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Daily Fetch 9.30.13: Did Chuckster the Huckster not disclose the true source of his state pension measure seed money?

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Fetch Exclusive – UPDATED with ADDITIONAL INFO: The Texans from ENRON Are Coming!!!

The Texans are coming

As the Fetch detailed in this exclusive report, under penalty of perjury San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed signed a required state document titled, “Behested Payment Report,” disclosing that he solicited a $200,000 dollar “charitable” contribution from an organization named Action Now Initiative for “Policy analysis for statewide pension reform.”

Frying Pan News first reported that Chuck Reed is the poster boy for a group of right-wing, wall street fanatics hell bent on changing California’s constitution to break decades long promises of retirement security for nurses, cops, firefighters and teachers.  According to the report by David Sirota titled, The Plot Against Pensions, the leader of this effort is a former Enron executive named John Arnold who “invoked the Fifth Amendment when asked during a deposition if he manipulated markets at Enron”.

John Arnold was an executive with Enron and made his fortune from hedge funds trading natural gas. Californians remember Enron, that’s the Texas Corporation that lacked scruples, ethics, or decency that plunged our state into a massive energy crisis.

Sirota’s Plot Against Pensions goes on to find that according to Institutional Investor, Arnold “was a key target” of a federal sting operation aimed at the firm’s possible insider trading”. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that he was one of the top Enron executives “who scooped up more than $72 million in hastily arranged bonuses within days of the company’s bankruptcy filing.” AP noted that Arnold’s $8 million bonus, in fact, was the largest ever given to a single Enron employee and came “about two weeks before Enron filed for bankruptcy on after six weeks of revelations of hidden debt, inflated profits and shady accounting.”

Sirota’s also reports that…”In a ruling Mondaq Businesswire called “not a close call,” a bankruptcy judge sided with the plaintiffs who sued Arnold and other Enron executives for looting the company”.

A Fetch investigation has uncovered that Reed’s benefactor, Action Now Initiative, is a front group that for several years shared the same offices on Post Oak Blvd. in Houston, Texas with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Also, in his 2011 IRS 990 filing, former Enron executive John Arnold describes his foundation’s relationship with Action Now Initiative as having Common Officers/Directors.

enron 990_1

Was there a reason why Chuck Reed chose to not disclose the intertwined relationship between Action Now Initiative and the Arnold Foundation?

Maybe this snippet from a recorded telephone poll will shed some light on why Reed may want to stay at arms length from dirty Enron money.  Thanks to our spies for providing the entire poll and responses. (Fetch cut out the poll respondent’s replies to protect their identity).

Onward to other happenings…

SV Biz Journal’s Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann lays into the misguided attempt by the Matt “Magnum PI” Mahood led Chamber of Commerce for trying to determine who leaked information to the FPPC that has led to an investigation of wrongdoing by the ChamberPac.  Baumann, our favorite editor, for sure, gives the Fetch credit in his piece that teases several paragraphs before going behind a pay wall.  Mr. Baumann, tear down this wall (but thanks for the respek).

John McAfee dazzled ‘em at the C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival, just like The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, so says Tracey Kaplan as she covers McAfee’s roll out of an encryption device that he says will thwart the NSA…Shazam!

Doing her best to earn her 10% wage increase (all other city workers got between 0% and 2%) the “Independent” Police Auditor LaDoris Cordell spent taxpayer dollars on controversial billboards that will adorn buses in San Jose urging residents to drop a dime on cops.  SJ Inside tells readers that Acting Chief Esquivel approved these morale-inspiring placards, ahhh, another politically tone deaf move by Esquivel that is already sending rumblings through the ranks.

Mark Gomez reveals a former San Jose family turned upside down by thieves who stole irreplaceable pictures from a moving van.  The family was moving to Virginia and San Jose crooks gave them this send off.

In Sunnyvale, the Mercury News says go with Griffith, Hendricks and Larsson for City Council.

A rave gets out of control in Mountain View as 100+ get arrested.

Santa Clara residents wanting to save the Santa Clara Post Office should attend a meeting tonight with the USPS.  The shindig goes from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and will be at the Santa Clara Council Chambers.  Sounds about as exciting as clipping our nails.

The SV Biz Journal is reporting that Twitter could announce its IPO this week!

