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Daily Fetch 05.09.14: Figone’s Sweetheart Deal, Silicon Valley Lady Reps Love Donnelly and Jensen’s Brain-Trust Strikes Again

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Former SJ City Manager and Sick Leave Payout Eliminating Crusader Deb Figone must have forgotten about her crusade as she cashed out big time upon her retirement.  SJ Inside gives a look here but forgets to mention that the deal struck in 2007 by fiscal reformer Chuck Reed to lure Figone from Los Gatos included re-instating 872 hours of sick leave she had accumulated from 2001.  Can you say gift of public funds?


Figone also received a pension, the very one she tried to cut for city workers, but on top of that, fiscal reformer Reed gave Figone an additional 9% of her base pay ($250,000) into a 401K to sweeten.  Oh, and throw in another $40 G’s for her vacation payout.  The Figone Sweetheart Deal can be found here.

Deb Figone Publishers Clearing House

NBC Bay Area confirms that the Bay Area housing market is putting the squeeze on renters.  Costs continue to soar and supply continues to dwindling.

President Obama touched down in Silicon Valley long enough to scoop up some cash for the DNC in is quest to keep the Senate in Democratic hands.  KTVU-2 has its story here and the Chron has its take here.

SV Biz Journals Nate-Dog reports that Google is gobbling up more Mt. View land in what could end up being the biggest property acquisition of the year.  It’s as if Google’s footprint will ooze everywhere and it’s reminding the Fetch of this ‘50’s cult classic….starring Steve McQueen.  Can the giant search engine be stopped…..?

Shana Lynch from the SVBJ tells readers that the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center plans to consolidate its women’s and children’s health services.  Clearly, County Exec Jeff “The Matrix” Smith’s appointment of these two young guns is paying dividends as consolidation of services will be more efficient and hopefully improve the patient experience…oh, and save money too.

49ers Crime Bureau Report

49ers defensive back Chris Culliver is being accused in a lawsuit of pulling out some brass knuckles and threatening a beat down of a teenage bicyclist he allegedly ran over.  Police said Culliver’s white Ford Mustang struck a bicyclist and then an SUV while attempting to flee the scene of the alleged hit and run.  Culliver, 25, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor hit-and-run and a weapons charge after being arrested in March.

What, a compromise in government…no way…way…no way…way.  Gov. Jerry Brown and the state legislature have reached a deal on a rainy day fund and paying down debt that does not slash services.  San Jose, are you watching?

The GOP frontrunner for Governor, the gun toting and race baiting Tim Donnelly, has stepped in it again.  And by stepped in it, Fetch means he stepped in a big pile of shi# and then took his cowboy boots off and shoved them in his mouth…sorry ‘bout that visual.  Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista punked Republican Tim Donnelly for linking rival Neel Kashkari to fundamentalist Islamic law.

Issa had this to say about Donnelly:

  • there is no place in public discussion “for this type of hateful and ignorant garbage.”
  • “As far as I’m concerned, this type of stupidity disqualifies Tim Donnelly from being fit to hold any office, anywhere,”
  • “Donnelly is no longer a viable option for California voters.

This latest episode, of course, has not stopped that nice group of progressive ladies that make up the Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women from endorsing Donnelly and his race-baiting and gun toting circus show he calls a campaign.

The geniuses that make up the brain-trust of the Kevin Jensen for Sheriff gaffe machine campaign thought it was a good idea to stop traffic during commute time on highway 85 by putting up a ginormous sign touting the fledgling Jensen.  Fetch is sure every commuter that got stuck in the 40-minute traffic jam are very appreciative.

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Daily Fetch 01.17.14: Maldonado Un-Able to win, KTVU’s creepy arsonist interview, Charter Schools take a hit

Friday, January 17th, 2014

The GOP’s Abel Maldonado has pulled out of the Governors race.  Ya, we know, we didn’t know he was running either.  What is it with the GOP these days, first Pete “Quadruple dip” Constant and now Maldonado Unable to mount a serious campaign. Could it be their lack of ideas, fire in the belly, or that Californians are not backward thinking Neanderthals wanting to screw the middle class…just sayin.

