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Daily Fetch 04.03.14: PG&E called “Smug” by San Bruno Mayor as Company Hides From the Press

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

The fallout from the PG&E indictment over blowing up a San Bruno neighborhood in 2010 continues. Phil Matier reports for CBS 5 that PG&E is hiding from the press, releasing pre-taped videos for networks and buying up lots of advertising time. San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane called PG&E’s reaction to the indictment “smug” and suggested that his constituents are afraid to turn on their overs for fear of detonating the neighborhood.

San Bruno gas explosion

The Christian Science Monitor tells us that the government will have a tough time winning the case and that the maximum fine PG&E could receive is a paltry $12 million…mayhap the reason for the energy giant’s smug attitude? Meanwhile survivors are pissed that PG&E’s top execs are not being held personally liable.

In other news…

In case you were wondering what San Mateo County’s new jail will look like…it looks like a jail.

The Daily Journal’s Michelle Durand spins a fairly convoluted tale of $10 million in redevelopment money that the state has thiefed from the hamlet of Redwood City.

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Daily Fetch 1.8.13: It’s a Double-Dip Kind of Week Around Here…

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Supervisor Warren “Double Dip” Slocum was sworn in yesterday… (At least he’s in good company, Supervisor Horsley is going to double-dip too…)

If you are a plastic bag in San Mateo County, you’re time is running out… Menlo Park is the latest city to consider a ban.

Something not being banned from Menlo Park is Facebook’s money… $200,000 was handed out this week in Menlo Park and East Palo Alto

But those two Menlo Park stories aren’t the big stories, this is:  Contract issues are troubling Menlo Park lately, with the state’s retirement agency refusing to allow an extension of interim Police Chief Lee Violett’s employment on the one hand, and investigating former personnel director Glen Kramer’s continued employment as a contractor on the other.

San Bruno’s Mayor gave his State of the City yesterday… If that doesn’t get you excited, nothing will.

Woops… A plane skid off the runway at San Carlos Airport, which must have made for an interesting breakfast at Sky Kitchen

Daily Fetch 3.15.11: What’s $160k between Farm friends?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Yesterday we learned of the brewing/ongoin Garbage Saga in Pacifica… today we revisit the original Garbage Saga as Atherton and Menlo Park “review hefty trash hikes this week” care of the Palo Alto Daily News
From San Bruno:
David Smith of DMB (no, not the Dave Matthews Band, the developer) again defends the Saltworks project in Redwood City in the pages of the Daily Journal…
We know that nothing is easy in Atherton… but choosing a City Attorney?  It isn’t easy either.  The list has been narrowed to the “top choices”… We’ll see how difficult the final decision will be
The San Mateo County Farm Bureau spent Monday talking about the $160,000 theft (allegedly) committed by Jack Olsen

Daily Fetch 1.27.11: Very Silicon Valley, Mr. President…

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The Redwood City Police Chief, Louis Cobarruviaz, is leaving his post abruptly. He was on vacation since December 20th and not due back until next week, which by itself is quite striking, at least in our eyes.  In any event, he decided he doesn’t want to come back and will retire/resign on February 16th.  The City Council seems to be caught off guard in Bonnie Eslinger’s Daily News story… We’ll see what the Redwood City fall-out is from this big news…

With the top police officer leaving Redwood City, some lower-level police officers are going to be added to the streets of SSF after their Council voted last night
The County is going to go ahead and buy $40,000,000 worth of buildings in San Carlos.  The money is coming from the County’s reserve funds, because why would the County need that money in the coming year or years?  Actually, the County is saying that the purchase will save the County “hundreds of thousands of dollars per month spent on leases for office spaces for County workers…”
From San Bruno:
Speaking of San Bruno, the Peninsula Health Care District will honor San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane (and the rest of San Bruno’s first responders) at their annual event today.  They will also announce $2,000,000 in grants to 12 local organizations…
How many times have we seen variations on this headline about Half Moon Bay? This one from the Daily Journal:  Half Moon Bay searches for new revenue… The HMB Review also has details in their coverage:  City leaders brainstorm budget ideas
(The HMB Review also has a new website…)
To the local Congressional Dynamic Duo:
Congresswoman Jackie Speier would like to launch “National Congress on Your Corner Day” to honor Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in wake of the Tuscon attack.
Congresswoman Anna Eshoo said that the President was “describing her district” when he spoke about innovation and the jobs of tomorrow… Which is pretty much what we tweeted during the State of the Union on Tuesday night:
@thedailyfetch:  ”Innovation isn’t just how we change our lives, it is how we make our living…” Very Silicon Valley, Mr. President…
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Daily Fetch 11.22.10: Menlo (College) Drama… Continued…

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

The Daily Fetch loves a good scandal… That’s why we were excited to see this piece over the weekend about the (abrupt) departure of Menlo College’s President.  A former Trustee at the school called the dismisal of Timothy Haight “…all kind of frustrating and disappointing…”  On the 11th, we called this “Menlo Drama” and it is living up to that name…
In other local drama, it looks like the extreme NIMBYs in Atherton will not get their way and night games (and practices) at Menlo-Atherton High School will begin shortly… Hurray for kids!
From San Bruno:
The Daily Journal looks into Half Moon Bay’s financial options following their sales tax increase defeat earlier in the month… and the options still aren’t good
Did you get your Butterball yet?