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Daily Fetch 03.10.14: San Mateo County employees making bank and only slim majority of peninsula pols are facing election challenge

Monday, March 10th, 2014

81 San Mateo County employees earned more than $200,000 last year (3 of those earned more than $300,000).

Only a slim majority of San Mateo County politicians are facing an actual election challenge this June.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier wrote an op-ed for the Daily Journal today that tells us that not everyone is enjoying the comforts of the booming economy.

Costs to renovate Menlo Park’s City Hall have ballooned to $1.2 million (up from $300,000).

You’ll have to wait a bit longer to hike the new Devil’s Slide Trail.  The opening date has been moved from March 21st to “the end of March.”

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Daily Fetch 01.23.14: Mavericks is on and a trumpt thief cops a plea

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Mavericks is on for tomorrow. While organizers are saying you’ll get a better (and safer) view by watching on TV parking will be available for $20 at the Half Moon Bay Airport.

With another flu related death in San Mateo County, the Bay Area toll from this flu season is now 27.

Remember that San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputy who stole a trumpet back in 2012? Well, he copped a plea for 60 days in jail and a pinky swear that he’ll stay away from drugs and alcohol.


Congresswoman Jackie Speier is the tip of the…spear in the fight to extend unemployment benefits. She has pledged to continue trying.

The Chron’s Joe Garafoli reports on Day 2 of the Neel Cash & Carry campaign for Governor and it was a rocky one.  Neel tries to explain why he missed so many elections and reveals that he did not know about absentee voting, like the 70% or 80% of us who will vote absentee in June.  The video snippets of his Q and A with reporters is a primer for how not to answer questions.

Another clip in this story shows Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, the other sacrificial GOP lamb in the race to try and replace Gov. Brown actually use the name the Fetch coined for Neel yesterday, Cash & Carry.  Donnelly then goes on to rip his opponent for the bank bailout he orchestrated.

Hillary Clinton’s California visit in April is starting to flesh out with stops in San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego.  Can you say “Tech Money”? Her stop in SJ will feature a speech as part of the Unique Lives & Experiences speaker series held at San Jose State.  More info in this CNN report.

Not all Congressional Republicans are opposed to a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented citizens in the US.  Politico reports that third-ranking Reep in the House, Kevin McCarthy, backs a path to legal status.  Well, who’d of thunk?

Maybe the over $60 million spent on lobbying back in DC by tech giants Google, Facebook, Apple, and Yahoo have paid off.  The SV Biz Journal has the skinny on the big money being thrown around our nations capitol.

Governor Brown patted himself and the legislature on the back for bringing Cali a budget surplus and warned legislators not to go on a spending spree.  His State of the State address detailed accomplishments and outlined where he wants the state to go over the next year.

If you want to watch the 15-minute address, that the Sac Bee’s Dan Walters called clunky, go here.

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Daily Fetch 12.05.13: Ray Mueller tapped as Menlo Park’s new mayor and PG&E is at it again

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Despite concerns voiced by San Carlos residents and city officials, PG&E has reconnected a controversial gas line running under the city.

Menlo Park’s City Council has chosen a new mayor, and it’s Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitan’s Chief of Staff Ray Mueller. The unanimous council vote also selected Catherine Carlton to serve as vice mayor.

But not one to go quietly, however, Menlo’s previous mayor celebrated his last days with a trip to Ireland, and upon his return sat down with for an interview.

The Caltrain holiday train is back. For those interested in catching sight of the festive choo choo, the Belmont Patch tells us it will stop at the Redwood City Caltrain station on Saturday at 6:15 p.m. and San Mateo Caltrain station at 6:20 p.m. on Sunday.


If you want to hear about how your million-dollar peninsula palace will soon be under water, you should attend Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Assemblyman Rich Gordon and Supervisor David Pine’s climate change seminar next Monday at the College of San Mateo.

The latest Field Poll results show that Governor Jerry Brown’s current challenger, the GOP’s Maldonado, will be un-Abel to unseat the popular Gov.

The National Journal is reporting that Obamacare enrollment is surging with 29,000 signing up this past Sunday and Monday.  Looks like health care dot gov may be turning a corner…we shall see.

