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April 16, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.16.14: Cheaters never prosper, Big Business Backs Carrasco, and Cops on the way to San Jose…

The Liccardo Papers: Cheating, it’s what winners do!

Part Tres

In today’s installment of the Liccardo Papers, the SJ Elections Commission and FPPC complaints alleging Liccardo skirted, and self-admittedly violated, campaign laws reveal an extensive and well-thought out scheme to cheat to a fundraising lead in the race to become San Jose Mayor.


Final Installment of Full Complaint Can Be Seen Here

SJ Ethics Commission Complaint Liccardo FINAL-1

The man who filed the complaint against Liccardo is District 6 City Council also-ran Steve Kline who was stomped by Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio in the last election cycle.  Kline takes to The Left Hook to explain why he decided to sling an arrow at “Cheaties” Liccardo.

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors made it official by approving an offer of mutual aid to the dwindling ranks of the SJPD.  Sheriff Laurie Smith was directed to meet with San Jose officials and figure out how best the County can help the City meet its basic responsibility to protect its citizenry.  Dave Cortese pushed the idea and his colleagues unanimously approved it.

The busy body County Board of Supervisors also approved a hunt for a new homeless shelter in North Santa Clara County.  Hopefully the shelter will open before next winter.

The Merc tells us that Bay Area apartment rents are soaring with the average rent being a whopping $2,043 smack-a-roos per month.  That’s almost a 10% increase from the same January-March time period surveyed in 2013.

The SV Chamber of Commerce announced their endorsements yesterday for San Jose City Council.  No surprises.  Some cat named Chappie in D-1, Don Gagliardi in D-3, Magdalena Carrasco in D-5, Van Le in D-7, and Don “I have seen the light that Measure B was a mistake” Rocha in D-9.

Once the Chamber announced their council endorsements the Merc followed suit by throwing its support behind Carrasco in D-5.

As Campos was ducking punches yesterday, SJ Inside ran this piece detailing his attempt to get Airbnb, the subletting website, to pay its hotel taxes to the city.  Of course, cashing in on some of those that use Airbnb for ummm, nooners, seems a tad tawdry.

A patent office will open at city hall sometime in 2015 and it will cost taxpayers $4.7 million bucks.  Who did the cost benefit analysis on this one?

Cops are coming to San Jose…well not Cops, Cops, the TV show silly.  As one commenter on the site put it, hope they have a lot of film.

Democrats in DC are just 27 signatures shy of forcing a vote in the House of Reps on a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  The GOP is doing all it can to stop the vote but if the Discharge Petition is successful then many on the right will have to take a stand and quit talking out of both sides of their mouths.

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April 15, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.15.14: Liccardo Fundraisers disguised as events, Will Kathleen be King for a Day?, and Will County provide mutual aid for SJPD

The Liccardo Papers: Fundraisers Disguised As “Events”

Part Deux

Steve Kline’s formal complaint to the San Jose Elections Commission alleging Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo violated election codes details several fundraisers disguised as “events”.  Each of these events have subsequently been removed from the Liccardo for Mayor campaign website in what can be seen as an attempt to remove damaging evidence from public view.  The legal date to solicit funds or solicit pledges is 180-days before an election, or December 5, 2013 in this instance.  Liccardo started way before then to cheat his way to a fundraising lead.


The complaint covering these events can be found here or by clicking the image below.  Tomorrow, TDF will delve into the other alleged violations in Sam’s win at all costs effort.

SJ Ethics Commission Complaint Liccardo FINAL-1

SJ Inside’s JK gives a run down of how the County of Santa Clara may spend excess funds from its successful Measure A campaign, not to be confused with the unsuccessful Measure B campaign in San Jose.  And it looks like Kathleen may be King for a Day as her organization, Healthier Kids Foundation, is first in line with their hand out.  Koehn describes King’s mission in this way: In a sense, HKF is designed to provide an additional safety net for parents too lazy to follow through on getting their kids proper care—and keep King employed.”  That made us chuckle this morning.

NBC Bay Area details how the County Sheriffs may come to the rescue of San Jose’s dwindling police force.  With crime up and po-po down, this idea by County Supervisor and Mayoral wanna-be Dave Cortese may have some legs as it will be a topic at today’s BOS meeting.

