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Daily Fetch 05.21.14: The Big Pension Lie, “Every Republican and Sam Are Crucial”, Audrie Pott’s Parents Slam Deputy Sheriff’s Association and Jail Guards for slimy mailer

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

“Every Republican Is Crucial” and Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo are two political action committees the latest Liccardo backer supports.  Raymond Bingham, from Woodside, dropped $9,400 to help mayoral candidate Sam Liccardo.




Apparently, Big money Bingham believes that Liccardo’s values align with his and the other beneficiaries of his largess.  They include: Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann, who both received money from the “Every Republican Is Crucial PAC”.  Liccardo is the new GOP Darling.

Not to be outdone by Sam’s GOP backers the Merc Editorial Board continues to pour it on for Liccardo as it prints yet another piece of his that propagates The Big Lie that city workers never offered legal pension reform.  A Big Lie that the Merc has continued to foster, perpetrate, disseminate and slime people with.  A lie conceived by Chuck Reed and applauded by the likes of Nguyen/Oliverio/Liccardo/Herrera.  A lie used as fact by former newsman and now opinion/columnist Scott Herhold, and trumpeted by Barbara Marshman and an editorial board that has lost its moral compass, if it ever had one.

Their strategy revolves around this:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

But here are the facts, thanks to our many spies and sources for pointing Fetch to these documents:

Mayor Reed and his cohorts continue to lie and say city workers never proposed pension reform.  That is untrue.  Here is one proposal from the a city union that legally would have brought down the cost of pensions and delivered on the promise to restore services.  It was rejected in favor of the disastrous Measure B.

Mayor Reed and his cohorts continue to lie and say the po-po and firefighters never proposed pension reform. That is untrue.  Here is one proposal from the po-po and firefighters that legally would have brought down the cost of pensions and kept hundreds of po-po from leaving.  It was rejected in favor of the disastrous Measure B.

In fact, the combined pension cost savings of the two proposals above would have dwarfed the $25 million in savings being trumpeted by the “push on with Measure B crowd.”



Reed and his cabal wanted it their way and it has ended in a train wreck, but that does not stop the folks below from continuing The Big Lie. 




Fetch hopes this teachable moment was enjoyed by our loyal readers and that as your parents have told you, some more than others, honesty is the best policy.

Want to make sure a contentious issue and vote does not impact your election chances?  Do what the San Jose City Council does best: delay, obfuscate, punt, push aside, squirm and eventually schedule the ban pot shop vote on election day.  After another excruciating marathon of blathering by everyone, and their mother, about the pros and cons of weed consumption, the council tabled the item until June 3rd.  Profiles in courage for sure.

In their quest to run out the clock and not have to cast a vote on pot shops in San Jose neighborhoods the council even made sure to stop the proceedings and allow, His Royal Highness Carl Guardino to butt in line and talk up his tax measure, because he is a busy guy.  The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall had this Tweet describing the odd event.


While others running for San Jose Mayor are doing so by running from their record, County Supervisor Dave Cortese and his colleague Supervisor Ken Yeager offered a proposal to establish a living wage ordinance for employees doing work for the County.  Supervisor S. (S is for Secret) Joe Simitian had this to say about the proposed ordinance:

“This is thought of as a very progressive agenda,” he said, “but in many ways it’s the most old-fashioned Norman Rockwell vision of community that you could conjure up.”

SJ Inside’s Jen Wadsworth pulls out a can of whoop-ass and sprays down the County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the Jail Guards who make up the Kevin Jensen campaign brain-trust.  These Keystone Kops, and whatever numskull is advising them, thought it was a good idea to spread lies about County Sheriff Laurie Smith and attribute those lies to the parents of Saratoga’s Audrie Pott, who tragically took her own life after being sexually assaulted by classmates.

Wadsworth’s story highlights include:

But the mailer crossed a line, according to the Pott family, when it cited a 2013 Rolling Stone article that reported Smith lost evidence in the Pott social media bullying and rape case, which eventually led to the defendants walking away with minimal sentencing.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Larry Pott, Audrie’s father. “Absolutely ridiculous. They’re talking about a justice issue, something that happened in court. This had nothing to do with the sheriff.”

