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Daily Fetch 03.27.14: HolYee Shi#, Ro’s Dirty Trick, and Century Domes No More?

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

When it comes to restaurants, skyline, culture and, apparently, political corruption, Silicon Valley can’t compete with San Francisco.  Senator Leland Yee’s House of Cards came tumbling down for…Gun running, really?  In Silicon Valley, it was some meals, golfing, gambling, and stamps but in San Francisco it was automatic weapons, murder for hire, extortion, drugs, gang hits…you name it!  That damn SF.


To read excerpts of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation not Fetch Bureau of Investigation) affidavit go here.

For an international take on Yee’s arms for campaign cash catastrophe go here. Well, it’s a Canadian news story so international is a stretch.

Congressional wanna-be Ro Khanna is being accused of a pretty dirty Nixonian political trick by Jeffrey Wald, a GOP muckity-muck from Fremont.  In the lawsuit filed in Sacramento Superior Court, Wald alleges that Khanna orchestrated two late-comers into the contentious congressional race to split the GOP vote and help Ro finish second to Mike Honda.  If true, Ro’s not Khanna make it to DC.

Maybe Ro’s alleged dirty trick is one more reason why Mike Honda wants to stay out of the debate ring with Khanna??

Jennifer Wadsworth’s days at SJ Inside are clearly numbered because this depiction of the candidates in the 25th State Assembly District was such a excellent read that she will use it to apply for a job at a daily and get it.  All in the Fetch newsroom enjoyed this balanced, insightful and spot-on story.  We will miss you, Jen!

The Rotary Club of SJ and County Supervisor Dave Cortese have re-kindled the spark that will ignite Fireworks in SJ this 4th of July.  The Merc’s Eric Kurhi illuminates us on the topic.  The Merc Ed Board weighs in as well…they just could not find it in them to mention Supervisor Cortese’s efforts to bring back the family oriented event, gee, we wonder why?

$31.71 per hour is what it takes to afford a 2-bedroom apartment in Silicon Valley. The SV Biz Journal walks us through the facts about just how expensive it is for working families left at the curbside in this latest economic boom.

And just in time to chronicle the bulldozing of the mid-century modern Century Theaters on Winchester, TheSanJoseBlog announces San Jose’s Preservation Action Council(PAC*SJ) is hosting their 2014 Historic Photo Contest.   Those pesky folks at PAC*SJ that want to preserve the local heritage are not going down without a fight and are organizing through FB and other social media to Save the Domes!

Oooooh, that smell!  The operators of the Newby Island dump, Republic Services, are being accused of not paying their recycle workers a living wage as mandated by their contract with the City of San Jose.  Another stinky episode emitting from the dump that’s turning up a whole bunch of noses and reeks of corporate greed.

The person stabbed to death in San Jose, oh, sorry, there have been so many, this one was on March 19th, has been identified.  Mark Gomez from the daily has the story.

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Daily Fetch 03.25.14: Liccardo and that awful male shrinkage, Honda Dodging Debates, and Stamp-gate trial won’t be delivered until September

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Is Councilmember Johnny Khamis behind the scenes manipulating what happens with another rink, this time ice?

In the race to replace Lame (Duck) Chuck Reed the top three money raisers are in the inverse order of how they will probably finish in June.  “Cheaties” Liccardo’s lead has shrunk as Nguyen and Cortese have closed the gap and PLO is trending in the right direction.  The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall has the details.

Liccardo, down in all polls won’t like this news.  He will appear dead last on the ballot in June.  The Secretary of State announced ballot placement last week and the news is not good for a candidate with big bucks and a whole bunch of ground to make up.  Most studies say ballot placement can be a 2% to 5% advantage or disadvantage from the top to the bottom.  Oliverio will be on top, then Cortese, Herrera, Nguyen and on the bottom “Cheaties” with the also-rans interspersed throughout.

