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October 31, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.31.14: Merc Boot Licking Continues, Gunfight Closes Downtown San Jose, and Giants Celebration…Oh, And Happy Halloween

A Mercury News Welcome

Urine-stained and gang riddled downtown San Jose was on lock down this morning as a gunfight broke out in the infamous Fountain Alley.  Two shooters, one dead and one on the loose resulted in VTA rerouting buses and light rail as the SJ Po-Po had to shut down Santa Clara Street causing a traffic nightmare.

A triple stabbing took place in burglary plagued Evergreen last night.  One arrest was made in what was literally a bloody mess.

Last night saw two San Jose pedestrians killed as the death toll rises to 36 this year.  Could illegal street racing be to blame?  KLIV informs its 12 listeners of a rise in street racing.  Keep it classy San Jo’.

Boot Licker Alert…Boot Licker Alert…Boot Licker Alert

The Merc’s resident 49er groupie clearly has licked the entire way through and reached Sam Liccardo’s feet with this article that purports to talk about the issues facing voters in San Jose.  Not one mention of crime, no literally, the word crime does not appear.  A new journalistic low as the Merc does all it can to pay back the politician that pushed through a big bucks tax break that helped finance their move to DTSJ.


A SJSU Professor explains why SJ can’t recruit new Po-Po’s.  DUH, it’s about being non-competitive.  SJSU criminal justice students are choosing to work elsewhere.  Hey, has SJPOA’s Jim Unland been a substitute teacher over at State?

Ro’s secret super PAC is pouring in money to stave off defeat.  Donors to the shadow PAC get to remain anonymous as Josh Richman tells the tale of secret money and Ro Khanna.

Has Obamacare improved the lives of Americans?  Take a look at this story and the interactive map that shows the improvement in the number of insured Americans.

Giants celebration is today.  The victory parade can be watched live right here and a preview of the events can be seen here.  Hopefully there won’t be too many knuckleheads out to ruin the day by acting like a…Red, say it.

A day in the life of the busiest fire engine in the country is profiled in this piece in the SF Chron.

Calpensions explains the Stockton bankruptcy ruling that keeps in tact contractual agreements between a city and its workforce.  The judge explains that a negotiated resolution to a problem is preferable to trying to break a contract.  Are you listening San Jose?

Chuck Reed’s pick for State Controller is losing and for many reasons only one of which is Reed’s endorsement.  Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengen has alienated her own party, social moderates, and conservatives.  Well done.

Some rich Techies, you know the guys backing Saratoga Sam Liccardo, have a dirty little secret that gets exposed in this investigative report.  Workers locked into what company they work for as if they are indentured servants.  If these workers try to move to another job they are getting sued and harassed.

Looks like DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen is going to pass on prosecuting 49er Ray McDonald.  The Score rehashes what was first reported by Tracy Kaplan. (Well that’s how they spell her name).

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October 30, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.30.14: Bumgarner’s A Saint, Liccardo Hit With Another Ethics Complaint and Gagliardi Bullying Scandal Explodes!

Giants Dynasty!!!  What a game, it made Fetch laugh, cry, scream, gasp and celebrate as the Giants prevailed to win their third World Series in 5 years…Duck the Fogers!!

Informed sources are telling Fetch that SF Giants World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner is slated to be canonized by the Pope in Rome today for the epic performance last night and in his two other 2014 World Series starts.  Bumgarner will also replace the Pope on a Rope in stores before the Christmas Season.




The SV Biz Journal breaks down the money race in the congressional grudge match between Honda and Khanna.  Lauren Hepler also confirms that one of Ro’s big, like super big, money men is former Enron trader John Arnold from Texas.

TheLeftHook and SJ Inside call out a potential death threat in the heated city council campaigns in Milpitas.  Hopefully another body is not found at the Newby Island dump as the elections season continues to fray nerves.

SJ Councilmember Dapper Don Rocha’s letter chastising Chuck Reed over his involvement in his political consultant’s alleged sordid pay to lie affair is rehashed by TheLeftHook.  Ajlouny has yet to deny the entirety of the allegations.

TheLeftHook exclusively reports on the latest ethics blunder from the Liccardo for Mayor campaign.  An ethics complaint alleges that Liccardo failed to report the in-kind amount expended on obtaining an email list from Madison, not the all loved Bumgarner, but the divisive Nguyen.  In addition, TLH alleges that many of the emails came from Madison’s city hall email account, a big no-no, right SJI?

Has Ebola migrated to the Silicon Valley?  A report in the SF Chron tells readers that a Stanford surgeon is being monitored after returning from Ebola stricken West Africa.

