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Morning News Round-Up — 9.29.09: Lawyers = Prostitutes?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Stanford Law grad Cristina Warthen surprised the feds and the Judge when she continued advertising an evening of “companionship” while she was on trial for evading taxes on the ill-gotten gains of “companionship.” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Callaway said Warthens internet ads were “a wink and a nod” to “advertising high end prostitution.” The oldest profession practiced by lawyers — we know there is a joke there somewhere about screwing people…

Putting Stanford grads in a less-imprisoned light… Googlers Sergey Brin and Larry Page had high praise for their old friend and mentor Rajeev Motwani saying the “impact he had through the many researchers and entrepreneurs” out shown his own numerous accomplishments. Following Motwani’s death earlier this year Brin and Page decided to create an endowed chair at Stanford in their friends honor.

The Soul of the Community is pretty good, according to a survey funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. San Jose residents found affordable housing one of the biggest problems and a few were unhappy about the closing of stab-ariffic Club Wet

The community’s soul may be good for some but for others it’s about to get worse. The Emergency Housing Consortium announced closure of half the beds available to the homeless. Santa Clara County Office of Affordable Housing Director Margie Matthews said “this is all about the economy, and EHC – like all nonprofits… “ is “having to cut back…”

East Side Union Trustees ended Friday night without a decision on their embattled Superintendent Bob Nunez, currently on paid leave from his $225,000 gig. Marisa Hanson, President of the East Side Teachers Association, said delaying the decision was the right thing to do “the County report found him innocent … but then the board went ahead with another investigation…” Nobody mentioned the court of public opinion…

San Jose High celebrates the small victories. Test scores are up following “unrelenting hard work” with teachers and the principal showing the love. Not as happy was East Side Union School Board President Patricia Martinez-Roach who said there was “absolutely no excuse” for their low test scores. Except maybe those pesky budget problems and the ongoing Bob Nunez controversy. Or perhaps because they have twice un-elected officials on their Board…

Los Gatos sold 13 acres of Vasona Park last year for $6 million, then they voted unanimously to use half that to purchase 2.7 acres near Vasona Park, with ready buildings, for a mega-sports complex… y’know, for kids

Gilroy Schools saw an increase in students even as districts across the state are closing schools. District enrollment coordinator Roger Cornia blamed the economy saying private school wasn’t in the cards for many students, not when Mom and Dad are facing layoffs.

Gilroy Mayor Al Pinheiro hosted a 5 hour community round-table that drew criticism from Council colleague Perry Woodward “Let’s be honest – this was the mayor’s show… how he intends to defeat the recall… Councilmembers should be allowed to participate… instead of the mayor imposing his political views…” Gilroy sure has more interesting politics than San Jose…

Palo Alto City Managers and professional employees contemplate becoming Teamsters even as some of their prospective members argue wage cuts with unionized service workers.

Mission City Lantern takes a poke at “wonderful human being, a great person to have as a friend” Labor leader/(former) Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez. With friends like that…

Morning News Round-Up — 8.26.09: Any-Excuse-to-Use-Funny-Photo Edition…

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro gives a rundown of San Jose’s latest accolades: 3rd best place for kids (think skate parks), 12th best public university in the west (tied with Humboldt, Fresno, and Texas State), and, drumroll please, top water pollution control plant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (for power generation). Yay us — 12th best in the west!

Santa Clara Supervisor Ken Yeager hopes to find a way to keep Henry Coe State Park open while colleague/ Supervisor/(soon-to-be Mayor?) Don Gage says close that puppy. The list of closing parks is expected right after your Labor Day hike, so enjoy it.

Gilroy Mayor Al Pinheiro’s biggest hater, Mark Zappa, is waiting until the Mayor returns from Portugal before filing the recall paperwork and looking to a June 2010 recall election, to save the City money. That’s pretty thoughtful… For the record, Gilroy’s future Mayor?/ Supervisor Don Gage made no appearance in the story

The race to replace Hal Plotkin by appointment to the Foothill-DeAnza Community College Distict is in the final interview stage. Foothill-DeAnza Trustees want to talk with Joan Barram (Cupertino Union School District Trustee), Richard Bernhardt (Business and student lobbyist), Jeannie Conner (Senator Joe Simitian’s political director), and Anita Manwani-Bhagat (business leader at NASA/HP/Agilent).

