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Daily Fetch 01.08.14: Chuck Reed; A boy named Sue, “Raging Grannies” in Los Altos, and Ro Khanna-not be serious

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Is Chuck Reed really a boy named Sue?  This Johnny Cash song comes to mind when we think of the litany of litigation that follows Chuck, or umm, we mean Sue.

a reed named sue

Reed is suing the FPPC over the $1 dollar fine (not a typo) imposed for illegally funneling $100K to Rose Herrera during her 2012 council race, he’s suing Major League Baseball over the A’s, he’s sued the state over Redevelopment, and now is threatening to sue California’s Hottie AG, Kamala Harris, over the description of his pension grab initiative.  Reed started to whine almost immediately about the 100 words that signature gatherers would have to show potential signers and then pulled out a staple of his political bag of tricks…he may Sue to try and get his way although most political observers say the AG played it right down the middle.

The Swine Flu has claimed another life in the Bay Area.  KGO-7 has the story here and the Chron has it here.  Wash your hands people and there’s still time to get the flu shot.  Oh, and if you are sick, stay home and don’t be a trooper and come in to work and cough and sneeze all over the rest of us.

Join the Raging Grannies as they spearhead a pro-choice march on January 22 in downtown Los Altos.  The American Association of University Women and the Santa Clara County Pro-Choice Community are co-sponsoring the event.

Looks like the money race for SJ Mayor is becoming clearer as sources are telling the Fetch that Cortese came in at $175K, Herrera bagged $50K and Pete “quadruple dip” Constant nabbed $25K.

Don’t get wigged out if you see this bad hair day bandit in line with you at your local bank…instead, call 911 and hope that you are not in San Jose because by the time the po-po get there this thief will have had a full make-over and will not look like he, or she, did while in line.

Congressional wanna-be Ro Khanna pens this indictment of Congress for the Merc and if he wins, he will be about as welcome in Congress as Chuck Reed is at a Labor Day picnic.  Khanna is either disingenuous or naïve when it comes to the motivation of some of his campaign funders, Ro can’t honestly believe that all of his big money backers are not trying to curry some favor from him after opening up their wallets and making him the fundraising leader.

Sacramento Democrats, led by Senate leader Darrel Steinberg want every California four-year old to be in a “high quality, voluntary transitional kindergarten”.  The $990 million dollar program was announced yesterday and would tap the state budget surplus to pay for it.

The LA Times reports that the state took in 8% more tax revenue over the last six months than what was projected, $2 billion dollars more.  Jerry Brown is set to announce his state budget for next year at the end of the week and this must have been a welcome piece of good news.

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Daily Fetch 11.27.13: Herrera serves up a big Turkey, Reed retreats on pension reform, and is it 1999 again?

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Rose Herrera serves up this Turkey for maximum comedic value.

rose herrera springs a turkey

The Fetch informed our loyal readers last June that the lawn sign stealer’s wife, remember that fiasco, was planning a run for Mayor.  We chuckled when we heard the news as well, but yesterday Rose officially announced the hilarity and San Jose Inside has the skinny.  Herrera’s focus for SJ will be; ““As Mayor—and in my campaign—I’ll focus on issues that affect real people, like getting ballfields built for our kids…” Seriously folks, is this really, really the best SJ can do?  Ball fields…really?

While Rose will be working to build ball fields, another neighborhood is on edge after a fatal shooting in a city park.  NBC Bay Area has the story.

Protect San Jose prints a statement from Supervisor Dave Cortese that takes a couple of swipes at City Hall and urges the po-po to take the deal struck with the city over pay.  Fetch wonders if PSJ will allow all the mayoral candidates, even the Turkey’s, to have their statements on this topic published…?

Not all Mayors want what Cluck Reed wants.  The Merc’s new guy at City Hall writes about mounting opposition to the Reed initiative to slash retirement security for the middle-class.  And the Huffington Post wants readers to know the truth about California’s Pension Slashers.