Clearly this poor soul may have been watching a replay of a SJ Mayoral debate since she fell asleep on a Caltrain and woke up alone and in need of assistance well past her scheduled stop.  NBC Bay Area reports on the sleepy tale here.

Speaking of narcolepsy inducing political debates, SF Chron’s Carla Marinucci reports on Congressman Mike Honda dipping and dodging a true Lincoln-Douglas type of grudge match with his main opponent Ro Khanna.  Marinucci spells out the pitfalls and pluses Honda is weighing as he says no to debates and yes to forums…

The Stamp-gate case involving the locked-up former County Supervisor George Shirakawa got kicked until sometime in September.  SJ Inside’s JK has the entire scoop about the costs, consequences and conundrums of this sorry episode.  He also pokes a friendly stick at the Merc’s TracEy Kaplan for sneakily mooching off of a PRA submitted by SJI.

A new study evaluating Charter School performance throughout California was released and it’s a mixed bag at best for the charter movement.  Some demographic groups struggle at charter schools and the lower the grades the better off students perform with high schools being the weakest performers.

Here is a winning combination of ideas being spouted by GOP Gubernatorial also-ran Neil Kash-and-Carry: Fracking the environment, corporate tax hand-outs, and bashing workers.  Neil Kash-and-Carry is a real breath of fresh air from those tired GOP platforms of the past…sheesh.

Political prognosticator Nate-Silver (not to be confused with the SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog), who famously predicted how every state in the union would vote in the last presidential election, has panicked Democrats with his latest forecast that Republicans are now favored to take back the US Senate.  Of course, Nate is not always on top of his game as his NCAA March Madness picks tanked this year.

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Daily Fetch 03.17.14: Marshman to the Rescue, The GOP Loves Guns, and Chuck E. Cheapskate loses and wins one all in a day…

Monday, March 17th, 2014

The Merc’s fair and balanced Barb Marshman was on display again yesterday when she printed “condensed” answers from San Jose’s 4 major candidates for Mayor and Rose Herrera, culled from a recent debate.  Problem is, she just could not help herself from helping Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo by making sure he got the lions share of space in her version of events.

Liccardo received 75 lines in the piece for a total of 453 words.

Cortese received 55 lines in the piece for a total of 378 words.

Nguyen received 51 lines in the piece for a total of 367 words.

With Liccardo down in every poll, even his own, Barb gives him 20% more space and is ginning up the mother of all editorial endorsements for “Cheaties” as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow…Barb is coming to the rescue…Crash, Bam, Boom Bang, Koolaid’s here.

PIO Barabara Marshman

California’s Grand Old Party, (picture gun-toting, abortion opposing, immigrant bashing crowd) cheered loudest for their Gubernatorial frontrunner…Tim Donnelly.  He’s the one that just lost his campaign manager last week and apparently lost his mind while trying to board a plane with a gun.  We just love right-wing Republicans, they provide so much copy.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Tip a pint, or more, of Guinness today as they take a stand against bigotry and pull out of the NY St. Paddy’s Day Parade because the parade won’t let our gay and lesbian friends identify themselves to the public when they march.

Chuck Reed’s 2014 pension dreams are all wet now that a court has ruled against his lame attempt to overturn the fair and unbiased title and summary assigned by our Hottie AG Kamala Harris.  The ruling itself is a primer for those on San Jose’s city council that still want to flush money down the Measure B litigation toilet, as it spells out in no uncertain terms that the city is holding a losing hand in any appeal of Judge Lucas’s ruling striking down the main elements of Measure B.

Hey, but Reed did win one court case last week!!  Chuck E. Cheapskate, the name “Tool time” Herhold coined for Reed during the 2006 SJ mayoral election where he was caught red handed spending taxpayer dollars unethically and had to pay the $38G’s back…remember that?  Well, last week Reed won his appeal of a $1 dollar fine lodged by the FPPC for funneling $100G’s to help Rose Herrera during the 2012 election cycle.  Great job Chuck E.

