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February 27, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.27.15: Golden Times For Beau Goldie, Les White Returns And What Was Pat Kolstad Thinking?

This supposedly “grass-roots” group has formed and launched a website to defend plastic bags and deride bans that are popping up throughout the state. The plastic bag lovers proudly declare that a few bags in our creeks and rivers are not that big of a deal. Really, that is their position.

Congrats to the IA team over at the Merc side of the Merctro for scooping their sister publication, the Metro, with the news that former San Jose City Manager Les White will be warming a seat in Los Gatos as their interim Town Manager. In more or Les news, according to our spies, White has recently been advising San Jose leaders on who they ought to pick for their top administrative post after Sam Chuccardo led the sacking of former CM Ed Shikada.

And in more breaking news from IA, the County Registrar of Voters remains in the hot seat for all sorts of shenanigans that have taken place over the last, let’s say, ummm, 5 or 6 election cycles. Ballot misprints, candidate names left off ballots, molasses like slow vote counts, and IT issues to name a few. Supervisor S. (S is for Sarcastic) Joe Simitian cracks wise at the bottom of the story about the ramifications if the Registrar doesn’t perform.

SEIU is Nun too pleased with the Daughters of Charity SLAPP lawsuit filed over the pending sale of its money losing hospital chain to Prime Healthcare. SEIU is accused of utilizing their god given and constitutionally protected right to voice their strong opposition to the sale. BTW, we thought the DOC was broke, so why are they spending money on a lawsuit that will go nowhere?

Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce top Dog Steve Van Dorn is leading the charge to save Santa Clara’s Convention Center. Van Dorn started a petition urging County Supervisor Ken Yeager to intervene and the Chamber head is also rallying support for his cause at a, you guessed it, rally today at 1:30 pm at Santa Clara City Hall.

In more Santa Clara news, this one of the WTF variety, apparently Councilmember Pat Kolstad thought it was a good idea to buy charity raffle tickets with campaign funds and upon winning the grand prize, a $30,000 plus car, accept the prize.  The SF Chron’s Matier & Ross column reports on the Kolstad Car Caper. Fetch sees that Dustin DeRollo is in bold print in this story, apparently DeRollo is adding non-profits to his “I’ll be a spokesflak for anyone” client list that includes dangerous night clubs, bail bonds, and a fledgling ambulance company, good to see the lad spreading his wings a bit.

This weeks anonymous Fly column takes a golden shower on the golden spigot that keeps on spouting money onto Beau Goldie to the tune of $417,823 as he locks down another fat raise to run the Santa Clara Valley Water District. A district, mind you, that did not meet its water conservation goals and is now proposing to increase water rates.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday jumped into regulating the internet as it approved tough net neutrality regulations to oversee online traffic.

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February 26, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.26.15: Rose and Cindy…switched at birth?, vandals leave their mark on City Hall and Daughters of Charity have a “hissy fit”

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved an initiative this month to screen residents for diabetes.

Since we’re on the topic of Santa Clara County, we send our most sincere thanks to County Supervisor “We like Mike” Wasserman for posting the gem of a pic below of Supervisor Cindy Chavez and San Jose Vice Mayor Wahlin.  Though the resemblance is uncanny (and a tad disturbing) only one of these two ladies in red can be defined as intelligent, thoughtful and even tempered…(hint, it ‘aint Matt’s wife!)

 Cindy and Rose

Closer to SJ VM Wahlin’s neck of the woods, we thank our spies for sending us this picture of graffiti on the San Jose City Hall stairwell, just outside the 18th floor. (Apparently) the taggers have run out of virgin freeway overpasses and rail bridges to leave their mark. Well, at least we know that the folks at City Hall are being forced to look at the same things the rest of us plebs do on the way to work…




The City of Sunnyvale is the first city to say no to dedicated Bus Rapid Transit lanes that purported to whisk riders from San Jose to Palo Alto in a mere 40-minutes along the congested El Camino Real. The vote was 4-3.

Santa Clara County Democrats are falling in line to support Hillary Clinton in her “unannounced” bid for the White House. The Dems are planning a Get Ready for Hillary event on March 12 at the Glass House. Interesting venue choice as there will be plenty of rocks thrown in this race.