“I can tell you specifically that no evidence was ‘lost’ nor did anyone ‘walk free,’” she said. “The light sentences were handed out by Judge Jesus Valencia, not the sheriff. The flyer was so bad that we really felt we had to speak out. …We will not allow our family to be a part of a political campaign that spreads lies, or any political campaign, for that matter.”

And if that were not enough bad news for the circular-firing squad helping Jensen, the Los Altos Town Crier endorses Sheriff Laurie Smith for re-election and says:

“Smith has overseen major transitions in the office, which reassumed responsibility for managing the jails a few years ago. There is a significant realignment underway as convicts who were once sent to state prison are now being transferred to county jails. So far, she’s managed the shuffle to avoid jail overcrowding effectively while not releasing any prisoners prematurely. The transition, she said, saves taxpayers $10 million a year. Based on her experience, she is best suited to continue the oversight.”

The new CEO of the Santa Clara and San Benito Counties Construction & Building Trades Council, Josue Garcia wants to lobby real bad, but he needs an exception to the current law that bans former San Jose city staffers from wielding undue influence over current city staffers until 2 years have lapsed since being on the public dime.  The request goes before the rules committee today.

What the frack?  Santa Cruz County is the first California jurisdiction to ban fracking for oil.  Hydraulic fracking is a technique that trashes the environment by blasting chemicals and water into the ground to unlock oil and gas underground.  KQED has the story.

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Daily Fetch 05.08.14: SJ Mayoral Debate Cliff Notes, Controversial Rocketship Vote Tonight, and Oliverio’s Dirty X-X-X Campaign

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

KTVU-2 reports that the four serious candidates for SJ Mayor and Rose “Colonel Sanders” Herrera, who isn’t taken serious, had another Mike Honda type of “debate” last night about affordable housing.  Debate Cliff Notes: Pier “Mayor Sweatpants” Oliverio wants new taxes to fund housing for poor folks, Madison “C’est Moi” Nguyen and Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo want to tack on more fees to the price of homes to make them more affordable (Fetch knows, it doesn’t make any sense to us either), and Dave “I need caffeine” Cortese wants to squeeze the State for more money.

Scott “tool time” Herhold continues his bromance with “Cheaties” Liccardo in this piece that says the dirty politics of the Pat Dando era are over.  Clearly, Scottie has not seen this dirty piece of mail sent by “Mayor Sweatpants” Oliverio that’s X-rated.



The Merc reports that Mary-Jane grow houses are sprouting up here, there, and everywhere in San Jose and with the elimination of the Narcotics Covert Investigations unit, another casualty of the Reed-Herrera-Liccardo-Nguyen-Oliverio public safety purge, it appears all the city can do is watch them go up in smoke when they catch fire.

Tough to recruit candidates to become SJPD officers when the po-po that graced SJPD recruiting posters resigns to go be a po-po in another city.  NBC Bay Area has this report about Sgt. Cusseaux leaving for Atherton and pointing a big finger (you can guess which one) at City Hall.



The daily prints this op-ed, from a Rocketship charter school parent and principal urging approval of another suspect charter, that is heavy on the ethnic make up of students and teachers and light on student performance, teacher to student ratio’s and other concerns brought to light by this report from the district’s Superintendent.  The Superintendent’s report should serve as a tall glass of cold water tossed in the faces of the school board members about what is really in the best interests of students and their families, we shall see who wilts under the pressure applied by the Rocketship Lobbying Machine…

  • Not a single Rocketship school has met the required federal benchmarks under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in English, and only 2 out of 7 schools meet the requirements for math.
  • Rocketship’s test scores have shown significant declines over time
  • The Student to Teacher Ratio Stated in the Petition Is Misleading.
 Rocketship uses strange math and hand waiving to claim a student to teacher ratio of 28:1.  The simple fact is that their schools have 630 students, and 16 teachers.  No amount of rotation or teacher aids can cover the fact that 630 divided by 16 is a ratio of 40:1.