Congressmember Anna Eshoo’s 2nd “telephone” town hall got her props from the more than 7,000 participants. Eshoo told participants she’s doing a face-to-face on healthcare next week and testily pointed out she’s done more face-to-face town halls than any of her colleagues.

Kathleen Blanchard, the Mother of one of Gunn High Schools suicide victims spoke out at the Palo Alto Unified School Board meeting. Without pointing fingers, she gently urged change in how adults work with students and called for “attitude adjustments and philosophical adjustments” in working with kids. The Merc’s Patty Fisher digs into other teen suicides in Silicon Valley and the news is not good

NASA Ames is ready to build “Sustainability Base,” architect Kevin Burke loves the “combination of high tech and low tech.” Meaning the building will close itself at night and use the same “technology” as historic California Adobe homes to cool off or warm up. With a little luck, there won’t be a “toxic” siding battle on this green house.

Latest perv alerts heading your way…

(shy) Erotica enthusiasts/ burglars hit Gilroy’s Simply Romance for a third time taking off with leather wrist bands, cash, and owner Hank Provost’s new pipe, among other goodies. The increased attention from thieves doesn’t deter Provost, “if anything, I’m more determined to stick around.” Perhaps we now know where the ball gag came from…

San Jose Insider/ Santa Clara County Board of Education Trustee Joseph DiSalvo (could he have a longer title?) has endorsed former Franklin-McKinley Superintendent Larry Aceves as his favorite for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

San Jose Inside’s Fly celebrates a (temporary?) reprieve for the (Fly hangout) “dingy, punky, (puky?)Caravan Bar over an (un)watered down White Russian. (apparently) The Merc’s Internal Affairs story pissed off bartenders who “scribbled down letters” (on napkins) demanding an apology. Fly’s piece also proves that Metro writers are probably a lot more fun to hang out with than Merc writers…

Morning News Round-Up — 8.3.09: $20 million here, $20 million there…

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

San Jose employee unions can’t be happy about a new audit the City Council will be hearing about this week. The audit says that the City could save $20 million/ year just be bringing employee health benefits in line with the private sector AND in line with other government agencies. Expect a backlash from labor-backed City Councilmembers. (Too bad there isn’t a local blog reacting to the audit…) Local public employee unions should be glad they don’t operate in San Mateo County. Up there, there is a County-wide task force looking at public employee benefits and pensions… The Merc. Editorial Board also thinks health benefits and pensions should be a priority.

The Merc’s Scott Herhold must read Watch Dog. His piece in Sunday’s paper was titled: DA Dolores Carr deserves a re-election opponent. Amen Brother. We even listed some potential (re-election) suspects (through links) last week.

Changes as the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International (?) Airport are being seen as a good thing by passengers. Unfortunately, as the airport gets better, the flights get fewer

The East Side Union High School District has a new Acting Superintendent. Raising the obvious question, wasn’t the last one just an “acting” Superintendent. (That’s a pun people…)

Did you know that the next Secretary of State (?) is getting re-married? That’s right. You just probably don’t know who the next Secretary of State was going to be. But it’s State Senator Elaine Alquist… and she is about to be off the market again.

Gilroy Mayor Al Pinheiro is under fire… and it isn’t (all) about the Recall. This time he is getting dinged for cuts to public safety. Actually, this is all about the Recall — and the saga is growing. Mayor Gage?

The Merc’s Internal Affairs can’t get enough of the blogwars in San Jose, probably because San Jose Inside is getting new (?) information out every Friday afternoon. This time, they SHOW ME THE MONEY… sort of.

Speaking of Phil Bump…

According to Mission City Lantern, the former Campaign Manager for Cindy Chavez for Mayor (Justin Schall) and former Political Director for the South Bay Labor Council (Phil Bump) are working on the campaign for Eric Goia for New York City Public Advocate. The Dream Team reunites… Somewhere on the 18th floor, Mr. Jansen is smiling.

While we are on the topic… San Jose Revealed seems to be down today. But Phil Bump did have time to see 500 Days of Summer this weekend and wrote a review. Whether Phil Bump is Revealed or not, he is a good writer. In short, 500 Days of Summer sucked, according to Phil Bump.