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January 27, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.27.15: Even more evidence A’s not coming to San Jose, plus the race to replace Kansen heating up

For those of you lacking a home entertainment system, the County Office of Human Relations is warming up their VHS player to screen a movie released two years ago about a man who changed the world, Mandela.

In more evidence that hopes for the A’s moving to San Jose are dead, on his first day at his new job, freshly minted MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says he’s optimistic that the A’s will be getting a new stadium…in Oakland!

 RIP field of Schemes

(Apparently) smoking costs California $23 billion (per year?). That’s news enough to make just about anyone want to light up. Check out how Santa Clara County fares on page 79 of this report.

Following his…let’s say eventful appearance in San Jose, Chris Brown has announced that he’s cancelling his North America tour.

The race to replace Kansen Chu is heating up! Aspirant Johnny Lee is holding a fundraiser this Saturday. Meanwhile, labor has chosen Bob Wieckowski staffer Tim Orozco as their standard bearer.

Speaking of labor, Meghan Fraley, PhD, takes to the Left Hook to discuss a nascent movement to address income inequality in Silicon Valley. We would say, “good luck with that…” but we suppose a start is a start.

A drag race in East San Jose ended with both cars colliding into each other and smashing into a pedestrian.

Fire fighters handled a two-alarm house fire in West San Jose.  

Finally, proof that Obamacare is destroying America! Reports are coming in that this socialist boondoggle will cost 20% less over the next ten years than previously estimated…not bad for a program dreamed up by the Heritage Foundation (wait, what?).

Speaking of things funded by the Koch brothers (the Heritage Foundation), the dynamic duo is preparing to spend nearly 1 billion dollars in the 2016 election cycle in hopes of furthering America’s slide into a robber baron paradise.

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January 26, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.26.15: San Jose A’s RIP, Party like you’re Rose Herrera and we’re all going to die!

As if San Jose’s hopes for claiming the A’s from Oakland needed anymore bad news, the MLB committee set up by Bud Selig to “study” the move has officially disbanded without reporting any findings.

After allowing hunters to massacre 14 little piggies, San Jose is set to make pig hunting legal indefinitely. 

That cloud of smoke you saw over San Jose’s urine stained downtown this weekend, was from the thousands of stoners who flocked to the convention center for HempCon on Saturday.  Wonder if downtown eateries got a munchie-infused sales bump?

Ain’t no party like a Vice Mayor party and the Vice Mayor just don’t stop–celebrating herself that is.  

In news you don’t hear very often, two fishermen were rescued near San Jose’s Alviso neighborhood this weekend after their boat capsized.

Potential 2016 D6 candidate Norm Kline’s documentary, “Changing Boundaries: The History of San Jose,” is getting two thumbs up from all of his potential backers.

Who wouldn’t want to test their mettle on a 1,000 foot slip-and-slide? One is coming soon to SJ.

In more proof that BART is finally coming soon to the South Bay, the intersection at Sierra and Lundy in North San Jose will be closed for 9 months to allow for BART construction.

WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE news: a 1,800 foot asteroid will be buzzing the earth today. It’s supposed to miss of course…but isn’t that what they’d say if it was heading straight for us (deep thoughts)?

Further signs of our impending subjugation under Sharia law, as a Halal Burger joint has opened its doors in Milpitas. Quick someone call Faux News!

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January 23, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.23.15: Newby Island: “He who smelt it dealt it,” The Numbers Say San Jose Should Have Taken Pension Deal and The GOP Circular Firing Squad Reloads

The acrimony over the stench, allegedly, emanating from the Newby Island dump is reaching a fever pitch and has become the biggest highbrow parlor game of “He who smelt it dealt it.”  Nearby residents and businesses are holding their breath, no really they are, in anticipation of decisions coming down from government regulators as to whether or not the dump can expand and continue to stink operate.