And more local doctors, nurses and other healthcare works are heading to the region to do what they can to stem the epidemic.  They should expect upon their return to the States to be looked at as if they had Cooties, maybe they need some 3rd graders Cootie protection sprayed on them before departing.




Sam Liccardo supporters, including the California Apartment Association’s Tri-County Division and the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors are doing all they can to stop any type of check on out of control rents in Mountain View.  Rent control is clearly needed as many landlords are taking advantage of the tech boom to squeeze current tenants for every last dime they have.

A San Jose man innocently playing a game of pool in his garage was gunned down by a gang member.  The gang member will now serve 210 years for the killing and TracEy Kaplan from the Merc has the story.

Stanford University is in hot water for sending a political piece of mail to voters in a couple of states as part of a Weird Science experiment gone bad.  The mailers were disguised as a legitimate voter guide and have caused a whole lot of heartburn for some candidates running in non-partisan races.

Governor Jerry Brown gives a full throttle smack down to our media brethren who basically ticked the Gov. off during a press conference yesterday.  Brown is at his best in the video imbedded in the story.

“Look, you won’t print half of what I say. You won’t. I dare you to, OK? So this whole canard about, ‘What are you going to do, Brown?’ Think about it.”

Thanks to our spies for sending in this little gem from a former Sam Liccardo and Cindy Chavez aid named Roma Dawson.  Roma posted this to her neighborhood email chain as the discussions about SJ D3 City Council candidate Divisive Don Gagliardi have heated up over him bullying multiple people over the years…Remember it is still National Bullying Month.

I was an aide for Council Members Cindy Chavez and Sam Liccardo. Prior to that I worked in the District Office of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. I met some of you way back in the 80′s when I worked for Mayor Tom McEnery or the 90′s when I was Chief of Staff to Council Member Charlotte Powers. My conscience compels me to share some information. I have knowledge of events leading up to the writing of the letter to Don Gagliardi authored by Harry Mavrogenes. I staffed a public meeting on October 17 for Council Member Liccardo held to discuss findings of the San Jose Hospital Site Re-use Committee. A dear woman and close friend of Don’s wrote a letter to Internal Affairs about her perception of events that night. I have a very different recollection of what occurred.

Please note that the letter refers to multiple incidents involving multiple City and Agency employees. In early 2007, I was the only eyewitness to an encounter between Harry and Don where Don was literally nose-to-nose with Harry, screaming and gesturing. No company in Silicon Valley could tolerate this type of out-of-control behavior. Harry continued to receive complaints from Agency staff including members of the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative team. The incident on October 17 was probably “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” I feel he had no choice but to take action like any corporate manager to fulfill his responsibilities.

I learned just a few weeks ago that the Mercury News possessed a copy of the letter. I called Harry. I was shocked to learn that – contrary to what someone said in this email chain – no reporter had ever contacted him. Regardless of whether you support Don or Raul Peralez, you should be upset at the manner in which the letter was handled in the Internal Affairs column. It deserved an unbiased, journalistic investigation. Both Don and Raul supporters are justifiably angry. At a minimum it merited a call to the author of the letter.

I was a supporter of Kathy Sutherland during the Primary. I attended most of the candidate forums. I heard Don express very conservative views. For example, he opposes the affordable housing impact fee supported by Sam Liccardo. I took the summer to meet with Raul privately, attend a number of coffees and meetings and the Downtown Association debate. In the interest of full disclosure, I then decided to endorse Raul and am now an enthusiastic campaign volunteer. I realize many of you that I so much respect will be angry and dismiss my comments as partisan. Be advised that a former Agency employee has posted on her Facebook page that the letter matches her recollection of events. Many of you know her because she was a key aide to Mayor Susan Hammer during her 8 years in office.

Please remember that the Gagliardi campaign mailed the first hit piece. It stated that Raul made over $200,000 last year. Don was not only wrong with his facts, but then paid for a second piece attacking Raul’s character. Raul took home only $63,000 last year (information he is publicly sharing by releasing his pay stub).  Even with over 250 overtime hours in 2013, his pay comes no where near Don’s claims – and it is unfair to criticize Raul for overtime he was required to work due to the critical shortage of officers. The Police Chief refused to grant him leave for the same reason. The offensive mailer mentioned in the email chain was an independent expenditure by the Santa Clara County Government Lawyers Association. By law, that Committee is not allowed to contact Raul’s campaign.

Let’s all show respect for each others opinions and support the new council member regardless of who is elected. 

                                    From an email posted by Roma Dawson

                                    Former staffer to Sam, Susan, Cindy and Charlotte

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October 29, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.29.14: Ro’s Gazillionaires To His Rescue, SJSU’s Political Oracle Larry Gerston Is Departing and Let’s Go Giants!

