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Daily Fetch 04.03.14: The Merc’s Simon & Garfunkle, Cop Crisis Deepens in SJ, and Khanna’s GOP Caper Worsens

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Councilmember Don Rocha, who voted to put San Jose’s controversial Measure B on the ballot, has buyer’s remorse.  Yesterday he tried to get the Chuck Reed led Rules Committee to have a discussion about how to fix the mess created by the measure.  Reed, Nguyen, Constant and Mayor Sweatpants said No!  These four voted to take any talk of fixing their disaster to secret, closed-door sessions of the council, so much for transparency.

Rocha was not the only Councilmember wanting to do something about the hundreds of po-po that have left SJ and the doubling of response times for crime, even Rose Herrera wanted to try another of her cooky ideas, but she was shot down as well by the fearsome foursome at Rules.

And what did the Merc have to say about this effort to fix Measure B, not a word?  Herhold and Marshman rekindled their roles as Simon & Garfunkle…The Sound of Silence.

Barbara Marshman and Scott Herhold

And to add a sense of urgency to solve the public safety mess in SJ, the new Police Academy that starts in May was only able to fill 29 of the 60 slots available.  As the public safety crisis gripping city hall worsens the same Reed led Rules Committee that shot down trying to fix Measure B found time to talk about banning E-cigarettes…We kid you not.

The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall decided it was more important to report on Rose Herrera groveling to ban E-Cigs in San Jose at yesterdays Council Rules Committee meeting instead of the effort to change Measure B by a councilmember who voted to put it on the ballot.  More sounds of silence….Is the New Guy really a closet Garfunkle fan?

Mike Honda has outraised Ro Khanna for the first time since Ro picked up his carpet and moved into the district to take on the congressman.  Honda, D-San Jose, raised more than $650,000 from Jan. 1 through March 31 compared to Khanna’s $460,000.

And in a deepening scandal for Ro, Josh Richman reveals that one of Khanna’s strongest supporters may be behind the entry of Joel Vanlandingham into the race in an attempt to split the GOP vote and allow Ro to make the runoff against Mike Honda.  The ties that bind Khanna and Manorama Joshi, the mysterious woman at the center of the scandal, are strong as Khanna’s denials are not adding up.

BANG’s Josh Richman (3 scoops in a day!), AKA the hardest working reporter for a local daily, AKA the James Brown of print, breaks down the opposition to breaking up California.  Tim Draper’s dream looks to be all wet, as opponents to this crazy idea have organized.

What…The SV Biz Journal says that for each dollar paid out in benefits to CalPERS retirees, 64 cents came from investment earnings, 22 cents from employer contributions and 14 cents from employee contributions.  The economic benefit to California of having a thriving middle class with a live-able wage in retirement is detailed in this report.

Santa Clara County DA Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen is back in the news as his office accuses a member of Sheriff Laurie Smith’s Advisory Board of running a Ponzi Scheme.  That loud cheer you hear is from the Santa Clara County Sheriffs’ and Jail Guards unions who will have yet another straw to grasp at in their losing effort to defeat the Sheriff in June.

Was there a plan hatched in the office of Sam “Rocketman” Liccardo and his 1%’er friends to promote charter schools at the cost of destroying public education? has the goods, although the tale sort of reminds the Fetch of this conspiracy scene from one of the greatest movies of our time.

The SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog tells us that the iconic DTSJ Hotel De Anza is for sale and could fetch (we just love that word) upwards of $20 million.  And Nate also reveals that the frumpy Hampton Inn that was slated to break ground at Hwy. 87 and Santa Clara Street will now be a hipper Marriot AC Hotel.

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Daily Fetch 03.10.14: SJ Mayoral Field is Set, Herhold causes an earthquake, and Jeff “I am the law” Rosen scores a win…

Monday, March 10th, 2014

The field is set for the San Jose Mayor’s race as the filing deadline came and went this past Friday.  NBC Bay Area’s Larry Gerston runs through the field of serious candidates.  The daily also provides a list of most of the city council candidates that will be on the ballot.

