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December 19, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.19.14: One Last FU Vote From Chuck, Pete and Madison, 100 White Protesters Meet With Larry and Don Disses Sam…

THIS JUST IN!…Bob Dhillon, no not that one, the former SJ Planning Commish enters D4 appointment fray…

Mayor-elect Sam Liccardo will preside over the three-ring circus masquerading as a city council meeting today as his undemocratic and rushed appointment of his campaign supporter Margie Mathews takes center stage at city hall. The three outgoing members of the city council (Chuck, Madison and Pete) will also click their heels in unison one last time with Rose, Johnny and Sam and finish the dirty work of pushing Ed Shikada into shark filled waters by appointing his replacement.  What a classy group, eh?

Chuck Reeds Last Bird1

Dapper Don Rocha is having non of it and sent this kick in the teeth op-ed into the Merctro opposing the rushed, scatterbrained and ridiculous process that was used to place a political supporter of Liccardo onto the city council.  Liccardo’s argument that the new councilmembers being sworn in this January are too stupid to make the D4 appointment can’t sit well with the Newbies.

Did Mayor-elect Liccardo and Inspector Gadget Gurza deliver a going away present to outgoing San Jose City Manger Ed Shikada?  KTVU-2 reports on a suspicious package left at city hall that caused the evacuation of the building.

A Morgan Hill parolee was arrested for sexually assaulting two women in San Jose.  KGO-7 has the story.

Willow Glen neighborhoods are once again being hit by thieves ripping off packages left on front porches.

This West San Jose neighborhood was on lock down as a search for two suspects forced Lynhaven Elementary School to shelter in place.

A whopping 100 protesters walked an entire block from the county building at 70 West Hedding Street to the SJPD HQ at 201 West Mission to deliver an on-line petition to 49ers fan and Po-Po Chief Larry Esquivel demanding the firing of Phillip White over his #racist and #ignorant Tweets.

Other protests over police accountability took place in the Bay Area as public defenders rallied for increased accountability and transparency of police conduct.

67-year old Robert Caret, the former Prez of SJSU, who many locals wish was still around, will be leaving his current post as head of the University of Massachusetts system and be in charge of the University System in Maryland.  Caret’s talents have been in dire need at SJSU as the university has been plagued by controversy, missteps, and flat-out knucklehead decisions since his tenure. Good luck Bob!

The Palo Alto institution known as Ming’s will finally shudder its doors on December 28 and eventually be replaced by what sounds like a frumpy Hampton Inn type of long-term lodging and a much smaller Ming’s restaurant.  It will be a couple of years before we can dive back into their delicious Dim Sum.

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December 18, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.18.14: Dirty Dealing At SJ City Hall, Liccardo Honeymoon Over Already? and Snippet of Margie Matthews Litmus Test…

FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) EXCLUSIVE

Several sources are telling The Daily Fetch that there is a massive back-story related to the firing of Alex Gurza, the ouster of Ed Shikada and the attempted resurrection of Alex Gurza.

A source has confirmed that San Jose’s former lead labor negotiator Alex Gurza was conducting a politically sanctioned off-the-books smear gathering effort to try and find anything disparaging against City Manager Ed Shikada and Assistant City Manger Pam Antil. (Apparently) Gurza was using the guise of “legitimate investigations” to try and squeeze those being interviewed for dirt on the CM and his No. 2. According to one of our spies, even though Shikada and Antil were not the focus of these Gurza led investigations, Gurza was attempting to solicit dirt that would be included in written documentation of these interviews, on unrelated matters, to bolster his smear effort.

Insiders are saying that Gurza may have crossed the line in his smear gathering and that attorneys working for the city advised city leaders that at least one city worker, who was interviewed by Gurza, may have had their privacy rights violated.  When Gurza claimed to various media outlets that he had no idea why he was being sent packing to become a glorified Recreation Leader, he was not being entirely truthful.


Fetch is being told that an anonymous letter was recently sent to Mayor Reed alleging that CM Shikada was calling off several investigations and playing favorites in his office and that the scuttling of Gurza’s career would cover up this alleged wrongdoing as Inspector Gadget Gurza was conducting these so called investigations.  One source told Fetch that Reed informed Liccardo of this letter and they decided to put the hit out on Shikada and do what they could to resurrect the career of their designated labor relations hatchet-man, Inspector Gadget Gurza.