Patrick William Brennan, another loon that uses his middle name, was identified by SJ po-po Sgt. Jason Kidwell.  Kidwell searched a data-base of arson suspects after looking at video first shown by KTVU’s Robert Handa of Firebug Brennan trying to torch a home in the middle of the night.

And in a weird twist, Handa actually interviewed Brennan…like 20 years ago when the loon was in custody for, you guessed it, a string of fires he set in the 1990’s.  The interview is more creepy than the Bromance between Scott “call me maybe” Herhold and his protégé Rocketman Liccardo…it’s a must see.

BTW, San Jose’s third homicide victim was identified.

Is the tide turning on for-profit Charter Schools?  The latest in the ongoing battle from Stop Rocketship dot com.  Maybe Charter School advocates need to tell the truth about class sizes, teacher to student ratios and performance.

“Tool Time” Herhold “reports” on the first Mayoral debate and provides commentary on winners and losers.  Why isn’t the new guy at City Hall covering this debate, everyone knows Herhold is biased toward, well, you know who.

 all tools

Santa Clara County has been designated a drought area by the Feds.  Now farmers and ranchers can gain assistance to keep their crops and animals alive.  Weather this weekend is expected to be Sunny and in the 70’s…not much relief in sight.

Former Figone protégé, Deanna Santana is one of three finalists to become the Dallas City Manager.  She did such a fine job in Oakland and helped former CM Deb Figone run SJ into the ground that Santana thought wrecking havoc in Texas makes sense.  Beware Dallas, beware.

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Daily Fetch 12.17.13: Is Wolff a fox?, Netflix flicks NIMBY’s…again, & the Merc’s new guy says it takes the po-po 20 min. to respond to crime in SJ…WTF!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Is Wolff crazy like a Fox?  The Merc’s Mathew Artz reports that the Wolff has cracked the door a little bit on keeping the A’s in Oakland.  Not the glitzy waterfront option revealed a few days ago, but instead, right where they are now in a new stadium.  This news might make Reed up-Chuck.

On the same day that Scott “call me maybe” Herhold tosses Cantaloupe sized softball questions at outgoing SJ City Manager Deb Figone promoting what a great job she did at the helm, there’s the front page story by the new guy at city hall that tells the real tale of the Figone reign.   (Apparently) San Jose’s crime rate is soaring, arrests are plummeting and if you call in an attempted rape or a gang fight be ready to wait for over 20 minutes for the understaffed po-po to get there.  Arrests have dropped by 50% and emergency calls for service have shot up to over 450,000 per year.  That’s Figone’s true legacy.

This all has taken place since Cluck Reed and his council supporters took office and now the race to replace Cluck is underway.  Soooo, what do the mayoral candidates say they will do to make sure a victim calling the po-po to respond to an attempted rape does not have to wait 20-minutes for the po-po to come?



According to, Rocketman Liccardo’s lobbyist spouse may soon be working for the largest school district in Santa Clara County.  The anti-Rocketship website tells the tale of the aggressive expansion plans of the fledgling charter school experiment and how one nation, no really, a nation apologized for privatizing its education system.

San Jose’s City Council is poised to waive its living wage policy for baristas at the proposed Starbucks to be located in the long dormant City Hall retail space. SJ Inside has the Venti, or big, story here.

Los Gatos NIMBY’s have been dealt another blow in their quest to derail the Netflix expansion in their town.  The SVBJ reports that a Superior Court Judge has ruled that Netfix’s new digs are consistent with the town’s general plan.  But wait, a lawsuit on paint color of the new HQ could be on the way…

Let’s just hope its not lead paint, as another Superior Court Judge has put the hammer down on Sherwin-Williams, ConAgra and NL Industries (formerly National Lead Co.) for using the lead paint when they knew it was dangerous to kids.  Those companies must pay $1.1 billion to establish a fund that the state will manage to remove lead paint from homes in 10 cities and counties.  Santa Clara County will see close to $100 million from the fund after the inevitable appeal.