As close to 15,000 people have signed this petition telling Newby Island to deal with its freshness issues, the Newby Island dump operators took to the media to defend themselves. KTVU-2 reports that Newby Island’s spokesflak wants the world to know two things: The dump is not the only stinky place around and although, there are no bad smells coming from the dump, the dump is spending millions on odor control efforts…huh?




Look, even Fluffy knows what it smells like near the dump.  If Kramer was nearby he would have this to say…maybe a name change to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “That Smell” Landfill is in order.

One solution that has not been tried includes a few hundred people, some gum and exhaling after chewing…just sayin’.

Did you know today is National Pie Day?  Fetch bets former President George W. Bush does.

Environmentalist and Gazillionaire Tom Steyer decided against trying to buy a US Senate seat this time around.  This leaves AG Kamala Harris as the only declared democratic candidate to enter the fray…thus far.

The Left Hook points out the obvious, that San Jose chose the wrong path trying to reduce the cost of pensions and now is stuck on the losing end of a court battle with no end in sight.  In fact, had the city taken up the offer from many unions way back when, the city would be in the midst of budget surpluses, there would not be a lawsuit costing millions and

The scribe playing education reporter for the beleaguered and, apparently, still for sale without any takers, Merctro should try and inject some facts into her next promotion piece for charter schools. breaks down the actual numbers when it comes to graduation rates and suspension rates that tell a different tale from what one might read in the daily. For example:

More than half of DCP students leave before graduating

DCP advertised their Latino college placement rate at an impressive 85% in 2014.  It sounds like a miracle story when Santa Clara County schools place, on average, only 34% of their Latino students in college.  However, DCP has neglected to publicize a key metric:  retention rate.  According to CDE data, DCP’s class of 2014 started with 139 freshman, but only 58 students graduated in 2014.  Between 2011 and 2014, 57% of DCP’s students left the school.  The college placement rate may have been 85% for graduating seniors, but it would come in right at the Santa Clara County wide average of 35% if one were to include the starting freshman.

Deputy Sheriff nemesis Rich Robinson takes to SJI to get on his strong-mayor soapbox to criticize the soap opera shenanigans taking place at San Jose City Hall. It’s a wonder Rich has the time to tap out these missives as rumors abound that he will be the campaign consultant to one of the candidates running in the D4 special election.

The Grand Old Party has had our newsroom cracking up over their 2015 message meltdowns surrounding abortion and forcible/reported rape.  Now the rich white guys and a Canadian who will probably be vying for the 2016 Republican nomination for President want to tackle the massive wage gap between guys like themselves and normal working folk.  At a minimum it shows some right-wingers have a conscience, but mostly, Fetch thinks it’s guilt over finally recognizing that the very trickle down economic policies that the GOP has championed over the years was nothing more than a sham.

The gamble that the GOP is taking in trying to look like they give a shit over the Grand Canyon sized wage disparity that’s gripping America could prove politically dangerous for their hopes of capturing the White House in 2016.  But, hey, it wouldn’t be the first time politicians have gassed up and popped into drive their clown cars.

Measles has arrived in three bay area counties, Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara. Apparently, the outbreak started at the not so happiest place on earth, Disneyland and has spread to the point that public health and education officials are sounding the get vaccinated alarm a little louder today.

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January 22, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.22.15: Is Ro A Kha-rdashian?, Vietnamese Are Voracious Voters and Casino Capers In SJ

Fetch’s “You gotta be shittin’ me” Bureau

NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo exposes an illegal casino run out of some Cat’s garage.  Chock-full of slot machines and who knows what else, someone possesses a whole bunch of Chutzpah to plug in slot machines and open for business right next door to another legitimate business in San Jose.

Following up on the Garage Casino story is this KCBS 740 report that says when the SJ Po-Po raided the joint they uncovered drugs and large amounts of cash (shock) and that 20 folks tried to flee.  Eventually, 8 arrests were made and Fetch has to believe that the video of this one must be hilarious.

Maybe the operators of the casino will end up here…KTVU-2 reports that Santa Clara County may have to build a new jail facility to keep up with the number of prisoners the State keeps shipping its way. $70M is the projected cost that would allow the county to keep up with the increase in the inmate population.