The Merc’s IA writers let us know that Carly Fiorina has been appointed to lead the American Conservative Union’s education arm.  We are sure ACU is hoping Carly brings her experience as HP’s former Grande dame and as a US Senate candidate to their organization.  Oh, snap, we forgot, sorry.  We are sure ACU is hoping Carly does not bring her experience from either HP or her losing senate candidacy.  Good luck Carly and the ACU.

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Daily Fetch 9.05.13: Pegram and Perverts, Bloggers Beware, and LG neighbors try to nix Netflix

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The Mercury News wants paid bloggers for campaigns to be outed. Being in the blogging business solely for altruistic reasons, we here at The Fetch whole-heartedly agree, and feel that these rules should also be extended to newspapers and reporters that advocate for candidates.  Any objective observer of the Mercury News’ recent coverage of the Chavez vs. GOP Darling Alvarado race would agree that the coverage was so biased that it should have been reported as an in-kind contribution to the Teresa Alvarado campaign.

Remember that time that Barbara “Koolaid” Marshman, who heads the Merc Editorial Board, did her best to push out a candidate in a recent election in favor of her chosen one.  In case you forgot, here’s the story from SJI’s archive.

Maybe the Mercury News should follow the example of the Chicago Sun-Times and focus on reporting unbiased facts, information and news and get out of trying to be king-maker.

The Metro’s Fly thinks it’s odd that Xavier Campos eats lunch.  Wow…maybe next week the Fly can buzz around city hall and find out which councilmembers wear shoes with laces versus slip-ons or if it’s Coke Vs. Pepsi on the 18th floor.

Senator Jim Beall’s bill to allow molestation victims additional time to file lawsuits passed the Assembly over objections from some churches and non-profits.

Maybe this is why the “Values” Advocacy Council’s resident bigot Larry Pegram sent this email invitation to local religious leaders to attend a conference to teach them how to defend their churches against accusations of having perverts on the payroll.  Is this guy for real? (click image for full email.)

Fwd: Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed against Church in San Jo

San Jose’s murder count is now at 34, after the SJPD declared a body found in a minivan was a homicide.

The Merc’s dynamic duo of Tracey Kaplan and Mark Gomez tell us about yet another rich guy accused of doing stupid sh#$ and how Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen plans on handling it.

KLIV’s 15 listeners heard that according to a California Healthy Kids Survey more than 4% of Santa Clara County 7th graders have brought a gun to school…WTF!

“Call me maybe” Herhold may be starting a new bromance with Congressman Mike Honda as he tells us what a teddy bear Mike is.

SVBJ tells us that opponents of the Netflix expansion in Los Gatos are back.  A new lawsuit to stop the project has been filed.  Our legal sources say that this lawsuit will go the way of Blockbuster.

Japanese retailer Uniqlo is hinging its entire US expansion plan on its Bay Area stores…the Valley Fair location opens on October 5th.

If you take Caltrain, plan on spending more money to park your car. Fees have increased to $5 a day.

Palo Alto THE MOVIE, staring hometown favorite James Franco, has made its début at the Venice Film Festival…and it seems Franco is portraying a creepy perverted teacher.


A Palo Alto developer is claiming it was robbed by the city and is demanding a refund of some of the impact fees it was assessed for a townhome development.

And, fresh off its attacks on the homeless and the elderly looking for an affordable place to live, the Palo Alto City Council is now taking aim at leaf blowers.

In an apparent faith based appeal for prosperity, Gilroy has chosen a pastor to be the new CEO of its chamber of commerce. Meanwhile, the Milpitas Chamber is so broke it had to layoff its CEO…maybe Gilroy is on the right track?

The SV Biz Journal brings us the news that Google is expanding its real estate empire by opening Google affordable housing in Mountain View.

Los Gatos is obviously ridiculously flush with cash, as the town can afford to hire a community resource officer to patrol one library. No word on whether San Jose police arbitrator and library lover John Flaherty was involved in the hiring process.

Santa Clara’s Mission City Lantern seems to be no more?

Not all news from Sunnyvale involves bumbling council candidate Jim Griffith. This week, old Silicon Valley tech powerhouse Northrop Grumman hosted an engineering day for local students.