More on this story as it develops…

Well, the traditional honeymoon period that Mayor-elect Liccardo should be enjoying has been blown to smithereens after he orchestrated, connived and executed a plot to depose City Manager (for 2 more weeks) Ed Shikada in favor of a yet to be named yes woman/man.  The reaction from at least two unions, whom Liccardo wanted to “hug-out” his differences with, was swift and looks to plunge the relationship between Liccardo and San Jose police officers and firefighters to a new low.

In a press statement released last night the SJ Po-Po and SJFF unions pulled no punches in their disdain for the Liccardo led coup and his insistence with rushing an appointment of a political endorser, contributor and supporter onto the city council.


Looks like San Jose is in for more of the same, which should provide plenty of copy for this humble blog.

Speaking of the coup that sent Ed packing, Fetch found these Tweets by SJI’s Josh Koehn very interesting…

‏‪12/17/14 – 4:25PM

@Josh_Koehn: Hard to say what I enjoyed more today—breaking a big story or finding out Jimmy Clausen will start against ‪@Lions. Oh, I’ll take the story.

12/17/14 – 3:03PM

 @Josh_Koehn: City Manager Ed Shikada resigns the same day San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed host a farewell party at City Hall. All sorts of awkward to come.

Ummm, Josh…you didn’t break the story about Shikada getting axed, Fetch did, by like a whopping half-hour, just sayin’ ‘cuz we know how accuracy in reporting is a bedrock principle for you.

12/17/14 – 2:27PM

@TheDailyFetch: #BREAKINGNEWS #SanJose CM @EdShikada has resigned effective Jan 1 #DEVELOPING

Now, of course, Josh, you may be pointing to the anonymous SJ Inside piece posted earlier in the day or your Tweet telling your followers that Shikada’s resignation was going to happen as justification for your “breaking a big story” boast. Well Fetch beat you there as well as we have been reporting on Shikada being put out to pasture for a couple of days now. But look, it’s the holiday season and journalistic colleagues should not squabble, so here’s a belated Atta Boy…well done.

H/T to Josh Koehn for 2nd place.


Onward to other happenings

The 49ers did not take long to say good riddance to Ray McDonald after it was revealed he was the target of a sexual assault investigation.  The decision must have been a little easier for the team after their playoff hopes went down the drain, we are all left to wonder if their decision would have been the same if the team was in the hunt for a playoff appearance?

KTVU-2 Investigates, trying to give NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit a run for their money, exposes how some hospitals gouge their patients for procedures.

Deputy Sheriff slayer Rich Robinson has nothing but great things to say about Margie Matthews, but rips the process that Mayor-elect Liccardo deployed to place his hand picked choice onto the city council.  Many are wondering what the litmus test was for Margie to get the nod?  Fetch gives its loyal readers 100 guesses and the first 99 don’t count…We imagine the extensive conversation between Sam and Margie went something like this:

Sam: Will you vote as I say on anything related to Measure B and not question my intelligence on any topic, not make fun of me occasionally wearing my bike shorts to work, and vote for my hand-picked city manager after our faux national search?

Margie: Yes!

Sam: Welcome back to the city council.

State Senator Jim Beall will be the chair of the Transportation and Housing Committee as new Senate Majority Leader Kevin de León announces his leadership team.

The Silicon Valley NAACP, Asian Law Alliance, and Silicon Valley De-Bug are hosting a march/rally to call for increased Po-Po accountability.  The march/rally starts at 4 pm at the Santa Clara County Government Center and ends a block away at the SJPD HQ on Mission Street. The local call for increased accountability accelerated when #dipshit #offensive Tweets from a SJ Po-Po were first exposed by Buzzfeed over the weekend.

KCBS 740’s Mike Colgan tells listeners that the weed business just got more expensive in San Jose.  The city is fining pot shops that are operating illegally some of the fines are pretty hefty.

Palo Alto Weekly’s Gennady Sheyner reports that grappling with land use issues will top the agenda of the incoming council members.

