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Daily Fetch 05.08.14: SJ Mayoral Debate Cliff Notes, Controversial Rocketship Vote Tonight, and Oliverio’s Dirty X-X-X Campaign

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

KTVU-2 reports that the four serious candidates for SJ Mayor and Rose “Colonel Sanders” Herrera, who isn’t taken serious, had another Mike Honda type of “debate” last night about affordable housing.  Debate Cliff Notes: Pier “Mayor Sweatpants” Oliverio wants new taxes to fund housing for poor folks, Madison “C’est Moi” Nguyen and Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo want to tack on more fees to the price of homes to make them more affordable (Fetch knows, it doesn’t make any sense to us either), and Dave “I need caffeine” Cortese wants to squeeze the State for more money.

Scott “tool time” Herhold continues his bromance with “Cheaties” Liccardo in this piece that says the dirty politics of the Pat Dando era are over.  Clearly, Scottie has not seen this dirty piece of mail sent by “Mayor Sweatpants” Oliverio that’s X-rated.



The Merc reports that Mary-Jane grow houses are sprouting up here, there, and everywhere in San Jose and with the elimination of the Narcotics Covert Investigations unit, another casualty of the Reed-Herrera-Liccardo-Nguyen-Oliverio public safety purge, it appears all the city can do is watch them go up in smoke when they catch fire.

Tough to recruit candidates to become SJPD officers when the po-po that graced SJPD recruiting posters resigns to go be a po-po in another city.  NBC Bay Area has this report about Sgt. Cusseaux leaving for Atherton and pointing a big finger (you can guess which one) at City Hall.



The daily prints this op-ed, from a Rocketship charter school parent and principal urging approval of another suspect charter, that is heavy on the ethnic make up of students and teachers and light on student performance, teacher to student ratio’s and other concerns brought to light by this report from the district’s Superintendent.  The Superintendent’s report should serve as a tall glass of cold water tossed in the faces of the school board members about what is really in the best interests of students and their families, we shall see who wilts under the pressure applied by the Rocketship Lobbying Machine…

  • Not a single Rocketship school has met the required federal benchmarks under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in English, and only 2 out of 7 schools meet the requirements for math.
  • Rocketship’s test scores have shown significant declines over time
  • The Student to Teacher Ratio Stated in the Petition Is Misleading.
 Rocketship uses strange math and hand waiving to claim a student to teacher ratio of 28:1.  The simple fact is that their schools have 630 students, and 16 teachers.  No amount of rotation or teacher aids can cover the fact that 630 divided by 16 is a ratio of 40:1.

JK from SJI certainly does put embattled Judge Diane Ritchie’s record under the microscope and it is clear she is in over her head.  Although a much more balanced piece versus the Merc crusade launched against Ritchie, reading it makes one cringe over the asinine actions taken by the good hearted Judge.

Local Democrats are praying that what is happening on a national level with the US Chamber of Commerce plays out in Silicon Valley.  At the national level, the Chamberistas have been slapping the Tea Party nut-jobs around and winning primary races that pit somewhat normal Republicans (the Jim Cunneen’s of the GOP) versus loony-toon Tea Party Republicans (All the rest of the GOP).  We wonder if the San Jose/Silicon Valley Chamber is taking notice…

California Secretary of State candidate Dan Schnur, who is running on a clean up Sacramento campaign platform, got loaded a long time ago and crashed his car into another car, hurt some folks and was arrested for a DUI.  A couple of years later he got loaded again and got popped for another DUI.  Schnur spent some time in the pokey, paid some fines and says he’s not had a drink in 20-years.  It is time to clean up Sacramento!

Palo Alto may go be going greener with this proposal to require all new development in the city to install electric vehicle chargers.

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Daily Fetch 04.24.14: Herhold as Heston, D-5′s Resendez not the sharpest tool in the shed, and no 49ers arrested last night

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Scott “Call me maybe” Herhold’s latest column reminds Fetch of Charlton Heston.  Not the strong Ben Hur Heston, but the crazy, gun loving Heston.  It appears that Scott, is one of the few who must have the 90% pension myth torn from their cold dead hands.  Herhold must have forgotten back in 2011 the Old Guy from City Hall reported about city unions offering hundreds of millions in pension savings.


Or maybe he forgot this report or this one about what Reed, Liccardo, Nguyen and the rest rejected from city workers for the wonderfully successful Measure B.