JK from SJI certainly does put embattled Judge Diane Ritchie’s record under the microscope and it is clear she is in over her head.  Although a much more balanced piece versus the Merc crusade launched against Ritchie, reading it makes one cringe over the asinine actions taken by the good hearted Judge.

Local Democrats are praying that what is happening on a national level with the US Chamber of Commerce plays out in Silicon Valley.  At the national level, the Chamberistas have been slapping the Tea Party nut-jobs around and winning primary races that pit somewhat normal Republicans (the Jim Cunneen’s of the GOP) versus loony-toon Tea Party Republicans (All the rest of the GOP).  We wonder if the San Jose/Silicon Valley Chamber is taking notice…

California Secretary of State candidate Dan Schnur, who is running on a clean up Sacramento campaign platform, got loaded a long time ago and crashed his car into another car, hurt some folks and was arrested for a DUI.  A couple of years later he got loaded again and got popped for another DUI.  Schnur spent some time in the pokey, paid some fines and says he’s not had a drink in 20-years.  It is time to clean up Sacramento!

Palo Alto may go be going greener with this proposal to require all new development in the city to install electric vehicle chargers.

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Daily Fetch 05.05.14: Cinco de Stupid, “Cheaties Liccardo for Mayor” and The Trials of the Hapless Judge Ritchie continue

Monday, May 5th, 2014

It’s no wonder Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in a sometimes violent and mostly alcohol fueled manner.  The SanJoseBlog shares this very intelligent poster promoting a Cinco event at this local Santana Row restaurant that depicts a handgun and booze…Seriously, this is what Cinco de Mayo is purported to be and unfortunately this is what it has become.

Surprise, surprise, surprise the Merc endorses Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo.  No mention of his role as one of the conductors of the Measure B train wreck and the subsequent loss of hundreds of po-po, which means 20 plus minutes for SJ residents and businesses to wait for a 9-1-1 emergency response.  No mention of crime skyrocketing under his tenure or downtown relapsing into a urine stained and gang riddled no man’s land, and of course no mention of his illegal fundraising…he needs more than the 3 or 4 points a Merc endorsement brings with it to make the run-off.

The San Jose Mercury News Hates Judge Diane Ritchie Desk:

More this week we are sure.

Linda Taaffe from the SV Biz Journal reports on the Silicon Valley Women of Influence event that took place this weekend.  Didn’t make the list?  Us either, maybe next year?

TheLeftHook puts this spin on the City of San Jose’s retreat from the cornerstone of its fiscal reform plan, implementation of Measure B.

Mudslinging in SJ District 5….no way.  Joe Rodriguez from the daily pens this piece about the ensuing brawl in this highly contentions city council race.  The only new information in Joe’s rundown is that Magdalena Carrasco is now a “political consultant”, in many circles that’s code for unemployed.  Oh, and Maggy and unregistered lobbyist Aaron Resendez fully support Measure B, which has caused 300-400 SJ po-po to bail for greener pastures.

Don’t get Fetch wrong, X. “May not mark the spot” Campos has his own troubles. Seems the words, “I didn’t do it” are not in his vocabulary.  This race will be one of the ugliest on record and of course will provide us journalists mucho copy.

SJ Inside tells readers about two steady hands being re-shuffled in Santa Clara County Government, John Mills and James Williams will move to the County Executives office to help Jeff Smith manage the sprawling bureaucracy.

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Daily Fetch 05.02.14: SJ Pension Defeat for Reed…Again, Rose “Colonel Sanders” Herrera, and May Day Everywhere But at the Merc

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Local Government 101—The Education of Rose Herrera, Schools Out!

Apparently, VTA Director Rose “Colonel Sanders”  Herrera did not want to face her colleagues at the VTA meeting last night when the item came up about who is responsible to police VTA land.  After the Kalra/Yeager beat down of Rose in this letter/memo distributed to the VTA board was coming up for a vote, Rose did what any responsible elected official would do…she bolted for the door.  Several spies informed Fetch that when the discussion turned to increasing a police presence in San Jose on VTA’s dime, Rose chickened out and about fell out of her chair as she scurried to get out of the chambers and avoid defending her pinheaded assertion that the County is responsible for policing VTA land.

