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Daily Fetch 02.24.14: Lew Wolff loves Chuck Reed Spit-Take Alert, Homelessness hounds politicians and the Lama was in the house

Monday, February 24th, 2014

The Dalai Lama packed the house in Berkeley yesterday as 3,000 people listened to the Lama himself talk about love, oneness with humanity and other flower power ideas.

Google wants to make it as easy as possible to connect to the internet at Wi-Fi hot-spots.  It’s testing a new app for IOS and Android to allow users phones to automatically connect without the hassle of tapping on your screens.

Spit-Take Alert…Spit-Take Alert…Spit-Take Alert

Oakland A’s and SJ Earthquakes owner Lew Wolff loves him some Chuck Reed.  We threw up a little in our mouths this morning as we read Lew describe Reed as flat out the bestest, greatest Mayor San Jose has ever had in this Merc letter to the editor.  We’re sure the massive subsidies to assist Wolff move his A’s to San Jo’, suing MLB, or Reed pushing through his soccer stadium had nothing to do with it.

lew wolff loves chuck

The Chron’s Carla Marinucci writes about a defining political issue that is sure to permeate campaigns at the local, state and federal level.  The plight of the working poor who are homeless is growing and some politicians are taking notice.

Exacerbating the challenge many homeless face, the San Jose Blog via the SJ Business Journal reports that apartment rents are going up again in San Jose.  In fact, the SJ Metro market ranked second in the nation in the percentage rate increase boosting the average monthly rental unit to a whopping $2,153.

With monthly rents skyrocketing in San Jose and Republican stalwarts like Ron Unz, and Pay-Pal founder Peter Thiel saying the minimum wage should go up to $12 per hour, local labor leaders are kicking themselves for not raising San Jose’s minimum past $10 per hour.  Will there be a push to go higher?

In San Jose, the city council is poised to take action to alleviate the spike in homelessness to the tune of $1 million dollars when it votes to house the homeless in motels and hotels in the latest election year fix from city hall.

The Merc’s Internal Affairs crew phoned it in this week with a column full of rehashes cobbled together from the Fetch and SJ Inside about the County School Superintendent leaving for Texas and SJ Councilman Don Rocha getting an opponent.

Congressman Mike Honda is the piñata and Scott “Tool Time” Herhold has a Louisville Slugger in hand as the Merc publishes the latest installment of “Tool Times” straw grasp series titled: “Honda is not Pete Stark so I can’t call him raving mad or even nuts so I will continue to nit pick Honda on anything I can to try and give the multi-millionaire’s choice, Ro Khanna, a fighting chance to unseat Honda so I (I meaning Herhold, stay with us) can once again feel like a kingmaker”.  Whew!

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Daily Fetch 12.17.13: Is Wolff a fox?, Netflix flicks NIMBY’s…again, & the Merc’s new guy says it takes the po-po 20 min. to respond to crime in SJ…WTF!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Is Wolff crazy like a Fox?  The Merc’s Mathew Artz reports that the Wolff has cracked the door a little bit on keeping the A’s in Oakland.  Not the glitzy waterfront option revealed a few days ago, but instead, right where they are now in a new stadium.  This news might make Reed up-Chuck.

On the same day that Scott “call me maybe” Herhold tosses Cantaloupe sized softball questions at outgoing SJ City Manager Deb Figone promoting what a great job she did at the helm, there’s the front page story by the new guy at city hall that tells the real tale of the Figone reign.   (Apparently) San Jose’s crime rate is soaring, arrests are plummeting and if you call in an attempted rape or a gang fight be ready to wait for over 20 minutes for the understaffed po-po to get there.  Arrests have dropped by 50% and emergency calls for service have shot up to over 450,000 per year.  That’s Figone’s true legacy.

This all has taken place since Cluck Reed and his council supporters took office and now the race to replace Cluck is underway.  Soooo, what do the mayoral candidates say they will do to make sure a victim calling the po-po to respond to an attempted rape does not have to wait 20-minutes for the po-po to come?