Calbuzz goes a little deeper into what makes Ro Khanna tick in this interview with the congressional wanna-be intent on ousting the liberal lion, Mike Honda.

Local congressional delegation members, Eshoo, Honda and Lofgren pen this piece for the San Mateo Daily Journal honoring SV’s open space districts.  The three also renew their commitment to protecting the environment and the great outdoors.

Stop snooping on everyone.  That is the order from a Judge to the NSA that has sent reverberations through the Obama White House.

The US Senate is poised to pass a two-year budget deal…that is not a typo.  Reuters has the story.

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Daily Fetch 11.08.13: San Jose Officials admit to “Juking the Stats,” Twitter soars and We like Mike!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Poor SJPD spokesflak Heather Randol, apparently, she and her co-spokesflak Albert Morales are being asked to defend the edict from San Jose Officials to “Juke the Stats” making it appear that gang violence was on the decline.  Problem is, it wasn’t, but that’s what the department and Mayor Reed told the public.  Questions that remain to be answered:

  • Who ordered the code red…oh sorry, we mean, who ordered the Juke?
  • When did they order the Juke?
  • Who knew about the Juke and when did they know it?
  • Did CM Deb Figone trumpet the bogus drop in gang violence as a reason to promote Acting Chief Esquivel to the top job?

This story is so juicy it’s like it was made for TV…wait it was! Here is a clip from HBO’s the Wire. You can almost imagine that this was what the discussion was like amongst SJPD’s brass.


KTVU-2 reports on the crimes that will now go uninvestigated in SJ as a result of the cop exodus and says that so far this year in SJ there have been 6,200 car thefts.  Not a typo, SIX-THOUSAND-TWO-HUNDRED cars have been jacked, of course SJPD brass have categorized those rip offs as innocent joy rides, so don’t worry public, all is well.

The Merc jumps on the detectives to patrol story with this piece.  SJPD spokesflak, Heather Randol must be asking herslf, “WTF did I sign up for”.

Twitter explodes on to the stock scene in a big way and all you local club hoppers better get prepared to battle newly minted tech millionaires for table service as the geeks will be out in force this weekend celebrating their triumph.

CNN tells us who owns the top Twitter accounts…it’s a fun list to check out.

Palo Alto anti-everything residents, emboldened by the rejection of the Maybell affordable senior housing project, are protesting another development in Palo Alto.  Our sources tell us there is a group forming to also begin advocating for the return of the horse and buggy.

NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo, the eternal optimist that he is, reports that San Jose police officers and the city will be back at the bargaining table trying to work out their differences.  The Fetch does not advise anyone to hold their breath in anticipation of a breakthrough, we need material…

In what had to be a painful admission, President Barak Obama is sorry.  Yup, after getting pummeled, beat down, and vilified by all sides for the disastrous roll out, or lack thereof, of the ACA, Obama has bitten the bullet and uttered the magic words every politician should memorize; “I’m sorry”.

“Lickety spit” Shirakawa will walk the plank today as he (supposedly) is going to be sentenced by Judge Nishigaya.  The prosecution will be calling County Executive Jeff “There is no spoon” Smith to talk about the damage done to the county and the defense will be calling Michelle Lew from AACI to plead for community service.

The Merc’s Sal Pizzaro tells us that the Silicon Valley Education Foundation gave the Flextronics CEO Mike McNamara an award for his education philanthropy and County Supervisor Ken Yeager is a fitness fanatic. Saturday morning, Yeager competes in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s 5K Heroes Run and then rides a portion of the 33-mile cycling leg of the Health Trust’s Hike & Bike fundraiser for its AIDS Services programs.  Then he will emcee the Hike & Bike’s finish-line party.  Um, tomorrow, were sleeping in to nurse a hangover, we hope!!!