Rose Herrera Fried Chicken

Rose, class is dismissed for the summer.  We hope you will not only practice your times tables over the break but that you will also actually read those thick packets of material that provide information on issues you will vote on.  Or, as in last night’s instance, run from.  Now go get a bucket and enjoy lunch.

Yesterday’s announcement that there will be no implementation of SJ’s Measure B pension reform catastrophe until at least July 2015, has Chuck Reed scurrying to change his “pensions are bad stump speech” before he speaks at this conference next week.

After the City realized that their Measure B scheme has failed, our Fetch interns came up with a top five list of what Reed won’t say in his speech to the merry band of pension doomsayers that will be gathering for their 4-hour media event conference to hear from Chuckie:

  1. I was wrong.
  2. Yes, I did make up the $650 million dollar pension projection to scare people into voting for Measure B.
  3. I have my own police security detail so I am not concerned about the massive crime increase in San Jose.
  4. This whole pension thing is nothing more than my meal ticket for when I’m out of office.  I will travel around the country as a phony Democrat and make money speaking to nut jobs, like many of you here, and get paid.  Boooya, a guy has to eat!
  5. I have a more lucrative CalPERS pension then what San Jose offers to new city workers and I have a better disability provision in my pension plan versus what San Jose offers the po-po.  Double Boooya!

Massive May Day rallies in San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco urging increases to workers wages, immigration reform, and a universal minimum wage hike were covered by every major news outlet in the Bay Area…Oh, sorry, everyone but the Mercury News.  Apparently, higher wages, immigration reform and thousands of bay area residents marching in the streets didn’t make their cut for coverage.

Ooops, our bad, the Merc did cover a May Day rally in…Russia.   Fetch recommends BANG’s Merc editors read this piece in the SV Biz Journal about how to better connect with the growing Latino community.

Looks like Mt. View City Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga is hearing the voices of those that marched in the streets for a higher minimum wage as she provides her reasons why Mt. View should do just that in this blog post on The Left Hook.

Sheriff Laurie Smith’s adversaries have released a poll that says she is in trouble as the June primary closes in.  Smith is ONLY up 39% to 12% over her opponent Kevin Jensen.  Of course, without knowing more about the poll questions or sample, Fetch guesses that only being down 27% is a good thing for Jensen and his backers.

The Bay Area is the fastest growing region in the state, according the State Department of Finance.  Two cities at the top of the fastest growing list can attribute their growth to more inmates in their jails.  Not quite the best PR image for those cities, wouldn’t you say?

Self-anointed political guru Rich Robinson provides some unsolicited advice to candidates that is chock-full of puff and platitudes.  Fortunately the advice is free because Fetch can’t believe anyone would actually pay for it.  Just sayin’.

The SV Biz Journal reports that 1 in 5 sign-ups for Obamacare came from Cali.  Out of the 8 million plus that signed up almost 2 million come from the Golden State.

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Daily Fetch 04.08.14: Equal Pay for Equal Work, Confusion at Merc Ed Board and Mayor Sweatpants and Nguyen profiled…

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

President Obama throws down for women and equal pay by issuing several executive orders that attempt to level the playing field.  It’s about time this issue is getting some play nationally as the fight for increases to the minimum wage has taken center stage of late.  The White House fact sheet on equal pay for equal work is here and CNN provides this look at the issue here.

Rosie-the-Wage Equalizer

Hopefully the fight for equal pay for women will be a topic discussed this Thursday night, April 10th, when Hillary Rodham Clinton graces the stage at San Jose State University’s Unique Lives series.

SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog is a bloodhound on the hunt for the mystery corporation slated to take over a 2 million square foot North San Jose office complex.  Who could it be now?

The daily reports that in a short 5 days the cap for H-1B visas has been met.  The tech industry is up in arms and is turning to the SVLG to help lobby for an expansion of the program.

The Sunnyvale City Council will discuss speed limits, a tot lot and determine just how high it can get in their city.

SJ Inside provides a run down of the issue that the council will grapple with at their meeting today; How to fix a broken disability system that does not guarantee a disability retirement for city workers hurt on the job and how to attract wanna be po-po to work in SJ.  How many times will councilmembers say that public safety is their top priority?  Over/Under is 25.