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Daily Fetch 9.04.13: SJ’s Oliverio and Liccardo in damage control, Sunnyvale’s Griffith apologizes for dirty campaigning, and is Chuck Reed in bed with the Koch brothers

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio’s YES vote in favor of selecting the controversial Apple-Gate Johnston construction firm to build the unfinished Environmental Innovation Center has taken another bizarre twist as Sweatpants does his best to recreate history on SJ Inside.

Political insiders speaking to The Fetch say that Sweatpants’ decision to keep the Apple-Gate issue alive is just plain dumb.  But since he wants to keep trying to weasel out of his YES vote by claiming the City Charter made him do it, we thought we would post what the City Charter actually says to prove that Oliverio is either politically tone deaf or lying…or maybe both?


(d)  SELECTION OF LOWEST RESPONSIBLE BIDDER. If no bids are received, the Council may readvertise, or have the “public works project” for which no bids are received done, without further complying with this Section.

(1)  If two or more bids are the same and the lowest, the Council may accept the one it chooses.

(2)  In its discretion, the Council may reject any or all bids presented. If it rejects all bids, the Council may, in its discretion, readvertise. 

Pierluigi Oliverio too afraid

Oliverio was expressly told by the City Attorney that he could make a substitute motion to perform the action outlined in Section 1217 (d)(2)…i.e. reject all bids!  Oliverio either froze on the council dais, got a frog in his throat or was in some kind of trance thinking of changing his profile, because he did not make a motion to throw out all the bids and voted YES to award the $11M contract to the apple of his eye, Apple-Gate.  Yo, Sweatpants, it is on video…

(Apparently) the San Jose City Council held a study session yesterday to try and figure out how badly they screwed up the Police Department.  KGO’s David Louie has coverage here and Robert Handa from KTVU has his piece here.

The Merc’s Tracy Seipel tells readers that bankrupt county ambulance provider Rural/Metro is battling with their workers to get a labor contract done and battling rumors that they are pulling up stakes and leaving the county high and dry.  County Executive Jeff “The Matrix” Smith finds himself in the middle of a he said-he said squabble with no end is sight.

Bikini Cop Liccardo is in full damage control over his responsibility for rising crime and police officers leaving San Jose for greener pastures so he took to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” segment.  His answer to the question below reminds us of this move as he is now calling for a 14% pay raise for cops, not the 10% he was calling for a couple of days ago:

Question:        SJPOA’s Jim Unland says the numbers are not credible in City’s current police staffing plan. How confident are you in the current numbers and can we factor in the ‘assumptions’ he’s outlined?

Liccardo:       I’m comfortable that we’ve identified over $30 milliion [sic] in funding sources, and as I clarified in the motion today at Council (which the Council overwhelmingly approved, 10-1), we’re talking about a “net wage” increase. I’m not proposing to take 4% out of an officer’s paycheck and then give it back, and claim that it’s part of a 10% boost. Those savings will be used to backfill any LOSS as a result of Measure B’s requirement that they pay 4% more next year for their pensions, but I get the fact that we’ll then have a 14% hole to dig out of. Shifting that 4% back to the “wages” column only “covers” the additional impact of Measure B, and we have to find additional sources from there to support the remaining restoration of 10% wage increase. In other words, there’s no “shell game” here.

Michael Jackson (Moonwalking) 1996 (J8  16)

Sooooo Liccardo is moonwalking away from Measure B’s requirement that employees pay 4% more for their pensions and wants to add that onto the 10% pay cut to give out 14% raises.  Confused, because Liccardo sure is.   Apparently, the Bikini Cop will say, or we mean, blog anything to get elected.

Who needs the front page or the local section of the Mercury News to find out what is really going on in Silicon Valley when you can go to the letters to the editor section and get the straight skinny.

  • Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen defends the prosecutor and the attempted prosecution of Clyde Berg that relied on the testimony of, shall we say, a batsh$$ witness,
  • Pat “Waite to run for Mayor”, takes Rose Herrera to task for talking a good game on preserving land for jobs but being unable to bring retail to the empty Edenvale Business Park or the ground floor of City Hall,
  • Zoe and Anna have serious questions about marching to war in Syria, and
  • Sunnyvale’s Jim Griffith is taken to task for cyber-squatting his opponents domain names and not focusing on any substantive issues.

