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Daily Fetch 8.30.13: We are TIRED of these Mother F#&king FAKE snakes on this Mother F#&king peninsula!

Friday, August 30th, 2013

THIS JUST IN…Atherton may give up on it’s efforts to make Obama pay for two recent trips to the boushie capitol of the Bay Area.

If a young blond woman comes to your house claiming she’s from the government and she’s here to help rid your house of snakes…DON’T BELIEVE HER, it’s a con to steal your stuff!!! Where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?!

snakes on a peninsula

San Mateo County Beaches are still nasty and polluted and have received another failing grade…maybe with their powers combined the Maltbies can do something about it?

Schools in San Mateo County are doing great…maybe it’s because kids can only go to the beach in hazmat suits?

San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley, who our spies have told us is not this person, wants your ideas for what to do with the town Princeton.

(Apparently) it will take three years to tear down the old Bay Bridge…so you’re telling us there’s still time to change our minds?

Menlo Park’s city council has voted to add a fifth red light camera—maybe Facebook’s employees could just pay the town a driving tariff? Whatever you do, just be sure this cat doesn’t get the keys to your car.


San Mateo County officials are desperately trying to find a way to void the sale of Moss Beach to a developer.


Above photo courtesy of the Friends of Moss Beach Park Facebook page.

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Daily Fetch 6.05.13: GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado finally makes it to a run off!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Cindy Chavez overcame the Munger/Mercury/Metro/Mama Alvarado Machine yesterday to trounce GOP Darling Teresa Alvarado by double digits.  Looking at the ROV precinct map shows the depth of support for Laborista Chavez.

The precinct returns show Alvarado winning two precincts 3 votes to 0 and another where she won 6 votes to 2, otherwise the sea of blue would be bigger.  In several precincts the GOP Darling ran third, losing to Scott Pham and Chavez.


The Merc’s Tracy Seipel continues to do all she can to help Alvarado by tossing Ron Gonzales into the mix in her wrap up of the race.  For a more balanced look at yesterday’s race try KTVU-2 or NBC Bay Area.

SJ Inside reports that Labor talking head Stacey Hendler needs a reporter etiquette class as her Chernobyl meltdowns in dealing with the Metro continue.

SJI also breaks new ground (are you reading Tracy) by reporting that Alvarado is now on her 3rd campaign manager, in just three months. The first was Dem used to be Peter Allen, then the GOP’s Karen Martinez and now ESUHSD’s Magdalena Carrasco.  Nothing like a steady hand at the helm.

San Jose considers some kind of housing fund, because—who knew—housing is unaffordable in Silicon Valley.

The economy is doing better in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately…this means more traffic.

On top of being in Palo Alto this week and not paying attention to plebs, Obama will be in San Jose this week and not paying attention to plebs.

San Jose High, the second oldest school in Cali turns 150!  Check out some of their famous students.

Due to no further news being forth coming on Jeff “I am the law” Rosen, Tracey Kaplan is forced to write about Chili Finger lady.

Our spies tell us that HP Pavilion is no more…henceforth it shall be known as SAP Arena…developing…

Being soooo happy with their ability to govern. The Palo Alto City Council is considering allowing themselves to govern their billionaire constituents in perpetuity.

And thank you to @SVBizNate for the shout out, we’re blushing. And wow…if you want the in-depth skinny on the weird Los Gatos/Netflix/Mayor Sweatpants cluster, the SV Business Journal is on it! (Apparently) the Netflix project was “redesigned from the dais…” So PLO there is still hope.

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Daily Fetch 5.20.13: It wasn’t me, it was my evil twin!

Monday, May 20th, 2013

A woman who used her twin’s identity to work for an elderly Belmont couple was caught by police with a couple of baggies of meth.  And no the twins do not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Danny DeVito.-1

An Interstate 280 rest stop was dedicated in the honor of CHP Officer who was shot during a 1962 gunfight at the Hyatt House.

Rep. Jackie Speier has called for an independent commission to investigate the IRS for targeting the Tea Party and other groups. Here’s to paying more in taxes to fund such a commission.

Respect Life South San Francisco, a pro-life group, (apparently) couldn’t find a local real estate attorney to file a last-minute appeal to stop a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

Redwood City’s Police Chief wants the Council to focus on other traffic mitigation options rather than renewing its contract with Redflex Traffic Systems.

San Mateo County School Boards Association will be schooling real estate agents and letting them know that test scores aren’t everything.

19-year-old man was wounded by a gunshot in EPA during the middle of the day. The City has been experiencing a renewed surge in violence, so EPAPD has started utilizing a process called Social Network Analysis to catch alleged gang members.

(Apparently) the Peninsula Humane Society only cares about lions being butchered for human consumption. Don’t kangaroos, peacocks, and alligators have feelings too?

President Obama will be visiting Portola Valley soon. We can’t help but wonder if the town council is planning to bill him for necessary security services.

Douglas Sporleder has been named as Menlo Park Fire Protection District’s interim fire chief.

The Atherton Police Officers’ Association warned residents that officers would leave for other jurisdictions if cuts are made.

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Daily Fetch 9.7.12: Keep Jon Mays American…

Friday, September 7th, 2012

One positive, economic sign that the President did not mention last night is the top story on the Daily Journal website:  Caltrain has best July ever.

Some controversy in Menlo Park!  The local Occupy folks protested outside of the Obama headquarters in Menlo Park in support of Bradley Manning.  If you follow such things, Manning is the US soldier accused of leaking to WikiLeaks…

In other national/local political musings, Jon Mays chimes in today with this awesome first paragraph… Mitt Romney and the KKK?:

Daily Fetch 6.29.12: Big news for a summer Friday…

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Just when you thought the news was slowing down for the summer…

The 49ers are going to sue the County over the $30 million theft of Redevelopment funds… When will County Supervisors actually say something about this?

