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Daily Fetch 6.5.12: We didn’t intend to mislead…

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Today is election day… which means at the end of today (maybe) we’ll know who the two folks will be who will run for County Supervisor in November.  Good luck everyone… and remember, The Daily Fetch did not mean to mislead anyone when we said we had degrees from Harvard and Stanford…

But a lucky person doesn’t have to wait until November to become an “elected official” in San Carlos… That’s because the San Carlos City Council will appoint a new member to their Council to replace Andy Klein on Wednesday night.  That is, if the Council can make a decision.  They haven’t proven that they can make important decisions in fewer than 3 meetings…

And finally, before we head off the polls – The County is “ready” to start planning their big, new Redwood City jail.  Good times…


Daily Fetch 5.31.12: Mitt Romney’s charisma comes to town…

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Hey, Mitt Romney is in town.  Can you feel that energy and charisma?

Well, another turn in the DMB/Saltworks project.  Remember, last month they pulled their current plans and promised scaled back plans.  Toward those scaled back plans, DMB would like to see whether or not the Federal government thinks they have say in what happens in the salt… If the Federal government does have some say, expect DMB to be disappointed.  Have you ever known a government agency that has passed up the chance to regulate?  Us either…

To the City of Good Living, where next month, a new Councilmember will be appointed to replace Andy Klein.  Said appointee will then have to figure out whether or not to run for said Council seat in November 2013 when the seat will be up for election.  The Council hopes the appointee will not run, but politics is funny sometimes… (Mark our words)  There are 9 folks who want the appointment

While one of those nine will get a plum appointment in San Carlos, more than 200 other folks might lose their jobs at the County.  The budget axe continues to fall


Daily Fetch 5.30.12: Facebook headline edition…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Here’s a headline that nearly everyone could see coming:  Menlo Park likes Facebook’s expansion plan… Unfortunately for Facebook, it comes on the same day as this headline:  Facebook shares slide further amid barrage of bad news… Unfortunately for Menlo Park, there’s this headline:  Atherton, Menlo Park continue talks on Facebook EIR dispute

Finally… the San Carlos City Council has decided that the vacant Council seat that used to belong to Andy Klein will be filled by an election in 2013… Of course, that means that an interim Councilmember will be chosen until then.  City of Good Living… anyone up for some fun?

Remember when President Obama was in town and every editorial voice (Jon Mays/Michelle Durand) at the Daily Journal was writing pieces about bobbleheads?  Well, Jon Mays writes today about the Presidential wannabes coming to the Bay Area to raise campaign cash… Amazing what a little pressure from The Daily Fetch can do to get folks focused on the important stuff…


Daily Fetch 5.29.12: San Carlos = Tortoise, Menlo Park = Hare

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

All we can say is, oy… The San Carlos City Council will once again (for the third time) talk about how to fill the vacant City Council seat left by Andy Klein’s departure… Let’s hope whoever gets the seat is more decisive than the folks currently on the Council…

While San Carlos dithers… Menlo Park is moving at warp speed to approve the Facebook campus expansion – having a rare meeting the week of Memorial Day.  They probably want to get it done before all the Facebook IPO lawsuits are filed

Last week it was the President, this week it is the wannabe President, Mitt Romney.  Last week it was the decidedly low-key Fox Theatre in Redwood City, this week it is a palatial estate in Hillsborough

Finally, one week from today we’ll know a lot more about the crazy race for County Supervisor… thank goodness it’s almost over


Daily Fetch 5.15.12: Welcome to the 1950s Portola Valley…

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

All the local political drama yesterday wasn’t in the race for State Senate, or Assembly, or Supervisor – but San Carlos.  Choosing the third Mayor in a year (Matt Grocott) was easy, deciding how to fill the Andy Klein-vacated seat was less so.  ”As of press deadline” no decision was made for a special election or fill the vacancy at the next, regularly scheduled election in 2013.

Memo Morantes gets the Daily News treatment today.  We’re getting closer and closer to election day, so read up everyone.

There won’t be an election day for San Bruno Park Elementary School District’s Superintendent, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t somewhat of a lightening rod these days.  A “no confidence” petition is circulating with his name on it.

In other really big local news… the Portola Valley Town Council may soon use microphones.  Welcome to the 1950s Portola Valley.





