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Daily Fetch 04.10.14: Burlingame Post Office is Moving and other news

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

The Burlingame post office is down sizing. They just accepted an offer on their old building and will be moving a to a new, less expensive location on Howard Avenue.

Menlo Park’s sidewalk fine arts festival starts tomorrow. Stroll away…

In other Menlo Park news, the Peninsula Humane Society wants to replace its facilities, but the Menlo Park City Council is holding up the process. Think about the puppies people!

In Redwood City, if traffic enforcement is needed, they take the dozen or so po-po that have left SJ and assign them to problem traffic areas.  That’s what a city can do when it has enough po-po.

The Grand Old Party, emphasis on Old and Party, have blocked equal pay for equal work for women in the US Senate.  Republicans are rejoicing over ensuring women keep getting a raw deal from corporate America.  Come on Hillary!

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Daily Fetch 03.12.14: Facebook locked down and the battle for Burlingame controller heats up

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Facebook’s Menlo Park campus was evacuated last night after police received reports of a threat. Turns out it was a false alarm.

The race for the seat no one knows (or cares) about is heating up! The battle for Burlingame controller got catty this week as former Mayor Joe Galligan filed suit against his challenger Juan Raigoza, saying Raigoza is not qualified.

That smoke in the sky yesterday was not from Simms Metal Recycling for once…no, this time it was a huge fire near AT&T Park that was responsible for fouling up the air.

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Daily Fetch 02.18.14: A game of tennis in Menlo is getting to be more like Game of Thrones and Pillar Point crap is from the usual suspects

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

It’s blood on the tennis courts in Menlo Park, as a tennis instructor gets threatened for…instructing tennis. Say it slowly with us…First…World…Problems.


Former Burlingame Mayor Joe Galligan has thrown his hat into the ring for the race for City Controller.

Pacifica residents are up in arms over Caltrans plans to make their town easier to get to.

Cows, dogs and wild animals are the cause of most of the crap in Pillar Point Harbor.

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Daily Fetch 01.13.14: Burlingame debates parking and Redwood City gun store owners arrested

Monday, January 13th, 2014

If you’re looking to get your first break in politics, now could be your moment to shine! A seat just opened up on the San Mateo County Mosquito Board.

Burlingame is engrossed on the matter of whether or not it needs a parking structure in its downtown…wait Burlingame has a downtown?

Two owners of a Redwood City gun store were arrested for shooting guns near a toddler.

Gov. “Crispy Cream” Christie knows he’s in real trouble when he loses Snooki.  The Hill tells us that the MTV Jersey Girl has turned on hiz honor for the closure of the busiest bridge in the nation for petty political reasons.

Some on the right are calling for a raise in the minimum wage.  The SF Chron has the story.

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Daily Fetch 12.17.13: Sharks!, food trucks and lead paint

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

A Superior Court Judge has put the hammer down on Sherwin-Williams, ConAgra and NL Industries (formerly National Lead Co.) for using the lead paint when they knew it was dangerous to kids.  Those companies must pay $1.1 billion to establish a fund that the state will manage to remove lead paint from homes in 10 cities and counties.  San Mateo County will see $55 million from the fund after the inevitable appeal.

The Chron has a little ditty about the dangers of getting eaten by a great white shark off the San Mateo Coast. yipes-great-white-shark

In some disturbing news: a body was found in Montara on the side of the highway.

Despite pleas from local businesses, the Burlingame City Council voted yesterday to work to keep the “Off the Grid” food truck event at the Broadway Caltrain parking lot.

Local congressional delegation members, Eshoo, Honda and Lofgren pen this piece for the San Mateo Daily Journal honoring SV’s open space districts.  The three also renew their commitment to protecting the environment and the great outdoors.

Stop snooping on everyone.  That is the order from a Judge to the NSA that has sent reverberations through the Obama White House.

The US Senate is poised to pass a two-year budget deal…that is not a typo.  Reuters has the story.

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Daily Fetch 11.14.13: The Battle of Burlingame won by Ortiz and the San Carlos Clapper gets her revenge

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The final vote tally in the Battle of Burlingame (City Council) has been released and it’s Ricardo Ortiz over Russ Cohen by 8 votes. Burlingame can now return to its rightful media place as just a highway sign on the way to San Francisco.


The Clapper’s revenge. Despite calls for a delay in final council approval of San Carlos’ much discussed transit village, the project was approved this week on a 4-1 vote.

California’s Supreme Court says that local jurisdictions can ban guns in parks.  The Supremes refused to hear an appeal by the NRA and another pro-gun group to overturn a common-sense San Mateo County law. So pack a picnic to go to the park not a Glock.

Rescue crews are preparing for the big kahunas at Mavericks.

Portola Valley’s Town Council held discussion last night on affordable housing and installing a skateboard ramp…we can’t wait to find out what happened at the meeting.

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Daily Fetch 11.13.13: Common Core delivering $18.8 million to San Mateo County Schools and Burlingame Council race to be decided at 4:30PM today

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

San Mateo County will soon receive $18.8 million extra from the state to support local schools. The money, which is part of the state’s “Common Core” program, can go to train teachers, buy materials, or purchase technology.

