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August 29, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.29.14: Reed/Esquivel/Liccardo Tank The Tank, Bymaster’s Mercury Meltdown and Crimes Against Women Get Attention…

The San Jose Mercury News has been called out by Rocketship Rabble-rouser Bret Bymaster as nothing more than a right-wing mouthpiece for Chuck Reed and Sam Liccardo.  In a detailed indictment of the daily, Bymaster reveals a string of incidents that back up his claim that the daily has lost its ability to report news in an unbiased manner and that it’s editorial board needs a much needed make over.  For the Cliff Notes version go to TheLeftHook.

In a move that has rank and file SJ po-po up in arms, the Reed/Esquivel/Liccardo regime have mothballed the department’s only armored vehicle in a move that reeks of political expediency.  Several spies are telling Fetch this decision may spark a vote of no confidence in the current city hall regime.  Can anyone forget what happened in LA when two heavily armed and armored crooks shot up a neighborhood and it took an armored vehicle to save the lives of civilians and officers who had been shot?  Here’s a reminder.



Liccardo and his friends in the SJPD command staff talk a good game when it comes to supporting the po-po but Liccardo’s public safety credibility gap reminds Fetch of Mike Dukakis and his credibility gap when it came to a strong national defense.


Sam Liccardo 

sam liccardo2


A day after Chuck Reed popped champagne corks after declaring crime is down in SJ, another homicide took place.  A woman was found stabbed in an Evergreen church parking lot.  No weapon was found at the scene and the killer is on the loose.  Crime is down and BTW Fetch has a bridge in Brooklyn if anyone is interested in buying it.

Ro keeps arguing with himself and his campaign team over debating Mike Honda.  Khanna is now ducking a debate that Mike has agreed to and has placed preconditions on going toe to toe with the congressman.  First Ro cried for debates, now he cries that there is a debate…that’s the type of decision making Washington DC needs right now…ya right.

Paid sick leave has hit a roadblock in Sacramento as one influential labor union now opposes the legislation.  SEIU wants the bill to cover everyone with a few days off a year and not exclude home health care workers.  Stay tuned.

Another bill awaits Governor Brown’s signature and with it California will take a righteous step in the right direction to curtail the rise in sexual assaults on college campuses.  Affirmative consent would now be the standard, in other words consenting adults would have to say yes.

And after fumbling the penalty for this domestic abuser, the NFL Commish Roger Goodell has issued a new domestic violence policy that could ban players for life if they can’t keep their hands to themselves.  Fetch believes it ought to be a one strike your out policy, but this is better than the recent slap on the wrist doled out by Goodell.

The City of Mountain View wants to hear what its residents say…well not say but write, about increasing the minimum wage to the same level as San Jose.  This story includes a link to allow the peeps in Mt. View to sound off.

Bay City News and CBS-5 are reporting a gruesome discovery in Morgan Hill of a dead body that was apparently burned.  County Sheriffs are taking the lead on the investigation.

Both the 49rs and Raiders won their last pre-season games and head into the regular season on a high note.  And TheSanJoseBlog wants Levi Stadium revelers to know every way possible, short of parachuting in, to get to the stadium and hopefully avoid the nightmare traffic and light rail back up that makes for a long wait.

Hey Nate-dog, long time no see.  The SV Biz Journal’s man in the know reports that Summerhill Homes has purchased 10-acres in Los Gatos from the Sisters of the Holy Names.  The homebuilder plans on putting up 17 luxury homes at around $3.5M a pop.

Donato (hyphen) Weinstein also reports on the latest urine-stained, gang riddled DTSJ Fountain Alley development “tire-kicking” taking place. Gang members are hailing the potential development as it will provide more windows to take pot shots at.

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August 28, 2014

Daily Fetch 09.28.14: Sparky Killed During Almaden Burglary, More Madison Mischief and Khanna Desperate For Attention…

San Jose’s Little Saigon district naming controversy won’t go away.  The 6th District Court of Appeals reinstated a lawsuit filed by the Vietnamese-American Community of Northern California alleging Madison Nguyen lined up votes to shoot down the wishes of many in the Vietnamese community in violation of the Brown Act.  Madison and her fav mayoral candidate Saratoga Sam Liccardo voted against designating the popular area Little Saigon.

