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July 31, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.31.14: No More CHiPS in SJ, One Fire Burns SJFD, and Tied Up In Almaden Gets No Merc Coverage…

No more CHiPS in SJ.  The Liccardo/Reed Public Safety Improvement Plan is almost complete as it appears that the elimination of the Traffic Enforcement Unit will join the eliminated gang unit, auto theft unit and burglary unit.  NBC Bay Area reports on the latest victim to come about as the result of Measure B.  Who needs to enforce speeding near schools anyway…Keep it classy SJ.



Chuck and Sam CHiPs



A home in San Jose went up in flames yesterday and took part of an adjacent property with it.  This fire exposed for all to see the dire staffing situation facing SJFD every day of the week.  KTVU-2 has the story here.

One house fire and the San Jose Fire Department was so depleted that it had to call for mutual aid from other cities/jurisdictions to staff 5 fire stations and provide basic 9-1-1 emergency responses to other parts of the city. NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo has the story.  How’s that Measure B working out for ya SJ?

To see some of what firefighters must do to fight house fires, take a look at this short video of yesterday’s house fire.  Thanks to our spies for sending this to Fetch.

A teenager in Almaden Valley was tied up in his home by crooks that invaded his home and scooted with loot before SJ po-po could arrive.  Oh, and this was of course in broad daylight.  And in continuing its blackout on news that would harm its BFF Saratoga Sam Liccardo, the Mercury News provides zero coverage of the blatant daytime home invasion. KCBS 740 has the story here and NBC Bay Area provides video of the crime scene here.

But hey, at least SJPD has a drone to fly over crime scenes that there are no po-po to respond to.


­GOP Vomit Alert

The second place finisher in this November’s election for Governor, Neil Kashkari, played a homeless guy recently and posted it to Youtube.  Kashkari, desperate for all the free media he can get, chronicled his experience riding a bus, looking for a job and acting homeless to make a point that Democrats don’t care about homeless folks.  Please don’t spit up your java over that one.

Apparently, Kashkari forgets the hundreds of times that the GOP has pushed to cut funding for homeless vets, or students or the legacy of his mentor Ronald Reagan, who singlehandedly pushed thousands into the streets.  Kashkari is a tool and Fetch hopes Jerry Brown stomps him by triple digits in November, is that possible?

And not to be outdone in the campaign gimmick department, California GOP Lt. Governor wannabe Ron Nehring (We know, we never heard of him either) decided to hunker down in a bunker in Israel and tweet updates to show what a good Lt. Governor he would be.  Fetch shits you not, the Kashkari/Nehring GOP ticket consists of a guy playing homeless and another playing wartime correspondent.  Brilliant.

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that 58 percent of previously uninsured Californians have signed up for medical coverage under the nation’s new health care law.  That’s the lead from this article that shows California’s effort to insure the masses is working.

TheSanJoseBlog tells us about a group of civic minded nerds who have come together to build apps and other online tools to improve civic engagement in San Jose.  So if you are interested, round up your pocket-protector, read up on the latest Comic-Con news (so you have something to add to the conversation), watch a couple of Big Bang Theory episodes and head over. reports on Sweden and its failed attempt to privatize its education system.  When a country apologizes, it’s a big thing.  There is a link in the stoprocketship post to a Slate article that lays bare the deception and damage perpetrated by corporations taking aim at public schools.

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July 30, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.30.14: Carrasco’s Web Begins To Unravel, Reed’s Romance With Republicans and SV Rents Continue To Skyrocket

Fetch Exclusive

Thanks to our spies, The Daily Fetch is posting these multiple warning letters sent by the County Registrar of Voters to Magdalena Carrasco for violating the law by not filing mandatory campaign finance disclosure reports.


Read Warning Letter # 1

Read Warning Letter # 2

Read Warning Letter # 3

Read Warning Letter # 4

DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen, has publicly stated that his office would investigate politicians who fail to file these reports, Fetch wonders how that investigation is coming along?  Want to guess which Magdalena Carrasco address that these warning letters were mailed to?  Fetch will reveal that information tomorrow.