For a guy who can’t win an election, Ro Khanna sure mooches his way into the media at a rate that had our interns scratching their heads. So they logged on to one of those find your ancestry websites and searched Ro’s lineage.  Come to find out that the reason Ro is a consummate media moocher is that he may be related to the Kardashians. That’s right, the do nothing clan out of Calabasas, who BTW have not won an election neither, may share some DNA with Ro…that explains why Ro Kha-rdashian is such a Media Moocher.


Media Mucher Ro Khanna


Speaking of seeking unnecessary media, Nora Campos just got some by sending a letter to the Democratic Party requesting a do-over of an election no one but insiders knew about,.  BTW, it was an election where Senator Jim Beall and Councilmember Maggie Carrasco bested Nora and her lil’ bro. The Merctro’s anonymous Fly column is handed a freebie by their favorite targets to pile on their favorite targets, go figure.

Forbes is reporting that the LA Lakers are the most valuable NBA franchise with their worth pegged at $2.6 billion. Apparently, all that worth is worthless when it comes to winning games as the Lakers are looking up in the standings at the Golden State Warriors. That’s right, the Warriors who won their 17th game in a row over the Houston Rockets, 126-113.

The GOP controlled US House of Representatives took its first step toward addressing the middle-class economic squeeze by trying to pass a bill making abortions illegal, even for women victimized by rape or incest.  Ass clowns.

Do SV Tech companies feel that SJ Deputy Mayor Guardino’s SVLG is delivering for them in DC?  Politico reports that many tech giants are spending millions on lobbyists to push their agenda on a myriad of issues back east…Hey, Fetch thought that’s what Carl’s organization is supposed to be doing…

Bolstering its street cred as an “International” airport, SJC is teaming up with some airline called Hainan, (Fetch never heard of them either) to fly directly to Beijing.

Chieu-An Ton Nu takes to The Left Hook and says Vietnamese voters are a force to be reckoned with in San Jose.  This piece dissects the emerging voting patterns that politicos should be very aware of.

Ebay is splitting up into potentially three companies and shedding 2,400 jobs from its global workforce.  The SV Biz Journal has the deets.

Silicon Beat’s Matt O’Brien posts this piece declaring Silicon Valley ranks 3rd globally in GDP per capita, right behind Zurich and Oslo.  The piece also tells readers that according to the Brookings Institute, Silicon Valley has fully recovered from the massive recession of a few years ago.

This blog goes after Ann Ravel by repeating a nearly 10-year old kerfuffle over a $250 buck check she wrote to Pete “Primo” McHugh who was trying to unseat Assessor Larry Stone (Booooo) that was reported as coming from Ann Miller, Ravel’s maiden name…BFD.

A Measles outbreak is spreading from Disneyland to the rest of California and public health officials are urging all Californians to get immunized.

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January 21, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.21.15: If Joe Can Pull It Off S. Is For Superman, Will SJ Firefighters Flee and Who Knew Kansen Could Write

Apparently, Jeff “I am the law” Rosen is no longer a fraidy cat when it comes to County Supervisor Cindy Chavez as the latter MC’d his swearing in yesterday. One Chavez off-hand comment got the room buzzing about a Rosen run for Attorney General if the current occupant of the seat succeeds Barbara Boxer in the US Senate. Fetch wonders what Rosen would have done about this gifting of time off had he been the AG at the time?

100 affordable housing units that provide homes to over 400 SC County residents may be saved if a proposal by Supervisor S. (S is for Superman if he pulls this one off) Joe Simitian and BOS President Dave Cortese is approved to spend $8M from a County affordable housing fund to help prevent Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in Palo Alto from closing.


Joe Simitian Superman


The opposition to the Daughters of Charity sale of its not for profit hospitals to Prime Healthcare is heating up. Another bidder for the financially troubled hospital chain is Blue Wolf and one of its supporters takes to the Merctro’s editorial pages to say the community needs The Wolf.