What…Reed, Nguyen and Liccardo lying about the cost to San Jose of implementing the minimum wage increase, no way?  Way.  SV Biz Journal’s Laruen Hepler calls Reed and those that opposed increasing the minimum wage a few bucks bullshi**ers for just flat out making things up to ensure more residents live in poverty.

The reverberations of Reed Hastings wanting to do away with democratically elected school boards, continues.  This op-ed in the Merc by SF Unified School Board Member Matt Haney smacks the Netflix CEO right in the kisser, Reed should stream Tommy Boy to see how much damage it has caused him.

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Daily Fetch 03.10.14: SJ Mayoral Field is Set, Herhold causes an earthquake, and Jeff “I am the law” Rosen scores a win…

Monday, March 10th, 2014

The field is set for the San Jose Mayor’s race as the filing deadline came and went this past Friday.  NBC Bay Area’s Larry Gerston runs through the field of serious candidates.  The daily also provides a list of most of the city council candidates that will be on the ballot.

It was no accident that last night there was a rather large earthquake in Northern California.  Clearly God wanted to demonstrate his, or her, displeasure with the Merc’s Scott “Mighty Mouse” Herhold using the words FACT CHECK in any of his opinion pieces that make it to print.  You see, checking facts is not one of Herhold’s strong suits…

Scott “Mighty Mouse” Herhold, doing his best to save the day for ABC (Anyone But Cortese) tries to take the County Supervisor to task over Measure B and the “$20 million in savings” being claimed by its backers.  Cortese says that Measure B was unnecessary to achieve those saving, Herhold says Measure B was necessary for those savings…Who’s right?


Cortese is silly, the city council suspended payment of the “13th check”, a major portion of the disputed $20 million in savings on October 26, 2010, which was like 20-months before Measure B was even on the ballot.

As for Cortese’s assertion that San Jose’s crime rate is rising at an alarming rate, “Mighty Mouse” Herhold put his journalistic investigative skills into overdrive and found a few other cities with crime rates climbing at a faster rate.   Remember, there are like 500 other cities in California alone.

What Cortese should have quoted was Herhold’s own paper that recently reported in one of its crime is out of control in San Jose stories:

Just how bad has crime gotten in San Jose? Once known as America’s Safest Big City, the capital of Silicon Valley has a higher crime rate than California or the United States as a whole, while the city’s police force is catching half as many criminals as it did just a few years ago.

What Herhold did get right in his FACT CHECK (did you just feel the earth move again?) story is that Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo has been lying about his past.  Every time he talks about growing up in San Jose he is “reinventing” his biography…Liccardo grew up in Saratoga…Saratoga Sam, has a ring to it, no?

Saratoga Sam Liccardo

The Lord Mayor of Dublin rode around on a bike in DT San Jose this past weekend. Who cares?

Dublin’s Mayor (Oisin Quinn not Tim Sbranti) may have rode past many of the new restaurants popping up in DTSJ.  The SV Biz Journal gives us a run down of what’s new on the local food scene.

Chuck Reed’s recent visit to Santa Rosa to try and sell his pension snake-oil has met opposition…from the facts.  This Press Democrat piece provides a dose of reality to those wanting to strip retirement security from workers using bogus and now disproven scare tactics.

Jeff “I am the law” Rosen’s cold case unit scores a major win as the mysterious quilt turned into a magic carpet and brought additional scrutiny to a case that has led to the apprehension of suspects in a murder case long dormant.

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Daily Fetch 03.07.14: The Great SJ Mayoral Debate, MACSA is a Mess and We Spent a Week in Traffic Last Year…

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Exclusive San Jose Mayoral Debate Analysis 

There was a San Jose Mayoral debate this week hosted by the SVLG and moderated by the Merc’s Barb Marshman.  We know, hardly anyone else knew about it either.  This is the first debate between the candidates after a recent poll showed Dave Cortese leading the pack with Madison Nguyen in second and Oliverio and Liccardo in a virtual tie for third.