SJ councilmember-elect Magdalena Carrasco also finds herself in hot water with California’s political watchdog for breaking the law and failing to file campaign finance disclosure reports.  SJ Inside reports on the state FPPC taking action to get Carrasco in compliance.   Does all this non-filing of campaign finance reports sound familiar?

Also getting in the FPPC’s crosshairs were the San Jose Firefighters as they apparently did not file two reports.  But, hey, they may have an excuse, they have been putting out a whole lot of fires lately, like this one that displaced seven people and this one that scorched several acres near Alum Rock Park.

Chuck Reed joins fellow Republicans and endorses Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin for State Controller.  This, of course, ensures that Swearengin’s opponent, Democrat and State Board of Equalization member Betty Yee will prevail in November.  Swearengin’s name will accompany Larry Pegram, Hon Lien, Kevin Jensen, Tam Truong, and a host of others that Republican Reed helped defeat by endorsing.

DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen took a break from making a bad decision by endorsing a losing candidate running for San Jose City Council and made the right decision by not prosecuting in this tragic incident that left one infant dead and a family devastated.

Santa Clara County officials are sounding the alarm about a potential sale of two local hospitals currently managed (not well we might add) by the Daughters of Charity to Prime Healthcare.  Several unions are responding to the alarm and challenging the potential sale.  The sale would almost certainly mean more poor, under insured, or non-insured patients knocking on the doors of Valley Medical Center, plunging the system into chaos.

So how high will rents soar in Silicon Valley…who knows?  The SV Biz Journal keeps tabs on the sky-high rental market and it does not look like it is slowing down any time soon.

So, was all this Chuck Reed/Sam Liccardo pension reform scheme just another way to generate money to help build that ever elusive A’s stadium?  That’s what other crafty politicians around the country have been doing.  So, just how much public money was used to buy the land for a DTSJ stadium?  How many staff hours were expended?  How much economic development was stymied in the city quest for a stadium, economic development that could have generated tax dollars to depleted city coffers?

Mickey D’s is under the microscope for enabling franchise owners to hose their workers.  Politico reports the hamburger giant is running scared after some of their “creative ways” to save on labor costs are being exposed.

Watch and read this KGO-7 story and thank God, Buddah, Allah, Budweiser, whatever, that you do not live anywhere near this mess.  Scroll down to see the video and pics…

PG&E is in some serious trouble as they are now being charged with obstruction in the San Bruno explosion criminal case. 

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July 29, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.29.14: No. 21 and 22 in SJ, Measure B Redux, and Are Your Taxes Going Up For More Green Bike Lanes?

A bloody 12-hour period ends with two killings in San Jose, the first was a daylight shooting of a young man in what police are calling a gang related homicide.  KTVU-2 has this report and KCBS 740’s Mike Colgan provides this coverage here.

The second homicide, number 22 so far this year, was a stabbing right in the heart of our urine stained and gang riddled downtown San Jose, in front of the Fairmont Hotel.  KGO-7 has the latest update on the investigation.  For a comprehensive story about both homicides see NBC Bay Area’s report.

Amidst the latest wave of murder and mayhem, the SJ City Council will decide next week on placing a few ballot measures before voters this November.  One would raise money to ensure there is still a police department in San Jose and the other would raise taxes that could be spent on anything the Council decided upon.  Maybe more subsidies for developers or some more of those green bike lanes…

City Manager Ed Shikada actually signed this memo recommending a ¼ cent sales tax increase that could be spent on anything the City Council desires.

What is the first thing one should do when trying to get out of a hole…stop digging, right?  Well, not if you’re the SJ City Council.  They are warming up a gigantic backhoe to dig an even bigger hole to climb into with a Measure B “Fix” that repeats the same mistakes as last time.

