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Daily Fetch 03.13.14: Google Founder Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, SCC Deputy Sheriff’s Association and Reed’s Ajlouny Sitting in a Tree, and the Supremes Say No to the NRA

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Another sordid Google affair and this one does not involve discounted fuel given to the company by NASA to fly its fleet of jets around the world, no, this sordid affair involves one Google founder, an alleged mistress and a break up.  The UK Daily Mail has all the salacious details of one tech geek Getting’ Jiggy Wit It.

San Jose Inside has two stories the Fetch is sure will be in the Merc’s Internal Affairs someday:

DSA hearts VA

  • Sheriff Laurie Smith has both kinds of support for her re-election bid: those that hate Chuck Reed’s political puppet-master Vic Ajlouny and those that really hate Chuck Reed’s political puppet-master Vic Ajlouny.  The architect of Reed’s Measure V and B does have some friends though, Metro’s Fly reports that the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the County Jail Guards have hired Vic to crank up his slime machine to tar Laurie for a couple of months before she wins in June.
  • District 1 City Council Candidate Paul Fong finds himself in the cross hairs of JK as the second story about a campaign debt owed to a Sacramento heavyweight lobbyist makes its way to print.  Run for your life Paul, run.

How cool would it be to have the domain .sucks?  Ummm, pretty cool.  But don’t get your hopes up ‘cuz there is an effort in Washington DC to kill the joy.  The SV Biz Journal has the story.

The Supreme Court says no to the NRA and its attempt to block enforcement of Sunnyvale’s common-sense gun control law.  Justice Anthony Kennedy shot down the NRA’s request to intervene and the gun-loving group will now have to re-load and aim for a different court to put a cap in the ass of the new law.

Austin’s SXSW Music Festival took a tragic turn last night as a drunk driver plowed through barricades outside one venue, killing two and injuring 23.  CNN has the story.

The Merc’s IA Blog finally gets around to posting a story about Netflix CEO Reed Hastings calling for democratically elected school boards to disappear.

The Merc’s Salonga and TracEy break new ground in the story of a SJ po-po who is in deep shit# for allegedly assaulting a woman and DNA found on a bulletproof vest.  Reminds the Fetch of this sordid episode.

And in more crime news, a gang-related shooting in San Jose yields an arrest by the Santa Clara County Sheriffs’.

KTVU’s Robert Handa reports that lack of rain has put the boating season in Santa Clara County (There was one?) in jeopardy…Unless of course you are in the Kansen Chu Navy, that’s the crew that pretty much just wants to blow crap up in the water.

Telecom Giant Ericsson may be on the move to the new home of the 49ers.  The Santa Clara Weekly says the company may lease 440,000 sq. feet of space off of Bowers and 101.  The SV Biz Journal first reported on the possible move.

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Daily Fetch 02.25.14: Cortese leads, Madison second, Liccardo third in Mayor’s Poll, Kickin’ it in SJ and Making it rain

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

A new San Jose Mayoral poll is out and it shows Dave Cortese in front, Madison Nguyen in second and Liccardo in third, a couple of points in front of Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio…that’s gotta hurt.  The Left Hook posts the full results from EMC Research here.



Cortese Leads

The Merc’s new guy from City Hall takes to the Internal Affairs blog to poo-poo the results of the one question poll that shows old folks and women like Cortese, and Nguyen holding a 6-point lead over Cortese with Asians 28% to 22%.  Liccardo’s only at 6% with this voting bloc.  Let the spin begin!!!

And in an issue sure to dominate all SJ elections this June, NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo reported on the new burglary technique spreading across SJ neighborhoods…crooks just kick the friggin’ front door in and ripping folks off.  Trujillo was on the scene as several daytime burglaries took place in Evergreen yesterday.

Trying to bolster his street cred when it comes to public safety, Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo took to the Huffington Post blog to post this CYA piece about his plan to fight crime by hiring 200 more cops.  Well, 175 now, as 25 of the new police academy graduates have left.

Trying to bolster his street cred when it comes to calling “bullshi#” SJPOA’s Jim Unland took to the Merc editorial pages to castigate Liccardo, Nguyen, Oliverio and Herrera for their public safety gimmicks and urges a fix to Measure B before taxes are raised.