It was no accident that last night there was a rather large earthquake in Northern California.  Clearly God wanted to demonstrate his, or her, displeasure with the Merc’s Scott “Mighty Mouse” Herhold using the words FACT CHECK in any of his opinion pieces that make it to print.  You see, checking facts is not one of Herhold’s strong suits…

Scott “Mighty Mouse” Herhold, doing his best to save the day for ABC (Anyone But Cortese) tries to take the County Supervisor to task over Measure B and the “$20 million in savings” being claimed by its backers.  Cortese says that Measure B was unnecessary to achieve those saving, Herhold says Measure B was necessary for those savings…Who’s right?


Cortese is silly, the city council suspended payment of the “13th check”, a major portion of the disputed $20 million in savings on October 26, 2010, which was like 20-months before Measure B was even on the ballot.

As for Cortese’s assertion that San Jose’s crime rate is rising at an alarming rate, “Mighty Mouse” Herhold put his journalistic investigative skills into overdrive and found a few other cities with crime rates climbing at a faster rate.   Remember, there are like 500 other cities in California alone.

What Cortese should have quoted was Herhold’s own paper that recently reported in one of its crime is out of control in San Jose stories:

Just how bad has crime gotten in San Jose? Once known as America’s Safest Big City, the capital of Silicon Valley has a higher crime rate than California or the United States as a whole, while the city’s police force is catching half as many criminals as it did just a few years ago.

What Herhold did get right in his FACT CHECK (did you just feel the earth move again?) story is that Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo has been lying about his past.  Every time he talks about growing up in San Jose he is “reinventing” his biography…Liccardo grew up in Saratoga…Saratoga Sam, has a ring to it, no?

Saratoga Sam Liccardo

The Lord Mayor of Dublin rode around on a bike in DT San Jose this past weekend. Who cares?

Dublin’s Mayor (Oisin Quinn not Tim Sbranti) may have rode past many of the new restaurants popping up in DTSJ.  The SV Biz Journal gives us a run down of what’s new on the local food scene.

Chuck Reed’s recent visit to Santa Rosa to try and sell his pension snake-oil has met opposition…from the facts.  This Press Democrat piece provides a dose of reality to those wanting to strip retirement security from workers using bogus and now disproven scare tactics.

Jeff “I am the law” Rosen’s cold case unit scores a major win as the mysterious quilt turned into a magic carpet and brought additional scrutiny to a case that has led to the apprehension of suspects in a murder case long dormant.

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Daily Fetch 02.06.14: Mayor Meow Oliverio, the reinvention of Larry Esquivel and the Merc’s T (with an E) K gets her wish

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

“Mayor Sweatpants” Oliverio has his priorities in line.  As the city’s public safety infrastructure crumbles he has a plan to make things safer for…Cats.  This meow memo sent to the Rules Committee yesterday reveals what voters can expect if they elect Pier to be Mayor Meow.


Pierluigi Oliverio Pussycat

Oliverio also took to the Mercury News to run a half page advertisement saying he is not holding mayoral fundraisers because he is, “reserving his time between now and the election for fulfilling my responsibilities as a city councilmember…”.  Well the FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) calls B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.  We guess Mayor Meow Oliverio forgot about his outside employment with this company that pays him up to $100K per year.  So who is Oliverio really working for? What’s new pussycat?

Chuck “A boy named Sue” Reed made Capitol Weekly’s 2013 list of worst violations of California’s Political Reform Act by illegally funneling $100,000 to save Rose Herrera during the 2012 election cycle.  The FPPC said Reed’s act was “in violation of the Act’s important prohibition against candidates raising funds, and then circumventing contribution limits by illegally moving those funds to independent expenditure committees.” The FPPC found that Reed had violated the state’s campaign laws by making the donation.

a reed named sue

The Merc’s TracEy Kaplan has some juice.  Her front-page story Sunday about the incompetence of Judge Diane RiTchie fueled enough courage for two challengers to step up to try and unseat the bewildered and oft clueless RiTchie.  The entrance of DA Matt Harris and Criminal defense attorney Annrae Angel will make for a competitive race.

Maybe these three candidates for Judge can explain how Jeff “I am the law” Rosen charged the wrong twin brother for murder.  Maybe the DA needs to take some administrative leave to collect his thoughts?