SJ Master Debators

If you weren’t invited to the Fetch debate watch party or our roundtable discussion following the debate to discuss the winners, whiners and losers, here are the key takeaways:

It was a collegial affair that was about as exciting as clipping your toenails.  Is this really the best San Jose can do?

Rose Herrera

All one has to do is watch the opening of the debate to see what Rose Herrera is all about.  The Host, and bike ride buddy to Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo, Carl Guardino introduces the candidates in alphabetical order and asks them to take a seat on the stage.  First up, Dave Cortese.  Dave walks past Carl and sits in the furthest chair.  Next up is Rose Herrera.  She walks on stage and instead of going to the next furthest chair she plops down in the middle chair, front and center.  Anyone who has worked with Rose knows she must be the center of attention…

Rose’s actual debate performance was good and she only made one mistake in our esteemed panel’s view (esteemed panel=interns).  She talked about being the only candidate for Mayor that has run a business.  Not true, Cortese has and still does run a business and Rose actually ran her business into the ground.  Other than that one mistake she was cogent and did well.

Pier Oliverio

Mistake free and folksy delivery of what he believes in.  If he were running for Mayor of Technology City he would cruise to victory.  He was smart, funny, and should be happy with his performance.  BTW, he looks way better in a suit and tie and clean-shaven versus his infamous sweatpants and Abe Lincoln phase.

Pierluigi Oliverio as Abe Lincolin

Oliverio opposes inclusionary housing and was articulate as to why.  He is a big proponent of housing on transit corridors and wants San Jose to change its City Charter to a semi-strong Mayor format that would allow the Mayor to hire and fire the Planning Director and we presume other department heads that are not cutting it.

All in all, a good job.

Dave Cortese

Clearly, the adult in the room.  He has improved since his 2006 Mayoral run where he was as wooden as Al Gore in many of the debates and forums.

Cortese explained his positions with examples of key votes he took such as the swing vote to approve the EIR for BART and his opposition to 90% pensions for public safety workers, he even rattled off the date of that vote (BTW, Chuck voted yes).  When Liccardo tried to attack Dave over BART (the only attack of the entire debate) Cortese smacked him down without breaking a sweat.

Dave pointed out several times that San Jose is not as safe as it once was and that all one has to do is look at his opponents actions on the council as to why.  Very good performance for Dave.

Sam Liccardo

No mistakes with a crowd that he is working overdrive to please. Heavy emphasis on technology as a tool to improve city government and understands the jobs to housing imbalance must be addressed.  He also said no development in Coyote and no more conversion of industrial land to housing.

Our roundtable experts all concluded that Sam tries too hard, he comes off as smarmy and is always looking for a quip or funny line instead of just talking from the heart.

Not a bad performance but for someone with ground to make up he should try to make more sharp distinctions with his opponents.

Madison Nguyen

If her goal was to be likeable, then she succeeded.  Her immigrant story is compelling and she did well.  She politely disagreed with Oliverio over affordable inclusionary housing as she is a supporter and Oliverio is not but did it in a manner where she did not look mean.

Her only mistake was saying she opposes converting industrial land to housing because she has voted many times to do just that.  She tripled down on Measure B and pension reform but did distance herself from Mayor Reed by saying her administration would make SJ more business friendly.


The only slight scuffle was over public safety and Measure B.  Cortese said the council knew Measure B was illegal and went ahead with it anyway and that has led to hundreds of po-po bailing and made SJ neighborhoods less safe.

The other contenders defended their pension position by saying they did what they needed to do to curb rising pension costs.  Other than that minor scuffle no other fireworks.

Winner: Nguyen

Runner up: Cortese

Honorable Mention: Oliverio


Onward to other happenings

Can MACSA ever turn its fortunes around?  Well, certainly not if its leadership, past and present, can’t handle their finances.  The Merc’s Joe Rodriguez reports that the troubled non-profit is taking that moniker way too seriously as it struggles to stay solvent.