According to, Rocketman Liccardo’s lobbyist spouse may soon be working for the largest school district in Santa Clara County.  The anti-Rocketship website tells the tale of the aggressive expansion plans of the fledgling charter school experiment and how one nation, no really, a nation apologized for privatizing its education system.

San Jose’s City Council is poised to waive its living wage policy for baristas at the proposed Starbucks to be located in the long dormant City Hall retail space. SJ Inside has the Venti, or big, story here.

Los Gatos NIMBY’s have been dealt another blow in their quest to derail the Netflix expansion in their town.  The SVBJ reports that a Superior Court Judge has ruled that Netfix’s new digs are consistent with the town’s general plan.  But wait, a lawsuit on paint color of the new HQ could be on the way…

Let’s just hope its not lead paint, as another Superior Court Judge has put the hammer down on Sherwin-Williams, ConAgra and NL Industries (formerly National Lead Co.) for using the lead paint when they knew it was dangerous to kids.  Those companies must pay $1.1 billion to establish a fund that the state will manage to remove lead paint from homes in 10 cities and counties.  Santa Clara County will see close to $100 million from the fund after the inevitable appeal.

Calbuzz goes a little deeper into what makes Ro Khanna tick in this interview with the congressional wanna-be intent on ousting the liberal lion, Mike Honda.

Local congressional delegation members, Eshoo, Honda and Lofgren pen this piece for the San Mateo Daily Journal honoring SV’s open space districts.  The three also renew their commitment to protecting the environment and the great outdoors.

Stop snooping on everyone.  That is the order from a Judge to the NSA that has sent reverberations through the Obama White House.

The US Senate is poised to pass a two-year budget deal…that is not a typo.  Reuters has the story.

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Daily Fetch 12.09.13: Selig delivers 10 count to Reed and Wolf, Campos caper continues and what is SBLC’s Raj into?

Monday, December 9th, 2013

MLB’s Bud Selig delivered a debilitating right hook to Cluck Reed’s effort to bring the A’s to SJ, and the ten count has been going on since June.  A mere days before SJ filed its lawsuit trying to overturn MLB’s anti-trust exemption, A’s co-owner Lew Wolf received a letter either denying the move or saying go back to the chalk board and try again.  The Dear John letter has not been released just yet.

Bud Selig knocks out Chuck Reed

Did Lew Wolf inform Mayor Reed of the decision?  If Reed knew of the decision why did he keep it a secret since June?  Was the rejection letter the reason for the lawsuit?  Who else on the city council may have known about the existence of the letter?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Whatever happened to all that transparency and open government stuff…

The fallout continued this past Friday when news broke that the campaign of Xavier “I should have drank a 5th before I took it” Campos (apparently) paid for all the fixin’s of a fraudulent flyer that wrongfully attacked his opponent Magdalena Carrasco as a communist sympathizer in their 2010 city council race.  Josh Koehn from SJ Inside has the details about a story that keeps putting a smile on Carrasco’s face and we wonder if Campos will give another interview to NBC to explain this one?

The Daily Caller reports on a Santa Clara County employee that was reprimanded for criticizing Obamacare…seriously?  The question is, who hasn’t criticized some aspect of Obamacare and the roll out of health care dot gov?  This is just silly.

SJ Councilmember Don Rocha wants some answers to how the city spends its money and is using the recent police officer raises that the council will consider to spur the conversation.  He’s calling for a sales tax increase and Mayor Reed and two that want to replace him, VM Nguyen and CM Herrera are saying no to a sales tax and yes to a library tax.  Should make for some interesting comments at tomorrow’s council meeting.

The Merc Ed Board thinks Judge LaDoris Cordell is a good choice to figure out what went seriously wrong with SJSU’s inability to identify and stop the violent, hate-filled episode that has stained its campus.