If there ever is a San Jose Pension War Crimes Trial, Herhold and the rest of the Measure B propagandists should be indicted.  No amount of retrospective gibberish about being a bus boy and scamming the system back in college will change what Herhold and his co-conspirators perpetrated upon San Jose residents with the illegal Measure B ballot measure.  Do you feel safer in SJ?

SJ District 5 also ran Aaron Resendez has never come across as the sharpest tool in the shed and the latest SJ Inside story confirms it.  Unregistered influence peddling for campaign cash can’t be legal, right?  We know what your thinking, Fetch will demand that the water be tested in D-5 for some type of substance that makes people do stupid shi#?

The Daily Fetch is always happy we can hip our friends at SJ Inside to news about their arch nemesis Phil Bump who is now a writer/blogger for the Washington Post.  Josh Koehn, maybe a little jealous about the rise of Bump, gives readers a refreshed rehash of the bumpy ride Bump took to the WashPo.

The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall reports on the abysmal San Jose emergency medical response times that were recently disclosed to the Mayor and City Council by the interim Fire Chief.  With how crappy the numbers are, Fetch is certain that paramedics on motorcycles can’t be too far on the horizon.

Well at least the SJ firefighters got to this blaze in time to save most of an apartment complex where a SJSU student disposed of a match on a couch and poof a fire broke out…brilliant move.

It was shaking at Stanford last night as three small quakes rattled the area near the campus.

SJC’s stowaway has made international news and will end up being a topic of Congressional hearings in the near future.  KTVU reports on the latest bizzaro development…the teen went undetected for hours before hopping the flight to the islands.

Mountain View will be the home of a new $50M behavioral health center to be built by El Camino Hospital.

Has Apple got its Mojo back?  Forbes thinks so after the iEverything maker rings up the cash register in its latest earnings report.  Tim Cook also takes a parry knife to Apple’s stock by cutting each one into 7-pieces in a massive split/buy back that’s put a happy face on investors.

49ers Crime Bureau

No new crimes, indictments or scandals to report today.  Although the Modesto Bee has a piece calling for the 9ers to not pick up the option on Aldon Smith’s contract.   It is a good read.

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Daily Fetch 04.01.14: Oliverio Surges in Latest SJ Mayoral Poll, Newby Island Dumps on its Workers and Metro’s Pulcrano expands media empire

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

SJ Inside expands on an item first exposed on The Left Hook about the largest dump in the South Bay, owned by Republic Services, allegedly, stiffing its workers out of millions in back pay.  Does San Jose’s living wage ordinance apply to the workers that sort our recyclables or can Newby Island continue to trash the rights of its workforce?

In a new poll released today, Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio has surged into a virtual tie for 2nd place in San Jose’s June Mayoral primary.  Full results of the poll can be found here.  The poll, conducted by an independent business shows that “Mayor Sweatpants” could be the cat’s meow this year.

Pierluigi Oliverio Pussycat

In more campaign news, Ash Kalra sent a letter trying to help SJ’s libraries that, apparently, crossed some line and the Metro’s Josh Koehn reports on it.  Koehn’s breaking the law headline is a little much, it’s not as if Kalra was gunrunning or something.

Speaking of gunrunning.  Ever go for a teeth cleaning and thought to yourself, “Hey, I need a Glock or an AK-47?”  The mystery dentist/gun broker in the Oh, Yee of Stupid Shi# episode is detailed here.

And in more campaign news, residents in one SJ neighborhood are organizing to apprehend a serial…killer, no, burglar, no, car thief, no…lawn vandal.  Some loon, no offense Rose, is destroying lawns and these neighbors are ready to mow him, or her down.

Obamacare sign ups are surging as the deadline in California has been extended to April 15 due to the computer system crashing….Again!  Sign ups were fast and furious yesterday and this made accessing the website spotty, so Covered California will give folks some more time.

A drive-by shooting in San Jose leaves one injured and the shooter on the loose.

KTVU reports on the send off of the Century Dome theaters and provides preservationists another chance to make their case for saving the movie houses that are on life support.

Metro’s Media Mogul, Dan Pulcrano will bring his type of journalism to South County as he gobbled up the Morgan Hill and Gilroy weekly newspapers. (Apparently) Pulcrano knows how to make money from print and is expanding while San Jose’s daily continues to struggle.

