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Daily Fetch 5.21.13: Football players want to touch you and Ash Kalra thinks SJ should stop its war on employees

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

A guy walks into a pizza joint and walks out with all the dough…no, not the cash…the dough. Thank god Los Altos PD’s sketch artist has enough time on his or her hands to do a composite of this obviously “dangerous” individual.

Merc sports editor/writer Mark Purdy says football players want to touch you…no, not like that…get your mind out of the gutter people.

Union spokesperson and San Jose Councilperson Ash Kalra writes in the Merc that it’s time for the city (Chuck Reed) to stop its war on employees. And today the city council is poised to spend another $1 million on outside legal counsel to defend Measure B and continue its war on employees.  What’s $2 million when you’re broke?

Looks like Santa Clara County’s Valley Medical Center is in the news for something smart; being innovative and technologically savvy, we swear.  Moving into the 21st century is a great thing.

Speaking of sports the broke as hell CSU system is going to vote today on whether to renovate San Jose State’s Spartan stadium.

Victory for the gumshoes at San Jose Inside. They won in court the right to read all the emails from those evil people who like to give kids and poor people health insurance.   Yay!

Palo Alto’s City Council wants to buy it’s own post office and Mt. View wants to save an old shack.

Governor Brown has expanded upon his “shit happens” view expressed early in the month regarding the Bay Bridge and now says the State will make the bridge safe before it opens. Thank you Governor Moonbeam.

Goodbye, Bay Citizen. Hello, Center for Investigative Journalism.

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Daily Fetch 3.13.13: The non-Pope election news that Teresa and Cindy (and MN?) have been waiting for…

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

It isn’t the election of a new Pope, but… the election news that you’ve all (if you all are Teresa Alvarado and Cindy Chavez) have been waiting for:  the special election to replace Gorgeous George is June 4th.  We’ve heard rumors about Cindy Chavez’s best friend also running, but can’t confirm at t his time…

If that wasn’t the news you were waiting for, then this might be.  The California Public Employees Relations Board – “a state agency that oversees government employee rights” – issued 4 complaints against he City of San Jose over Measure B… Protect San Jose’s take.

There’s a storm brewing in Mountain View… a student newspaper in the Mountain View-Los Altos High School District has a target on its back from angry (and repressed) parents because they dared to write openly, honestly, and with humor about sex.  Everybody calm the fuck down…  and good on ya’ student writers!

Earlier in the week, we had a heartwarming story from Morgan Hill about a woman who was sentenced to jail for using her 10 year old daughter to steal groceries.  If that wasn’t bad enough news from Morgan Hill, this is:  a worker at a local daycare has been arrested for allegedly putting sleeping pills into kids’ juice.

Daily Fetch 2.27.13: Herhold hearts Mayer…

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Marissa Mayer found some allies in her “no work from home” policy at Yahoo… Put Scott Herhold and the Merc Editorial Board in the fuddy-duddy column… Old media, old ideas… (Just kidding everyone…)

It’s Cinequest time… Sal can take it from there

That Styrofoam ban is moving closer to closer to reality in San Jose, over the objections of Pete Constant and Johnny Khamis.  Shocking…

Big development news in San Jose:  KB Homes bought part of the San Jose Flea Market for homes and a transit village in Berryessa.

Speaking of City Councils split over ideas big and small, Mt. View is in the midst of great change in the East Whisman area… causing all kinds of chaos on the Council.  Jason Green takes a look

Daily Fetch 1.23.13: We’re all inaugurated out…

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Ok.  We’re back from the long weekend and from the inauguration.  While we didn’t have as much fun in DC (apparently) as City Councilmember Ash Kalra, we did have a good time, but it’s good to be home…

super ash

Speaking of partying in downtown San Jose…

Colin Kaepernick “partied in downtown San Jose after 49ers beat Atlanta”… Sorry folks, but we are having a hard time figuring out if that makes us like him more or less.  Oh, he and his team will play in some sort of Super game a week from Sunday.

Oh, the Sharks are playing again too!

There is more controversy brewing at the County Board of Education.  It seems that the County Board of Education may have appointed a new member from a newly drawn district when, in fact, they should have appointed a new member from the old, un-newly drawn district.  This will shake itself out for sometime, but Joe DiSalvo is already blogging about it

In other political news, picking up where San Jose Inside did some reporting, the folks at Internal Affairs in the Merc also caught up with San Jose City Councilmember Don Rocha to find out that he still hates his job and may not run again in 2014.

