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Daily Fetch 05.20.14: Latest GOP heavy hitter for Liccardo steps forward as Guardino wants to raise your taxes, and Potted plants in San Jose are in danger as criminals get weirder

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

The latest GOP heavy hitter to pump thousands into helping Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo is Lonnie Smith, no, not the baseball player, silly, Saratoga’s Lonnie Smith who in 2012 dropped in excess of $100,000 smack-a-roos to unsuccessfully get Mitt Romney into the White House.


smith Liccardo

smith FEC

GOP Darling Sam Liccardo

Fetch has been scratching its tummy and chasing its tail trying to figure out why the SVLG CEO, Carl Guardino, is pushing so hard for his bike-ride buddy Sam to replace lame-lame duck Chuck Reed.  Thanks to our spies and this article by Jason Green from the Palo Alto Daily News it is becoming clearer and clearer what motivates Guardino.  He wants to raise transportation taxes, again, and may use Sam, if he makes the mayoral runoff, in the campaign mail and television advertisements to try and pass the 30-year county-wide tax increase and help his bike ride buddy become Mayor all at the same time.  Ingenious, if true.

So, just how many more tax increases will the residents of Palo Alto, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and other areas of Santa Clara County that won’t be near a BART station have to shoulder to help Guardino, Sam and others achieve their dream?  What will this mean for a sales tax measure in San Jose to bolster public safety and other city services?

Now onto other non-GOP fat cats backing Liccardo news

What next, door mats?  Downtown San Jose has a serial potted plant thief on the loose terrorizing front porches.  Luckily, the thief was caught on camera, now if only there were some po-po to nab the bandit.

Potted plants appear safe in this SJ Evergreen neighborhood as this crook decides to torch two cars parked in this home’s driveway.  So, the lesson to be learned for SJ residents is that it’s best to leave nothing of value in front of your homes.

Fetch says, “Sock it to me,” Sake San Jose.  TheSanJoseBlog announces what looks to be a fun event in SJ’s Japantown this Thursday where the 9th Annual Sake San Jose event will take place starting at 5:30 pm.  Get the deets here.

Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen has decided to seek the death penalty against the accused killer of Sierra LaMar.  Rosen has used his authority judiciously when it comes to seeking capital punishment, as this is the first time Rosen has sought the ultimate penalty.

Mi Pueblo Market is back in business as it is emerging from bankruptcy proceedings with a clean balance sheet in a process that was expedited to meet a deadline by some lenders.  Nate-dog from the SVBJ has the scoop.

The San Jose Biz Journal is also reporting that some local IBM scientists accidentally created a new, stronger, better plastic…by accident.  This sounds eerily similar to what happened in Weird Science, do you think they still wear those lab hats at IBM?

President Obama is a job-creating machine.  The proof is scientific and precise.  See, Obama visited Walmart last week and this week the retail behemoth announces it will add 1,000 jobs to expand their digital operations in Sunnyvale.

USA Today also backs up the President’s prowess when it comes to adding jobs as it reports on business expansion and how it calculates state-by-state to jobs being created.

San Jose’s Weed Wars continues today as the city council try again to come up with a resolution that has evaded them for several years.  That means the council chambers will be chock full of incense, rastafari braided hair, tye-die tees, and bic lighters for a second week in a row.

And one potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, is having his own war with weed as he refuses to answer whether or not he ever lit up and partook (is that a word) in some cannabis consumption.  Let’s see, a 2.1 high school GPA is a pretty good indication that Marco did.  What do you think?

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Daily Fetch 11.08.13: San Jose Officials admit to “Juking the Stats,” Twitter soars and We like Mike!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Poor SJPD spokesflak Heather Randol, apparently, she and her co-spokesflak Albert Morales are being asked to defend the edict from San Jose Officials to “Juke the Stats” making it appear that gang violence was on the decline.  Problem is, it wasn’t, but that’s what the department and Mayor Reed told the public.  Questions that remain to be answered:

  • Who ordered the code red…oh sorry, we mean, who ordered the Juke?
  • When did they order the Juke?
  • Who knew about the Juke and when did they know it?
  • Did CM Deb Figone trumpet the bogus drop in gang violence as a reason to promote Acting Chief Esquivel to the top job?

This story is so juicy it’s like it was made for TV…wait it was! Here is a clip from HBO’s the Wire. You can almost imagine that this was what the discussion was like amongst SJPD’s brass.


