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March 25, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.25.15: Tragedy in San Jose

A San Jose police officer was killed last night in the line of duty. We extend our condolences to everyone in the SJPD family. The suspect in the murder has been found dead. This is a tragic loss for a department that has suffered enough over the last few years.



(Apparently) the Daughters of Charity Hospitals are in a better financial situation than they previously lead on. The system’s CEO throws cold water on Santa Clara County’s chances of picking up O’Conner and Saint Louise by indicating that “the system’s goal is still to sell all six hospitals to the same bidder.”

4 San Jose residents are without a home today, after a garage fire raged through their Mayfair area house.

Avaya Stadium, home to the San Jose Earthquakes, is open for business. The Quakes hosted their first home game this past Sunday. We think the stadium looks great…but imagine if it had been built downtown at a certain site being reserved for a certain MLB stadium pipe dream instead of right next to the Airport. Well at least the jet blasts will guarantee the Quakes home will always be shaking.

Is Apple a trillion dollar company? One analyst that follows the Cupertino based tech giant thinks so. The SV Biz Journal has the story.

Was a Silicon Valley stalwart a boys club that damaged the careers of female employees? A jury will soon make that determination in a case pitting Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. The WashPo has the latest.

In yet another sign that we live in the center of the universe, Wall Street (the previous place to hold the title) is experiencing a brain drain of top executives fleeing NYC for Silicon Valley.

The day after announcing a run for the presidency, Canadian and current Texas Senator Ted Cruz is signing up for Obamacare. WTF? Isn’t this the guy who single handedly shut down the federal government trying to defund Obamacare?  The irony and hypocrisy of Ted’s latest adventure is mind- boggling.

It looks like Elon Musk is serious about making his “Hyerloop” alternative to High Speed Rail a reality. Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. has officially set up shop at an LA warehouse.

Speaking of Mr. Musk, Telsa has revealed its much anticipated Model X crossover…and it has gull wings!

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March 24, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.24.15: World knows way to SJ, SJ General Plan in Peril and The Woz Warns of Robot Takeover

Omm…ommm…(stretch)…well, hello there fearless reader. We hope you survived VM Rose Deshpande, Herrera, Wahlin, Jesse brief time “in charge” of San Jose. Fetch got through it with lots of meditation and prayers to God to hold off the apocalypse for awhile longer. Now that Chuccardo has returned from his DC glad-handing session, we can return to our regularly scheduled program.

The Metro side of the Merctro tells us that with the gavel pried from Rose’s grip, the San Jose City Council can now focus on real work, such as approving the Mayor’s budget message.

According to Bloomberg, the world finally knows the way to San Jose. Unfortunately, they’ve also discovered that the town has a growing crime problem as well:

“The increase in wealthy tech workers hasn’t stemmed a growing crime rate as the population expanded while the police force shrunk. Murders rose 33 percent and robberies increased 37 percent since 2004, police data show.”

On that note, SJPD arrested 24 members of the notorious street gang Nuestra Familia last week. Fair warning, the story mentions “body cavities.”

CNN thinks its time for Silicon Valley to go all Lyndon Johnson and end poverty. As if on cue, a wealthy VC dude sounds the alarm that the Valley’s bubble is about to burst…and apparently it has something to do with unicorns?

Some hippies from Davis are lodging a  successful legal challenge to San Jose’s General Plan. This could get interesting…

Meanwhile, you know that ugly lot across the street from San Jose City Hall? Yeah, the one that’s half car wash, half chain link fence. It’s back on the market. Bids start at $5 million.

Apple Co-founder Steve “The Woz” Wozniak has joined Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking in voicing fears that the robot takeover is near.  Here we thought that term limits would prevent a return of the Terminator.

Following the bizarre attack on the Metcalf PG&E Substation two years ago, PG&E has finally made security upgrades to the vulnerable facility. 

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March 17, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.17.15: What is Chuccardo Smoking? Plus Rose Takes Charge!

San Jose Mayor Chuccardo wants to take over ambulance services from the local ambulance company Rual/Metro (no relation to the Merctro) because the city believes it can cut down response times…what????  So lets get this straight, Chuccardo wants a fire department, which has been so incredibly understaffed that a recent county audit found that it missed its emergency response requirements 90% of the time, to replace an ambulance provider, Rural/Metro, which according to another report responds on time above it’s required response time 100% of the time…because he believes the switch will improve response? Is Chuccardo smoking crack? What exactly is he trying to fix here?