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December 17, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.17.14: Liccardo Not Ready For Prime Time, Margie Appointment Meanders Until Friday and 49ers McDonald Is A Rape Suspect…


A train killed one person in San Jose yesterday and that individual joins outgoing SJ City Manager Ed Shikada who was also run over by a train conducted by Sam “Narcissist” Liccardo (SNL) as the mayor-elect takes a page from the old Soviet Union and purges any dissenters.  Clearly, Liccardo and his ilk are not ready for prime time.


SNL - San Jose Style


As our loyal readers will recall, CM Ed Shikada negotiated a deal with city workers to end the Measure B litigation and provide legal pension reform savings only to have that compromise get shot down by the Reed/Liccardo cabal.  Apparently it’s payback time for anyone wanting to compromise on Measure B and thus, several sources confirmed that yesterday Liccardo presided over a city council closed-session that was akin to the Spanish Inquisition and Shikada was raked over the coals and humiliated by the vengeful incoming mayor.

SNL went about his defrocking of Shikada in a hate-filled, belittling closed-session broadside that shows he is clearly not ready for prime time.  Sources have confirmed what The Daily Fetch first reported this week, that Shikada is a goner and may be out as soon as today and that Alex Gurza may see his career resurrected in a gesture to city workers from Liccardo akin to a middle finger showing up on their city issued computer screens. Sources within the labor community tell Fetch that Armageddon would ensue if Gurza finds his way back from his near death experience.  The Vegas Line is that Norberto Duenas will step in to replace Shikada on an interim basis as a nationwide search is undertaken to find a yes man or woman to appease the erratic and petty Liccardo.

So as President Obama is turning a new page with Cuba, Congress passes a bi-partisan government funding bill that the Prez supports, Sam “Narcissist” Liccardo is lighting the matches to burn Ed Shikada at the stake and is giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Alex Gurza to bring him back from the dead.  What a bunch of clowns!

TheLeftHook reports on the sham process SNL is spearheading to replace Kansen Chu.  Does Sam have some issue with our diverse Asian community?  Several high-profile Asian community leaders are openly scoffing at the shabby treatment of Ed Shikada, the person being appointed to the heavily Asian populated D4 seat not being Asian, and the only Asian member to SNL’s transition team being the divisive Madison Nguyen.  The 6-4 vote to move Margie’s appointment to Friday was telling in that Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio voted against the SNL power grab…interesting.

And to round out everyone pissed off at SNL, leaders of the African-American community are up in arms because no African-American was selected for the Liccardo Transition Team.  #liccardonotreadyforprimetime


On to other happenings

49ers Ray McDonald is a rape suspect.  SJ Po-Po, not SJ Po-Po who work for the 49ers, but actual on duty cops slapped Ray with a search warrant last night after receiving a complaint from a woman claiming that sweet, innocent lil’ teddy bear, raped her.  Wonder if the Niners will let Ray play this week, this story is exploding nationwide.

The Huffington Post joins the coverage of SJ Po-Po Phillip White’s #dipshit Twitter posts as the public outcry grows and pressure mounts on 49er fan and SJ Police Chief Esquivel to #shitcan White.  Hey, maybe Esquivel can call SNL, apparently he’s real good at firing his enemies…just sayin’.

NBC Bay Area reports on the deluge of rain yesterday that soaked the South Bay and helped fill our depleted reservoirs.

SJ Po-Po are on the hunt for a murder suspect in a Willow Glen cold case that left one man dead from stab wounds.  KTVU-2 has the story.

Outdated paper maps, ancient computer systems, and other lame-ass reasons are behind SJ firefighters not getting to emergency medical calls on time.  It took the County of Santa Clara to conduct an audit of the CSJ fire department’s response times to get to the truth.

Santa Clara County will join the City of Los Angeles in moving toward equipping their Po-Po with Body Worn Cameras but doing it in a way that avoids the fumble-bumble approach that the San Jose Police Department has been using to get cameras on SJ cops.