The City of Mountain View doesn’t want Google to build a bridge (or bridges) to NASA Ames Research Center… but that’s not really news.  We knew that a while ago.  But the Mountain View City Council reaffirmed that this week.

Daily Fetch 1.18.13: SJ Police Chief Chris Moore closes the door on career/8th floor gambling…

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Let’s get right to it… a busy Friday.

San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore’s tenure is now over.  (Of course, he’ll get paid a ton of money from the City of San Jose for the rest of his life… but that’s not today’s story…)

Chris Moore’s last action on his way out the door, kicking lobbyist Sean Kali-Rai… sort of.  Moore rejected the 8th floor gambling plan at M8trix… Of course, M8trix doesn’t miss a beat by both insulting the City of San Jose, the former police chief, and perhaps the next police chief too:  “…There has been a lack of collaboration on the part of the city… At this point we will re-evaluate our options — one of them being waiting until a new business-friendly police chief is appointed and try and work with him or her in achieving a win-win solution…”  In the event you are looking for a “Casino M8trix timeline” – John Woolfolk has one…

Rich Robinson picks up on the Chris Moore departure as well, taking the “nobody wants the job” angle.  We aren’t sure he’s right, but we know the City seems to be having a tough time meeting their previously agreed upon timeline…

Through the appointment of a new interim chief, the stepping down of the current chief, the M8trix decision, and a bunch of other stories… Protect San Jose is still quiet.

Here’s a story that provides Jason Green at the Daily News ample pun opportunities:  Berlin Wall section plan divides Mountain View City Council

That strange Monte Sereno murder in November gets weirder.  It seems a prostitute may have tipped off a gang member in Oakland about her John’s fancy/expensive home…

Daily Fetch 1.11.13: What is Vossbrink not saying?

Friday, January 11th, 2013

We aren’t sure what to make of this:  the search for a San Jose Police Chief has (apparently) hit a bump in the road.  You see, Chief Moore is leaving next week.  City Manager Deb Figone wanted to have the person in place before he left.  That won’t happen.  But delays in hiring happen all the time – heck, the person the City would presumably hire is already in a high-profile position and may not be able to leave that post immediately.  But today, we read that the search is being extended by Figone and her mouthpiece, David Vossbrink does backflips trying to explain why this isn’t unusual, which makes us think this extension is unusual.  Protect, care to venture a guess about what’ going on?

To the Shirakawa file…

First, former-Shirakawa friend, Rich Robinson, while discussing what may lay ahead in terms of Silicon Valley politics on San Jose Inside… he predicts this about a County Supervisor:  “…one may be looking at jail time…”

Second, Ken Yeager, the new President of the Board of Supervisors, decided to fast-track a vote on how and when to audit folks’ credit cards at the County.  Yeager wants this issue off his plate before his State of the County at the end of the month.  We can’t wait to hear how Yeager addresses the most pressing issue (safeguarding taxpayers’ money) in his speech.

If you think Santa Clara/Silicon Valley would be a great place for a Super Bowl, join the club.  But did you know that the NHL is looking to have Santa Clara sign their lives away in order to get it?  It’s true.  It turns out that if you host a Super Bowl you are required to hand over all increased tax revenue you might actually receive directly to the NFL.  Seriously.  Just ask Mike Rosenberg at the Merc.

Tread carefully Palo Alto, that’s The Daily Fetch’s advice to you… Palo Alto is considering upending their current garbage collection system and starting a new, 12-month pilot project.  All you need to do is look at San Mateo County for reasons why caution is warranted…

Finally, there’s a new Mayor and Vice Mayor in Mountain View.  John Inks = Mayor, Chris Clark = Vice Mayor.

Daily Fetch 12.13.12: P-Card Gate, the County Board of Ed, and Ben Folds (not Ben Field)…

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

To the Shirakawa P-Card Gate file… Here’s today’s takeaway:  “…In the second of two critical audits released this month, the county’s finance agency announced Wednesday that based on Shirakawa’s office spending over four years, the supervisor must “immediately reimburse” thousands more dollars than he previously had been called upon to return…”  But George isn’t going quietly.  In an email to his “supporters” he wrote this yesterdayAs you will see in the audit, most of my office expenses go toward supplies, and donations and sponsorships that help community-based organizations provide valuable services to needy and disadvantaged communities.  I’m honored to be able to provide support for these important and valued community organizations.  Apparently George isn’t reading the same audit as his colleagues, because outgoing Supervisor Liz Kniss said she was “…stunned…” and Supervisor Ken Yeager said he continues to be “…very disappointed…”