Unland also took to KGO radio to assist the reading impaired as to what the POA position is about the gimmicks being thrown around to fix the public safety mess.

A San Jose resident died last night as the roof collapsed on a house that was on fire and this morning KGO reports on another blaze burning up a church.

SJ Mayoral front-runner Dave Cortese’s latest idea is to make it rain.  Yes, he wants to turn air into water using a device made in Milpitas.  Hey here’s an idea, maybe that gadget can also change how it smells in Milpitas as well…just sayin’.  KCBS 740’s Matt Bigler has the story.

SJ Inside reports that Zipcar may be expanding in San Jose.  Who cares?

Carving Cali up into 6-states gets more ink from the Merc today as its chief proponent, Tim Draper pushes the whacky idea.  And to confirm that the 6-degrees of California idea is nuts, one of its supporters is lame duck SJ Mayor Chuck Reed…’nuff said.

Looks like M8trix Casino will get to roll the dice on its exclusive eighth-floor “for whales only” gambling den as the city caves on stricter enforcement regulations.

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Daily Fetch 02.24.14: Lew Wolff loves Chuck Reed Spit-Take Alert, Homelessness hounds politicians and the Lama was in the house

Monday, February 24th, 2014

The Dalai Lama packed the house in Berkeley yesterday as 3,000 people listened to the Lama himself talk about love, oneness with humanity and other flower power ideas.

Google wants to make it as easy as possible to connect to the internet at Wi-Fi hot-spots.  It’s testing a new app for IOS and Android to allow users phones to automatically connect without the hassle of tapping on your screens.

Spit-Take Alert…Spit-Take Alert…Spit-Take Alert

Oakland A’s and SJ Earthquakes owner Lew Wolff loves him some Chuck Reed.  We threw up a little in our mouths this morning as we read Lew describe Reed as flat out the bestest, greatest Mayor San Jose has ever had in this Merc letter to the editor.  We’re sure the massive subsidies to assist Wolff move his A’s to San Jo’, suing MLB, or Reed pushing through his soccer stadium had nothing to do with it.

lew wolff loves chuck

The Chron’s Carla Marinucci writes about a defining political issue that is sure to permeate campaigns at the local, state and federal level.  The plight of the working poor who are homeless is growing and some politicians are taking notice.

Exacerbating the challenge many homeless face, the San Jose Blog via the SJ Business Journal reports that apartment rents are going up again in San Jose.  In fact, the SJ Metro market ranked second in the nation in the percentage rate increase boosting the average monthly rental unit to a whopping $2,153.

With monthly rents skyrocketing in San Jose and Republican stalwarts like Ron Unz, and Pay-Pal founder Peter Thiel saying the minimum wage should go up to $12 per hour, local labor leaders are kicking themselves for not raising San Jose’s minimum past $10 per hour.  Will there be a push to go higher?

In San Jose, the city council is poised to take action to alleviate the spike in homelessness to the tune of $1 million dollars when it votes to house the homeless in motels and hotels in the latest election year fix from city hall.

The Merc’s Internal Affairs crew phoned it in this week with a column full of rehashes cobbled together from the Fetch and SJ Inside about the County School Superintendent leaving for Texas and SJ Councilman Don Rocha getting an opponent.

Congressman Mike Honda is the piñata and Scott “Tool Time” Herhold has a Louisville Slugger in hand as the Merc publishes the latest installment of “Tool Times” straw grasp series titled: “Honda is not Pete Stark so I can’t call him raving mad or even nuts so I will continue to nit pick Honda on anything I can to try and give the multi-millionaire’s choice, Ro Khanna, a fighting chance to unseat Honda so I (I meaning Herhold, stay with us) can once again feel like a kingmaker”.  Whew!

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Daily Fetch 02.14.14: It’s Bizarro News Friday: Konnyu for Lt. Gov.? and Rural/Metro to the rescue?

Friday, February 14th, 2014


From our Bizarro World Bureau, NBC Bay Area reports that Santa Clara County ambulance provider Rural/Metro was asked to assist the City of San Jose improve its emergency response times (yes that Rural/Metro).  After recent news reports and S. (S is for Secret) Joe Simitian exposed San Jose has been showing up mucho late for 911 calls, County Exec. Jeff Smith sent a letter to new SJ City Manager Ed Shikada and Rural/Metro asking that they meet and find a solution and both have agreed.  No, we don’t think the sky is falling…but one Fetch intern did see a monkey jump out of someone’s butt.

