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Daily Fetch 01.08.14: Chuck Reed; A boy named Sue, “Raging Grannies” in Los Altos, and Ro Khanna-not be serious

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Is Chuck Reed really a boy named Sue?  This Johnny Cash song comes to mind when we think of the litany of litigation that follows Chuck, or umm, we mean Sue.

a reed named sue

Reed is suing the FPPC over the $1 dollar fine (not a typo) imposed for illegally funneling $100K to Rose Herrera during her 2012 council race, he’s suing Major League Baseball over the A’s, he’s sued the state over Redevelopment, and now is threatening to sue California’s Hottie AG, Kamala Harris, over the description of his pension grab initiative.  Reed started to whine almost immediately about the 100 words that signature gatherers would have to show potential signers and then pulled out a staple of his political bag of tricks…he may Sue to try and get his way although most political observers say the AG played it right down the middle.

The Swine Flu has claimed another life in the Bay Area.  KGO-7 has the story here and the Chron has it here.  Wash your hands people and there’s still time to get the flu shot.  Oh, and if you are sick, stay home and don’t be a trooper and come in to work and cough and sneeze all over the rest of us.

Join the Raging Grannies as they spearhead a pro-choice march on January 22 in downtown Los Altos.  The American Association of University Women and the Santa Clara County Pro-Choice Community are co-sponsoring the event.

Looks like the money race for SJ Mayor is becoming clearer as sources are telling the Fetch that Cortese came in at $175K, Herrera bagged $50K and Pete “quadruple dip” Constant nabbed $25K.

Don’t get wigged out if you see this bad hair day bandit in line with you at your local bank…instead, call 911 and hope that you are not in San Jose because by the time the po-po get there this thief will have had a full make-over and will not look like he, or she, did while in line.

Congressional wanna-be Ro Khanna pens this indictment of Congress for the Merc and if he wins, he will be about as welcome in Congress as Chuck Reed is at a Labor Day picnic.  Khanna is either disingenuous or naïve when it comes to the motivation of some of his campaign funders, Ro can’t honestly believe that all of his big money backers are not trying to curry some favor from him after opening up their wallets and making him the fundraising leader.

Sacramento Democrats, led by Senate leader Darrel Steinberg want every California four-year old to be in a “high quality, voluntary transitional kindergarten”.  The $990 million dollar program was announced yesterday and would tap the state budget surplus to pay for it.

The LA Times reports that the state took in 8% more tax revenue over the last six months than what was projected, $2 billion dollars more.  Jerry Brown is set to announce his state budget for next year at the end of the week and this must have been a welcome piece of good news.

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Daily Fetch 10.07.13: Judge skeptical of A’s to San Jose move, Riverdance revival, and SV Biz Journal’s Schubarth wants to know where them Twitter girls at

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Storify by KQED News provided a live Twitter feed of developments in the San Jose vs. MLB trial that took place Friday in the federal courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte.  Looks like the Judge is skeptical of SJ’s claims.

Remove performing the “Riverdance” in Ireland from the bucket list of Deb Figone, Johnny Khamis, Ash Kalra, Xavier Campos and Rose Herrera as (apparently) they are all headed to Dublin on the latest taxpayer funded junket of all junkets.  Pete “quadruple dip” Constant is a little mad he can’t make the trip. Maybe instead of international sightseeing trips the councilmembers should focus on solving problems…take a look up north.

San Jose Bobblehead Riverdance

When the City of San Francisco is confronted with a problem, such as funding retiree health care, their leadership works to find common ground and a solution that does not decimate city services.  The Chamber of Commerce, Democratic and Republican Parties and the SF Labor Council all support the latest compromise out of SF.  Are any San Jose politicians or labor leaders watching.

The SV Biz Journal’s Cromwell Schubarth wants to know where all them Twitter girls at…Hollar! As the Tweeters are about to launch their IPO, the lack of any women on the Twitter Board of Directors is sparking some tough questions and funny Tweets.

Jerry Brown signed legislation to provide drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.  Now they can drive to practice law, as he also signed a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to practice law.  Here is a list of other bills the Gov. signed or vetoed on Friday.

Local democrats should send Republican and SJ mayoral wannabe Pat Waite a free laptop to try and get him to write more letters to the Merc editor like today’s, where he ridicules Democrats for supporting Medicare, Social Security and accessible health care.

