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September 17, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.17.14: Pot Meet Kettle—Is Henninger A Hypocrite?, Los Gatos Is A Town and Gangs Creeping on Camden Avenue…

Liccardo’s campaign flak, Ragan Henninger, should take her comedy act on the road.  Prior to her latest rant about Dave Cortese and his fundraising faux pas to SJ Inside she clearly forgot her boss breaking bad with the FPPC over early fundraising.  A tad hypocritical to say the least, but that’s not the first time Ragan and her boss rant about one thing and then do the opposite.



Liccardo and his sidekick Henninger pushed for SJ city employees to take 10% pay cuts…remember that.  The city council even imposed a 12% pay cut on the largest union.  And right during this pay cut fever, Saratoga Sam dishes out a 39% pay raise, that’s right, a 39% pay raise to Ragan Henninger.  So whether its campaign finance issues or taking a whopping pay increase while clamoring to cut everyone else’s pay, Ragan says one thing and then does another…does that make Henninger a Hypocrite?



Two homicide suspects were nabbed by the SJ po-po for a killing back in July.  A third suspect was caught right after the homicide and these two escaped capture until recently.  NBC Bay Area and BCN have the scoop.

San Jose’s Butcher Park located off Camden Avenue was hit hard by gang graffiti and local residents are shook up.  “It’s upsetting to be quite honest with you,” said SJ resident Darrell Jones.  The KTVU-2 story reports that SJPD used to have officers dedicated to tracking gang graffiti but that was before 400 po-po bailed. “This could blossom,” said Jones. “It is not good news for everybody.”

The SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog reports that the Los Gatos Town Council is in favor of staying a town.  City leaders voted down adoption of an environmental impact report for the North 40 specific plan which would have brought a few hundred homes and retail to Los Gatos.  Get the deets here.

San Jose Firefighters knocked down this fire at a wood pallet-recycling center.  The blaze went to two alarms and no injuries were reported.  KGO-7 has the story and pics of the mini inferno.

Looks like the Merc’s New Guy at City Hall took a time-out from all 49ers, all the time, and phoned in this little ditty about Sam Liccardo wanting to DROP two pay-checks into the palms of soon to be departing po-po to try and keep them around.  Dapper Don Rocha was having none of it and called out Liccardo in this memo for his fiscal recklessness that will batter SJ’s budget.


The Berryessa neighborhood just improved its food scene, there was one?, with the addition of a Fatburger restaurant.  The just opened eatery located at 788 N. King Road has some bomb burgers and H/T to TheSanJoseBlog for posting pics of the new joint.

For a deeper dive into Fatburger ‘s invasion plan for Nor. Cal, check out Hepler’s article in the SV Biz Journal.

It just keeps getting worse for the now on leave county department head who thought cashing in on travel perks using the county dime was a good idea.  Looks like California’s political watchdog, the FPPC, is looking into the matter.  NBC Bay Area has the scoop.

KCBS 740’s Mike Colgan brings us this report about the County of Santa Clara and community leaders questioning the disproportionate number of minority youth in juvie.

Wage Fraud is alive and well in this story of how workers are getting ripped off.  Note to Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition: Update your website.

President Obama is sounding the Ebola outbreak alarm in this The Hill report.  The Prez says that the outbreak is spiraling out of control.

Supervisor Cortese wants Santa Clara County to be prepared for any Ebola making its way to the South Bay.  Fetch thinks the best defense preventing a local outbreak is SJC, our “International Airport”, and its lack of any international flights.

September 16, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.16.14: WTF, Burglars Deploy Scary New Tactic To Break Into San Jose Homes…

This family experienced a horrifying new tactic in San Jose’s ever increasing residential burglary crime wave.  A woman was followed to a store, had her tires slashed by thieves who drove back to her home and broke into her house.  The victim’s son was home, he clamored out a window and was able to call 911.  KTVU-2 has the video of this scary new reality in San Jo’.

KPIX-5 reports that another victim of the Evergreen burglary crime wave has tracked 37, no typo…thirty-seven burglaries in this San Jose neighborhood over the past several days.

Hey, maybe Sam and Chuck can form a posse or something.

Fetch will be back tomorrow, it has taken more time than anticipated for our employees to fortify their homes.