Lame Duck Chuck Reed released his 2014 March Budget Message with a whimper yesterday.   The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall covered it but it looked eerily like last year’s coverage from the Old Guy at City Hall so we linked to his 2013 March Budget Message story instead.

The countdown to the closure of DTSJ’s Safeway mini-store has started as Ceberus put down $9 billion to buy the struggling grocery chain.

Another arsonist in SJ?  A man and woman were burned in a fire that is being looked at by arson investigators.

The SV Biz Journal tells us that traffic in SF and SJ shot up 23% last year, this means you spent a full week in traffic last year.  It is an informative and depressing read.

San Jose keeps up its Don Quixote or Barney Fife (depending on who you talk to) quest for the Oakland A’s as it asks the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate its lawsuit against Major League Baseball that was recently tossed out by Judge Ronald Whyte last year.

Feeling ever confident with the latest legal wranglings over where his team will play in the future, A’s co-owner Lew Wolff wants to build a pop-up stadium for the team to play on a temporary basis.

Forbes tells us where the best and, well, yuckiest tech cafeterias are in Silicon Valley.  See which tech companies provide its employees bowling alleys, video games, climbing walls, and fitness centers to keep them happy along with food that is a tad better in some locations.

SJ Inside provides some household tips to cut water consumption by 20% and reminds everyone that, duh, there’s a drought.

The South First Friday Art Walk in San Jose is tonight.   Check TheSanJoseBlog for the deets.

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Daily Fetch 03.06.14: Braunstein Ballot Box-Stuffing Bruhaha, Sheriff Smith Crushing Kevin, and Judge Whyte Shoots Down NRA…

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Sheriff Laurie Smith is administering a major beat down to her opponents on the ballot and to their backers as well.   A poll released by Smith’s political muse, Rich Robinson, shows her dominating Kevin Jensen and the other also ran in her race for re-election 58%-15%-6%.  Kaboom!  For the disgruntled deputy sheriff’s and jail guards who are “all in” for Jensen, reading this poll had to be the equivalent to getting kicked in the you know what.  Let’s see how much money these misguided souls waste on their boondoggle trying to unseat Smith.

Cal-High’s Robert Braunstein, a Fetch Fan BTW, sent us a brief explanation of the “process” that led to Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo getting the nod from his group in D-10.

There were more votes than people in the room because there were several proxy votes counted included those submitted by Brian O’Neal and his family which went to Dave Cortese. 

We did offer opportunities for other candidates to interview but as they did with the Central Committee they also denied our request. Sam received better then the 2/3 vote needed on the first ballot.

Robert Braunstein Executive Producer/Host

Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area Sundays at 6 & 10 p.m. on KOFY TV 20

Weekdays on Comcast Sportsnet California

The problem with this explanation is that several Mayoral candidates have contacted the Fetch to say they were never invited to participate and, apparently, Braunstien left a few other details out of his explanation of the vote fix controversy.

Civil Rights advocate and all around good egg Kathleen Flynn disagrees with Braunstein’s Ballot Box-Stuffing Bruhaha Blather as she posted her first hand take on the very undemocratic democratic club vote to the Daily Fetch Facebook page:


Robert Braunstein

Mr. Vote-Burglar, a poll tax, really?  Clearly, this bogus process was set up as a pay back for the Mayoral Cheater (Liccardo) supporting the D-10 Dem Club Endorsement Cheater (Braunstein) in his failed campaign for city council two years ago.

Facebook goes all Michael Douglas in “American President” on guns with its new limits on ads pushing the sale of assault weapons, bazookas, and other weapons that they hope will appease po-po groups and other gun control advocates.  Engadget has the story.

Facebook’s new ad policy comes on the heals of U.S. District Judge Ron Whyte upholding Sunnyvale’s ban on gun magazines that hold more than 10-bullets.  The voter-approved ban goes into effect today.  The NRA has vowed to appeal.