The Daughters of Charity are accusing SEIU of trying to sabotage their hospital selling deal with Prime. The owners of the beleaguered hospital system (the Catholic Church?) filed suit against SEIU in Santa Clara County Superior Court seeking damages.  Union leader Dave Regan describes the Daughters of Charity’s actions as “a legal hissy fit.”

Police in San Jose and Modesto broke up an illegal gambling ring this week, arresting 27 people in all.

Santa Clara County BOS President Dave Cortese has another flashy new title to add to his resume, as he was just elected the chair of the powerful Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The commission plays a significant role in doling out transportation dollars to the 9 counties within its preview…perhaps we’ll finally get that whole BART tunneling under San Jose’s urine stained downtown sorted out.

As next year’s Super Bowl fast approaches the focus on Human Sex Trafficking is increasing. Jonathan Fung, a local award winning filmmaker has put together a 15-minute film that details the havoc and despair that human sex trafficking causes. To preview the film go here.

Metro/San Jose Inside’s business partner has been found to be, yet again, guilty of selling children for sex. Agents from Santa Clara County’s Human Trafficking Task Force were tipped by SJPD that a young girl was being advertised for sex on The taskforce arrested the girl’s 32-year-old pimp and freed her from slavery.

It’s closing in on three years since Sierra LaMar disappeared and her family is crying out for justice. Now a judge has postponed, yet again, a trial date as the defense continues to grovel for more time to prepare their lies, enough already.

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February 25, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.25.15: Cell Phone Tracking, Homelessness Help and Immigration Integration All In A Day At 70 West Hedding Street…O, And A Small Plane Landed At SJC

Home Matters was the theme of this event at San Jose State that featured SJ D3 Councilmember Raul Peralez talking about how incredibly unaffordable San Jose homes have become. Spartan Daily has the deets.

A busy day yesterday at 70 West Hedding:

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted to approve giving Sheriff Laurie “Snoopy” Smith the authority to use fed grant money to purchase a portable cell phone tracking system. The vote was 4-1 with the lone dissenter being S. (S is for surveillance sucks) Joe Simitian who objected to the lack of a policy in place to ensure Snoopy was only sniffing in the right places with the new gadget.

The Board unanimously voted to create a new office of immigration services to assist undocumented workers and immigrant families integrate into the USofA.

And capping off a day of action, the Board unanimously approved the appointment of Chamber CEO Matt Mahood and South Bay Labor Boss Ben Field to lead a task force to address homelessness. No, silly, the world is not ending, these two working together is not some sign of the apocalypse, rather it could be the first sign of a thaw in the icy relationship between these two warring factions. The Merc side of the Merctro quotes Board President Cortese saying:

“They might be politically polar opposites, but homelessness is pervasive and impacting all segments of society,” he added. “We believe the tolerance for this in the community has reached its limit. Business leaders, labor leaders and social justice leaders all want action.”

 And in San Jose news, some exciting stuff:

A small plane made an emergency landing at SJC yesterday after its landing gear failed to operate. Initial rumors that serial stowaway Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was piloting proved to be false.

KGO-7 broke the news about a major Po-Po raid that took place at a home and business in San Jose that shut down an illegal gambling, drug and prostitution operation.

KQED’s Bryan Goebel dissects the ins and outs of the VTA starting fast bus service along El Camino Real that could take a 90 minute ride from SJ to PA to 40 minutes. So far the only taker is San Jose.

NBC Bay Area reports on the not so juicy details that emerged from the opening day of the trial over whether or not a former Kleiner Perkins employee was sexually harassed and passed over for promotion or if Ellen Pao, who is now a muckity muck over at Reddit, dines on sour grapes. For a deeper dive check out the SV Biz Journal’s report on what sounds like a frat house atmosphere at KP.

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February 24, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.24.15: Sheriff Snoopy Smith, Commie-gate Ending and Campos Wants An Embassy In DC…Seriously…

Sheriff Laurie Smith has privacy advocates bugging out over her request to bug cell phones to find you. Santa Clara County is amongst several jurisdictions pushing to obtain more Big Brother equipment to keep an eye on you. Do you feel like Rockwell?