Madison will have plenty of time away from San Jo’ to gin up a defense strategy as she is jetting off on a whirlwind junket to learn about climate change.  Nguyen will be able to apply all she learns on the two-week tour, yup, two weeks, during her last four months on the city council.  Sounds like she has her priorities in order.

One San Jose family living in Almaden endured a burglary that took an ugly turn when they discovered their house ransacked and their dog bludgeoned to death with a golf club.  Two seriously disturbed San Jose teens, allegedly, broke into seven homes during their afternoon crime spree and heartlessly killed one homeowner’s dog, named Sparky.

The “COPS” TV show filming in San Jo’ released video of an arrest of a suspect with a history of violence, especially against the po-po.  Luckily, for this COPS film crew, none suffered the fate of their colleague who was shot and killed in Omaha while filming a gunfight at a fast food restaurant.

Women, innocently walking in San Jose’s urine-stained downtown, minding their own business, are getting sucker-punched, knocked to the ground, assaulted and then are having their belongings stolen.  NBC Bay Area reports on two violent street gangs, Los Mocosos and The Squad, who target women in DTSJ.

And what might you ask was Mayor Reed’s response to this latest spat of violence in our fair city?  He avoids mentioning Sparky or the women getting stomped in DTSJ or the thug caught on film going off on SJ po-po….no, he continues with the Liccardo lie that all is well and SJ is safe.  Reed sent out an email yesterday telling recipients that Crime is Down!  Shi#, let’s throw the Mayor a parade for a job well done.



BTW, our spies tell us that another 7 more SJ po-po have resigned this week… ummmm, how’s that Measure B thing working out these days?

Thieves targeted the Metcalf substation again.  This time cutting a hole through the fence and making off with construction equipment.  SF Chron coverage is here and KPIX is here.

Fetch is beginning to feel sorry for poor, disgruntled Ro Khanna and his never ending quest for relevance.  Khanna is now spending time crying a river about Mike Honda missing votes to tend to his daughter while she was undergoing major back surgery and taking care of his wife who suffered from cancer.  Keep it classy Ro.  And now that a debate in the race has been set, Khanna is complaining about that as well.  He should set down his rattle, turn off Barney and Friends, ask his handlers to change his diaper and start explaining why the Tea Party loves him so much.

WTF…Mitt Romney is leading in the latest 2016 Iowa presidential poll that gauges support for likely GOP candidates.  Democrats can only dream that Mr. 49% gets the nod.  Three won’t be the charm for Mitt.

SJ Inside takes a swipe at County Supervisor Mike Wasserman for his support of Rural Metro, the ambulance company that has continued to exceed the 90% response time requirements and actually saw their response times improve during their recent bankruptcy. 




Although, Fetch can’t confirm that the ambulance doors actually open when they get there on time.

The SV Biz Journal takes a deep dive into a labor report detailing just how wide the wage gap is amongst tech workers and those that support them at companies such as Google, Apple and others.  The story also delves into what can be done to improve the disparity and how little it would cost companies that are raking in record profits.

Want to tell Santa Clara County Supervisors how brutal it is to make ends meet in Silicon Valley?  Here is your chance.  Check out this story from the daily.

If your Labor Day weekend has you heading to the city, SF of course, we said city, then be prepared for a traffic nightmare.  The SV Biz Journal has the deets about what freeways are open and which are closed.

The Cupertino City Council sent a message to smokers with their vote to post signage saying back off puffers when in public spaces or within 25 feet of outdoor restaurants.

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August 27, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.27.14: Reed Walks On Sunshine, Uzi Or A Drill? and Cali Minimum Wage Wars

NBC Bay Area’s Robert Handa interviews the parents of the woman fatally shot by the SJ po-po after calling 911 and saying she was going to kill her family with an Uzi.  A cell phone video of the tragic incident is shown in the story.