KGO-7 has this take on what amounts to the County providing mutual aid to SJ neighborhoods dealing with burglaries, auto thefts and gang crime.  At the end of the piece Councilmember Rose Herrera claims there are former SJ po-po that want to come back and work for Chuck Reed…Seriously!  Rose being Rose has yet to produce any list of the wayward po-po for the Chief of Police to call and get back into the fold.  Gee, anyone else think Rose made up the whole thing?

Scott “Call me maybe” Herhold continues his profile of SJ mayoral candidates, apparently including fringe candidates, with this homage to Rose Herrera.  Where the made up number of 100 cops wanting to come back rears its ugly head again.  Rose’s big accomplishments include a pension measure that was struck down in court that she now wants to change and a Wall-mart grocery store in a strip mall…job well done!

Douglas Rose, President of the State Association of County Retirement Systems, throws one high and tight at SJ’s lame-duck Mayor Chuck Reed in this opinion piece making the rounds.  Rose lambasts (we like that word) Reed for making SJ so uncompetitive when it comes to recruiting top-flight investment professionals to manage its retirement funds and that has led to taxpayers losing $94 million dollars.  Ouch!

KTVU-2 reports on the aftermath of the 5-alarm fire that leveled the former HQ of KNTV.  The search for victims will commence today because the embers were too hot to initiate a search yesterday.

Nine escape a 2-alarm blaze in SJ.  KCBS 740 has the story.

The Left Hook releases a complaint made to the FPPC that alleges County Sheriff Candidate Kevin Jensen and his supporters are breaking the law by coordinating their efforts.  Apparently, the unions representing jail guards and sheriff deputies need a campaign primer to avoid further trouble as the campaign season heats up.

The SV Biz Journal reports that the cost for Obamacare will be 7% less, saving taxpayers $104 billion, due to lower-than-expected health insurance premiums.

Mike Honda will not be able to vote for himself as he was carved out of his own congressional district in the last redistricting.  Honda has lived in the same home for 40-yrs and there is no federal requirement that representatives must live within their respective boundaries.  When Honda’s main opponent, Ro Khanna, was asked to comment about Mike not being able to vote for Honda, he declined as he was too busy preparing for his upcoming debate forum with the elusive congressman.

And from our 24/7 49ers crime beat bureau:

Keep it classy 9er’s.

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April 14, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.14.14: The Liccardo Papers revealed, KNTV HQ Scorched, and 49ers need an intervention

The Liccardo Papers: The Secret Fundraising Strategy

Thanks to our spies, The Daily Fetch will be printing the San Jose Elections Commission complaint filed by Steve Kline that alleges Sam Liccardo broke state and local campaign finance laws in his maniacal quest to raise money.  Today we will reveal the first section of the complaint with additional sections disclosed each day this week. It is important to note Liccardo’s Valentines Day admission, to SJ Inside, that he violated the law and was returning some tainted contributions.  The Kline complaint alleges many more instances of law violating by Liccardo and his campaign and asks for those contributions to be returned as well.


The Kline complaint details a very sophisticated and coordinated strategy to circumvent established and well-known limitations on fundraising, lining up funding pledges outside the legal window to do so, and then attempting to remove the evidence of the strategy from his campaign website.  Many times it’s not the crime but the cover-up that does people in.  Duh, Winning! 


SJ Ethics Commission Complaint Liccardo FINAL-1


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Yesterday, KNTV-11 completed its transformation to NBC Bay Area as its former HQ was burned to the ground in a 5-alarm fire that required assistance from other local fire departments to help San Jose Firefighters contain the raging inferno.  5-alarms is usually reserved for a chili cook off but that is what it took to control this fire.  Homeless people living in the abandoned building are suspected of starting the flames and an arson investigation is underway.  Two firefighters were injured, neither of them seriously.  The still pictures and video contained in this story are worth the click.

It was a busy weekend for SJFF as they used the jaws-of-life to rescue these two unlucky motorists in SJ.

Another weekend and another shooting in San Jose, this one near a golf course.  Screaming Fore! takes on a new meaning when gunfire is involved.  Suspect is still at large.

Homelessness is out of control in San Jose and this report details some of the destruction.  The Merc Ed Board reminds us that homelessness is not the responsibility of just San Jose City Hall, but it is a regional problem, even though the largest homeless encampment in the nation is in San Jose.

The 49ers Aldon Smith should just get on with it and don an Oakland Raiders uniform.  Aldon, you made it, your undisciplined, uncouth, and unbecoming behavior certainly has earned you a spot on the team known for unruly and undisciplined behavior.  In the latest episode of, Pull Your Head Out of Your Arse, Smith, while allegedly being intoxicated, blurted out “bomb” in an airport security line.  He was subsequently hauled off to the pokey.  How brilliant was that move?