It’s exactly the Tea Party opposition to government providing a safety net for seniors like Social Security and Medicare that have enabled Democrats to come within reach of taking back the House of Representatives.  Well, it also doesn’t hurt that the current speaker is depicted as a crybaby for shutting down the government.


KGO-7 reported that the fugitive murder suspect wanted in the August 24, 2013 daytime shooting in downtown San Jose was arrested in Las Vegas. 

Lucky for San Jose that it did not need its police helicopter because it has been grounded since the federal government shutdown.  Don’t worry, Sheriff Laurie Smith has one we can borrow.

Scott “call me maybe” Herhold swings at his favorite piñata in his latest angle to keep the “lickety spit” Shirakawa scandal in the news.

And it looks like the Merc’s IA columnists phoned it in this week as they rehash what was previously reported by SJ Inside and the Chron.

Google is expanding in Palo Alto, so says Donato-Weintein in today’s SV Biz Journal.

Palo Alto rolls out new cop cars and they look pretty cool.

The Palo Alto Free Press tells us about a new program to house the homeless in Palo Alto, no that is not a typo.  The city will be teaming up with Santa Clara County and will utilize a state grant to launch the program.

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Daily Fetch 8.08.13: San Jose Gold Club goes live, MLB throws one high and tight at SJ, and Honda wants to give old people a raise…

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Major League Baseball sent some chin music San Jose’s way in legal papers filed defending its jurisdiction on any A’s move to SJ.   According to NBC Sports MLB attacks one of the biggest weaknesses in SJ’s case, San Jose has no standing…Gotta love lawyers.

Tonight’s the night…Downtown San Jose’s Gold Club finally opens its doors tonight at 5PM…who will be in the pole position to be first in the door?  Will it be Bikini cop Liccardo there to document square inches of visible skin or KLIV’s Bob “Make it rain” Kieve there to, well, make it rain?  We bet there will be a van parked across the street filming anyone going and we imagine there may be some video floating around by the end of the week…Gold Club Grand Opening Sam Liccardo Bob Kieve

Yesterday, Mike Honda proposed giving seniors a raise in their social security checks by removing the cap on payroll taxes above $113,700.  We got to believe that this move will embolden the tech millionaires lining up behind his opponent, Ro Khanna and voting seniors, who may line up behind Honda. Umm…we’d take the voting seniors.

SJ Inside’s Jennifer Wadsworth weighs into Santa Clara County labor negotiations and (apparently) needs a primer on a few things, most importantly this assertion, which is as made up as pixy dust:

A source inside the hospital says the union was emboldened by the Chavez win to go ahead with the “sick out,” which is illegal under the existing labor contract that bans strikes or work interruptions unless granted express permission by the South Bay Labor Council.

We checked with our sources at the Labor Council, and in between laughing and doing a group happy dance over the Chavez win, they confirmed that they have no authority to give permission to strike to anyone under contract. They had a few other things to say about the Metro, but we are a family publication and we’re unable to print.

In other fiction, SJ Inside goes after Cindy Chavez’s hubby, Mike Potter for answering a question at last week’s Democratic Central committee meeting.  Read the second hand rumors from the Fly or go straight to the comments section after the story for what really happened at the meeting.

As we said last Friday…Sunnyvale’s City Manager is on the way out…

Fremont, an honorary Silicon Valley city, so desperately wishes it were really a part of Silicon Valley that it’s started a website to tell us it really is.

The Merc’s Herhold tells us the $130 million remodel of the convention center is almost done and Bill Sherry is a genius.

Jamie Alvarado, brother of GOP Darling Teresa, has abruptly decided to resign his role as Executive Director of Somos Mayfair. We wonder what the back-story is here, come on spies, dish us the scoop. Email us:

(Apparently) Santa Clara County school superintendent Xavier De La Torre’s former district in Texas may have rigged test scores while under his management.

We’re all going to die! A Santa Clara County woman has West Nile.

The Price is Right will be filming at San Jose’s Civic Center next month.

The Palo Alto billionaire Bentley owner’s initiative to prevent housing from being built for poor old people will cost residents $600,000. Wow, they really hate granny in Palo Alto.