More Bizarro World coverage from the Merc’s Internal Affairs Blog as it reports that Ernie Konnyu actually considered running for Lt. Governor against the popular Gavin Newsom.  Konnyu admits that no one in the Grand Old Party would spend a nickel helping him run a campaign that we imagine would focus on his various sexual harassment baggage and all the really stupid shi# that has come out of his mouth over the years.  Go away already.

Bizarro news continues in Sacramento as former Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi must be high as she launches her campaign for State Senate.  Hayashi has a serious case of sticky fingers and not after dunking a McNugget in BBQ sauce, she was convicted of stealing a couple of grand worth of clothes from Neiman Marcus.  Who knows, she may just be able to steal an election!

More Bizarro Sac news as GOP Governor candidate Tim Donnelly, on probation for trying to take a loaded gun onto an airplane, may have violated his probation in that case by firing off a few rounds at a gun range last week.  The terms of his probation explicitly state he can’t shoot, touch, admire, look at, sleep with…you name it, a gun that is not his own, so when he borrowed a weapon to cap a few rounds into a target he may have crossed the line. Of course, Donnelly, the genius he is, did all of this on a campaign stop in front of media.

And from the Fetch Bizzaro/Gross desk, San Jose will have one less firefighter showing up late to 911 emergency medical calls as he was arrested yesterday for drug and crimes against children charges.  ABC 7 has the story.

The Merc’s Eric Kurhi paints the latest picture of the events leading up to SJ’s 6th homicide of 2014.

BANG your dead.  In its latest cost cutting move, Metro’s Fly reports, on how the Mercury News is scaling back on its free distribution of community newspapers in the South Bay.

If you rode on BART between Feb. 4 and Feb. 7 during the morning commute or late evening you should read this story about potential exposure to Measles otherwise skip it.

GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado, not wanting to be bored, has joined another one.  In her latest resume-padding move she will now serve on the Board of the International Association for Public Participation (the what?).  The Fetch is sure that serving on this latest Board doesn’t take the sting away from the one she really wanted at 70 West Hedding Street.


Local political consultant Rich Robinson finds time to take to two blogs to suck up to two of his favorite politicians, venerable Democrat Willie Brown and former Republican and now DTS Dan Schnur.  BTW, we love writing to two.

Facebook is the place to be for interns, so says the SV Biz Journal’s Lauren Helpler.

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Daily Fetch 01.30.14: Charter School lab rats, Laurie Smith beware, and Starbucks throws a Venti Frappuccino at San Jose’s Office of Economic Development

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Education Week author Benjamin Herold, no relation to Scott “Tool Time” Herhold, dismantles Rocketship’s charter school experiment taking place in labs schools throughout San Jose.  This piece by Herold, Benjamin’s not Scott’s, should be read by any parent considering sending their kid to these experimental and ever changing “learning labs”.

Learning Lab

Declining test scores and student-to-teacher ratios of 50-1 are just part of what critics are trying to expose about some charter schools, others, like Stop Rocketship dot com, well, they want everyone to know about the corporate conflicts inherently intertwined in the surge for more charters.  A statewide initiative was submitted to Cali’s Hottie AG and the link below tells a story of (alleged) deception, greed, and conflicts that may get corrected if this initiative makes it to the ballot: “The Stop Corporate Exploitation of Charter Schools Act.”

The Merc’s new guy at city hall takes to the Internal Affairs blog to tell readers that Starbucks ain’t coming to the Convention Center or City Hall.  In fact, as Starbucks tells it they never heard back from the Economic Development staff at City Hall when they had questions they needed answered about locating in these spots…really?  Maybe the Economic Development staff should spend their time helping businesses locate in SJ and not pitching a sales tax measure to the Chamber of Commerce…thanks to our spies for the tip.

As for seeking an exemption around the living wage policy in SJ, Starbucks issued a statement that includes the line: “Starbucks never requested such an exemption with the City of San Jose.” But that did not stop a majority of the City Council voting to let someone, anyone, have a pass on paying its workers a living wage at city owned properties.  You can guess who the majority was, can’t you?