Broke Ro Khanna must rely on his big money backers to fight back against the scathing charges contained in this Mike Honda television commercial.  Khanna’s supporters are paying for a radio spot to try and stop the bleeding as the race grinds toward the finish line on November 4th.

The ever objective, Liccardo loving Scott Herhold (sorry for those that just either A. spit up their coffee or B. Threw up a little in their mouths over Herhold and objective appearing in the same sentence.  Our bad.) does his best to screw Cortese in his latest contribution to the Mercury News independent expenditure.

NBC Bay Area gives it up that Sam Liccardo’s campaign is behind a police cadet, who hid his face and disguised his voice, coming forward to say POA Prez Jim Unland hinted that recruits should leave the department.  Hmmm, let’s peel this onion a tad…A recruit alleges Unland said “quit right then and there” at an academy orientation then recants the next day, 3 sworn under penalty of perjury declaration say Unland never said it,  Mayor Reed’s political consultant is accused in a sworn declaration of offering money and a job to a former recruit to lie about what Unland did not say, and now a guy who won’t show his face makes an allegation at the prodding of the Liccardo campaign.  Sworn declarations vs. a recanter, an accused pay to player, and guy in the shadows.

Read what Don Rocha has to say about the whole thing here, it’s a kick to Chuck’s crotch.

Two arrests have been made in the home invasion that took place in San Jose’s Almaden Valley that left one teen zip tied and threatened with a handgun.

The daily “Fact Checks”, that’s funny, sorry, the daily fact checks two pieces of mail, one from Cortese and another from Liccardo.  It’s more of the usual blather from the pro-Liccardo publication.

KQED gives this detailed report of the human costs of the rise in crime in SJ.  Beth Willon makes a splash as rumors are circulating that KQED has increased its South Bay news bureau.  Welcome to the scrum!

The Giants are preparing for game 7 of the series after their drubbing last night.  Should make for must see TV and hopefully the Bay Area gets to go to a parade to celebrate another World Series win!  Go Giants!

This Oakland mayoral candidate is whack.  He starred on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and the video of him along with his F’bomb laced reasons for running to be Oakland’s top dog are worth the watch.

While Republicans have visited the Valley before, lately their visibility has increased. “These events are now more public, they used to be very quiet,” said Larry Gerston, a political science professor at San Jose State University. “They would come in quietly, have a little meeting with a few people who appreciated them, and leave.”

Republicans are no longer slinking into Silicon Valley and scooping up campaign cash while trying to remain unseen.  The Guardian reports on the GOP’s effort to court Techies and Larry Gerston has this to say about it:

While Republicans have visited the Valley before, lately their visibility has increased. “These events are now more public, they used to be very quiet,” said Larry Gerston, a political science professor at San Jose State University. “They would come in quietly, have a little meeting with a few people who appreciated them, and leave.”

Speaking of San Jose’s Political Oracle, Mr. Gerston has announced his retirement from San Jose State University and will go out with a lecture and bash, details are below:

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to be my guest for a private reception at San Jose State University with retiring SJSU professor Larry Gerston. The reception will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 20 in Engineering Building Room 285.

At 7:00 p.m., Professor Gerston will deliver this year’s Don Edwords Lecture in Politics and History, to be held in the new Student Union Theater. The title of his talk will be “Re-engaging America.”

Professor Gerston will be missed, he has amassed a 40-year career that includes publishing 12 books, serving as the chair of SJSU’S political science department, and is the political commentator for NBC Bay Area.  Gerston is a good egg and his classes were always interesting and engaging.

Philip Beadle from the Spartan Daily, in a potential audition to replace resident curmudgeon Scott Herhold when the Merc eventually folds, slaps around both Liccardo and Cortese as well as Honda and Khanna.  It is pretty funny.

Liccardo supports programs regarding transportation and affordable housing.

Cortese wants to increase all emergency services immediately and bring back additional educational programs mostly with the help of private groups he and his wife are involved with already.

These nonprofit organizations Liccardo is a member of are the same organizations associated with CEO’s and other rich white people hobnobbing at garden parties and singing karaoke.

These charity organizations’ executives pay themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars for their “charity” work.

Cortese’s time on the East Side Union High School board was spent making legal connections as much as balancing budgets.

The body found at the Newby Island dump has been identified and the SJ Po-Po are looking for help with the case.

Speaking of SJSU, Nate-Dog from the SV Biz Journal has more news about a billion dollar campus build out that is making the University looking more chic by the minute.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has released its annual report on the condition of roads in the greater Bay Area and, with the exception of a few cities, they pretty much suck.  Take a look at where you live and see what rating your roads get in the report.