Will new SJ Firefighters do what new SJ Po-Po do and skedaddle to greener pastures? The Fetch Over/Under line on when the first new fire academy grad leaves is 4 weeks.  The fire department continues to suffer from an acute brain drain of upper level brass that continue to leave, including Chief Torres who took a new gig in Livermore.  Luckily the beleaguered department does not respond to acute brain drain calls for service otherwise their response times would be worse.

A high-pressure gas leak spurred the evacuation of a strip mall in East San Jose yesterday.  The massive explosion in San Bruno must have crossed a few minds during this emergency.

Los Altos Online is reporting that Sheriff Laurie Smith has assigned Rick Sung as the commander of the West Valley Division.  The WVD encompasses Los Altos Hills, Cupertino, Saratoga and several areas of unincorporated Santa Clara County.

Over the past several years, how many times has the San Jose City Council scurried behind closed doors to keep discussions on controversial items a secret? The Palo Alto City Council just approved a new policy that requires a vote of the city council prior to going into closed session to allow a debate about where a debate should take place, in a back room, with no audio recording and no notes or in public.  Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio should love this idea.

Who knew newbie Assemblymember Kansen Chu was a writer and that he penned articles using a pseudonym.  In a Patch piece that reminded Fetch of cream, daddy, a magic dragon and H. R., Susan C. Schena (Kansen?) writes an epic puff piece on par with the weekly love-fests written by Herhold about Mayor Chuccardo.

A new census of Santa Clara County homeless will be getting underway and many of those to be included in the census will be hired to assist in the counting.  In Seattle, tent encampments may be sanctioned by the city as part of a comprehensive plan to house the homeless.  San Jose took a different tack as it closed the Jungle and scattered the homeless throughout the county, but it did pass out vouchers for housing that is not available.

As housing the homeless continues to be a major obstacle, Nerdwallet delivers an exhaustive piece on the best bay area cities to rent versus own for those lucky enough to afford a roof over their heads.

Talk about Porky overkill.  SJ City Staff goes on a tree-killing spree with this lengthy memo explaining how to off wild pigs.  The memo takes a stab at explaining all the state and federal regulations smothering residents ability to the whack those lil’ oinkers. Apparently, staff will hang their hat on an ordinance to allow swine haters to strafe the bacon producers.

President Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night and was either turning the page toward his final two years in office as NPR reports or he was defiant as Fox News reports.

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January 20, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.20.15: Fiesta Fiasco, Carrasco Cleans-Up Kentucky and Ro Running…Again, UGH!

The Fiesta has ended at the Fiesta Club as the SJ Po-Po pulled the clubs Entertainment Permit.  60-days is the punishment for the latest catastrophe to follow Chris Brown.

Brown also had his probation revoked as a result of travelling to San Jo’ without permission from his PO. Hey, maybe Brown and the Fiesta Club should hire these two to schill for them; they did wonders for Wet Nightclub, which BTW, has been closed for years.

As Nora Campos’s lil’ bro moves into the lobbying biz with her political consultants the woman that replaced the X-Man gets down to business.  Maggie Carrasco’s response to the crisis on Kentucky was swift.  Carrasco made sure a street that was plagued with broken street-lights and had yard waste strewn all over it was cleaned up and for her good work, she can expect many other residents clamoring for the same treatment.  NBC Bay Area has the story.


Dr. MLK, Jr. Association President, and all around good egg, Kathleen Flynn talks about the final trip for the Freedom Train.

Ro gets ripped by The Left Hook for being, essentially, in campaign mode for most of his adult life.  The story lays bare Khanna’s insatiable thirst to gear up for ANOTHER run in pursuit of his blind ambition to have the word Congressman in front of his name.  Pathetic.

Speaking of pursuit of a blind ambition, San Jo’ chalks up another legal loss as yet another court rules in favor of MLB.  It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game.