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September 15, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.15.14: 11 Burglaries in 1 day—San Jose’s Evergreen Community Under Siege

In light of San Jose’s Evergreen neighborhood experiencing 11 burglaries in 1 day, Fetch has given all of our news bureaus, support staff and interns the day off to secure their personal property.

KTVU-2 interviews one of the victims and he unloads on City Hall.



Fetch, along with our property, hope to be back tomorrow.

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September 12, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.12.14: Four Former SJ PO-PO Chiefs Call Out Reed/Liccardo, Mercury News For Sale and Another Homicide in SJ

Four former San Jose Police Chiefs unloaded on the current leadership at City Hall and what they have done to cripple the SJ police department.  KGO-7’s Vic Lee reported that former chiefs’ Bill Landsdowne, Tom Wheatly, Chris Moore and Rob Davis held little back in laying blame at the doorstep of Chuck Reed and Sam Liccardo and all four joined former chiefs Lou Cobarruviaz and Joe McNamara in endorsing Dave Cortese for Mayor.


Chiefs vs Chuck Reed


Liccardo was too afraid to go on camera and defend his public safety record against the former chiefs broadside, instead he chose to hide behind the Mayor’s skirt and let Reed try and defend 400 less cops and 911 response times skyrocketing. KTVU-2 had this report.

NBC Bay Area gives their take on the chiefs going public with their public safety concerns and thanks to our spies who informed Fetch of this little gem: Liccardo skipped an interview that would have allowed him to defend his public safety record and he opted instead to work out …LMFAO!


Sam Liccardo I work out


Interesting, nothing in the Mercury News about four former chiefs talking about the number one issue facing voters in November…maybe it’s because newsroom employees were crapping their collective pants because the Merc may be getting sold.  Or is the news worse for the fledgling daily?

Apparently, Karma is playing hardball with Chuck Reed and SJ residents are paying the price.  Each time Reed lies and says “crime is down” someone ends up getting killed in San Jose.  It happened again yesterday as a woman was found beaten to death on a San Jose sidewalk hours after Reed told the media about how safe SJ is.

An official from the Santa Clara Unified School District named Jinfa “Jim” Luyau has been indicted for ripping off $40K from the district in an embezzlement scheme.  He should also be indicted for how hard it is to say his name.   The SF Chron has the story.

Rocketship’s official lobbyist pled guilty to a felony stemming from ripping off the non-profit she worked for.  No, not the wife of Mayoral wanna-be Saratoga Sam Liccardo, silly, it’s Katy Venskus who is Rocketship’s Vice President of Policy. also reports that Venskus was charged in 2010 for theft from the lobbying firm she worked for, those charges were later dropped.

The daily’s IA blog tells us that County Supervisors want a little privacy and may revamp their digs to do it.  Reports are that anyone speaking on the 10th floor at 70 West is heard by everyone.  It’s like the Grand Canyon up there.  Fetch guesses that county leaders are tiring of whispering all the time.

TheSanJoseBlog is promoting the SoFA Street Fair slated for September 14th in DTSJ.  The festival is located on the less urine stained and drug riddled portion of downtown San Jose and is a free event featuring music and art.

The SV Biz Journal reports that Congressman Mike Honda penned a letter to Governor Brown urging him to sign a bill that tells Billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla to pull his head out of the sand and open up access to Martins Beach.

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September 11, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.11.14: Tragic Day Remembered, Sam’s Cam Plan and another 49er steps in it…

13 years ago, our country, especially those in New York and DC had a really rough morning. San Jose’s Fire Department held a commemoration ceremony early this morning to remember those who lost their lives on that terrible day.

Sam Liccardo has a plan to make San Jose safe now that he’s chased away 400 police officers. It involves creating a massive registry of private surveillance cameras. The Council rubber-stamped the plan on Tuesday. However don’t put too much hope into Liccardo’s latest gimmick, as Philadelphia implemented the SamCam plan several years ago and, as this story from CBS 5 tells us, their camera registry program netted  a whopping 200 crooks over a two-year span. The number of crimes reported in San Jose every year is in the 10’s of thousands…so this camera plan is sorting like a drop of water in the ocean. That fact didn’t stop the Merc Ed Board from gushing over cameras to give Saratoga Sam more press.