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Daily Fetch 7.22.13: Fact checking the Rotary debate…we call bullshit

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Sounds like there was a bit of a dust-up at the Rotary debate between Teresa Alvarado and Cindy Chavez last week…Herhold says that political lightweight Alvarado came armed with buzzwords and was pretty much an after-thought. San Jose Inside tells us that the “moderator” of the “debate” drew boos and hisses for some particularly biased questioning on why Alvarado has been playing too nice.

While the Mercury and SJI kibitzed over the style of the judge’s questions, neither actually addressed the Judge’s premise…that Teresa Alvarado has avoided negative campaigning.  Sorry judge, but we call bullshit (thank you to our spies for sharing Alvarado’s dirty campaigning…)

GOP Darling Alvarado says she abhors negative campaigning while in public, but behind closed doors, she is a Rove Republican. Seriously, are we the only ones who check the facts in this town?

Republicans Love Teresa Alvarado

Shout out to the Merc’s Tracey Kaplan for acknowledging, on-line at least, that it was us here at the little old Daily Fetch who broke the news that Karyn Sinunu-Towery is heading for the hills.


The Measure B trial starts today and Chuck Reed seems to already see the writing on the wall, Measure B is unconstitutional.  So as he prepares to mount a campaign to run for State Controller he may also try to amend the state constitution to make his currently unlawful pension scheme lawful.

Oh that’s right, Chuck Reed has been plotting with his minions on a run to be California’s State Controller for some time now.  How best to do that, well how about a statewide signature campaign to go after public employee pensions and at the same time increase Reed’s profile, pay for Reed’s travel to speak in the central valley to his Republican base, and provide dollars to poll, pay his Republican consultants and raise more money.  You see voters of SJ, Measure B and declaring a fiscal emergency were nothing more than platforms for Reed to become the State Controller and gain a seat on the CalPERS Board of Directors.  How you liking Measure B now?

Speaking of trials, lickety spit Shirakawa’s sentencing has been pushed out to the fall.

Sam Liccardo’s Downtown may get its very own Gentleman’s Club as the revitalization of San Jose’s urine stained downtown continues! While they say it’s a bikini bar, we all know what happens in the Champaign room. Keep it classy San Jose…

The Silicon Valley Business Journal had a good week last week. They were the first to break the news on the Hyperloop, Tesla’s new race-track and several other stories. Good job guys and gals.

The dysfunctional mess that is Team San Jose just got some fresh blood. Hope you newbies can turn the ship around.

The Palo Alto Free Press tells us about some questionable advertising contracts spearheaded by Councilman Larry Klein.

John Woolfolk gives us some deep background on the attorney who’s leading San Jose’s crusade against Major League Baseball.

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Daily Fetch 8.7.12: When is a ‘secret meeting’ not to secret? When MLB is the topic…

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

We took yesterday off to celebrating Bolt’s victory and Jamaica’s independence day… You can imagine, we’re still a bit foggy.

Here’s something interesting:  The blue-ribbon committee of Major League Baseball held secret meetings last week in Oakland and San Jose (and San Francisco?) to talk about the Athletics… Interesting, interesting stuff.  Nothing is more interesting than the fact that this ‘secret’ meeting is no longer secret.  Inquiring minds, like Bud Selig, want to know who leaked…

Here’s something obvious… a new survey ranking the beauty of college campuses puts Santa Clara and Stanford near the top…

From Sunday’s Internal Affairs:

  • Could Little Saigon Dust-Up Part 2 be upon us?  Not if Mayor Reed and Madison Nguyen have anything to do with it… The issue is a highway sign.
  • Speaking of Chuck Reed (and Madison Nguyen?), political consultant Vic Ajlouny is working to beat the minimum wage hike, get Rose Herrera elected, and make Johnny Khamis successful… All while trying to escape the adjective “slimy”…

Today, the San Jose City Council (and the County Board of Supervisors) will consider sales tax measures for the November ballot.  San Jose’s will not pass the Council, probably – but the Supervisors will prove themselves to be blind to public opinion and commonsense

A very strange Editorial in the Mercury News:  The Ed Board endorsed (very early) David Ginsborg to replace Joe Judge on the Golden Spigot Board and asked Barbara Keegan, who also wants to run, to step aside (like Scott Knies did last week).  Congrats to Suspenders Ginsborg and watch out Joe Judge, because the target is clearly on your back.