San Jose’s D5 Commie-gate appears to be winding down as George “lickity-spit” Shirakawa pleads nolo contendere on the eve of trial. JK over at the Metro side of the Merctro must be popping Champagne corks as the former Supervisor looks to be sentenced to community service for the mailer that many believe tanked Magdalena Carrasco’s bid to beat Nora’s lil’ bro’ back in 2010.

Xavier’s big sis’ is making sure she continues to deliver for her district by introducing a bill to create a California embassy in Washington DC. Fetch sh*ts you not.  BTW Bloomberg, Nora is no longer the Speaker pro Tem, just sayin’.

One San Jose neighborhood is grief stricken over a drunk driver taking the life of a popular fruit vendor. KGO-7 has the story of a community in mourning and a pop up memorial of flowers that has sprung up where Francisco Hernandez was killed.

As has been reported in fellow news outlets, Cal AG Harris has placed a boatload of conditions on Prime Healthcare that must be met in order for the for-profit hospital operator to take over the Daughters of Charity hospitals.  The full list of conditions can be found here.

Trustee Leon Beauchman “Turner Overdrive” announced he’s taking care of business at a new location as he is resigning his position as a Santa Clara County Board of Education member on March 31.

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February 23, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.23.15: Rich “Pollyanna” Robinson? Prime Time Is Here and Thieves Target Girl Scouts At SJ Safeway…

Crime has come to this in San Jose: Girl Scouts selling their cookies in front of a Safeway had their cash box ripped off. Luckily one Mom was quick to remember the license plate of the thief and call the Po-Po, who found the cash box and the stolen money and arrested the heartless bastard

Ummm, creepy. Close those window shades at home to avoid this type of weirdo peering in at you. PA residents exhaled a sigh of relief at this arrest.

Is Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff slayer Rich “Pollyanna” Robinson onto something with his latest post on SJ Inside?  Probably not, as the early indications are that San Jo’s Mayor Chuccardo continues to say one thing and then do another when it comes to resolving the pension issue. RR gets extra credit points for trying to get the two sides to start talking, the problem is that the two sides in this case are on either side of Sam’s mouth.

SF Gate airs out Sexual harassment allegations that are now before a jury that will be deciding who is right and who is wrong in a case that pits Silicon Valley company Reddit against a former female employee.

That measles clean up in Anaheim sure must have cost a bundle as Disneyland is raising its entry fee to $99 dollars to visit the magic kingdom. It’s worse at Walt Disney World in Fla., where tickets ring in at $105…ouch.

The SV Biz Journal spends time ‘esplaining why San Jose is purportedly broke during the recent economic boom time. What is left out of the discussion is the massive debt payments for San Jose’s mostly useless airport, somehow those debts are not discussed. San Jose is still having difficulty attracting employers and lags behind other local cities in sales tax revenue and property tax revenue.

AG and US Senate hopeful Kamala Harris gave her blessing to Prime Healthcare taking over the 6 Daughters of Charity hospitals that were at the heart of a heated battle pitting labor (CNA) vs. labor (SEIU), not for profit hospital advocates vs. for profit healthcare advocates, and Santa Clara County vs. City of Gilroy. As for Santa Clara County, this Patch article hints that they may not be finished yet with the AG’s decision…eminent domain has now poked its head under the tent.

2016 and 2018 North and South Santa Clara County Assembly races get a look by The Left Hook.

The San Jose Blog shares Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s 2015 Silicon Valley Index and it is chock-full-of facts and figures that underscore how the haves have it and the have nots don’t.

Apparently, since the 49ers had their SJPD speed dial privileges suspended in the aftermath of the Ray McDonald domestic violence and rape allegations, several 49ers have put their homes up for sale and are bailing the confines of SJ.

Three overnight car fires in Campbell have arson investigators on the hunt for the culprit or culprits.

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February 20, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.20.15: San Jose continues its descent, once a Raider always a Traitor and Scientists want to probe what?