Not Guilty, No Contest, Not Guilty…apparently the soon to be former SJ Po Po accused of rape needs a shrink instead of a defense lawyer as he digs himself in a deeper hole and now faces life in prison. Judge McCracken cracked down on the confused defendant according to this KTVU report.

tEk from the Merc side of the Merctro gives a drunken st. patty’s day beat down to newbie Judge Stuart Scott for talking smack to a former colleague about a defense attorney…a big no-no

Obama does his best “do as I say and not as I do,” when it comes to weed.

The SV Biz Journal has posted a survey to help SJ Mayor Sam Chuccardo figure out his job—it is a one question survey…take a look.

The world is coming to an end…Rose Deshpande, Herrera, Wahlin, Jesse will be presiding at the city council today as Sam jaunts off to Washington DC with Deputy Mayor Carl Guardino. Our spies tells us that Rose’s council colleges will be imbibing large quantities of green beer at Flames before today’s session to help them get through it. We’re really hopeful their preparations result in some discussions similar to this…


Play some Radiohead and head over to Fountainhead, the new bar and eatery in the newly created SoFa District.

Looks like Google’s Eric Schmidt will be the subject of a future Rich Robinson blog…

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March 16, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.16.15: Chuccardo Lip Service on “Crime” in State Of the City, Honors Student Attacked at Valley Fair and Ballet in San Jose will Continue

Chuccardo had his first state of the city this weekend wherein he promised to reduce crime…is he banking on that whole Measure B thing Fetch mentioned on Friday?

On that note, the US Supreme Court weighed in on health care rights for retirees. The ruling is seen as weakening vested rights for retiree health care.

Well we’re sure many area shoppers are hoping things are resolved soon, as two gang members “viciously” attacked an honors student outside San Jose’s Valley Fair Mall last week.

Ballet San Jose will survive redubbed as Valley Silicon Valley. The dance troop announced their pleas for cash were successful enough to allow them to avoid a final current call.

SolarCity is teaming with its sister company Tesla to provide communities with backup solar/battery power grids following natural disasters. The system, called “GridLogic” is also seen as a step towards SolarCity becoming a proper utility style energy company. Sounds pretty damn cool if you ask us.

The Mercury News has extended its endorsement to Republican Lan Diep in the special election to replace Kansen Chu on the San Jose City Council. The Ed Board’s inherent bias against anyone who may not fully agree with their golden child Chuccardo is obvious as they dismiss D4 candidate Tim Orozco because he “appears” to be “in lockstep with labor.”

Yet another high-rise condo tower is in the works for San Jose’s urine stained downtown. It looks cool, but will anyone want to live there?

Some eggheads at MIT think they’ve figured out the recipe for creating other Silicon Valley’s. Seriously, Utah is fine for skiing, but who wants to live there full time?

The Mercury News gives you some helpful hints on how to avoid getting your emails read by the NSA.

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March 13, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.13.14: Measure B Moonwalk, Ballot Blame In San Jo’s D4 Election, and Professor Lipton Tee’s Up Why Raising San Jose’s Wage Worked…

SJI gives their fav former Mayor a puffy piece about his statewide ballot measure without holding Chuckie accountable for what he did in San Jose with his train wreck of a ballot measure that appears on life support.

And in an ironic twist, on the very same day that Chuck Reed was announcing his statewide pension ballot measure, his former colleagues on the city council were beginning to moonwalk away from Measure B. This letter was sent to all city unions that states if a deal on replacing Measure B can be had, then Measure B goes

Bye, Bye, Bye…(thanks to our spies for sending this our way).

Fetch can’t imagine who will be supporting Chuck “A boy names Sue” Reed’s latest ballot measure disaster…hmmm, we wonder if it will be these Wall Streeters who will be getting haircuts from CalPERS next year?

The San Jose D4 special election is fast approaching and there are some angry voters who feel disrespected by two candidates who skipped a forum sponsored by the Vietnamese-American Political Action Committee. Candidate Lan Diep took a page from Mayor Sam Chuccardo, who supposedly had a Dr. appointment and missed a vote to support the minimum wage and phoned in to tell the Viet Voters that his health prevented him from attending two forums over two days…Wow, apparently, Diep gets all tuckered out real easy.

