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November 25, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.25.14: Fiasco In Ferguson: Thugs Run Rampant After Non-Indictment

In what can only be described as a horrifically sad day for our country, youthful idiots took to the streets in Ferguson under the guise of protest and destroyed a large section of the their own city and with it any semblance of respect for Michael Brown and his family.

The FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) combed through the Grand Jury Transcripts and it is clear that the physical evidence backs up the Po-Po’s claims that Michael Brown was the aggressor and that many of the witnesses are in need of glasses.  Want to change the dialogue around cop/community relations start with not looting, burning shit down and acting like fools…what a pathetic episode.

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November 24, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.24.14: KQED Shakes Up Local News Scene, Wake Up Maggie and Another Security Breach At SJC…Happy Travels.

KQED’s Morning Digest has 9 stories you should know about today, Fetch agrees.  Also, the new KQED news director was on the radio this morning announcing that they will give NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit a run for their money with the creation of their own investigative unit.

Incoming Republican Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly Ira Hansen had this to say about democrats and black folks:

Hansen claimed that “[t]he relationship of Negroes and Democrats is truly a master-slave relationship, with the benevolent master knowing what’s best for his simple minded darkies.”

This is just the latest from the hateful Hansen…Gotta love the Grand Old Party.

Just in time for the Thanksgiving travel crunch, another security breach at SJC.  This time, no one boarded a plane either through the door or wheel well and the culprit was apprehended.  Safe travels everyone!

A stabbing this weekend in South San Jose left one man injured and a suspect on the loose.

The City of Mountain View looks to follow San Jo’s lead and increase developer fees to fund affordable housing.  Building Industry spokes-flak Patricia Saucedo is once again speaking out against the fee, which is actually a tax that will add thousands to the cost of each unit built.   Take a wild guess who will pay this fee, developers…no, they will pass on the fee tax onto whomever purchases or rents these newly built units.

The City of San Jose, always looking to dole out more corporate welfare to the haves will vote on another fee break for developers looking to build in SJ’s urine-filled and drug riddled downtown.  Nate-dog from the SV Biz Journal has the deets.

“We like Mike” Wasserman’s idea to move Santa Clara County from its current archaic and technologically challenged vote counting system to a more archaic and absolutely devoid of technology vote counting system…the US Mail!  Wasserman’s idea is a good one and has actually increased voter turnout in Oregon where the entire state votes by mail.

NBC Bay Area reports on this home invasion in Cupertino.  The County Sheriff is investigating.

Is D5 Councilmember-elect Magdalena Carrasco tossing curveballs at the anonymous Merctro Fly column media and wanna-be political king makers?  Maybe, just maybe, the opposition to Maggie needs to wake up and figure out if the continued feud is worth it…

In what could be the most awkward pic of the year is included in this Examiner story promoting SJ’s gun buy back slated for December.  Judge for yourself.

The WashPo has some interesting exit poll results from the November 4 GOP drubbing of Democrats that detail the shifting winds of the American electorate.  Whiter, more conservative, and more cynical are some of the take-aways from the recent GOP romp.

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November 21, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.21.14: Chavez and Alvarado…AWKWARD, Hot Mess Alert (ROV not Rose) and Obama Opens The Door…

Awkward moment of the week goes, hands down, to County Supervisor Cindy Chavez and GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado, who air kissed on both cheeks and gave each other the obligatory two pats to the back hug prior to Alvarado participating in an event to highlight Supervisor Chavez’s first year accomplishments.  Rumor has it that after the two latina politicos hugged, each ran to a mirror to make sure neither taped a “kick me” sign onto the other’s back….


Everything and then some that you may, or may not, have wanted to know about President Obama’s actions on immigration can be found in this WashPo Wonkblog. In San Jose, this church was set up for residents to view the Presidents speech and has reaction to the action Obama took.

Burglars are now targeting schools in the Mt. Pleasant area of San Jo’.  These two losers were caught on film after ripping off their latest target and hopefully will get caught.

SF Biz Journal reporter Patrick Hoge reports that Uber is taking extraordinary steps to repair its damaged image in light of troubling allegations of targeting journalists critical of the company and actually tracking their whereabouts.

