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Daily Fetch 8.29.13: Maltbies family portrait updated thanks to our spies and the Bay Bridge is closed

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Thanks to our spies for telling us our picture yesterday was a little off…we appreciate it!  Here is the new and improved (?) version (yesterday’s post also corrected).


the matlbies SM County Power Family33

Have you heard?…The Bay Bridge is closed.  Get ready for some traffic turmoil this weekend.

Seriously, ripping off your school’s PTA.  Umm…LOSER!

The SM Daily Journal reports that Planned Parenthood gets the OK from the South SF City Council to open a clinic.

Wethinks the Pacifica Riptide is opposed to the utility tax coming to a vote soon.

The Half Moon Bay Review tells us families packed a Midcoast Community Council meeting to voice their support for saving Moss Beach Park

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Daily Fetch 7.03.13: SM Daily Journal, what’s up with your web site?

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Note to the publishers of the SM Daily Journal, can you help a watchdog out and fix whatever the issues are going on with the links from your site? Much love…the staff of the Daily Fetch…

Atherton City Council may have to go for a special election in November if they do not come to an agreement on who should replace Jerry Carlson.

Belmont woman returned home to find a burglar who (apparently) has an underwear fetish.

Ongoing feud between gang members from EPA, led to them to open fire on a victim on Highway 101 after he left his mother’s home in Alameda County.

Portola Valley Town Council says that new employees will begin contributing towards their own retirement accounts.

Tree roots in Menlo Park disrupted water flow along Santa Cruz Avenue’s roughly 40-year-old irrigation system. Maybe they will choose different trees this time around.

According to the Pacifica Riptide, the City and County of San Francisco must pay several thousands of dollars to the Wild Equity Institute for violating the Endangered Species Act for disturbing the CA red-legged frog and the SF garter snake at Sharp Golf Course.

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Daily Fetch 6.05.13: LGBTQQI OMG WTF??

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The SM Daily Journal’s Michelle Duran tells us that the LGBTQQI acronym is getting way out of hand.  At the end of Michelle’s rant she poses the question WTF in what could be our FAV sentence of the week? OMG!

The West Nile Virus has been found in San Mateo County, so says the Mercury News…time to shake that can of OFF! and spray away. OFF

What took so long?  San Mateo County Supervisors finally stripped convicted felon, William Ayers, of his lifetime achievement award.  Let’s hope he gets his just rewards in prison!

There may not be enough nursing jobs for the students graduating from two local schools, but San Mateo County residents are footing the bill for the nursing programs.

Belmont Councilmember Feierback doesn’t care for cyclists or traffic mitigation options to reduce speeding on Ralston Avenue.

A 17 year-old burglar was caught red-handed in South San Francisco on Sunday.

A San Mateo County narcotics officers’ two-month investigation resulted in the arrest of four adults for possessing meth.

The Peninsula is hit by another bank robbery, but the FBI still doesn’t believe the three incidents are related.

A Menlo Park police officer is reinstated after being caught with a prostitute in a Sunnyvale motel room.  Wonder if he used SV Metro Newspaper’s controversial for the hook up?

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Daily Fetch 5.22.13: Menlo wants to give employees a raise, how nice

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Menlo Park wants their employees to get a 2% cost of living raise and more “professional development”. Or was it a typo and they meant “Arrested Development.”arrested-development

Michelle Durand of the Daily Journal writes that the San Mateo County Supervisors will consider taking back a “lifetime achievement” award they gave to William Ayres who pleaded “nolo contendre” to being a child molester.  What’s to consider?

The County may be adjusting its boundaries for upcoming elections and will hold 5 meetings to receive public input.

Following the two deaths within 5 days on Caltrain tracks, transit police arrived in the nick of time and saved someone’s life.

The Merc reports that Colma crematory told family members to place a photo of loved ones washed away at its burial site due to a fire that raged their last week.

The 1938 telegram and mail thief has been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

EPAPD’s Police Chief has cancelled officers’ days off to deal with the surge in violence.

