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October 17, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.17.14: Giant Day For Giants, Liccardo Panders To Vietnamese Voters and Khanna’s Broke

Giants win the pennant, Giants win the pennant, Giants win the pennant! Ishikawa’s crack of the bat knocked a homer over right center field and SF is back in the series.

The video of the home run is all the more sweeter this morning…MLB has it here.

Sam “Hanoi” Liccardo will never understand the Vietnamese community but he will do all he can this Tuesday to pander to it with this scheduled vote cooked up two-weeks before election day.  He and Chuck and of all people Madison are asking the city council to affirm that it won’t do business with Communist Vietnam.  Liccardo is so desperate to win that he is going to try and bamboozle the Vietnamese community into forgetting about his Little Saigon vote, his no-shows at everything and anything Vietnamese related for the past 8 years and all the money he has taken from companies doing business in Vietnam.  Gross.  BTW, it is Saigon, now and forever in the Vietnamese community, not Hanoi…Go ahead Red.





The massive build out in North San Jose, fueled by developer incentives (read: taxpayer giveaways) is snarling traffic to the point that it takes 45-minutes to travel a few miles.  NBC Bay Area has the story that shows the lack of infrastructure planning is putting frowns on many faces.

National Bullying Month now has two local politicos fighting for the fictitious title of “Bully of the Year”.   Entrant #1 is Divisive Don Gagliardi who was sent this letter by a top City of San Jose official chastising him for displaying “hostile, disrespectful and inappropriate” behavior toward a city staff member at a community meeting.  Nice guy!

Entrant #2 is Santa Clara School Board member Chris Stampolis who was slapped with a court order to stay away from his own kid’s school and principal for making credible threats and generally acting like an unadulterated ass.  Stampolis is an embarrassment and should step down.

Ro Khanna can’t manage his campaign budget and now wants to manage the federal budget…no thanks.  Ro’s broke.  He blew through his enormous money advantage only to have Honda trounce him by 20-points and now is looking at a million dollars in advertising coming his way with no dollars to respond.  Where will Ro move next to make another ill-fated run for office?

A nurse that handled fluids from the first US patient who died from Ebola thought it was a good idea to take a cruise.  Belize has refused the nurse entry to their country and the nurse is quarantined in her cabin while the CDC is figuring a way to take her off the ship.

Locally, KTVU-2 reports on health care workers doing their best to tamp down fear as the deadly Ebola virus continues to creep into everyone’s mind. takes some time to delve into South Bay news and covers the alliance that has formed to push for a living wage ordinance in Santa Clara County.

Did you expect anything different from the daily’s resident 49ers fan boy’s coverage of the San Jose D1 city council race.  One guy wants to continue with the policies that led to hundreds of SJ Po-Po bailing on the city, crime rising, and emergency response times doubling: Chappie Jones.  The other wants to enact legal pension reform and use that money to restore services and improve public safety: Paul Fong.

There has been no report that Rose Herrera’s hubby was the culprit in this latest campaign sign rip off story.  Also, we hear reformed sign stealer Pier Oliverio has a credible and rock solid alibi; Deposition prep.

The card room war heats up in Milpitas.

The Soda Tax war heats up in SF and Berkeley.

California’s much maligned bullet train is a go as the State Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that it can be built.  Look for trains to start running in the next two or three decades.

Chappie Jones is pushing out campaign mail about how bad crime is and about sex offenders running rampant in San Jose.  Fetch wonders if he will accept the endorsement of Metro Newspaper since their classified ad provider is the human trafficking engine…

Shady and secret land deals between the former boyfriend of Brooke Shields and Rocketship charter schools is being reported on by

Nate-Dog from the SV Biz Journal discloses the fire sale soon to take place to dispense of VTA land that is need of development.  50 parcels will be up for sale soon.

County Assessor and Developer Larry Stone, who got into all sorts of hot water plying his trade to line his pockets while the elected county tax collector and a couple of his developer friends are standing with Saratoga Sam Liccardo, well sort of.  Stone and Chuck Toeniskoetter sent out an appeal for contributions to help Liccardo but Larry must have forgotten to ask Chuck how committed to Sam he was.  Apparently, Toeniskoetter is standing with Dave Cortese as well.