There was another violent home invasion robbery in San Jose yesterday, this one in the Silver Creek Country Club community. Rut Ro Sammy Boy, best think of something better than Skynet…Silver Creek County Club is your key demographic!

San Jose’s Hotel De Anza has a new owner. According to Nate-dog at the Biz Journal, this piece of San Jose’s urine stained downtown’s history sold for approximately $210 million.

Other than seeing dead people, it turns out that Santa Clara City Council candidate Dominic Caserta has a knack for raising money. Unfortunately, he’s so good at it he’s raised 50% more than city spending limits allow. (Apparently) the surplus will go towards college scholarships for local students.

Autobus en fuego yesterday on highway 101.

Fetch loves the sound of leaf blowers in the morning. The sweet fragrance of 2-stroke engine oil really does it for us…but (apparently) few others second our emotion, as this tale from the daily describes a movement to ban them in the South Bay.

The embattled Santa Clara 49ers have suspended broadcaster Ted Robinson for two games as a result of insensitive comments the bonehead made about domestic violence on KNBR.

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September 10, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.10.14: Travel Takes Its Toll, Was The Latest SJ Stabbing Caught On Film? and The Curse of Chucky…

Those that bet the under one week on whether Department of Child Support Services Director John Vartanian would survive are counting their winnings this morning.  The County Board of Supervisors wasted no time in walking the frequent flyer out the door until an investigation is completed into Vartanian racking up travel rewards points on the county dime and enjoying those perks to upgrade his personal travel, which happens to be a major no-no.

Yesterday, a San Jose teenager was stabbed in a park on his way home from school.  KTVU-2 has the story of the life threatening incident and the investigation into what happened in this park near the Campbell border.

With San Jose’s violent crime on the rise, apparently video cameras filming crimes taking place is the answer instead of hiring more police officers to proactively patrol our streets and try and prevent crime.  Look at Liccardo’s latest lark.

If your rich, Santa Clara County is a really cool place to live.  If your not, well, so sad too bad.  Silicon Valley claims 2 of the 3 “best” places to live in this story from the SV Biz Journal.

The handsome Diridon, Sr. of course, is moving down the tracks and retiring from his post as president of the California Trolley and Railroad Corporation.  Rod will be replaced by County Supervisor Cindy Chavez who was overheard saying, “Choo Choo” when told of her new role.

The Curse of Chucky is alive and well as Reed’s endorsement of Republican Ashley Swearengin for state controller is paying dividends to her opponent.  According to the latest Field Poll, State Board of Equalization member Betty Yee is stomping Reed’s Republican friend 46% to 32%.




A new Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded study is out and it dispels the myth that the Affordability Care Act would push employers into cutting the hours of workers to avoid paying for health care.  Yet another myth manufactured by those that oppose affordable health care for the masses.

WIRED gives a tutorial on the Apple Watch and here are the winners and losers from yesterday’s iPhone 6 launch.

TheSanJoseBlog reveals renderings of the new, hip entertainment development that is a hop away from Levi’s Stadium.  It looks awesome and we are sure that the Merc’s New Guy at City Hall will tweet endlessly about it as his obsession with all things 49ers is getting creepier.




The SF Chron is reporting new salvos are being launched between federal prosecutors and PG&E over the 28-count federal grand jury indictment of the energy giant.  PG&E is arguing that the San Bruno explosion should not be allowed into evidence to prove that gas lines were unstable…huh?  Prosecutors argue that there is no better example of problem gas lines than the one that blew up a neighborhood.  Fetch is going to side with the prosecution on this one.

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September 9, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.09.14: Republican Party Endorses Sam Liccardo

The Republican Party has selected the candidate for San Jose Mayor that shares their values by endorsing Saratoga Sam Liccardo.


Santa Clara County Republican Party of Silicon Valley | 2014 General Election Voter Guide-1


Since Fetch did not see a press release on this major endorsement from Sam or the Grand Old Party, nor did we see the Republican Party listed as an endorser on Sam’s website, Fetch can only wonder why such a major endorsement was not being trumpeted by Liccardo?