South Bay Labor Council’s Dennis Raj is profiled in the SV Biz Journal and reveals he is into Omnilingualism.  Hey, get your mind out of the gutter people, omnilingualism isn’t that, it would allow everyone on the planet to interact with each other without language as a barrier, jeesh.

The SV Biz Journal has more lists covering just about everything in 2013.  Women owned businesses to patent recipients to wineries and wealthiest zip codes…duh, Atherton.  Check out the latest teaser promoting the, you guessed it, Book of Lists scheduled to be published on December 27.

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Daily Fetch 6.27.13: Sheriff Smith endorses Chavez and Metro Newspaper backs Alvarado…

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Chuck Gillingham’s online petition asking the publisher of the Metro Newspaper to stop partnering with and profiting from prostitution ads has cracked 1,000 signatures.  We wonder if Teresa Alvarado has signed the petition that wants to put an end to the hooker ads…BTW, Metro/San Jose Inside has endorsed Alvarado for County Supervisor.metroheartsteresa

In other D-2 endorsement news, Sheriff Laurie Smith has announced that she’s backing labor leader Cindy Chavez for County Supervisor.  For those keeping score this week that’s County Supervisor Board President Ken Yeager and County Sheriff Laurie Smith for Chavez versus Metro with their classified ad provider for Alvarado.

Tracy Seipel made it back out on the campaign trail yesterday and does her best to make her readers believe that there’s little difference between Democratic Darling Cindy Chavez and GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado…tell that to Charles Munger and Mike Honda.

Next thing you know, DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen’s office will be telling us that the Monte Soreno murder victim isn’t really dead after all or that “lickety spit” Shirakawa’s DNA is somehow involved.

Stanford has been named the smartest city in America…wait Stanford is it’s own city? Wikipedia begs to differ

Oakland is desperately hoping that some land settlement will convince the Oakland hating A’s to stay…Lew Wolff says don’t bet on it.

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden has been “elevated” to the world rose garden hall of fame…Woohoo!

BART to San Jose has encountered a wee little problem known as the Hayward Fault.

Milpitas’s Elmwood Correctional Complex had to go on lockdown yesterday due to the laundry catching on fire.

Sunnyvale’s City Council voted Tuesday to put a gun control initiative on the ballot this November.

Apple allowed Cupertino to have a meeting on the environmental impact of the Tech giant’s plans to build a spaceship.

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Daily Fetch 3.22.13: Bad news for the A’s, Giants rejoice, Lew Wolff cool as a cucumber…

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Earlier in the week, there was good news for the Santa Clara 49ers stadium deal as a judge ruled in their favor regarding an arcane, $30 million Redevelopment issue.  Well, it’s the San Jose A’s day for news, and it isn’t as good.  The State Controller ruled that San Jose screwed up when it shuffled Redevelopment land to a different part of the City.  Don’t worry San Jose A’s fans, Lew Wolff isn’t concerned

Last week, San Jose Inside looked into some strange (and large) contributions to local, labor-run campaigns from the Valley Medical Center Foundation and the Santa Clara Family Health Foundation and how they may have been funneled to candidate races… Now, San Jose Councilmembers Johnny Khamis and Pete Constant want the City Attorney to look into it.

Speaking of San Jose Inside, Rich Robinson uses space to say that we should all leave George Shirakawa alone and let him get his life back together.

Daily Fetch 2.21.13: “MLB gives A’s tentative guidelines…” But don’t look for this story in the Merc…

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

It isn’t budgets or layoffs leading the news in San Jose, it’s baseball and homeless encampments…

To baseball, where something/s seems to be happening with the A’s move to San Jose…

On the one hand, former San Jose employee Deanna Santana, who is now the City Administrator of Oakland, “…mistakenly accused him [Lew Wolff] of releasing a letter stating his desire for a short-term lease extension at the Coliseum complex to “the newspaper” but not to the city, county or coliseum authority officials…”  The only problem with Santana’s statement is that it is just untrue.  It turns out Santana just didn’t check her email in December… Seriously…

And then there’s this… although you’ll have to click through to the LA Times to get the actual story because it doesn’t appear to have been picked up by the Merc:  MLB gives A’s tentative guidelines for potential move to San Jose.