Speaking of large sums of money imprudently spent by elected officials… we switch our attention to the County Board of Education.  Remember them?  They are the folks that spent a million bucks to buy a downtown condo for their last Superintendent and now the Superintendent wants to give it back without paying… (For the moment, forget that the same Board also gave the current Superintendent the same sweetheart deal…)  Now, the County Board of Education is suing former Superintendent Chuck Weis… (With a big (and rare) thumbs up from the Merc Editorial Board…) It reminds us of this song – what would Ben Folds say?:


While we are (sort of) talking about the Merc Editorial Board, it seems a “shadow group” is looking into emails between the Mercury News Editorial Board and City Hall in San Jose… As The Fly notes:  “…Fly isn’t the only one captivated by the professional diaries of Mercury News opinion editor Barbara Marshman…”  We hear this is causing all kinds of water cooler chatter inside Merc HQ…

Mountain View is doing something pretty new… they passed an “affordable housing impact fee”.  What’s that?  You ask… well, those folks who want to build market rate rental housing will need to pay the city a hefty fee to the city to pay for affordable housing… That’s what you get when Redevelopment dies…


Daily Fetch 10.17.12: @barbmarshman Tweets the night away…

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

In case you missed it, there was a debate last night… and one of the top Tweeters of the event was not Bill Maher (although he’s pretty great) it was none other than the Mercury News’ @barbmarshman.  Pretty cool… Here’s a snapshot (click for larger image):

Speaking of a good wit and a sharp tongue – the headline writer at the Palo Alto Daily had this to say about Mountain View’s proposed Chick-fil-A:  Mountain View council fries Chick-fil-A’s plans for drive-thru eatery

The Superman of running things well in San Jose is retiring.  The head of the airport and of Team San Jose, Bill Sherry, is stepping down next year and the search is on to replace him at both offices.

If this is your strategy to political victory, you are likely not going to win:  “We were outspent more than 10-to-1 but only outvoted 2-to-1…”  That’s a Sally Lieber quote and she is not likely going to win.

Finally, to the NFL, where Santa Clara was short-listed to host either Super Bowl 50 or 51 (2016 or 2017).   Leave now if you want to drive on 101 in Santa Clara in early February of 2016 (or 2017)…

Daily Fetch 10.16.12: San Jose-Hating Giants and the San Francisco Warriors…

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

The San Jose-Hating Giants won last night… But the bigger news is that the Golden State Warriors unveiled their plans to leave Oakland for a more beautiful, more modern, and more sensible arena in San Francisco.  All this with the help of Doug Boxer (son of Senator) who is also doing his best to keep the A’s in Oakland.  Ironic…don’tchathink?

Yesterday was our turn to talk politics… Today, it’s Scott Herhold’s turn.  He takes on the two local tax measures – one from the County and one from the Water District.  Why should you vote no?  Well, “…culture of entitlement at the top of the two organizations, a culture that should make us pause at their requests for more tax money…”

If you love Chick-fil-A sandwiches, but hate their politics, then you might have mixed emotions about what’s about to unfold in Mountain View.  Perhaps you could do a late-night drive through on their planned El Camino Real location so nobody would see you there.  I mean, that pickle on top of the sandwich?  Sooo good…

Daily Fetch 9.20.12: Will it (the new SJ Police Chief) be an inside job?

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

With a rising crime rate, a shrinking Police force, and a retiring Police Chief, who will be the next San Jose Police Chief.  The dynamic duo of Salonga and Woolfolk take a look.  Will it be an inside job?  Interesting to note that San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant (a former Officer himself) is pushing for an outsider

San Jose Inside/The Fly takes a look at who will try to replace Sam Liccardo in San Jose’s District 3 race in 2 years… Three folks who work on the 18th floor in San Jose City Hall seem to be interested.  (Lest we forget, the last 2 folks from the 18th floor to run for Council lost – Cogan/Fedor… Of course, Don Rocha is a Councilmember now, so there’s that…)

Well, here’s a headline that speaks to genetics:  Father of accused killer of Morgan Hill teen Sierra LaMar goes on trial for molestation.  The apple doesn’t fall far

We’ll end in Mountain View, where politics is getting very heated.  Check out this lawn sign defacement… which should make Monday’s candidates’ forum very, very interesting…