The latest 49ers TMZ crime caper episode has put one reporter/columnist over the edge and has him calling for heads to roll.  The daily’s Tim Kawakami is fed up with the coddling of players and how the 49ers front office is dealing with its “crime crisis routine”.  You know its bad when team trainers now carry both types of tape for to deal with injuries: Athletic and Crime Scene.

County Sheriffs’ patrolling the streets of San Jose may become a reality if a proposal by County Supervisor Dave Cortese, reported on by the Merc’s Eric Kuri, becomes a reality.  San Jose can’t hire po-po fast enough to replace those leaving and has money to pay for these po-po and the County has sheriffs available so…hmmmm.  Intriguing idea, let’s see how fast the Mayor’s race comes into play and screws up this idea.

The Left Hook takes a swing at Chuck, Pete and Sam over the Measure B pension reform debate that took place last week at the city council.  Skewering those that want to stay the course versus those that want to chart a new one has got former Hammer budget director Bob Brownstein all lathered up.

KGO-7 reports that the relationship between Russia and US hedge funds and tech investors has looked like “From Russia with Love.” But thanks to the recent turmoil in the USSR, that relationship may slow further investment and cooperation, where is James Bond when you need him?

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April 11, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.11.14: Liccardo’s Fundraising Scheme Exposed, Fetch Agrees with Herhold (WTF), and Prevetti Pushes off to LG

We often don’t agree with Merc columnist Scott “Call me maybe” Herhold but he hit the nail on the head when he called BULLSHI# on judicial candidate Dennis Alan Lempert who submitted DA Lempert as his name that will appear on the June ballot.  Lempert responded to the Herhold scolding with this lame, ludicrous and loony letter to the editor that confirms his eyes are brown.

Well, well, well…looky here…Fresh off of admitting he violated campaign laws on just one occasion and was returning the tainted contributions, apparently, Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo forgot to mention all the other times he violated campaign laws.  SJ Inside reported a short time ago about Liccardo lining up funds for his campaign prior to the legal start date and now reports that OOPS He Did It Again.


SJ Inside reports that two complaints have been filed against Sam Liccardo that detail a very sophisticated operation to circumvent well-established campaign laws by a former District Attorney, as Sam likes to describe himself.  In San Jose, a candidate can’t fundraise, line up pledges, or accept contributions until 180-days before an election, in this instance December 5, 2013.  These captured screen shots show that the Liccardo fundraising machine was running at full tilt in November 2013.

BTW…these calendar entries have been scrubbed from the Liccardo website.  Gee, we wonder why?




December 12 Sliccardo

December 13 Sliccardo copy

The FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) Forensic Audit Division took a look at the co-hosts and low and behold many of these co-hosts wrote checks to “Cheaties” Liccardo on or about the same date as the events.  So when they were recruited way back in November was the contribution lined up then (VIOLATION), was the event talked about as a fundraiser (VIOLATION), or is it just a coincidence?  The amount of money allegedly captured by this alleged illegal operation is north of $175G’s. Thanks to our spies for sending us the scoop, but next time can you send it to us first, we like to break news every now and then….

SJ Inside’s Jennifer Wadsworth tells us another top SJ City Official, one who garnered much respect for her work, has lifted a middle finger, well, maybe wagged a finger, at City Hall and is hitting the bricks.  Laurel Prevetti takes with her 28-years of planning experience as she heads to Los Gatos to close out her career.  The Measure B brain drain continues at city hall, well-done Chuck!

Laurie Smith’s campaign flak Rich Robinson will have KLIV’s Bob “Make it Rain” Kieve’s bow-tie spinning with this piece in The Left Hook.  Mr. Robinson tells Kieve to stop tearing the city apart with his rhetoric, labor and business actually need each other and should work together to improve San Jose, and Kieve’s archaic thinking is stuck in the 1950’s.  Ok the last one was one of our overzealous interns, sorry Bob.

Local GOP Daddy Warbucks, aka Charles Munger has sprinkled his money around California to assist fringe GOP candidates pay for getting on the ballot.  Look for him to spend heavily in San Jose’s mayoral race to try and bolster what Fetch hears is his next fringe candidate, Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo.  Could it be a new GOP Darling in the making?  Look out Alvarado.

