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Daily Fetch 3.13.13: The non-Pope election news that Teresa and Cindy (and MN?) have been waiting for…

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

It isn’t the election of a new Pope, but… the election news that you’ve all (if you all are Teresa Alvarado and Cindy Chavez) have been waiting for:  the special election to replace Gorgeous George is June 4th.  We’ve heard rumors about Cindy Chavez’s best friend also running, but can’t confirm at t his time…

If that wasn’t the news you were waiting for, then this might be.  The California Public Employees Relations Board – “a state agency that oversees government employee rights” – issued 4 complaints against he City of San Jose over Measure B… Protect San Jose’s take.

There’s a storm brewing in Mountain View… a student newspaper in the Mountain View-Los Altos High School District has a target on its back from angry (and repressed) parents because they dared to write openly, honestly, and with humor about sex.  Everybody calm the fuck down…  and good on ya’ student writers!

Earlier in the week, we had a heartwarming story from Morgan Hill about a woman who was sentenced to jail for using her 10 year old daughter to steal groceries.  If that wasn’t bad enough news from Morgan Hill, this is:  a worker at a local daycare has been arrested for allegedly putting sleeping pills into kids’ juice.

Daily Fetch 3.12.13: More (Gorgeous) George Shirakawa news…

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

It was (another) not a good day for George Shirakawa.  It seems his misdeeds may not have been taking place only since he’s been a Supervisor.  The acting City Clerk in San Jose has been taking a look at Gorgeous George’s City Council campaign filings… and guess what?  There seems to be some forgeries… The DA is taking a look.  San Jose InsideMercury News.  Oh, and the Board of Supervisors will decide the actual special election date to replace Gorgeous George.  We wonder if this will impact their decision…

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 9.07.07 AM

Homelessness in San Jose is getting a very close look and some action toward help… The Editorial Board at the Merc has a view.

On the flip side of the economy, Santana Row is planning 3 new office buildings catering to tech companies

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed delivers his March Budget Message this week, which gets a quick, and pointed, response from Jim Unland at the San Jose Police Officers’ Association:  San Jose Deserves Better than Tired, Rehashed Ideas in Mayor’s Budget… We wish that guy would just say what he means… J

It’s this type of story that just warms the heart:  a Morgan Hill mother was sentenced to 60 days in jail for using her 10 year old daughter to steal groceries.  As they say, start ‘em early…

Usually, Palo Alto doesn’t find itself at the center of anything related to Hollywood… but today, Mike Judge brings his “Untitled Silicon Valley Project” to University Avenue in Palo Alto.  That traffic should make people very, very glad that nobody ever wants to shoot anything in Palo Alto.

Daily Fetch 9.28.12: Happy Friday?

Friday, September 28th, 2012

The political endorsements continue at the Mercury News Editorial Board… they must be busy over there.  Today’s endorsements go to three Santa Clara City Council candidates:  Mohammed Nadeem, Teresa O’Neill, and Jerry Marsalli.  Ok, now you can go back to your normal routine of not caring what happens in Santa Clara… (Except for the 49ers, of course…)

In other political news… an OpEd slamming the San Jose Water Company for going for a 44 percent rate increase… And lest you think the Merc would only print an anti-corporate OpEd, there’s this to prove you wrong:  Teacher unions do themselves no favor with measures on ballot

We haven’t heard how the “Expose Rose” event went last night at the San Jose Police Officers’ Association headquarters, but we’re sure it was a hoot (especially with a hosted bar…)

“We are here to reboot Caltrain…”  That was the refrain, sort of, at the Caltrain station in Millbrae yesterday to celebrate a load of State cash coming in for modernization.

In some sad news, the Hobee’s at Town & Country in Palo Alto will be closing in January… It seems that some believe that the (now really fancy) shopping center “…must evolve to meet the needs of modern clients and tenants…” Apparently blueberry coffee cake is not modern enough anymore…

Finally, if this story from Morgan Hill doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will:  “…Police said a 38-year-old mother who used her 10-year-old daughter to help shoplift carts full of groceries fled a theft scene and disappeared last week, leaving her young accomplice holding the bag as store security closed in…”

Daily Fetch 9.20.12: Will it (the new SJ Police Chief) be an inside job?