In yet another no confidence vote for newbie SJ Mayor Sam Chuccardo, the SJ Fire Chief, Ruben Torres, is hitting the bricks.  Although this story is a tad stale (Fetch Tweeted about it some time ago) it is worthy of repetition.

January 26th marks an important date in the construction of the BART extension through Berryessa. Progressive Railroading has the details.  Hopefully construction will continue to the station Deputy SJ Mayor Guardino promised in Alum Rock…or is that still on life support?

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January 15, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.15.15: Mayor Chuccardo’s Finger Must Be Tired, Mayhem Over Meyering in Sunnyvale and Kalra Announces For Assembly…

As Mayor Sam Chuccardo stands feebly by with his finger in the dike trying to hold the SJPD together, the Merctro reports on yet another shoe dropping as the police brass announce that the investigation, homicide, traffic enforcement, gang investigation and even the recruiting/backgrounding unit are being cut to bolster basic patrols.  The Left Hook posts a copy of the memo that describes just how bad it is and how bad its going to get in the mean streets of San Jo’.


Chuccardo little dutch boy1


This story tells readers of the type of institutional knowledge streaming out the door of the SJ Po-Po department…But hey, it’s OK, Mayor Chuccardo is on the job!!!

The anonymous Fly talks money and the upcoming D4 city council race.  Surprise, surprise…the two most outspoken supporters of Measure B get most of the ink and the Fly tells readers that one candidate who will be on the ballot won’t actually campaign.  Also, Fly, it’s Chiu not Chu and the runoff is in June not May…just sayin’.

Azucar is leaving downtown SJ because in their eyes it is not safe and so it joins Blackbird Restaurant, P.F. Chang’s, Sparta Sports Bar, Pete’s Coffee, South First Billiards, and Toon’s on the list of recently departed places to leave San Jose’s urine stained and drug riddled downtown. But they, according to the SanJoseBlog they are being replaced by some new spots in the SOFA 360 building…glass of urine half full or half empty?

The Chamber of Commerce wants you to know that there is a seat available on the powerful SJ Planning Commission.  In an ironic twist, the application, conflict of interest vetting and interview process is way more cumbersome and thorough than the process to select an interim councilmember in San Jose.

A carport with 3 cars was destroyed and two families were displaced in this SJ blaze. NBC Bay Area has the story.

Disgruntled, embattled, angry at times, petty, disconcerting, bizarre and…well you get the picture, Sunnyvale City Councilflak Pat Meyering won’t be serving on any intergovernmental agencies this year as the majority of the council punishes him for not signing Sunnyvale’s Code of Ethics when he was first elected in 2011.  The Fetch Over/Under line on Meyering filing a lawsuit is 24-hours…take the under.

SJ Mayor Chuccardo will glad-hand with and speak before one of his biggest mayoral campaign supporters, the California Apartment Association. CAA represents the interests of property owners, landlords, and property management companies, you know, the folks that keep jacking up rents in Silicon Valley.

Chuck Reed’s former public safety flak Jose Salcido has latched on to the staff of Johnny Khamis and will be dealing with homelessness and public safety issues for the wanna-be developer, Khamis. Salcido did such a bang up job keeping San Jose safe and reducing the homeless population for Reed that he’s a natural for the job.  (Fetch’s Tongue-is-in-its-Cheek.)

SJ Councilmember Dapper Don Rocha is also shuffling staff by replacing Vanessa Compean and Ann Grabowski with Andrea Hyde and Jacklyn Joanino.  Luckily for Rocha he keeps Big Bang Theory look-a-like Peter Hamilton as his COS.

It’s Human Trafficking Awareness month in Santa Clara County and comes at a time of heightened scrutiny placed on Metro Newspaper’s advertising partner,  This recent story details the role plays in facilitating prostitution and other illegal behavior.