Hillary gave ‘em hell last night at a packed event at SJSU.  The ‘em are tech corporate boards where women only make up 11%, the GOP that fosters unequal pay for equal work for women and anyone standing in the way of providing women and girls educational opportunities in fields dominated by men. The crowd was enthusiastic and it felt as if it were a campaign rally with substance.  Fetch enjoyed the evening; we give it four paws up.  The SV Biz Journal provides coverage here.

Fetch fails to see what the problem is in this story from NBC Bay Area.

Forget about trainers, coaches, or front-office personnel, it looks like the 49ers may need a legal defense team to keep their players on the field.  In Santa Clara County, Smith and Culliver will be in court today for a hearing into their felony cases and in Dade County, Florida, Colin Kaepernick is being investigated for a suspicious event involving a woman, alleged drug use, and the woman waking up in a hospital room not knowing what happened to her the night before…say it ain’t so!

The SJPD issued this press release warning residents that you should never pay off a ticket or warrant because some bozo calls you and tells you a family member can stay out of jail if you wire some funds to them ASAP.

SVBJ’s Lauren Hepler provides an interactive map that shows just how out of reach many residential neighborhoods are to the masses.  San Jose continues to lead the way in how much it costs to put a roof over your head.

Looking to gawk at adults in weird outfits?  Come to DTSJ this weekend and get an eyeful at the Fantasy Faire.  TheSanJoseBlog has the deets.

So…ahh…(apparently) the woman who accused a San Jose police officer of raping her a few weeks back didn’t decide to make her allegation until after she was arrested several weeks later for drunk driving…coincidence? We think not.

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April 10, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.10.14: Welcome Hillary, SJPD wants you, En Fuego…Purarse!, and “Cheaties” Liccardo hit with mystery FPPC/Ethics complaint

Hillary Rodham Clinton takes the stage tonight to field questions from non other than Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone (BOOOO!).   One Mercury News reporter, aptly named Newman, is getting hip to the fact that these “speaking” engagements are a precursor to a presidential run…Duh.  One question SJPD recruiters have submitted is, “Hillary, if you decide against running for President, will you become a police cadet?”


In what is becoming the hardest job in America, the Merc’s Robert Salonga spins a yarn about SJPD recruiters trying to lure anyone, anyone to become a po-po in SJ.  Hopefully these po-po recruiters are not paid on commission.

Seriously, in San Jose not a single bi-lingual 9-1-1 emergency dispatcher in a city that is as diverse as the United Nations HQ in New York.  Do ya think this is making emergency response times worse or better?  Anyone, anyone.  NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo gets reaction from firefighters who have to wait for a translator before doing their job.

The Grand Old Party, emphasis on Old and Party, have blocked equal pay for equal work for women in the US Senate.  Republicans are rejoicing over ensuring women keep getting a raw deal from corporate America.  Come on Hillary!

John Woolfolk, the Merc’s Old Guy at City Hall reports on a mystery FPPC and San Jose Ethics complaint filed against Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo for what we believe to be Liccardo cheating with his fundraising.  Did we mention cheating?  There have been Tweets about the complaint but no one has posted the complaints just yet…for anyone with the complaint…Steve Kline…send it to the Fetch and we will gladly post it.

Liccardo Investigation Tweets


A first when it comes to reporting on pension reform at the state level.  A short and easy to understand piece that shows state workers will be getting substantially less in pensions after the legal, are you listening SJ City Council, pension cuts enacted.

Another pedestrian was run over and has died in SJ.  Last year, several dozen deaths took place on the mean streets of San Jo’.

In Redwood City, if traffic enforcement is needed, they take the dozen or so po-po that have left SJ and assign them to problem traffic areas.  That’s what a city can do when it has enough po-po.

Madison Nguyen is pushing this interview about her mayoral run.  Highlights of her term in office…she gave out prom dresses to those in need.   Insomniac alert, insomniac alert…you were warned.

TracEy Kaplan from the daily says that Jeff “I am the law” Rosen has launched a web based endeavor to bolster the efforts of his cold case unit.  The public is invited to look at the sites and send in tips.  A pretty good idea.

SJ Inside has two stories sure to shake up the local political landscape.  JK continues to break news and keep it interesting as he reports that the County Office of Education stepped in it again, it being a compilation of inaction, ineptitude, and incompetence.  Foster kids getting less as bureaucrats bumble with a software scandal.   And former local labor leader John Neece sticks a knife into the front, not back, of Xavier Campos as he endorses Magdalena Carrasco and gives his reasons why.  Heads must be spinning at the SBLC this morning.