On the heels of last week’s election, the city of East Palo Alto has announced that it will appoint a replacement for a seat vacated in mid October by councilperson David Woods. The timing of Woods resignation made the decision to appoint a replacement almost a necessity for the impoverished city…hmmm almost as if it was planned this way…we wonder which buddy of the majority block on the council will be selected to fill the void. The fix is in?

The intern to San Carlos’ Clapper slayer, Cameron Johnson, has a blog and isn’t afraid to tell you he has “a new perspective on politics.”

We’re a little over a week out from Election Day and some races are still not decided. Notably the race for Burlingame City Council between Ricardo Ortiz and Russ Cohen is separated by just 3 votes (Cohen is currently in the lead). Final numbers will be released at 4:30PM today.

The Army Corps of Engineers says there is no quick fix to the rapid disappearance of Surfer’s Beach. (Apparently) the issue is so bad that a section of Highway 1 near the beach could soon be washed out.

The SV Biz Journal is reporting that the Obama administration is sending emails to several hundred thousand people who unsuccessfully tried to sign up for Obamacare.  We understand that the back up plan, if the emails don’t make it to the intended recipient, include: bullhorns in parks and Mike Tyson’s carrier pigeons.  What a mess and now former President Bill Clinton has chimed in with an interview that is sure to cause acid reflux for a White House in crisis.

Has the Twitter IPO moved Silicon Valley to San Francisco?

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Daily Fetch 10.25.13: SM County is number 2 in tech and the Emperor of Martin’s Beach wins a key victory

Friday, October 25th, 2013

The Progressive Policy Institute has ranked San Mateo County as the number 2 high tech hotspot in the county. Neighboring San Francisco County was ranked number 1 and Santa Clara County was ranked number 3.

On that note, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors are taking a look at updating the way the county taxes farmland.

The San Mateo County Harbor Board is so dysfunctional and relations between board members so acrimonious that the board voted last week to seek the help of a therapist…well, mediator. The most awesome part of the situation is that the mediation between the warring members of the board will occur in public! Get your popcorn ready folks.

Mid-Peninsula Congresswoman Anna Eshoo made right-wing nuts foam at the mouth yesterday when she questioned why the Obamacare website wasn’t ready for primetime. She went as far as to say it would be like Proflowers not being ready for Valentine’s Day.

We hope that this article saying that Nirmala Brandrapallis is “launching” her bid for Burlingame City Council is a typo. Isn’t two weeks before an election a little late in the game for a campaign kick off? After all absentee voters have had their ballots for weeks.

The Emperor of Martin’s Beach, Vinod Khosla, won a key legal victory, but the surfers fighting for public access have vowed to appeal.

The combatants in the battle for the Woodside Elementary School Board are profiled in this piece by the Almanac.

The combatants in the battle for the Atherton City Council are profiled in this piece.

An investigator has been hired to take a deeper look into the San Carlos School District’s sweetheart $1.3 million loan to its superintendent. The move comes following the resignation of a long time board member over her fellow board members desire to sweep the matter under a rug.

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Daily Fetch 9.20.13: Burlingame Council hopefuls speak their minds and Half Moon Bay closer on Main Street Bridge

Friday, September 20th, 2013

The views of Burlingame Council hopefuls were put on display at a recent forum sponsored by the Leagues of Women voters.  They covered issues from high-speed rail, to traffic, to development and attracting more business to Burlingame.

The Daily Journal held its endorsement interviews for Sequoia school board candidates.  We shall see who persuaded the DJ and gets the endorsement…

NBC Bay Area reveals video of a burglar, who is till on the loose, ripping off business in San Mateo.

The Half Moon Bay City Council is close to finalizing their choice for the Main Street Bridge.  Whichever design option chosen will spark an outcry as this issue has become quite controversial.

Fetch Tech Bureau

What the techies really want Honda to focus on is a new patent office in San Jose.  Carl Guardino from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group tells KGO radio how important the patent office is to Silicon Valley and our nations economy.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg thinks gridlock in DC is not necessarily a bad thing as it prevents either side of the political spectrum from passing bills that are bad for the country…the young lad may be on to something.

Oh, and we shi% you not, a court has ruled that Facebook likes are now protected speech covered by the First Amendment.

Are you in line for your new iPhone?  They go on sale today.

Apple’s new spaceship campus in Cupertino is closer to taking off.  George Avalos from BANG has the story.

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Daily Fetch 8.23.13: Jerry Hill VBM Verify Bill on the Way to Moonbeam and PG&E crying over having to pay for blowing-up San Bruno

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Senator Jerry Hill’s bill to allow voters to verify that their absentee ballot were counted has cleared the legislature and is on the way to Governor Moonbeam for signature.

PG&E says it can’t afford to pay the $2.25 billion fine for blowing up San Bruno. San Bruno says screw you PG&E, the fine should be $1.4 billion higher!


A letter containing a white powdery substance shutdown part of the San Mateo County Government Building yesterday.

Under a new proposal, students from the lower income community of East Palo Alto would no longer be able to attend schools in the higher income communities of Woodside and Atherton. The Palo Alto Weekly spins this as a good thing.

The Mercury News tells us that Facebook teamed up with U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier to donate laptops to some East Palo Alto students on their first day of school.

Burlingame residents want an eyesore of and unfinished building to get done.  They met with developers push for completion.

Firefighters and chili this weekend at the San Mateo City Firefighter’s Association sponsored Chili Cook-Off taking place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Central Park in San Mateo.

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