Your favorite drunk uncle newsreaders are back from our 1 day Lunar New Year rager in Downtown Campbell…did you miss us?

The folks at NBC Bay Area should get on the horn to their New York network TV overlords. It’s time for Law and Order: Silicon Valley.  Bear with us here…in just the time we were gone it seems as though hell has broken lose:

  1. There was a double shooting at an East San Jose sports bar;
  2. Brazen shoplifters are attacking CVS guards (wait CVS has guards?)
  3. A Santa Clara University student was charged with attempted murder for stabbing his roommate (…how can we pin this one on Chuccardo?…hmmm).
  4.  San Jose pot shops are forgetting to pay their taxes…whaaaattt? Potheads forgetting stuff??? This is chaos we tell you!

But San Jose falling to the 9th circle of hell aside…hey Raiders…ahem…we mean Traitors fans, how are you feeling this morning (we ask sarcastically)?

Meanwhile, in seriously unfunny news, Giants Manager Bruce Bochy is in an Arizona hospital today recovering from heart surgery. We have our paws crossed for you Bruce!

Caltrans hates the old Bay Bridge. They hate it so deeply in fact that they want to blow it (well implode it) the f*ck up!

Speaking of dropping f-bombs, Apple is dropping a big one on all of you tongue waggers who have been telling the tech giant to buy Tesla.  Apple is building an electric car on their own thank you very much…the gauntlet has been thrown Mr. Musk…

Meanwhile, in Mountain View, scientists are meeting to discuss probing Uranus….oh wait, we mean Europa. There’s no way this could end poorly, right?

That is all for now…as you were…

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February 18, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.18.15: Nora Campos Imitates Gwen Stefani, Homicide #4 In SJ and Kamala Looking Up At Condi In Latest Field Poll…

SJI talks, on the record (Wow, Fetch forgot SJI actually gets folks to talk on the record, ‘atta boy!), with a former BANGer and spokes-flak for Nora Campos who rips into her capital office that apparently is a hot mess bubbling under our state’s capital.  Conclusion: the Sac office of Nora Campos is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S, It’s Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.





A shooting victim from San Jose’s recent bloody weekend has died and that pushes SJ’s homicide count to 4 for this year.

And in homicide #3, KRON-4 has the video of the events leading up to the fatal shooting of the SJ security guard who has been hailed as a hero as the hunt for his cold-hearted killers intensifies.

SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog tells us that Campbell’s downtown may be too popular as the city begins to think about how to deal with its booming and bustling downtown.


Fetch 49ers Crime Bureau

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Christopher Culliver will be in court for a hearing in the aftermath of being charged with felony possession of brass knuckles and two misdemeanors after he collided with a bicyclist.


Onward to other news…

Joe Biden, Vice President and everyone’s fav Uncle had a day full of awkward that flooded social media and was reported on by NBC Bay Area.

The Left Hook provides a handy run down of what’s up in local government. Read about pending appointments to the SJ Ethics and Planning Commission, Milpitas opposing the Newby Island dump expansion (duh!), and another charter school petition up for a fight before the County Board of Education. Fun stuff.

AG Kamala Harris has a strong lead amongst democrats but would lose a head to head to George W. Bush’s Secretary of State.  The problem for the GOP is Condi loves the confines of Stanford and so far ain’t running…well, at least not now anyway. KQED has the newest numbers from the Field Poll.

Covered California may extend the deadline for signing up for health insurance to avoid the Obamacare penalty for not having health insurance. The penalty is set to kick in on Sunday and Fetch urges those that have not signed up to join the 1.4M new enrollees in California that have.

A 60% increase in teens being prosecuted as adults in Santa Clara County has sparked a debate amongst juvenile justice professionals questioning if this is the right approach. KPIX-5 has the story.

Are unions on the run in Berkeley (no typo)? This story in the East Bay Express wades into the war of providing a living wage to workers and the controversy surrounding a San Jose company providing services to the City of Berkeley.