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October 16, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.16.14: Scott “Cape Fear” Herhold Has Amnesia, Reed Makes Up A Crime Drop Mirage and County Registrar’s Days R Numbered

San Jose led the way and increased the minimum wage and low and behold other cities are following.  Sunnyvale is the newest city that has raised the wage and joins Mt. View and SJ leaders in taking the bold step to improve the lives of those working to make ends meet.  San Jose’s minimum wage hike was opposed by Saratoga Sam Liccardo and supported by Dave “Mr. Personality” Cortese.

The resident 49ers groupie over at the beleaguered daily takes a time out from all things Levi’s Stadium to give his take on the SJ mayor’s race.  Familiar territory is regurgitated for the umpteenth time about Dave and about Sam.

Dave Cortese goes after human traffickers and details how he and the County Board of Supervisors actually expanded the reach of law enforcement to go after human trafficking and those that foster it.  Maybe that’s why the Metro Newspaper, who still utilizes the sex for sale classified ad provider has endorsed Sam Liccardo?

NBC’s Damian Trujillo breaks down the rise in residential break-ins occurring in this affluent part of San Jose.  Crooks are targeting the high-end bling and other finer things laying around these well to do homes.

Chuck Reed and Sam Liccardo say that with a 30% drop in gang crime the San Jose Po-Po will have eliminated any and all gang crime in San Jose.  Crime problem solved.  But of course, Reed and Liccardo are relying on stats produced by Chief Larry Esquivel who had to take an erasure out and fix the last set of “Gang Crime is Down” stats when he was caught juking the stats.  The Reed announcement has the air of desperation permeating from it…


Larry Esquivel has sinned


And speaking of crime, because everyone else is, Scott  “Cape Fear” Herhold is crying foul over the fact that his boy in the mayor’s race is to blame for 400 less cops and soaring crime.  Herhold complains that SJ Po-Po talking to voters about burglaries, victims, and violent crime is nothing more than a campaign of fear.  Ummm, bullshi!

Scottie must have forgotten about this column he wrote about his dork ride/ten speed getting ripped off and how it made him feel.  Or about his tony neighborhood being stalked by thieves and vandals and how that made him and his neighbors feel.  Scott is so far in the bag for Liccardo he is willing to do or say anything to help his boy.  Herhold is even willing to get a case of self inflicted amnesia to forget about his personal crime wave he experienced and wrote about just a short time ago. Pathetic.


liccardo herhold bromance catches fire


KTVU-2 reports that Bay Area rents continue to soar.  The short rental housing supply coupled with rising wages has made the hunt for an affordable abode nearly impossible.

A second health care worker at a Dallas hospital who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday.  This nurse was allowed on a commercial flight after calling the CDC and reporting she had an elevated temperature…WTF.

The Zuckerbergs are tapping their overflowing checkbook for $25 million to donate toward fighting the Ebola outbreak.  The Zuck’s $25M is more than what China, Canada and France have contributed toward the fight…combined.  Mark, you go ahead and buy up every house in Palo Alto if you continue this type of giving.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office is being sued over the shooting of a knife-wielding woman that left the 61-yr old dead.  The suit alleges that the use of lethal force was unnecessary…hmmm.  KLIV informed is 24 listeners of the story.

The countdown as to when the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters gets canned has begun.  The latest snafu is like the last snafu or the one before that; ballots screwed up in one way or another and mailed.

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October 14, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.14.14: Sexual Harassment Allegations Revealed, SJ Po-Po Academy Woes Continue and Pontificating Pundits Push Polls In Honda v. Khanna Race

Explicit details of recent sexual harassment allegations have been revealed and they ain’t pretty.  CNN has picked up on the story.

SIKE…that’s the wrong sexual harassment story.

The City of San Jose has enough money to pay for over 150 Po-Po, right now, today.  But it can’t hire them faster than they are losing them.  The latest police academy that had room for 60 recruits had 29 takers a couple of weeks ago but this past Friday only 23 showed up to be sworn in as city employees.