TheLeftHook has this piece about the latest developments at Silicon Valley’s hottest mess, no, it has nothing to do with Rose Herrera, it’s another hot mess that has become the acronym for the Registrar of Voters office located on Berger Drive.

The Raiders won a football game, no seriously, they did.  In a stunner, the hapless team ended its 16-game losing streak by beating the KC Chiefs 24-20.

SJ Councilmember Johnny “Roller-derby” Khamis will be skating off to Washington DC for yet another conference where he will tell attendees what a great job he is doing.

Johnny Roll Bounce Khamis

And Mr. Fiscal Cheapskate, Chuck Reed wants residents to pay part of the freight for his going away event.  At least he is letting everyone know what taxpayer dollars will be spent on before spending them…not like this scandalous incident of a few year ago.

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November 20, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.20.14: How much should SJ’s po-po get paid? and is Mayor* Liccardo a sign of the Apocalypse?

Concern is mounting about the imminent take over of the Daughters of Charity Hospital System by for profit hospital company “Prime.” (Apparently) Prime has pinky sworn that if their take over goes through they will not close any hospitals for 5 years. That means either O’Conner or St. Louise (or both) will be shuttered fairly soon. And you thought the lines were long at VMC now…

There can be only one! So says Duncan Mc…ahem…the SCC Board of Ed as it voted to allow one charter school in Morgan Hill, but said no to another.

How much should San Jose pay its police officers? San Jose Inside has a poll…release the hounds!

Sam Liccardo is elected San Jose Mayor.* Shortly there after Holy Cross Church burns to the ground and a string of small earthquakes rumble through the South Bay. Signs of the apocalypse?


A group calling itself the World Against Toys Causing Harm has released a list of the 10 most dangerous toys and they include a battle hammer, a pencil that converts into a slingshot and something called “bottle rocket party.” We sh*t you not…

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department has put out a warning that scammers are calling people pretending to be the IRS or law enforcement. Note to our readers, no one answers their phone anymore (except your parents)…screen your calls! And if by chance you forget to screen and end up talking to someone demanding money, just say no (your kids don’t need more beer money anyway).

Good grief, Uber just keeps stepping in it. Now it appears that they are creating enemies lists of journalists to go after. How soon before Lyft starts using this to their advantage?

According to Republican Darling (no not that one silly) Michelle Bachman, Obama’s immigration plans are all about turning “illiterate” immigrants into Democratic voters.  Way to keep it classy Bachman.

The fallout consuming America’s Date-Rape Dad, Bill Cosby is reaching epic proportions. F*ck you Bill…we will never be able to look at Jello Pudding the same way again!

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November 19, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.19.14: Bill Cosby AKA America’s Date Rape Dad Exposed, DA Rosen Hit With Complaint For Being A Jerk and Is SJ’s New Housing Developer Fee A Tax?

Was your children’s school locked down in San Jose yesterday or this morning because of crazed gunmen? Here is a handy list to check:

This pastor is recovering from being assaulted in front of his home atop Communications Hill.  The pastor was simply warning a man parked in a car that he was in a tow away zone.  Communications Hill has seen an increase in crime as have most other parts of San Jo’.

NBC Bay Area reports that SJ will have the fewest number of Po-Po since the mid 1980’s and Mayor-Elect Liccardo is readying his plans to use computers and software to make us all safe again.

And this disgraced SJ Po-Po will make it one less cop patrolling the streets as he is hit with a new sexual assault allegation.  The alleged incident involves a second woman who was assaulted and points the finger at SJPD brass for not taking appropriate action to protect the public.

Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio and building industry lobbyist and former SJ Councilmember Pat Saucedo level some heavy criticism at the housing tax passed by the SJ city council yesterday.  They allege that new tax will increase the cost of housing and deter developers from building affordable housing, especially rental housing.  Nate-dog from the SV Biz Journal had this report and previews the inevitable lawsuit over a tax disguised as a fee.

The cost of the fee “is not going to come out of thin air,” said former San Jose vice mayor and building industry consultant Pat Saucedo. “The reality is it will likely be paid out of the pockets of renters and land owners.”