Women continue to get shafted when it comes to equal pay for equal work. As of 2012, men working full time in Santa Clara made a median $91,471 annually, compared to $56,996 for women.  The SV Biz Journal provides a link to the full report here at Nerdwallet.

Joel Vanlandingham is running for Congress and does not want any campaign contributions.  He will lose.

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Daily Fetch 03.28.14: Oh Yee of Stupid Shi#, A legal setback for Ro Khanna and Jensen Backers Pay-to-Play?

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Ro Khanna’s (alleged) scheme to dilute the GOP vote in his losing quest to unseat Mike Honda took a major hit yesterday when a Judge removed one Singh from the ballot.  This story by BANG’s Josh Richman uncovers the potential complicity of Khanna in the plot by exposing that at least one individual signed Khanna’s nomination papers and also signed one of the new “recruits” to the race as well.  Fishy…

Looks like the State Senate grew a backbone and will give the boot to Oh Yee of Stupid Shi# unless the arms-for-campaign cash Senator resigns.  Senators Calderon and Wright can stay, but Leland’s gotta go, clearly this is a case of discrimination against Gun-Runners, expect the NRA to jump into the fray .…JK.

Yee in Stocks

Calbuzz puts together a must read piece as it dissects the silly, ridiculous and at times bizarre news coverage of Oh Yee’s over-the-top criminal antics.  Pictures of Shrimp Boy with the Lt. Gov, Rev. Jim Jones with Gov. Moonbeam and even the Chron food section writer chimes in with reviews of the restaurants/bars that some of the shady deals went down at…we kid you not.  And in its latest installment of “Slime the Campos family”, the Metro’s Josh Koehn desperately stretches to make a link between one of the morons charged in the case and Nora Campos…some real sinister stuff.

Not content with slapping around just one politician per day, SJ Inside exposes the boneheaded play of those trying to “help” Sheriff candidate Kevin Jensen, soon to be better known in political circles as the guy who sucked into a trouncing by Sheriff Laurie Smith.  SJI reports on $2,500 going to a victim rights organization and remarkably, by coincidence we’re sure, an endorsement of Jensen comes back.  Geniuses!

PG&E is expecting to be held accountable for blowing up a San Bruno neighborhood and their PR machine is in full spin mode.  Talks have broken down between federal prosecutors and the company and in an SEC filing the company discloses that they expect to be criminally charged soon.

Chuck Reed can keep his text messages secret is the ruling from the 6th District Court of Appeals that overturned a trial court ruling that Chuck Reed could not keep his text messages secret.  Mr. Transparency strikes again.

6 million sign up for Obamacare…is it a success?  The Washington Post has the story and there are still 3 days to go.  The Merc’s other Tracy reports that more rules about the program have changed.

Docs gonna walk at VMC?  Santa Clara County mental health doctors are going mad over their crazy contract talks with the County.  Maybe they need a Martini?

TheSanJoseBlog tells us Chick-fil-A is bringing another one of their open minded and tolerant restaurants to San Jose.  Maybe the company president can shove one of those chicken sandwiches in his mouth after he removes his foot.

The Mercury News is reporting a suspicious dead body has been reported in a San Jose home; hopefully it is not No. 11.

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Daily Fetch 03.19.14: Khamis’ pants are on fire, Merc Ed Page goes dark, and Liccardo campaign brings on lobbyist to take charge…

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Just when you thought Councilmember Johnny Khamis couldn’t say anything stupider (ya, it’s a word)…Here’s Johnny!  JK at SJI keeps the pressure on Johnny and his overt attempt to game San Jose’s land use process to line his pockets.  Poor, confused, and unethical Khamis keeps on talking and the more he says the worse it gets.  He makes up a conversation with one Councilmember, who denies talking to Johnny, and admits that he sent his city council staff to get information on the property owner so he could contact the owner.  Since when is it legal to use a city funded staff person to track down real estate leads for a councilmember?

Johnny Khamis, liar, liar your pants are on fire…


Mercury News haters, it’s working, keep rubbing those rabbits feet, switching your change from one pocket to the other, and praying to the Gods of journalistic integrity for a daily paper that is not in Chuck Reed’s front, hip, or back pocket…because yesterday there was a cosmic event that may never happen again: On the same day Scott “Call me maybe” Herhold’s column took a siesta, the entire editorial page didn’t make it to print.  The buzz around water coolers everywhere in Silicon Valley was that the March 18th edition of the San Jose Mercury News, chock-full off 3 and ½ pages of dead people (obits) was the greatest edition ever printed.