When it comes to fixing San Jose’s recruitment and retention issues the Merc Ed Board admits that having five council members running for mayor complicates matters.  Wait a minute, we thought only 4 city councilmembers were running for mayor…who is the 5th?   It’s not this groovy dude is it?

Johnny Roll Bounce Khamis

Who will save the Mercury News is the topic of this piece in the SV Biz Journal.  Pure speculation, rumor and gossip are in this piece, sort of reminds Fetch of a Merc Herhold column.

Speaking of Herhold, Scotty writes the second of his five part “series” taking a look at the top contenders for Mayor of San Jose.  His first profile was of Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio and today he tells readers about Madison Nguyen, who for some reason hasn’t quite figured out that whole Measure B thing she still champions.

Looks like San Jose’s pro-weed folks are getting serious.  They have launched this website to cut through the smoke and tell their story.  Catchy name and now the Fetch has the munchies.

A massive fire in San Jose scorched one of those famous “Eichler Homes” and spread to two (we love writing to two) adjoining homes , displacing 7 residents.  San Jose Firefighters arrived within minutes, seriously they did, but the home went up like a Roman Candle and could not be saved.

Across town, another fire in San Jose took the life of one person who could not make it out of their RV in time.   KTVU-2 has the details.

Baseball is back!!  The Giants home opener is today at 1:35 pm against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  First place, sunshine, and baseball…makes for a good day.

A push is on in SF to raise the minimum wage to $15 bucks an hour.  SEIU submitted paperwork to begin the effort to raise the wage and push SF to the top in the nation.

TheSanJoseBlog lists all the happenings at Santana Row for what remains in the month of April.  The sun is out so go and enjoy yourself.

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Daily Fetch 02.26.14: Oliverio plays cat and mouse, Gerston weighs in on SJ Mayor’s Poll, and Ro Khanna did not watch enough Sesame Street

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Mayor “Meow” Oliverio knows when the cat’s away, the mouse will play.  SJ Inside reports that Oliverio is bringing back his discredited 40% budget set aside for the po-po after it was shot down last week at the Rules Committee.  What the SJ Inside report missed is that Mayor Reed (one of the no votes last week) is absent today and his replacement is Rose Herrera.  So Mayor Meow has placed it on the Rules agenda one more time.  For Oliverio, he’s hoping the winds blowing in his direction when Rose puts her finger in her mouth (sorry for the visual) and then hoists it in the air to figure out how she’s going to vote..Should make for must see TV.

When Reed's away PLO will play

The Oracle of local political analysts, NBC’s Larry Gerston, dissected the recent Mayoral poll that shows Dave Cortese on top with 19%, Madison Nguyen at 15% and Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo barely at double digits, 2-pts ahead of Mayor “Meow” Oliverio.  Gerston concludes that all that dirty money one candidate cheated his way to can’t buy him love.

The Merc’s Mark Emmons reports on the plight of seniors living, for now, at the Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Community.  They just want to live out their golden years in peace but are up against developers who want to give them the boot and build expensive condos where their homes once were.  Mayoral race quitter Pete Constant has yet to take a stand on the issue…gee, we wonder who’s side he will land on: Seniors or fat cat developers…?

Ro’s not Khanna like this piece from Political Blotter’s Josh Richman that exposes the newbies complete lack of understanding of how a bill becomes a law.   Clearly Ro didn’t watch much Sesame Street growing up as Richman reports that Honda has delivered on creating jobs and getting bills passed that have helped Silicon Valley.  Maybe this primer will help Ro out…

Just another typical day at a local Wal-Mart, where the geniuses roam.

Stop singing in the shower already, so says the Santa Clara Valley Water District as its Board of Directors voted to demand a 20% reduction in water consumption from the 13 cities it serves along with its retailers.