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April 9, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.09.14: And the beat goes on in SJ, Wage-theft gets some attention, and Brown cruising in his re-election…

On a 7-4 vote, Chuck Reed held his majority (“Quadruple Dip” Constant, “Cheaties” Liccardo, “yes to the prom dress no to the coattails” Nguyen, “blarney stone” Herrera, Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio, Roller Disco Khamis, and Cluck Reed) on the City Council to stay the course and not tweak Measure B, instead the council voted 7-4 to create jobs to put disabled safety workers into if they don’t qualify for a disability retirement.  Crystal clear, right?  That loud sound you are hearing is the thud of doors slamming behind more po-po and other city workers bailing on San Jose.  And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.

NBC Bay Area reports on three new chicks at San Jose City Hall that are turning heads.  The wild peregrine falcons were hatched in a nest box above the 18th floor.  Unfortunately, the falcon chicks will be flying off to another city after having submitted their resignations to San Jose because they are not covered if they get hurt in the line of duty and they really don’t like their pension benefits.

The seniors living at the Winchester Ranch mobile home park may get some relief as Madison Nguyen is pushing for San Jose to re-think its policy on booting old folks from their homes, how thoughtful. Too bad it takes a mayoral campaign to help seniors keep their homes, but Fetch applauds the VM doing something to help.

The Republican candidates for Governor are going to lose with the only question being by how much.  Neil Kash-and-Carry is floundering at 3% in the latest Field Poll and Gun-totting and immigrant bashing Tim Donnelly is at 17% versus 57% for Governor Jerry Brown.  The Field Poll is detailed in the SF Chron.

Wage theft, equal pay for equal work for women and increasing the minimum wage are burning issues nationally and locally.  A wage-theft coalition has sprung up in Santa Clara County that will do what it can to hold shady employers accountable for paying what they promise workers.

A substantial drop in crime and a full police academy…in Oakland.  Yesterday, the city announced a 15% drop in Type 1 crimes and a few days ago Oakland announced the largest police academy, 47 new po-po, graduated and are ready to hit the streets.  Could San Jose learn something from Oak-town?

SVBJ’s Nate-dog shares some cool pics of what a large swath of bare land looks like in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Soon the Apple spacechip campus will rise like a phoenix on this empty plot.

The Housing Trust of Silicon Valley will host its 2014 Investor Briefing and its keynote speaker will be Congressman Mike Honda. The event is April 23rd and Fetch wonders if Ro Khanna will show up and try to debate the dodger?

BTW check out this tweet from Robert Handa that we’re sure has the Liccardo campaign lackeys abuzz.

liccardo complaint tweet


April 8, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.08.14: Equal Pay for Equal Work, Confusion at Merc Ed Board and Mayor Sweatpants and Nguyen profiled…

President Obama throws down for women and equal pay by issuing several executive orders that attempt to level the playing field.  It’s about time this issue is getting some play nationally as the fight for increases to the minimum wage has taken center stage of late.  The White House fact sheet on equal pay for equal work is here and CNN provides this look at the issue here.

Rosie-the-Wage Equalizer

Hopefully the fight for equal pay for women will be a topic discussed this Thursday night, April 10th, when Hillary Rodham Clinton graces the stage at San Jose State University’s Unique Lives series.

SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog is a bloodhound on the hunt for the mystery corporation slated to take over a 2 million square foot North San Jose office complex.  Who could it be now?

The daily reports that in a short 5 days the cap for H-1B visas has been met.  The tech industry is up in arms and is turning to the SVLG to help lobby for an expansion of the program.

The Sunnyvale City Council will discuss speed limits, a tot lot and determine just how high it can get in their city.

SJ Inside provides a run down of the issue that the council will grapple with at their meeting today; How to fix a broken disability system that does not guarantee a disability retirement for city workers hurt on the job and how to attract wanna be po-po to work in SJ.  How many times will councilmembers say that public safety is their top priority?  Over/Under is 25.

When it comes to fixing San Jose’s recruitment and retention issues the Merc Ed Board admits that having five council members running for mayor complicates matters.  Wait a minute, we thought only 4 city councilmembers were running for mayor…who is the 5th?   It’s not this groovy dude is it?