To homeless encampments… Specifically the encampment near/next to the Guadalupe River Park.  It’s growing, it’s large, and neighbors aren’t happy.  The encampments have also captured the attention, and imagination, of Scott Herhold who writes how the encampments are a “modern version of Depression-era encampments…”  Scott Herhold, the new Steinbeck?

While you digest the baseball news and the encampment coverage, you should know that San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed does not want to be considered and Olympic city because it’s too expensive.  He’s probably right, but he is also kind of a buzz kill, don’t you think?

It is pretty safe to say that Stanford had a very good year of fundraising last year… becoming the first school to raise a billion dollars in one year… Of course, that hasn’t curbed tuition at all.

Daily Fetch 10.19.12: The biggest crime story of the year: Chuck’s ticket or File Gate?

Friday, October 19th, 2012

John Woolfolk has been doing some follow-up on the biggest crime story of the year… with Sean Webby gone, someone has to:  Police Officers, dispatchers cheered San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s ticket.  Imagine if they caught him doing something really bad, like j-walking…

Wait, we spoke too soon:  Tracy Seipel is following the biggest crime (?) story of the year:  Shirakawa mission campaign reports case handed over to Santa Clara County DA… Well, we have a feeling that Chuck Reed’s ticket will be far less expensive, both politically and in real dollars, than Shirakawa’s File Gate…

The Shirakawa political hit may have already started… Darcie Green got appointed to the County Board of Education over Shirakawa’s choice:  Javier Gonzalez.

Speaking of people who opposed the minimum wage increase (that’s you Javier)… Lew Wolff doesn’t like Measure D either.

Our email is burning up with traffic from Santa Clara (Mission City Lantern where are you?).  The Mission City is abuzz with speculation in the Santa Clara Weekly publisher’s column that an unnamed councilmember is cajoling and threatening people who signed the ad to oppose Chris Stampolis for school board.  As we do not believe that the councilmember is the infamous Lord Voldemort, we are not afraid to call out his name (the almost infamous Kevin Moore), which we did a few days ago.

If that news wasn’t sexy enough… Santa Clara might get a Super Bowl, but:

At a news conference in San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee and other city leaders unveiled official marketing materials led by a logo that shows Golden Gate Bridge-style football goal posts featuring the title “SF Super Bowl.” They boasted of the need to bring the “world-class event to a world-class city,” unveiled the website and had an opera singer belt out “I left My Heart in San Francisco.”

Finally, in some very funny political endorsement writing… the Merc endorsed Jim Beall and Jerry Hill for State Senate (sorry Joe and Sally), and then they had this to say about Paul Fong:  Reluctantly, we recommend re-electing Paul Fong.

Daily Fetch 9.18.12: Chris Moore, we hardly knew you…

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Ok, we had a case of the Mondays yesterday, so let’s catch up quick.

Either because of the Mayor’s traffic ticket or because of the soon-to-be-gone sick-leave payouts or because of the rising crime rate or because of a combination of all these things… San Jose’s Police Chief is stepping down in JanuaryHerhold provides some perspective… (Oh, the Chief may want to spend more time with family too…)

Tonight crime will take center stage for policy makers and others… There will be a study session in San Jose and there will be different kind of public safety meeting hosted by the San Jose Police Officers’ Association.  This marks the official start of silly season in San Jose.

Lew Wolff is worried that any further delay by Major League Baseball giving him the nod to move his team to San Jose could screw everything up.  That sucks… or is this just a Wolff tactic to prevent Major League Baseball from stalling further?  Who the hell knows…

In other local sports news, the NHL season could be over before it even began.  And Chuck Reed thought San Jose had trouble between Management and Unions…

In local political news… The Mercury Editorial Board would like you to vote for Rose Herrera in November.  (Protect San Jose would not like that… Neither would Rich Robinson…)  Protect may  not like the endorsement, but they will like the Editorial Board’s comments on pay increases:  If it [Measure B] survives, unsustainable pension costs will decrease, leaving more tax dollars to raise current salaries and hire more employees, particularly in the police department.