Yet another ballot snafu has embroiled both the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters and the San Jose City Clerk’s office and it will end up costing SJ taxpayers $15G’s to fix. In a rare break for the Registrar of Voters, City Clerk Toni Taber fesses up that it was her office that made the boo boo not the usual suspect.

And for those who still don’t believe that every vote counts there is this story out of Los Angeles County about a tie in a race for the San Gabriel City Council. Can you say coin flip?

The Left Hook allows SJSU Professor Scott Myers-Lipton to take opponents of increasing the minimum wage Back to School to try and educate them on the facts surrounding the impacts of San Jose voters raising the wage.

Best state to do business in…Cali. Suck it Texas!

NBC Bay Area says San Jose may try and permanently shut local gambling halls that were disguised as Vietnamese Cafés.  Bay 101 and Casino M8trix will be happy campers if those closures happen.

It’s Friday the 13thHere is a run down of bizarre happenings to watch out for.

KLIV is telling its 14 listeners about a review being done by the County Sheriff to figure out how an alleged perv escaped the custody of the County Sheriff.

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March 12, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.12.15: What is Art?, Care to try some powered whiskey? and the return of a boy named Sue

In another case of San Jose’s mean streets spilling over elsewhere, two carjackers were arrested yesterday in Sunnyvale following a high-speed pursuit that started in…you guessed it…San Jose.

Following the shooting of an apparently suicidal man last month, 100 residents and several San Jose Council Members met at a town hall to demand that officers respond differently to the mentally ill.

In the case of the former San Jose police officer charged with rape, a judge has not accepted the former officer’s attempt to change his plea. The change of plea attempt followed prosecutors adding enhancements to his charges, which could lead to him being sent to prison for life.

Josh Koehn does not approve of a San Jose “art” project, which will see manhole covers painted florescent green. We side with you on this one Inspector Koehn, but it’s arguably better than the “statute” in Plaza de César Chávez.

The better Uber, Lyft, has secured a boatload of cash to take on…Uber.

Deeply discounted airline tickets to anywhere in the world, guaranteed internships for the little one and free food all day are just a few of the awesome perks Silicon Valley’s pampered techerati are provided.

Powdered alcohol is coming and some parents are worried their kids will snort it. We don’t know about snorting, but we can already see how this innovation might make a backpacking trip more fun.

Our interns are telling us some of you might care about this next bit of who cares news from Sacramento.  Someone named Lisa Vanderpump was honored by the State Assembly as a Woman of the Year. We honestly don’t care enough to look up who this person is, but we’re sure it must have something to do with TMZ. Yes, yes, haters going to hate and all that…

The Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), the small sap-sucking pest that’s only one of two known carriers of citrus greening disease continues to wreak havoc on California and its crops as the quarantine zone within the state keeps growing.

A Boy Named Sue, AKA Chuck Reed wants to do for California what he did to San Jose as he and his right wing (nuts) take aim at retirement security for California’s public employees. Reed’s Measure B, which he championed as both legal, (It’s been ruled illegal) and the cure for restoring services in San Jose (It now takes longer to get a cop or firefighter and pot holes litter our streets) has been a failure.

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March 11, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.11.15: Daughters of Charity Go Back to Drawing Board and New Earthquake Data Says We’re All Going to Die?

Any of you remember all that talk last year that the County might be interested in buying the two Daughters of Charity Hospitals, O’Connor and Saint Louise? Well…in a potential case of be careful what you wish for, the hospitals’ potential buyer has pulled out leaving the Daughters of Charity facing bankruptcy. Your move Jeff Smith…

According to the US Geological Survey, the chances of an earthquake of the magnitude that should scare the crap out of everyone hitting Santa Clara County just went up. We’re all going to die!

The Los Altos Town Crier lays out the actual implications of deploying the “controversial” cell phone tracker that Sheriff Smith had a hard time laying out in her recent verbal jujitsu with County Supervisor S. (S is for Spanish Inquisition) Joe Simitian.

The FBI and SJPD raided 11 Vietnamese cafes yesterday. This was not a topless waitress bust, but was instead targeted at illegal gambling activates.

The San Jose police officer accused of raping a woman in 2013 is in court this week for a preliminary hearing.