Johnny Roll Bounce Khamis

Who will save the Mercury News is the topic of this piece in the SV Biz Journal.  Pure speculation, rumor and gossip are in this piece, sort of reminds Fetch of a Merc Herhold column.

Speaking of Herhold, Scotty writes the second of his five part “series” taking a look at the top contenders for Mayor of San Jose.  His first profile was of Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio and today he tells readers about Madison Nguyen, who for some reason hasn’t quite figured out that whole Measure B thing she still champions.

Looks like San Jose’s pro-weed folks are getting serious.  They have launched this website to cut through the smoke and tell their story.  Catchy name and now the Fetch has the munchies.

A massive fire in San Jose scorched one of those famous “Eichler Homes” and spread to two (we love writing to two) adjoining homes , displacing 7 residents.  San Jose Firefighters arrived within minutes, seriously they did, but the home went up like a Roman Candle and could not be saved.

Across town, another fire in San Jose took the life of one person who could not make it out of their RV in time.   KTVU-2 has the details.

Baseball is back!!  The Giants home opener is today at 1:35 pm against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  First place, sunshine, and baseball…makes for a good day.

A push is on in SF to raise the minimum wage to $15 bucks an hour.  SEIU submitted paperwork to begin the effort to raise the wage and push SF to the top in the nation.

TheSanJoseBlog lists all the happenings at Santana Row for what remains in the month of April.  The sun is out so go and enjoy yourself.

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April 7, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.07.14: Rich Robinson smacks down Ro Khanna, Same old, same old in SJ, and AG Harris breaks Fetch’s heart…

Can you guess three things that will happen each week until San Jose has a new Mayor?

#1-More crime, less cops

The week starts off with a bang in South San Jose as the city chalks up its latest gun shot victim. KTVU-2 reports on the shooting that took place early this morning.

#2-Up in smoke (buildings/homes not fat ones)On the other side of town an industrial building went up in flames and was eventually extinguished.

#3 Reed, Nguyen, Liccardo, Mayor Sweatpants, and Rose bumbling on Measure B

So, was the much heralded pension reform measure a mistake?  The po-po say yes, response times to emergencies say yes, Don Rocha says yes, Rose Herrera says yes with an asterisk next to the yes, and apparently Chuck Reed says yes as well, sort of.  The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall adds another front-page story to his growing tally as he reports on the city council attempting to fix a portion of Measure B that denies disability protections to injured po-po and firefighters hurt in the line of duty.  Ummm, maybe this fix should have happened before hundreds of cops left…too little, too late?

Forget Ro Khanna vs. Mike Honda in a debate, we want to see Rich Robinson vs. Ro Khanna.  If Robinson’s response, posted to SJ Inside, to Khanna’s latest whining about debates is any guide, RR would administer a major beat down of the have carpet will travel, Khanna.  Robinson goes all Network on Ro and is clearly mad as hell and not going to take it anymore from the young upstart.  Take a gander for yourself at what Rich had to say to Ro, OUCH:

RICH ROBINSON Apr 4, 2014 @ 4:44 pm

Mr. Khanna,

You spend an inordinate amount of time debating about debates, which goes back to my original premise about the lack of substance in politics. As Walter Mondale said to Gary Hart, “Where is the beef?”

But let’s get to your biggest gaffe. You called me cynical. Really?

Just last year you sang the praises of Congressman Mike Honda, you said, “he is an outstanding representative for our area.” You went on to laud him as the “go-to” guy for the Obama Administration in matters regarding Asia. Mr. Khanna, you ended by saying quote; “it is a privilege to have him from this area.”

Now, you choose to run against him? Does the word cynical resonate here?

You claim you will eschew corporate donations, but $600,000 of your contributions come from venture capitalists and CEOs. Do you consider that a tad bit hypocritical?

You say you are going to “work across the aisle” and change congress. In this partisan divide you are going to work with Eric Cantor and Ted Cruz. Call me cynical, but we need people who will stand up to the bullies not cater to them.

In addition, you use the same bundling fundraising techniques as the Koch Brothers and you dare run as a reform candidate?

Finally, you are running in the wrong campaign at the wrong time. Your failure to challenge Pete Stark is not the fault of Mike Honda. And Mike Honda is no Pete Stark. The reason you can’t get traction in this race, even with all of your money, is that voters know Mike Honda and they like Mike. In fact, you liked Mike until it was inconvenient.