Here is what an Uzi looks like and below that is a photo of the black drill the fatally shot woman was pointing at the po-po and civilians in front of her home.




County Sheriffs are under the microscope over a fatal shooting in Sunnyvale.  The daily reports on a lawsuit filed over the fatality.

The New Guy at City Hall took a break from his 49ers obsession and phoned this one in about the Reed Reforms and how this list of rules, as opposed to SJ losing 400 cops, will be Chuck Reed’s legacy.  The New Guy failed to mention that Chuck and his crew walk on sunshine so much they ought to pay royalties to Katrina and the Waves.

It’s ingenious, come up with a bunch of reforms, don’t follow them when it’s not convenient for what you want to do, like here or here or here or here and at the end of your term, 7-years later, take a vote to make these rules the law of the land and bind future council members to the very rules you skirted for 7-years. On top of that, get the daily paper to praise your efforts… Un-fuc#ing-believable.

Has SJ Inside morphed into the TheLeftHook?  This SJI post points to white males getting in the way of equal rights for women and attempts to rally support for change.  It delves into a mini history lesson and included a call to action.  Sort of reminds Fetch of this important speech given by the late Chris Farley.

Violent Crime is up in San Jose and homicides are down according to new stats released by SJPD.  Hopefully these stats are accurate and not the juked up numbers used last year by the po-po command staff.

Add one more violent crime incident to the next set of stats released in SJ as this stabbing in West San Jose, yes Fetch wrote West, leaves one victim injured and the perpetrator at large.

KLIV 1590 told its 27 listeners about a grenade found in this San Jose neighborhood.  The SJPD Bomb Squad took care of it without incident.  Hey, maybe that drone thingamajig could have been used to help on this caper…oh, snap, nevermind.

KLIV also is reporting on Santa Clara County assisting non-profts, to the tune of $1.2 million, to prepare for the cold weather season and be able to provide shelter to replace the armory that closed in Sunnyvale.

Netflix says No to the pending Comcast-Time Warner merger.  The SV Biz Journal reports that Netflix has formally opposed the deal in a letter to the FCC that basically says Comcast can’t be trusted to avoid manipulation of Internet traffic.

California Minimum Wage Wars

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August 26, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.26.14: Supervisor Wasserman Is Supervisor Swami, Herhold Hits A High Note and Rich Man/Poor Man in CD 17

Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman is being dubbed Supervisor Swami after his unconfirmed prediction that the newly christened Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail would “Rock Napa’s world”, a mere hours before the Napa earthquake struck. Since the quake, those in the know are reporting to the Fetch that Supervisor Swami has been repeatedly asked what his fav lottery numbers are, are the A’s coming to San Jose and will the Giants make the playoffs.




Did the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office take the Metcalf power plant attack seriously?  That is the question probed by NBC’s Investigative Unit in this piece that is sure to make those sour grapes, which the Laurie Smith haters have been feasting on since she was re-elected, taste a little better.

Highlights of the second installment of the Reed/Koehn interview gloss over any responsibility for making up a pension cost projection that was inflated by $350 million, skips over the loss of 400 SJ po-po , and why, in his pension cutting fury, Reed whacked every city pension but his own and continues to collect a pension benefit more lucrative than new cops.  Maybe that part of the Q and A got cut by the editor?


Reed Koehn Deep Talk


Apparently, a new section in the daily will begin appearing that covers arcane, boring and sleep inducing topics.  The new section is aptly named News No One Cares AboutThe inaugural story is here.

This Scott Herhold piece takes a look at a hotly contested water district election and includes insight, analysis, and information that is interesting and thought provoking.  Maybe the author will use this column to go out on a high note?