KTVU-2 reports on the crimes that will now go uninvestigated in SJ as a result of the cop exodus and says that so far this year in SJ there have been 6,200 car thefts.  Not a typo, SIX-THOUSAND-TWO-HUNDRED cars have been jacked, of course SJPD brass have categorized those rip offs as innocent joy rides, so don’t worry public, all is well.

The Merc jumps on the detectives to patrol story with this piece.  SJPD spokesflak, Heather Randol must be asking herslf, “WTF did I sign up for”.

Twitter explodes on to the stock scene in a big way and all you local club hoppers better get prepared to battle newly minted tech millionaires for table service as the geeks will be out in force this weekend celebrating their triumph.

CNN tells us who owns the top Twitter accounts…it’s a fun list to check out.

Palo Alto anti-everything residents, emboldened by the rejection of the Maybell affordable senior housing project, are protesting another development in Palo Alto.  Our sources tell us there is a group forming to also begin advocating for the return of the horse and buggy.

NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo, the eternal optimist that he is, reports that San Jose police officers and the city will be back at the bargaining table trying to work out their differences.  The Fetch does not advise anyone to hold their breath in anticipation of a breakthrough, we need material…

In what had to be a painful admission, President Barak Obama is sorry.  Yup, after getting pummeled, beat down, and vilified by all sides for the disastrous roll out, or lack thereof, of the ACA, Obama has bitten the bullet and uttered the magic words every politician should memorize; “I’m sorry”.

“Lickety spit” Shirakawa will walk the plank today as he (supposedly) is going to be sentenced by Judge Nishigaya.  The prosecution will be calling County Executive Jeff “There is no spoon” Smith to talk about the damage done to the county and the defense will be calling Michelle Lew from AACI to plead for community service.

The Merc’s Sal Pizzaro tells us that the Silicon Valley Education Foundation gave the Flextronics CEO Mike McNamara an award for his education philanthropy and County Supervisor Ken Yeager is a fitness fanatic. Saturday morning, Yeager competes in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s 5K Heroes Run and then rides a portion of the 33-mile cycling leg of the Health Trust’s Hike & Bike fundraiser for its AIDS Services programs.  Then he will emcee the Hike & Bike’s finish-line party.  Um, tomorrow, were sleeping in to nurse a hangover, we hope!!!

In its latest corporate giveaway, San Jose will be launching a non-profit to promote clean tech inventions

Yet another reason why “We like Mike!”  County Supervisor Wasserman cuts a ribbon at a South County elementary school that opens a kid-sized salad bar in the cafeteria.  The picture is awesome and the promotion of healthy eating is better served by this idea than banning soft drinks.


California unions replied to SJ Mayor Chuck Reed’s invitation to meet and talk about his quest to strip retirement security away from workers.  The unions tell Reed, no thanks and that if he actually wanted a dialogue he would have sought a meeting BEFORE submitting his ballot initiative.  The Sac Bee has the story and a copy of the letter replying to Reed.

The SV Business Journal loves them some lists and the latest one is the Top 25 most generous companies.  See if your employer made the cut.

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Daily Fetch 9.05.13: Pegram and Perverts, Bloggers Beware, and LG neighbors try to nix Netflix

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The Mercury News wants paid bloggers for campaigns to be outed. Being in the blogging business solely for altruistic reasons, we here at The Fetch whole-heartedly agree, and feel that these rules should also be extended to newspapers and reporters that advocate for candidates.  Any objective observer of the Mercury News’ recent coverage of the Chavez vs. GOP Darling Alvarado race would agree that the coverage was so biased that it should have been reported as an in-kind contribution to the Teresa Alvarado campaign.

Remember that time that Barbara “Koolaid” Marshman, who heads the Merc Editorial Board, did her best to push out a candidate in a recent election in favor of her chosen one.  In case you forgot, here’s the story from SJI’s archive.

Maybe the Mercury News should follow the example of the Chicago Sun-Times and focus on reporting unbiased facts, information and news and get out of trying to be king-maker.

The Metro’s Fly thinks it’s odd that Xavier Campos eats lunch.  Wow…maybe next week the Fly can buzz around city hall and find out which councilmembers wear shoes with laces versus slip-ons or if it’s Coke Vs. Pepsi on the 18th floor.