TheSanJoseBlog is looking for some Halloween fun in downtown San Jose and is working to create a Halloween in the Park, similar to Christmas in the Park.  Well, if they are looking for a creepy, scary Halloween type experience, just take a stroll around dusk through St. James Park.  That will scare the shi# out of anyone, and its free!

Will D1 SJ City Council candidate Chappie Jones publicly address the allegations of pay-offs for lies leveled against his campaign’s Svengali, Vic Ajlouny?

The non-profit Daughter of Charities fire sale of its hospitals to for-profit Prime Healthcare has hit another bump in the road as healthcare workers launch this broadside against Prime and its CEO.

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October 28, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.28.14: Sam Liccardo as the Pander Bear and Snake Oil Sales-Woman Barb Marshman is full of you know what

San Jose’s weed wars continues as the city council fumbles and bumbles its way through one more discussion of the bodacious buds.

Also on the agenda is Saratoga Sam’s latest pandering to a constituency group he has repeatedly ignored and let down until the week before the mayoral election.  Sam hates commies…so he, along with Madison and Chuck will pander away with a resolution saying representatives from Hanoi, oops, Fetch means the former Saigon, can’t have a meeting at city hall with city officials.  What a tool!

Sam_Liccardo_pander_bear copy


A nuisance bar has been accused of terrorizing a neighborhood in Sam Liccardo’s council district for years, culminating in a shooting over the weekend.  One week before the mayoral election, Liccardo is now trying to shut the bar down.  Pander-Bear.

Barb “Snake Oil” Marshman (Opinion Editor at the Mercury News for those of you just jumping on this crazy train) is pulling out all of the stops for her chosen one, Saratoga Sam Liccardo. But never fear, Fetch is here to walk you through her bullsh*t peddling so we can arrive at the truth.

Merc Bullsh*t Debunk #1: Sam Supported the Minimum Wage

“Union mail pieces misrepresent Liccardo’s positions on issues. He was not against raising the minimum wage, for instance.” – Barb Marshman and the Ed Board

Actions speak louder than words.Sam Liccardo VOTED against increasing the minimum wage in San Jose and then OPPSED a ballot measure, which would increase the minimum wage. What is Barb smoking?

Merc Bullsh*t Debunk #2: Sam Supported the San Jose Living Wage

“He supports the city’s living wage ordinance, just opposed an expansion of it, along with a majority of the council.” – Barb Marshman and the Ed Board

Just this year Sam Liccardo VOTED to exempt a multi-billion dollar corporation from San Jose’s living wage ordinance. That is supporting it how exactly? Maybe if you’re reading from Joseph Goebbels’ playbook.

Merc Bullsh*t Debunk #3: It’s a crock to say Sam Voted Against the Burglary Unit

“Our favorite is the claim that he voted to disband the burglary unit. What a crock. Liccardo voted to back the police chief at the time, Chris Moore, who said officers on patrol were a higher need.” – Barb Marshman and the Ed Board

So let’s get this straight…it’s a crock because it’s true? The reality is that Sam Liccardo did in fact vote to eliminate the burglary unit (sources tell us something like one or two officers remain to push paperwork on the cases they can’t investigate). He voted for the budget that eliminated the unit (June 14, 2011 City Council Meeting Item 9.1), and then later voted against a motion to restore the unit (June 12, 2012 City Council Meeting Item 3.5). So he voted, not once, but twice against the burglary unit.  Who’s crocking now Barb?

But Barb doesn’t stop there, she dismisses Sam’s responsibility for his actions by saying the police chief made him do it (vote against the burglary unit).

  1. Voters did not elect the chief to make difficult decisions, they elected Sam and his colleagues. Sam has ultimate responsibility, not the chief.
  2. Sam has voted against the chief’s recommendations before, as he is proud to note he voted against a sales tax measure that the chief was practically begging the council to support so that San Jose could increase police services.


Why would Marshman and the Merc do this exactly? Well, Liccardo and the Mayor just recently gifted the Mercury and it’s employees free parking and Wifi downtown…might that have something to do with it?

“The mayor arguably owes a sizable debt to the paper’s consistent backing of his administration, and his brother-in-law, Bob Ingle, was the newspaper’s longtime executive editor.

The real story is how Councilman Sam Liccardo—endorsed by the Merc to succeed Reed—helped the paper secure an $864,000 discount on parking. The deal makes 160 of the company’s 200 parking spaces free for the next four years and half-off the fifth year.” Josh Koehn, San Jose Inside

Onward to Other News

Capitol Weekly is reporting that political ads are retreating from the air waves and moving more and more to the web as anyone can see with all of those annoying Sam Liccardo ads that are popping up everywhere on-line.