The latest solution, instead of fixing Measure B, is to require all SJ Po-Po to work mandatory overtime to fill in the gaping holes in staffing that need to be covered every single day just to respond to 911 calls.  Forget about actually trying to prevent crime or investigating crime to hold crooks accountable, those days are over.

The SJPD brass, reeling from the McDonald DV allegations and the departments close ties to the 49ers, have asked, what’s left of, the entire department how they ought to institute mandatory overtime.  Here is the Monkey Survey that is making the rounds.  Looks like anyone can take the survey, so have at it Fetch readers…



In San Jose, two suspected burglars who also kicked the crap out of a little dog are still on the loose although this video has helped identify one of the thugs.  NBC Bay Area has the story.

Talk about a rough day.  This San Jose man was visiting his wife in the hospital after she was just diagnosed with MS and had his car stolen from the parking lot.  The thieves drove to the man’s home and then proceeded to steal the family’s second car right out of the driveway.  To make matters worse the man is a Lyft driver.

The two SJ mayoral candidates traded plans and barbs after touring parts of San Jose yesterday and then sitting down to field questions from residents packing a church.

The home of Google has raised its minimum wage to $10.30 per hour and indexed future increases to the rate of inflation.  Mt. View follows the lead taken by San Jose, which raised its wage a couple of years ago.

That’s one big friggin’ pumpkin that won the annual World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off held in Half-Moon Bay.  The gourd weighed in at 2,058 lbs. and the winner, John Hawkley, pocketed $13,000 in prize money.  Now go make some pie!

Dave Cortese recently took the living wage challenge.

Santa Clara County is taking proactive steps to ensure that any Ebola outbreak in Silicon Valley is handled properly.  Special protocols have been put in place to keep the virus contained.  Although on the heels of this nurse in Dallas contracting the disease, these protocols may not be enough.

Dueling polls in the Honda v. Khanna race shows either a dead heat or a substantial lead for Honda.  KPIX-5 breaks down the numbers.  For the details of who each campaign polled take a look at Josh Richman’s piece to see which pollster best matched expected turnout by ethnicity and party.

A woman in San Jose became the latest pedestrian traffic fatality as she was hit by an SUV driver.  The driver fled the scene.

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October 13, 2014

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day Scott Herhold

Fetch will return tomorrow…BTW this is what the headline is about.

indigenous-peoples-day1 copy




October 10, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.10.14: Did Gagliardi Name His Dog Old Yeller?, Is Pier A Perv? and Is Reed A Liar?

In National Bullying Gagliardi Prevention Month News

Divisive Don “Bluto” Gagliardi sympathizers are feasting on a breakfast buffet of crow and hats this morning after reading the news that former City Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Harry Mavrogenes confirmed that he did in fact author and send this letter that stood up to Gagliardi’s bullying and called out the cad for being pretty much of a jerk…here is everything Harry Mavrogenes said to The Left Hook Blog:

The former SJ Redevelopment Agency chief who was moved to scold City Council Candidate Don Gagliardi for his bad behavior, is shaking his head over why anyone would want to put Gagliardi in a position of trust on the San Jose City Council.

Reached by phone at his Stockton Metropolitan Airport office, Harry Mavrogenes,  who led the San Jose Redevelopment agency from 2003 to 2011, said his staff had multiple bad experiences with Gagliardi’s rants and raves at public meetings concerning the city’s Strong Neighborhoods Revitalization projects.  

The District 3 Council Candidate was the head of the Northside Neighborhood Association at the time and was “very disrespectful to redevelopment Agency staff,” according to Mavrogenes, “yelling and berating them at public meetings.”  Mavrogenes said he was moved to write this letter to Gagliardi after at least 3 incidents in which Gagliardi displayed what Mavrgenes described as “over the top, completely inappropriate behavior.”

Mavrogenes, who’s now the Director of the Stockton Metropolitan Airport, said he’s “never seen anyone react like that before.”  In San Jose revitalization projects, he said “we disagreed on some issues, but people always treated each other with respect.  Not Gagliardi, he got upset because he didn’t get his way.”