Senator Jim Beall’s bill to allow molestation victims additional time to file lawsuits passed the Assembly over objections from some churches and non-profits.

Maybe this is why the “Values” Advocacy Council’s resident bigot Larry Pegram sent this email invitation to local religious leaders to attend a conference to teach them how to defend their churches against accusations of having perverts on the payroll.  Is this guy for real? (click image for full email.)

Fwd: Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed against Church in San Jo

San Jose’s murder count is now at 34, after the SJPD declared a body found in a minivan was a homicide.

The Merc’s dynamic duo of Tracey Kaplan and Mark Gomez tell us about yet another rich guy accused of doing stupid sh#$ and how Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen plans on handling it.

KLIV’s 15 listeners heard that according to a California Healthy Kids Survey more than 4% of Santa Clara County 7th graders have brought a gun to school…WTF!

“Call me maybe” Herhold may be starting a new bromance with Congressman Mike Honda as he tells us what a teddy bear Mike is.

SVBJ tells us that opponents of the Netflix expansion in Los Gatos are back.  A new lawsuit to stop the project has been filed.  Our legal sources say that this lawsuit will go the way of Blockbuster.

Japanese retailer Uniqlo is hinging its entire US expansion plan on its Bay Area stores…the Valley Fair location opens on October 5th.

If you take Caltrain, plan on spending more money to park your car. Fees have increased to $5 a day.

Palo Alto THE MOVIE, staring hometown favorite James Franco, has made its début at the Venice Film Festival…and it seems Franco is portraying a creepy perverted teacher.


A Palo Alto developer is claiming it was robbed by the city and is demanding a refund of some of the impact fees it was assessed for a townhome development.

And, fresh off its attacks on the homeless and the elderly looking for an affordable place to live, the Palo Alto City Council is now taking aim at leaf blowers.

In an apparent faith based appeal for prosperity, Gilroy has chosen a pastor to be the new CEO of its chamber of commerce. Meanwhile, the Milpitas Chamber is so broke it had to layoff its CEO…maybe Gilroy is on the right track?

The SV Biz Journal brings us the news that Google is expanding its real estate empire by opening Google affordable housing in Mountain View.

Los Gatos is obviously ridiculously flush with cash, as the town can afford to hire a community resource officer to patrol one library. No word on whether San Jose police arbitrator and library lover John Flaherty was involved in the hiring process.

Santa Clara’s Mission City Lantern seems to be no more?

Not all news from Sunnyvale involves bumbling council candidate Jim Griffith. This week, old Silicon Valley tech powerhouse Northrop Grumman hosted an engineering day for local students.

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Daily Fetch 6.26.13: Supremes Rule We Are All Equal (in California) and Yeager backs Chavez for Supervisor

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

You’ve probably heard the news already, but the men and women in black have finally decided that everyone is truly equal under the law (in California).  Join BAYMEC at San Jose city hall tonight at 6 pm to celebrate…

County Supervisor and Board President Ken Yeager has endorsed Democratic Darling Cindy Chavez for Supervisor.

In a report by KCBS 740’s Mike Colgan, Mayor Pier “Sweatpants” Oliverio gets punked by outgoing SJ Fire Chief Willie McDonald.  (Apparently) Oliverio’s sweatpants may be too tight and it is causing oxygen to not reach his brain as he advocates for further deterioration in emergency fire and medical response times.

Holy sh#t WTF is up in San Jose as car thefts were up 71% last year and another 37% this year.  I guess the elimination of the gang unit and the auto theft unit is working out as planned. Protect San Jose what say you?

A new “high-rise” is being built in San Jose’s urine stained downtown. Wow, we really are growing up, 23-stories, thats like ¼ the size of a real high-rise in a real downtown. Honestly, it truly is pathetic what passes for a high rise these days. Can’t we just move the airport, get rid of the height restrictions and get a real downtown?

Sunnyvale’s Yahoo had its first shareholder meeting with Marissa Mayer at the helm and things certainly got interesting. A self-described dirty old man got up and hit on Mayer.

Since we’re on the tech sector, did you know that tech companies, mostly based here spend more on DC lobbying than the defense industry? Well, according to Faux news they do.

The Gilroy City staff is calling bullsh#t on a Merc story on pensions from this weekend.