Why would the GOP back Liccardo…could it be:

  • They both opposed the minimum wage increase in San Jose?
  • They both oppose strengthening the Living Wage?
  • They both opposed a tax measure to restore city services?

Move over Teresa Alvarado, the GOP has anointed a new Republican Darling, it’s Sam Liccardo.

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September 8, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.08.14: A New Downtown Retail Strategy, 6-Year Olds Have Tough Weekend, and One County DA Found Love In A Hopeless Place…

NBC Bay Area is reporting on a string of attacks on off duty Santa Clara County jail guards.  One attack left a guard in the hospital after being knocked unconscious.  The assaults are taking place in San Jose. 

A downtown San Jose clothing store not doing so well selling clothes decided it was a good idea to sell crack instead and it was selling like gangbusters until the SJ po-po came a knocking.  Not quite the retail renaissance needed to turn around the urine-stained and drug riddled DTSJ.  The daily has the deets.

KTVU-2 reports that the missing 6-year old autistic boy was found safe and sound by those living in a homeless encampment and has been reunited with his parents.

And in more 6-year old boy happenings, a Cupertino family fought back against a mountain lion that had latched on to their 6-year old.  The lion eventually let go of the child who was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and in need of a clean pair of chonies.

A Santa Clara County DA and a DNA expert found love in a hopeless place and are in some serious trouble because of it.  TracEy Kaplan from the daily dishes the dirt on the duo’s dirty deeds that have put a high-profile murder trial in disarray.

This is what happens when government actually tries to work collaboratively to solve a problem. is reporting that California’s teacher pension fund has cut its liabilities from a projected $167 billion to $59 billion.  Still a whole lot of dough that needs to be paid but so far the plan to be fully funded is much, much closer.

TheLeftHook calls on the Metro Newspaper to stop shaming women.  The racy publication that has partnered with in the past to manage their classified adult ads decided to publish on their cover a blurred nude picture of a celebrity who had her iCloud account hacked.

The man accused of beating an old man in a SJ park restroom has turned himself in.  The beater sez that his kid was in the john and the old man exposed himself to the kid, this allegation has yet to be substantiated.

Some at the SF Chron are saying US Senator Barbara Boxer is not running for re-election and that many are lining up to jump in the 2016 race if she doesn’t.   Problem is, Barbara Boxer is telling the same SF Chron that talk of her not seeking re-election is Bizarre.  Hmmm, the Fetch Vegas Line puts the odds at 67% to 33% that she hangs it up.

A proposal to increase the minimum wage in Mt. View is gaining traction and the usual naysayers are lining up to oppose pulling working folks out of poverty.  Those that oppose raising the wage are finding it hard to explain that after San Jose raised its minimum, unemployment went down, not up.  Go figure!

Caltrain is purchasing 16 more trains to manage peak load overload that is making for some New York style subway crowding scenes on some trains.  Reminds Fetch of this.

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September 5, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.05.14: Saratoga Sam Starring As Sybil and Taxpayers Fund County Frequent Flier Program…

The daily reports that the SJPD was only able to fill 29 out of 60 available slots in its next police academy, oh, and Chuck Reed gets called out for yet another lie.  The previous academy was also only able to entice, some would say hoodwink, 29 recruits and at that time Reed called it an “aberration”.  So, Fetch guesses, two in a row makes it a trend?  What is more disturbing is that close to 70, yes, seventy more po-po have submitted their paperwork to retire.  So how’s that Measure B thing working out for ya?

And to the rescue you might ask, well, it’s non other than Saratoga Sam Liccardo starring as Sybil.  Sadly, Sybil Sam’s latest gimmick announced yesterday confirms he may have multiple personalities, is confused, is delusional, or all of the above.  Sam proposes to sanction the po-po to be able to double-dip.  That’s right, Sybil wants to pay cops their retirement and at the same time pay cops to stay and be cops. Sybil Sam, AKA, Mr. Pension Reformer, who grandstanded every opportunity he could find to boast about taking away the infamous 13th retirement check, now wants to replace it with 12 more…Fetch shi#s you not.


