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April 8, 2015

Daily Fetch 04.08.15: Orozco leads in D4, SCC Goes Big on Solar and (with tail tucked firmly between legs) Pete Constant Heading for the Hills

Well, when we’re wrong we’re dogs enough to admit it. More than 5 people showed up to vote in yesterday’s special election for San Jose City Council District 4. Out of 40,000 registered voters, a whopping 8,600 bothered to cast a vote…yay democracy!  Senator Bob Weikowski staffer Tim Orozco currently leads the herd with 22% of the vote—in other words this baby is headed to a run off.

According to KTVU, 40-45 cars are stolen every day in Santa Clara County, but thanks to local law enforcement gumshoes at least two car thieves won’t be repeating their antics for at least 10 to 20.

San Jose’s not so slow swirl down the toilet bowl picked up a little speed last night as a young woman was shot to death near San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood.

Accused sex offender Johnell Carter, who last month escaped from custody at Valley Medical Center, was arrested yesterday way down south in Dixie (Mississippi to be exact).

Go Big or Go Home, seems to be the mantra of Santa Clara County officials at least when it comes to solar. The Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to approve purchase agreements, which would result in the county becoming one of the 10 largest renewable energy users in the US of A. 

Pete Constant is heading for the hills! The Sierra Foothills that is. According to Scott Herhold, Constant and his freshly elected Campbell Unified School Boardmember wife will be moving to Roseville. Given the fact that Constant ran (and lost) for both San Jose Mayor and a local community college board last year we have to think that this move wasn’t really planned. In otherwords Pete’s claim that the move is to bring his family closer to his wife’s parents rings a little hollow. So what’s really prompting the move? Perhaps with the efforts of northern counties to break off from California picking up steam, pistol Pete may be setting himself up to become the first Governor of the State of Jefferson. Until this master plan becomes a reality, however, Citizen Constant will continue to collect a check as an “advisor” (read Rose Wrangler) to Mayor Chuccardo. Additionally, the former councilman will begin working on yet another pension at some wackado rightwing nut think tank call the “Reason Foundation…” btw the think tank also seems to be on board with Constants master plan. Good Bye Mister Constant, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Speaking of rightwing nuts, Rand Paul announced his soon to be failed bid for the US presidency yesterday.

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April 7, 2015

Daily Fetch 04.07.15: Crime Time in San Jose Continues, It’s Election Day in North San Jose and the Return of Brontosaurus

Crime time continues in San Jose, as City Councilmember Carrasco and Supervisor Chavez received an earful last night from concerned East Side SJ residents at a crime forum. As if these concerns needed any further validation, a retired San Jose police officer working security Saturday night at Branham High School was stabbed.

San Jose Police Union President Paul Kelly and Vice President James Gonzales in an Op-Ed in the Merc side of the Merctro thank the residents of San Jose for their recent support following the murder of Officer Michael Johnson and present a solution to San Jose’s crime problem: replace Measure B to restore SJPD.

Least anyone forget it’s election day today in San Jose…well North San Jose. If you can vote, go vote.

President of Santa Clara County Dave Cortese wants to pound salt…out of water that is.  According to the San Mateo Daily Journal, the Liege Lord of San Jose’s salt ponds (Cortese) wants Silicon Valley to get into the water desalination business.

Is the bell finally tolling for the supreme waste of scarce resources known as “San Jose Family Camp?” We can only hope. Don’t get us wrong, we love nature and recreation, but why is San Jose paying for a camp in Yosemite that the vast majority of City residents will never be able to visit (either due to resources or inclination)? Yosemite will survive without San Jose Family Camp.

On the note of pastimes for the privileged elite, the LA Times tells the tale of one Bay Area bow-tied billionaire’s Sisyphusian efforts to revive the California Republican Party.

Yesterday was opening day for major league baseball, and on that note Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff was quoted saying moving his team to San Jose is not worth a nasty battle over territorial rights. Seriously how many more nails does this deal need in its coffin?

In a move akin to Pluto regaining planetary status, Brontosaurus has officially regained its spot in the dinosaur pantheon. As we all know, Brontosaurus lost its official dinosaur designation in 1903, but a bevy of boffins have published new findings that indicate Brontosaurus is in fact distinct from its similar cousin Apatosaurus.