In other crime news… A stabbing near the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose makes it the 5th homicide of the year.  NBC Bay Area and KPIX-5 have the story.

And an underground nightclub in SJ gets busted.  No license for booze and plenty of “waitresses” working in locked VIP rooms equal a hot mess that the SJ po-po took care of.  Salonga from the Merc has the story.

Police Chief Larry Esquivel is profiled by the Merc’s Robert Salonga in what we think will be the beginning of an effort to burnish Larry’s image in the aftermath of him cooking the books about gang crime.

Larry Esquivel has sinned

The Metro continues on its Jihad against anything Campos with its latest anonymously sourced “story” about Nora being abusive to her staff.  Come on Josh, not one source would go on the record. Well, we must say, if there is this much smoke, there probably is some fire.

Run Munger Run lasted a day.  The GOP’s Munger issued a statement yesterday that almost put our interns asleep that announced he won’t be a candidate for anything in 2014.  Un-Able to raise money Maldonado can now stop sucking up to Munger and get on with his also ran life.

Nate-Dog from the SV Biz Journal reveals that Zanottos Market will be headed to Sunnyvale.

The Left Hook kicks San Jose’s City Hall one more time for missing months of emergency medical response time commitments it made to the County of Santa Clara.

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Daily Fetch 02.04.13: Is Reed the Tin Man?, Supervisors slam SJ’s 911 EMS response, and DA Rosen should go to interview school

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

This past January was Human Sex Trafficking Awareness Month and SJ Mayor Chuck Reed was informed by KGO radio that the South Bay has become a major location used by pimps and other degenerates to exploit women and children in the sex trade.  Reed demonstrates once again that he has no heart, he does not mention the tragedy sex trafficking is or the toll it takes on victims or wanting to crack down on the slime that perpetrate the trafficking…no, he talks about pensions.  What would Reed be if he only had a heart?

Tinman Chuck Reed

SJPOA’s Jim Unland takes to PublicCEO to tell readers that Reed’s statewide ballot initiative is heartless when it comes to protecting retirement security for those that provide city services.

Santa Clara County Supervisors Dave Cortese and S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian are raking the City of San Jose over the coals for cutting the Fire Department so much that firefighters are unable to respond to 911 emergency medical calls before rigamortis overcomes the callers waiting for help.  The City agreed to respond to 911 calls within 8 minutes 90% of the time but they have missed that mark for over a year and are now in breach of their county contract.  That sigh of relief is from local ambulance provider Rural/Metro, as they vacate the hot seat for a bit.

Did you know that a Blackberry is a crime-fighting tool and that Jeff “I am the law” Rosen doled out time-off like free beer at a frat party to a few DA’s until NBC nabbed him last year.  A new contract between the county and the union representing prosecutors and public defenders that sets limits on the DA’s budget busting time-off policies will be voted on today by the Board of Supervisors.

TracEy Kaplan from the Merc gets her wish.  After stomping a sitting judge on Sunday with a front-page article that basically calls Judge Diane Richie nuts, a challenger has decided to take on Richie and provide Kaplan more copy as we are sure Richie will continue to stumble and bumble her way through the campaign.

San Jose State University issued a “report” about the vicious hate crimes that recently engulfed the campus and has led to several indictments.  In a shocking development the report says that SJSU administration did great and followed its policies and procedures, nothing to see here.  Can you say whitewash…oops, white-wash may not be the right word, but you get the point.

Local unions are shuffling new leadership. The departure of Neil Struthers at the Building Trades will be filled by Josue Garcia and the promotion of San Jose Firefighters President Robert Sapien to a Deputy Fire Chief will bring new leadership to that union.