Speaking of Griffith, he apparently is on an apology tour for acting like he is running for 7th grade class president as opposed to the City Council.  What a prankster, he wrote this apology for his cybersqatting on a blog site aptly named Dweeb here and then posted this admonishment to his “supporters” to not post flyers around town here.

Who is the clown running this guy’s campaign?  Oh, ya, we forgot…

The San Jose Blog reports that the Knight Foundation will be pouring about $500K into bridging the digital divide.  With 5 billion people in the world with no access to the web any little bit helps.

Is Mayor Chuck Reed in bed with the infamous Koch brothers?  Gary Cohn says in this piece in Beyondchron that Reed is and details a not so secret meeting in Sacramento attended by our Democrat In Name Only mayor.

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Daily Fetch 9.03.13: Cyber-squatting in Sunnyvale and Scotty Herhold beams up his handicap of the San Jose Mayor’s race

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

11-years and $6 billion dollars later and the largest public works project in California history is complete.  Hello Bay Bridge new eastern span!  NBC Bay Area has some great video of what you will see when you cross for the first time.

Some good news out of SJC as passenger traffic is on the rise.  Too late to help this airport business, but non-the-less a hopeful sign.

Scott “call me maybe” Herhold says the flag is up and the Mayor’s race is off.  Three take-aways from Scotty; his bromance with Bikini Cop Liccardo is alive and well, he neglects to mention that Cortese is the only candidate who has built anything or made a payroll in the private sector, and that the entire bunch of wanna-be mayors is about as exciting as a carpool of CPA’s.

liccardo herhold bromance

The South Bay Labor Council’s Ben “Field of Dreams,” still dancing on Cloud 9 after the Chavez win and assisting SEIU and the County to avoid a strike, takes to the Merc to tell us why other people making more money is a good thing.

Sunnyvale’s Jim Griffith (apparently) sent The Fetch a whiny email admitting he in fact cybersquatted domain names of his rival, Tap Merrick, as they mud wrestle their way to the November 5th election.

“For the record, Peter Allen had no involvement in or advance knowledge of the domain squabble you reported. It was entirely my doing.”

Tap, who’s voter inspiring campaign message appears to be: I’m not Jim Griffith. He wrote this letter to the editor accusing Griffith of malfeasance in office….no, robbing a bank…no, having supporters place “No on Tap” flyers around town…yes.  Seriously, Merrick, if this is what you are worrying about as a candidate, then you should tap out now.

Enough from Sunnyvale.

There’s a study session today at San Jose City Hall about Service Restoration and Revenue Measures.  Reed and Liccardo have a memo that wants to plan to create a strategy to decide on a goal to get more cops in 4-years, now that’s bold leadership, and Constant wants to lure all those cops that have left for more pay and better benefits to come back for less pay and less benefits.  Exciting stuff.

Protect San Jose pours cold water, like icy cold water, gallons of it, on Liccardo and Reed’s police staffing plan proposal and like a good elementary school student shows how they come up with their math answer. And San Jose Inside (apparently) thinks Constant’s memo actually has substance.

Speaking of Pete “quadruple dip” Constant, he had quite a Labor Day scare.  (Relax Pete, the city isn’t requiring able body folks, collecting a disability check, to take a desk job or sumo wrestleCalbuzz takes a deeper dive into the recent PPIC poll that tells readers why California Republicans are in deep shi%!

SiliconSage Builders is looking to bring 100 Craftsman for sale units to the area south of the Convention Center and the San Jose Blog is no fan of the design.

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Daily Fetch 8.29.13: FPPC Investigating SV Chamber/Alvarado/Ajlouny, Constant Eats Up Soda Ban Media Coverage, and Oliverio’s pants are on fire…

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

THIS JUST IN…the Daily Fetch has obtained this letter sent from the FPPC disclosing that a formal investigation has been launched into allegations that the SV Chamber of Commerce, Vic Ajlouny’s “I hate Cindy Chavez” Committee, and GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado violated California’s Political Reform Act.

Ash Kalra Nanny1

San Jose’s City Council Rules Committee made Ash Kalra’s soda ban disappear faster than Pete “Quadruple Dip” Constant could slurp down a Super Big Gulp.  Constant enjoyed feeding at the free media trough and, apparently, devoured the attention. KPIX-5’s Len Ramirez and KCBS 740’s Matt Bigler have their reports here, the Merc’s is here, and KTVU-2 is here.