In its latest corporate giveaway, San Jose will be launching a non-profit to promote clean tech inventions

Yet another reason why “We like Mike!”  County Supervisor Wasserman cuts a ribbon at a South County elementary school that opens a kid-sized salad bar in the cafeteria.  The picture is awesome and the promotion of healthy eating is better served by this idea than banning soft drinks.


California unions replied to SJ Mayor Chuck Reed’s invitation to meet and talk about his quest to strip retirement security away from workers.  The unions tell Reed, no thanks and that if he actually wanted a dialogue he would have sought a meeting BEFORE submitting his ballot initiative.  The Sac Bee has the story and a copy of the letter replying to Reed.

The SV Business Journal loves them some lists and the latest one is the Top 25 most generous companies.  See if your employer made the cut.

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Daily Fetch 11.06.13: Is Khamis a crybaby?, Palo Alto voters say no to senior housing & Ed Shikada has little shoes to fill as he is appointed SJ’s City Manager

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Just back from his taxpayer funded Dublin, Ireland trip with his Chief of Staff in tow, Councilman Johnny “waaaa” Khamis has cried like a baby to police brass.  Not about the police substation he promised to open and hasn’t, but about cops being mean to him on Facebook.  And the police department has actually diverted officers to investigate.  San Jose Inside broke the story yesterday and provides the actual FB posts that have made Johnny cry.  (Note to angry cops, prolly not a good idea to drop an FB on FB about a councilman.)

Johnny Khamis Cry Baby

SJI tells readers that the dust up started when Khamis did not attend an annual memorial service at Jeffrey Fontana Park to honor the fallen SJPD officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty.  Khamis says he did not know of the event, even though he gave the community organization that takes care of the park an award earlier this year.  Some cops called bullsh*# and the FB rants began.

Maybe this is what Johnny K should be crying about:  KTVU reports that detectives will be moved to cover patrol beats because there are not enough cops to protect the city.

Or maybe Johnny K should be crying about this SJ Inside post that says the police substation that he promised would open, isn’t going to open because there aren’t enough cops.

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit rolled out this promo about a story that will air tonight at 11 titled Murder and Politics in San Jose.  Thanks to our spies for hipping us to the story.  We will see if this makes Johnny cry as well???

Sunnyvale voters tell the NRA to shove it by overwhelmingly passing one of the toughest gun control laws in the country.  If the law withstands the NRA legal assault, it would require gun owners to lock their guns up (crazy, huh), report a gun stolen within 48-hours (nuts!), and limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds (BANANAS).  Way to go Sunnyvale!

To the joy of virtually every employee still working in San Jose, Ed Shikada was named to replace Deb Figone as San Jose’s City Manager.   Our sources say it was a cutthroat, back-stabbing filled journey for those vying to replace Figone. San Jose’s chief labor negotiator Alex Gurza was in the running until the end.  Maybe the city was looking for an honest broker to try and mend fences with its employees, so they went with Ed? The SV Business Journal’s take is here and San Jose Inside, which continues to break news at a fast clip, prints the entire press release announcing the selection here.

Santa Clara County Supervisors voted to keep its civil detainer policy as is on a controversial 3-2 vote.   TracEy Kaplan provides the details.

Palo Alto voters do too have a heart; it just doesn’t beat for old people wanting to have a roof over their heads.  The Maybell Measure D measure goes down to defeat and now San Jose can continue to be one of the last jurisdictions to actually build affordable housing in Silicon Valley.  Keep it classy PA.

The Merc’s new scribe at SJ City Hall, Mike Rosenberg, knows a good quote when he hears it as he includes this gem from Johnny “waaaa” Khamis who voted for an urgency ordinance to allow the whacking of some wild pigs in Almaden:

“It’s not my intention to go out and commit a pig genocide, said Khamis.