Oh, and we almost forgot.  FETCH EXCLUSIVE: Cluck Reed is on the retreat again as his lawyer petitioned the court hearing the Measure B case and has sought another delay in implementing the controversial retirement security grab.  Now Cluck and his crew want any start of Measure B to be no sooner than July 2014, if the court rules that the measure is constitutional.  Thanks to our spies for the tip.

NASDAQ broke through the 4,000 mark yesterday as housing, retail and tech surged.  Can you say B-U-B-B-L-E?  The NY Times seems to think a face full of bubble gum may be headed our way.

In a piece published today, the NYT says Silicon Valley may be repeating history and Bill Gurley, one of the valley’s top VC’s, tweeted this: “Man, it feels more and more like 1999 every day,” “Risk is being discounted tremendously.”

HP made some money this past quarter after bleeding money the past year and their stock was higher in after hours trading.

The City of Los Altos has a new Mayor and Mayor pro tem.  Megan Satterlee was appointed unanimously by the 5-member council and Jan Pepper, who is not a doctor, is the new number 2.  Congratulations.

Be careful where you walk in SJ.  A San Jose woman became the 24th pedestrian killed in 2013.  That’s the most since 2006.


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Daily Fetch 9.19.13: Reed scratches developer’s backs, it stinks in @ColiseumSewage, and Hunsweck’s a hunk…

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

It didn’t take long before Chuck Reed could scratch developer’s backs for scratching his.  SJ Inside reports that Reed will push to lower developer fees for traffic impacts.  Developers opened their checkbooks wide when the Mayor called to raise money to go after public employees, looks like it was a good investment for the developers.

We’re sure Barry Swenson will take advantage of lower development fees as the SJ Biz Journal reports his company will topple Tico’s Tacos in DT San Jose and revitalize the area.

Something smells in Oakland and it ain’t the A’s as they head to the playoffs, but their stadium sure smells as NBC Bay Area reports.  NBC also reports that a new Twitter handle has popped up @ColiseumSewage – whose motto was “overflowing with love for the Oakland A’s.

SJ Inside showcases Assembly Candidate Michael Hunsweck’s video introduction to voters in the 28th AD, it is funny.

Carrie Nation, um, we mean Karen “Nation” de Sa’, sharpens her hatchet and swings at SJ Councilmember Xavier Campos.  Using a perennial losing candidate and a rumor mill Karen “Nation” de Sa’ pieces together a fine piece of journalism as she does everything she can to trash Campos, who is not helping himself by staying silent.

The Town of Los Gatos has placed restrictions on gun shops and it appears to have created a catfight amongst gun enthusiast and those not wanting to get shot.  Maybe both sides can take the debate to a local Starbucks and talk it out…Ooops, forgot, that won’t work, as Starbucks has asked all its customers to leave their guns at home before rolling in to get a Pumpkin Frappuccino.

The City of Los Altos is joining an amicus brief to appeal the Lehigh cement plant expansion.  Los Altos Online brings us the story.

Pete “quadruple dip” Constant gets an earful on Facebook from Tim Ramos for being at a DC conference about curtailing fat pensions.

Pete Constant goes to Washington

Fetch Tech Bureau

Do Facebook ads pay off?  Facebook says they do and has launched a new tool for marketers to track their effectiveness.

Bloomberg, the publication not the Mayor, tells us Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to offer jobs to engineers interested in working directly for him on an a self-driving car.  How cool is that?  Here’s his Tweet:

“Intense effort under way at Tesla to develop a practical autopilot system for Model S,” said Musk, 42. “Engineers interested in working on autonomous driving, pls email Team will report directly to me.”

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Daily Fetch 5.21.13: Football players want to touch you and Ash Kalra thinks SJ should stop its war on employees

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

A guy walks into a pizza joint and walks out with all the dough…no, not the cash…the dough. Thank god Los Altos PD’s sketch artist has enough time on his or her hands to do a composite of this obviously “dangerous” individual.

Merc sports editor/writer Mark Purdy says football players want to touch you…no, not like that…get your mind out of the gutter people.