A 20-year old after-school counselor thought it was a good idea to sell weed to students at Willow Glen Middle School.   He was nabbed and now sits in a jail cell on $55,000 bail.

Maybe the fake letter writers trying to close pot clubs could have sent the 20-year old pot pusher above one of these letters.  NBC Bay Area tells us of the phony letters sent to pot clubs hoping their owners are so stoned that they actually pack all their bongs and close their doors.

Santa Clara County Sheriffs and Jail Guards have made it official, they have formed a Super-PAC to try and unseat incumbent Republican Sheriff Laurie Smith.  The “Santa Clara County Public Safety Workers
 Support Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014” will be the vehicle for the massive amounts of mud that must be slung to unseat the popular Sheriff Smith.  Looks like Smith’s political consultant Rich Robinson won’t be able to phone this one in and may have to actually do some political consulting to secure a win.

But at least one deputy won’t be participating in the Super-Pac as he is sitting behind bars today.  KTVU’s Robert Handa has the story.

A Twitter war, well, more like a skirmish or water balloon fight, broke out in the 17th Congressional District race between Honda and Khanna.  The Metro’s Fly tells us about a pretty lame back and forth between the opposing campaigns that indicates a slow news week for the publication.  Although the pic of Khanna in the post sure looks like he is ready to say, “Here is the church, here is the steeple…”

Slain BART Sgt. Tom “Tommy” Smith Jr. was laid to rest yesterday at an emotional funeral attended by thousands in Castro Valley.  Smith, 42, was accidentally shot by a fellow officer on January 21 and was the first BART officer killed in the line of duty.  He will be missed.

Facebook stuck its tongue and waved a finger, we are guessing the middle one, at authors of a recent study out of Princeton that predicted the demise of the social media giant in the not too distant future.  Yesterday, Facebook posted record earnings on the back of solid mobile ads and blew past analysts’ projections for revenue and growth.  The SV Biz Journal has the scoop.


Tech salaries in Silicon Valley shot up 7.2% and now average $108,603.  Not bad for our pocket protector loving, calculator watch wearing, Rubik Cube mastering tech nerd friends, L’Chaim!

Did our Megadrought headline that ran in yesterday’s edition of the Fetch anger the rain gods?  Duh, ya it did.  Look for more wet weather today, now go find that umbrella.

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Daily Fetch 01.06.14: Digital news street fight and Nividia nourishes nerds

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Nvidia’s crafty crop circle has generated mucho publicity for the company’s new mobile chip at yesterday’s International Consumer Electronics Show is Las Vegas.  Can you find the numbers 192 in the crop circle?  NBC Bay Area has the story.

Yahoo News is doing all it can to morph into something more than a news links aggregate site (not that there is anything wrong with that).  The company is cobbling together veteran political reporters to provide original content and fight for digital readers.

Maybe this is why the Merc’s Internal Affairs is launching a new web destination that will (apparently) be updated more frequently with, drumroll please, original content. It seems the dwindling crew of the print giant are tired of simply waiting until Sunday to re-hash what other news outlets have already printed, or shall we say posted.


The latest from the IA web link is that VM Nguyen could be the Mayoral money frontrunner with $169K collected through December 31.  No word from the other camps but according to the former old guy at City Hall, John Woolfolk, Rocketman Liccardo’s team is spinning that he is over the half-million dollar mark.  If true, that news from the Merc would put labor’s collective underwear in a giant bunch.

Not to be outdone by their arch-nemesis, the South Bay Labor Council will be launching a new website that promises to provide news from the progressive perspective.  SBLC spokesflak, Stacey Hendler Ross has been spamming folks to turn out at this week’s launch party for The Left Hook, Politics with a Punch.  We shall have to see about that though as all that is up on the site now is gibberish.

The San Jose Blog, via the San Jose Development Forum, unveils new renderings of some pretty kick-ass towers planned for wanna-be  DTSJ dwellers.

The payment deadline for Covered California has been extended to January 15thABC News tells us 400,000 Californians that have signed up for health insurance will have a little more time to pay that first premium.

Looks like the new Apple campus will avoid the fate of many large development projects and not be subject to a legal challenge over any potential environmental issues or so says Donato-Weinstein of the SV Biz Journal.