Lastly, well for today anyway, in an unconfirmed report, rumors are swirling that Gagliardi even named his dog, Old Yeller.

Gagliardi didn’t get his way….waaaaaa, waaaaa!




And in more unrelated Gagliardi bully news, SJSU promises to do better in the aftermath of the racial bullying incident, some would say pattern, that landed several ex-students in some serious trouble with the law.

Onward to other happenings

Mayor Chuck Reed lies. There, Fetch said it.  In a head to head match up comparing nose growth with Pinocchio, Reed wins by several feet. In his latest lie, Reed wants San Jose voters to believe that the police department is adding officers and that crime is down.  Ya, sure, crime is down.  Reed doesn’t mention a word of consolation to all the victims of crime in San Jose, because he could give a sh#! about them, he recites his interpretation of stats with the emotion of a storefront mannequin.  Pathetic. Of course his partner in crime, the ethical Barbara Marshman led Mercury News editorial board, gives him space to spew a few hundred words of BS in support of Sam Liccardo who the newspaper needs to pay back for the taxpayer subsidy that allowed the daily to move to the drug riddled and urine stained downtown San Jose.

Fetch guesses timing is everything, on the same day that Reed’s nose grew some more, this lil’ ditty landed in resident’s mailboxes.




Is Pier a perv?  An explosive allegation of sexual harassment was leveled against former bartender and current councilmember Pier Olivero in a lawsuit filed by his former Chief of Staff and campaign manager Denelle Fedor.  The suit alleges that Pier called Fedor vulgar names and that “Oliverio’s harassment of plaintiff was severer, pervasive and unwelcome”.  Fedor, who at times possesses a look reminiscent of someone in a trance, or under hypnosis, is now working for Johnny Khamis, who BTW, is in a trance.

KGO-7’s Vic Lee reports that the SJ Po-Po tangled up in the Ray McDonald mess was on duty when he arrived to the alleged crime scene after getting a call from Ray.  So just how cozy is the 49ers relationship with the SJPD?  This is one situation that is FUBR.

Madison Nguyen can’t keep order in her old Communications Hill neighborhood so her idea is to fence off the troubled staircase where heroin addicts and perverts are making life unbearable for residents.  Let’s hope Madison’s idea can be duplicated in downtown SJ where the whole center of the city would need to be fenced off.

The new CEO of Microsoft is a dipshit for saying women should trust the system and not ask for raises…seriously.  What’s next from this clown, “A woman’s place is in the home?”  This is the mentality of some 1%ers, you know, the ones backing Saratoga Sam Liccardo.

Michael Peevey ran out of lives as the stench of scandal clung to him like lies do to Chuck Reed.  Peevey should make sure he has a good lawyer on speed dial as each day more and more allegations are being leveled against the agency he was supposed to be overseeing.

Unable to develop a cohesive message and wanting to avoid discussing the issues has left Liccardo campaign flak Ragan Henninger grasping at giant straws that apparently she can only see bouncing around in her head.  The latest broadside from Henninger, who pocketed a whopping 39% pay raise when cops and firefighters were eating a 10% pay cut, is laughable but of course SJ Inside publishes the slimy attack without mentioning Liccardo violating the law earlier this summer when he began raising money before legally being allowed to.  Fetch guesses that’s what winners do.




Doing his best to make the Honda v. Khanna race, well a race, Josh Richman goes all Waterboy on us and quenches Khanna’s thirst.  The floundering Khanna couldn’t close the deal in the recent snoozefest of a debate earlier this week so in steps the daily to deliver the dirt.  Ain’t gonna matter… where will Khanna move to next after his defeat?

The SV Biz Journal’s hardest working reporter, sorry Nate-Dog, spins this yarn about where the SJ mayoral candidates stand on a bunch of issues on the back, like way back of voters minds.

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October 9, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.09.14: Gagliardi Rebuke Letter Obtained From City of SJ, Keith Olbermann Rips NFL and SJPD Brass…Again and SJ Killers Get Caught

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  Now on to Don Gagliardi news:

Informed sources are telling Fetch that the letter calling out Don Gagliardi for hostile, inappropriate and disrespectful behavior toward others was obtained months ago through a public information request sent to the City of San Jose.