Why is there a need for common sense gun control you may ask?  Ummm…well, you could ask these San Jose pharmacy employees who got robbed at gunpoint in what is becoming an all too common event in SJ.

The El Paso Times says it’s official; County Not-So-Superintendent De La Torre is off to Texas.

SJ Councilmember Johnny Khamis, apparently feeling the need to say something stupid about housing the homeless, did.  “There should be a less expensive way to house them without hospital emergency rooms,” Khamis said to the Merc’s Carol Rosen. Huh?  This quote reminds the Fetch of a former GOP pol and his foot in mouth disease, we miss him dearly. (Hang in there for the full minute ‘cuz it’s funny.)

Palo Alto will make it more expensive to stay the night if voters approve an additional 2% be added to the current 12% hotel tax that was put on the ballot by the city council.

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Daily Fetch 03.04.14: SJPOA’s Prose Punishes Pier, Pope Drops an F-bomb, and Cortese Wants to Consolidate

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Traffic sucks and to find out how bad your commute is check out this interactive map put together by the SV Biz Journal.

Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann reports that Rod Diridon, Sr. has an idea that could cut the commute time for many as he takes a deep, and we mean deep, deep dive into the mind of Diridon, trains, and getting smarter about managing traffic.

“Mayor Sweatpants” Oliverio appears in this piece about businesses being burglarized in San Jose and the po-po department policy on false alarm calls not helping this business owner.  Oliverio will be pushing his “clownish” proposal to set aside 40% of the city budget aside for the po-po at today’s council meeting.

Pierluigi Oliverio

SJPOA’s President, clearly at the end of his rope in dealing with Oliverio and the other Mayoral aspirants who seem to be chirping out a Public Safety brain fart each day, sent this letter to the Mayor and City Council ridiculing Oliverio’s political stunt.  H/T to The Left Hook.


With San Jose struggling to field enough paramedics to respond to medical emergencies on time, we all should tap into this app by a South Bay developer that will connect people trained in CPR with victims having a heart attack.  If the victim and CPR citizen are within a 1/4-mile of each other, it could save lives.

County Supervisor and Mayoral frontrunner (so say his backers) Dave Cortese takes to the Merc to talk consolidation of fire services and how he says it could work and save money.  We’re sure his firefighter union backers are real happy with this high and tight fastball thrown at them.

The cost to live in San Jose shot up big time this past year.  The SV Biz Journal has the story behind the numbers that is fueling the Have vs. Have Not debate in Silicon Valley.  It’s 87% more expensive here versus the national average.

Deanna Santana is out as City Manager of Oakland.  After being passed over for several high-profile CM positions in Texas and Arizona the former San Jose City Hall executive will be looking for work.  Some insiders say she may run for a spot on the Oakland City Council that she frequently clashed with.

The Pope really is just a regular guy as he (accidently) drops an F-Bomb during this Vatican blessing.  Unconfirmed reports are saying that Francis just finished watching The Wolf of Wall Street and couldn’t help himself.

The 24th Cinequest Film Festival starts today and runs through March 16th.  Luckily it has recently rained to wash away the urine stained sidewalks of DTSJ.  Check out this post from The San Jose Blog for the deets.

To the relief of the political consultant who will run the campaign to pass the ballot measure to increase taxes for SJ libraries, the City Council is poised to put the measure on the ballot to avoid any blunders like the ones that plagued the last effort.

State Assembly aspirant Kansen Chu wants to make sure SJ residents can scream “You sank my Battleship.”  This memo proves that some politicians have way too much time on their hands.

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Daily Fetch 02.28.14: Madison Nguyen has amnesia, Honda cruising in new poll, and Rocha’s Challenger is Dr. Phil in Drag

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Gee, who’d of thunk that some on-line, geek-fest money scheme like Bitcoin would crumble into chaos and cost dip$hits tons of money?  Those Bitcoin believers must be feeling like Liccardo’s contributors right about now.