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Sam, Madison, Pete, Chuckie, Pier, Johnny, Rose and the rest of the City Council, you know them, they are the outsiders wanting to be liked by the Mercury News, pulled out the biggest back scratcher they could find at yesterday’s City Council meeting and went to work trying to please the fledgling daily. Free parking to go with that free Wi-Fi to re-locate the dozen or so employees left at Ridder Park Drive to some gulag looking building in our urine filled and drug dealing rampant DTSJ.

Lagging in every poll that’s been made public, including his own, the Liccardo campaign is shuffling key campaign staff in its attempt to buy the Mayor’s office.  Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo has hired the former Rocketship Charter Schools lobbyist to “co-manage” his campaign…kicking his current campaign manager to the curb.  Maybe Ragan Henninger’s comment that cheating is…”what winners do” has taken its toll.  Duh Winning!

Lobbist Takes Charge of Sam Liccardo1

This “new report” about how to fix downtown San Jose looks eerily similar to this Strategic Action Plan or to this Future Vision Plan.  In other words, more of the same old textbook crap about DTSJ on the cusp of greatness.  Give us a b-r-e-a-k, enough talk and let’s see some action already.  DT has been sucking money from neighborhoods for years and every so often there is another “report” that basically says how close the DT is becoming to a real DT…fat chance.

Not until crime is under control and murders, like the 10th homicide that took place in DT last night, are curtailed will there be any change in our urine-stained city center.  Hey, Sam, how’s that cop hiring plan working?

San Jose Firefighters rescued a hiker who fell at Alum Rock Park yesterday.  The hiker had to be air lifted to the hospital as she fell down a steep incline in treacherous terrain. Hey, dammit, that’s what SJ needs to improve medical response times, a full on fleet of helicopters that could be buzzing around the city day and night and just pluck victims right off their front yards, or roofs and swoop them to the ER.  Expect to hear this proposal soon from City Hall.

It’s expensive to live in the Bay Area and in particular, Silicon Valley.  Rents are through the roof.  The City of Richmond has figured it out and is aiming to increase the minimum wage to the highest in the nation.  Good luck with that one, residents will just buy more sugary laden drinks with the extra coin.

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Daily Fetch 03.18.14: Councilmember Khamis Roller-Disco Fever, No. 9, Reed loses Pizzaro

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Beware if your last name starts with this sound and you get a call from Metro’s Josh Koehn because it ain’t gonna end well.  This time Khamis replaces Campos in this week’s crosshairs.  Councilmember Khamis thought it was good idea to try and game San Jose’s land use system so he and some investors could put some money in their pockets by leasing a roller skating rink.  Problem is, that whole conflict-of-interest thing of voting on stuff that will benefit you.  Koehn’s interview of Khamis is hilarious as the councilmember forgets to tell the truth and decides to wing it in his quest to bring back the 80’s roller disco he must be so fond of.

Johnny Roll Bounce Khamis

Roller Disco Wanna-Be Johnny Khamis and his antics to game San Jose’s land use process to profit is not the only March Madness taking place.  It’s bracket time.  Here is a primer for everyone at work that will do all they can to stay abreast of BB games and the march to the final four.

Another homicide reported this morning in San Jose, number 9 for those keeping score at home.

It’s certainly election time as San Jose finally starts to patrol its urine-stained and open air drug market riddled downtown with some po-po.  Any observer not running for their lives in broad daylight near St. James Park or along East Santa Clara Street has seen the deterioration of safety in DT.  It took an election for Mayor and a DT councilman down in the polls to finally do something about it.  Keep it classy San Jose.

Get ready for plenty of fart jokes caught on film and gross-out competitions as YouTube will be building a site for kids under 10 years old.

Lame (duck) Chuck must know his popularity is waning when the Merc’s Sal Pizzaro decides to take a swipe at him.  Pizzaro tries to make the case that the Office of Historic Preservation should protect one of the Century Domes off Winchester Avenue.  Chuckster disagrees and has penned a nasty-gram to those pesky preservationists trying to protect SJ’s heritage.  Like LBJ losing Cronkite during the Vietnam War, Chuck losing Pizzaro seals his historical fate…sort of the same, no?