The letter, from Redevelopment Agency head honcho Harry Mavrogenes to Don “Bluto” Gagliardi has several D3 neighborhood email exchanges talking up a storm over which Gagliardi is running for city council…one email chain obtained by Fetch includes this exchange:

“Regarding the two Dons, I have seen the “firebrand neighborhood activist, who would enter meetings and disrupt, agitate and attack in ways that I was personally uncomfortable with in any setting.”

And having seen this, I have exactly the questions you stated: ”Can he advocate for his agenda in ways that have a chance of bringing his colleagues along?  Or will he [be] going to city council meetings to have knock down drag out sessions, that could be so polarizing that nothing much could get done?”

Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month?

The member of the 49ers security detail who also moonlights as an SJ Po-Po, you know him, the one who showed up at the (alleged) Ray McDonald DV incident is getting more national attention as ESPN’s Keith Olbermann spent a few minutes ripping the SJPD brass for approving the cozy relationship with the 49ers.  Olbermann has set his sights on SJPD’s Assistant Chief  Captain Eddie Garcia, who saw his picture blasted on national airwaves for trying to talk his way out of the latest blunder to befall his department. Political insiders are chattering about a major shoe that is about to be dropped on this entire sordid episode.  Stay tuned.

Too bad none of the 17 off duty po-po that make up the 49ers security detail didn’t have to take a leak as they may have been able to prevent this viscous, unprovoked assault in a Levi’s stadium bathroom that has left one man near death.  The two thugs are in custody.

Three heartless criminals have been arrested for gunning down an innocent young father in South San Jose.  The alleged shooters mistook the young father as a threat when all he was doing was loading up his family to head home after spending time at a relative’s home.

This San Jose father is being called a hero for reacting in time to save his mother, child and the family dog from a fire that took two hours for SJ firefighters to put out.  NBC Bay Area has the story.

The latest campaign mail that’s piling up in San Jose mailboxes has been posted for anyone interested.  The latest Liccardo piece, paid for by two uber-rich out of town fat cats who plunked down $50G’s to say Sam is a crime-fighter, is, well, laughable.  Especially after Liccardo led the way to defeating a proposal to protect neighborhoods from burglaries.


The latest Cortese mail piece, paid for by Cortese’s campaign, compares safety in San Jose when it was the safest large city in the nation while he was on the city council versus now, the message being, Liccardo drove the city off a cliff and now wants the keys again.


It was a San Jose pilot who died in a plane crash while fighting the latest Yosemite wildfire.  Future flights have been grounded while this tragic crash is being investigated.

Mutual aid for the massive King fire was responded to by Palo Alto firefighters and their story is told here by Palo Alto Online.

A major, major nerd convention is on the horizon for our urine stained and drug riddled downtown San Jose as Intel’s Extreme Masters Tournament is slated for Dec. 6-7 at the SAP Center.  Up to 18,000 spectators will pay to watch others play video games…’nuff said.

The first Ebola death in the US has been recorded as the infected man from Dallas has succumbed to the disease as the CDC Chief is now calling the Ebola outbreak the “biggest health threat since AIDS.”

The Giants are gearing up for the NLCS and much of the credit should go to their manager Bruce Bochy for his deft hand and making sure the team peaked at the right time.  ESPN provides this preview of the series with the Cardinals. Go Giants!

San Jose’s Independent Police Auditor likes to doodle. Who cares?

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October 8, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.08.14: Don Gagliardi Needs Some Anger Management, Liccardo and Reed Say No to Preventing Home Burglaries and Walmart Cuts Employee Health Care

KTVU-2 reports on a prowler who broke into another SJ home while the residents were in bed and only got away after a “blood curdling” scream from the daughter of this angry parent interviewed in this story.

And what was the reaction from City Hall to the ever-increasing property crime wave overwhelming San Jose neighborhoods.  Well, Sam Liccardo and Chuck Reed voted down a proposal to use a portion of the newly discovered $17 million in EXCESS city general funds to help neighborhoods combat crime.

