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Daily Fetch 10.4.11: Happy Dukes of Hazzard Day…

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

It may not seem like it, but today is Dukes of Hazzard Day… Why?  ”10-4 good buddy”
Downtown San Jose was bustling last weekend in part because of the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon… One detail we didn’t see over the weekend, but is in today’s paper , was that bystanders are being credited with saving a life runner who was not breathing and had no pulse.
Santa Clara is back in the news… that’s because the BAREC site is about to be bulldozed and filled up with housing.  Anyone that knows the history on this site knows that it took a long time, a campaign, and some serious cash to get this done.
Solyndra is back in the news, and so is Steve Westly… It seems Westly gave the President a pretty good heads up that Solyndra shouldn’t be highlighted as a great company.  He emailed Valeria Jarrett in the White House and said that if Solyndra “hit the wall” or would “file for bankruptcy” then it would be embarrassing for the President.  Yup.  Westly as soothsayer?  (If he could only predict the outcome of Governor’s races as well…)
Palo Alto will have a pot club measure on a ballot in 2012.  Is San Jose paying attention?
10-4 good buddy…