The SF Chron reports on the Milpitas card club initiative that will be decided by voters on Tuesday.  They cover familiar ground in this latest report over card wars in our neighboring city that’s in need of a big spray of Febreze.

One developer so hated a Palo Alto requirement that he include some affordable housing in his new condo building that he sued.  The outcome was announced and the developer will have to set aside 1, O-N-E affordable unit, but pay $8 million to an affordable housing fund.  Interesting development.

What…a full Po-Po academy?  Well, yes, but it’s in Santa Cruz County. A full recruit class begins training today and upon graduation from the sheriff’s academy, the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department will be fully staffed.  Hmmm, what’s the diff between Santa Cruz and San Jose?  There is no magic recipe, the recruits in Santa Cruz have a competitive second tier retirement benefit, disability protection and an elected body not full of bow hards…so there you go.

The Santa Clara County Libertarian Party sure knows how to par-tay, as they announce this mega election night bash at…wait for it…Round Table Pizza on Stevens Creek Blvd.  Can’t wait.

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October 27, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.27.14: In Reed’s Mind A 42% Increase In Crime Equals a 70% Drop In Crime, DA Boyarsky Outed and Chappie Jones Employs Vic Ajlouny

Chuck Reed lies, there is no doubt about it.  Take for instance his latest liar, lair, pants on fire example…Reed claimed in a press release:

San José Police Department data for January to September 2014 shows that violent gang-related incidents have dropped over 70 percent since January.”

The reality is that over that very same time frame, SJPD, you know, the police department run by the 49ers, reports that violent gang-related incidents INCREASED by 42%.

NBC Bay Area takes a look at the numbers and the lies of Chuck Reed in this piece where Reed actually says to the public: “They don’t have to take my word for it.”

No shi#.


Of course this is not the first time Reed and Liccardo cooked the books about gang stats.  How could anyone forget this infamous juking the stats episode of a year ago, one that made Chief Esquivel fall on his sword when he was caught carrying the Reed/Liccardo water.  Does that make Esquivel a water boy?  Just sayin’.

A dead body was found at the Newby Island Resource Recovery Park, better known as the dump. Apparently the body was seen by someone because heaven knows, nobody would have smelled it ‘cuz it reeks out there. How Soprano-ish.

This fire in the Cambrian Park neighborhood of San Jo’ destroyed dozens of motorcycles and sports vehicles.  The story is in the SF Chron and for video of the blaze check out the NBC Bay Area story here.

SV Biz Journal’s Hepler hammers home the spiraling cost of housing in Silicon Valley and wonders what it will take to make people (insert your favorite policy maker here) give a shi# about it.

A troublesome San Jose bar that has been the thorn in the side of nearby residents had another near deadly incident over the weekend as a security guard was shot and hospitalized.  The bar has been out of control for over 5 years and now, one week before Election Day, Sam Liccardo is swinging into action to do something other than offer lip service.

The No. 2 in the DA’s office takes a drubbing as does the No. 1 Jeff “I am the law” Rosen at the hands of Merc scribe TracEy Kaplan.  Jay Boyarski, who sources say has a very recognizable voice, a cross between two Walruses mating and Kenny from South Park, decided to call his boss on a radio show, lick his boots, and not disclose who we was.  Red…..

TheLeftHook exposes who is advising D1 city council candidate Chappie Jones…well, it’s none other than the infamous alleged pay-to-play puppet master Vic Ajlouny.  Yup, Chappie is getting his political advice from Mayor Reed’s political henchman who has been accused in a sworn declaration of offering money to a former SJ Po-Po to lie.

The daily printed two columns yesterday, one from Dave and one from Sam.  The first two paragraphs of each tell the story of the Mayor’s race.

Sam “I am” says:

“I’ve dedicated much of my career to confronting crime, and the fears that surround it. As a criminal prosecutor in San Jose, I spent many hours eliciting courtroom testimony from trembling victims, who mustered the courage to testify against their assailants.

Navigating this sea of fears poses a test for political leaders, particularly in an election season. Some respond with scare tactics. I prefer solutions.”

Dave says:

“Public safety in San Jose isn’t a campaign issue — it is a personal issue for thousands of local families including my own.

Recently, a friend whom I’ve worked with in the community was stabbed in her home as a result of domestic violence. What happened next is a tragedy. Paramedics arrived five minutes after the 911 call, but as a policy, they cannot enter a crime scene until police have made certain it’s safe for them. They waited 25 minutes for police to arrive, according to her family and to phone records. My friend bled to death.”

