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Daily Fetch 11.06.13: Is Khamis a crybaby?, Palo Alto voters say no to senior housing & Ed Shikada has little shoes to fill as he is appointed SJ’s City Manager

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Just back from his taxpayer funded Dublin, Ireland trip with his Chief of Staff in tow, Councilman Johnny “waaaa” Khamis has cried like a baby to police brass.  Not about the police substation he promised to open and hasn’t, but about cops being mean to him on Facebook.  And the police department has actually diverted officers to investigate.  San Jose Inside broke the story yesterday and provides the actual FB posts that have made Johnny cry.  (Note to angry cops, prolly not a good idea to drop an FB on FB about a councilman.)

Johnny Khamis Cry Baby

SJI tells readers that the dust up started when Khamis did not attend an annual memorial service at Jeffrey Fontana Park to honor the fallen SJPD officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty.  Khamis says he did not know of the event, even though he gave the community organization that takes care of the park an award earlier this year.  Some cops called bullsh*# and the FB rants began.

Maybe this is what Johnny K should be crying about:  KTVU reports that detectives will be moved to cover patrol beats because there are not enough cops to protect the city.

Or maybe Johnny K should be crying about this SJ Inside post that says the police substation that he promised would open, isn’t going to open because there aren’t enough cops.

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit rolled out this promo about a story that will air tonight at 11 titled Murder and Politics in San Jose.  Thanks to our spies for hipping us to the story.  We will see if this makes Johnny cry as well???

Sunnyvale voters tell the NRA to shove it by overwhelmingly passing one of the toughest gun control laws in the country.  If the law withstands the NRA legal assault, it would require gun owners to lock their guns up (crazy, huh), report a gun stolen within 48-hours (nuts!), and limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds (BANANAS).  Way to go Sunnyvale!

To the joy of virtually every employee still working in San Jose, Ed Shikada was named to replace Deb Figone as San Jose’s City Manager.   Our sources say it was a cutthroat, back-stabbing filled journey for those vying to replace Figone. San Jose’s chief labor negotiator Alex Gurza was in the running until the end.  Maybe the city was looking for an honest broker to try and mend fences with its employees, so they went with Ed? The SV Business Journal’s take is here and San Jose Inside, which continues to break news at a fast clip, prints the entire press release announcing the selection here.

Santa Clara County Supervisors voted to keep its civil detainer policy as is on a controversial 3-2 vote.   TracEy Kaplan provides the details.

Palo Alto voters do too have a heart; it just doesn’t beat for old people wanting to have a roof over their heads.  The Maybell Measure D measure goes down to defeat and now San Jose can continue to be one of the last jurisdictions to actually build affordable housing in Silicon Valley.  Keep it classy PA.

The Merc’s new scribe at SJ City Hall, Mike Rosenberg, knows a good quote when he hears it as he includes this gem from Johnny “waaaa” Khamis who voted for an urgency ordinance to allow the whacking of some wild pigs in Almaden:

“It’s not my intention to go out and commit a pig genocide, said Khamis.

Yesterday’s local election results yielded wins for school parcel tax and bond measures.  Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District, Campbell Union High School District and the Sunnyvale School District all chalked up electoral victories.

In national election news; New Jersey’s Chris Christie crushed his opponent to win a second term, New York City elected a Democrat Mayor for the first time in decades as Bill de Blasio cruised to victory and former national DNC Chair and Clinton chum Terry McAuliffe wins the Virginia statehouse.

And in a sign that the assault on public employee pensions may be turning a corner, Cincinnati voters said no to this pension reform measure that was backed by right wing Tea Party Republicans.  It had called for the end of defined benefit retirement security and replacing it with cash balance plans that Wall Street hedge funds could get their hands on.

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Daily Fetch 5.10.13: Jeff “I am the law” Rosen issues forth big brother

Friday, May 10th, 2013

The Jeff “I am the law” Rosen crazy train continues to go off the rails. The Merc’s Kaplan reports that the DA whistleblower with the disabled kid who was demoted and exiled to Siberia (Palo Alto), has filed a grievance with Santa Clara County.