Fetch just loves the KPIX video showing Constant’s soda props (get it, props instead of pops) with the banned plastic bag behind it…is he going to get a fine?

Plastic Bag Pete

And if that wasn’t enough, Constant also took to SJ Inside to pen this piece that included these opening lines: “What’s the most pressing issue facing the City of San Jose? Is it following through on pension reform to reduce unsustainable sky-high pension liabilities?”

We can think of one way to reduce sky-high liabilities, crack down on disability pensions…remember this video of disability pension getting Wrestling Pete?

In non-carbonated beverage happenings:

Santa Clara County Head Honcho Jeff Smith does his best Matrix imitation by avoiding a strike by the county’s largest union, SEIU.  The County reached a tentative agreement with the union yesterday.  SEIU members must now ratify the agreement with voting starting today on a deal that boosts pay and requires all employees to start paying part of their health care premiums.

jeff smith dodges bullets

The Merc’s Eric Kurhi tells us the Santa Clara Valley Water District was persuaded by to divest in companies contributing to a sizzling planet, like fossil fuel giant Chevron.  Now if they could only figure out how to stop all that hot air being blown by politicians…

And in another Bay Area setback for Big Oil, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission rejected a SF-Shell Oil energy partnership.  Beyondchron gives the backstory as to why SF didn’t jump in bed with Shell.

Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio took to frantically posting his non-denial denial of his YES vote to award a controversial contract to bankrupt Apple-Gate Johnston anywhere he can, including the Daily Fetch Facebook page (give us a like BTW).  And it looks like Meyer Weed, a frequent commenter on stories posted by the Mercury News and San Jose Inside, has had about enough of Sweatpants and his amnesia.  See Weed’s dismantling of Oliverio here.  Apparently, Sweatpants must believe that if he repeats a lie often enough it must be true.

Congressional wanna-be S. Joe Simitian (S is for secret) gets a little push back from SJ Inside for why he wants his calendar to remain for his eyes only and Scott “call me maybe” Herhold tells us the S. man is a fiscal hawk, who apparently can’t count votes.

In Palo Alto, the City Attorney stands by her impartial analysis of the controversial Measure D.  Apparently the opposition to the Maybell affordable housing project did not want voters to know that the project would help old people or other facts.

The Sunnyvale Sun reports that Councilmember Jim Griffith cyber-squatted potential domain names his opponent Tap Merrick did not lock down and diverted web traffic to his own site.  Loyal readers of the Fetch know that Griffith’s campaign is being run (…into the ground?) by social media challenged Peter J. Allen II, who was the mastermind behind GOP Darling Alvarado’s social media outreach to Latino voters.

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Daily Fetch 8.21.13: Madison Nguyen’s Paul Blart plan in action, Chavez sworn-in and Griffith takes a boat ride

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

SJ Inside says that Madison “say yes to the dress, no to the coattails” Nguyen, struggling to point to any accomplishment as she gears up to run for Mayor, wants to give city employees paid time off if they are having a baby.  City employees surveyed by The Fetch about this new proposal stated that they were too too tired from being overworked to fornicate and way too broke to have children.

And it looks like Madison’s Paul Blart plan for public safety is working out just great.

With school starting and, according to NBC News, over 14 burglaries every single day in San Jose (2,997 from January 2013 to July 2013) the short-staffed police department is bringing back its truancy abatement program.

The Whole Foods that has been in the works on the Alameda for what seems like a lifetime is finally breaking ground.  There are some good renderings to view as well and the SJ Blog credits the SJ Biz Journal for them, as friend of the show @SVBizNate had this scoop almost a month ago.

Here’s a photo that will surely make the Metro’s Dan Pulcrano and the Merc’s Tracy Seipel throw up their Cheerios. Cindy Chavez had a public swearing-in yesterday and she posted the pics from the big event on her Facebook page.


In news from Sunnyvale, the city council reconfigured its consumer bag ordinance to match San Jose’s. Note to Sunnyvale…given SJ’s host of problems not sure copying anything from the employee relations/crime/graffiti war torn town is a good idea.