Pg. 6 of 7 of this city recommendation to plow forward with a political patch to the disastrous public safety gutting Measure B says it all:

“As of the date of this memo, no agreement has been reached nor has the meet and confer process been completed.”

That’s right, instead of working on a solution with their employees in a collaborative manner, this council wants to complete its mission of destroying a police department…Fetch is certain the Mercury News, Chamber of Commerce and the rest of the misinformed Peanut Gallery will cheer this bold leadership…Simple math…there were 1,400 po-po, now there are 900.  How’s that Measure B thing working out for ya SJ?

This is what happens when a city does not follow the law and refuses to negotiate with its workers.  LA’s pension slashing measure has been ruled invalid, it is being tossed because….you guessed it…” no agreement has been reached nor has the meet and confer process been completed.”  Sound familiar?

Does Pot make you dumber?  San Jose’s City Council has spent hundreds of hours talking about weed and well, you judge for yourself if they are smarter because of it…NBC Bay Area’s Reality Check explores the data behind weed smoking and stupidity.

The San Diego City Council finalized an increase to its minimum wage that will likely face a veto from newly elected Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer.  There are enough votes on the council to override the veto, so it looks like SD will join SJ and raise the wage.

Could you survive a week on the minimum wage?  How about those in San Jose that led the opposition to raising SJ’s minimum…Saratoga Sam Liccardo, Matt Mahood, Pete Constant?  Ohio Governor Ted Strickland couldn’t hack it and tells readers about the challenges of trying to survive on the minimum.  Take the challenge yourself by going to

S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian has a good idea to place county workers closer to the clients they serve.  SJ Inside provides the deets.

SVBJ’s Nate-dog reports on more housing being planned for SJ’s Japantown.  A long dormant project, abandoned a few years ago amidst the national housing collapse has been resuscitated.

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July 28, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.28.14: Guess what day it is???

Beeaach DAY!


July 25, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.25.14: SJPOA Kicks DA Rosen Off the Island, Crime-fest in SJ and Chris Rock Has Some Tips for Nathaniel Howard

This So. Cal politician, who was convicted for lying about where he lived to run for office, sure has many similarities to a newly elected SJ City Councilwoman.  Take a look at the list detailing where Richard Alarcon actually lived versus where he claimed to live and how things just didn’t add up.

San Jose recorded its 20th homicide of the year as a stabbing and shooting victim from this past weekend succumbs to his injuries.

And an out of control melee that left 3 victims stabbed and 2 others beaten rounds out another day in crime-riddled San Jose.  KGO-7 has the video here and for KPIX-5’s take, go here.   This latest stupidity took place on Darwin Drive, how apropos.

DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen stepped all over his own puff piece depicting him as some art aficionado/docent that graced the pages of today’s daily by getting pummeled by SJPOA Prez Jim Unland for supporting policies and people that have driven over 400 SJ po-po out the door and driven crime and emergency response times through the roof.   TEK from the Merc has the story here.


Rosen Voted off the island


Rosen thought it was a good idea to endorse one of the architects of SJ’s controversial Measure B, Don Gagliardi over SJ po-po Raul Peralez in the race to replace Saratoga Sam Liccardo in District 3.  Peralez finished first in the primary.

SJ Inside resident blogger and Deputy Sheriffs’ Association slayer, Rich Robinson, provides his take on the upcoming SJ City Council races.   Looks like the winds of change may be on their way…we shall see.

The curious case of Nathaniel Howard is playing out in the media.  Nathaniel is the young man who thought it was a good idea to play lawyer for his friend who pulled out his penis and took a leak on one of downtown San Jose’s urine-stained streets, in front of the po-po.  Nathaniel then thought it was a good idea to play deaf when the po-po told him to back off and must have completely lost his mind when he resisted the clear command to put his hands behind his back and stop resisting.  The SJPOA had this response to the incident.