Finally, some political advice. You won’t be able to buy this election. Just as Meg Whitman couldn’t buy the governorship. The voters, whom I do trust, reject over-warn platitudes from inexperienced would-be leaders. They know Mike Honda, a poll we just did for another client shows he is the most popular political figure in the valley.

So, you can save your country and your party a whole lot of dough by putting it where it can best be used, in races against republicans who continue to utilize obstructionist tactics to delay needed national policies you and I both agree. In fact, your own selfish campaign simply enables and emboldens their tactics.

That way you could make a difference. By the way; no charge.

Robinson Khaaana Debates

Kamala Harris, California’s Hottie AG, is getting married.  We don’t know the groom but we don’t like him, as a single AG was just more fun than a married one.  She’s still hot, but it will be different now.

JK from SJ Inside reports on the local Democratic Party endorsements for the June primary.  Not many surprises.

More on how women get hosed when it comes to pay and what one Santa Clara County agency is doing about it.

SV Biz Journal’s Lauren Hepler tells us about the go to incubator for craft beer makers…Hermitage Brewing.  These cats have it going and Hepler’s pieces makes our collective mouths water.

The Laurie Smith haters have even taken to Craigslist in their doomed effort to unseat the Sheriff.  They have posted this little doozy going after the popular pol.  The Sheriff’s department sure will be an interesting place to work for all the haters after the June primary, where Smith will be elected to serve four more years…awkward.

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April 4, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.04.14: Wrong place, wrong time for SJ’s latest homicide victim and Chuck Reed, More cuts at the Merc?, and A Patent Rip Off for Taxpayers…

A hail of gunfire, an innocent newlywed and father that never made it home from working the night shift equals another tragic homicide in San Jose.  NBC Bay Area has the details of SJ’s 11th homicide of the year.  The run-down from the Merc is here.

And what was SJ’s Mayor Chuck Reed spending his time on yesterday as yet another family grieved?  You guessed it, he was spending his time in Sacramento pitching his statewide pension reform measure that he wants to resuscitate in 2016.  He was not trying to solve San Jose’s public safety crisis, fix Measure B, or figure out why only 29 recruits will enter the next Police Academy when there is space for 60.  Add another victim to Reed’s legacy as Mayor.

Hot off the presses, maybe for the last time?  The Mercury News parent company, Digital First Media, is looking to shed more dead weight and some of it may be in the Bay Area.  Nate-Dog from the SV Biz Journal reports that the Merc parent company couldn’t quite live up to its name of “Digital First” Media as it has shuttered its effort to move from print to on-line delivery of the news.  Unconfirmed rumors are circulating that Dan Pulcrano, fresh off of gobbling up several more local weekly newspapers, may make a bid for the fledgling and beleaguered daily.   Hey, if Dan buys the Merc he can at least get his news racks back!

The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall exposes the hit to taxpayers when the Silicon Valley Patent Office opens sometime in the foreseeable future…like 2015 now.  The City Council forgot to mention that the city budget will take a $4.6 million dollar hit to move the city workforce out of the space they are in now to make room for the patent people.  What a deal!!!  “Cheaties” Liccardo is quoted in the story saying, “We couldn’t give the space away, and a patent office sure beats another Starbucks, so I’ll take it.”  Apparently, Liccardo is right, he didn’t just give it away, he gave it away at a cost of $4.6 million, genius!

And this fun fact about the new patent office…According to the US Patent Office, 93% of all patent applications are filed on-line.  So just how many folks will be showing up at this place anyway?

SJ Inside re-hashes the potential demise of the A’s moving to SJ that was the topic of a recent Tim Kawakami column in the daily.  The writing is on the wall that there will not be MLB played in DTSJ, the problem is, Reed and his cohorts can’t read that writing and will stumble and bumble in litigation chasing their respective tails.  RIP Cisco Field.

RIP field of Schemes

It didn’t take long for Mozilla’s Brendan Eich to pay the price for his contribution to Proposition 8.  Eich is out as the CEO of the parent company that owns the Firefox search engine.  Maybe he can grab a sandwich at Chick-fil-A and ponder his decision to promote a divisive and evil spirited ballot measure.