The Merc’s TracEy Kaplan better hope she never lands in Judge Diane Ritchie’s courtroom for any reason.  Although if she did, she would probably be OK because, apparently, Ritchie is clueless and/or delusional…pick one.  The latest salvo has been fired in this piece that questions Ritchie’s ballot statement as false, misleading, or to put it in proper vernacular, the statement possibly includes a bunch of made up shi#.

Susan Abram from the Los Angeles Daily News reports that Covered California has over 1 million enrolled as the March 31 deadline is fast approaching that requires Americans to pay for health insurance or pay a fine.

Just in time for this election cycle, less financial disclosure of big money trying to impact campaigns brought to you by GOP legislators in Sacramento. Who cares who is trying to steal an election with secret money…

A jump to a statewide $12 dollar minimum wage won’t be on the ballot anytime soon as conservative advocate Ron Unz pulls a San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and quits his effort to push for the measure.

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Daily Fetch 02.27.14: County School Super De La Torre rips Bullis charter school a new one, SJ Inside freshens up, and the Merc may be headed to SJ’s urine-stained downtown

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

On his way out the door to Texas, County Superintendent De La Torre kicks Bullis Charter School in Los Altos right in the snot locker (we’ve been wanting to use that phrase for some time).  In the strongly worded letter, De La Torre says the school discriminates in its enrollment process and held a secret private meeting in violation of the Brown Act. does not stop there, they re-post a scathing article from Yes Magazine that exposes the corporate sponsored school reform movement that focuses on profiteering instead of education.  It is a good read.

Of course public school teacher unions could help themselves by agreeing to a more streamlined process to dismiss those that don’t belong in the classroom.  Just like any profession, there are knuckle-heads and incompetents that need a career change, so getting behind this latest effort in Sacramento to shed the dead wood in the teaching profession would be a smart move…Just sayin’.

Looks like Nate-Dog from the SV Business Journal knows where the Mercury News wants to move and dishes the details in this exclusive report. SJ’s urine-stained downtown may get another tenant to dodge the crooks and other drug dealers who set up each day to ply their trade.  Maybe the 3 or 4 reporters left at the paper should plug in the blog detailed below to find some joints to eat at if the paper makes the move.  The food options downtown have to be better than that tired food truck that parks by Lowes every now and then.

A new blog called Eating San Jose is up and running and should be a welcome addition to our local Cyber-world. Some cat named Dale is going to give us his take on the local grub scene, what there is of it, and do his best not to make comparisons to SF, well, because they have a food scene and it wouldn’t be a fair fight.  Looking forward to more from eatingsanjose.  H/T to thesanjoseblog.

SJ Inside’s Josh Koehn tweeted that SJD5 council candidate Magdalena Carrasco, once again, was anointed by the Chamber of Commerce in her quest to unseat Nora’s brother, Xavier.

And take a look at the newly designed SJ Inside.  Pretty clean look and pretty good story about Sacramento lobbyist Richie Ross and a bill owed to him by Assemblyman Paul Fong.  The hip looking blog also covers the SJ mayoral poll that put a smile on Dave Cortese’s face.

An early morning fire ripped through a 4-unit townhome near SJ’s Oak Grove High School.  Mark Gomez from the Merc has the story.

Tesla is on top.  Its Model S won top honors from Consumer Reports new car rankings that were just released.

The Model S maker is also in the news today with the announcement of its plans to drop $5 billion on a massive battery plant to slide its electric car to the masses.  The NY Times has the story.

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Daily Fetch 02.13.14: Is labor lackadaisical about SJ sales tax, Did the Mercury News, Sierra Club and Chamber of Commerce endorse Oliverio for Mayor? and High times in San Jose

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

It’s been a week since Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio ran a half-page ad in the Merc announcing his mayoral website address and that he would not hold fundraisers in his quest to be Mayor of SJ.  In the ad he pleaded for supporters to send him checks to help fund his campaign. (Checks? Jeesh, the self appointed Tech wizard doesn’t even have an online contribution link.)

plo endorsed by...?

To our surprise, Mayor “Meow” Oliverio announces on his website that he believes he has secured the endorsement of the Mercury News, the Chamber of Commerce, local realtors and the Sierra Club.  The Fetch has been asleep at the wheel, ‘cuz we missed reporting on these endorsements as has every other legitimate news organization, or maybe we didn’t and Oliverio, that sly little devil he is, decided to use an old website where those organizations previously endorsed him in another race. We’re sure he’s not trying to be sneaky with voters…more ethical behavior in a mayoral race that already includes one cheater.