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December 16, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.16.14: Mayor-elect Liccardo And Deputy Mayor Guardino’s First Backroom Deal, Gurza Needs A Tissue and White Can’t Wash Away Tweets

Liccardo Transition Train-Wreck Watch Report

In what could be one of the most all time all time ironic events in the history of mankind, San Jose’s former chief union basher Alex Gurza may need himself some union representation as he takes to the media to fawn ignorance as to why he was booted from his over $325,000* dollar a year gig.  Gurza is crying foul over how his employer treated him and how it made him feel…Awww, Fetch is sure the collective hearts of all city workers are broken over how Alex was treated, Yeah right!  And in a gruesome and odd twist, 911 calls have been reporting asses laying around city hall, apparently, city workers are laughing soooo hysterically over Gurza getting sacked that, well, their asses are coming off.

*Total Comp (Mr. Gurza’s favorite metric when he was screwing workers)

And in what could be described as a funeral procession, the man who sent Alex Gurza to the guillotine, City Manger Ed Shikada, is walking into a closed session of the city council to probably receive his last rights as the CM.  Apparently, Sam Liccardo is in dire need of yes men and women, at all levels of local government, to tell him what he wants to hear. Shikada may not have the votes to survive the current City Hall blood bath as rumors are abound that Liccardo wants Kim Walesh as his hand-picked City Manager.  Sure, there will be the obligatory “national search” for a new CM, but Saratoga Sam has made it known that Walesh, who is the current SJ Director of Economic Development, is his pick.

The “Backroom Deal” that Mayor-elect Liccardo and Deputy Mayor Guardino have cooked up to appoint Margie Matthews is looking more and more like amateur hour as Liccardo issued his newest memo trying to defend his undemocratic beer hall putsch to stack the city council.  Liccardo was ripped by Councilmember’s Kalra and Rocha in dueling memos calling out the Liccardo/Guardino scheme for what it is, a power grab.


Sam And Carls Backroom Deal #1


Many questions remain to be answered about the rush to appoint Margie, including:

  • When was Margie contacted about the appointment and by whom?
  • What promises were made in exchange for the appointment?
  • Who are the mysterious D4 community leaders Liccardo reached out to?
  • What statutory guarantee prevents Mathews from throwing her hat in the rink and running for the D4 seat after getting appointed?

Our sources within the city attorney’s office tell Fetch that there is no mechanism to prevent an appointee from entering the election and campaigning to win it in April—can you say SF Mayor Ed Lee?


Onward to other news, much of it sordid

It didn’t take long for a SJ Po-Po’s despicable Tweets about people protesting two high profile deaths at the hands of the Po-Po to ignite a local firestorm from community and civic leaders that culminated in Officer White (yes, that really is his last name) being put on the bench by 49er fan and SJ Police Chief Larry Esquivel.  White tried to wash the Tweets out of the Twittersphere by deleting the account but that whitewash failed, #dumbass.

And in the Bizaro World of the SJPD, this officer is profiled in USA Today as a proponent of a more active role for beat cops in homeland security and terrorism prevention.  As such, he is a rising star in the national GOP…huh?

S. (S is for Secret) Joe Simitian wants county sheriffs’ to jump on the body worn camera train.  He is recommending an exploration of the idea to add more transparency to county Po-Po interactions with the community.

Need help finding your fav nerd or techie a gift this holiday season…how about a new app?  Check out the SV Biz Journal’s rundown of this year’s best Apple and Google apps.

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December 15, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.15.14: Exclusive: San Jose City Manager Ed Shikada On The Ropes

Exclusive: San Jose City Manager Ed Shikada On The Ropes

Several knowledgeable sources are telling The Daily Fetch that San Jose City Manager Ed Shikada may be on his way out as part of a personnel purge being orchestrated by Mayor-elect Sam Liccardo.  Shikada, who this spring almost consummated a compromise with city workers to end San Jose’s pension war, has been tagged by Measure B hard liners as an appeaser who was not on board with taking the ill-fated measure all the way to the Supreme Court.

As The Daily Fetch first reported late last week, this year-end personnel purge started with San Jose’s lead labor negotiator, Alex Gurza, being shown the door by CM Shikada.  Political wags have been kibitzing all weekend as to what this shake-up meant and who was actually behind it.

A key component of Liccardo’s power play also includes cramming his campaign supporter and former SJ Councilmember Margie Mathews onto the city council to fill the D4 vacancy.  That contentious vote is scheduled for tomorrow.

More as these stories develop…


#BlackLivesMatter News

Protests against police violence continued in Oakland this weekend with protestors blocking the entrance to police headquarters on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a significantly smaller group of protestors in San Jose held a “die in” at Christmas in the Park.