Yesterday’s local election results yielded wins for school parcel tax and bond measures.  Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District, Campbell Union High School District and the Sunnyvale School District all chalked up electoral victories.

In national election news; New Jersey’s Chris Christie crushed his opponent to win a second term, New York City elected a Democrat Mayor for the first time in decades as Bill de Blasio cruised to victory and former national DNC Chair and Clinton chum Terry McAuliffe wins the Virginia statehouse.

And in a sign that the assault on public employee pensions may be turning a corner, Cincinnati voters said no to this pension reform measure that was backed by right wing Tea Party Republicans.  It had called for the end of defined benefit retirement security and replacing it with cash balance plans that Wall Street hedge funds could get their hands on.

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Daily Fetch 10.28.13: Chief Esquivel, SJ comes in #5 on economic strength, and Rosen gets a pass

Monday, October 28th, 2013

San Jose CM Deb Figone has removed the Acting from in front of Chief Larry Esquivel’s name and is preparing to recommend him to the City Council for confirmation.  Chief Esquivel faces a daunting task as officers, dismayed over what they say is a lack of support, continue to leave the ranks.  KTVU brings us the latest story of female officers compelled to move to other jurisdictions.

The Merc Ed Board finally weighs in on SJ police academy grads hitting the bricks and blames the cops, shock!  They now want academy participants to agree to pay for their own training if they leave after graduation.  They opine that Johnny Khamis and Madison “yes to the prom dress, no to the coattails” Nguyen are working on a plan similar to other cities that require some reimbursement if a recruit figures out his employer blows.  Should be quite a hoot once it’s released, can you say indentured servants?

The Fetch is always pleased when the Merc’s IA writers follow up on stories we break. Bikini cop/Rocketman Liccardo hopes to get his Wikipedia page restored, Jeff “I am the law” Rosen will moon-walk into another term, and in a blast from the past, former City Council and State Assembly aspirant Tony West, now an Associate Attorney General for Eric Holder, negotiated the $13B fine JP Morgan Chase will pay for mortgage irregularities.

Another community meeting takes place tonight to talk about gang violence in San Jose.  NBC Bay Area has the announcement.

In what could be the Merc’s Mike Rosenberg’s first foray into covering San Jose events, he gives his take on the Zombie 5K run that raised money for local parks.  Maybe Mike will use “Zombie Run” as a euphemism to describe the upcoming Mayor’s race in San Jose, as it too may be bloody.

Data centers housing the Obamacare website have gone down in the latest iteration of the troublesome site that some are saying in unfixable.

SJ Inside tells us that the South Bay Labor Council is rapidly ramping up its election endorsement process for San Jose Mayor, gee we wonder who will be endorsed? Some interesting questions were asked of the candidates in a document obtained by SJI.

Is more housing on its way to DT San Jose?  Appears that the DiNapoli family wants in on the mini-boom. Nate DW from the SJ Biz Journal has the story.

It looks like Palo Alto will continue to have battles over residential development long into the future as projects are popping up and making some residents fear the densification of their city.

San Jose ranks 5th out of 102 markets from around the country when it comes to economic strength.  Job growth, earnings and appreciation on houses are all on the rise.

The Merc’s Tracy Seipel is wasting no time after being replaced at city hall and assigned to the health care beat.  She covers Covered California’s Executive Director Peter V. Lee in this profile piece.

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Daily Fetch 10.08.13: Kalra comes clean, Mayor Sweatpants says no to Mayor Tom, and Breaking Bad in San Jose

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Thank you to SJ Councilmember Ash Kalra for responding to our report yesterday that had him performing the Bobblehead Riverdance in Ireland with Deb and the rest of the troupe.  Kalra sent this email to the Fetch setting the record straight that he is paying his own freight to the Emerald Island.

“I am reimbursing the city for all expenses for the Ireland trip. That includes my personal funds footing the bill for airfare and hotel. There are no taxpayer funds being used for my participation in the delegation.”