“Treating one part of town differently is inherently unfair, and secondly shows that it’s a policy that doesn’t increase housing production,” said councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio.

DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen, who yesterday was anointed a “winner” by a certain Merctro columnist and perennial boot licker, finds himself trying to defend his retaliatory actions against a prosecutor for exercising his first amendment rights. The State of California’s Public Employment Relations Board issued a complaint against the embattled DA that makes Rosen look like a mean-spirited jerk for moving one of his employees further away from his autistic son for no apparent reason other than retaliation.

Sibley, 55, said the transfer has been particularly onerous because he is now farther away from helping his wife with their 14-year-old severely autistic son.

“The board’s decision to file a complaint is very encouraging to see,” Sibley said. “My son was curled up in the fetal position at a couch at his new high school the other day and I had to try to get home as fast as possible from far away in the rain before he had a total meltdown. The geographical effect has been terrible on my family.”


Thanks to the US Senate’s new “hell no” caucus of liberal democrats, the Keystone pipeline was shot down in the US Senate and along with it any chance that Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu will retain her seat in the upcoming December 6th runoff against Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy.  The US House of Reps voted to approve the controversial pipeline last week with Cassidy sponsoring the bill.  The Louisiana election will put one more republican in the senate and ensure the Keystone pipeline will have the 60-votes to pass early next year.

TheSanJoseBlog provides a comprehensive overview of the struggling light rail system and the plans to improve ridership, on-time performance, and potential new stations.

The Mountain View Voice gives a rundown of the latest mishaps, mess-ups and manipulation (?) coming from the county ROV as reports of votes not counted, a missing hard drive, slow vote count and archaic voting machines continue to swirl.  Supervisor “We Like Mike” Wasserman may have the best solution—An all mail-in election…


Bill Cosby Is A Douche Fetch Bureau Report

Heathcliff Huxtable, AKA Bill Cosby, AKA America’s Date-Rape Dad,

AKA Mr. Roofie is being called out by numerous women with the courage to step forward and detail Cosby’s decades of drugging and then raping them.

The fallout from the allegations that Cosby is a rapist has been swift with cancellations of a Letterman appearance, Netfix special, and other appearances.  Cosby’s recent silent response to a direct question about his behavior sealed the deal in many people’s minds that he is nothing more than a rapist and should be scorned and behind bars.

And in a Fetch, We shit you not moment: CNN anchor Don Lemon thinks it’s a good idea if a woman has been slipped a date-rape drug by alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby and talks her way out of being raped, but is forced to perform oral sex, to bite Cosby’s penis to avoid performing oral sex.  Are you f’ing kidding me…unfortunately, NO.  This 2-minute snippet of a CNN interview with one of a dozen Cosby date-rape victims is repulsive and Don Lemon is an absolute….RED, RED.

This Concludes The Bill Cosby Is A Douche Fetch Bureau Report


Two charter school petitions will determine the fate of Voices and Navigator Charter Schools locating in Morgan Hill.  Both of the proposed schools, which would suck 2 out of every 5 students from current Morgan Hill schools, were recommended for denial by the Morgan Hill Unified School Board on 6 to 1 votes. The County Office of Education Superintendent, Jon Gundry, and staff are recommending denial as well.

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November 18, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.18.14: Eww Moldy Pot Products, Only 850 SJ Po-Po By 2017 and Obama Follows Reagan and Bush In Granting Amnesty…

KGO-7 reports that San Jose will have the same number of police officers it had in the mid 1980’s as the men and women in blue continue to split.  The Merc side of the Merctro has this report, which conveniently appears after the recent election…No coincidence, right?

Hey, didn’t our new mayor elect say that he was adding 200 cops and his plan was working…

Yahoo! provides a detailed list of which counties in the US contributed the most to political campaigns over the past three decades.  The graphs show that Silicon Valley and particular Santa Clara County rising to the upper echelons of counties making their impact felt in local, state, and national races.  It is a good read with easy to navigate graphs and charts.

San Jose’s Holy Cross Church was destroyed in a massive fire Sunday.  The 100-year old church could not be saved, as firefighters were unable to douse the flames in time although parishioners are calling it a miracle that the Crucifix survived virtually unscathed.