Scott “Tool Time” Herhold waits until the last paragraph of his latest piece to tell us he got a story wrong.  Wow, soon the Red Sea may part, the Merc will play it fair in the SJ Mayors race and pigs will fly…sure…

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Daily Fetch 01.27.14: Are SJ bike lanes on life support, Perkins removes silver spoon and inserts foot and another SJ corporate giveaway at the expense of fixing our roads

Monday, January 27th, 2014

There is a reason the Fetch, local radio station KLIV, Dave Cortese and Pete Constant don’t like those green painted bike lanes popping up around San Jose…No one is using them and they have made the morning and evening commute worse. This short KLIV podcast reveals that green striped Hedding Street saw 892 cars and 10 bikes travel on it during a one hour period of a recent morning commute.  Cluck Reed now says the city should re-evaluate these traffic inducing green monsters.

tumble week green lanes

Let’s hope those green lanes were not used by this biking perv to escape after groping two students at SJSU.  NBC Bay Area has the story.

People say some really stupid things, but to put it in a letter that gets printed in a major news publication, well, that’s not so common.  Buzzfeed tells us about Tom Perkins, a co-founder of Kliener Perkins Caufield & Byers who thought it was a good idea to compare Jews in Nazi Germany and their fate with modern day silver spoon-in-the-mouth rich folks of today.  Ohhh, the horror of everyday deciding on the Benz or the Land Rover to tool around in.

We venture to say that the shoe is too big to take out of Perkins’ mouth and agree with Greg “Charles in Charge” Bauman from the SV Biz Journal that Perkins’ name will be scrubbed soon from the firm he co-founded.

Why aren’t California’s pension funds investing in California?  Beyond Chron takes a look at what the potential upside could be if CalPERS injected some of its cash toward Cali.

San Jose saw its 4th homicide in January and that puts the city on pace for 48.  Happy 2014!

The Palo Alto Patch has a story telling readers the app “find my phone” works.  Two thieves were rounded up after the po-po used the app to apprehend them.

Although not on Valentines Day, this sweetheart deal will be voted on by the SJ City Council at its upcoming Feb. 4th meeting.  Once again they want to waive fees that pay for street repair for corporations.  Of course when the money is not there they can blame city worker pensions for the problem.

Jeff “I am the law” Rosen and the union representing prosecutors and public defenders working for the County may finally be seeing eye-to-eye as TracEy Kaplan reports on a new contract that addresses the infamous Administrative Leave fight from last year.

But hey, if the county attorneys don’t like where they work they could apply at this new online startup that aims to make the legal process a little less cumbersome for the masses.

In what the Fetch hopes will be a recurring feature on the blog The Left Hook, Bob Brownstein says the Whopper-of-the-Week goes to the Mercury News Editorial Board for its Johnny come lately rethinking of the disastrous disability provision contained in SJ’s Measure B.  Give ‘em hell Bob!

The San Jose Blog tells us about an effort to refurbish and eventually reopen the Cine Mexico Theater on East Santa Clara Street.  The eyesore has been in a wretched state of disrepair for years.  Ahhh, if it was only like 30 some blocks west, near like, San Pedro Square, people and the city would care.

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Daily Fetch 01.07.14: Initiative setbacks on pensions and Styrofoam and parental leave gets an unlikely booster in SJ

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Chuck Reed choked a little on his bran muffin this morning as our “hottie” AG Kamala Harris wrote that his pension ballot measure eliminated pension vested rights for po-po, firefighters and teachers. As our loyal readers remember inclusion of the word “eliminate” in the AG’s title and summary could be the death knell for the Reed initiative.


And in a local initiative that (apparently) is going nowhere the Merc’s new guy at City Hall reports that the Styrofoam ban will stay in place in San Jose. Voter Fraud, made up signatures and numerous other election laws violated, but DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen has decided not to pursue an investigation…go figure.

A new Target store in San Jose will be hiring 300 new employees. Hopefully, Target will do a better job protecting the personal information of the applicants than they did with the credit card information of 40 million customers.

Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen, trying to reinvent herself as someone who cares for city workers, wants to give them four weeks of paid parental leave. You should remember this is the same parental leave that almost blew up the BART contract.

KTVU’S Ann Rubin interviews the SJPD motor-cop who nearly died in the line of duty. (Apparently) it’s hazardous for the City of San Jose to pay hazard pay to someone who experiences an injury as a result of a hazard. We actually feel sorry for city spokesflak David Vossbrink for having to defend San Jose on this turkey.

One of the SJSU knuckleheads has pled not guilty to battery and committing hate crimes.