The proposal by Councilmember Ash Kalra was to provide grants to residents to offset the costs of burglar alarms, sensor lighting and private security patrols.  A portion of the EXCESS money would go to the massive police OT budget that is being drained.  Apparently, this concept was too complicated for Johnny Khamis and way too complicated for truth avoiding Rose Hererra as they joined Liccardo and Reed in saying no to providing help to residents, as Reed is quoted, apparently residents can’t be trusted.

Apparently, Divisive Don Gagliardi has an anger management issue or two, or three.  According to a letter posted on TheLeftHook, San Jose Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Harry Mavrogenes took the unprecedented step of calling out Gagliardi for his hostile behavior toward staff and for inappropriate and disrespectful behavior on numerous occasions at community meetings.  Several sources have told Fetch that Don’s explosive temper is legendary and that he’s always right…just ask him.  Temper tantrums should be reserved for the terrible two’s not a grown ass man.






Fetch has got to believe this scared the shit out of a driver in San Jose…KGO-7 plays video of a mountain lion on top of a homeowners car.

Communications Hill, the former neighborhood of Mayoral also-ran, Madison Nguyen, is being overrun by drugs, public sex and crazed workout fanatics.  The neighborhood has hired off-duty SJ Po-Po to patrol their neighborhood as city planners and developers want to cram in 2,000 more homes.

Two murder suspects have been sprung by DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen as the embattled DA struggles to deal with the fallout from one of his friends getting caught in an inappropriate affair with a DNA witness and insufficient evidence to proceed in another case.  TracEy from the daily dissects the latest dismissal.

Rosen is resting his hopes to turn around the recent bad news emanating from his office with a win in this case that relies on testimony from a jailed ex-prostitute.  KTVU-2 has the deets.

Walmart recently cashed in $17 billion in profits so of course its cutting health care coverage for its employees working under 30-hours per week. That’s the old corporate spirit, right. And who do those loving folks from Arkansas want as SJ’s next Mayor, Walmart wants Republican Darling Saratoga Sam Liccardo, of course.




The Ebola outbreak is causing Santa Clara County health officials to double-check that what recently happened in Dallas does not repeat itself here.  The County’s chief Doc, no not Dr. Jeff Smith, but Dr. Sarah Cody went before the Board of Supervisors to discuss what is taking place to prevent a catastrophe.

Levi’s Stadium just can’t catch a break…beat downs in the john and angry neighbors complaining about traffic, drunks, and public urination…sort of sounds like downtown SJ.

That’s a whole lot of Coke and Pepsi money being poured into the No on Proposition E campaign to defeat the SF soda tax.  $7.7 million has been spent so far to make sure sugary drinks can continue to flow in the city.

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October 7, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.07.14: Liccardo Defeat Party Location Closing, Keith Olbermann Unloads On SJPD Brass, and SJ Mayoral Money Race…

Bye-bye birdie…the restaurant where Sam Liccardo hosted his defeat party after the June primary is shuttering its doors.  The urine-stained and drug riddled downtown SJ has claimed another victim as Blackbird Tavern joins PF Changs, Los Gatos Brewing Company, and a swath of empty restaurants and storefronts that litter downtown San Jose.





According to Keith Olbermann, there is way, way more to the 49ers Ray McDonald domestic violence case than meets the eye.  Olbermann goes off on the SJPD brass and the SJ po-po who thought it was a good idea to show up at a potential crime scene while not on duty.  Olbermann has a whole lot of questions as this story is now a national one.


San Jose’s resident police department apologist, Assistant Chief Captain Eddie Garcia spins his side of the story about how an NFL team was able to hire off-duty SJ Po-Po for a private security job and why one 49er felt it was the right thing to call one of his security detail to help in a domestic violence incident, allegedly.

The Mayoral Money Race is heating up—here are the 460’s…Liccardo leads by about $100K overall since the first of the year and about 80K cash on hand. Click the image for a larger view.

Cortese vs Liccardo Fundrace


The SV Biz Journal’s Lauren Hepler is fast approaching the title of hardest working reporter in the South Bay.  Hepler graces our humble blog with three stories, all relevant, all well researched and all worth a read.