On a 7-1 vote the Palo Alto City Council repealed a law in adopted a little over a year ago banning taking a snooze in your hoopty.  Apparently, it’s now OK to be a little down and out in PA.

J. Wadsworth from the Metro side of the Merctro dissects the issues that the SJ city council will grapple with as they consider voting today on variations of an affordable housing developer fee.  Hopefully the council will come clean and call it what it is, if you are a prospective home buyer, the fee is nothing more than a new tax that will be added on to the cost of your home.  Developers won’t be paying this fee, homebuyers will.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco will be weighing the latest assault by the National Rifle Association to shoot holes into reasonable gun control measures as it decides the legality of Sunnyvale’s voter-approved ban on firearms magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

As President Obama gears up for the massive Republican Tea Party upheaval sure to come his way after he issues an Executive Order granting amnesty to millions of immigrants, Fetch poses this question:

Q:        Which Presidents did the same thing in extending amnesty to family members who were not covered by the last major overhaul of immigration law in 1986?

A:         Two of the last three Republican presidents — Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush — did the same thing in extending amnesty to family members who were not covered by the last major overhaul of immigration law in 1986.

TheSanJoseBlog thinks it’s a good idea to skip building the promised Alum Rock BART station so that the project can secure funding and not be further delayed.  Interesting idea, but this can’t bode well for the next BART tax coming in 2016 as this was one of the major selling points to voters that looks like it will not materialize.

Uber thinks it’s a good idea to dig into the backgrounds of journalists to try and muddy them up if they continue to attack the Taxi destroying company. Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith lays out the dirty little tactic being contemplated by one Uber exec.

The SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog details the latest work/live project being promoted by local developer Barry Swenson.  The project would develop the corner of 4th and Julian Street across from the old Tico’s Tacos restaurant and include 13 dwellings in what is being called a flexible living arrangement.

A late night armed robbery in south San Jose has resulted in two arrests.  The robbers fled the scene of the mini-mart at Cahalan and Santa Teresa and eventually were surrounded in a house they holed up in.


Fetch Ewww Bureau Report

80-year old Charles Manson is getting married to a 26-year old. Ewwww, ‘nuf said.

KPIX-5’s Mike Sugarman has this report that tested what is being sold in Mary-Jane dispensaries that have popped up in the Bay Area.  What Surgarman found is, well, Gnarly Dude! Pesticides, mold, and other gross funk in just about every weed sample. Surgarman didn’t sugarcoat the fact that the levels of THC (That’s the stuff that makes one crave Ding-Dongs, Cheeto’s and Chicken Wings at 3 AM) that are being advertised in pot products is way, way off, as much as 97% off in one instance.  Consumers must be high to allow pot dispensaries to get away with this…oh, never mind, they are.

Well, if our Hottie AG Kamala Harris has her way, weed will be legal soon and with it some regulation so that if one takes a toke it is of marijuana and not mold.

This concludes the Fetch Ewww Bureau Report.


Chuck Reed wants to do for California what he has done to San Jose.  He just needs $25 million to do it.

Rhode Island’s pension reform law is in legal trouble and, apparently, both sides are calling for a negotiated settlement.  Hmmm, sound familiar.  Overzealous reformers going too far with a legally flawed scheme that gets bogged down in court and now want to negotiate a fair and reasonable law…are you listening San Jose?

Scott “Tool Time” Herhold forgot a few items in his winners and losers from the last election column.  Labor endorsed Tam Nguyen won in D7 and Raul Peralez took out an architect of Measure B in D3 (Divisive Don Gagliardi signed a ballot argument supporting Measure B).  And the 70-30 majorities that carried Reed’s fiscal reform BS has crumbled.  The latest numbers from the ROV have the race for SJ mayor at Liccardo 50.76% to Cortese 49.24%. Hardly an endorsement for staying the course.

Herhold also forgot to add the Merctro’s Barb “Tweedle Dee” Marshman led Editorial Board in the list of losers.