More of San Jose’s problems moving to Sunnyvale: it looks like Alvarado campaign gofer Peter J Allen, II has launched his titanic campaign boat again and has convinced Vice Mayor Jim Griffith to hop on aboard for his reelection campaign.

Peter Allen Titanic moves to a new port

We wonder if Peter will implement his patented, targeted Latino voter outreach plan for Jim Griffith.

Peter Allen's Racist Tweet Memorialized

Despite Peter J Allen, II’s myriad mea culpas, his twitter account still has this up on it (the delete tweet button is there for a reason Peter).

SJ Biz Journal’s Donato-Weinstein reports that Communications Hill will be adding over 2,000 residential units as the real estate market continues to heat up.

No raise for SJ cops but a 22% boost for the San Jose Downtown Association.  The city council always seems to find money for their friends…

If your going to get in a crash, make sure you are in a Tesla Model S ‘cuz they aced federal crash tests.

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Daily Fetch 3.25.11: Nancy Pyle reads Protect San Jose

Friday, March 25th, 2011

San Jose Councilmember Nancy Pyle wrote a piece in the Merc about one of the benefits of Redevelopment in San Jose: the neighborhood groups it encouraged.  She is writing about the civic engagement that helped police in the Almaden shooting a few weeks back… But Pyle’s account of what happened that day sounded very, very familiar to The Daily Fetch crew.  Here’s why, part of it was (apparently) lifted from Protect San Jose
  • Pyle: …This occurred in broad daylight at one of the busiest intersections in San Jose in front of multiple witnesses and near a popular public park…
  • Protect: …The incident occurred in broad daylight, at one of the busiest intersections in San Jose, in front of a least 20 witnesses and near a popular public park…

Hmmm… (There are more similarities too…)

San Jose is now officially the 10th largest City in US… and we still don’t have a baseball team:
If you love (or hate) the San Jose budget so far, you can have your voice heard starting in May. There will be one (boring) meeting in each City Council District, so with a little luck and a really boring life, you can attend all ten… If you did, you will have attended more meetings than some City Councilmembers
Last year it was a controversial election about staffing the fire department, this year, voters in Palo Alto will vote on a composting facility (or not a composting facility…)  Officially, the vote will be about “undedicating” parkland.  How sexy…
In a scene out of Chicago Code or The Wire, there was a vacant house that burned down (or was burned down) in Los Gatos last week.  County Fire officials think someone torched it…
For you Sunnyvale Dweebs… Councilmember Jim Griffith has a March 29 Council preview and some notes about structurally unsound bridges… Oh, and is on Twitter too…
Have a good (dry?) weekend folks…

Daily Fetch 2.15.11: Thanks Barry O!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

BART to San Jose got a big nod today from the Federal Transportation Administration: $130 million. Thanks Barry O!
Dude, the Merc Editorial Board would like the State to regulate pot clubs… Regulate, try not to hate man…
Groundwerx is celebrating its third birthday this week.  Thank you San Jose Downtown Association… One thing though, “werx” is misspelled…
We missed this yesterday, but the Metro/San Jose Inside has a link to, and a story referring to, the San Jose City list of employees’ salaries.  Word from the 18th floor is that everyone is busy looking up everyone else’s salaries…
Palo Alto is going to fix up/revamp/take lanes away on California Avenue. This is a big damn deal in Palo Alto…
NASA is all in for restoring Hangar One restoration:  $32.8 million… This is a big damn deal in Mountain View…
A teenager in Los Altos (allegedly) stole a car and was subdued by a police dog.  We guess Los Altos ain’t Lake Wobegon after all…
Sunnyvale Councildweeb Jim Griffith has a preview of today’s Sunnyvale City Council meeting… Now you don’t have to go…