Well at least there’s that…we wonder…will any others councilmember pay for their junket trip directly?  Email us to let us know:

BTW, the Fetch is hearing that Kalra’s COS Joseph Okpaku may soon be moving to the private sector to join a start up.

Mr. Roadshow tells us that leaking jet fuel is responsible for the piss smell near the Trimble Road exit by SJC.

Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio does not send an olive branch to former Mayor turned Lobbyist/Land Barron Tom McEnery in this SJ Inside post that basically tells Tom to go pound salt.

It’s good to be green in Santa Clara County as local businesses take center stage in getting right with the environment.

Teachers and students at the Evergreen Community College District are accusing district administrators of a “bait and switch.” NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit reports that bond funds that were supposed to go to replace 60-year-old technical education buildings are now going to build a theater.

Yesterday, homeless rights activists began a 3 day march through Silicon Valley. We hope they spend quality time in Palo Alto.

County Supervisor S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian wants juveniles dropping a dime in the can to not cost an arm and a leg.

Former President Jimmy Carter is in San Jose today.

The San Jose edition of Breaking Bad was played out in East San Jose yesterday as a major meth bust took place.  The Merc and KTVU-2 have the story.

breaking SJ

San Jose’s newly renovated and expanded Convention Center is about to make its debut.  The SV Biz Journal takes us for a spin.

Facebook gives us a breakdown of Bay Area fans for either the A’s or the Giants and it ‘aint pretty for the men in green and yellow. It seems even in Oakland there are more Giants fans than A’s fans.

MLB Commissioner Selig says “no one understands” the crappy conditions that the Oakland A’s play in better than he does. @ColiseumSewage begs to differ.

Speaking of flushing, Santa Clara County is flush with cash…well sort of.  SJ Inside’s Wadsworth tells us the county will be figuring out how to spend an additional $9.7M in Measure A money.  Some of it will go to cover what San Jose was paying to provide health insurance to kids.  Ebenezer Reed cut it from the budget.

Early voting for the November 5th election started yesterday at the County Registrar’s office.

SBLC Blog tells us what’s going on at the Mountain View and Sunnyvale City Council meetings this week. They also give their two cents on items on the County Board agenda.

California’s GOP sure knows how to offend women.  These anti-Hillary buttons were sold at their recent convention and they have set off a social media firestorm

Fetch Beltway Bureau

Rep. Mike Honda takes to The Hill to pen this piece calling for action on protecting manufacturing and creating jobs.  Hey Mike, how about getting us that patent office open…

This week’s cover of Time Magazine sums up the situation in DC nicely as the country flounders through week two of the GOP government shutdown extravaganza.


The Washington Post wonders why the gods of Silicon Valley seem to care less about the shutdown.

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Daily Fetch 10.07.13: Judge skeptical of A’s to San Jose move, Riverdance revival, and SV Biz Journal’s Schubarth wants to know where them Twitter girls at

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Storify by KQED News provided a live Twitter feed of developments in the San Jose vs. MLB trial that took place Friday in the federal courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte.  Looks like the Judge is skeptical of SJ’s claims.

Remove performing the “Riverdance” in Ireland from the bucket list of Deb Figone, Johnny Khamis, Ash Kalra, Xavier Campos and Rose Herrera as (apparently) they are all headed to Dublin on the latest taxpayer funded junket of all junkets.  Pete “quadruple dip” Constant is a little mad he can’t make the trip. Maybe instead of international sightseeing trips the councilmembers should focus on solving problems…take a look up north.

San Jose Bobblehead Riverdance

When the City of San Francisco is confronted with a problem, such as funding retiree health care, their leadership works to find common ground and a solution that does not decimate city services.  The Chamber of Commerce, Democratic and Republican Parties and the SF Labor Council all support the latest compromise out of SF.  Are any San Jose politicians or labor leaders watching.