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

With a rising crime rate, a shrinking Police force, and a retiring Police Chief, who will be the next San Jose Police Chief.  The dynamic duo of Salonga and Woolfolk take a look.  Will it be an inside job?  Interesting to note that San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant (a former Officer himself) is pushing for an outsider

San Jose Inside/The Fly takes a look at who will try to replace Sam Liccardo in San Jose’s District 3 race in 2 years… Three folks who work on the 18th floor in San Jose City Hall seem to be interested.  (Lest we forget, the last 2 folks from the 18th floor to run for Council lost – Cogan/Fedor… Of course, Don Rocha is a Councilmember now, so there’s that…)

Well, here’s a headline that speaks to genetics:  Father of accused killer of Morgan Hill teen Sierra LaMar goes on trial for molestation.  The apple doesn’t fall far

We’ll end in Mountain View, where politics is getting very heated.  Check out this lawn sign defacement… which should make Monday’s candidates’ forum very, very interesting…

Daily Fetch 8.29.12: You may be having a good day, but a bunch of folks aren’t

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

The Daily Fetch crew is having a good morning… but not everyone is:

  • There is another story about the Supervisor Shirakawa’s body guard… Let’s just say that the County Supervisor and the Sheriff aren’t handling this well and leave it at that.  We can only imagine how much fun these stories are to write for Tracy Seipel at the Merc…
  • The Water District is (still) proving to be the gang that can’t shoot straight… Not only did they mis-write their ballot language and had two too many words in it, they also didn’t add to 15 properly.  (Seriously…) Perhaps Joe Judge knew this was all going down and was the catalyst for him bowing out?  We doubt it, but it does make you wonder who’s minding the store over there… and
  • Milpitas and Morgan Hill may have to cough up a bunch of cash to the state for improperly trying to move around Redevelopment funds… Perhaps Milpitas and Morgan Hill can get some help with how to do things properly from the Water District.

If you’d like to know what the Editorial Board at the Merc thinks about the Republican Convention, you can read this… But if you’d like to know what some big-name Republican think about Mitt Romney, you can absolutely not miss this from David Brooks

We are sorry we missed this previously, but Sal Pizarro at the Merc visited Casino M8trix and has a lot more to say about the terrible name of the place than we ever have… Oh, and people read Pizarro’s column, which is more than we can say for our online rag.

Finally, there is a very strange story  brewing in Mountain View.  Rapper E-40 believes that he and Too Short are being kept out of performing at Shoreline.  This one is a little hard to follow, but worth the trek over to the Mountain View Voice for a read-through

Daily Fetch 6.12.12: Nancy Pyle and Don Rocha, please read San Jose Inside before today’s Council meeting…

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

While the Measure B battle at the polls is over and has moved to the courtroom… there are still contentious battles at the San Jose City Council.

One issue, which his a rehash of an old issue from a month ago, is whether new hires (people who haven’t yet been promised anything) should be hired at a “second tier”.  While the answer seems obvious to anyone who doesn’t work at the Labor Temple or in a few City Council offices, the Merc Editorial Board would like to make it clear:  No excuses, San Jose should pass second tier benefits for new hires.

If Ed Board wasn’t unambiguous enough, Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio, fresh off a victory last Tuesday, goes off on his colleagues on San Jose Inside - specifically Don Rocha and Nancy Pyle.  We aren’t sure if Oliverio read Peter Allen’s piece on Inside recently, but we certainly are looking forward to Council fireworks this afternoon…

As if providing a retort to Measure B… former Police Chief of San Jose Joseph McNamara chimes in (about 4 weeks too late) providing “A lesson from the past”… Which earned him some praise from Protect San Jose

In other Joseph McNamara writings, he is pro-pot, pro-legalizing drugs, and pro-a lot of other things Protect San Jose probably disagrees with.  Just saying…

Finally, while we’re talking about police:  A dude was arrested in Morgan Hill because he lunged at a Police Officer with a knife.  It goes without saying that he would have been a little bit more than “arrested” if he had done the same thing in San Jose…



Daily Fetch 2.15.12: #pensiongate takes a new turn…

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

There was Twitter buzz last night about the San Jose Ethics Commission not being able to hear the ethics complaint filed against the Mayor in the aftermath of last week’s NBC Bay Area pension story. (Dubbed #pensiongate by @protectsanjose…) We Tweeted this:

The San Jose City Council might place a tax measure on the ballot in June (to go hand-in-hand with the pension reform measure)… but it won’t go on the ballot yet. Perhaps in a few weeks, but not yet.