SJ Councilmember Ash Kalra has launched his bid to replace Nora Campos in the State Assembly.  Kalra will be a formidable candidate and has a natural fundraising base including the Indo-American community, environmentalist, small businesses and labor.  Those thinking of running against Kalra are Mrs. Wahlin, San Jose’s new Vice-Mayor and Santa Clara County Board of Education Member Darcie Green.  Green just recently lost an election for Democratic State Central Committee Delegate.

KTVU-2 reports that two arrests have been made in the fatal shooting of one man that took place Saturday in San Jose.

Entertainment Weekly provides the snubs and surprises from this year’s Oscar nominations announced this morning. And Variety reports on “Dick Poop” getting the nod in one Oscar category, yup we wrote Dick Poop.  We feel all Beavis and Butthead right now.

tEk from the Merctro tells us that another Carr is departing from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.  First Dolores and now Danny and both wish it was under different circumstances.  Dolores was thrown overboard by voters who elected Jeff “I am the law” Rosen and Danny is running for the door to avoid another investigation into his questionable antics.

Failed carpetbagger congressional candidate Ro Khanna has a new gig courtesy of Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves.  Ro will try and dump on the dump by throwing as much garbage and making as big of a stink as possible to block the expansion of the Newby Island landfill.  Hopefully for residents surrounding the dump Ro will do better at trashing Newby Island then he did trashing Mike Honda.

The SV Biz Journal tells readers about a nutrition shake company named Soylent locking down $20 million in VC funding (really Soylent’s the name).  Hopefully the shakes taste better than what Moses was warning about in this clip from his movie Soylent Green.

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January 14, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.14.15: Labor Lambasts Chuccardo, Boobytraps In San Jo’ and Rocha Votes No On Mrs. Wahlin As SJ Vice-Mayor

SBLC head honcho Ben Field was unable to say anything positive about newbie Mayor Sam Chuccardo in this SV Biz Journal piece about labor’s goals for 2015.  Field lays out the reasons very clearly as to why Chuccardo and labor continue to feud.

Mayor shmayor, Dave Cortese was crowned President yesterday.  The gavel was passed from “We Like Mike” Wasserman to Cortese and both men thanked their colleagues on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.  Cortese will deliver his state of the county address later this month… Fetch is on the edge of our seat…NOT.

Buried in the President Cortese story is this little nugget.  Dapper Don Rocha voted against appointing Mrs. Wahlin (Rose Herrera) as Vice-Mayor of San Jose. We wonder what Rocha’s vote would have been if Mrs. Wahlin was appointed Vice-Ass Clown…well, Fetch isn’t really wondering.

Boobytraps are the new reality for…heeeeheee we said booby…San Jose firefighters. (Apparently) some jerk is planting punji sticks around abandoned homeless encampments. A San Jose fire fighter who narrowly avoided getting impaled discovered the traps.

SJFF dodged punji sticks to douse flames at this two alarm fire.  KGO-7 has the story.

Calbuzz takes a funny look at the early stages of the race to replace Boxer in the US Senate. The Calbuzzers put AG Harris in front but calls her Boxer-lite, says big-bucks tree hugger Tom Steyer is the biggest threat, so far, to Harris, chuckles at Rep. Lorreta Sanchez contemplating getting in the race and calls Willie Brown an “aged bagman”.  Fun reading.

The much maligned public employee pension fund, CalPERS, saw its returns soar by 18.4% in 2014. Its funds increased to over $300 billion from its low of $164 billion after the 2008 recession.

“I Wear My Sunglasses To Rob Banks” is the new hit in San Jose.  SJ Po-Po still need help nabbing this brazen bandit.

In one of the more ironic twists in the Chris Brown shoot out that left 5 wounded in San Jose, Brown, who is one of the biggest low life hoods there is, called an emergency meeting of his crew to discuss venue selection.  Brown ordered his manager to immediately cancel upcoming shows at any nightclub he thinks is “too hood.”  Classic.