BWC loving IPA LaDoris Cordell chimed in on eliminating the throwback to English law known as the Criminal Grand Jury.

San Jose Police Officer Phil White (could his last name be any more appropriate?) started a social media firestorm this weekend when Twitter messages he allegedly authored were revealed. #dumbass:

“Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. #CopsLivesMatter.”

“By the way if anyone feels they can’t breathe or their lives matter I’ll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun.”


Onward to Other Happenings

Despite the deluge, we are still in a drought. Water levels at local reservoirs remain critically low. So to those of you who have “forgotten” to put your sprinklers on rain delay…think about the children.

A man was critically wounded in a shootout in Evergreen n Friday.

San Jose police collected 200 firearms at a gun buy back this weekend.

The fat lady may not have sung yet for Century 21, as Federal Realty unveils development plans for the current home of the abandoned movie domes which include the possibility of preserving #21.

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December 12, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.12.14: San Jose’s Lead Labor Negotiator Alex Gurza Is Out, Liccardo Supporter and Reed Acolyte Margie Matthews In…oh and It Rained…


As The Daily Fetch first reported late last night, sources are confirming that Alex Gurza, one of the key architects of the City of San Jose’s disastrous employee pension and pay grab, is out.  Like box in hand, get your shit, you gotta go, out.  Multiple sources tell Fetch that the rap on Gurza was he was a jerk, had no credibility with anyone on the other side of the table, and helped sell city leaders on a doomed negotiation strategy over pensions that has led to the worst employee morale in, well, ever.  That take no prisoners strategy has been laid bare by recent PERB rulings that detail the City’s refusal to negotiate in good faith over Measure B and court rulings declaring the Measure illegal and city workers the winners in the case so far.

As The Daily Fetch first reported yesterday, sheeee’s back….former City Councilmember Margie (Fernandes) Matthews, who had her 1998 mayoral ambitions scuttled over ethics charges, loony behavior and bad advice from her then Treasurer Chuck Reed, will get the nod by Reed and Liccardo to fill the vacant D4 seat.  Insiders are saying that Reed has carried 15-years of guilt around for screwing up Margie’s chances to lead San Jose when her campaign commissioned a premature mayoral poll and the ethics commission kicked her arse for it. Instead of just apologizing to Matthews, who BTW quit her city council position 5-months early back in the day, Reed decided to put her back in power.

As for Liccardo, his pay to play world is just getting kicked in.  Matthews endorsed Sam in the recent mayoral election.



Not a bad day’s work for a “links blog…”


Onward to other happenings

No way, Wal-Mart accused of shafting its workers, retaliating against them for trying to better their respective lot, no way.  The SV Biz Journal reports on the National Labor Relations Board cracking down on the notoriously stingy (no offense Supervisor Stingy) retail giant.

It really poured last night.  USA Today has every conceivable video, picture, flood, and event that the massive storm delivered to the Bay Area.

Is the City of San Jose Po-Po Department capturing and listening to your cell phone calls…probably not, ‘cuz there ain’t enough Po-Po to do the listening.  But has the department acquired and deployed the technology to do it, one Security Consultant believes they have and submitted a public records request to the City, which the City promptly denied citing homeland security concerns…Hmmm.

The opposition to the sale of the not for profit Daughters of Charity hospital chain is growing with 18 members of congress, including Mike Honda and Zoe Lofgren, urging California Attorney General Kamala Harris to reject Prime Healthcare’s takeover bid.

“Our biggest concern is Prime’s history of unfair business practices that have resulted in civil and criminal investigations by government agencies for allegedly overbilling Medicare as well as violations of patient confidentiality,” the lawmakers wrote in their letter to Harris. “The National Labor Relations Board has issued charges against Prime for such illegal practices as unilaterally cutting employee health insurance plans, interrogating and intimidating employees who are supportive of their union, bad faith bargaining and bribing employees to vote to decertify the union. Class action and wage and hour violation lawsuits have been filed against Prime at 11 of their 15 California hospitals.”

Can’t wait to see the San Francisco 49ers San Jose Police Department command staff to announce that residential burglaries are now a thing of the past in San Jose with the arrest of this one suspect who allegedly ripped off dozens of homes in SJ.