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February 17, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.17.15: Gerston on SJ Policing: White vs. Wrong, Marshman Is A Hypnotist? and Leadership Flip Flop Style…

The Oracle of San Jose politics, NBC Bay Area’s Larry Gerston questions Mayor Chuccardo and the SJPD Po Po brass’s decision to strip cops from one part of the city (East of Hwy. 101) and send them to another part of the city (Almaden Valley) now that AV is experiencing what the rest of SJ has been experiencing for years…an increase in property crime.  So, let’s see…a more affluent part of the city with more voters has a single community meeting to complain about crime and Chuccardo hits the panic button and leaves residents East of Highway 101 to fend for themselves…sure that makes total sense!

San Jose’s third homicide victim is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a coworker before being gunned down in the mean streets of SJ.  A memorial to the slain security guard is growing as the hunt for his killers is intensifying.

The Newby Island dump wins a round in court in its battle to convince noses in Milpitas and Berryessa that it isn’t their dump that is stinking up the joint.

The Sam Chuccardo flip-flop show continues with this memo to rules urging an increase in the minimum wage.  It was not too long ago that Chuccardo and fellow memo signer, Vice Mayor Wahlin, opposed increasing San Jose’s minimum wage. Oh, how the times they are a changin’.

Couple Chuccardo’s latest flip-flop with last weeks ½ off pension offer and one has to wonder if SJ’s new mayor has any type of core convictions, moral compass or has any inkling of keeping his word.   Chuccardo campaigned on staying the course with Measure B, remember, according to the newbie mayor San Jose was going to be insolvent unless voters passed the measure (bullshit). Fast forward to today and it’s a different story, apparently the city didn’t need Measure B in the first place, so, according to the mayor…no harm, no foul…right. Pathetic.

And right on cue, here comes Barb from the Merctro Editorial Board to provide cover to the flip flopping mayor. Barb Marshman wants to hypnotize everyone into forgetting her culpability in destroying a once great police department, driving crime up in the city and decimating city services in pursuit of a union hating agenda. Marshman is guilty of aiding and abetting. If there were ever a pension war crimes tribunal, she would be found guilty and sentenced to read every Scott Herhold column as punishment. Although her appeal of her sentence would have substantial merit as it probably would be found to be cruel and unusual.




While the City of San Jose remains stuck with its head firmly up its own keester, President of Santa Clara County Dave Cortese will be providing 500 jobs for youth this summer.  Get the deets here.

If Fetch has said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Clean the lint out of your dryer! This family and their pests have been displaced as a fire ravaged their home.

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February 13, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.13.14: Chuccardo…Mayor Or Used Car Salesman?, Campos Revolving Door Keeps Spinning and Democrats Endorse Orozco In D4 Special

Mayor Sam Chuccardo is impersonating a used car salesman as he tries to offload his Measure B Yugo in his latest gambit, bait and switch, Three Card Monte maneuver to dig himself out of the hole he happily dug with regard to Measure B.  Chuccardo’s latest move reminds Fetch of a thief getting caught stealing $100 dollars and saying to the victim, “Hey, I know I tried to rip you off, but how about I give you $50 bucks back and we call it even?”  For those keeping the Measure B litigation score at home, a Judge ruled against the city and a state agency is poised to wipe Measure B from the books, the smell of retreat is ripe on the 18th floor at city hall. Not as ripe as Newby Island mind you, but ripe nonetheless.


SJ Inside covers the dueling letters battle raging over pensions between city workers and the city.

Cameras and private security are the newest ideas spouting from San Jose City Hall as their answer to neighborhoods being overrun with crime. KGO-7 has the latest on filming crooks and how that should make everyone feel good.

If you live in Almaden or in the 95122 zip code you will see more SJ Po Po as the city’s beleaguered police department can’t cover the whole city any longer so it is picking winners and losers when it deploys resources. So the key to being safe in SJ is to squeal like stuck pigs about burglaries and ream Mayor Chuccardo at a community meeting (Almaden) and get more cops.  Or live in a neighborhood where kids would rather ditch school and cause trouble and then you get more cops (95122).  Keep it classy San Jo’.

What a shock, the Democratic Party has endorsed Tim Orozco for City Council in what is surely to be a hotly contested race to replace Margie Matthews in Berryessa. Surely (and don’t call me Shirley) the endorsement will come with ground troops knocking on doors and more endorsements from democratic heavyweights who were waiting for the party to do its business.