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April 6, 2015

Daily Fetch 04.06.15: SJ D4 Election Tomorrow, Shirakawa Sentenced and California VS the Science Denying Morons

Did you know there’s an election in San Jose tomorrow? Yes, the 5 voters who will actually show up tomorrow will select a councilmember who will be responsible for representing San Jose’s important tech heavy Golden Triangle, a new BART station and the town’s only frontage to the San Francisco Bay. Democratic activist Carol Garvey takes to the Left Hook to inform us as to why Tim Orozco is the choice of women for District 4.

A man was arrested Saturday in an incident eerily similar to the one last month that resulted in the murder of San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson.  Fortunately, in this case the suspect was arrested and no one was injured.

Thunderbolt and lighting very very…welcome? The Bay Area is due for another rainstorm tonight.

Everyone was throwing hissy fits at the Shirakawa sentencing hearing last week. Big pimping J-Daddy Koehn has the deets.

So, you know how ridiculous the science deniers seem when they claim that evolution ‘aint true and that early man rode bareback on dinosaurs 5,000 years ago? Well that’s about how stupid the science denying morons who block their children from life saving vaccines seem to us. Unfortunately, these individuals have been successful in blocking legislation that would eliminate their ability to endanger their children (and everyone else’s) in Oregon and Washington. We hope that Pediatrician and Senator Richard Pan’s bill in the California state legislature is able beat back these dumbasses.

Never turn your back on the ocean. That bit of wisdom is something a SoCal fisherman forgot when he posed for a pic with his latest catch. (Apparently) a sea lion was lying in wait, and pounced on said fisherman and fish dragging both into Davy Jones’ Locker…the fisherman survived the encounter.

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April 3, 2015

Daily Fetch 04.03.15: SJ Officer Memorial Draws Thousands

Yesterday’s memorial for slain officer Michael Johnson drew thousands of mourners from across the county. If you missed any of the coverage, here are a few links on yesterday’s service:

Our interns are on Easter Break, so that’s all we have for you today.

Catch you on the flipside.

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April 2, 2015

Daily Fetch 04.02.15: Memorial Service for Slain SJ Officer

The memorial service for slain San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson will be held this morning at SAP Center.  You can view the service live online here. Expect traffic this morning as the procession will begin in Los Gatos and be escorted by as many as 45 CHP officers.



Mayor Chuccardo’s wife’s employer, Rocketship Charter Schools, is being forced to scale back its grand San Jose expansion plans after being sued.

Speaking of Chuccardo, the BANG has a story about his recent trip to DC with Deputy Mayor Guardino. (Apparently) the trip was all about the BART, ‘bout the BART…expansion that is…

Governor Brown yesterday announced the first mandatory water reductions in California history. Despite the fact that 80% of the state’s water is used for agriculture, farmers are not subject to the restrictions. Well we guess we have to eat?

In the face of the worst drought on record, KQED brings back the old water saving rhyme, “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.”

Despite being the economic engine that makes the world go around, the San Francisco Bay Area’s poverty rate remains near record highs.

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April 1, 2015

Daily Fetch 04.01.15: A Note on Empty Platitudes, SJC has Issues and a Squirrel Fries itself in Santa Clara

Is it just TDF or does last week’s column by Scott Herhold, with quotes from Tom Mcenery, exploring why he feels bad about an officer getting shot ring a little hollow? After spending years contributing to and supporting Chuck Reed’s demonization of San Jose’s public safety employees, now certainly is not the time for Herhold to explore whether or not he has feelings.

Continuing on the empty platitude gravy train, former San Jose Mayor and perennial public trough feeder Tom McEnery pays homage to Officer Johnson in a piece to be published by the Merc. McEnery, who supported everything Reed and Liccardo did to demonize cops and firefighters waxes poetic about his experiences and says very little about fallen officer, Michael Johnson. Typical Tom…it’s always about him.

On this note, the Left Hook explores the psychology of occasions of vacuous occurrences of political “sympathy.”



Google has taken over Moffett Field…does this mean they don’t need their new facility at SJC anymore?