The Merctro Editorial Board recommended these candidates and measure and wrote extensively about them and they all lost:

Ro Khanna for Congress

Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent

Ashley Swearingen for Controller

Pete Peterson for Secretary of State

Proposition 45

Van Le for SJ City Council D7

Maya Esparza for SJ City Council D7

Don Gagliardi for SJ City Council D3

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November 17, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.17.14: NYT Story: How The NFL (Numerous Felonies League) Protects Its Players and How SJPD Brass Played Along

It took the New York Times to sniff out a story that begged to be told about how the NFL schmoozes, wines, and dines top cops in the hopes of string pulling when, not if, their players are accused of crossing the line.  This sordid little tale mentions San Jose and the 49ers but does not mention Chief Larry Esquivel and his No. 2 and No. 3 taking free tickets to games and only paying after the media began to ask questions…

Even after sheriff’s deputies arrived at her Weston, Fla., home, Kristen Lennon remained in the bathroom, afraid to leave. Minutes earlier, she had fled there for safety as she called 911, telling the operator that her fiancé had thrown her on the bed and hit her in the face and head. She was two months pregnant.

“Please help,” Ms. Lennon said, her voice shaking. “He’s way bigger than me.” The couple’s first child was nearby in their bedroom.

On the other side of the bathroom door was Phillip Merling, a 6-foot-5, 305-pound defensive end for the Miami Dolphins. When deputies from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office arrived at about 1:30 a.m. on May 27, 2010, they found Ms. Lennon with redness and swelling on her face and a cut on her lip.

What happened next illustrated how relationships between National Football League teams and local law enforcement agencies can lead to special treatment for players.  




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November 14, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.14.14: SJ Top Po-Po Esquivel Freebies Violated Duty Manual, ROV Vote Count Investigation Intensifies and Yet Another Judicial Ruling Striking Down SJ’s Measure B…Happy Friday!

KGO-7’s Vic Lee asks if a SJ cop can’t take a cup of coffee without getting in trouble, how can San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel, his No. 2 and No. 3 attend multiple 49ers games spanning two years, not pay and not get in trouble?

NBC Bay Area provides this reaction from Independent Police Auditor Cordell who says even though Esquivel and Garcia paid back the 49ers for the tickets they should still be held accountable for violating city policy and the SJ Po-Po Duty Manual.  But it looks like SJ City Manager Ed Shikada instead opted for a harsh tongue-lashing and slap on the wrist to discipline our wayward Police Chief…pathetic.

Ed and Larry wrist-slap


If that wasn’t enough, the parents of 49er Ray McDonald are lashing out at the SJPD brass for comments they made after the arrest of their little guy for allegedly assaulting his 10-week pregnant fiancé.  McDonald has not been charged and is making amends with his amore.

Turmoil and controversy are enveloping the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters with allegations of missing hard drives and a missing IT director.  KPIX-5’s Len Ramirez details the hunt for a missing hard drive that former ROV IT Director Joseph Le is reportedly in possession of and the county wants back.  ROV officials have now involved the County Sheriff’s office to locate Le and the hard drive.  What is on the hard drive and why would Le make off with it when he quit on Election Day?

As many Santa Clara County races narrow with the counting of more ballots, NBC Bay Area is reporting that a partial recount of votes in the SJ mayoral election will take place.  Currently, Liccardo leads Cortese with 50.81% vs. 49.19%.

The FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) forensic audit division has determined that there are many close races that a full recount could tip in either direction, so why just a partial recount in one race?  This partial recount will leave too many unanswered questions…One being, what is or was on the missing hard drive that former ROV IT Director Joseph Le, apparently, is in possession of?


“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” Joseph Stalin (?)

 A second judicial ruling came down this week that dismantles Chuck Reed’s Measure B and the deceitful methods he utilized to place the doomed measure on the ballot.  TheLeftHook has this take on the TKO’ing of B and the Merctro’s IA Blog weighs in with their take here.  To read the rulings for yourself the links are below.