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October 24, 2014

[#Ajlounygate Update!] Daily Fetch 10.24.14: Ajlouny Offers Cash To Police Cadet To Lie, What Did Chuck and Sam Know and When Did They Know It, plus Khanna and Enron Billionaire Try To Buy An Election

Breaking #Ajlounygate Update

TheLeftHook has obtained a letter from Chuck Reed’s former law firm, which now represents accused pay to player Vic Ajlouny, asking former police officer Aaron Ettinger to take back his declaration.  TheLeftHookers report that in the letter Ajlouny’s legal beagle confirms that his client did in fact offer money and a city job to Ettinger in exchange for him lying about POA Top Dog Jim Unland.

Interesting tidbit at the end of the report…is there a recording of this call about to be made public???  That loud thunder was Ajlouny crapping his pants.

H/T to @ProtectSanJose for #Ajloungate, because we really don’t have enough “gates” out there already.

Victor Ajlouny

We Return Now to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

What did Reed and Liccardo Know and When Did They Know It? 

Vic Ajlouny, Mayor Chuck Reed’s right hand man, offered cash to a former San Jose police officer to lie under oath and say that SJPOA Prez Jim Unland asked police recruits to leave, according to this sworn declaration made by Aaron Ettinger.  Ettinger also included an email and cell phone logs of Ajlouny’s calls bolster his blockbuster allegations.  KGO-7’ David Louie reports on the cash for cadets story as did NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo who broke the scandal in this report.

Don’t bother looking in the Mercury News because they got nothing to say on this pay to play scandal involving Reed, Liccardo and Ajlouny.  The Mercury News Editorial Board Editor Barbara Marshman started this whole mess by printing an opinion letter by a now discredited police academy washout without fact checking it and allowed a lie to get traction.  Herhold piles on with his usual BS and Rosenberg, well he’s kneeling at the alter of everything 49ers.  A reasonable and honest publication would print a retraction, it would report on the Ettinger sworn declaration that implicates Ajlouny cooking up this scheme, it would ask questions and not lay down for Reed and Liccardo.  Pathetic.




A few of SJPD’s command staff shat their pants after viewing ABC-7’s Vic Lee expose that they took tickets field passes to 49ers games, including the opening game at Levi’s Stadium.  Only after Lee asked about the tickets did Assistant Chief Captain, and rumored Sam Liccardo cheerleader, Eddie Garcia, and some other deputy chief no one ever heard of, decide to pay for them.  San Jose’s Independent Police Auditor, LaDoris Cordell, may put down her sketch-pad and dig into this one.

The story is already picking up national attention and we can’t wait to see Keith Olbermann blow a gasket when he hears about this one.

Mike Honda is blitzing the airwaves and pounding the mailbox while Ro is broke.  Ro Khanna manages his money like a drunk sailor on leave and now finds himself begging for free media as his only way to contact voters.

But Ro does have billionaire former Enron energy trader John Arnold coming to help.  Yup, that’s the same John Arnold who started his fortune making working for a company that plunged California into darkness…literally.  Ahhh, Ro sure has some great friends, read about Arnold helping Ro at the very, very bottom of this article.

Speaking of Ro Khanna’s friends, EFI’s CEO Guy Gecht who has contributed to Ro and endorsed him has been whacked by he Labor Department for wage-theft.  The story says: “Electronics For Imaging paid several employees from India as little as $1.21 an hour to help install computer systems at the company’s Fremont headquarters.”  Keep if classy, Ro.

Political consultant and resident Deputy Sheriff Association slayer Rich Robinson takes to TheLeftHook and spells out why Dave Cortese is winning the Mayor’s race.

Just censured Santa Clara Unified School District Bully Chris Stampolis should step down, get some counseling and focus on his family as he is becoming more and more of a clown, no, not the happy Bozo type of clown, more like an ass clown or like these evil clowns popping up in towns everywhere.

More taxpayer giveaways for political donors to Reed and Liccardo.  $7 million for land the city paid $25 million for.  That’s some smarter government there Sammy!

Big bucks in the fight against Ebola.  Paul Allen just called Zuck’s $25 mil pledge to fight the disease and raised him $75 mil more. You calling Zuck or folding?

The Merc’s new guy at City Hall and resident 49ers stalker groupie Mike Rosenberg included this little nugget about the Chamber of Commerce in his San Jose elections money race.  So how long will it take before this starts landing in D1 mailboxes?

Chamber Buying Council Seats

Lauren Hepler from the SV Biz Journal reveals that SV home prices continue to soar.  Crib prices are up a whopping 19% over last year.

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October 23, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.23.14: Reed trying everything to help Liccardo, Republican Party seems to think Cortese will win…and the Giants lost last night

Man, the San Jose Mayoral Election must be close! San Jose Mayor Reed has pulled out all of the stops for his boy blue, Sam Liccardo. He’s taking bounced academy cadet Elyse Rivas word to the bank that POA President Jim Unland hypnotized 600 police officers into leaving SJPD (because lower pay and more expensive benefits than any other city in the area wouldn’t motivate anyone to leave…right?).