The Merc tells us about a San Jose po-po who got creamed on his motorcycle while on duty that is losing his hazard pay because he was hurt on the job performing the hazardous task.  Makes sense to us.

The 49ers withstood the frigid weather in Green Bay to advance in the NFL playoffs but we didn’t realize how close the Packers were to blocking that last second field goal until we saw this replay.

Daily Fetch 12.16.13: A’s waterfront ballpark and Nguyen and Cortese make it official

Monday, December 16th, 2013

The Merc’s Internal Affairs column returns, did you even know it took time off?  They talk about who may replace Councilmember and frequent flyer Pete “Quadruple Dip” Constant, skewer Jeff “I am the law” Rosen” who continues to struggle with his employees, and report on VM Madison Nguyen and Supervisor Dave Cortese kicking off their campaigns with events a day and a few blocks apart.

Speaking of Cortese, this little ditty not only appears on the South Bay Labor Blog, but was seen by our spies in the Milpitas Post as well.  Is Cortese going all ‘60’s hippie on us?  Peace out Dave and don’t be a bogart.

The A’s move to San Jose continues to be litigated and looks like it may be headed to the black robes in DC.  The SVBJ’s Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann gives us the run down on developments.

Taking a swing at retaining the A’s in Oakland, ballpark backers rolled out this rendering of what a stadium could look like if the team stays put.  Matier and Ross report in the Chron about the $500 million waterfront ballpark proposed by Clorox chairman and CEO Don Knauss and former Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream boss T. Gary Rogers – with the blessing of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.


For whom the tax tolls.  Increasing revenue, that means raising taxes, was always a component of San Jose’s fiscal reform plan, unless you’re running for Mayor or a closet Republican.  Cluck Reed and his council majority are now balking at placing a tax measure on the ballot and the Merc Ed Board, as usual, is arm-in-arm with their friends, parroting the talking points they were spoon fed by City Hall.

Sunnyvale honored the victims of the Newtown massacre with a ceremony that marked that horrific day a year ago.  Sunnyvale, as you know, is now in the midst of being sued by opponents of the common sense gun control measure recently enacted by voters.

Gun buyback events in Oakland, SF and SJ removed hundreds of weapons from Bay Area streets.  This KGO-7 report gives the details about how easily accessible some of the weapons were to youngsters.

No more power lunches at downtown SJ’s P.F. Changs as the restaurant is slated to shutter its doors. The last day it will serve up its faux Chinese food will be January 26th.

Maybe one of these eateries from the latest SVBJ’s 2013 The Year in Food will replace downtown’s Changs?  Nate-dog takes us on a tour of what slithered down Silicon Valley gullets this past year.

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Daily Fetch 9.30.13: Did Chuckster the Huckster not disclose the true source of his state pension measure seed money?

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Fetch Exclusive – UPDATED with ADDITIONAL INFO: The Texans from ENRON Are Coming!!!

The Texans are coming

As the Fetch detailed in this exclusive report, under penalty of perjury San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed signed a required state document titled, “Behested Payment Report,” disclosing that he solicited a $200,000 dollar “charitable” contribution from an organization named Action Now Initiative for “Policy analysis for statewide pension reform.”

Frying Pan News first reported that Chuck Reed is the poster boy for a group of right-wing, wall street fanatics hell bent on changing California’s constitution to break decades long promises of retirement security for nurses, cops, firefighters and teachers.  According to the report by David Sirota titled, The Plot Against Pensions, the leader of this effort is a former Enron executive named John Arnold who “invoked the Fifth Amendment when asked during a deposition if he manipulated markets at Enron”.

John Arnold was an executive with Enron and made his fortune from hedge funds trading natural gas. Californians remember Enron, that’s the Texas Corporation that lacked scruples, ethics, or decency that plunged our state into a massive energy crisis.

Sirota’s Plot Against Pensions goes on to find that according to Institutional Investor, Arnold “was a key target” of a federal sting operation aimed at the firm’s possible insider trading”. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that he was one of the top Enron executives “who scooped up more than $72 million in hastily arranged bonuses within days of the company’s bankruptcy filing.” AP noted that Arnold’s $8 million bonus, in fact, was the largest ever given to a single Enron employee and came “about two weeks before Enron filed for bankruptcy on after six weeks of revelations of hidden debt, inflated profits and shady accounting.”