The SV Biz Journal’s Cromwell Schubarth wants to know where all them Twitter girls at…Hollar! As the Tweeters are about to launch their IPO, the lack of any women on the Twitter Board of Directors is sparking some tough questions and funny Tweets.

Jerry Brown signed legislation to provide drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.  Now they can drive to practice law, as he also signed a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to practice law.  Here is a list of other bills the Gov. signed or vetoed on Friday.

Local democrats should send Republican and SJ mayoral wannabe Pat Waite a free laptop to try and get him to write more letters to the Merc editor like today’s, where he ridicules Democrats for supporting Medicare, Social Security and accessible health care.

It’s exactly the Tea Party opposition to government providing a safety net for seniors like Social Security and Medicare that have enabled Democrats to come within reach of taking back the House of Representatives.  Well, it also doesn’t hurt that the current speaker is depicted as a crybaby for shutting down the government.


KGO-7 reported that the fugitive murder suspect wanted in the August 24, 2013 daytime shooting in downtown San Jose was arrested in Las Vegas. 

Lucky for San Jose that it did not need its police helicopter because it has been grounded since the federal government shutdown.  Don’t worry, Sheriff Laurie Smith has one we can borrow.

Scott “call me maybe” Herhold swings at his favorite piñata in his latest angle to keep the “lickety spit” Shirakawa scandal in the news.

And it looks like the Merc’s IA columnists phoned it in this week as they rehash what was previously reported by SJ Inside and the Chron.

Google is expanding in Palo Alto, so says Donato-Weintein in today’s SV Biz Journal.

Palo Alto rolls out new cop cars and they look pretty cool.

The Palo Alto Free Press tells us about a new program to house the homeless in Palo Alto, no that is not a typo.  The city will be teaming up with Santa Clara County and will utilize a state grant to launch the program.

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Daily Fetch 10.01.13: Are San Jose Councilmembers Nguyen and Herrera clueless? Plus angry neighbors in Palo Alto, and Billy Herhold

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Fetch News of the Clueless Bureau

What the hell, why not…SJ Councilmember Rose Herrera decided she wants in on the junket to Ireland that departing City Manager Deb Figone and Councilmember Johnny Khamis are charging to taxpayers.  Herrera sent this memo to council asking the city to cover her international trip tab but (apparently) figured out she was staying a few extra days too many and so she sent another memo clarifying that she was taking some vacation days on the tail end of the junket “at her own expense.” And Kansen Chu driving to Yosemite was big news, where are you Metro/SJ Inside?

Rose Herrera Blarney

(She’s such a huge fan of the Emerald Isle that the above picture is one of the first that shows up when you Google her.)

Madison “yes to the prom dress, no to the coattails” Nguyen (apparently) does not know what she voted for when she championed the controversial Measure B.  Nguyen released this memo that asks what retirement plan cops get if they return to work in San Jose after leaving.  Probably would have been a good question to ask BEFORE voting to put in place a plan that has driven away hundreds of cops, just sayin’.

Onward to other happenings…

Who’d of thunk that Scott “call me maybe” Herhold was a punk rocker…The Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go” is the topic of our idol’s latest column about cops, greener pastures and San Jose.

Billy Herhold

The Palo Alto Free Press informs readers of a plan to place cell phone towers near the fields of the Palo Alto Little League.  Verizon Wireless is the applicant and they unveiled their latest cell tower plans last night at a buzzing and electrifying community meeting.

And if more cell towers weren’t enough, there are other reasons why Palo Alto residents are getting their underwear in a bunch.  First, anger and turmoil over a housing development that will allow some old people to afford a roof over their head and a neighbor of Castilleja School goes all Gladys Kravits (Bewitched snitch) and counts the number of students at the school then tattles to the city that student enrollment was being exceeded. The city then slaps a $300k fine on the school.  What’s next…maybe a kick the puppy contest?