KQED explains the implications caused by the dismal voter turnout this past November will be felt over the next 4-years as the threshold to qualify statewide ballot initiatives has been dramatically lowered.

A gun buyback is planned for this Saturday in SJ. KLIV 1590 provides the details.

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December 11, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.11.14: SJPOA Sprays Can Of Whoop-ass On IPA Cordell, plus Liccardo Trying To Sneak One Past D4 Voters and Puts His Finger In The Air

Comprehensive coverage of the Pineapple Express “Storm of the Millennium” can be found at this KGO-7 link.

A day after SJIPA LaDoris Cordell called the POA “shameful” for allegedly stonewalling the implementation of body worn cameras the POA sent Cordell this lil’ missive (thanks for our spies for sending this one over).  Ouchy!! Looks like Cordell prematurely discharged her weapon without exercising caution and did not follow proper procedure prior to popping off and now finds a giant foot in her mouth, which is her own, to match the foot in her arse that the POA letter represents.

Liccardo Transition Watch Report

The shenanigans of the incoming Liccardo administration have commenced in earnest.  According to SJ Inside, the mayor-elect will ram his hand-picked yes man, or woman (Margie Matthews?) down the throats of D4 residents by appointing a replacement for the outgoing Kansen Chu.  Liccardo is deploying a stealth application process to deny qualified would be suitors from even applying, because according to SJI, applications for the appointment must be turned in tomorrow.  Hmmm, Fetch wonders how much outreach has been done to the diverse residents of D4 in Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish or for that matter, English informing residents of this appointment?  Talk about the fix being in and not trusting the voters of D4 to determine who their representative ought to be.

This undemocratic and sneaky appointment demonstrates the limited grasp on 6-votes that Liccardo has for his yet to be determined first term agenda. Hopefully this D4 appointment scheme is not the advise Liccardo is receiving from his “Transition Team” that was recently announced that is stacked with charter school zealots and led by his Deputy Mayor Carl Guardino.

Is there ever a good day for a politician to announce their first major (pick one) flip/flop or bait-and-switch?  After committing ad nauseam to defend Measure B in court, Liccardo now wants to settle the lawsuit…Huh?  Liccardo’s new position is a complete retreat from all the “Hey, hey, hey Measure B all the way” crap that he spouted during the recent mayoral campaign.  Apparently, Saratoga Sam has been spending a great deal of time with his finger in the air trying to figure out which way the proverbial wind is blowing.




On to other news

Daily Fetch interns are jumping for joy over this proposal to make a college degree attainable in 3-years versus the current 4 or umm, 6 or umm, 7-years it currently takes.

San Jose’s Planning Commission got a nose full of odor complaints from Milpitas residents fed up with the Newby Island dump and the stench they say wafts from the facility.  The commissioners pulled a Ray Guy and punted any decision on allowing the dump to expand for another week or two.  KTVU-2 has the story.

Fetch wonders if Al Jazeera is on to something when it comes to Wall Street bankers ripping off pension plans and the politicians that want to give them more control over middle-class Americans retirement security?

That massive $3.5 billion Equity Office property sale will ring the register for Santa Clara and San Mateo counties and several cities as they will see major upside from the real estate transfer tax.  ND from the SVBJ has the deets.

The SV Biz Journal’s Nate- dog also tells us that the Mountain View City Council went all hog wild and rejected its staff recommendation to tack on an extra $17 bucks per sq. foot to commercial development projects to fund affordable housing and instead jacked the price up to $25 per sq. foot. The council also raised taxes fees on apartment developments as well.  Developers, who traditionally wielded mucho clout with local elected are now consistently taking it in the shorts.

And in the most painful story teaser of the year—this Merctro headline had fair minded folks smiling, singing and dancing in the streets: “An unexpected end to a career in journalism”…only to be let down by our local Pravda, again.  Herhold is staying put.

The San Francisco Public Press reports that it was really no big deal that 49er Ray McDonald was not charged with DV.  Their report dissects which County charges DV cases more frequently than others and the numbers will surprise you.