In even more crazy political news… Palo Alto’s City Council race gets even larger.  We’ll provide a full update of candidates when the filing period closes (mercifully) on Friday…

Scott Herhold is mad at Milpitas… Why? Because they want a guy to take down a “We are the 99%” sign in front of his house… Ironically, nobody in Saratoga minds the “We are the 1%” sign in front of folks’ houses…


Daily Fetch 5.25.12: “We’re coming for you Bud Selig…” – Luv, Chuck

Friday, May 25th, 2012

We know politics is the topic of the day, but the Chronicle interviewed San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed about baseball, and there are some gems.

  • The City of San Jose has “certainly thought about” suing MLB to challenge their antitrust exemption…
  • Reed said, “What the Giants are doing is very anti-competitive…”  We know what he means, but the grammar is a not very great… Very anti-competitive is like being a little pregnant…
  • Lew Wolff is meeting with Clorox CEO Don Knauss about some Oakland business folk intention to buy the team, which his not for sale…

Well, the money is pouring into the Measure B (pension modification measure) in San Jose.  Over a $1 million so far according to campaign reports (reported by the Merc…)  Of course, that doesn’t include the anti-Rose Herrera spending, which would increase that total considerably… More on that below…

In other political money news, if you thought Joe Simitian was going to coast into office without a fight, then you don’t know Diddly (or Barry Chang)… Barry Chang’s wife ‘loaned’ the Chang campaign $80,000!  This will not get Barry Chang into a run-off, we predict, but it is an interesting factoid.  (Remember, he’s the guy the Merc Editorial Board called “fanatical”… and not in a good way…)

The irony in this story is just too good to pass up passing along:  Police use stun gun in brawl behind Zen Lounge A brawl at Zen Lounge… really?  (Kudos for Nick Veronin at The Voice for getting the word “donnybrook” into the story…)

To the blogs…

Rich Robinson forgets the number one rule of magic, never give away your secrets.  His piece:  How people hide political contributions… He left out the obvious example happening right now:  having each individual union that is part of the South Bay Labor Council do their own hit on Rose Herrera so it doesn’t look like the South Bay Labor Council proper is spending all that money… Right Rich?

Speaking of Rose Herrera, if you’d like to see the latest anti-Rose piece, Protect San Jose will be happy to show you.  We aren’t sure when or where Protect strayed from the original intent of their blog, but whatever:


Daily Fetch 5.18.12: Good news for Facebook, horrible news for HP

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Is something happening with Facebook today?  We can’t tell… (For “our” coverage, head over the San Mateo side of the blog, sorry Palo Alto…)

And while the San Mateo County side of blog goes public today… Palo Alto takes a brunt of the bad news today.  Palo Alto is the former home of Facebook, but it is also the home of Hewlett Packard, where “huge job cuts” are rumored.  Ouch.  Don’t worry HP engineers, Facebook is hiring…

While technology is the big news today, something more past-time-y is also newsworthy today.  Bud Selig said something yesterday, but it didn’t amount to much.  One thing appears certain, Lew Wolff is hot-to-trot on downtown San Jose.

Remember the story earlier in the week about graves being moved from underneath Valley Med… Well, here’s a human interest story for you from Mike Rosenberg:

Ana Silva always told everyone her mother was buried in a cheap box at a pauper’s grave under a county hospital during the days when fruit-pickers settled in the Santa Clara Valley. Her family believed her, but no one else did — not the county, not the hospital. Silva died without giving her mother’s remains a proper Catholic burial.

To the blogs…

Rich Robinson is now the spokesperson for the labor movement, Sheriff Laurie Smith, no on Measure B, and high-speed rail and is using San Jose Inside as his sounding board.

Also on San Jose Inside, they (and Metro) endorse Rose Herrera, and Pierluigi Oliverio, Ash Kalra

Protect San Jose (San Jose Police Officers’ Association) is having a scholarship dinner tonightThe Daily Fetch will buy the ticket for Rose Herrera if she is interested in going…


Daily Fetch 3.28.12: 2 more reasons MLB should get out of Oakland…

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

We’ll start in Oakland, yes Oakland… with two reasons why Major League Baseball should want to get the hell out of there: Ignacio De La Fuente and Don Perata. From the esteemed paper to the north: “…Consulting payments to Oakland City Councilman Ignacio De La Fuente by a group tied to former state-senator-turned-lobbyist Don Perata are raising questions about a possible conflict of interest in the awarding of a $7 million contract to run the Oakland Coliseum complex…” If there was anything shocking about this it would be shocking…

Here’s something you haven’t read in a while: The City of San Jose prioritized road repair work that they’ll (hopefully) fund next year. The times, they are a changin’?