Here is the full 7-minute video and some places of interest that Fetch interns think you should see:

  • At the 1:45 mark…po-po tell Nathaniel to put his hands behind his back and stop resisting
  • At the 2:05 mark…Nathaniel’s friend tells him to stop resisting
  • At the 2:42 mark…Nathaniel is still resisting
  • At the 4:20 mark…Nathaniel’s friends argue with another that Nathaniel was in fact resisting

Moral of the story…Pee in a restroom, don’t defend those that pull their member out and wiz in the street, listen to the po-po the first time they tell you to back off and really listen when the po-po tell you to put your hands behind your back and stop resisting…or this may be what happens.



Get rid of your lawn and score some money in this rebate offer targeting homeowners and their water sucking lawns.

It is that time of the year in Gilroy.  The Garlic Festival arrives today and the SV Biz Journal peels the stinking rose to reveal where this food of the gods comes from and how it has helped raise over $10 million dollars for South County non-profits.

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July 24, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.24.14: Should Carrasco be worried?, Rosen’s Giveaway Won’t Go Away and Obama & Hillary in the Bay Area

Lying about where one lives to run for office is getting more scrutiny these days as the LA Times reports on another elected official being convicted of voter fraud.  This latest conviction must have one newly elected SJ Councilmember shaking in her boots that she may be in law enforcement’s crosshairs for lying about her residency, finances and a few other things.

Metro’s Fly continues its straw grasping when it comes to attacking County Supervisor Dave Cortese and his bid to replace the failed Liccardo/Reed administration.  This week’s installment is about Cortese sending out emails with information to an email list he has compiled for several years…wow, some pretty ground breaking stuff.

KTVU-2 reports on SJ’s effort to stem the tide of rising crime by putting civilians on the street that won’t even be able to write a traffic ticket let alone make an arrest.   How’s that Measure B pension reform thing working out for ya SJ?

TracEy Kaplan reports on the Merc’s IA blog about continued fall out from DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen’s alleged giveaway of public funds to a few of his appointees in a scandal that was first reported on by NBC’s Investigative Unit.  Other unions contended that since Rosen gave away compensation they want an equivalent amount given to them…a hearing is scheduled today on the matter that could dent county coffers to the tune of several millions of dollars.

And in more DA news, former SJ City Councilmember and failed mayoral candidate turned gang prosecutor, David Pandori, lost a murder trial as the jury sided with the defendant and acquitted her.  The Merc’s TK has the story.

KQED is reporting on a Public Policy Institute poll that finds Jerry Brown with a

20-point lead over his GOP victim rival, Neil Kashkari.  Brown is cruising at this stage and look for that 20-points to grow when Brown begins to spend the millions in campaign cash he horded during the primary.

SJFF put this school fire out before it raged out of control.  An investigation into the cause of this early morning blaze at Caroline Davis Intermediate School is underway.

NBC Bay Area’s Robert Handa, yes he has moved to the peacock network, has this story about an armored car that was raining money on one South Bay street.  As Handa says in the report, it’s something everyone has dreamed about…

President Obama was in SV yesterday to scoop up cash at an event hosted by venerable dem-donor George Marcus and then the Prez scooted to SF to hobnob near Nob Hill and ring the register again.

Hillary Clinton was on the other side of the bay spending her time at a local kickoff for the “Too Small to Fail” campaign, an early childhood education effort.  Don’t worry, it won’t be long before HRC is in SV raising money from the same crew that Obama hit up yesterday.

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July 23, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.23.14: Rocketship Retreats, Doyle Dodges Court, and Paul Blart To The Rescue in SJ

SJ City Attorney Rick Doyle is pushing for the city council to cut and run and pay off the family of an alleged gang member who was killed in what DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen concluded was a clean shoot.  Instead of litigating and defending the SJ po-po involved, Doyle does what he does best; CAVE.   With all the outside attorneys on the city dime, what exactly does Doyle do?

SF has placed a measure on the ballot to tax sugary drinks and spend what they collect on reducing obesity and all of the health ailments that accompany all those expanding muffin tops.  SF should have considered what soon to be unemployed Pete Constant did, put up a goofy website challenging San Jose to lose a collective million pounds.  Apparently, this is what Constant spends his time on.