San Jose based Mi Pueblo Foods is searching for a lifeline. The grocery chain, which filed for bankruptcy last July is looking for either an angel investor or a buyer. Nate-dog at the SV Biz Journal has the deets.

The Mercury News continues its independent expenditure for Sam Liccardo for Mayor by printing yet another puff piece full of catch phases and buzz words. This one is by the Rocketman himself, and fails to point out that many of the programs he now advocates for, he voted to eliminate as a councilmember.

Nancy Shepherd has been tapped as Palo Alto’s new mayor. Don’t expect any change though in the city’s war against poor people; Shepherd’s appointment was approved by a unanimous vote of the council.

Continuing on their schizophrenic journey on the road to full marriage equality, the Supremes have put a halt to happiness in Utah. (Apparently) a man can have 15 spouses in Utah as long as they’re of the opposite sex.

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Daily Fetch 12.16.13: A’s waterfront ballpark and Nguyen and Cortese make it official

Monday, December 16th, 2013

The Merc’s Internal Affairs column returns, did you even know it took time off?  They talk about who may replace Councilmember and frequent flyer Pete “Quadruple Dip” Constant, skewer Jeff “I am the law” Rosen” who continues to struggle with his employees, and report on VM Madison Nguyen and Supervisor Dave Cortese kicking off their campaigns with events a day and a few blocks apart.

Speaking of Cortese, this little ditty not only appears on the South Bay Labor Blog, but was seen by our spies in the Milpitas Post as well.  Is Cortese going all ‘60’s hippie on us?  Peace out Dave and don’t be a bogart.

The A’s move to San Jose continues to be litigated and looks like it may be headed to the black robes in DC.  The SVBJ’s Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann gives us the run down on developments.

Taking a swing at retaining the A’s in Oakland, ballpark backers rolled out this rendering of what a stadium could look like if the team stays put.  Matier and Ross report in the Chron about the $500 million waterfront ballpark proposed by Clorox chairman and CEO Don Knauss and former Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream boss T. Gary Rogers – with the blessing of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.


For whom the tax tolls.  Increasing revenue, that means raising taxes, was always a component of San Jose’s fiscal reform plan, unless you’re running for Mayor or a closet Republican.  Cluck Reed and his council majority are now balking at placing a tax measure on the ballot and the Merc Ed Board, as usual, is arm-in-arm with their friends, parroting the talking points they were spoon fed by City Hall.

Sunnyvale honored the victims of the Newtown massacre with a ceremony that marked that horrific day a year ago.  Sunnyvale, as you know, is now in the midst of being sued by opponents of the common sense gun control measure recently enacted by voters.

Gun buyback events in Oakland, SF and SJ removed hundreds of weapons from Bay Area streets.  This KGO-7 report gives the details about how easily accessible some of the weapons were to youngsters.

No more power lunches at downtown SJ’s P.F. Changs as the restaurant is slated to shutter its doors. The last day it will serve up its faux Chinese food will be January 26th.

Maybe one of these eateries from the latest SVBJ’s 2013 The Year in Food will replace downtown’s Changs?  Nate-dog takes us on a tour of what slithered down Silicon Valley gullets this past year.

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Daily Fetch 11.26.13: Shame at SJSU

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

The Spartan Daily gives a comprehensive run-down of the latest developments in a hate crime case that is being covered around the world.  KTVU provides additional coverage of the NAACP and other community groups calling for felony charges to be made against the four (alleged) dipsh#@s who say they were just playing around.


SJSU President Mo Qayoumi steps up and admits that the university and he himself had failed the victim and pledged to get to the bottom of how this could happen on a college campus that many believed was a beacon of tolerance and inclusion.

And talk about bad timing for this puff piece.  Qayoumi gives this interview to the SV Biz Journal, we presume well before his campus imploded, that talks about what a wonderful world we live in.

The Merc ed board wants the public to know that DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen struggled with the misdemeanor charges against the defendants.  Maybe if the idiots charged in the case had ripped off some money the charges would have been increased to felonies, like the case below?

Judge Griffin Bonini denied a motion from “likety spit” Shirakawa’s attorney requesting to seal GJ transcripts that have already seen the light of day when SJ Inside published them this past Friday.  The transcripts reveal…ummm…nothing new but are an interesting read nonetheless.