More controversy surrounding San Jose’s short-staffed fire department getting to emergency medical calls on time.  This KTVU reports says that the City Council will hold a study session to better understand the actual response time numbers before they move forward on either the Lame Duck Mayor Reed’s proposal to put firefighters on mopeds or Liccardo/Constant’s proposal to put firefighters on skateboards and rollerblades with full mouths of water to spit at fires…

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Daily Fetch 02.06.14: Mayor Meow Oliverio, the reinvention of Larry Esquivel and the Merc’s T (with an E) K gets her wish

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

“Mayor Sweatpants” Oliverio has his priorities in line.  As the city’s public safety infrastructure crumbles he has a plan to make things safer for…Cats.  This meow memo sent to the Rules Committee yesterday reveals what voters can expect if they elect Pier to be Mayor Meow.


Pierluigi Oliverio Pussycat

Oliverio also took to the Mercury News to run a half page advertisement saying he is not holding mayoral fundraisers because he is, “reserving his time between now and the election for fulfilling my responsibilities as a city councilmember…”.  Well the FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) calls B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.  We guess Mayor Meow Oliverio forgot about his outside employment with this company that pays him up to $100K per year.  So who is Oliverio really working for? What’s new pussycat?

Chuck “A boy named Sue” Reed made Capitol Weekly’s 2013 list of worst violations of California’s Political Reform Act by illegally funneling $100,000 to save Rose Herrera during the 2012 election cycle.  The FPPC said Reed’s act was “in violation of the Act’s important prohibition against candidates raising funds, and then circumventing contribution limits by illegally moving those funds to independent expenditure committees.” The FPPC found that Reed had violated the state’s campaign laws by making the donation.

a reed named sue

The Merc’s TracEy Kaplan has some juice.  Her front-page story Sunday about the incompetence of Judge Diane RiTchie fueled enough courage for two challengers to step up to try and unseat the bewildered and oft clueless RiTchie.  The entrance of DA Matt Harris and Criminal defense attorney Annrae Angel will make for a competitive race.

Maybe these three candidates for Judge can explain how Jeff “I am the law” Rosen charged the wrong twin brother for murder.  Maybe the DA needs to take some administrative leave to collect his thoughts?

In other crime news… A stabbing near the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose makes it the 5th homicide of the year.  NBC Bay Area and KPIX-5 have the story.

And an underground nightclub in SJ gets busted.  No license for booze and plenty of “waitresses” working in locked VIP rooms equal a hot mess that the SJ po-po took care of.  Salonga from the Merc has the story.

Police Chief Larry Esquivel is profiled by the Merc’s Robert Salonga in what we think will be the beginning of an effort to burnish Larry’s image in the aftermath of him cooking the books about gang crime.

Larry Esquivel has sinned

The Metro continues on its Jihad against anything Campos with its latest anonymously sourced “story” about Nora being abusive to her staff.  Come on Josh, not one source would go on the record. Well, we must say, if there is this much smoke, there probably is some fire.

Run Munger Run lasted a day.  The GOP’s Munger issued a statement yesterday that almost put our interns asleep that announced he won’t be a candidate for anything in 2014.  Un-Able to raise money Maldonado can now stop sucking up to Munger and get on with his also ran life.

Nate-Dog from the SV Biz Journal reveals that Zanottos Market will be headed to Sunnyvale.

The Left Hook kicks San Jose’s City Hall one more time for missing months of emergency medical response time commitments it made to the County of Santa Clara.

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Daily Fetch 01.27.14: Are SJ bike lanes on life support, Perkins removes silver spoon and inserts foot and another SJ corporate giveaway at the expense of fixing our roads

Monday, January 27th, 2014

There is a reason the Fetch, local radio station KLIV, Dave Cortese and Pete Constant don’t like those green painted bike lanes popping up around San Jose…No one is using them and they have made the morning and evening commute worse. This short KLIV podcast reveals that green striped Hedding Street saw 892 cars and 10 bikes travel on it during a one hour period of a recent morning commute.  Cluck Reed now says the city should re-evaluate these traffic inducing green monsters.

tumble week green lanes

Let’s hope those green lanes were not used by this biking perv to escape after groping two students at SJSU.  NBC Bay Area has the story.

People say some really stupid things, but to put it in a letter that gets printed in a major news publication, well, that’s not so common.  Buzzfeed tells us about Tom Perkins, a co-founder of Kliener Perkins Caufield & Byers who thought it was a good idea to compare Jews in Nazi Germany and their fate with modern day silver spoon-in-the-mouth rich folks of today.  Ohhh, the horror of everyday deciding on the Benz or the Land Rover to tool around in.