Speaking of the D4 council seat, want to know more about SJ City Councilmember Margie Matthews…look no further as the newbie, well oldbie, member of the council tells readers about herself.

There must not be any CalRecycle board members living next to the Newby Island dump as the state agency approved the dump’s expansion. Residents living near and far from the dump collectively said of the decision, “That stinks.”

The Gilroy Dispatch joins a growing number of voices urging the approval of Prime Healthcare’s controversial purchase of the going broke Daughters of Charity Hospitals. US Senate candidate and AG Kamala Harris has yet to make her decision.

Yes that was a revolving door company installing a new door in Nora Campos’s Sacramento office as the regular door has broken off its hinges from staffers fleeing in search of their sanity.  Apparently, the disarray and discord stems from an out of control Chief of Staff and an out of touch Assemblymember…the Fetch over/under on when the number of staffers bailing Campos’s office reaching 50 is 13 days.  Smart money is on the under.

Obama is in the hood for a quick stop to pick up some campaign cash, oh and to attend a cybersecurity summit at Stanford.  SF Gate has the deets.

In what must be the two hundred and fiftieth community meeting to gather input into what should become of the county fairgrounds property has been announced.  Fetch will report out on the decision in a couple of years when one is made.

And by the way, Happy Friday the 13th!

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February 12, 2015

Daily Fetch 02.12.15: Chuccardo And Khamis…AKA: Keystone Kops Make Almaden Valley Appearance, SJ Unions Double-Dog-Dare City Over Measure B and M8trix Casino Steps In It Again…

The dynamic crime fighting duo of SJ Mayor Chuccardo and Councilmember Johnny Khamis took their Keystone Kops routine to burglary plagued Almaden Valley last night and had their arses handed to them by over 1,000 angry residents.  Seems the Measure B defenders were on the defensive trying to explain themselves and their inability to staff the police department.  Khamis looked especially clueless, stammering on about all that he has done as homes keep getting ripped off.  Hey Almaden Valley, how’s that Measure B thing working out for ya?


Officers Krupke


In more Keystone news the US House of Reps sent to President Obama a bill to approve the controversial pipeline.  The Prez has said he will veto the bill as soon as it hits his desk.

The Left Hook reports on a unified union response rejecting San Jose’s offer to further push off implementing parts of Measure B, the pension measure that has decimated the police department and other departments as well.  The unions basically double-dog-dared the city to implement the 4% pay cuts supported by Mayor Chuccardo, Councilmember Khamis, and Vice-Mayor Wahlin.

Oh, Fetch almost forgot, the Merc side of the Merctro picked up on our report earlier this month reminding folks of the link between SJ faux cop and D4 City Council race loser Tam Truong to the security firm trying to profit from the rise in burglaries in Almaden Valley.  The daily reports that Tam had his permit to run his security business pulled by the PD brass amid questions about a conflict of interest.

San Jose Po Po shot and killed a man armed with a knife who charged at them.  KGO-7 has the story of the latest episode illustrating the mean streets of SJ.

Two stories, one about former CPUC head Peevey and one about former SJD5 Councilmember Campos, the brother not the sister, reinforce the age-old political axiom that “perception is reality,” these two ex-politicos have heads scratching wondering what they’re thinking.

At the urging of Board President Cortese and Supervisor Chavez, Santa Clara County will create 500 summer youth jobs and internships. The pilot will target foster youth, low-income and disconnected youth and should help reduce the growing crime rate in one particular city in the county that can’t seem to get its act together….Can you say San Jose.

Facebook after death…you bet.  Check out these handy tips from the SV Biz Journal to manage your account from six feet under.

The SV Biz Journal reports on the latest trials and tribulations of SJ’s Casino M8trix as California’s Bureau of Gambling Control is hot on the trail of the casino’s former chief for allegedly violating numerous state gaming regulations while employed by San Jose’s Casino M8trix.

Gov Gavin?  Newsom announces his bid to run for Jerry Brown’s office in 2018, when Brown is termed out.  Here is the run down on the announcement.

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