Lew Wolff finally has thrown in the towel on moving the A’s to SJ.  After much back and forth, Oakland A’s will remain for another 10-years.    Must have been some meal Reed and Wolff shared last week as Lew probably spent most of his time rolling out every baseball cliché imaginable to the inconsolable Reed.  “Go out and get ‘em next time, Tiger”, or “There is always next year”, or “Sorry, next time I’ll use some Vaseline”…Ouch!  Nate-dog from the SVBJ provides his take on Oakland staying put.

 RIP field of Schemes

Tech companies are raking it in yet they are leaving many of those that support their money making in the dust.  TheLeftHook explores the lack of security provided to security workers protecting the tech geeks and the properties they work at.

Can’t hire cops, no problem if you’re San Jose.  Hire wanna-be cops, equip them with pepper spray, a snazzy uniform, and turn them loose to answer calls that the po-po can’t get to ‘cuz there aren’t enough of them.  Genius, pure genius.

TheSanJoseBlog wants to spread some art around town.  Most other big cities do this so why not SJ?

Rocketship retreats in Texas, big time.  The fledgling charter school experiment withdraws a massive expansion in The Lone Star State as, apparently, their rhetoric is not quite matching its record.

Well, at least Rocketship is not this charter school run by a reclusive Turkish Imam that is being shut down in LA…although there is one of these “schools” that was approved right here in Santa Clara County.

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July 22, 2014

Daily Fetch 07.22.14: SJCC Rejects Constant and Salcido, Weed Wars Up in Smoke? and Gov Signs Beer Tasting


Several sources have told The Daily Fetch that soon to be termed-out SJ Councilmember and weight loss yo-yo man Pete Constant and Chuck Reed’s Public Safety Advisor Jose Salcido will have to keep looking for their next job as they both have come up short in their quest to replace the retired Bob Hennessy at San Jose’s Conservation Corps.  Apparently, the corps was looking for a leader that could work well with it’s employees (sorry Pete), and/or a leader who did more than warm a seat as the public safety infrastructure of SJ crumbled around him, (sorry Jose).

Constant, looking for his next meal ticket, literally, may throw his weight behind a push for a seat on a local community college board…gotta get that free health care, right Pete?

On to Weed Wars

Stoners are funny and apparently being high inhibits the ability to count as the much-publicized referendum to overturn the SJ City Council medical weed ban went up in smoke for lack of enough signatures.  It’s tough to count in a smoky room and what if, just what if, what is said in this video is actually true?

Fetch does not know what’s worse, not turning in enough signatures or not gathering enough signatures to turn in…we wonder what Peter Allen has to say about that one…

NBC Bay Area reports on the latest San Jose Coyote Creek homeless camp conundrum.  Some arrests, some garbage removed, no real solutions…same old-same old.

A 15-year old pulls out a knife and robs an 11-year old for his bike.  What a beautiful world…

The SJSU po-po will be working with other law enforcement agencies on an active shooter on campus drill this Friday.   Red lights, sirens, ambulances…it should look like any other day in our urine-stained and drug riddled DTSJ.

The drill mentioned above better take into consideration the large groups of students celebrating Gov. Brown signing into law an underage wine and beer tasting bill.  Yup, college students can sip, swill, but not swallow/chug beer and wine if it is in the confines of academics.  Fetch interns are rejoicing.

Maybe the Santa Clara Valley Water District will have more luck than San Jose at recruiting cops…The District is looking to hire water cops to slap some heavy fines on water hogs during this ongoing drought.

Hillary Clinton was in the Bay Area holding Q and A sessions at FB and Twitter.  With the release of her new book, Clinton has been on the road laying the foundation for her next run for the White House.

Jon Gundy is going to make some coin as the new Superintendent of the county school system.  Sorry, Jon, no house loan for you as one of your predecessors kind of screwed that one up.