San Jose has the happiest workers in America. Clearly they didn’t ask San Jose’s City employees to participate in this survey.

In response to the “lickity spit” Shirakawa-drama, the County Board of Supervisors strengthened their campaign finance reporting rules.  Now, if a candidate or elected official does not follow the rules they will get hit with two wet noodles instead of one.

LA joins San Jose in banning plastic bags.  Now if we can just get them to ban the Dodgers the world would be a much better place.

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Daily Fetch 9.11.12: Ford F-250s are very big trucks…

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Ok, we’ve been off a few days, let’s try to catch up quickly…

The Ford F-250 is a very big pick-up truck.  Especially when the F-250 “smashes into eight parked vehicles…” and then the “…driver runs off…”  That was the scene Sunday night in San Jose on Union Avenue…

Three City Councilmembers in San Jose would like pot clubs to pay the taxes they owe.  Which leads us to this quote… can you name the Councilmember?:  “Although many marijuana dispensaries are law-abiding, several dozen are saying, ‘We’re open for business, but we don’t have any taxable revenue… That sounds a lot like, ‘I smoked, but I didn’t inhale,’ and we need to clamp down on those businesses that aren’t paying their fair share…”

In Sunday’s Internal Affairs column, we learned…  Johnny Khamis, who is running for San Jose City Council District 10, thought he was going to get incumbent Nancy Pyle and challenger Edesa Bitbadal’s endorsements… He didn’t, and now he’s whining about it

In other political news from District 10 in San Jose (and other endorsements Khamis did not get)… The Metro endorsed Robert Braunstein for that seat (and Rose Herrera in District 8)…

And in yet other political news… While Ash Kalra was blogging from the Democratic Convention on San Jose Inside, Pete Constant was trying to avoid letting anyone know that he was in Tampa for the Republican National Convention.  San Jose Inside has the scoop, which involves Constant paying the City of San Jose back some money…

Another embarrassing Gilroy story… (You may remember this…) The interim Fire Chief was caught buying booze for some kids in Santa Cruz over the weekend.  Now, Gilroy will look for another interim (interim) Fire Chief…

Daily Fetch 7.27.12: Mark Purdy, Mitt Romney’s newest senior advisor

Friday, July 27th, 2012

The Olympics Opening Ceremony is tonight.  Not to get all “National Politics” on you, but it seems that Mark Purdy shared his concerns about the Olympics with Mitt Romney.

Those of you in South County already know this, but this weekend is the Garlic Festival.  Bring a mint…

We don’t know what’s going on in Palo Alto, but the incumbents-not-running-for-reelection trend is contagious.  (Sid and Yeiway aren’t running for reelection to the City Council…)  But now Barbara Klausner on the Palo Alto Unified School Board has decided not to run for reelection.  Of course, she actually has a reason she’s willing to talk about:  “…Klausner, a former educator in the district, said the five-member board “carefully circumscribes” itself in matters concerning pedagogy, and that doesn’t align with her interests…”  Another of the school board members in Palo Alto will be running again, Camille Townsend

More about Chick-Fil-A’s attempt to open in Mountain View… From the Voice.

To the blogs, where we love today’s highlight: Rich Robinson on Inside getting a little preachy talking about how to deal with the press as an elected official.  While the post is a boring retread of “media relations 101”, the links embedded in the story.  Here’s what we’re talking about

What Rich Said:  “…so a failure to call back will make you look like you are avoiding a situation…”

What It’s Linked To:  Liz Kniss’ pork-belly spending story at the County.

What Rich Said:  “…Let’s face it, some facts are not positive…”

What It’s Linked To:  Former MACSA teachers still be suspicious of Xavier Campos’ involvement in embezzlement.

What Rich Said:  “The term “background” is used so that the reporter will not use the name of the person giving the information.”

What It’s Linked To:  Recent panic room story at the County Building.