The race between Ro and Mike can best be summed up by a recent quote from Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren contained in this analysis of the race that profiles Mike Honda:

“I think it’s a mistake for people to think that what a CEO wants necessarily reflects what all of the voters want in Santa Clara County,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren…

As the wage gap in Silicon Valley between the rich and poor widens and housing prices and rents skyrocket, as tuition, food and gas prices continue upward, the question for voters to ponder is whether they want elected representatives that will fight for the best interests of CEO’s or fight for everyone else?

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will be taking up a host of initiatives to level the playing field and make sure that county contractors are paying a fair wage and not shortchanging their workforce.  TheLeftHook spells out the aggressive agenda.

It certainly will be no Lincoln-Douglas affair but the much anticipated (yawn) Honda vs. Khanna “Debate” is on.  Well, on may be an overstatement, it is scheduled to be on.  Josh Richman, who continues to break news in this race, gives us the latest debate over debates.

ABC-7 says that 70 buildings in Napa have been destroyed as a result of the Earthquake that rocked the area on Sunday.  The Fetch newsroom spent the day assisting in the clean up and can confirm that the quake caused major damage to many structures but not to the spirit of the residents and business owners who were starting the clean up effort.

Aftershocks are a plenty as the earth continues to shake, rattle and roll according to KTVU-2.  Dozens of lil’ quakes are keeping Bay Area residents on edge.

As with the aftermath of other quakes, preparedness takes center stage.  KTVU-2 also had this report about getting ready for the next one and what precautions you should take now to be safe.

TheSanJoseBlog tells us to get a table at The Table in Willow Glen.  The restaurant is reviewed here and looks like the new hot spot in WG.  Let’s hope they can keep their windows intact.

KGO radio host Ronn Owens has revealed he has Parkinson’s disease.  Owens was diagnosed over 12-years ago and decided to talk about it after it was disclosed that comedian Robin Williams also had the disease.

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August 25, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.25.14: Needed in Napa

Friends have a big mess to clean up!

What would you have done with a 10-second earthquake warning?

August 22, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.22.14: Another Major Loss for SJPD, Gonzo’s Back and Wasserman Wines South County

The commander of SJPD’s Training Unit is saying adios and leaving for the Piedmont Police Department.  The exodus of SJ po-po continues unabated and the numbers revealed in this NBC Bay Area report make for a very grim public safety picture in San Jo’.

KGO-7 provides its take on the serial vandal or vandals targeting Willow Glen and how it has made residents and business owners feel.

This dump of an alleyway in downtown San Jose is getting fixed thanks to federal dollars and the persistence of neighbors who have had to wait until 3 months before a mayoral election to get the attention of their councilmember, Saratoga Sam Liccardo.

Former Mayor Ron Gonzales joined other dignitaries to take credit for leading the BART to San Jose effort and to accept the final installment of state funding promised by recalled Governor Gray Davis over a decade ago.  KQED has the story.

Did you feel the earth move under your feet?  This drought study found that the loss of 63 trillion gallons of groundwater has caused Mother Earth to lift up .16 inches and in California’s drought stricken mountains the lift is .6 inches.

Maybe this is why County Supervisor Dave “Mr. Excitement” Cortese is calling for a 25% reduction in water use by local governments. KCBS 740’s Mike Colgan has the story.

Although, maybe a tad more water was needed for the new sod at Levi’s Stadium to have taken root as KTVU 2 tells us about the field being replaced after the recent Bronco beat down.  And while the Niners are at it, maybe they can replace a few defenders to bolster their chances against the Chargers this weekend.

The City of Sunnyvale says they want to help the homeless find shelter this winter but are acting a little NIMBYish by saying no to $400K from the county to use their indoor sports center.  The city council identified a couple of other locations and hopefully the council can move it along before it starts to get cold outside.

SF Gate shows the average wage of tech workers in SF and Silicon Valley.  Not a bad payday at all for our nerd friends.

(Apparently) the author of this piece is all up in arms over local governments protecting the consumer by suing businesses to hold them accountable.  The author points to the recent Santa Clara County lawsuit that went after poisonous lead paint manufacturers and says that the county went too far…Corporate apologists are funny!