Here are the highlights:

  • Some campaign hangers-on talk about how much they don’t know about campaigns and that they think their political opponents were mean to them (Lisa Jensen and Omar Torres).
  • The Prosecutor, who made a campaign contribution to the victim in the case, focused on a campaign contribution to Shirakawa that was made after the despicable hit piece was sent but not on any campaign contributions made before the mail was sent. (Soon to depart DA Karyn Sinunu and her hubby were financial supporters of Magdalena Carrasco)
  • Assemblymember Nora Campos testifies that she contributed to Shirakawa to retire his campaign debt.  No testimony was given or evidence presented to the GJ that contradicts her testimony.
  • The Metro’s Josh Koehn hustles.  He has run circles around the competition on this story and has continued to break news on this topic, even when there appears not to be much of it.

And Xavier “I should have drank a fifth when I took it” Campos unleashes his legal team to defend his actions before the GJ.  Heavy hitters James McManis and Gregory Ward remind everyone that it’s ok to not answer questions from a prosecutor that supported your political opponent.

In a first, San Jose has something that another South Bay city wants to emulate.  Palo Alto wants to turn food scraps and other waste into renewable energy.

Tech giants are in the running for billions in education dollars as “Common Core” invades your student’s classroom.  It may not be long before our entire education system revolves around a student looking at a screen all day in a lab environment with 50 students per teacher, oh, sorry, that may be already happening at some Rocketship charter schools.

What else is Rocketship trying to hide?  Here is a Letterman type list of the Top 7, sorry not 10, things that Rocketship doesn’t want you to know.

High-speed rail has flown off the tracks as a California judge has ruled that the project be halted.  This latest setback to the troubled choo-choo is covered by SF Gate and will surely add a lengthy delay to the train wreck of a project.

President Obama travelled to SF to get beyond the yelling in DC only to get yelled at in SF. The CC Times tells us about the student who thought it was a good idea to interrupt the Obama ” I have not done shi#” Immigration Apology Tour.

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Daily Fetch 11.25.13: Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio is a flipper and the Herhold/Liccardo bromance is in full bloom

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio is taken to task for rolling over on a couple of positions in this Sunday’s IA column.  Oliverio flips and then flops on where to put SJ’s softball fields and Rocketship charter schools invasion of the Washington/Tamien neighborhood.  And those pesky Rocketship promoters that the Merc has become provide ink about how great Rocketship is and give a veiled threat that they will take their 50 kids in a classroom model someplace else if they are not welcome in SJ.

Further laying the foundation for a challenger to Xavier “I should have drank a fifth when I took it” Campos, Scott “call me maybe” Herhold makes a bunch of sh#@ up.  Of course it’s the East Side of SJ so Herhold has a tattooed person and a burly man at a community meeting in his imaginary piece.  And Herhold adds gunfire, graffiti, and other “East Side” stuff in describing a meeting that never took place.

But in a recent meeting that actually took place, several sources have confirmed that Herhold was recently lunching with his candidate for Mayor, Bikini Cop/Rocketman/Circus Clown Sam Liccardo at Café Pomegranate near SJ City Hall.  The topics overheard included how Liccardo could win the latino and women’s vote.  A “reporter” for the Mercury News, overheard coaching a candidate for Mayor on how to win, ya…no ethical lines were crossed there.  Is Scott taking a leave of absence to be Liccardo’s Campaign manager?  Thanks to our spies for the tip.

Sam Liccardo and Scott Herhold Lunch

liccardo herhold bromance

The Merc’s Rosenberg and Willis do a number about numbers and the SJPD.  It appears that the men and women in blue cost a whole bunch of money, but don’t make it and are still leaving for greener pastures, figuratively and literally.

NBC Bay Area reports on San Jose’s latest homicide victim who was shot and killed near a city park.  That makes it 44 so far this year, which is on pace to surpass last year’s 20-year high in homicides.  Joe Rodriguez from the Mercury News provides a more in-depth look at the neighborhood where the young man was shot and the fear that is gripping it.