Unland as wizard-of-oz


Reed has invoked the US Attorney’s Office, is calling for investigations…heck we wouldn’t be surprised if his next call was for the return of the Spanish Inquisition.


Oh, and BTW there’s two new San Jose Mayor polls out there. One says Cortese is up by 12 pts and the other says Liccardo is up three points. Guess which poll comes from which candidate’s side… The Left Hook has a cogent break down of which of these two dueling polls is more trustworthy.

Speaking of the Mayor’s race, The Republicans are feeling so good about their boy Sam Liccardo’s Chances that their paying to send out mail pieces to voters in D7 featuring Dave Cortese (thank you to our spies) … Maybe Munger and Constant already see the writing on the wall?



Orchard Supply has opened a mysterious vault in their old building and the results were about as exciting as that one time Geraldo opened that one vault.

Click this link, and read the Merc headline and let us know which candidate you think the heavy handed paper is supporting for Water District (we’ll give you a hint it aint Gary Kremen).

AHHHHHH! Mountain Lions! AHHHHH!!!! Mountain Lions have invaded their native territory (the Almaden Valley). We’re all going to die!



There is no joy in Mudville this morning. The Giants lost last night in game two of the World Series. Game three of the series is tomorrow at 7pm.

The Pruneyard in Campbell has been sold. (Apparently) for nearly $300 million.

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October 22, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.22.14: So what happens in California when a lawyer lies?

The Giants beat the sh*t out of the Royals last night. Game 2 of the World Series is tonight…

So now we know that most people out there have a perspective of lawyers that they are liars and shysters, only one step above politicians and two steps above pond scum…but what if we told you there are actual real legal penalties when a lawyer lies? If you’re unsure why we’re asking this question it’s likely because you haven’t been paying attention to San Jose political news this week.

You see, a certain failed police cadet, Elyse Rivas, took to the Mercury News and accused SJPD of not doing enough to ensure she would stop pointing her loaded gun at people (a claim that appears false), and for good measure also accused SJPOA president Jim Unland of telling police cadets to quit (a claim she has since retracted).

So what happens in California when a lawyer lies? The California State Bar actually has something called a moral character requirement for attorneys.  A proviso famously illustrated when serial liar Stephen Glass was not allowed to become a lawyer in California for…lying in the newspaper. But how about for a lawyer that has already been accepted to the Bar you ask? Well, here’s what Fetch found on the State Bar’s website:

Whether you are a civil or criminal practitioner, as an attorney, you are ethically bound by the duty of candor. This duty is codified by statute, reaffirmed in case law and mandated by the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct. The duty of candor covers everything from client perjury, false evidence, representations of procedural issues and citation of authority in court.

Now we at the Fetch are not lawyers, but it seems to us that if someone decided to file a complaint against Elyse Rivas with the State Bar for lying about another officer of the court in a newspaper (a forum which could be read by, and influence the thinking of a judge) they certainly wouldn’t be out of bounds in doing so…but what do we know?

This story is juicy and seems constructed to allow Liccardo to blame Unland, not poor pay for officers’ leaving, so look for this to continue until Nov. 4th. Case in point, Herhold dropped trow and pinched out this stinker for Saratoga Sam today. God…Nov. 4th can’t come fast enough…


Onward to other happenings

If you live in San Jose and are near the Milpitas boarder, you may have caca in your water. KTVU has the story.

A “sophisticated” crew of bank robbing gang members who robbed banks in Campbell, San Jose and Gilroy have been arrested according to SJPD.

The plastic bag industry is set to spend over a $1 million to block the state’s new plastic bag ban.

The folks over at SJ’s Communications Hill will soon have more than just joggers and exhibitionists to complain about. Nat-dog has the deets.

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October 21, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.21.14: Rivas Retracts her Accusation Against Unland, Protect San Jose Wakes Up and Goes to War & Fetch wasn’t at the Pink Poodle Sunday

The sleeper has awakened! Protect San Jose has emerged from it’s long electoral slumber to come to the defense of po-po union top dog Jim Unland, well Unland came to Unland’s defense. According to Protect, Elyse Rivas is a big fat liar.






Here is what her academy supervisors say Unland said:

Ms. Rivas attended the Orientation on Friday May 15th at the San Jose Police Department. Kevin Mank and I escorted the Academy class during the orientation while at the Police Administration Building. The academy was divided into two groups. Mr. Mank and I were at the presentations regarding the P.O.A. benefits and at no time heard Sgt. Unland tell the recruits to quit then and there and that they were not helping the P.O.A.’s cause in defeating Measure B.