Sirota’s also reports that…”In a ruling Mondaq Businesswire called “not a close call,” a bankruptcy judge sided with the plaintiffs who sued Arnold and other Enron executives for looting the company”.

A Fetch investigation has uncovered that Reed’s benefactor, Action Now Initiative, is a front group that for several years shared the same offices on Post Oak Blvd. in Houston, Texas with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Also, in his 2011 IRS 990 filing, former Enron executive John Arnold describes his foundation’s relationship with Action Now Initiative as having Common Officers/Directors.

enron 990_1

Was there a reason why Chuck Reed chose to not disclose the intertwined relationship between Action Now Initiative and the Arnold Foundation?

Maybe this snippet from a recorded telephone poll will shed some light on why Reed may want to stay at arms length from dirty Enron money.  Thanks to our spies for providing the entire poll and responses. (Fetch cut out the poll respondent’s replies to protect their identity).

Onward to other happenings…

SV Biz Journal’s Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann lays into the misguided attempt by the Matt “Magnum PI” Mahood led Chamber of Commerce for trying to determine who leaked information to the FPPC that has led to an investigation of wrongdoing by the ChamberPac.  Baumann, our favorite editor, for sure, gives the Fetch credit in his piece that teases several paragraphs before going behind a pay wall.  Mr. Baumann, tear down this wall (but thanks for the respek).

John McAfee dazzled ‘em at the C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival, just like The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, so says Tracey Kaplan as she covers McAfee’s roll out of an encryption device that he says will thwart the NSA…Shazam!

Doing her best to earn her 10% wage increase (all other city workers got between 0% and 2%) the “Independent” Police Auditor LaDoris Cordell spent taxpayer dollars on controversial billboards that will adorn buses in San Jose urging residents to drop a dime on cops.  SJ Inside tells readers that Acting Chief Esquivel approved these morale-inspiring placards, ahhh, another politically tone deaf move by Esquivel that is already sending rumblings through the ranks.

Mark Gomez reveals a former San Jose family turned upside down by thieves who stole irreplaceable pictures from a moving van.  The family was moving to Virginia and San Jose crooks gave them this send off.

In Sunnyvale, the Mercury News says go with Griffith, Hendricks and Larsson for City Council.

A rave gets out of control in Mountain View as 100+ get arrested.

Santa Clara residents wanting to save the Santa Clara Post Office should attend a meeting tonight with the USPS.  The shindig goes from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and will be at the Santa Clara Council Chambers.  Sounds about as exciting as clipping our nails.

The SV Biz Journal is reporting that Twitter could announce its IPO this week!

The Merc’s IA writers let us know that Carly Fiorina has been appointed to lead the American Conservative Union’s education arm.  We are sure ACU is hoping Carly brings her experience as HP’s former Grande dame and as a US Senate candidate to their organization.  Oh, snap, we forgot, sorry.  We are sure ACU is hoping Carly does not bring her experience from either HP or her losing senate candidacy.  Good luck Carly and the ACU.

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Daily Fetch 9.16.13: Politicians and petitions, a little problem in Santa Clara, and did you make the Forbes rich list?

Monday, September 16th, 2013

The Merc’s IA column jumps into the Liccardo vs. SJPOA cage-match over cop staffing, online petitions and the truth.  So far, the cop’s petition has north of 1,000 signatures and Liccardo’s is just shy of 400.

And in a question that must have made Bikini Cop Liccardo cringe, IA asks readers this question in an online poll you can access here:

Merc Poll1

Councilmember Ash Kalra takes to SJ Inside to poke holes, some gaping, in the Reed and Liccardo police-staffing plan.  Kalra’s frustration level is on full boil as he holds virtually nothing back is his critique.

Kids in Common Director Dana Bunnett advocates for youth advocates to be assigned to Santa Clara County juvenile offenders.  Her piece appears in today’s Merc.

The San Jose Blog gives credit to Nathan Donato-Weinstein from the Business Journal for nabbing “what will likely be the largest development scoop of the year”.