Palo Alto Online provides their two cents on Santa Clara County’s Human Trafficking Commission.  Most commissions and task forces do little more than shuffle paper and create a report, let’s see if this one actually reduces the amount of human trafficking in Silicon Valley.  There certainly is ample firepower on the commission.

Santa Clara County is leveraging federal dollars to provide those on public assistance access to a phone.  This news release spells out the program and qualifications for those in need to get a phone and all of the advantages they provide in this tech heavy world we live in.

Palo Alto is such a happening place to be that maximizing parking spaces is getting a full review by its city council.  The council will weigh various options to ensure that parking is ample, low cost and supports local businesses, what a concept.

County Supervisor Mike Wasserman delivered on his promise of assisting businesses grow in South Santa Clara County.  He led an effort to create an alternative to Napa’s stronghold on wine tasting and touring by putting together 16 South County wineries clustered around Morgan Hill and Gilroy to promote themselves as an alternative to Napa.  The kick off of the new wine trail is this weekend!

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August 21, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.21.14: Merc Lets Liccardo Make It Up, Vandals On The Loose In Willow Glen and The Chamber Champions Khanna

Luckily for Saratoga Sam Liccardo he wasn’t under oath when he penned this piece for the daily paper or he would be facing perjury charges. Apparently, there are no truth standards applied to guest commentary published by the Merc, as this piece readily confirms.  Liccardo says that SJ po-po haven’t left because of Measure B, that the department does not need any more resources and that the department is only down around 40 officers.

If this is the case, then why did Liccardo propose this increase in police-staffing plan last year and lay out the money it would take to make it happen?  The guy speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Oh, and crime is down, no really it is…Can you say delusional?

Yeah…all is well according to Saratoga Sam.  Tell that to this man shot early this morning.  The suspect is still at large.

Everything is fine and crime is down…well, except for the vandals who shot out a window at the Baskin Robbins in Willow Glen, tossed a table through the window at a Starbucks, in Willow Glen and broke the windows at BevMo in Willow Glen.

This SJI post about SJ po-po collecting, but not analyzing, racial data takes a beating from commenters who pose many unanswered questions as to the real motivation behind the story.

Surprise, surprise, surprise…the SV Chamber of Commerce PAC has endorsed Ro Khanna in his latest run for congress.  Clearly, Khanna is the candidate to represent the 1%’rs but what about everyone else?  SBLC Political Guru Dennis Raj takes to TheLeftHook and makes the case that Honda is the choice for the 99%.

Has the iconic Burning Man festival sold its soul to rich techies with none?  The SV Biz Journal tells us the roots of the festival may be getting pulled and replanted with something the originators of the counter-festival never imagined.

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August 20, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.20.14: Rent-A-Cops Roll In SJ, Debate Brownout Is Over and Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn in San Jo’…

KTVU-2 takes a look at SJ’s effort to bolster its understaffed police department by not hiring police officers. It is a novel approach to divert attention to the dismal state of the department.

Several media outlets have reported that blinking lights in a pedestrian crossing that didn’t blink may have contributed to the fatal hit and run accident on Senter Road.  KPIX-5’s Len Ramirez has the story.

Also airing on KPIX-5 is this story about a former protester turned po-po turned play writer turned actor.  The play is titled Cops and Robbers and depicts an officer involved shooting.  The timing could not be more ironic.

What Rural Metro ambulance narrative should you believe?  The narrative from the Mercury News Ed Board or the narrative from Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services staff?  Like the Mercury News, Rural Metro went bankrupt, but service continued unabated.  And thanks to our spies for forwarding, this recent county staff report shows that Rural Metro has exceeded its response time requirements and charges the lowest amount per ambulance ride in Northern California.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn…San Jose embarks on paying to fill up local hotels and motels with homeless folks.  This ought to get real interesting, hey, who is covering those mini-bar tabs?