Speaking of puppies, the City of Sunnyvale will talk over the expansion of its only designated dog park.  With 30,000 of man’s best friend in town, expansion of Las Palmas Park seems like a good idea.  We at the Fetch wholeheartedly support this dog park expansion and as part of Obamacare we believe subsidized Veterinarian care is a right.

Cupertino’s plastic bag ban starts today, so get with it Cupertinoans and bring a reusable one when you shop.

Cupertino’s Apple is now the number one brand in the world, overtaking Coca-Cola.  Google takes the number two spot.

Donato-Weinstein from the SV Biz Journal lays out the public meeting schedule for Apple’s ‘spaceship’.  Weinstein reports that the SV Chamber of Commerce is pulling out all the stops to show support for the project.  Let’s hope the Chamber doesn’t launch an investigation to find out if any of their members oppose the Apple project.

Today marks the beginning of hope and optimism that the United States will be able to provide affordable health care to its people, if you’re a Democrat.  If you’re a Republican, the world is coming to an end.  Obamacare is here…

Obamacare is the focus of this piece by CNN that answers 20 questions over the federal government shutdown.

And a mere 9 hours into the fed shutdown, NBC News announces the winners and losers of this latest embarrassment out of Washington DC.

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Daily Fetch 9.26.13: Team Oracle USA defends the cup, Mayor Reed’s metaphorical bed buddy revealed, light will shine on county government, and Metro chews on Kansen…

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The Frying Pan News reveals Mayor Reed is in bed with a former Enron executive (in a figurative sense) as he continues to attack public employee pensions while at the same time doling out taxpayer subsidies to his developer friends.

Chuck Reed and Enron

Mr. Nuts predicted the Oracle come from behind win over New Zealand to retain America’s Cup.  We are hearing that Mayor Sweatpants is jealous of the prognosticating cat.

USA Today covers the big Oracle win that many are calling the greatest sports come from behind victory in history…that’s for those that consider yachting a sport.

The Metro’s Fly chews on Kansen for showing up late and leaving early from a conference and for (apparently) not figuring out that when the Fly gives you a buzz to chat, one shouldn’t ramble.

Of course political insiders are eagerly awaiting the Metro’s coverage of the Ireland junket that City Manager Figone and Councilmember Khamis are taking or the to numerous to list trips Pete “quadruple dip” Constant has taken to promote himself…We won’t hold our breath.

NBC Bay Area reports that “lickety spit” Shirakawa wants a public defender in what has become a long, drama filled case that is lurching toward a conclusion.  Luckily for George he beat the latest increase in the cost of postage stamps, they are now going to cost 49-cents.

Palo Alto’s controversial (if you have a home and don’t want others to have one) Measure D will be debated on Saturday, Sept. 28, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 250 Hamilton Ave. The League of Women Voters of Palo Alto will host the debate.

Calling it a “moral responsibility,” Gov. Brown signed the minimum wage increase into law yesterday.  The LA Times gives us this take on the historic day.

South Bay Labor’s head honcho, Ben Field, blogs about labor’s love for Mike Honda and about Santa Clara County Supervisors pushing for more transparency at 70 West Hedding Street.

That County transparency push looks like it will require lobbyists to register with the County and disclose what they are up to.  We wonder if S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian will support the Chavez initiative to shine some light on the 10th floor?

Tracy Seipel lands the front page of the Mercury News today as she does a good job assisting readers navigate the ins and outs of Obamacare.

KTVU reports on a shooting that took place in broad daylight yesterday near San Jose State University.  Luckily the shooter had bad aim and was nabbed by the cops.

Fetch Tech Bureau

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lit a big match under its Kindle Fire as he unveiled a lighter, bigger and faster version of his hand held alternative to Apple’s iPad.  Our interns love the “Mayday” button…Maybe Bezos can make us a Fetch signal button for our spies?

Google expands its delivery service; Google Shopping Express will now deliver in virtually the entire Bay Area.

Facebook has fans as its stock price keeps climbing.  Now if it can just figure out real boobies from fake golden brown ones…

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