The grievance, which was posted on the Merc’s website, details Jeff “I am the law” Rosen’s Revenge. Making the situation even more bizarre, (apparently) Rosen’s “media coordinator” Sean Webby—henceforth to be referred to as Big Brother—is now monitoring Rosen’s employees telephone conversations with reporters. Holy crap!Sean Webby Big Brother

Sean “Big Brother” Webby, maybe it’s time for an ethics refresher course.

You heard it here first, former SJ Police Chief Chris Moore has a new job. The cushy new gig is with the company that designs public safety communications networks—you know like the network that Chris spent most of his time as chief getting through congress.

You know that whole Google buying San Jose Airport thing? Yeah, well…about that. The SJ Bizjournal reports that the saga continues,

Caltrans just can’t do anything right. First they bungle the Bay Bridge project by using bolts that can be defeated by rainwater, and now they are stumped as to how spell check works on a computer.  Paging Armando Gomez, your city of “Milipitas” needs you.

As the Merc’s Wolfolk talks about cops being greedy, Protect San Jose emerges from it’s undisclosed bunker to deliver a right cross to San Jose’s Alex Gurza’s upper jaw (apparently) at this week’s arbitration action at City Hall.  Glad to see you back, Protect.

Woolfolk has yet another piece about Supervisor Dave Cortese’s bright (?) idea to get the Merc to move into the old city hall building. If it happens, could we take over the Merc’s spot at the new city hall with the same sweetheart, rent-free deal the Merc currently enjoys?

Sam Liccardo is tired of doing his job. Not content to pull a Don Rocha and just sit in the corner, Sam wants to throw money to the people and let them sort things out. So what you’re saying Sam is that councilmembers are about as useless as, well…councilmembers, right?

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Daily Fetch 5.12.11: Bike to Work (Every) Day

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

It is Bike to Work Day today.  For some local folks, Bike to Work Day will take on some new signficance… (Oh, San Jose Inside/Metro continues Story .12)
For those of you nervous-types, it is also Game 7 for the Sharks… If you want to start the party early, you could probably fit in 7 or 8 hours of partying, including the game.
Details of the SJSU murder/suicide are trickling out slowly
In other horrible crime news, that 3-year-old Campbell girl who was severely abused was found… so was the girl’s mother.  The mother’s boyfriend is still out there.
In yet more crime news, the good folks at Protect San Jose have been busy scowering YouTube to make the case that San Jose is lawless
In other San Jose Police-related news, a settlement has been reached between the City of San Jose and Phuong Ho, who was beaten/Tasered in his home and caught on cell-phone video.  Remember the video?
San Jose’s bind with pension costs made some news in the financial papers… Bloomberg has a deeper look and San Jose’s chief negotiator Alex Gurza made a big-time paper.
Scott Herhold has had a busy week at the Merc.  Today’s column is about how MLB in downtown San Jose was once a really good possibility has hit some obstacles, and only one of those obstacles is a San Jose Redevelopment Agency on the ropes… It isn’t just the Giants standing in the way, the Mets and the Dodgers have something to do with it too…
In other Palo Alto news:  Palo Alto is taking a page from San Jose and trying to modify (kill?) binding arbitration for public safety unions.