The times might be a changin’ at San Jose City Hall, but not quickly… Moody’s joined Fitch and downgraded the City’s credit rating from AAA to AA1… Who knew that Moody’s was following #pensiongate on NBC Bay Area? (We’re kidding…)

There was a bit of a scare at San Jose’s downtown post office yesterday because there was a package of white powder that someone thought was anthrax (and no one started snorting)… it was “a harmless herbal remedy shipped from Taiwan…”

In Palo Alto High there was a scary scene at swim practice when a swimmer lost consciousness but quick-acting staff pulled him from the water, administered CPR, and all is well…

Daily Fetch 3.5.12: Pension reform, #pensiongate, and a State Audit…

Monday, March 5th, 2012

The City of San Jose’s budget looks better in coming years… The Tracy Seipel at the Merc suggests that this could complicate the Mayor’s pension reform measure… True?  And a lot more information about Tuesday’s Council meeting where a pension reform measure may/will be put on San Jose’s ballot… pro-labor forces are on a media tear… they got State legislators to chime in and ask for an audit of San Jose’s finances. Labor folks also proposed a new reform measure that they were pushing on Saturday night… it has “GUARANTEES savings…”  By the way, the State doing an audit of San Jose’s finances is ironic at best…

If you would like a tutorial (that labor will not like) please read Daniel Borenstein’s piece on the Editorial page in the Merc... or this: Making sense of San Jose’s pension mess (via John Woolfolk…)

Perhaps a pension reform measure would be a smart thing for Stockton… they are heading for bankruptcy… this presents an interesting backdrop for San Jose’s discussion.

There was lots of buzz/chatter over the weekend about the A’s not getting territorial rights to San Jose… but Ray Ratto breaks all the confusion down for us all

There is a terrible, and growing, story of a local teacher molesting students at Evergreen’s O.B. Whaley Elementary School…

In other local crime news… the largest meth bust in the history of the United States happened right here, in San Jose. 750 pounds of the stuff. Perhaps the lack of meth had something to do with a shooting at El Tarasco Bar in Japantown on Friday night

Mountain View is considering an affordable housing parcel tax… but support doesn’t come close to the 2/3 threshold. With the end of Redevelopment, will this be a new trend?


Daily Fetch 2.27.12: Ashton Kutcher and SJPD?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

It has been a big few days for Santa Clara County soon-to-be-based professional sports teams… Last week, the Earthquakes’ new stadium was approved by the San Jose Planning Commission… and then later this week:

The Santa Clara City Council will approve a lease agreement for the stadium that will generate revenue for the City, but also require construction to begin before July 4th-ish…

San Jose is preparing to approve road work to connect Coleman Avenue to Cisco Field… Note to Major League Baseball: When the City of San Jose moves faster than you do, you have a big, big problem…

And back to #pensiongate…

The Merc Editorial Board sets the stage for what will be a very, very interesting week inside San Jose City Hall… their take? Talking is good…

This isn’t so much #pensiongate as pension payment… the San Jose City Council will be talking new taxes on Tuesday. That should be fun.

Internal Affairs lets us know that someone is trying to get San Jose residents to call the San Jose City Council to have them voice their concerns over the pension reform measure to be voted on soon… except whomever is planning this advocacy effort called Rose Herrera at home to get Rose Herrera at home to call Rose Herrera at work.

Not to be left out the fun, the City of Palo Alto declared an impasse with their Police Officers union

We don’t really know what to make of this story, which we found in the San Mateo County Daily Journal… “…San Jose police Friday said actor Ashton Kutcher was present at child pornography raids in Marin County Thursday but did not enter any residences and was not involved in enforcement actions…”

We’d be little more impressed if Ashton Kutcher was riding along when this arrest was made: Hells Angel arrested in killing of fellow gang member… You remember the stories…