Greg Salas

Kevin Mank


Oh and for good measure, here is what her gun range instructor says about Rivas’ claim she wasn’t given additional firearms training to help make her safe:

I dismissed Recruit Rivas from the range portion of training. This was based on a culmination of safety violations throughout the course of the 16 weeks (to that point) that we had been doing range training. I had seen her point her loaded pistol at her own arm, other police academy recruits, and right in the face of one of my fellow instructors.

She alleges that the department did not provide her with additional training. That is an outright lie.  I personally spent several ADDITIONAL hours (at least 7) with her outside of regular range time working on her firearms skills. I had gotten her to where she was shooting well enough, but her safety with the firearms still was not there. There are only 4 basic firearms safety rules she needed to remember- but couldn’t.


I take these attacks very personally, and only want the truth to be known- no matter how much it hurts. Former recruit Rivas was a danger to herself and everyone else on the range – and I could not stand idly by waiting for someone to get hurt or killed. The citizens of the City of San Jose should be thankful that I helped prevent such a dangerous liability from becoming a San Jose Police Officer.

Thank you,

Pat Comerford

Oh, and the Merc newsroom is now reporting that Rivas is retracting her previously published claim made to Barb Marshman’s Merc Editoral Page that Unland told her to quit. Rivas now says she can’t remember if Unland said quit…Seriously? This woman is a lawyer? We are certain the Merc will run a retraction around November 5th or 6th.

Bee Tee Dubbya, here again is the Fetch’s Exclusive reenactment of Rivas at the po-po gun range.



Onward to other happenings

(Apparently) One of the reasons San Jose Fire can’t meet the county’s 90% on time requirement is due to Reed and Liccardo’s failure pay to update fire truck’s GPS software. According to this NBC Bay Area story, SJFD has to use hand drawn cards to come to your rescue…wtf?

Often wrong and often left in the dust John Woolfolk has got some news. Good Job Johnny boy we’re proud of you! Pulling up his big boy pants, Woolybully tells us that Assembly candidate Kansen Chu admits he pushed for Yes on Measure H in his publicly broadcasted newsletter (we hope this one wasn’t too hard for you to track down Johnny Boy).

After attending a big blow out party for Irish politicians in which copious quantities of alcohol were purchased using public funds, Chuck Reed is doing a very public “my bad” and has writing a memo with his mini-me Sam Liccardo to tighten up the rules.

Mike Honda has rolled out a new TV ad attacking Ro Khanna for his 1%er bankrollers.

Whichever one of you wins, Honda or Khanna, can you please do something about the National Parks Service boosting Yosemite entrance fees by 50%?!?! That sh*t cray!

Speaking of crazy sh*t, a Pink Poodle patron got shot in the leg on Sunday morning resulting a walk of shame for 50 people detained for questioning.

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October 20, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.20.14: Police Academy Controversy and Cortese Up 8 Points In Mayor’s Race…

The Mercury News has sunk to a new low in their continued independent expenditures, this time for Sam Liccardo, by printing this opinion piece from a San Jose Police Academy washout who blames the entire SJ police department for her inability to safely handle a weapon.  The police (space?) cadet washout then makes a wild accusation that POA Prez Jim Unland is pushing recruits out the door by mesmerizing them with his oratory skills.  Hmmm…the only thing missing from this cooked up “October Surprise” is a picture of Elyse Rivas wearing a Sam Liccardo for Mayor T-Shirt.

The Daily Fetch has obtained this exclusive video of a re-enactment of Cadet Rivas and her travails working with a firearm.




In another sign of the credibility gap emanating from the Liccardo for Mayor campaign, less than a week after announcing a dead heat in his losing effort a new independent poll finds Supervisor Dave Cortese with an 8-point advantage.  Cortese is in front 2-1 with Democrats, a double digit lead with women and Liccardo is stuck in the mid twenties without a cohesive message.

Vandals strike again in Willow Glen.  NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo reports on more crime harming businesses.

A hawk was rescued from the Gunderson High School’s gym, no word on if this was part of a viral marketing campaign for that new Michael Keaton movie.

If there’s election in November and no one shows up, does it make a sound? Is that how it goes? Anyhow, according to the SacBee voter turnout on November 4th could be lower than 45%. You know what that means….every. vote. counts. MoFos!

The political odd couple of Cindy Chavez and Matt Mahood took to the Merc to ask voters to pass Measure Q, because if there’s something everyone can agree on it’s parks…unless you’re this lady.

Jerry Brown and Sean Parker (yes that Sean Parker) have tag teamed to ensure the three voters that actually do show up vote for Props 1 and 2.

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