We venture to say that the shoe is too big to take out of Perkins’ mouth and agree with Greg “Charles in Charge” Bauman from the SV Biz Journal that Perkins’ name will be scrubbed soon from the firm he co-founded.

Why aren’t California’s pension funds investing in California?  Beyond Chron takes a look at what the potential upside could be if CalPERS injected some of its cash toward Cali.

San Jose saw its 4th homicide in January and that puts the city on pace for 48.  Happy 2014!

The Palo Alto Patch has a story telling readers the app “find my phone” works.  Two thieves were rounded up after the po-po used the app to apprehend them.

Although not on Valentines Day, this sweetheart deal will be voted on by the SJ City Council at its upcoming Feb. 4th meeting.  Once again they want to waive fees that pay for street repair for corporations.  Of course when the money is not there they can blame city worker pensions for the problem.

Jeff “I am the law” Rosen and the union representing prosecutors and public defenders working for the County may finally be seeing eye-to-eye as TracEy Kaplan reports on a new contract that addresses the infamous Administrative Leave fight from last year.

But hey, if the county attorneys don’t like where they work they could apply at this new online startup that aims to make the legal process a little less cumbersome for the masses.

In what the Fetch hopes will be a recurring feature on the blog The Left Hook, Bob Brownstein says the Whopper-of-the-Week goes to the Mercury News Editorial Board for its Johnny come lately rethinking of the disastrous disability provision contained in SJ’s Measure B.  Give ‘em hell Bob!

The San Jose Blog tells us about an effort to refurbish and eventually reopen the Cine Mexico Theater on East Santa Clara Street.  The eyesore has been in a wretched state of disrepair for years.  Ahhh, if it was only like 30 some blocks west, near like, San Pedro Square, people and the city would care.

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Daily Fetch 01.14.14: The Bromance Burns on, Will Khanna run for Miller’s seat, Merc Ed Board admits they got it wrong on SJ’s Measure B

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

KTVU reports that San Jose’s DT didn’t burn last night as the suspected arsonist took a night off and gave residents some peace after nearly a week of danger.

Nothing like a few homes going up in flames to strengthen a bromance.  Scott “I want to hold your hand” Herhold and “Rocketman” Liccardo strolled the neighborhoods plagued by an arsonist and warned residents to be vigilant and change their smoke detector batteries.  The Fetch wonders if Herhold asked Liccardo about all the votes Liccardo took to gut the fire service by closing stations, mothballing engines and trucks and laying off firefighters?

liccardo herhold bromance catches fire

Or what about Liccardo’s support for Dynamic Deployment, where some computer program was going to predict fires and emergency medical calls so you don’t really need fire stations or as many firefighters.  That worked out real well, right?

Congressman George Miller is calling it quits after a distinguished 40-year run representing his East Bay district.  Miller has always been a proud supporter of liberal causes and a champion of education.  His seat is a coveted prize for many who have been waiting for this very day to occur.

Have carpet will travel?  That was the immediate question many asked of shallow roots Ro Khanna when news of the Miller exit started to circulate.  The questions grew so loud as to whether Khanna would Ro his way upstream and move to another congressional district to run for Millers soon to be vacated seat that his campaign had to issue a denial.

The Merc Ed Board, in full apology tour mode, does its best backtracking to date as it admits the mistake that San Jose’s Measure B is when it comes to city workers being injured and disabled in the line of duty.  The daily wants a fix to the poorly written disability section of the new Measure but now that it is in the City Charter, it may be unfixable and more cops and city workers will leave while the City tries to figure it out.  Geniuses!

Rich Robinson takes to The Left Hook to castigate the Mayor and Council for putting the legally flawed Measure B on the ballot in the first place and points a finger, or two, at the law firm that produced a legal opinion paid for by the city that told them Measure B was a loser.  Robinson saves his harshest criticism for Sam Liccardo and Chuck Reed, both lawyers, who Robinson says should have known better.