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Daily Fetch 11.21.13: Speier helping folks with Obamacare and the Food Network takes over Daly City restaurant

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

According to the California Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor the once golden state will be golden once more by 2017. Taylor projects that by then the state budget will have a $10 billion surplus.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is helping to promote an event this weekend from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday called Healthcare 411. The event will be at the San Mateo Main Library, and will feature representatives from Covered California who will be available to answer any and all questions you may have about Obamacare.

(Apparently) there have been 205 accidents involving either bicycles or motorcycles on Skyline Blvd since 2003 (most have involved motorcycles).

The Food Network will be taking over Entradas in Daly City tonight, as the show “Restaurant Impossible” seeks to upgrade area cuisine.


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Daily Fetch 9.12.13: SamTrans sued, Mosquito District begs to be dissolved and Senator Leland Yee gets called out as a hypocrite and a liar

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

A woman identified only as “Employee X” has filed charges of defamation and racial discrimination against SamTrans. The employee who regularly questioned SamTrans’ odd accounting practices is now scheduled for termination. Keep keeping it classy SamTrans.

The embezzlement-racked Mosquito District no longer trusts itself and is begging San Mateo County for a takeover.

Peninsula Congresswoman Anna Eshoo will indeed try to eschew a strike on Syria if it ever comes to a vote. She confirmed yesterday that she is (apparently) “not naïve” and will vote no.

Both Peninsula congresswomen have endorsed Diane Howard for Redwood City Council.

Beyondchron takes SF/SM State Senator Leland Yee to task for flip-flopping on a bill regarding inclusionary housing.  They characterize Yee’s explanations of his voting record as “bizarre” and imply he is both a “hypocrite” and a “liar.” Wow.

The San Carlos Patch posted a press release from Assemblyman Rich Gordon boosting an ambitious bill he has jointly-authored with fellow Peninsula Assemblyman Mullin to reduce green house gas emissions by turning trash into energy. The bill is on Gov Moonbeam’s desk.

A judge has ruled that imprisoned Former Portola Valley School Superintendent Tim Hanretty must pay his former district $2.6 million in restitution.

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Daily Fetch 8.23.13: Jerry Hill VBM Verify Bill on the Way to Moonbeam and PG&E crying over having to pay for blowing-up San Bruno

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Senator Jerry Hill’s bill to allow voters to verify that their absentee ballot were counted has cleared the legislature and is on the way to Governor Moonbeam for signature.

PG&E says it can’t afford to pay the $2.25 billion fine for blowing up San Bruno. San Bruno says screw you PG&E, the fine should be $1.4 billion higher!


A letter containing a white powdery substance shutdown part of the San Mateo County Government Building yesterday.

Under a new proposal, students from the lower income community of East Palo Alto would no longer be able to attend schools in the higher income communities of Woodside and Atherton. The Palo Alto Weekly spins this as a good thing.

The Mercury News tells us that Facebook teamed up with U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier to donate laptops to some East Palo Alto students on their first day of school.

Burlingame residents want an eyesore of and unfinished building to get done.  They met with developers push for completion.

Firefighters and chili this weekend at the San Mateo City Firefighter’s Association sponsored Chili Cook-Off taking place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Central Park in San Mateo.

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Daily Fetch 8.21.13: We can’t wait to go for a walk on Devil’s Slide

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Old Highway 1 at Devil’s Slide will be opening as a trail in September; we can’t wait to check it out.

The San Mateo County Policy Examiner tells us that South San Francisco’s council races will be crowded.

The Honey Bee Guild gave a presentation on the importance of honeybees. We wonder if it was anything like that one time Oprah Winfrey had bees on her show.








According to our spies at Facebook and the Almanac, Facebook and Congresswoman Jackie Speier are teaming up again tomorrow. This time they are giving away free laptops to kids in East Palo Alto Ravenswood School District. The kickoff event will be at 10AM at Cesar Chavez Elementary.

A former San Carlos City Manager is heading to Pacifica to help run the show.

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Daily Fetch 8.16.13: Facebook shows the Fetch some respek…

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Facebook sent the Fetch a press advisory (wait…we’re press?!?…AWESOME!) to give us the heads up that they are hosting a workshop for small businesses today in Foster City featuring Congresswoman Jackie Speier. The point of the workshop is (apparently) to show small businesses how to use Facebook and of course to end up on the obligatory fundraising list. So if you’re reading this between 9AM-10AM, get to the Crowne Plaza hotel in Foster City STAT or you’ll miss out on free breakfast!