Daily Fetch 5.25.12: “We’re coming for you Bud Selig…” – Luv, Chuck

Friday, May 25th, 2012

We know politics is the topic of the day, but the Chronicle interviewed San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed about baseball, and there are some gems.

  • The City of San Jose has “certainly thought about” suing MLB to challenge their antitrust exemption…
  • Reed said, “What the Giants are doing is very anti-competitive…”  We know what he means, but the grammar is a not very great… Very anti-competitive is like being a little pregnant…
  • Lew Wolff is meeting with Clorox CEO Don Knauss about some Oakland business folk intention to buy the team, which his not for sale…

Well, the money is pouring into the Measure B (pension modification measure) in San Jose.  Over a $1 million so far according to campaign reports (reported by the Merc…)  Of course, that doesn’t include the anti-Rose Herrera spending, which would increase that total considerably… More on that below…

In other political money news, if you thought Joe Simitian was going to coast into office without a fight, then you don’t know Diddly (or Barry Chang)… Barry Chang’s wife ‘loaned’ the Chang campaign $80,000!  This will not get Barry Chang into a run-off, we predict, but it is an interesting factoid.  (Remember, he’s the guy the Merc Editorial Board called “fanatical”… and not in a good way…)

The irony in this story is just too good to pass up passing along:  Police use stun gun in brawl behind Zen Lounge A brawl at Zen Lounge… really?  (Kudos for Nick Veronin at The Voice for getting the word “donnybrook” into the story…)

To the blogs…

Rich Robinson forgets the number one rule of magic, never give away your secrets.  His piece:  How people hide political contributions… He left out the obvious example happening right now:  having each individual union that is part of the South Bay Labor Council do their own hit on Rose Herrera so it doesn’t look like the South Bay Labor Council proper is spending all that money… Right Rich?

Speaking of Rose Herrera, if you’d like to see the latest anti-Rose piece, Protect San Jose will be happy to show you.  We aren’t sure when or where Protect strayed from the original intent of their blog, but whatever:


Daily Fetch 5.18.12: Good news for Facebook, horrible news for HP

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Is something happening with Facebook today?  We can’t tell… (For “our” coverage, head over the San Mateo side of the blog, sorry Palo Alto…)

And while the San Mateo County side of blog goes public today… Palo Alto takes a brunt of the bad news today.  Palo Alto is the former home of Facebook, but it is also the home of Hewlett Packard, where “huge job cuts” are rumored.  Ouch.  Don’t worry HP engineers, Facebook is hiring…

While technology is the big news today, something more past-time-y is also newsworthy today.  Bud Selig said something yesterday, but it didn’t amount to much.  One thing appears certain, Lew Wolff is hot-to-trot on downtown San Jose.

Remember the story earlier in the week about graves being moved from underneath Valley Med… Well, here’s a human interest story for you from Mike Rosenberg:

Ana Silva always told everyone her mother was buried in a cheap box at a pauper’s grave under a county hospital during the days when fruit-pickers settled in the Santa Clara Valley. Her family believed her, but no one else did — not the county, not the hospital. Silva died without giving her mother’s remains a proper Catholic burial.

To the blogs…

Rich Robinson is now the spokesperson for the labor movement, Sheriff Laurie Smith, no on Measure B, and high-speed rail and is using San Jose Inside as his sounding board.

Also on San Jose Inside, they (and Metro) endorse Rose Herrera, and Pierluigi Oliverio, Ash Kalra

Protect San Jose (San Jose Police Officers’ Association) is having a scholarship dinner tonightThe Daily Fetch will buy the ticket for Rose Herrera if she is interested in going…