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December 10, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.10.14: S. (S is for Stingy) Simitian Abstains On Living Wage Ordinance, New SJ Homeless Camp Pops Up and Cordell Slams SJPOA

Sorry for the late post. We were stuck filling sand bags to prep for tomorrow’s impending deluge. Speaking of which, have you heard that the storm of the century is on its way, batten down the hatches!


A majority on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a living wage ordinance that could boost the pay of hundreds, if not thousands, of workers that deliver services funded through contracts with the county.  The ordinance was a major victory for those trying to keep their heads above water in the incredibly expensive Silicon Valley. Supervisor “We Like” Mike Wasserman opposed the measure and eloquently stated his reasons while S. (S is for Stingy) Joe Simitian did his best to have it both ways by saying how much he was for the ordinance before abstaining when it came time to vote.  Supervisor Stingy was concerned about costs but refused to take a stand.

Another homeless encampment in SJ sprung up after the infamous Jungle was closed last week…what a shock!  The homeless at this new camp will soon be ordered to leave to, well, someplace, Fetch guesses.

San Jose will now tax Airbnb rentals.  Who cares!

Supervisor “Stingy” Simitian, who was given another digit by advocates of the living wage ordinance, was given the “Thumb” by the Los Altos Town Crier for his initiative that ended the $80 buck non-resident fee to access County libraries.  Although the Crier calls Supervisor Stingy a “career politician” it says Simitian delivers results.

A body camera brouhaha has erupted between SJ cop watcher LaDoris Cordell and the SJPOA.  SJ Inside reports that the Po-Po are gumming up the works when it comes to filming what really goes on between cops and the community.  Cordell calls the POA “shameful” for slowing down the implementation of cameras on cops and says it is all political….duh!

With the GOP currently in charge of the US House of Representatives and days away from controlling the US Senate the wheeling and dealing toward a trillion dollar spending package that would keep the federal government open has been completed.  On pg. 1,599 of the 1,603 page authorization bill is this little nugget; individuals would be able to increase their political contributions to the respective party of their choice from $32,400 to $1,296,000.  Seems right, right?

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December 9, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.09.14: Will Protests Erupt Over Levi’s Stadium Incident? Newby Island Dumps On Its Workers and SVBJ’s Nate-dog Recaptures Hardest Working Journalist Title

Berkeley protests continued to grow in intensity and violence as those wanting to rage against the machine took to the streets again to voice their outrage at the choking death of Eric Garner and the shooting death of Michael Brown.  150 arrests were made as some of the 1,000 strong protesters destroyed storefronts and acted like fools.

In another confrontation with police, caught on film, a football fan was arrested during a Pac 12 game at Levi’s Stadium for allegedly being drunk and obnoxious and not following police commands to shut up and sit down.  Since this is a white on white confrontation and the incident occurred in Santa Clara the protest being planned includes an international cheese station, Chardonnay from local wineries, and a holiday cookie exchange.  RSVP to: #aintgonnabenoprotestonthisone

Looks like Republic Services, operators of the mucho-poochy Newby Island dump, have been taking a dump on their workers and the City of San Jose to the tune of $14 million dollars. According to TheLeftHook, the dump operators are being accused by the City of San Jose of wage theft by agreeing to San Jose’s living wage requirements and then stiffing workers $5-7 bucks an hour.  Republic is also racking up fines that total over $10 million as this issue continues to fester.

Santa Clara County is slated to approve the most comprehensive living wage ordinance in the nation requiring contractors, like embattled Republic Services, well, only if they follow the law, to pay its workers $19 bucks an hour.  If you do business with the County then the County expects you to pay your workers a wage sufficient to live in Silicon Valley.  That loud noise your hearing is the groans emanating from SJ Chamber head Matt Mahood over this concept.

Recapturing the “Hardest Working Journalist in San Jose” top spot from his colleague, Lauren Hepler, SV Biz Journal’s Nate-dog starts our day with this story about the long dormant Japantown mixed-use project that is finally slated to happen.  This location, once the City of San Jose’s corporate yard, will now be transformed into housing, retail and a cultural center.

Want to see all the properties Hudson Pacific is buying from Equity Office in their blockbuster $3.5 billion dollar real estate deal…then go to this map provided by #hardestworkingsjscribe from the SV Biz Journal.