Daily Fetch 1.26.11: In Google, Out Yahoo…

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Big news from the San Jose City Council meeting yesterday:  the future negotiations between the City of San Jose and its unions will be a lot more public, in part to assuage fears of local unions that their positions are being misrepresented by City negotiator Alex Gurza.  This should be an interesting study is sausage-making…

A San Jose dude was arrested for shining a laser at a plane and sheriff’s helicopter.  The craziest part of the story in the Chronicle?  They guy was arrested on Pipe Dream Court
Sean Webby at the Merc has a lot more details about the incident yesterday where a San Jose Police Officer shot and killed a suspect in the east foothills in San Jose.  The Police Department isn’t yet saying whether the man who was shot was armed or what the man’s name is/was
Protect San Jose posted a poignant poem written by San Jose Police Office Jeremy Martinez, “I am a police officer“…
Supervisorial Board President Dave Cortese wants to “put juvenile hall out of business” and revamp how something things are done over at the County.  He gave his State of the County yesterday… there was another State of Something last night as well…
There is an interesting Silicon Valley 2011 Snapshot in the news this week: Google will hire a bunch of folks (about 6,000)  and Yahoo will let a bunch go. Perhaps the Yahoo folks should just send their resumes a little further north on 101…
In South County downtowns’ news…
Gilroy would like the High-Speed Rail station to be in downtown Gilroy… which makes sense.  Perhaps the folks up the Peninsula should take a page from Gilroy…
Morgan Hill is finalizing its plan for a revamped downtown… their vote yesterday will limit the options for the streetscape on Monterey Road.
Yesterday, Mission City Lantern threw a hat-tip our way (and one to The Bay Citizen as well) for the SJ A’s coverage: Thanks James…

Daily Fetch 1.25.11: City Council meeting, State of the Union, and Glee. A perfect day?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

A few San Jose A’s/Diridon Station/Redevelopment stories to kick things off today…
The Bay Citizen really, really wants the A’s to stay in Oakland.  Yesterday, they had a story that called Lew Wolff’s land-use deals in San Jose “questionable“… We’d use the same word to describe their coverage of San Jose…
From the Merc:  ”…the grand plan for the area surrounding San Jose’s Diridon Station will be  unveiled…” at tonight’s San Jose City Council meeting… but you’ll probably be watching the State of the Union (or Glee) instead, however.
This may not be good news for Harry M. at the San Jose Redevelopment Agency… State Controller John Chiang is doing an RDA audit of big Redevelopment Agencies in the state
The Merc Editorial Board gives props to Mayor Reed’s plan to make the City’s labor negotiations more public and transparent by having the City’s lead labor negotiator, Alex Gurza, present the City’s position publicly and letting unions present the rebuttal publicly.  (That’s at least how The Daily Fetch understands the new plan.)  The idea will get discussed today…
While we’re on the topic:  Protect San Jose does their weekly run-down of the City Council agenda.  Interestingly, they have nothing to say about the new negotiating guidelines or the finalists for Police Chief.  When they do, we’ll let you know…
Speaking of Protect San Jose…
There is a story from Tracy Seipel at the Merc about drug dealing that happens in downtown San Jose’s Fountain Alley and how the police are cracking down successfully.  While the story certainly isn’t funny, The Daily Fetch tries to look for silver linings sometimes, and we found one in this story:  ”…Police say dealers jump on and off [VTA] trains around the downtown core: from Second and San Carlos streets up First St. to St. James Park…”  At least some folks are riding lightrail, right?
How many houses does it take to pay for a city service?” San Jose’s Pierluigi Oliverio has some answers and some ideas on San Jose Inside...
Last night, Palo Alto Mayor Sid Espinosa gave his State of the City and he wants more civic involvement, which shouldn’t be a problem in Palo Alto.  Perhaps the most interesting line from the speech, at least the part of the speech that was covered in the Daily News, was this:  ”…Let me say, the Stanford project will move forward this year…”  From the Mayor’s  mouth to the land-use gods in Palo Alto’s ears…
While Esponisa’s State of the City got some ink today, it is unlikely that the Mountain View State of the City address, given by City Manager Kevin Duggan at NASA Ames Research Center over lunch, will be as interesting…
What does every single City Councilmember need during this historic economic downtown and streatched budgets?  An iPad.  That’s the paperless plan in Morgan Hill to the tune of $840 each
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Google gave $100 million to Eric Schmidt. Is that a better deal than Dan Fenton got when he left Team San Jose?…
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