Clearly Madison Nguyen did not read this post on SJ Inside from Rich Robinson before she sent this piece into the Merc for publication.  She must have forgot that a mere 8-months ago she was the deciding vote to NOT restore the burglary investigation unit.  Madison should call 911 and get rushed to VMC to get checked out for amnesia.  Oops…forgot that you can’t call 911 in San Jose and get rushed anywhere.

There is a reason why our Hottie AG Kamala Harris wants to take guns off the street…See below.

Those pesky damn guns and Republicans…one Grand Old Party member running for Governor of California forgot to register his handgun and another GOP candidate for State Assembly decided to cap off a few “warning shots” as he and his friends were about to get their A$$ES kicked and was arrested and convicted.  Gotta love the 2nd amendment.

Sike!  One BART board member thought banning strikes in the wake of two transit worker strikes last year would get support from other board members…NOT.  Looks like the dysfunction will continue just like it does for BART’s family.

In more dysfunctional news, SJ Council-hunk Don Rocha’s challenger will be like Dr. Phil and try to group session the city council into making the right decisions.  Lois Wilco-Owens tells the Merc’s IA blog that she wants to get all touchy-feely if she gets elected.

One SJSU po-po might have some ‘esplaining to do as the local Quincy says the perp he was threatened by was shot in the back.

Mike Honda is going to win, so says the latest poll released by Democracy for America.  Ro must feel like Sam Liccardo, all that money can’t buy an election. SJ Inside has the scoop.

Didn’t read this story in the SV Biz Journal but we like his hair.

Fireworks in urine-stained downtown SJ may return if Dave Cortese has his way.

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Daily Fetch 02.25.14: Cortese leads, Madison second, Liccardo third in Mayor’s Poll, Kickin’ it in SJ and Making it rain

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

A new San Jose Mayoral poll is out and it shows Dave Cortese in front, Madison Nguyen in second and Liccardo in third, a couple of points in front of Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio…that’s gotta hurt.  The Left Hook posts the full results from EMC Research here.



Cortese Leads

The Merc’s new guy from City Hall takes to the Internal Affairs blog to poo-poo the results of the one question poll that shows old folks and women like Cortese, and Nguyen holding a 6-point lead over Cortese with Asians 28% to 22%.  Liccardo’s only at 6% with this voting bloc.  Let the spin begin!!!

And in an issue sure to dominate all SJ elections this June, NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo reported on the new burglary technique spreading across SJ neighborhoods…crooks just kick the friggin’ front door in and ripping folks off.  Trujillo was on the scene as several daytime burglaries took place in Evergreen yesterday.

Trying to bolster his street cred when it comes to public safety, Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo took to the Huffington Post blog to post this CYA piece about his plan to fight crime by hiring 200 more cops.  Well, 175 now, as 25 of the new police academy graduates have left.

Trying to bolster his street cred when it comes to calling “bullshi#” SJPOA’s Jim Unland took to the Merc editorial pages to castigate Liccardo, Nguyen, Oliverio and Herrera for their public safety gimmicks and urges a fix to Measure B before taxes are raised.

Unland also took to KGO radio to assist the reading impaired as to what the POA position is about the gimmicks being thrown around to fix the public safety mess.

A San Jose resident died last night as the roof collapsed on a house that was on fire and this morning KGO reports on another blaze burning up a church.

SJ Mayoral front-runner Dave Cortese’s latest idea is to make it rain.  Yes, he wants to turn air into water using a device made in Milpitas.  Hey here’s an idea, maybe that gadget can also change how it smells in Milpitas as well…just sayin’.  KCBS 740’s Matt Bigler has the story.

SJ Inside reports that Zipcar may be expanding in San Jose.  Who cares?