Union spokesperson and San Jose Councilperson Ash Kalra writes in the Merc that it’s time for the city (Chuck Reed) to stop its war on employees. And today the city council is poised to spend another $1 million on outside legal counsel to defend Measure B and continue its war on employees.  What’s $2 million when you’re broke?

Looks like Santa Clara County’s Valley Medical Center is in the news for something smart; being innovative and technologically savvy, we swear.  Moving into the 21st century is a great thing.

Speaking of sports the broke as hell CSU system is going to vote today on whether to renovate San Jose State’s Spartan stadium.

Victory for the gumshoes at San Jose Inside. They won in court the right to read all the emails from those evil people who like to give kids and poor people health insurance.   Yay!

Palo Alto’s City Council wants to buy it’s own post office and Mt. View wants to save an old shack.

Governor Brown has expanded upon his “shit happens” view expressed early in the month regarding the Bay Bridge and now says the State will make the bridge safe before it opens. Thank you Governor Moonbeam.

Goodbye, Bay Citizen. Hello, Center for Investigative Journalism.

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Daily Fetch 12.3.12: Happy P-Card Monday to Y’all…

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Did anyone notice any unusual weather this weekend?

We’re used to hearing from the San Jose Police Chief (and the good folks at Protect San Jose) about staffing shortages and what that means for San Jose residents… but the big stink is about the staffing shortages at the Wastewater Control Plant in San Jose… John Woolfolk takes a look.

Speaking of San Jose PD voicing their concern over staffing, Peter Delevett is back at the typewriter (do they still use typewriters?) to pen a piece about how the rising homicide rate in San Jose this year (43) is causing all manner of finger-pointing

While we’re on SJPD… Internal Affairs had a story this weekend about how a special unit within the Department wanted to put two criss-crossed assault rifles behind a skull… Good PR.  While we’re on IA:  Councilmember Pierluigi’s “I want this guy for Police Chief” piece on San Jose Inside apparently struck a nerve with City Manager Deb Figone and IA proves once again that they read San Jose Inside by talking about possible successors to Supervisor “P-Card” Shirakawa…

Speaking of P-Cards, the Merc Editorial Board writes an(other) obvious editorial:  Santa Clara needs to enforce P-Card rules.  The “political lynching” continues… (Just kidding y’all, we don’t think this is a lynching…)

If the words “confidential” and “controversial” are in a story about Los Altos, then you better read it.  This one is juicy.  It involves the release of a Memo about a (allegedly) flawed process to sell a valuable piece of City land in Los Altos.  Good times

Finally, a big shout-out to the previously un-shut-out-worthy San Jose State Spartans football team… They are going to the Military Bowl on December 27th in Washington, DC.  See you at RFK

Daily Fetch 11.13.12: Which high-profile Silicon Valley leader had a colonoscopy yesterday?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Ok, it’s a big day.  Why?  Because it’s the day after Carl Guardino’s much Tweeted-about Colonoscopy?  Why was Carl’s Colonoscopy much Tweeted-about?  We have no idea, but it was.  Enjoy:

From the other side of the labor/management divide, but a little less medical, Cindy Chavez wrote a piece for the Mercury News about what a great success labor’s political efforts were last Tuesday.  She neglects to mention Rose Herrera’s campaign, but we’ll forgive her for the oversight…

Back to the management side of the ledger, one former tech big wig is finding himself in some seriously hot water (wishing his biggest problem was a Colonoscopy…):  The founder of McAfee is wanted for (alleged) murder in Belize.

By now you may have read that there are 20 or so states what want to secede from the Union… but did you know there is a Santa Clara County version of this?  Yup… Los Altos might want to leave the Santa Clara County Library District.

Daily Fetch 4.4.12: Stories for the very rich…

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Things for very rich people are really good these days… which means the San Jose City Council approved more general aviation options for the west side of SJC yesterday. Get your space for your jet now! (Oliverio chimed in on Inside…)

While we’re on very rich people… A fire in Los Altos burned up a detached garage. The garage was bigger than most people’s homes: 3,000 square feet and was to be a 6-car garage.