Daily Fetch 1.27.11: The reGov’s Middle Finger…

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The San Jose Police Department released the 911 tapes of the folks at Peet’s calling following the recent murder-suicide when Jeanine Harms’ brother shot the guy he thought killed his sister, Maurice Nasmeh.
That’s a big story on its own, but the fact that the tape is being released by the Department is newsworthy on its own… We seem to remember when releasing 911 tapes was something the City of San Jose never, ever did
Here’s a Merc headline that should get folks a little riled up:  Another day, another shooting in San Jose… Maybe Anthony Batts would be the best choice for Police Chief, he’s dealt with stuff like this as Chief in Oakland…
An update to the fatal shooting by a San Jose Police Officer in the San Jose foothills earlier in the week: “…the officer fired to save another officer’s life…” More details from Sean Webby’s story in the Merc.
San Jose Inside has a recap of Tuesday’s San Jose City Council discussion about pensions, including a comparison to the nation’s Social Security outlook
Inside was busy yesterday, they also have a recap of the LA Times story about how reGovernor Jerry Brown gave the middle finger to big city mayors close up during a press conference following a meeting in Sacramento.  Redevelopment is going away, like or not
Some final (blog) notes:
Protect San Jose has another tribute to a fallen officer.  Today’s tribute is to Robert White who died in the line of duty 26 years ago.
Councildweeb Jim Griffith has posted his “Council Summary” from the Sunnyvale City Council meeting on 1/25.  Since the only Daily Fetch reader who was there was Jim Griffith, perhaps you should check out his wrap-up…
Metblogs is having some serios technical difficulties and has been down for some time… You can follow them on Twitter if you like.
Speaking of following folks on Twitter… We hate to do this, but:
At noon yesterday, @SanJoseDotCom wrote this on Twitter:
  • NEWS: Yahoo announces more layoffs. Will their former employees head down 101 to Google?
If that looked familiar, because we wrote this and posted this at 9:01 a.m. in our regular Daily Fetch post titled “In Google, Out Yahoo…“:
  • There is an interesting Silicon Valley 2011 Snapshot in the news this week: Google will hire a bunch of folks (about 6,000)  and Yahoo will let a bunch go. Perhaps the Yahoo folks should just send their resumes a little further north on 101…

Daily Fetch 1.3.11: The 49ers, Dolores Carr, and RJD1 sail off into the 2010 sunset…

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Good morning Silicon Valley friends.  We hope you had a nice little vacation and enjoyed some well-deserved time off.  For those of you that have had too much time off because of the economy, we hope 2011 is a better year than 2010… Let’s get right to it…

There is double good news on the Santa Clara 49ers front:  1.  They actually won their game yesterday, and 2.  The season is mercifully over…
Speaking of the 49ers (and their next head coach – hopefully), Stanford plays tonight in the Orange Bowl.
We won’t have Dolores Carr to kick around anymore… that’s because Jeff Rosen gets sworn in today as the Santa Clara County District Attorney.  Priority 1:  Don’t be Dolores Carr… Priority 2:  See Priority 1…
NIMBYs won’t have Rod Diridon Sr. to kick around either when it comes to High-Speed Rail… That’s because the outgoing Governor apparently didn’t like Diridon and didn’t reappoint him to the California High-Speed Rail Authority.  (That’s our theory at least…) His non-reappointment means that Silicon Valley doesn’t really  have a voice much anymore on the Authority anymore, that’s the bad news.  The good news, at least for RJD1 is that he doesn’t have to sit through as many painful meetings up and down the Peninsula anymore
Even though it seemed like a holiday weekend (and it was), the good folks at Internal Affairs at the Merc were semi-busy… Here’s what we learned:
  • San Jose Councilmember Sam Liccardo is moonlighting as an attorney…
  • San Jose Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio is moonlighting as a software dude (and makes six figures?!)…
  • The aforementioned Dolores Carr is not getting a judgeship, something about her judgement…
  • And finally, it is good to know that IA reads The Daily Fetch San Mateo so they got the Menlo Park/Kelly Fergusson story correct this time.  On 12/12/10, they had Kelly Fergusson as the former Mayor of Atherton
Councilmember Oliverio must be earning his six-figures, or at least he wants to flex his software/tech muscles a little bit:  he writes for San Jose Inside about SaaS and the City of San Jose
Protect San Jose is back after a few weeks off and they give us a view into what is happening at San Jose City Hall this week (nothing) and comment on the 2010 murder rate in San Jose (very low)… Welcome back.
The Morgan Hill Times gets all existential on us with their piece from New Year’s Day:  What will matter in 2011
Rounding out today’s Fetch is Sunnyvale Councilmember Jim Griffith’s blog: The “Council Preview” is a little boring, even Griffith calls tomorrow’s Sunnyvale Council meeting “mostly a housekeeping meeting“… In other words, please don’t show up, you’ll be bored.
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