A suicidal woman made for a suicidal commute yesterday on I-680.  The Po-Po shut down both directions of the freeway for 7 plus hours as they did their best to talk the jumper from jumping.  In the end, the woman was taken into custody and placed on a 72-hr hold and all lanes were re-opened.

Fires erupted at San Jo’s infamous Jungle homeless encampment yesterday.  These fires were set a day after the camp was de-camped and the residents were escorted to a future rife with uncertainty.

State Senator Jerry Hill continues his annual “there oughta be a law” contest where he will select one lucky winner from his district to have their idea made into a piece of legislation he will push in Sacto.  Fun stuff!

Who is lining up to replace Senator Barbara Boxer if she decides to retire after this term?  TIME provides this speculative list of would be senators.


And it looks like some pretty familiar faces will give it a go for the GOP nomination to face HRC in 2016.  Fat cat donors are seeking to narrow this field so they can focus early dollars on tearing down Clinton as opposed to wasting it on fringe candidates with as much likelihood of being President of the United States as Donald Trump.

Our interns that brave living in DTSJ are jumping for joy, right after jumping over the urine-stained sidewalks, after reading TheSanJoseBlog’s post about the Grand Opening of Whole Foods on the Alameda.  The post is chock-full of fun facts and fun foods that are going make this store a hip and happening place. posts a reprint of a Progressive Magazine deep dive into the privatization of public schools.  Included in the post is a warning about a cartoon that may offend some but that is sure to spark debate about what direction San Jose can expect with regard to education from its mayor elect and his former charter school lobbyist spouse.

The Merctro follows our report on the quick descent of former Assembly Speaker Pro-tem Nora Campos, who finds herself committee-chairman-less.

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December 8, 2014

Daily Fetch 12.08.14: Reed and Liccardo District 4 Switcheroo?, Liccardoville Appears On Google Maps and Happy Hanukkah From Walgreens

The Santa Clara 49ers lost to the Oakland Raiders…this is the Raiders second win of the season. Raiders fans are still rejoicing while 9ers fans are still shaking their heads in disbelief.

Meanwhile, in San Jose’s urine stained downtown a man was critically injured in a shooting while trying to break up a fight between Raiders and 9ers fans…seriously people, it’s just a game.

As if that wasn’t enough bloodshed for a weekend, another man was murdered in San Jose’s Alum Rock neighborhood on Saturday.

San Jose’s plans to wipe “the Jungle” off the map suffered a blow, well, temporarily, as Google Maps briefly had the trails of Liccardoville mapped.


The next Jungle is already springing up near the Rosemary Gardens neighborhood, keep it classy San Jo’!

What trick do Mayor of Christmas Past, Chuck Reed, and Mayor of Christmas Future, Sam Liccardo, have up their sleeve?  Chuck & Sam have this memo headed to the Council’s Rules Committee tomorrow requesting that the Council appoint an interim Councilmember to take the place of Kansen Chu who left his seat vacant after joining the State Assembly.  

The rationale by Chuck & Sam is that the District 4 seat would be left vacant for 9 months, missing the important budget discussions in May.  Sounds reasonable, right?  Wrong.  Putting aside that we can find no recent example of an interim appointment, this runs counter to the exact situation Chuck Reed created in District 4 when he was elected mayor, leaving his council seat vacant from January to June 2007–where, that’s right, Kansen Chu won his special election in a run off (and was in place by the June 26, 2007 Council meeting mind you.  Its nearly the exact same situation.  What’s different?  Could it be that Sam is fearful that his yet-to-begin administration does not have a governing majority to push his agenda forward?  Or is he truly concerned about the constituents of District 4?

Also note that this is not entirely different than the experience of District 7 residents who dealt with a vacancy following the Gregory scandal (awaiting the election and appointment of Madison Nguyen) or District 6 residents who dealt with a vacancy following the election of Ken Yeager to the County Board of Supervisors (awaiting the election of Councilmember Oliverio).

Walgreens has stopped selling Hanukkah wrapping paper covered in swastikas after receiving customer complaints. Yes, you read that right.

San Jose police are still trying to convince the public that surveillance drones are a good thing. The chances of them succeeding are some where between slim and none, though SJPD is telling the public the flying spies will only be used in emergencies.

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