The NAACP will be holding a press conference today to implore DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen to charge the suspended SJSU students with felonies for their abhorrent hate crimes and violence perpetrated on a fellow student.  KGO-7 has the story.

No wonder Cluck Reed is having a hard time raising money for his raid on retirement security.   Salon has the latest poll numbers being shopped around to right-wingers that will convince them that his effort to demonize public workers is failing.

2 more years in Oak-town for the A’s as the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority is set to vote on the short-term lease for the ball club.

Losing city council candidate (ran in the 80’s for D6 and got crushed) and prolific blogger John Michael O’Conner has been appointed to the Civil Grand Jury.  We are sure he will be able to serve on the GJ with an open mind even though many of his rants on SJ Inside are doozies and appear a bit jaded and angry, oh, and he is not a big fan of public employees, pensions, and a litany of people and causes, so he should fit right in.

With poll numbers tanking and his signature policy achievement in the ER, President Obama comes to the Bay Area to see some friendly faces and endure the standard protests from those that have a love-hate relationship with the Commander-in-Chief.  SF Gate covers his trip.

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Dirty Dancing in SJ and Dirty Deeds at SJSU…Keep it classy San Jo’

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


Dirty dancing in San Jose is exposed by KPIX’s Kiet Do as he goes undercover to film naked dancers at Vietnamese café’s strip-clubs and the trouble they bring along with them.  And in what may be recorded in the upcoming issue of the Guinness Book of World Records, Xavier Campos gives another interview, Wow!

Palo Alto neighbors remain up in arms over Castilleja School exceeding its enrollment cap.  Some are starting a petition to compel the PA city council to take more aggressive action against the school.  And now there is a charge of undue influence over the city council from Castilleja School supporters, who pay close to $40K a year for their kids to attend the all-girls private school.

The jury has spoken in the patent feud between Apple and Samsung, and Apple will collect $930 million from Samsung who should have learned what every third grade teacher told their students; “Do your own work.”

The San Jose Blog posts a pic of the construction site of the Earthquakes stadium.  No one cares.

Southern California State Senator Kevin de Leon takes to the Merc to defend his actions in killing a statewide plastic bag ban.  He pleads in the piece that corruption played no role in the death of the bag ban.  de Leon may be right about corruption and the bag ban but he’s become embroiled in another corruption investigation as he was repeatedly named in an FBI affidavit alleging payoffs and pay to play in Sacramento.  He has not been charged with any crime and Senator de Leon has even produced a letter from the US Attorney stating that he is currently” not a target of the investigation.

KTVU reports that there will be another arrest in the San Jose State hate crime embarrassment that has enveloped the campus.  The 2-crew also covers the student protest and reaction to this sorry episode.

Rocketman Liccardo is a supporter of public schools, no really, he is.  In fact he has started a petition to lengthen the public school day.  The petition he ought to be starting should be posted on his fridge at his house so his charter school lobbyist spouse can read it.  It should say: “50 students per class is bad, 3 charter schools in an 8 block radius is too many, and I am really not a political opportunist that lacks core convictions, please sign.”

A gun buy-back event will take place on December 14th in San Jose.  It is co-sponsored by DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen, Chief Larry ‘Swaggart” Esquivel, and newly deposed Assemblywoman Nora Campos…AWKWARD.

Here we go again, the BART board voted yesterday to approve the parts of the recently signed, and union ratified, contract that they like and reject the part they don’t like.  For those keeping score at home it’s called a bait and switch or reneging.

And KARMA must be on the side of the unions as, low and behold, a mysterious “computer glitch” has taken place, the same night the BART board tries to squirm out of the deal, and the entire system has shut down…hmmmm, coincidence, or conspiracy…?

80,000 Californians and their families have successfully logged on to the state’s health exchange, Covered California, and signed up for health insurance.  Only a few more million to go…and on the same day of this announcement, Covered California’s governing board let it be knows that they voted to reject President Obama’s call to permit insurers to grant extensions to more than 1 million customers with policies set to terminate at year’s end.

Great, now everyone is this much closer to being subjected to loud chatterboxes on planes as the FAA has scheduled a December meeting to take up the issue.

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