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Daily Fetch 04.02.14: Feds put hammer down on PG&E for San Bruno

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

No shock that the Feds dropped the hammer on PG&E over the San Bruno gas line explosion that killed 8 people and destroyed a neighborhood.  So what exactly would that perp-walk look like?  The Federal indictment covers 12 charges and could lead a multi-billion dollar fine and has caused the company to freeze its dividend to investors as it proclaims how sorry it is for the explosion. SF Gate gives the skinny as does the Wall Mother-F#&king Street Journal.

The San Mateo Daily Journal goes out on a limb and endorses incumbent Supervisor Carole Groom. The Fetch whole-heartedly disagrees as we cannot support anyone who spells Carol with an E…come on you’re just begging for typos. We’re not even going to bother to check to see if she has a challenger, but support who-ever-the-hell not CarolE.

Are you one of those people who falls asleep at night fantasizing about large, throbbing locomotives? Well if so you’re in luck! The Almanac reports that there’s going to be a meeting tonight on getting Caltrain a third rail.

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Daily Fetch 04.01.14: Park Ranger attacked by tree and new Caltrain grade separation completed

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Taking candy from a baby, or a $1 from a 16 year old at gunpoint. Guess to which of these this loser just plead not guilty.

It’s one of those on-the-job injuries that you can only get from your particular job…like an astronaut getting hit by a meteor. A San Mateo County park ranger was injured when he was hit on the head by a tree branch.

Caltrain has just completed work on the $155 million San Bruno grade separation project…though (apparently) they are still working on “finishing touches.” Hope it’s further along than that other station was that one time at Endor.

Another new charter school may soon be opening, this time within a public school in Millbrae. Man these things are popping up everywhere, kind of like herpes.

Obamacare sign ups are surging as the deadline in California has been extended to April 15 due to the computer system crashing….Again!  Sign ups were fast and furious yesterday and this made accessing the website spotty, so Covered California will give folks some more time.

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Daily Fetch 03.25.14: Liccardo and that awful male shrinkage, Honda Dodging Debates, and Stamp-gate trial won’t be delivered until September

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Is Councilmember Johnny Khamis behind the scenes manipulating what happens with another rink, this time ice?

In the race to replace Lame (Duck) Chuck Reed the top three money raisers are in the inverse order of how they will probably finish in June.  “Cheaties” Liccardo’s lead has shrunk as Nguyen and Cortese have closed the gap and PLO is trending in the right direction.  The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall has the details.

Liccardo, down in all polls won’t like this news.  He will appear dead last on the ballot in June.  The Secretary of State announced ballot placement last week and the news is not good for a candidate with big bucks and a whole bunch of ground to make up.  Most studies say ballot placement can be a 2% to 5% advantage or disadvantage from the top to the bottom.  Oliverio will be on top, then Cortese, Herrera, Nguyen and on the bottom “Cheaties” with the also-rans interspersed throughout.

Clearly this poor soul may have been watching a replay of a SJ Mayoral debate since she fell asleep on a Caltrain and woke up alone and in need of assistance well past her scheduled stop.  NBC Bay Area reports on the sleepy tale here.

Speaking of narcolepsy inducing political debates, SF Chron’s Carla Marinucci reports on Congressman Mike Honda dipping and dodging a true Lincoln-Douglas type of grudge match with his main opponent Ro Khanna.  Marinucci spells out the pitfalls and pluses Honda is weighing as he says no to debates and yes to forums…

The Stamp-gate case involving the locked-up former County Supervisor George Shirakawa got kicked until sometime in September.  SJ Inside’s JK has the entire scoop about the costs, consequences and conundrums of this sorry episode.  He also pokes a friendly stick at the Merc’s TracEy Kaplan for sneakily mooching off of a PRA submitted by SJI.

A new study evaluating Charter School performance throughout California was released and it’s a mixed bag at best for the charter movement.  Some demographic groups struggle at charter schools and the lower the grades the better off students perform with high schools being the weakest performers.

Here is a winning combination of ideas being spouted by GOP Gubernatorial also-ran Neil Kash-and-Carry: Fracking the environment, corporate tax hand-outs, and bashing workers.  Neil Kash-and-Carry is a real breath of fresh air from those tired GOP platforms of the past…sheesh.

Political prognosticator Nate-Silver (not to be confused with the SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog), who famously predicted how every state in the union would vote in the last presidential election, has panicked Democrats with his latest forecast that Republicans are now favored to take back the US Senate.  Of course, Nate is not always on top of his game as his NCAA March Madness picks tanked this year.

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Daily Fetch 03.13.14: Caltrain to replace 4 bridges

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Menlo Park’s “O’conner” site will be home to a second Laurel Elementary campus as the school board approved the school’s name and design recently.

In preparation for electrification and high speed rail, Caltrain is replacing 4 janky old bridges in San Mateo County. The four bridges, Tilton, Monte Diablo, East Santa Inez and East Poplar, are all over 100 years old.