Fetch bets there is one local blog/entertainment publication that is shaking in their boots over what direction the new Santa Clara County Human Trafficking Commission takes.  Fetch will give you 100 guesses and the first 99 don’t count as to what publication we are referring to.  Yesterday marked the first meeting of the county sponsored commission that is tasked with combatting sex trafficking in Silicon Valley.

The Brownout on gubernatorial debates is over as Jerry agrees to spar with Neil Kashkari on September 4th.  As for a clash between Honda and Khanna, well, that one does not look as promising as the SF Chron reports.

NBC Bay Area has this report on Silicon Valley families interested in hosting unaccompanied minors who have fled Central America and are awaiting to begin jumping through the many hoops that make up our immigration process.

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August 19, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.19.14: Bar bar bar bar bar ba dillo and Leland Yee Ham It Up In Milpitas and Brownstein Sez Reed Can’t Add…

Californians love them some Obamacare, so says the latest Field Poll.  56% of registered voters support the health insurance law while 35% oppose it and 60% of those surveyed believe the State of California is doing a good job implementing Obamacare.

Bob Brownstein dissects Chuck Reed’s BS laden response when asked by SJ Inside why the city council failed to place a tax measure on the November ballot.  Brownstein alleges that Chuck has difficulty with numbers and basically can’t add, well, we all remember this, don’t we?

The Daily Kos reports on Reed’s endorsement, some would say curse, of Ro Khanna in his uphill climb to unseat Congressman Mike Honda.  (Apparently) the best way to attract conservative Republican support is to get Reed’s endorsement…Go Figure.

SJ po-po responded to the same block a mere 24 hours apart to investigate two hit and run collisions, one resulting in the death of a man returning home from visiting relatives.

And Fetch is sure that the leadership at SJ City Hall and at the SJPD have plans to deal with the 13,000 inmates being released early every month to relieve California’s prison overcrowding.  Well, Fetch is not so sure at all on this one, sorry!

Another night of violence exploded in Ferguson, Missouri resulting in 31 arrests and pictures/video of mayhem reminiscent of a time in our country that most Americans are not very proud of.  The shooting of an unarmed teenager and the rush to judgment of the po-po involved have led many to jump to conclusions before all the facts are in.  The daily’s resident curmudgeon, Scott Herhold decides to weigh in with his two cents or wooden nickel, depending on how you feel about him, and compares how Ferguson PD and what’s left of the SJPD deal with po-po involved shootings.

Is Milipitas City Council candidate Garry Barbadillo really Vinnie Barbarino?  Only Vinnie would be so confused as to post a pic of indicted State Senator Leland Yee on his campaign website thinking that was a good thing.  Bar bar bar bar bar ba dillo, must be aiming for the gun runner vote.  Thanks to TheLeftHook for this gem.

Two studies reported on by the LA Daily News reveal the dire health consequences as a result of our climate changing. Respiratory illnesses, water quality, and mosquito- and rodent-related diseases will worsen.  Climate change deniers beware.

Waste Management is suing the City of Oakland for awarding a billion dollar garbage and recycling contract to San Jose’s California Waste Solutions.  The suit alleges, among other things, that CWS got the nod over Waste Management after the process to choose a vendor was closed.

DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen’s bestest buddy Jay Boyarsky was found guilty of only one instance of prosecutorial misconduct and since that misconduct was not pervasive it did not alter the outcome of the trial or harm the defendant so says the California Supreme Court.  TracEy K. from the daily has the story.

Looks like the City of San Jose was unable to recruit a new fire chief to take the reins of a department struggling to respond to medical emergencies and more than one fire at a time as a result of staffing cuts.  The depleted department has turned to the Interim Chief Ruben Torres and asked him to remove the Interim through the next budget cycle.

San Diego’s Republican Mayor had his veto of a minimum wage increase overturned by the city council.  The legislation will now increase the wage to a whopping $9.75 per hour and eventually rise to $11.50 in 2017.  The Chamber of Commerce has pledged to launch a referendum to overturn the override of the veto…you with us still?

San Diego’s $9.75 an hour ain’t nothing compared to the $15.37 that Los Angeles hotel workers are pushing for as they go all grass roots in their campaign to raise the wage.  BeyondtheChron has the story.