Daily Fetch 7.16.12: Chuck Reed, Palo Alto is calling…

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Happy Summer Monday friends… We have some not so happy summer Monday news, however:

Creepy and sad details are emerging about a terrible crime in San Jose.  Joe Rodriguez at the Merc has some details about the case, including:  “…a case that alleges they sequestered and beat a dozen mentally-ill adults, all of them Asian-Americans, forcing them to live inside in abject squalor, along with 25 scrawny dogs…”

From Gilroy, some updates from the early July death of a 3 year old in Gilroy:  “…As a community anxiously awaits answers in the accidental shooting death of a San Jose police officer’s 3-year-old son in Gilroy, authorities continue to keep critical details under lock and key…”

Because nothing says “good public policy” like making big decisions at the ballot box, Palo Alto will have a pro-pot club initiative on the November ballot.  (Because weed isn’t easy enough to get on Paly’s campus…)

While we’re in Palo Alto, perhaps Chuck Reed could become a featured speaker at a future City Council meeting there.  Here’s what the Palo Alto Weekly is talking about:  Pensions:  Palo Alto’s ticking time bomb… Perhaps we now know why Sid Espinosa wants nothing to do with running for re-election…

Finally, because we mentioned it last week… We’ll mention it this week:  Protect San Jose is still on blog-cation.  Remember Protect, sunscreen!


Daily Fetch 3.16.12: The House That Randy Moss Built?

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Big news from Santa Clara… again. The City Council gave the final approval to the stadium deal, including another $100 million loan (potentially).  The house Randy Moss built?

There is a library initiative circulating in San Jose. It would provide a minimum funding level for local libraries to protect them from cuts by “penny-wise-pound-foolish” City Councils. Former Mayor Susan Hammer is on board, so are former Council members Frank Fiscalini and Trixie Johnson… You know who isn’t on board? The Merc Ed Board

If you’re wondering why folks are lined up in the rain… it’s because the new iPad comes out today. See you in line…

Here’s a terrible South County story. An Iraq War vet killed his little sister and then himself in Gilroy.

And a weird story from North County. A helicopter made an emergency landing in a marsh in Palo Alto yesterday…

Daily Fetch 1.4.12: Iowa Didn’t Google Santorum…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

While voters in Iowa proved that they didn’t Google “Santorum” before they caucused… voters in San Jose will soon have to vote on the repeal of the recently-passed medical marijuana regulations… maybe. The pro-pot people (Rich Robinson, et al) have officially qualified their initiative to repeal the new regulations. Mayor Chuck Reed is thinking about a compromise instead. Dude, sounds like that might be a good idea.

And while the Mayor was thinking about what to do about pot… an SJPD Officer was seriously injured while chasing a carjacking suspect. Which would be another thing we’d love to get Protect San Jose’s prospective on… but crickets.

You have probably heard a lot about the San Jose A’s (proposed) stadium… but some neighbors are also pissed about proposed (and much more eminent) San Jose Earthquakes’ stadium.  (While we’re on it, yesterday’s KQED Forum had an entire hour on the shifting landscape of Bay Area sports.  Mostly out of Oakland and south…)

And while San Jose was dealing with all that, some folks in City Hall (and Atherton and Palo Alto and elsewhere) got some very welcome news… an expert, well-respected ‘peer-review’ group looking at High-Speed Rail in California gave the project some really crappy reviews and advised the California State Legislature, and anyone else who will listen, to pull the plug on the train.

Palo Alto has a new Mayor… Sid Espinosa is now done sitting in the middle of the dais at the endless Palo Alto City Council meetings and it is Yiawey Yeh’s turn for the punishment. Speaking of punishment, Mike Kasperzak is taking over as Mountain View’s Mayor (with John Inks – a Libertarian – taking over as Vice Mayor)…

There was some strange traffic happenings last night in Gilroy… even stranger than normal, actually. 10 tons of cardboard spilled onto Highway 152. Holy Casa de Fruta Batman…

Daily Fetch 12.8.11: Yeager and fast-food toys…

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

A big shout-out to Supervisor Ken Yeager, who read this headline today and probably smiled to himself (or to anyone else within smile-distance) at the County Building:  Four fast-food chains quit giving free toys.
Mark Purdy at the Merc chimes in with “More signs point to San Jose for the Oakland A’s…”  Just in time to play Albert Pujols 18 times a year for the next 10 years.  Ouch.  On the bright side, that’s about a lot of games for Pujols in downtown San Jose… Maybe…
But to more local and more City Hall-centric stuff from the Tweet-deck of Protect San Jose:
#SJPOA and City of #sanjose Sign Tentative Agreement on Pay Cut Extension
Same story, different source
Speaking of police, there was a big Gilroy gang sweep this morning… That might put a crimp in our Gilroy readership today.  The Daily Fetch has a big gang following down there…