The Water district has announced that it’s only going to go for a 20% hike in rates. When compared to the 32% hike they were threatening we suppose this is better?

Sam Chuccardo had to leave sick before voting to support increasing the minimum wage at Tuesday’scity council meeting.  Seriously? This is the guy who claimed that he supported increasing the minimum wage during the mayoral election after voting against raising the minimum wage as a councilman. Now he can’t stick around to vote for his own memo because his tummy hurts? Pathetic…

Supervisor Chavez is looking at making nail salons a safer place to work. She’s put in place a program that will attempt to convince salon owners to stop using toxic chemicals. We’re all for it as long it doesn’t hurt their ability to prevent nail fungus, those commercials give us nightmares.

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March 10, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.10.15: Ken, Mike and Sam (?) Support Urban Farms

Supervisors Ken Yeager and “We like Mike” Wasserman are teaming up to advocate for more urban farms in Santa Clara County. They have pushed for the creation of Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones that will reduce blight and provide an opportunity for residents to grow more vegetables and other healthy alternatives to the usual crap we all stuff down our gullets.

(Apparently) Mayor Chuccardo supports this type of effort, as our spies dug up this unphotoshopped (well minor tweaks to protect the innocent) picture of him dressed as a carrot…yes…he really dressed as a carrot…really…




A car chase that wound its way from the East Bay through San Jose, where a gun was tossed from the hoopdy and ended in the arrest of 5 suspects in connection with a murder.

The mean streets of San Jo’ are getting meaner as two more shootings took place last night that left both victims in life threatening condition. One victim suffered three gunshot wounds and the other was shot once.

An update to the description of the alleged child molester who escaped from custody and is still on the loose is provided by KTVU-2. And some biker named Hoss and his posse are providing security to the family of the child molestation victim who’s alleged perpetrator has been on the lamb since escaping from a lone County Sheriff who was taking the perv to a Dr. appointment.  KPIX-5 has the story.

NBC Bay Area reports that burglaries in Evergreen are on the decline. On the other hand NBC Bay Area reports that burglaries in Almaden are on the increase.

400 supporters of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park descending on the Palo Alto City Hall to express their support for preserving the affordable homes. County Supervisor S. (S is for Save the Mobile Homes) Joe Simitian attended the rally to show his support.


49ers Crime Bureau Report

The 49ers continue to have a domestic violence problem that is not going away. Fullback Bruce Miller is the latest 9er to be arrested for domestic battery after his significant other called police from behind a store in Santa Clara.  This makes 11 49ers arrested since 2012.

So what do the 49ers do to show they take personal behavior seriously…they sign wide receiver Jerome Simpson who has been arrested 3X for weed and booze offenses and has been suspended twice as a result. Pathetic.

With $557 million in reserves, residents are questioning why the Santa Clara Valley Water District, AKA: The Golden Spigot (TGS), wants to jack up rates by 31%. TGS spokesflak and perennial Supervisorial also ran, Teresa Alvarado, does her best to defend the proposed increase…good luck with that one TA.

$142,448 is what’s needed to buy a median priced home in the SF Bay Area. This is why the mortgage information website HSH calls the bay area the “king of unaffordability.”

The WashPo is reporting that the cost to provide health insurance to the uninsured or under-insured has dropped…again. This new decrease in the cost of Obamacare is another welcome sign that providing health coverage is not only the right thing to do but is the affordable thing to do.

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March 9, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.09.15: Amy B. Dean Dishes On Tech, San Jose Was A Shooting Gallery Over The Weekend And Chappie’s Debut Disappoints

Early and unconfirmed reports from our Los Angeles Bureau place deputy sheriff slayer and self-proclaimed anti-misogynist Rich Robinson leading a rally to commemorate International Women’s Day.  Atta boy, Rich.

In a blast from the past, former SBLC Head Honcho Amy B. Dean, who had many men’s knees shaking when she entered a room, walks readers through the early days of the tech revolution and makes an impassioned case for every worker supporting the continued tech sector growth to share in that wealth.

Apple may have reacted quickly to Dean’s plea as they unilaterally increased wages for a sector of its tech support workers by 25%. That high-fiving sound you hear is coming from local laboristas who have been working to make this happen for years.

And in more Apple news…their “Spring Forward” event is on for today and the buzz is building as to what Apple will unveil and how it will roll out its Meh anticipated watch gizmo.