The Measure B mess may be the reason why new City Manager Ed Shikada passed over one of its biggest cheerleaders, Alex Gurza for his number two.  Shikada picked Norberto Duenas over Gurza in what many are seeing as the first step in mending the broken relationship with city workers that many blame on Gurza.

In the latest edition of San Jose Weed Wars, pot club owners have submitted a ballot measure to the San Jose City Clerk to legalize their operations in the Valley of Hearts Delight.  The City Council has spent years bumbling around the issue for years and have not come up with a solution so the stoner advocates are going to the ballot.  The SV Biz Journal has the story.

2.15 million have signed up for health care coverage and Californians are still leading the way. The Merc’s Seipel spells out the numbers in her latest medical mash up.

As Americans are signing up for health care the number of flu related deaths in the Bay Area has increased to 15. Ummm, wash those hands, get the flu shot if you can find one, and stay the fu#@ home if you are coughing and sneezing.

The state pension fund, CalPERS, earned 16.2% last year.  The fund has more assets now then before the recession and is yet another bucket of cold water poured on the fledgling Reed initiative to eliminate worker’s retirement security.

Dunkin Donuts announced yesterday that it plans on opening 80 new stores in the Bay Area in the next 5-6 years. No word yet on where the stores will be located.

In San Jose’s DT District 3 race Raul po-po Peralez pushed out a press release announcing the endorsement of the San Jose Police Officers Association.  Since Raul is a 7-year veteran of the department, the news here would have been if he had not gotten the endorsement. Thank you to our spies for the tip.
The second BART union has ratified the contentious contract and now commuters will only have to wait a little over 3 years for the two sides to fight again and leave them stranded.

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Daily Fetch 1.09.14: Will Pat “Weatherman” Waite to get into SJ Mayor’s race?, Khanna wants debates and one jumper gets lucky

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

It was hot in San Jose last night and this morning as fires ravaged a home in San Jose and a warehouse.  Seven were displaced in the house fire with two elderly residents needing hospitalization.  NBC Bay Area and the Merc have the stories.

One San Jose Firefighter not on the scene of the fires mentioned above is being called a hero for his actions in saving a distraught woman who took a leap off the new Bay Bridge.  Clint Johnson to the rescue.  NBC Bay Area has the scoop.

Scott “Call me maybe” Herhold confirms the money race totals of the serious SJ Mayoral candidates and “reports” that Pat “Weatherman” Waite, who could not beat Rose Herrera a few years ago, may jump into the race.  Insiders are saying that Pat may Waite until fellow GOPer Pete “Quadruple dip” Constant makes a firm decision about staying in the race before deciding.

Pat Waite insults the nation

Weatherman Waite may want to tone down scrub his Twitter and Facebook pages and remove his F-bomb laden, locker room riddled posts before actually entering the fray.

Supervisor Cindy Chavez is reluctantly lauded by the Merc Ed Board for trying to lasso lobbyists and bring transparency to Santa Clara County Government.  It must have been excruciatingly painful for whichever scribe wrote this piece as we all remember that every editorial stop was pulled for GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado, who Chavez vanquished in the recent Supervisorial election.

Some knucklehead thought it was a good idea to call in a hoax shooting and tie up law enforcement looking for nothing.  KTVU has the story.

Ro Khanna keeps the pressure on Congressman Mike Honda by proposing a series of debates or as the Honda camp describes them; Khanna’s attempt to get Mike to say stupid shit on tape to be turned into 30-second TV hit pieces that Khanna’s deep pocketed supporters pay to play during every commercial break from now until the June election.

A Johnny Cash tribute show will be coming to San Jose’s Montgomery Theater on January 18th.  The Fetch wonders if Chuck Reed will perform “A boy named Sue” for the crowd?

a reed named sue

Wall Street and money-grubbing hedge fund operatives get Tasered by the Fresno POA President in this piece that spells out a po-po’s perspective on pensions in California.

The Merc’s old guy from City Hall, John Woolfolk, takes to the newly formatted Internal Affairs blog and gives The Daily Fetch some love and top billing as he runs-down the initial postings on a new blog run by the SBLC.

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