Sybil Sam Liccardo


And if that wasn’t enough for the Fetch Medical Team to make a guess as to how unstable Sybil Sam may be, our spies tell us that Liccardo has also proposed abandoning Measure B’s mandatory 4% pay cut to help pay for pensions.  Yup, Sam now wants that provision of Measure B, the main provision in that flawed scheme to be pushed off until July of 2016.  Soooo…which Sam Liccardo is running for Mayor?  Pension slashing Sam or Oooops I really F’d up Sam?  Maybe he should ask one of his other personalities?  Just sayin’.



This NBC Bay Area Investigation uncovers a county department head not using his by cashing in on free shi! using the county dime.  The Fetch Vegas Line puts the over/under at one week before this department head’s head is rolled out the door over this one.

Joan Rivers is dead and that makes for a sucky day.  Although, Rivers after years of plastic surgery construction looked like a scared catfish, she told it like it was and for your enjoyment here are some of her best lines.

Brown and Kashkari mixed it up pretty good last night in their one and only debate.  Here are the high and low lights of the skirmish.

Civil rights groups are angry over the SJ City Council vote to purchase that infamous and never used drone.  They not only want the drone grounded permanently but want the Council to agendize the whole controversy so that folks can blather on about the thingamajig that will never get airborne.

A BOLO alert has been issued for the father who administered a beat down to a man that allegedly exposed himself in a San Jose park.  Vigilante justice is frowned upon but if the beat down victim was exposing himself then he got off lightly.

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September 4, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.04.14: Fly, Fly Fly Away At Taxpayers Expense, Someone Please Take Honda’s Internet Away and Kashkari vs. Brown Tonight!

San Jose welcomed Jungle advocates to City Hall for a pow-wow to discuss plans to deal with the nation’s largest homeless encampment adjacent to Happy Hollow Zoo.

One toddler is very lucky today thanks to citizens who called the SJFD who were able to extract the baby from a locked car where the heat inside reached triple digits and threatened the baby’s life.  The mother thought it was a good idea to leave the kid in the car for a few minutes to shop.  Seriously?

A SJ po-po already in hot water for allegedly raping a hotel maid thought it was good idea to make a liquor run after the 2 am cut off for buying booze.  NBC Bay Area has the report on the wayward po-po.

Another rumble this morning woke residents in American Canyon as a 3.0 magnitude earthquake rolled through town.  KGO-7 has the story.

The San Jose City Council is set to spend another quarter million dollars on defending the divisive Measure B in court.  This new money is a fraction of the $4 to $5 million on legal bills that the city has been spent so far.  The law firm that will collect the taxpayer largess is the same law firm who’s legal argument, which amounted to “Sure, you can break a contract”, was rejected by a judge when the initial ruling on Measure B was handed down.

These three termed out SJ pols, no ethnic joke intended, figure they deserve a taxpayer junket before they look for work come January.  Reed recently jetted off to Washington DC, Constant will be off to Tempe, AZ, and Campos will go to Dallas, TX.  What a great use of their time and taxpayer dollars.

SJ Inside goes all moral-majority on its readers while conveniently forgetting its connection to and its sex trafficking business as it starts a Cupcake War with Raul Peralez.

These two California Judges need to keep their robes on as they have been disciplined for having sex in their courthouses.  Judge Wapner would not approve.

Weekend fun can be had at Poor House Bistro this Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm as they will be hosting a New Orleans-style party benefitting the Stroke Awareness Foundation. 9 bands and Cajun food and craft beers.  H/T to TheSanJoseBlog.

And not to be left out, Santana Row will be jumping with activity in September.

Someone actually needed to produce a study to determine if Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar arrive faster than taxis.  Duh, of course they do.  The Biz Journal has the deets.

California came up short in its quest to land Tesla’s Gigafactory battery plant as Nevada announced it has landed the plant and the 6,500 jobs that come with it.

With the Tesla plant news fresh off the press, Neil Kashkari should have a field day at tonight’s debate with Governor Brown…but it’s the Field Poll that should have Kashkari’s attention as he is down 16pts with virtually little chance to win.  Calbuzz lays out how Neil can win and it’s funny.

Is the Mike Honda for Congress campaign technologically challenged or are the minions running his campaign just a bunch of numskulls?  You decide after reading the latest development of Honda trying to connect, via that crazy thing called the Internet, to voters.

New data has been released from several studies of immigrants and their impact on jobs, economic growth and how long many have been in these here United States.

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