You gotta give Senator Jerry Hill credit for trying.  Clearly legislators in Sacramento don’t like giving cuts in line when taxpayer dollars are in play.  Hills bill got locked up in committee…

A hackathon is coming to Redwood City and this free event will focus on building mobile apps and culminates in some lucky hacker winning $20G’s

The San Mateo County Times’ Carolyn Livengood gives readers a solid round up of events and happenings coming your way.

After discovering bad bolts and mega delays, the Bay Bridge is finally opening on September 3rd.

The Half Moon Bay Review tells us three more candidates are jumping into local races.

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Daily Fetch 7.22.13: Gordon tries to save planet with words and CPUC/PG&E may face Feds

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Assemblymember Rich Gordon is concerned about rising sea levels and the potential impacts on California’s economy.  Gordon will chair the Select Committee on Sea Level Rise and the California Economy Hearing — Impact of Sea Level Rise on California’s Costal Agriculture, Fishing and Aquaculture Industry and Tourism on Wednesday, July 24, Half Moon Bay Department Operations, 537 Kelly Ave., from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.  With a committee name like that, Gordon better save the planet.

too many words

U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier has called for a federal investigation into the CPUC regarding its cozy relationship with PG&E, which was laid bare after the later blew up San Bruno.

An informational forum about requirements for the Affordable Care Act and the effects on small business will be held today at the Redwood City Council Chambers.  Sounds like a whole lot of fun.

A young San Carlos woman was (apparently) dealing with an emotional crisis when she drove on Belmont’s sidewalks and collided with a Maserati.

San Mateo County officials may name the new Redwood City jail, the Maple Street Correctional Center.

City Councilmember wants Millbrae to be more like Santana Row, yet “find its own identity.”

College Board decides to invalidate AP test scores of Mills High School students in Millbrae.

Former SF drug laboratory technician will be confined to her home for one year and be on probation for five years for misdemeanor cocaine possession.

A man was struck by a vehicle as he crossed Interstate 280 near Woodside after helping with an earlier traffic accident.

Deadly EPA shooting is the first fatal incident since the police-initiated crime emergency in May.

A challenging grass fire in east HMB was probably caused by a small marijuana operation.

Coastside elections are coming up soon, so get your applications in before August 9.

According to Pacifica Riptide, there will be a Devil’s Slide Trail meeting on Thursday evening in Moss Beach.

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Daily Fetch 5.20.13: It wasn’t me, it was my evil twin!

Monday, May 20th, 2013

A woman who used her twin’s identity to work for an elderly Belmont couple was caught by police with a couple of baggies of meth.  And no the twins do not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Danny DeVito.-1

An Interstate 280 rest stop was dedicated in the honor of CHP Officer who was shot during a 1962 gunfight at the Hyatt House.

Rep. Jackie Speier has called for an independent commission to investigate the IRS for targeting the Tea Party and other groups. Here’s to paying more in taxes to fund such a commission.

Respect Life South San Francisco, a pro-life group, (apparently) couldn’t find a local real estate attorney to file a last-minute appeal to stop a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

Redwood City’s Police Chief wants the Council to focus on other traffic mitigation options rather than renewing its contract with Redflex Traffic Systems.

San Mateo County School Boards Association will be schooling real estate agents and letting them know that test scores aren’t everything.

19-year-old man was wounded by a gunshot in EPA during the middle of the day. The City has been experiencing a renewed surge in violence, so EPAPD has started utilizing a process called Social Network Analysis to catch alleged gang members.

(Apparently) the Peninsula Humane Society only cares about lions being butchered for human consumption. Don’t kangaroos, peacocks, and alligators have feelings too?

President Obama will be visiting Portola Valley soon. We can’t help but wonder if the town council is planning to bill him for necessary security services.

Douglas Sporleder has been named as Menlo Park Fire Protection District’s interim fire chief.

The Atherton Police Officers’ Association warned residents that officers would leave for other jurisdictions if cuts are made.

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