Austin’s SXSW Music Festival took a tragic turn last night as a drunk driver plowed through barricades outside one venue, killing two and injuring 23.  CNN has the story.

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Daily Fetch 12.05.13: Ray Mueller tapped as Menlo Park’s new mayor and PG&E is at it again

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Despite concerns voiced by San Carlos residents and city officials, PG&E has reconnected a controversial gas line running under the city.

Menlo Park’s City Council has chosen a new mayor, and it’s Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitan’s Chief of Staff Ray Mueller. The unanimous council vote also selected Catherine Carlton to serve as vice mayor.

But not one to go quietly, however, Menlo’s previous mayor celebrated his last days with a trip to Ireland, and upon his return sat down with for an interview.

The Caltrain holiday train is back. For those interested in catching sight of the festive choo choo, the Belmont Patch tells us it will stop at the Redwood City Caltrain station on Saturday at 6:15 p.m. and San Mateo Caltrain station at 6:20 p.m. on Sunday.


If you want to hear about how your million-dollar peninsula palace will soon be under water, you should attend Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Assemblyman Rich Gordon and Supervisor David Pine’s climate change seminar next Monday at the College of San Mateo.

The latest Field Poll results show that Governor Jerry Brown’s current challenger, the GOP’s Maldonado, will be un-Abel to unseat the popular Gov.

The National Journal is reporting that Obamacare enrollment is surging with 29,000 signing up this past Sunday and Monday.  Looks like health care dot gov may be turning a corner…we shall see.

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Daily Fetch 11.18.13: Cat trapping is (apparently) a volunteer sport in East Palo Alto and crabbing season is officially a go

Monday, November 18th, 2013

One East Palo Alto resident feels his city has become a dumping ground for unwanted cats, and so he has taken it upon himself to trap these ronin felines. (Apparently) he believes EPA owes him $20,000 for his unsolicited efforts.


Contract negotiations continue between San Mateo County’s garbage men and Recology—any reports that a strike is near are pure trash.

Caltrain is holding public meetings (which no one will attend) to get input on changes to the “go pass.”

It’s officially crabbing season…mmmm.

Following concerns that its previous design looked like a soviet housing block, a developer working on a three building condo project in Redwood City has come back from the drawing board with a new design. We’re sure the NIMBY gods will have no problems at all with the new offering.

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Daily Fetch 9.25.13: Carving up SM County as political brushfires spread between cities, candidates, gods and senators

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

San Mateo County’s new supervisor maps are beginning to take shape and it looks like Menlo Park is definitely going to be split in two, and Pacifica might be.

The Redwood City Council is verbally tar and feathering council candidate Corrin Rankin for suing to make the city pay for attorney’s for Rankin’s challenge of an opponent’s ballot designation. Councilman Jeff Ira said he was, “Shocked, horrified and completely upset” over Rankin’s actions.

Political god Quentin Kopp is aiming a lighting bolt at Senator Jerry Hill. Kopp is lending his legal skills to a lawsuit seeking to force a four-track solution through the peninsula to accommodate high-speed rail, over Senator Hill’s NIMBY supported two track solution.

Maybe Hill and Kopp can sooth their differences at the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton that is now offering something they’re calling “The Art of Bathing.”

San Mateo County is giving the operator of Folger’s Stables the boot due to late payments.

BART is readying for a strike and has a back up plan…Translation: Traffic is gonna suck big time.  And in Carla Marinucci’s Spin Cycle Chron column, she reports that Democrat Steve Glazer who is running for the 16th AD says there should be a ban on public transit strikes.

America’s Cup Update

Unconfirmed rumors are circulating that upon hearing the news about the Oracle executive running up a mega strip club tab on the company credit card, Oracle Team USA pulled out all the stops to force a winner take all race for America’s Cup. Team members are looking forward to quite the celebration if they pull off the come from behind win and keep the cup in the USA.

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Daily Fetch 9.17.13: SM Sheriff collects 700 guns at a buyback…now wants to sell 700 “surplus guns”

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

After doing a gun buy back earlier this year, which purchased and “melted down” 700 guns the San Mateo County Sheriff is now proposing to change county law so that the department can sell 700 surplus guns…dios mio…

Yesterday, San Mateo City Council approved funding to get the grade separation started at the Hillsdale Caltrain Station.

InMenlo tells us that next month Caltrain will be celebrating the big one five oh (150). Disturbingly some of the pieces of the system are also about that old.

The developer of the much discussed San Carlos transit village is hoping he wont have to comply with affordable housing laws…

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Daily Fetch 9.05.13: Pegram and Perverts, Bloggers Beware, and LG neighbors try to nix Netflix

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The Mercury News wants paid bloggers for campaigns to be outed. Being in the blogging business solely for altruistic reasons, we here at The Fetch whole-heartedly agree, and feel that these rules should also be extended to newspapers and reporters that advocate for candidates.  Any objective observer of the Mercury News’ recent coverage of the Chavez vs. GOP Darling Alvarado race would agree that the coverage was so biased that it should have been reported as an in-kind contribution to the Teresa Alvarado campaign.