The HMB Review hasn’t posted any stories lately, are the staff writers on vacation? We miss the off-the-wall reads.

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Daily Fetch 3.15.13: A (political) walk on the beach…

Friday, March 15th, 2013

It was a big day for Bay Meadows… houses are about to come online there.  Good times in San Mateo.

Speaking of new development… Jon Mays at the DJ chimes in on downtown Burlingame redevelopment.

Here’s a cool chapter in the Martins Beach dust up… a bunch of surfers and their lawyer took a walk through this week.  They want the owner, Vinod Khosla, to “Open the Gate”…


Daily Fetch 2.18.13: Redwood City garbage rates… Garbage Saga revisited…

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Happy Tuesday…

Hardly a month has gone by over the past three years without a Garbage Saga story popping up somewhere… this month’s installation comes from Redwood City where:  Redwood City residents may be in store for third garbage rate hike in two years.  The Daily Journal has a slightly different take, clearly swayed by the spin coming out of the City and Rethink Waste:  Trash rates to climb but not by much… “not by much” is in the eye of the check-writer, don’t you think?

Someday, wouldn’t it be great if there was drive-through coffee shop on El Camino Real where the Shell Station used to be?  The answer is yes, but the story is much more compelling than another caffeine-joint in San Mateo

From the weekend Daily Journal… Test Article?

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 8.22.00 PMHave a safe day out there folks…

Daily Fetch 10.12.12: San Maeo? That doesn’t look right…

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Politics (and typos) lead todays news.  San Maeo?

Politics also takes the Editorial Page space in the Daily Journal today.  Here’s their run-down

Here’s something:  A gigantic piece of a freight train ripped off a train in Palo Alto and messed up a truck parked near the tracks.  Very reassuring

That’s it… We’re tired.

Daily Fetch 9.21.12: If you fall off a 40-foot cliff and live, buy a lottery ticket…

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Here’s an amazing story to start your day:  a dude fell off a 40-foot cliff in Daly City yesterday and lived.  That guy should buy a lottery ticket…

Here’s an even more amazing story:  someone (and insurance company, actually) is going to pay Half Moon Bay $10 million!  They can certainly use it… Details in the DJ.

To politics, where it is a good day on the Slocum campaign.  The Daily Journal gave Mr. Slocum the nod…again.

Finally, if you thought the Garbage Saga was only in cities on this side of the hill, perhaps you aren’t paying close enough attention to what’s happening in Pacifica.  Lucky for you, Riptide is.  Lionel Emde, Riptide Correspondent, has the details

Daily Fetch 6.21.12: An empty Performing Arts Center :(

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Here’s a story some people never wanted to have written:  Menlo Park struggles to use theater it helped build.  The theater is the Menlo-Atherton High School Performing Arts Center… the story is in the Almanac.

Belmont’s getting a new police chief.  The Old Number 2 is the New Number 1… Dan DeSmidt, congratulations…

The Daily Journal thinks the story about the Pier 29 fire is so important they need to print it twice

Speaking of seeing double, two charter schools want to open up in Redwood City.  And we all know how much Sequoia Union High School District loves charter schools… Right Summit/Everest?

Finally, if you live in Half Moon Bay, you will be voting on a sales tax increase in November (in addition to deciding if you should decide about the Controller…)


Daily Fetch 6.4.12: Another (?) swim coach arrested…

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Everyone is focused on Tuesday’s election… Which is going to be really fun to watch on Tuesday night…

One thing we’ll be watching in addition to the really, really crowded Supervisors’ race is the tax measures the County has put on the ballot.  Aaron Kinney has a look at the intensifying fight

But politics isn’t the only news this week.  An Aragon High School swim/water polo coach was “arrested on suspicion of sexual conduct with student”… This coupled with the abuse in Redwood City of a special needs students and the County is starting to look really, really creepy… As an aside, the Swimmers Daily blog has this headline… causing one to ask, another?

Now we know where Sue Lempert has been… In Greece.  She writes it up in the Daily Journal