Has Meg Whitman delivered on her vision for HP.  The NY Times takes a look at what she has accomplished and what is left to do as the company breaks up.

And to see how Whitman has delivered, or not, on value, stock price and earnings, take a look at these charts provided by the SV Biz Journal.

We waited for this; the debate about debates was more exciting than the actual one last night between Mike Honda and Ro Khanna. Khanna and his media cheerleaders must feel like a deflated balloon after last night’s snoozer of a debate.  Khanna found himself agreeing with Honda and praising Honda for most of the debate and attacked him over attendance and one email about campaign events and official business.  Ummm, big wow!

Looks like former Mayor Tom McEnery had his comb-over flip out, kind of like this, when he saw a private, non-SJ fire rig flying a banner for Dave Cortese. Hundreds of Bay Area firefighters flooded SJ to support Cortese and that got McEnery’s chonies in a bunch.

Shocking that the gazillionaire in the race for a water board seat is in front when it comes to fundraising.  Gary Kremen has chunked up $280K to incumbent Brian Schmidt’s $13K.

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October 6, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.06.14: Airwaves Heat Up in SJ Mayoral Race, SJ Home Invasion Targets Wheelchair Bound Man and Judge (Tentatively) Rules City of SJ Lost Measure B Case And Is Liable for Court Costs

A wheelchair bound man had his hands and feet tied up by thieves in this dastardly home invasion in San Jose over the weekend.  The man, who has been in a wheelchair since suffering a stroke, was found by a neighbor who stopped by to check on him and was taken to the hospital.  The perpetrators are still on the loose.

San Jose’s contentious mayoral campaign is headed to the airwaves.  Supporters of Cortese have released “A San Jose Crime Quiz” and the Liccardo camp has released “Sam Liccardo Encourages Residents To Join His Campaign”.  Thanks to our spies for the heads up.






Yesterday’s Merc editorial must Chap Cortese’s hide.  The editorial board bored a hole right into how hypocritical they truly are.  In throwing their endorsement behind one candidate in the D1 city council race the editorialistas write the Chapster  “…would prefer a negotiated settlement of pension reform litigation if it achieves enough savings.  He would be a thoughtful addition to the council.”  Ummm, isn’t that the same position Dave Cortese has been tarred and feathered for by the very same editorial board?

Maya Esparza also got the nod from the Merc in D7 as did Divisive Don Gagliardi in D3 over police officer Raul Peralez, who came out on top in the June primary.

Two fires in SJ not only consumed structures but also virtually the entire fire department as firefighters were stretched thin to respond to near simultaneous blazes leaving large portions of the city without fire and medical rescue resources.

Another fatal pedestrian accident took place over the weekend near the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  So far, this fatality marks SJ’s 32nd of the year.

This publication in Dallas sure has some sucky timing when it comes to cover selections. The Ebola patient in a Dallas hospital has taken a further turn for the worse and Ebola patient No. 5 is headed to Nebraska for treatment as the fear and disease continue to spread.

Supervisor Dave Cortese wants the county to assist veterans with the process to receive their deserved benefits faster in a proposal to be heard tomorrow at the BOS meeting.  By making sure veterans receive their federal benefits in a timely manner, good luck with that one, the county can save dollars.

The Oakland race for Mayor is headed for the dogs.  In Oaktown’s dog eat dog world of politics, Einstein, or man’s best friend is pawing his way to the top in a crowded field to see who gets to bark orders at City Hall.

Yesterday, the 49ers won 22-17 over the KC Chiefs and the Raiders didn’t lose.  The Raiders did not play so by not playing they avoided a loss, thus they won as well…you following us?  An assault took place at Levi’s stadium yesterday and early reports confirm that no active 49ers were arrested.

Back in December, the truth impaired Chuck Reed proudly proclaimed that the city won when a judge ruled against the city’s controversial Measure B pension measure. As Reed and Liccardo tell it, the city won because they tallied 12 things the judge went their way on and city workers only won like 3.  Unfortunately, that’s not how a judge, tentatively, sees it.