Remember that time that Barbara “Koolaid” Marshman, who heads the Merc Editorial Board, did her best to push out a candidate in a recent election in favor of her chosen one.  In case you forgot, here’s the story from SJI’s archive.

Maybe the Mercury News should follow the example of the Chicago Sun-Times and focus on reporting unbiased facts, information and news and get out of trying to be king-maker.

The Metro’s Fly thinks it’s odd that Xavier Campos eats lunch.  Wow…maybe next week the Fly can buzz around city hall and find out which councilmembers wear shoes with laces versus slip-ons or if it’s Coke Vs. Pepsi on the 18th floor.

Senator Jim Beall’s bill to allow molestation victims additional time to file lawsuits passed the Assembly over objections from some churches and non-profits.

Maybe this is why the “Values” Advocacy Council’s resident bigot Larry Pegram sent this email invitation to local religious leaders to attend a conference to teach them how to defend their churches against accusations of having perverts on the payroll.  Is this guy for real? (click image for full email.)

Fwd: Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed against Church in San Jo

San Jose’s murder count is now at 34, after the SJPD declared a body found in a minivan was a homicide.

The Merc’s dynamic duo of Tracey Kaplan and Mark Gomez tell us about yet another rich guy accused of doing stupid sh#$ and how Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen plans on handling it.

KLIV’s 15 listeners heard that according to a California Healthy Kids Survey more than 4% of Santa Clara County 7th graders have brought a gun to school…WTF!

“Call me maybe” Herhold may be starting a new bromance with Congressman Mike Honda as he tells us what a teddy bear Mike is.

SVBJ tells us that opponents of the Netflix expansion in Los Gatos are back.  A new lawsuit to stop the project has been filed.  Our legal sources say that this lawsuit will go the way of Blockbuster.

Japanese retailer Uniqlo is hinging its entire US expansion plan on its Bay Area stores…the Valley Fair location opens on October 5th.

If you take Caltrain, plan on spending more money to park your car. Fees have increased to $5 a day.

Palo Alto THE MOVIE, staring hometown favorite James Franco, has made its début at the Venice Film Festival…and it seems Franco is portraying a creepy perverted teacher.


A Palo Alto developer is claiming it was robbed by the city and is demanding a refund of some of the impact fees it was assessed for a townhome development.

And, fresh off its attacks on the homeless and the elderly looking for an affordable place to live, the Palo Alto City Council is now taking aim at leaf blowers.

In an apparent faith based appeal for prosperity, Gilroy has chosen a pastor to be the new CEO of its chamber of commerce. Meanwhile, the Milpitas Chamber is so broke it had to layoff its CEO…maybe Gilroy is on the right track?

The SV Biz Journal brings us the news that Google is expanding its real estate empire by opening Google affordable housing in Mountain View.

Los Gatos is obviously ridiculously flush with cash, as the town can afford to hire a community resource officer to patrol one library. No word on whether San Jose police arbitrator and library lover John Flaherty was involved in the hiring process.

Santa Clara’s Mission City Lantern seems to be no more?

Not all news from Sunnyvale involves bumbling council candidate Jim Griffith. This week, old Silicon Valley tech powerhouse Northrop Grumman hosted an engineering day for local students.

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Daily Fetch 8.28.13: The Maltbies…San Mateo County’s Power Family

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Earlier this week, when discussing the news of San Mateo’s search for a new city manager, we wondered whether there was a third member of Maltbie Power Family who might be up for the task. As you are no doubt aware, Papa John Maltbie is the San Mateo County Manager and son Jeff Maltbie is the City Manager of San Carlos.

Our spies, however, tipped us to the fact that the family’s hold on peninsula power doesn’t end there. Matlbie daughter Jayme Ackeman is the Communications Manager for Caltrain, SamTrans and the Transportation Agency. She’s also (apparently) had this gig for sometime. No word on whether San Mateo and their Executive Search firm have contacted her…yet.

the matlbies SM County Power Family33

This family certainly has tight control over peninsula power, but we’re sure papa Maltbie had nothing to do with that. We shall be watching Maltbies…be good…not like that other power family.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a pair of crab poachers yesterday with 270 illicitly obtained crabs….so, uhh…what are they going to do with all of the delicious evidence?

Moss Beach Park, which was owned by a non-profit, has been sold to a developer. Quick everyone freak out!

An anti-union candidate, Pete Carpenter, is making waves in his race for the Menlo Park Fire district.

InMenlo has an article about Menlo Park’s new police chief, Robert Jonsen.

Not sure who thought this was a good idea, but (apparently) the Burlingame Public Library has a homage to the movie Psycho with images of murderous Norman Bates positioned near images of his mummified mummy and victims…and it’s right across from the kids section…Morons.

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