Daily Fetch 5.14.12: We’re a General Law blog, for now…

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The most exciting (and sometimes downright funniest) race this June is for County Supervisor.  Bonnie Eslinger looks at Shelly Masur’s candidacy today…  We have to ask Masur, no billboards?

To San Bruno, where there will be a welcome back ceremony for survivors of the 2010 blast.

San Carlos may take the step to become a charter city and leave the old, dusty “general law city” governance style behind.  Call it the “legacy of Andy Klein”… or something like that.

Ending some of the revolving door chaos that has plagued Atherton, this week they are likely to take the “Interim” off of the Interim Police Chief’s title.

Finally, Amgen bike race today.  If you are going to be Coastside today, traffic will be all messed up, unless, of course, you are a world-class cyclist.




Daily Fetch 5.11.12: San Carlos Mayor #3, step right up…

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Here’s an interesting, if somewhat disturbing, story from Redwood City – and once again, Bonnie Eslinger is there:  Redwood City teen charged with setting boyfriend’s bed on fire.  The mug shot is priceless

When you think of the City of Good Living (San Carlos), you think stability, tree-lined streets, and generally a pretty stable political structure… but… on Monday, the City Council will select their “third Mayor in a year” due to the departure of Andy Klein.

If you have plans to stick around town over Memorial Day, perhaps your stay at home plans should not include taking the Dumbarton Bridge… because it won’t be open.

It is Rich Gordon’s turn to get endorsed by the Daily Journal today.  Congrats Mr. Gordon… (If you’re like us and have no idea who is running against Gordon, the Almanac has a sneak peak…)

In other political news… The County Times does a write-up of Kirsten Keith, Menlo Park’s Mayor and her run for Supervisor.  If you don’t know what she looks like, take a drive north on 101 near Redwood City:  Kirsten Keith blown up to 20 feet.

Daily Fetch 4.19.12: Two big news stories (and one profile of Memo Morantes…)

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Big news this morning coming out of San Carlos… Mayor Andy Klein has resigned.  Read all about it in the Daily Journal… or here

This is not a headline Redwood City Councilmember Rosanne Foust likes to see… It is also a headline that is probably circulating around the DMB headquarters this morning.  Courtesy of Bonnie Eslinger:  Another conflict of interest complaint filed against Redwood City council member over Saltworks project…  The FPPC is chomping at the bit, no doubt…

Memo Morantes gets the DJ treatment today in their never-ending profile of Supervisorial candidates…

Isn’t that enough big news for the day?…




Daily Fetch 2.24.12: Republicans are coming to town… they will Google Santorum

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Little Tommy Brady was back in town yesterday for a Serra High School fundraiser. In his talk, he spoke about how he learned about “honor, hard work, and discpline” at Serra. We wonder why one of Serra’s other well-known graduates didn’t learn the honor part…

One headline writer had fun with this today: California Republicans meet in Burlingame to ponder their relevence… The sub should be, “Same agenda as last year…” The Chronicle story about the Convention will not help California Republicans much: “…a growing number of state Republicans are falling in love with Santorum, who is out of step with most Californians on abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage…” We wonder if Santorum would approve of a bunch of older white dudes falling in love with him… We hope they don’t do any online research…

Speaking of same agenda as last year, the San Carlos Mayor Andy Klein talked about his ideas for the coming year during that City’s State of the City Address… budget struggles… Oh, and he’d like to have San Carlos be a charter city

To the coast, where Pacifica Riptide is hearing that Jim Vreeland is resigning from the City CouncilRiptide has an idea of who should replace him.


Daily Fetch 2.10.12: Penn State West?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Joshua Melvin is following the case against the Redwood City teacher
accused of child endangerment and battery… and things are looking
worse than originally thought: “…The Redwood City School District
placed eight employees on administrative leave Thursday and launched
an investigation into its workers’ handling of allegations that a teacher
slapped and kicked special needs students during a two-month period
Penn State West?  (Note to Shelly Masur:  You should say something about this sooner rather than later…)

It seems that Styrofoam is enemy number one in San Mateo County. This week it was Redwood City looking to ban it and next week it will be San Carlos. What did Styrofoam ever do to you Andy Klein?

Ah, downtown Burlingame. It is getting all the attention today. From the Daily Journal’s Editorial and from the Burlingame Voice. Good times…