Finally, to people who used to be very rich… Yahoo! is laying off (another) 2,000 people

Daily Fetch 2.1.12: Billions, Thousands, and Millions…

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Facebook… (IPO filing today.)  ”A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool?… A billion dollars.”

From big news about billions of dollars, to small news about thousands. That’s because yesterday was the first campaign finance filing deadline for candidates running for office in June. The newsy-est news comes from San Jose where there is an open/contested seat for District 10, currently Nancy Pyle’s district. Johnny Khamis and Robert Braunstein lead the pack with money, followed distantly by presumed front-running San Jose Unified’s Leslie Reynolds and Brian O’Neill. There are other folks running, but they didn’t raise any money.

To news about millions… millions lost, that is. Oakland is in deep shit, and not just because it is successfully being Occupied, but because their Redevelopment Agency, like the rest of them, is gone. And it was the Redevelopment Agency that was going to foot the bill for their “Victory Court” ballpark… Those plans are off the drawing board now and the San Jose A’s get closer and closer to opening day

If you follow Los Altos politics (or charter school politics) you are no doubt following what is going on in Los Altos with the Bullis Charter School. A successful Bullis lawsuit against the Los Altos School District ended up in the State Supreme Court and now the District is trying to abide by the law, which the court says is in Bullis’ favor. (Unsuccessfully, if you ask the Bullis folks.) Sharon Noguchi has the details in the Merc.

Speaking of Sharon Noguchi (and charter school politics?), the County Board of Education is redrawing the political boundaries for its Trustees. And with all things redistricting and County Board of Education, this doesn’t seem to be going smoothly.  Where’s Colleen Wilcox when you need her…

Daily Fetch 7.28.11: Weiner-Esque Headline?

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Because it has been about a week since we mentioned San Jose’s quest to get a Major League Baseball team… we thought we’d start there:
First, the good folks in Montreal (or is it bon folks?) might be looking to land a baseball team again. And in their stories on the topic, they seem to be dropping Lew Wolff’s name
We also heard that San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed was on KNBR (sports radio) earlier in the week talking about where the San Jose A’s stand right now… The short answer?  In the (slimy, slow-moving, greedy) hands of Bud Selig…
Now to a very interesting news day…
A Los Gatos woman is being accused of having sex with a kid “30-40 times“… Can CNN’s wall-to-wall coverage be far behind?
And back to the other spectrum:  2 boys confessed to committing arson at Trace Elementary School… (Adding arson to PTA embezzlement and you have a real interesting series of stories coming from Trace…)
Because we can’t resist a good headline.  This from Daily News:  Sketch released after indecent exposure in Los Altos… How Weiner-esque…

Daily Fetch 7.19.11: What’s that near the San Mateo Bridge?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

The popping of champagne you hear this morning is coming from Atherton because Curt Pringle, chair of the High-Speed Rail Authority, resigned… Maybe Quentin Kopp can rejoin the board now?
A weird story out of San Carlos… a man showed a fake police badge to Sheriff’s Deputies.  Mr. Wagstaffe, have fun with this “impersonating a police officer” case…
Speaking of things that will probably get Mr. Wagstaffe’s attention… A pot club wants to open on El Camino “near Redwood City“…
To wrap up Mr. Wagstaffe’s morning… The Daly City dad who put in his kid in the oven to teach the kid the dangers of a hot oven was found guilty of child abuse.  Good thing this case wasn’t on Nancy Grace’s radar.
The Burlingame/ Hillsborough/ San Bruno/ Millbrae fire department took a “critical first step“… Ask Belmont how it was to be fire-married to San Carlos…
Remember how the Menlo Park Planning Commission said no to Walgreens when they applied to sell alcohol?  Well, Walgreens is (obviously) appealing
A Los Altos woman spent 13 hours in the water after she got swept away from windsurfing in the Bay… she was rescued this morning near the San Mateo Bridge.  Wow!