Carving Cali up into 6-states gets more ink from the Merc today as its chief proponent, Tim Draper pushes the whacky idea.  And to confirm that the 6-degrees of California idea is nuts, one of its supporters is lame duck SJ Mayor Chuck Reed…’nuff said.

Looks like M8trix Casino will get to roll the dice on its exclusive eighth-floor “for whales only” gambling den as the city caves on stricter enforcement regulations.

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Daily Fetch 02.19.14: Sierra Club never endorsed Oliverio (will somebody tell him), Mercury News keeps helping their boy, and it’s the Dalai Lama himself

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

The Dalai Lama is coming to Silicon Valley to school Nerds about “Business, Ethics, and Compassion.”  We all know how the Dalai Lama impacted this wayward soul and we hope he does the same on his visit scheduled for February 24 at Santa Clara University.

“We don’t want your stinking money” was what PBS told the John Arnold Foundation as they returned $3.5 million in funding for an anti-public employee pension infomercial. first reported on the tainted money from Chuck Reed’s pal and how accepting it broke PBS ethics rules about money trying to influence coverage of issues by Big Bird.

And in more stinking money news, Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo must have some big pockets for all the Mercury News people he has in them, there’s the Editorial Board, Herhold, and now Marshall W. Anstandig, the California Newspaper Partnership’s General Counsel.  CNP owns Bay Area News Group that owns and operates the Mercury News.  Marshall ponied up the max to Liccardo’s mayoral campaign…$1,100 bucks.  We guess that’s what winners do.

After the Fetch reported that Mayor “Meow” Oliverio paid for an advertisement in the Mercury News to announce his mayoral webpage that featured an endorsement from the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club sent the Fetch this email saying they did not endorse Oliverio and neither did the League. When will Oliverio tear down this wall website?


There has been no endorsement by the Sierra Club in the Mayor’s race.  We will send a questionnaire out around the filing deadline, do interviews, and have an endorsement decision around April 7.  The Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters do the process together, and then take a recommendation to our prospective boards.

Terry A. Trumbull

Sierra Club Political Committee

LCV of Santa Clara County Endorsement Chair

Terry, are you planning on contacting Mr. Oliverio to demand he quit trying to fool voters to the extent he is fooling himself with proposals like the one below?

It took Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio’s latest brain fart to bring the Mercury News Editorial Board and SJ Po-Po Union Chief Jim Unland together as they both agree Oliverio’s 40 percent cop set aside budget “solution” is a “mayoral political stunt.”

Supervisor Dave Cortese explains why he voted to hold SJ accountable for missing response time requirements for medical calls.  He goes all Al Gore in the response.

Mercury News business columnist Mike Cassidy is moving on to greener pastures in the private sector as he caps a long career with the daily with this final piece.  Cassidy’s columns were informative and relevant and kept us abreast of the ever evolving tech and business happenings in Silicon Valley.  Maybe he should be the one passing advice on to Herhold and not vice versa?  Just sayin’.  Good Luck Mike!

Omarosa Manigault, who appeared on the first season of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice,” is running for School Board in LA.  We just thought that was funny.

The Washington Post reports on the would and could of increasing the minimum wage…a new Congressional Budget Office report on President Obama’s proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to a whopping $10.10 per hour would lift the wages of 16.5 million Americans and lift 900,000 people out of poverty.  But, the CBO cautions that the increase in wages could reduce employment by 500,000.  It would help poor people and could hurt poor people…riddle me this.

This NBC Bay Area story about a Stanford study (say that three times fast) really ticks us off.

In its weekly roundup of San Jose’s City Council Rules Committee Agenda, SJ Inside finally covers the latest political gimmick from Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio, his call to set aside 40% of SJ’s budget for the po-po.  The Left Hook also posts its take on that topic as well as steps the SJ Fire Department is taking to arrive at 911 medical calls before the caller croaks.

SV Biz Journal tells us about Strike Brewing Company opening up a taproom in San Jose and our interns can’t wait to tap into the product.

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