Speaking of websites (this one legit), it’s about time Supervisor Cindy Chavez entered the digital world as her D-2 constituents will finally be able to log on to her county website and get some useful information.

And it looks like Chavez’s former employer, the South Bay Labor Council is not jumping for joy over the SV Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Mahood calling for raising San Jose’s sales tax.  This piece in TLH from Ben “Field of Dreams” could be a gut punch into the march toward more taxes…labor not falling all over themselves to embrace taxes is a new one…WTF?

More details have emerged about the latest early morning stabbing death in DT San Jose that took place within eyesight of City Hall.  KTVU has the latest info.

Fatal stabbings are unfortunately on the rise in Santa Clara County domestic violence incidents as the Merc’s TeK reveals in a real pick me up type of story in today’s daily.  A prosecutor named Dick (No, silly, not the DA) explains that domestic violence deaths are on the rise and that there is reason to be concerned, especially in the Latino community.  Jeff “I am the Law” Rosen will hold a press conference today to discuss the growing crisis and to reach out to the local Latino population and encourage them to report these types of crimes.

Shana Lynch of the SV Biz Journal unrolls the inner workings of a local Cannabis Club Mary-Jane dispensary and reveals some of the ins and outs of running a borderline illegal business.

Looks like Santa Clara County Schools Chief Xavier De La Torre is packing his bags and heading back to Texas.  The Ysleta Independent School District, on a contentious 4-3 vote, chose De La Torre to be its new superintendent.  And in an odd twist of irony, one of Ysleta’s schools just took a stand against bullying, a charge De La Torre has been trying to fend off for some time.  Good riddance.

Metro’s Josh Koehn takes his fascination with all things Campos to a new level as he parses words with a Sacramento spokesflak about a story that has created about as much buzz as a Virgin Banana Daiquiri at Chili’s.   Who cares?

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Daily Fetch 12.11.13: SJI’s Koehn drops a bomb, another Reed corporate giveaway, do we need weed?

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

San Jose Inside’s Josh Koehn dropped a bombshell this morning that reveals for the first time (alleged) involvement of Xavier Campos in a fictitious business scheme that one experienced political consultant commented on by saying, “There’s no legitimate political reason to do that” and added “It is somewhere between suspicious and corrupt.” For all the political wags who were waiting to see if another shoe was going to drop…Koehn drops a whole Payless Shoe Store instead.

San Jose Councilmembers continue to spin their wheels and spending their time on trying to figure out how to regulate Mary-Jane dispensaries.  It’s as if they have sampled the product because of the glacial pace they have tortuously meandered at to deal with this issue when clearly there are other priorities that demand their attention, ummm softball fields is one that comes to mind.


If the council lags too much longer on pot regulations the little green buds just might become legal as the Sac Bee reports.  According to the latest Field Poll a majority of Californians, for the first time, support legalization of the chronic.

Apparently, the Merc’s Mark Purdy may have inhaled some second hand smoke himself as he predicts that the A’s are still coming to San Jose.  He takes us on a plausible journey to get the A’s to San Jose but it’s a stretch.

It’s official; Larry Esquivel is now the Chief of Police in San Jose.  And Chuck Reed really knows how to welcome a guy.  At the end of this NBC piece, the Mayor does not voice a whole lot of confidence in SJ’s new top cop’s ability to solve the many problems confronting the police department.  The Fetch wishes the Chief luck as he begins what we hope will be a time of healing between City Hall and the rank and file (Why are you laughing? We’re being serious).

KTVU reports that the council completed their somersault from a zero percent raise in the summer during the bitter arbitration battle with SJ cops to approving an 11% raise yesterday, or pay restoration if you listen to the SJPOA spin machine.  Hopefully this will calm the waters and allow the new Chief some space to get to work.

Tracy Seipel covers a County Board of Supervisors vote to allow its ambulance provider Rural/Metro to use money it already paid into a trust fund to pay first responder fees while it remains in bankruptcy.  Seipel says the company is meeting its response time requirements but is still racking up millions in fines, makes perfect sense to us, NOT.

A busy bee Seipel is as she also reported on the 25,000 paper applications yet to be processed by Covered California because they need to be done on-line.  Wait times are increasing for those that have waited to sign up for health insurance and this latest paper to web glitch is sure to delay coverage for many.