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August 18, 2014

Daily Fetch 08.18.14: The Frost/Nixon…we Mean Koehn/Reed Interview, How SJ Went From 1,400+ Po-Po to 900, and BS From Honda and Khanna…

The daily’s Robert Salonga tells the story of how San Jose went from over 1,400 po-po to under 900 street ready po-po all in the past 6-years.  Salonga lays out the ramifications of this shortage of men and women in blue and what it means to neighborhood safety.  Clearly the editors at the pro Liccardo daily swallowed hard before publishing this indictment on his tenure at city hall.

SJ Inside’s Josh Koehn interview of lame, lame duck SJ Mayor Chuck Reed reminded Fetch of the famous David Frost interview of Richard Nixon that was chock full of in-depth and probing questions that attempted to illicit facts and the truth.  Kidding, the Koehn/Reed written infomercial was nothing more than an opportunity for Reed to re-write history and take pot shots at his enemies list (Nixon had one of those too) while deflecting blame from himself and Liccardo for the public safety mess they created. And Josh seriously…get over the f*#king parking ticket.

Fetch has exclusively obtained a portion of the video from Part 2 of the Koehn/Reed interview and it can be accessed here.  The other portions of the interview not captured in this video include questions such as:  What’s your favorite color?  Do you think the moon is made of cheese?  Do you say potato or patato?  Designated hitter in baseball, yes or no?  Can you say Toy Boat three times fast?  Groundbreaking stuff.




The only “news” from Part 1 of the interview is Reed’s admission that the bogus plan cooked up by Saratoga Sam Liccardo to hire 200 more po-po is a bust.  The city is unable to hire enough recruits to get to current authorized staffing, let alone 200 above that.  Reed admits:

First, you got to get to full staff. You don’t work [on] expanding until you get to full staffing. And that means we need to increase the recruiting, while at the same time trying to slow down the resignations and the retirements with the pay increases.

Speaking of Tricky Dick Nixon, it was finally confirmed that he did in fact sabotage the 1968 Vietnam cease-fire that LBJ tried to broker.  Right-wing columnist George Will himself reports on how Nixon screwed over the peace of a nation to win an election.  Interesting parallels to what is happening right here in the Valley of the Hearts Delight with Reed, mayoral election politics and the games being played with making SJ neighborhoods safe.

Both the Honda and Khanna camp want everyone to believe that they don’t want any outside help…i.e.; money…to pour into their grudge match this November.  Fetch calls bullsh#t.  Both campaigns will take every red cent spent on their behalf all the while railing against outside money entering the race.  Give us a break!

A suspected drunk driver caused a massive 8 car pile up in San Jose that injured 10, 3 critically.  Fire fighters were able to extricate several passengers trapped in their hoopdys and so far no lives have been lost.

Milpitas is gearing up to go to the voters in November to decide if they want to re-locate San Jose’s Bay 101 card club to their fair city and take with it the millions in tax revenue currently enjoyed by San Jo’.  This Milpitas Post piece lays out the issue and the players.   Fetch wonders where Saratoga Sam and Dave “Mr. Excitement” Cortese stand on the issue??

She’s back!!!  Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, the Bay Area’s fav stowaway was sprung from a So. Cal jail yesterday, mere hours into her 177-day sentence for violating a court order to stay away from LAX.  Good behavior and overcrowding led to Mary’s release.

Yesterday, traffic flowed about as easily as the Denver Broncos were able to flow into the end zone as Levi’s Stadium hosted the debut of the 49ers in their 34-0 lopsided loss to the men in orange.

Here’s a tale of one employee who should have been run out of dodge.  The Merc’s fledgling Internal Affairs blog covers how this county worker, allegedly, does a disservice to her clients and still keeps her job.  Pathetic.

Turn your hose off already, well at least during the day, there’s a drought.  KLIV 1590 reports that San Jose will be considering a ban on lawn watering during daylight hours.

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