The Orange County Register reports that 1.2 million Californians have signed up for Obamacare.  Maybe this is why Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted to change the ‘full-time” work definition in Obamacare from 30-hours to 40, which of course would mean companies could worm around providing health insurance to anyone not working 40-hours per week.  These disgruntled suits in DC actually want to find any way they can to keep Americans uninsured…This is the wonderful world they crave, full of turmoil, calamity, and division…

Lisa Amin Gulezian from KGO-7 reports on 18 resident advisors who were shown the door at San Jose State University.  A University spokesflak claims the firings had nothing to do with the abhorrent racial attack from this past summer that a task force is currently investigating.

TheSanJoseBlog promoted DTSJ’s First Friday art walk from 7-11 pm tonight.  As safe as our DT is these days there may be talk to re-naming the event to the First Friday jog walk…just sayin’.

Richard Trumka, National AFl-CIO President will be in town Saturday to fire up the laboristas munching on rubber chicken at the annual SBLC COPE dinner.  Maybe this is why the SBLC blog, The Left Hook has been on a hiatus?

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April 3, 2014

Daily Fetch 04.03.14: The Merc’s Simon & Garfunkle, Cop Crisis Deepens in SJ, and Khanna’s GOP Caper Worsens

Councilmember Don Rocha, who voted to put San Jose’s controversial Measure B on the ballot, has buyer’s remorse.  Yesterday he tried to get the Chuck Reed led Rules Committee to have a discussion about how to fix the mess created by the measure.  Reed, Nguyen, Constant and Mayor Sweatpants said No!  These four voted to take any talk of fixing their disaster to secret, closed-door sessions of the council, so much for transparency.

Rocha was not the only Councilmember wanting to do something about the hundreds of po-po that have left SJ and the doubling of response times for crime, even Rose Herrera wanted to try another of her cooky ideas, but she was shot down as well by the fearsome foursome at Rules.

And what did the Merc have to say about this effort to fix Measure B, not a word?  Herhold and Marshman rekindled their roles as Simon & Garfunkle…The Sound of Silence.

Barbara Marshman and Scott Herhold

And to add a sense of urgency to solve the public safety mess in SJ, the new Police Academy that starts in May was only able to fill 29 of the 60 slots available.  As the public safety crisis gripping city hall worsens the same Reed led Rules Committee that shot down trying to fix Measure B found time to talk about banning E-cigarettes…We kid you not.

The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall decided it was more important to report on Rose Herrera groveling to ban E-Cigs in San Jose at yesterdays Council Rules Committee meeting instead of the effort to change Measure B by a councilmember who voted to put it on the ballot.  More sounds of silence….Is the New Guy really a closet Garfunkle fan?

Mike Honda has outraised Ro Khanna for the first time since Ro picked up his carpet and moved into the district to take on the congressman.  Honda, D-San Jose, raised more than $650,000 from Jan. 1 through March 31 compared to Khanna’s $460,000.

And in a deepening scandal for Ro, Josh Richman reveals that one of Khanna’s strongest supporters may be behind the entry of Joel Vanlandingham into the race in an attempt to split the GOP vote and allow Ro to make the runoff against Mike Honda.  The ties that bind Khanna and Manorama Joshi, the mysterious woman at the center of the scandal, are strong as Khanna’s denials are not adding up.

BANG’s Josh Richman (3 scoops in a day!), AKA the hardest working reporter for a local daily, AKA the James Brown of print, breaks down the opposition to breaking up California.  Tim Draper’s dream looks to be all wet, as opponents to this crazy idea have organized.

What…The SV Biz Journal says that for each dollar paid out in benefits to CalPERS retirees, 64 cents came from investment earnings, 22 cents from employer contributions and 14 cents from employee contributions.  The economic benefit to California of having a thriving middle class with a live-able wage in retirement is detailed in this report.

Santa Clara County DA Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen is back in the news as his office accuses a member of Sheriff Laurie Smith’s Advisory Board of running a Ponzi Scheme.  That loud cheer you hear is from the Santa Clara County Sheriffs’ and Jail Guards unions who will have yet another straw to grasp at in their losing effort to defeat the Sheriff in June.

Was there a plan hatched in the office of Sam “Rocketman” Liccardo and his 1%’er friends to promote charter schools at the cost of destroying public education? has the goods, although the tale sort of reminds the Fetch of this conspiracy scene from one of the greatest movies of our time.

The SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog tells us that the iconic DTSJ Hotel De Anza is for sale and could fetch (we just love that word) upwards of $20 million.  And Nate also reveals that the frumpy Hampton Inn that was slated to break ground at Hwy. 87 and Santa Clara Street will now be a hipper Marriot AC Hotel.

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