Measure B Rulings:

Chuck Reed’s Scheme Implodes Document #1


Chuck Reed’s Scheme Implodes Document #2

The Wash Po Wonk Blog is chock-full-of interesting tidbits today: The Solyndra loan program that conservatives bludgeoned Obama over when the solar firm went belly up is projected to make taxpayers $5 billion, a vote on the controversial Keystone pipeline is set in the hopes it will help Louisiana Senator Landrieu keep her gig, two more states had courts overturn gay marriage bans (33 states so far have gotten it right), and 5 or 6 other items make for an educational and enjoyable morning read.

An ambush has left one-man shot outside San Jose’s Villages senior housing and golf development.  The victim is expected to survive.

SJC recently had its food options ranked and well they were described as pretty rank, so maybe this new option will jump start the bland offerings at San Jose’s “International” airport.

SF’s infamous Evil Elmo is in hot water over his anti-tourist tactics on display most days at Fisherman’s Wharf.  Apparently, Evil Elmo would accost and verbally abuse tourists that did not fill his tip jar once they took a pic with the grown-ass man in a red furry costume…

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November 13, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.13.14: San Jose’s Top Cop Under Investigation, SJ Mayoral Race Tightens and Senator Ted Cruz Is A Douche

In a story you won’t read in the Merctro, NBC Bay Area reports that San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel loves him some free shi# and is now under investigation for accepting 49ers tickets.  Sounds about right, his No. 2 Eddie Garcia took freebies so what’s good for the troops must be good for SJ’s top cop.  Why didn’t Esquivel disclose his ticket taking ways when Garcia was rung up several weeks ago for enjoying sideline passes?  Begs a couple of questions: Did the freebies influence any aspect of the Ray McDonald investigation?  What other freebies did the Chief accepted? Who investigates the Chief?

Will Esquivel and his command staff strap on body cameras so that the public can keep track of their actions and maybe get a sideline view of a Niners game or two?


As if there needed to be further proof as to just how divided San Jose is, the latest mayoral election returns tightened yesterday to 50.8% Liccardo vs. 49.2% for Cortese.  There are still ballots to be counted and the final results will not be known until early December.  In the race to replace termed out Madison Nguyen, Tam “Knocked the Merc Out” Nguyen’s once formidable election night lead has been melting faster than the wicked witch and now stands at 234 votes over Maya Esparza.

This LA Law, no, not that one silly, was struck down and its ramifications have been felt in Palo Alto.  For a while last summer, you did not want to be down and out in PA as the city passed an ordinance banning sleeping in cars and was on a veritable Salem Witch hunt targeting homeless folks.  Well, that may change as the PA city council is being advised that a costly legal battle is around the corner, if they don’t comply with the LA Appeals Court ruling.


Our South County Bureau Report

Venerable San Jose law firm Berliner Cohen is getting the boot in South County.  The City of Gilroy will be hiring an in-house city attorney to replace the San Jose law firm that some say has been gouging Gilroy for big bucks as their $232 charge per hour applies to phone calls, making copies as well as for legal work.

This concludes our South County Bureau Report


This ACLU report is generating angst amongst privacy advocates and many showed up to a community meeting in San Jose last night to voice their concern about surveillance in the South Bay. Maybe the SJPD brass can have one of those drones fly over 49ers games to keep tabs on the free ticket taking command staff?  Just sayin’.

The video of a pregnant beggar in San Diego who finished fleecing unsuspecting good Samaritans and then drove off in a Mercedes has gone viral.  ABC 7 tracks her down and confronts her.

It took Fetch a few days to digest this Merctro piece about why Pete “Quadruple dip” Constant got crushed in his bid to stay an elected official.  Pete, in fact, ran a campaign, the problem was that voters rejected his duplicitous, deceptive and destructive brand of politics.  For Pete’s Sake and ours as well, Constant should do us all a favor and take a vow of silence.

These California congressional democrats who were on life support following last Tuesday’s election have been resuscitated: Ami Berra, Julia Brownley, Scott Peters and Jim Costa have moved in front as a result of late absentee and provisional ballots.  In fact, Brownley and Peters have been declared the winners.

When it comes to net neutrality, just how big of a douche is Canadian immigrant and current Texas Senator Ted Cruz…umm pretty douchey in our view.  This recent tweet from Cruz confirms he is nothing more than a bagman for telecom lobbyists or stupid…pick one.


