Bump…

According to Mission City Lantern, the former Campaign Manager for Cindy Chavez for Mayor (Justin Schall) and former Political Director for the South Bay Labor Council (Phil Bump) are working on the campaign for Eric Goia for New York City Public Advocate. The Dream Team reunites… Somewhere on the 18th floor, Mr. Jansen is smiling.

While we are on the topic… San Jose Revealed seems to be down today. But Phil Bump did have time to see 500 Days of Summer this weekend and wrote a review. Whether Phil Bump is Revealed or not, he is a good writer. In short, 500 Days of Summer sucked, according to Phil Bump.