Maybe the SJB bestowing credit to Nate-dog was prompted by this Tweet?

nate tweet at merc

James Rowen’s Mission City Lantern is keeping its word and clearly staying focused on policy as he reports on this little problem being addressed by Libertarians and Santa Clara Plays Fair.

One SJFF should have his computer access denied as he (apparently) thought it was a good idea to send sexually explicit emails to a high school girl.  It looks like the firefighter will keep his job as City Attorney Rick Doyle keeps his streak alive by losing another big case as a Judge sides with the emailer and reinstates him.  The city is appealing the decision.

The Chronicle tells us that the employment gab between the rich and poor has widened to its highest level since being tracked.  If you rake in over $150K the unemployment rate is 3.2% but if you scrape by on $20K or less the unemployment rate soars to 21%

Forbes is out with its list of the world’s richest people.  Bill Gates is at the top, Larry Ellison is 3rd and Chuck Reed’s soul mates, the Koch Brothers are tied for 4th.  Where did you end up?

SVBJ’S Lauren Hepler helps potential Twitter investors by giving them a pre-IPO history lesson.

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Daily Fetch 8.26.13: Kalra takes a Big Gulp & proposes a ban on sodas & San Jose’s Apple-Gate scandal grows…

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Ash Kalra Nanny1

San Jose Councilman Ash Kalra clearly bumped his head before proposing to ban soft-drinks at city facilities.  City Hall insiders tell Fetch that Kalra may don the above outfit at Wednesday’s Rules Committee meeting.

Pete Constant Big Gulp

Upon hearing the news of the proposed soft-drink ban, Pete “quadruple-dip” Constant ran, no, really he did and stocked up and then went on a multi-news media bashing tour of the Kalra proposal.

In more San Jose banning news, next up on the hit list is Polystyrene found in take-out food packaging.  Hmmm…environmentalists versus restaurant and plastic industry lobbyists are pitted against each other…our money is on the environmentalists.  The Vegas over/under line, thanks George, on how many clichés Bikini Cop Liccardo uses in his public comments when the council takes up the item tomorrow, is 9.

The Merc’s Internal Affairs column tells us the Chamber of Commerce blames a bunch of government affairs reps and Mayor Reed’s resident slime master Vic Ajlouny for its loss in the recent Supervisor’s race.  Umm, how about blaming the actual candidate, GOP Darling Alvarado, for running one of the most scatter brained and unorganized campaigns in recent memory?  Just sayin’.

The Merc’s John Woolfolk is one busy reporter as he tells us of a bankrupt contractor taking San Jose to the cleaners.  City Hall insiders are a little dismayed that Woolfolk didn’t give City Hall gadfly David “off the” Wall some credit in the story.

Seems that Wall has been sounding the alarm for months about Apple-Gate Johnston, the shady Modesto contractor selected by the city to waste more of our tax dollars.  For some good belly laughs, take a look at a few of Walls letters he sent to the City Council warning them about Apple-Gate.

San Jose’s 33rd murder of the year was in broad daylight, in front of a restaurant and caught on film, KTVU was first with the video.  The NBC report is here.

Scott “call me maybe” Herhold goes all Agatha Christie in a who done it piece that is better categorized as who cares.

Sal Pizarro tells us Cindy Chavez took the opportunity to dunk the Chamber’s CEO Matt Mahood at last Thursday’s COMPAC BBQ.  Thanks to Jim Cunneen for snapping the picture.

San Diego’s resident dirty old man, Bob Filner, finally resigns as mayor and the line to replace him is bulging.  According to the Voice of OC, one mayoral wanna-be, pension reformer Carl Demaio may have his own dirty little secret.

Can you name the San Jose City Council staffer who once worked for Demaio in San Diego?  We wonder if that staffer heard the bathroom gossip about their former boss or had the unfortunate experience of looking the other way…literally?

SJ Inside tells us that Cindy Avitia, former aide to Zoe Lofgren, died in an auto accident in Mexico.  She will be missed.

Merc Columnist Mike Cassidy does his best to humanize those wanting the homeless in Palo Alto to move along and the career politicians who can’t seem to figure out a solution.

And Palo Alto kids will still be able to play duck-duck-goose, they just won’t be able to feed them as the city moves to ban fun for kids.

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