SJ Biz Journal’s Lauren Hepler confirms that you gotta have big bucks to buy a home in Silicon Valley.  In fact, SV claims 4 of the top 5 priciest housing markets in the nation.

TheSanJoseBlog has posted a two-minute video produced by Sourisseau News of the once mighty Port of San Jose.  Yup, there was one, although it was called Port San-O-Say, really.

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November 12, 2014

Daily Fetch 11.12.14: Brownstein Breaks It Down, SOS Says No To SOS and Reed Ready To Sell His Snakeoil…

Working Partnerships’ Bob Brownstein takes to TheLeftHook to break down the votes and the fallout from last Tuesday’s election.  His analysis points to a rough road ahead for San Jose as a once proud city that worked together has been torn apart by a mayor who was intent on making a political bed to lie in after his term.  Brownstein pulls no punches as his piece reads like an indictment of Chuck Reed and his politics of division.

The election-day homicide in San Jose may have been solved as KGO-7 is reporting on 3 arrests made in the deadly shooting in Almaden.  Looks like a father and son duo along with a sidekick committed the homicide, now there are some family values for ya’.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!  Several sources are telling Fetch that Mayor Reed and his virtually invisible Chief of Staff, err, what’s his name, will be forming a non-profit to promote what they have done to San Jose to anyone foolish enough to listen.  The two would raise money from shadow groups that they would not need to disclose and pretty much carry the water for Ex-Enron Billionaire Boy John Arnold and his assault on worker’s retirement security.

Speaking of Chuck Reed’s bestest buddy, Ex-Enron energy trader John Arnold, his war on public employee pensions was dealt a major setback in the conservative bastion of Phoenix, AZ.  Yes, the Arizona that gave us conservative firebrand Barry Goldwater, that Arizona.  The voters there rejected a pension overhaul that was funded to the tune of $1 million dollars from Arnold.

Voters in Phoenix have rejected a proposal, funded in part by a hedge fund billionaire, to convert the pension system for city workers to a 401k-style retirement plan favored by most U.S. private employers.

In a big victory for city labor unions, voters rejected Prop. 487 by a margin of 56.5 percent to 43.5 percent, according to results posted online by the Maricopa County Recorder/Elections Office.

The Merctro’s anonymous Fly column reports on the biggest game of political musical chairs (hang in there the video is funny) that won’t be played as Dave Cortese has conceded the mayor’s race.  Looks like termed out Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen will actually have to go and find a job as there is no place for her to run for at least a couple of years.

The SCC ROV’s SOS to the SOS will not be answered as the SOS sez it does not perform the type of audit requested by Shannon Bushey.  Questions remain about any shenanigans that may have altered the vote counting process and, potentially, outcomes in close races as a result of the ROV IT director leaving the day before the election.

Big brother was spending big bucks to keep tabs on, well, just about everyone.  An ACLU report exposes the rush by local government to purchase spy gadgets and surveillance equipment without checks and balances in place.  Santa Clara County Supervisor S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian will be introducing a county ordinance to ensure SCC does not invade its resident’s privacy.

Whoever assisted 49ers Ray McDonald prep for his media appearance did a pretty good job as McDonald takes the initial step in redeeming his tattered reputation.  McDonald won’t face charges after a lengthy “investigation.” Multiple sources are squawking about other shoes to drop in this now closed case. Fetch loves us some emails; send us your tips.

Santa Clara County is providing 700 homeless veterans flu shots.  What these veterans really need is a shot at affordable housing.  Hey, what is that old city hall building doing these days?

Another pedestrian fatality in San Jo’ and the driver was arrested for drunk driving.  The 74-year old woman was in the crosswalk when struck.  NBC Bay Area has the story.

As if we needed further confirmation of the South Bay’s inferiority to SF, Yahoo! reports that SJC ranks 51st out of 72 airports surveyed for dining options.  SF fared a little bit better, like 2nd overall for airport grub.  T2 and now T3 at SFO make for a mighty fine hour or two to kill before boarding.

Child advocates who mentor foster children in Santa Clara County get profiled in this story from the Los Altos Town Crier.  Maybe a few of the 49ers could have used some mentors when they were growing up…just sayin’.

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