Speaking of SJC, there’s been yet another breach at San Jose’s billion dollar boondoggle. Maybe passengers should boycott the airport until security is improved…oh wait…LOL…passengers at SJC…HAHAHAHA!

The Merc’s Ed Board doesn’t know how many women are on the San Jose City Council. In an editorial skewering the possibility of Carly Fiorina running for president, Barbara Marshman says there are only two women on the San Jose City Council. Given that she names Margie Matthews and loves Campos slayer, Magdalena Carrasco, she’s apparently trying to do what most level headed and sane folks are trying to do…forget that Rose Deshpande, Herrera, Wahlin, Jesse is still on the council.

Howmanywomenonthe SJCityCouncil?

A San Jose couple linked to 20 burglaries was arrested in Milpitas.

A squirrel in Santa Clara fried itself in a power transformer yesterday cutting power to more than 5,000 people.

San Jose’s traffic is bad and is getting worse, but at least it’s not as bad as LA’s.

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March 31, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.31.15: SJPD Communications Meltdown Following Officer Slaying, SJ Machete Rampage and Clinton says of House of Cards “True Story Bro!”

Guess who’s back…back again…while we realize a good share of our readers may be off today for Cesar Chavez’ Birthday we didn’t want the rest of you to think we didn’t love you anymore.

Speaking of Cesar Chavez, the Huffington Post suggests that a way of honoring the late labor leader would be to follow the lead of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and support farm workers.

The memorial service for San Jose police officer Michael Johnson will be held at SAP Center this Thursday. NBC Bay Area has the details here… In a related story, the Mercury News tells the troubling tale of how SJPD’s communications system collapsed following Officer Johnson’s murder.

Meanwhile, a man with a machete went on a rampage (NBC’s description) in a San Jose neighborhood yesterday.

As everyone has no doubt heard by this point, Ellen Pao lost her suit against her former employer. That said, it’s hard to say that Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers really won, especially with ads like this running in Palo Alto papers.  Perhaps times in Silicon Valley are a changing? One can only hope.

On the note of changing times, labor’s resurgence in Silicon Valley continues as the Teamsters today begin contract negotiations on behalf of shuttle bus drivers working for Yahoo, Apple and eBay.

A generation after abandoning Silicon Valley, America’s auto industry is joining the rest of the world’s car manufacturers in setting up shop here again.

Levis Stadium shattered attendance records at this past weekends Westlemania spectacle.

SPUR has released a recent report indicating that the Bay Area’s various transit entities need to work more seamlessly. The Chron has the deets.

And in odd Bill Clinton news, Kevin Spacey (apparently) had a convo with the former president wherein Slick Willy claimed that 99% of House of Cards is True. We presume the 1% that’s untrue has to do with murders and such?

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March 25, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.25.15: Tragedy in San Jose

A San Jose police officer was killed last night in the line of duty. We extend our condolences to everyone in the SJPD family. The suspect in the murder has been found dead. This is a tragic loss for a department that has suffered enough over the last few years.



(Apparently) the Daughters of Charity Hospitals are in a better financial situation than they previously lead on. The system’s CEO throws cold water on Santa Clara County’s chances of picking up O’Conner and Saint Louise by indicating that “the system’s goal is still to sell all six hospitals to the same bidder.”

4 San Jose residents are without a home today, after a garage fire raged through their Mayfair area house.

Avaya Stadium, home to the San Jose Earthquakes, is open for business. The Quakes hosted their first home game this past Sunday. We think the stadium looks great…but imagine if it had been built downtown at a certain site being reserved for a certain MLB stadium pipe dream instead of right next to the Airport. Well at least the jet blasts will guarantee the Quakes home will always be shaking.

Is Apple a trillion dollar company? One analyst that follows the Cupertino based tech giant thinks so. The SV Biz Journal has the story.

Was a Silicon Valley stalwart a boys club that damaged the careers of female employees? A jury will soon make that determination in a case pitting Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. The WashPo has the latest.

In yet another sign that we live in the center of the universe, Wall Street (the previous place to hold the title) is experiencing a brain drain of top executives fleeing NYC for Silicon Valley.