And no, silly, it was not the Merc’s New Guy at City Hall that was arrested for trespassing at Levi’s Stadium.  Yes, the New Guy’s obsession is real and at times a little creepy, but it was 51-year-old Eric Johnson, of Watsonville who becomes the first person arrested at the Niner’s new digs.

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July 18, 2014

Daily Fetch 7.18.14: Gone Fishin’…for information.

July 17, 2014

Daily Fetch 7.17.14: Lofgren brings Republicans and Democrats Together, Will SJ follow Cupertino and Contract With Sheriffs’, and Death To the Death Penalty?

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren has been able to do what many others have not been able to do and that is to get the two warring factions in local politics to put down their sabers and stop rattling them for the common good. The Merc’s New Guy at 70 West Hedding Street details how the welcome sign will be out to migrant kids that are overwhelming the current social services network.

Lofgren was able to get Republicans and Republican leaning politicos like Chuck Reed and Sam Liccardo to join Democrats Dave Cortese and Cindy Chavez to agree that kids migrating to the US should be provided humane conditions as their individual cases are processed.  Local church groups have also stepped up as this NBC Bay Area report shows.

In what could be happening to San Jose very soon, the City of Cupertino has extended its contract with the County Sheriff to patrol its streets for another 10-years.  With SJ po-po still bailing on the city at an alarming rate, having the Sheriff take over the beleaguered SJPD is a real option that insiders are telling Fetch is under active consideration.

Governor Jerry Brown has filled three seats on the Santa Clara County Superior Court.  To see who made it, go to the Los Altos Patch.

Foie-Gras production gets its day in court as suppliers of the fatty liver ask the Supreme Court to review California’s banPETA has detailed information on this wretched practice, and Fetch hopes the Supremes watch a few videos of how this product is manufactured before issuing any ruling.

KTVU-2 provides new details into the stabbing of a man on a DTSJ trail.  Apparently, it as a hostile group that put one man in the hospital.

The palace intrigue behind Bay 101 pushing state legislation allowing a move to Milpitas gets more and more interesting with this Metro Fly post that provides a look into the personalities behind the potential move.  Although the Metro still tries to paint Saratoga Sam Liccardo as a card club foe, it was Liccardo’s memo and recommendation that allowed the expansion of the M8trix gambling casino.

One SJ union has taken to video production to voice what Chuck Reed and his council minions have done to San Jose.  If you want to hear what rank and file city workers have felt over the last several years, and what they think needs to happen for SJ to get its groove back, tune in. brings us a story of a 98-year old fighting eviction from her home in SF.  Real estate speculators have run roughshod over tenants in their quest to increase profits and hike rental prices.  This story details a strategy that may provide some relief for tenants to fight back and keep their homes.

This Lauren Hepler story in the SV Biz Journal (we love you too Nate-Dog) and other in depth coverage of important issues without the pretext of agenda pushing are why this publication is a must read for insiders and those wanting to be in the know.  Hepler takes a dive into the increase in San Jose’s homeless population and what some are doing to address it.  Although the scheme cooked up by Groundwerx to do their job of cleaning up SJ’s urine-stained DT using homeless folks without paying them is sketchy, they get an A for effort.

U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney from Orange County may have struck the deathblow to the death penalty in California.  The President George W. Bush appointee wrote these pointed words in his ruling:

  • Carney says delays in killing killers have created a “system in which arbitrary factors, rather than legitimate ones like the nature of the crime or the date of the death sentence, determine whether an individual will actually be executed…”
  • “No rational person,” Carney wrote, “can question that the execution of an individual carries with it the solemn obligation of the government to ensure that the punishment is not arbitrarily imposed and that it furthers the interests of society.”

Is Tom Steyer a cheapo?  Steyer is struggling to raise the promised $50M to make climate change an issue in the congressional mid-terms, but being a billionaire, Fetch wonders why he doesn’t just cough up the dough himself?

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