SJ City Council voted to send a letter to the Feds opposing crude oil being transported by rail through SJ. The vote took a twist when wanna-be roller rink developer Johnny Khamis voted with the power of his convictions—in the NBC Bay Area story Khamis says quote, “…but not to outright oppose it” then goes ahead and casts a vote to do just that.  Strength of character, backbone, conviction are not words that should be in the same sentence with Khamis…Doh!!!, we just did it…

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January 13, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.13.15: Marshman Feeds Sam, No SJ Po-Po Equals Private Security and Carrasco Captures Sacramento’s Heart

SJPD will have the lowest number of police academy recruits in its history and has department brass admitting they are in big trouble. Hey, how’s Sam’s plan to add 200 additional cops to the department working out for you San Jo’?

Neighborhoods in San Jose are choosing to tax themselves to hire private security to patrol their neighborhoods.  KPIX-5’s Len Ramirez says that slow response times to property crimes has reached crisis proportions and with the police department in an epic tailspin, residents are willing to pay more for protection.  BTW, Johnny Khamis is featured in the story and finds it difficult to piece together a cohesive sentence.  This is the best D10 could do?

Well that didn’t take long.  The Babs Marshman led Merctro editorial page comes to Mayor Chuccardo’s defense in a whiney piece chastising those not wanting to play nice with the bumbling new mayor.  Chuccardo must have cried a river to mommy dearest and Mommy Marshman obliged with her usual disingenuous blather.

Let’s see…Marshman says that Sam is reaching out by appointing Dapper Don Rocha and wanna-be Assemblymember Kalra to “powerful” committee chairmanships.  Powerful, really, the chair has a gavel but that’s about it, there is no extra authority bestowed upon a chairman and the only committee that counts is the Rules Committee that places items on the council agenda.  And on that committee Chuccardo stacked it with a 3-2 majority of his supporters (Chuccardo, Mrs. Wahlin, and Johnny).

Marshman points to a transition team that had “Cortese” supporters on it.  Quick, name a member of the transition team…Yup, other than Deputy Mayor Guardino, Fetch had to turn to our interns to find one.

Marshman suggests Sam wants to negotiate over Measure B, has an open mind, blah, blah, blah.  Well his staff selections include, Pete Constant as his public safety/pension advisor, the former lobbyist for the Chamber of Commerce as his Chief of Staff, and the mouthpiece for Mayor Reed as his spokesperson…there’s reaching across the aisle for ya!  And Let’s not forget that he had the polarizing La Doris Cordell swear him in as a big FU to the SJ Po-Po.

So some folks are not all warm and fuzzy with a guy who just a few months ago wrote this about how he would deal with Measure B (click on image to see larger version):

Talk to the Judge


Marshman should do us all a favor and start the weaning process as this is sort of creeping people out.


Marshman Feeding Chuccardo


D5 Councilmember Maggie Carrasco is positioning herself as the go to pol for anything Sacramento related. Apparently her connections run deep in our states capitol, she was sworn in by AG Kamala Harris and had an array of political heavyweights including ex-hubby and current California Senate Leader Kevin de Leon and our own Senator Jim Beall at her event.  Insiders in attendance said the swearing in was well-orchestrated and shows the newbie councilmember is hitting the ground running.

Speaking of AG Harris, she is now an announced candidate to replace retiring Senator Barbara Boxer.  Harris launched her bid a mere hours after Lt. Gov Gavin Newson decided to pass on a trip to DC and instead focus on the Governor’s mansion.

A primer for SJ Mayor Chuccardo is given in this short story about the East Side Union High School District and the process it is using to fill the seat of recently departed Maggie Carrasco.  The district is hosting public question and answer sessions and has delegated a group of employees and community leaders to vet the candidates and recommend 5 to the school board.  The school board will then select one of the 5 to serve.  Hmmm, an open process that is not rushed, are you listening Chuccardo?

Questions abound over the lack of security at the Chris Brown shoot-out at the Fiesta Club.  KTVU-2 interviews one security guard who says it was a mess from jump street and KRON-4 reports that the SJ Po-Po warned of danger looming at the Brown catastrophe and are reviewing the clubs entertainment permit. Councilman Tam Nguyen, where are you???