The day after announcing a run for the presidency, Canadian and current Texas Senator Ted Cruz is signing up for Obamacare. WTF? Isn’t this the guy who single handedly shut down the federal government trying to defund Obamacare?  The irony and hypocrisy of Ted’s latest adventure is mind- boggling.

It looks like Elon Musk is serious about making his “Hyerloop” alternative to High Speed Rail a reality. Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. has officially set up shop at an LA warehouse.

Speaking of Mr. Musk, Telsa has revealed its much anticipated Model X crossover…and it has gull wings!

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March 24, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.24.15: World knows way to SJ, SJ General Plan in Peril and The Woz Warns of Robot Takeover

Omm…ommm…(stretch)…well, hello there fearless reader. We hope you survived VM Rose Deshpande, Herrera, Wahlin, Jesse brief time “in charge” of San Jose. Fetch got through it with lots of meditation and prayers to God to hold off the apocalypse for awhile longer. Now that Chuccardo has returned from his DC glad-handing session, we can return to our regularly scheduled program.

The Metro side of the Merctro tells us that with the gavel pried from Rose’s grip, the San Jose City Council can now focus on real work, such as approving the Mayor’s budget message.

According to Bloomberg, the world finally knows the way to San Jose. Unfortunately, they’ve also discovered that the town has a growing crime problem as well:

“The increase in wealthy tech workers hasn’t stemmed a growing crime rate as the population expanded while the police force shrunk. Murders rose 33 percent and robberies increased 37 percent since 2004, police data show.”

On that note, SJPD arrested 24 members of the notorious street gang Nuestra Familia last week. Fair warning, the story mentions “body cavities.”

CNN thinks its time for Silicon Valley to go all Lyndon Johnson and end poverty. As if on cue, a wealthy VC dude sounds the alarm that the Valley’s bubble is about to burst…and apparently it has something to do with unicorns?

Some hippies from Davis are lodging a  successful legal challenge to San Jose’s General Plan. This could get interesting…

Meanwhile, you know that ugly lot across the street from San Jose City Hall? Yeah, the one that’s half car wash, half chain link fence. It’s back on the market. Bids start at $5 million.

Apple Co-founder Steve “The Woz” Wozniak has joined Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking in voicing fears that the robot takeover is near.  Here we thought that term limits would prevent a return of the Terminator.

Following the bizarre attack on the Metcalf PG&E Substation two years ago, PG&E has finally made security upgrades to the vulnerable facility. 

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March 17, 2015

Daily Fetch 03.17.15: What is Chuccardo Smoking? Plus Rose Takes Charge!

San Jose Mayor Chuccardo wants to take over ambulance services from the local ambulance company Rual/Metro (no relation to the Merctro) because the city believes it can cut down response times…what????  So lets get this straight, Chuccardo wants a fire department, which has been so incredibly understaffed that a recent county audit found that it missed its emergency response requirements 90% of the time, to replace an ambulance provider, Rural/Metro, which according to another report responds on time above it’s required response time 100% of the time…because he believes the switch will improve response? Is Chuccardo smoking crack? What exactly is he trying to fix here?

Not Guilty, No Contest, Not Guilty…apparently the soon to be former SJ Po Po accused of rape needs a shrink instead of a defense lawyer as he digs himself in a deeper hole and now faces life in prison. Judge McCracken cracked down on the confused defendant according to this KTVU report.

tEk from the Merc side of the Merctro gives a drunken st. patty’s day beat down to newbie Judge Stuart Scott for talking smack to a former colleague about a defense attorney…a big no-no

Obama does his best “do as I say and not as I do,” when it comes to weed.

The SV Biz Journal has posted a survey to help SJ Mayor Sam Chuccardo figure out his job—it is a one question survey…take a look.

The world is coming to an end…Rose Deshpande, Herrera, Wahlin, Jesse will be presiding at the city council today as Sam jaunts off to Washington DC with Deputy Mayor Carl Guardino. Our spies tells us that Rose’s council colleges will be imbibing large quantities of green beer at Flames before today’s session to help them get through it. We’re really hopeful their preparations result in some discussions similar to this…


Play some Radiohead and head over to Fountainhead, the new bar and eatery in the newly created SoFa District.

Looks like Google’s Eric Schmidt will be the subject of a future Rich Robinson blog…

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