Up In Smoke…again. SJFF doused yet another Mary Jane grow house.

These two geniuses from San Jose took their little car theft side-show to Morgan Hill and ended up in custody. A stolen car, a Po Po car chase, an engine catching on fire and two knuckleheads locked up round out this caper.

An alleged perv is on the run after busting out of custody during a Dr. appointment at Santa Clara County’s Valley Medical Center. The perp is still on the run and nearby residents are on the look out.

A drive-by shooting in San Jose over the weekend left one person dead and another injured. Mourners have begun a shrine for the latest victim on the mean streets of San Jo’.

Yet another shooting in San Jose has left one wounded and the shooter on the loose.

San Jose residents are hoping for a better debut from D1 City Councilmember Chappie Jones because the movie named after him didn’t pop Champaign corks for the studio that put it on the big screen.

The San Jose Blog does an excellent job of highlighting happenings over the next month or two at the family friendly and jumping Santana Row versus what’s going on in San Jose’s urine-stained downtown. Hmmm, where do you think families will want to go?

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March 6, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.06.15: Chuccardo Spokesflak’s Soft Landing, Ernie Konnyu For US Senate (Seriously) and 200 layoffs at Santa Clara Convention Center?


Extremely reliable sources have disclosed to The Daily Fetch that Michelle McGurk, the spokesflak to former Mayor Reed and current Mayor Sam Chuccardo, is coming in for a real soft landing. (Apparently) McGurk is heading to a recently vacated “analyst” position in the San Jose City Manager’s office. Our sources tell us that McGurk was “hand picked” by the Manager’s office and didn’t even have to interview for the spot. Perhaps Chuccardo needs a mole to keep an eye on Interim CM Duenas?




Onward to other crap

Former South Bay Congressman Ernie Konnyu erupted in a Facebook flamewar with fomer SV Chamber CEO Jim Cunneen over whether gay people should be able to donate blood. Now Konnyu wants to be in the US Senate, gotta love the Grand Old Party…

Dennis Raj takes to the Left Hook to tell us about the time that “pension reformer” Pete Constant opposed pension reform.

Willow Glen’s Lincoln Avenue has gone on a diet. The Avenue has been shrunk to two lanes from four with some residents loving the small town feel and others deriding the extra ride time in their cars. The city will make a final decision on the shrinking Ave in June.

Google, Facebook and the SF Giants are amongst hundreds of corporations that have filed friend-of-the-court briefs with the US Supreme Court urging the court to affirmatively declare same sex marriage a constitutionally protected right. Fetch hopes the Supremes gets this one right and get out of the way of two people in love.

The trials and tribulations of the San Jose Ballet have pirouetted their way onto the pages of the Washington Post. As part of a last dip effort to avoid a grand finale the troupe is set to rename itself the “Silicon Valley Ballet”…apparently having San Jose in your name is a recipe for disaster?

Boorish locker room comments took center stage during the Kleiner sexism trial yesterday. SV Biz Journals Cromwell Schubarth dishes on the dirt that’s flying in this much watched battle that is shining a spotlight on a male dominated tech power structure in Silicon Valley.

Memo to San Jose Mayor Chuccardo: Look north to see what a bold and innovative Mayor does to solve a problem. SF Mayor Ed Lee announced a one of a kind plan to house an entire homeless encampment all at once. This new approach to tackling homelessness in SF will officially launch on March 16th with the first 400 participants being contacted now.

Some a*shole fired a gun at a CHP cruiser on highway 101 yesterday. One of the bullets hit the car, but the two officers—who at the time were conducting a traffic stop—were unharmed.

How do you breakup the monotony of work at a government dispatch center? (Apparently) by adding a treadmill if you are the cities of Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

Watch out Kamala, Rocky has announced he’s running against you in the race to replace US Senator Barbara Boxer. Fortunately (unfortunately?), the Rocky we’re talking about in the case is not the Italian Stallion, but Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chavez.  Remember the above sentence as it may be the last time you hear his name mentioned  prior to his inevitable loss to Kamala.

Just in time for Super Bowl 50, more than 200 employees at the Santa Clara Convention and Visitors Bureau may have been laid off. The tale is fairly confusing, but it seems the county is taking over Santa Clara’s Convention Center due to fallout from the elimination of redevelopment agencies, which has led to the possible layoffs.

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