The same judge who ruled against the city the first time issued this tentative ruling last week that declares the city lost the Measure B case and tentatively ruled that the loser, AKA Reed and the City are liable to pay millions for the legal fees for the winning side’s attorneys.  Reed must hate when the facts get in the way of his BS.

Ro Khanna will get to defend the former Honda staffer who threatened to kill Honda’s Chief of Staff and her daughter and was slapped with a restraining order to stay away from those he threatened as Ro revs up his smear campaign at tonight’s debate that will air on NBC Bay Area.

HP will split into two companies as the 75-year old company does what it can to compete with much more nimble competitors.

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October 3, 2014

Daily Fetch 10.03.14: Metro Source Threatened To Kill Honda Chief of Staff And Daughter, Mrs. Guardino Joins 1%ers For Liccardo and Ray McDonald Case Thrown For A Loop

Obamacare is projected to save hospitals nationwide $5.7 billion dollars as these hospitals are treating and will treat fewer and fewer uninsured patients.  California hospitals are expected to reap $222 million of the $5.7 billion.

More Americans insured, health insurance costs slowing or actually going down and hospitals saving money.  Seems like a good thing…right?  Well not if you’re the Chairman of the Santa Clara County Republican Party and GOP endorsed Sam Liccardo backer…Charles Munger.  Here is what 1%er Munger had to say about health insurance for those uninsured (click on image for a larger view).


The other 1%ers, virtually all of them not able to vote in a San Jose election, are pouring big CEO tech bucks into the Carl “Sam’s bike-ride buddy” Guardino’s “independent expenditure” to boost Liccardo (click on image for a larger view).



Well, Carl is not the only Guardino orchestrating the big bucks Liccardo effort, his San Jose lobbyist wife, who Liccardo recently voted to award the company she represents a whopping contract over at SJC to, is now calling the shots with her hubby.  How quaint…maybe the IE should be renamed No Guardino Left Behind?


KGO-7’s Vic Lee broke a new twist in the Ray McDonald “alleged” DV case.  Lee says that one SJ Po-Po, who works 49ers security, was called to the residence on the night the incident took place.  WTF…this has to be a Maalox Moment for the beleaguered police brass who have kept this from the public all this time.

Some source SJ Inside’s Josh Koehn relied upon to smear Congressman Mike Honda.  Any ethical cub reporter would have checked the source out and figured out he had a major axe to grind after being hit with a Temporary Restraining Order for threatening to kill Honda’s Chief of Staff and her daughter.  Seriously Josh, you rely on this unstable individual who was arrested over these threats to attack Honda. Your story is so devoid of balance that after reading it the entire Fetch newsroom came down with Vertigo.

The Metro, in pursuit of a hurting their enemies, disregarded Josh Koehn’s source, Ruchit Agrawal’s vile threats toward women and children and his arrest for making those threats.  The Metro’s tilt away from any semblance of journalistic integrity and tilt toward smearing and sliming their enemies and ignoring how women are abused, targeted and treated is not surprising, but it is sad.

How does the Metro feel about women?  Well, they continues to link to as their classified ad provider…one click onto Metro’s Sex link in their Forum section, right to and one click on escorts and its exploitation of women run amok.  Keep it classy Metro.

Sultans of Slime

Ebola may be hitting closer to home as former KPIX-5’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her film crew have been quarantined as she is suspected of being exposed to the disease.  One of Snyderman’s film crew has tested positive.

Former San Jose Police Chief Joe McNamara was memorialized yesterday and was given a proper send off by those that worked with him and for him.  Chief McNamara built the San Jose Police Department into a pre-eminent force that kept us safe for many, many years.

A win for labor?! Google will hire its own in-house security and provide them the same benefits package all other Google employees receive.  Google is making this change after local labor unions pointed out the substandard pay and benefits the Google outside security contractor was providing its security workers.

The SJ Biz Journal is reporting that the minimum wage in SJ is set to rise to $10.30 per hour and that other local cities are taking the lead from SJ voters and pushing for their cities to raise the wage.  FYI…the minimum wage increase was opposed by Chuck, Sam, Pete and the Chamber of Commerce.

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