The Sierra Club has endorsed Congressman Mike Honda in his fight to stay elected in a hotly contested race against challenger Ro Khanna.  The Club said in this Huff Post piece that, “Mike Honda has consistently stuck up for the environment in Congress, making sure that Americans can count on clean air and water wherever they live.”

The County should take some lessons from the City of San Jose when it comes to corporate handouts.  Playing the role of Santa Clause, Chuck Reed is poised to hand out a Christmas stocking stuffer to the tune of $31 million dollars to his developer friends by slashing the Traffic Impact Fee for his beloved North San Jose build out.  Page 6 of this Memo from outgoing Planning Director Joe Horwedel spells out the handout stuffed onto the year-end city council agenda on the 17th.

The new guy at the Merc tells readers that the SJ City Council is passing on placing a sales tax increase before voters to bolster city services.  Instead the council voted to begin drafting a measure to raise taxes to support libraries.  Happiest man in San Jose this morning has to be Peter J. Allen, II since he won’t need to try and figure out how many voter signatures are actually needed to place the measure on the ballot.

The NRA makes good on its pledge to sue Sunnyvale for trying to prevent gun tragedies.  The gun advocacy group and a local gun shop owner filed suit to overturn common sense gun control measures passed by Sunnyvale voters in the last election.  Josh Richman has the story.

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Daily Fetch 11.26.13: Shame at SJSU

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

The Spartan Daily gives a comprehensive run-down of the latest developments in a hate crime case that is being covered around the world.  KTVU provides additional coverage of the NAACP and other community groups calling for felony charges to be made against the four (alleged) dipsh#@s who say they were just playing around.


SJSU President Mo Qayoumi steps up and admits that the university and he himself had failed the victim and pledged to get to the bottom of how this could happen on a college campus that many believed was a beacon of tolerance and inclusion.

And talk about bad timing for this puff piece.  Qayoumi gives this interview to the SV Biz Journal, we presume well before his campus imploded, that talks about what a wonderful world we live in.

The Merc ed board wants the public to know that DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen struggled with the misdemeanor charges against the defendants.  Maybe if the idiots charged in the case had ripped off some money the charges would have been increased to felonies, like the case below?

Judge Griffin Bonini denied a motion from “likety spit” Shirakawa’s attorney requesting to seal GJ transcripts that have already seen the light of day when SJ Inside published them this past Friday.  The transcripts reveal…ummm…nothing new but are an interesting read nonetheless.

Here are the highlights:

  • Some campaign hangers-on talk about how much they don’t know about campaigns and that they think their political opponents were mean to them (Lisa Jensen and Omar Torres).
  • The Prosecutor, who made a campaign contribution to the victim in the case, focused on a campaign contribution to Shirakawa that was made after the despicable hit piece was sent but not on any campaign contributions made before the mail was sent. (Soon to depart DA Karyn Sinunu and her hubby were financial supporters of Magdalena Carrasco)
  • Assemblymember Nora Campos testifies that she contributed to Shirakawa to retire his campaign debt.  No testimony was given or evidence presented to the GJ that contradicts her testimony.
  • The Metro’s Josh Koehn hustles.  He has run circles around the competition on this story and has continued to break news on this topic, even when there appears not to be much of it.

And Xavier “I should have drank a fifth when I took it” Campos unleashes his legal team to defend his actions before the GJ.  Heavy hitters James McManis and Gregory Ward remind everyone that it’s ok to not answer questions from a prosecutor that supported your political opponent.

In a first, San Jose has something that another South Bay city wants to emulate.  Palo Alto wants to turn food scraps and other waste into renewable energy.

Tech giants are in the running for billions in education dollars as “Common Core” invades your student’s classroom.  It may not be long before our entire education system revolves around a student looking at a screen all day in a lab environment with 50 students per teacher, oh, sorry, that may be already happening at some Rocketship charter schools.

What else is Rocketship trying to hide?  Here is a Letterman type list of the Top 7, sorry not 10, things that Rocketship doesn’t want you to know.

High-speed rail has flown off the tracks as a California judge has ruled that the project be halted.  This latest setback to the troubled choo-choo is covered by SF Gate and will surely add a lengthy delay to the train wreck of a project.

President Obama travelled to SF to get beyond the yelling in DC only to get yelled at in SF. The CC Times tells us about the student who thought it was a good idea to interrupt the Obama ” I have not done shi#” Immigration Apology Tour.

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