The juiciest story of the day (and the strangest) comes from Morgan Hill, where a woman is accusing a police officer of posting her photo on Facebook… Didn’t Pete Constant have a similar complaint?

Daily Fetch 11.3.11: Rick Perry’s local mouthpiece…

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry was in town yesterday for some fundraising events.  (While we’re on Rick Perry, did you see this video?)  Unbelievably, Rick Perry didn’t say the dumbest thing about his own visit to Silicon Valley, that honor went to Steve Mullen, the County’s Republic Party Chairman.  In the Merc, Mullen is quoted saying this, about what Perry’s plans in Silicon Valley are/were:  ”It’s the 1 percent baby…”
Read into the Merc running this story what you will (Protect)… From Mark Gomez:  Morgan Hill police praised for not using lethal force on man brandishing knife… When you read the story, it shouldn’t be hard to read into the Merc’s point:  ”In San Jose, there have been seven officer-involved shootings this year, three of them fatal.”
San Jose Councilmembers Don Rocha, Ash Kalra, Nancy Pyle, and Kansen Chu want to find out how City Manager Debra Figone hires her top staff and why there are very few minorities in those positions.  Ironic that Kansen Chu would now complain about senior staff in the City after having called one to get him out of a jam
The Chronicle (with Bloomberg) takes an interesting look at Los Gatos’ favorite CEO.  No, not Greg Larson… Reed Hastings.  And by “interesting look” we mean, should he be fired.

Daily Fetch 6.16.11: SYTYCD?

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

The State Budget was passed yesterday in Sacramento.  It seems a little (ok, a lot) earlier than usual.  Probably because the Legislature was in danger of losing their paychecks if they didn’t pass the budget.  As part of the budget, there is a new online sales tax.  Which is an F-U to Amazon… Oh, another part of the budget is to kill Redevelopment Agencies… Which is an F-U to (outgoing) Harry
The Merc Editorial Board would like the Governor to veto the aforementioned budget… Let the games begin…
Speaking of budgets… the City of San Jose approved all kinds of fee increases this week… Water – check.  Sewer – check.  Garbage – check.  Storm drain services – check… Any other fees you can think of?  Well, they are going up too…
Speaking of Harry… Apparently he thinks it’s a good idea to run for San Jose City Council in District 10 when Nancy Pyle is termed out next year. Seriously.  San Jose Inside has the details.  Harry is one thing… but former Police Chief Rob Davis running?  That’s quite another.  Perhaps his $200k+ pension and benefits package isn’t quite enough.  He needs another $81k to top it all off…
As if the budget/pension battles happening up and down the County weren’t bad news enough for fire departments, the Civil Grand Jury chimes in about how fire departments waste lots and lots of money responding to non-fire emergencies…
Yesterday, the Merc Editorial Board supported more charter schools being approved by the County Board of Education… and last night the County Board of Education heard from parents about the same thing.
You know that horrible San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View? Well, it is getting a “facelift” according to the Daily News (and the Mountain View City Council)…
While Gilroy may be famous for garlic (and young families)… Morgan Hill is trying to stake its claim as the dance capital of Santa Clara County.  Morgan Hiller Ryan Ramirez is in the top 20 on SYTYCD… For those of you who are not as cool as us, SYTYCD is So You Think You Can Dance

Daily Fetch 6.6.11: Not Sabotage?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Big news on Friday and over the weekend about San Jose’s budget/pension issue, especially about the San Jose Police Officers’ Association… The SJPOA and the City of San Jose inked (or close-to-inked) a deal.  Protect San Jose was on it quickly… Perhaps it wasn’t sabotage?
  • We learned that DA Jeff Rosen is proving that he is the real deal and putting his mouth where his campaign promises were…
  • We also learned that the Democratic Central Committee disapproves of Mayor Reed’s budget/pension reform initiatives, as if the 300 union folks at the last Council meeting wasn’t hint enough…

Someone took “Get ‘em a body bag, Johnny” a little too seriously in Sunnyvale.  Ok, horrible joke, but:  a dead body was found in a bag in Sunnyvale over the weekend

And the hits just keep on coming… from Morgan Hill, “…sheriff’s deputies probe discovery of human remains…”
There are some folks that never thought this headline would be written in the Daily News: Finish line in sight for Stanford medical center expansion.  Still others (in Palo Alto and Menlo Park) hoped that it would never get written…
Until tomorrow…