Mitt Romney, clearly a glutton for punishment, is reassembling his failed presidential campaign team to make one more run at the White House.  Rumors abound that every late night talk show host is urging Mitt to run as he will provide them with enough gaffes, f-ups, and jokes to fill monologue after monologue.

SJI reports on the crowded field vying to fill the shoes of Kansen Chu and the flats of Margie Matthews to become the next councilmember representing D4.

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January 12, 2015

Daily Fetch 01.12.15: Several Shoot Em’ Ups In San Jo’, Herrera Implicated in Illegal Kickback Lawsuit and Rocha Calls For Investigation Of City Manager’s Office

BREAKING NEWS: SJ Fire Chief Ruben Torres is resigning…another high level departure to welcome newbie Mayor Chuccardo

The man shot on New Years day has died and has become the first homicide of 2015 in San Jose. SJ chalked up its second homicide of 2015 when a man was found Saturday in a Mercedes-Benz with a gunshot wound.  No arrests have been made in that shooting.

In more San Jose gunshot news…Talk about a hot mess…5 people were shot in San Jose at a Chris Brown concert at some hole in the wall along Monterey Highway named the Fiesta Club.  National and international news played multiple camera phone videos of the incident that depicted the chaos that followed the gunshots.  KTVU-2 reports that the shooter or shooters is on the lamb.  Keep it classy San Jo’.




Unconfirmed reports say that the weapon or weapons used in the Fiesta Club shooting were smuggled past security that mirrored the measures in place at SJC.  Oh, well that explains it…there is no security at SjC.

And talk about bad timing for Mayor Chuccardo, the beat goes on about the shrinking ranks of the SJPD.  This report talks about further reductions, beyond the scrapping of the Metro Unit, that will decrease virtually every police unit in the latest gambit to keep enough patrol units to scramble from 911 call to 911 call.

The dwindling ranks of the SJ Po-Po are asking for help in tracking down this bank robber who knocked off a US Bank inside the Hamilton Avenue Safeway.

The Left Hook tells us Dapper Don Rocha wants to…Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in…the sunshine in and disclose the manipulative backstabbing that SJ Mayor Chuccardo orchestrated to oust former CM Ed Shikada.  Rocha has submitted this memo to rules to allow the closed session scheming to be revealed to the public.

And solidifying his title as Mayor Chuccardo’s biggest pain in the arse, Rocha is calling for an investigation into Rec. Leader Gurza’s axing and the subsequent train wreck unfolding under the big top of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus City Manager’s office.

SJ Inside has this post about San Jose creating a new office to support immigrants connecting with services.  What SJI glossed over is the political implications of this push; it is being made by the three newbie councilmembers (Carrasco, Peralez and Nguyen) and Ash Kalra and calls for additional coordination with the County of Santa Clara.  This group could be the foundation for a new type of progressive politics in San Jose and could provide for additional heartburn for the old guard at city hall…just sayin’.

Call us crazy, but this latest strike by Kaiser mental health workers seems a little off.

If it’s not out of control 49ers it’s those pesky burglars who continue to plague the upscale Silver Creek Country Club neighborhood.  Luckily, these two would be thieves were popped and NBC Bay Area has the video.

Can everyone chill out on those Duraflame logs for a bit?  It’s another spare the air day in the Bay Area so bundle up lay off the fireplace.

Failed mayoral candidate Herrera is being sued by former city attorney, Joanne Hoeper, over an alleged multi-million dollar kickback scheme involving the city’s Claims Bureau.  Oh, snap, sorry, not SJ Vice-Mayor Mrs. Wahlin (Rose Herrera) but SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera is the one accused by Ms. Hoeper of firing her from her post as SF’s top trial attorney after she informed Herrera of the kickback scheme.  Herrera denies the allegation.

This slideshow, courtesy of the SV Biz Journal, shows the new home of the Earthquakes.  March 22 is slated as the opening date.

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