The card room Bay 101 has qualified a ballot initiative for November in San Jose titled:  City of San Jose Increased City Revenues from Card Rooms Act… We wonder when the What happens in San Jose stays in San Jose ad campaign will start…

We love the title of Herhold’s column today:  When the Communists held sway in San Jose… And no, this isn’t some sort of Chamber of Commerce look-back at the Amy Dean days compared with the Cindy Chavez years…

Oh, and did you hear about the Supreme Court case decided yesterday



Daily Fetch 5.24.12: The Daily “Garden Gnome” Journal…

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

The President is in town… in case you missed the wall-to-wall coverage… Remember when you came here last time and visited Facebook?  Well, it’s been nothing but crappy news for Facebook this week.  Like this… three 8th grade girls in San Jose have been suspended for cyberbullying on Facebook.

The County Times puts an obvious headline on a profile of Republican Mark Gilham, who is running for State Assembly.  Unfortunately for Gilham, the headline reads:  Mullin the favorite in Assembly race… Ouch.

We kid you not, the story about the SAP executive trying to steal LEGOs seems to be part of a growing trend of LEGO-philes trying to pull the wool over retailers’ eyes.

If that story doesn’t warm your heart, an update on this story will.  Remember the Redwood City woman who (allegedly) set her boyfriend’s bed on fire?  Well, she pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, arson, and burglary.

Apparently, no one at the Daily Journal has anything else to write about except Brian Wilson garden gnomes… Yesterday, Jon Mays, in painstaking detail, described his lost opportunity at a gnome.  Today, Michelle Durand describes the same episode from her perspective.  Eyes on the ball kids… eyes on the ball.  It’s a newspaper, not a note you pass back and forth in class…


Daily Fetch 5.24.12: Cortese Clan Stakes Political Future on… Patricia Martinez-Roach? Really?!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Welcome to The Daily Fetch Mr. President… Perhaps you’d like to take a few whacks at Rose Herrera too?

While we’re on politics…

Supervisor Dave Cortese is going all out for Patricia Martinez-Roach… Really?!  Unlike his labor allies who are simple taking shots at incumbent Herrera and not mentioned Martinez-Roach by name, Cortese and his wife (and his father) are staking their political future on Patricia Martinez-Roach.  Really?!  See for yourself… Oh, and don’t forget to notice that Cortese is using Chuck Reed’s good name to make the case against Rose Herrera.  Look at his title “Mayor Reed Transition Committee”… Really?!  Chuck… what say you?


In other political news:

As if the increasingly crappy news about Facebook’s IPO wasn’t enough crappy news for Silicon Valley, HP is about to lay off 27,000 folks.  That ain’t good…

Speaking of crappy Facebook news, three 8th grade girls in San Jose have been suspended for cyberbullying on Facebook.

If you follow such things, and the Merc seems to love to cover such things, the trial of Ly Tong, from Little Saigon hunger strike and from (allegedly) pepper spraying a Vietnamese singer fame, is on trial for the pepper spray incident.  He appeared at the concert in drag to (allegedly) pepper spray the singer, and appeared in court during the trial of his (alleged) pepper spray incident in drag too.


Daily Fetch 5.23.12: Un-Occupy Oakland…

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Voters will have their say in November on an initiative to raise the minimum wage in San Jose from $8 to $10.  That’s what the City Council decided last night.  Will November be even more vicious in San Jose than June?  Perhaps…

From the Unoccupy Oakland file:  The Warriors are moving to San Francisco.  And the Oakland A’s are moving to San Jose?  Bud?  Not to rub it in Oakland, but this is a headline in today’s TribuneOccupiers’ shouting prevents vote on Oakland weapons ban

President Obama is in town today… aside from the traffic, folks (including the Merc Editorial Board) would like to have him save Moffett Field (and Hangar One)

Remember the story about the Palo Alto Unified School District getting secret communiqués from their Superintendent outside of public view?  Well, the Palo Alto Unified School District Board is going to meet in public view to discuss it

All the hubbub about County Supervisors building a bike bridge in Palo Alto has been punted until August.  When you only meet twice a month, it’s tough to make quick decisions apparently…

Daily Fetch 5.23.12: Really Jon Mays?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

The President is coming, the President is coming!  Yay!  (Road closures and pain-in-the-ass traffic listing here…)

Silicon Valley has had its share of great IPOs… Netscape, Google, etc., etc.  But Facebook’s IPO is not in that category.  Actually, they are in a different category altogether, and it isn’t a good one.

The Daily Journal is a great read.  Really, it is.   Jon Mays’ piece in today’s paper would be interesting, if your buddy wrote it to you on IM.  But to take up space in the paper?  About “going to a Giants game for a doll giveaway”… Really Jon Mays?  The President is in town, Facebook is going nowhere, and you write about bobbleheads?

Daily Fetch 9.27.11: SJ’s solar project in doubt? Damn you Solyndra!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Did you know the President slept in San Jose this week?  Well, it’s true. San Jose Inside said so. Probably not as exciting as having Bill Clinton “sleep” at the Fairmont, but pretty exciting nonetheless…
Speaking of the President:  More and more news about Solyndra is leaking out, and it ain’t good for anyone in the industry.  One company that it is most certainly not good for is SolarCity, whose federal government loan guarantee is now in doubt… Why is that important? Because the City of San Jose is about to approve a big solar contract with SolarCity at today’s City Council meeting… Oops.
To the blogs…
For those (3) of you interested in what is happening at today’s Sunnyvale City Council meeting, please visit for a “Council Preview“… (Don’t all click at once…)
Speaking of not clicking through… San Jose Inside features a piece from San Jose Councilbeard Pierluigi Oliverio about San Jose’s form of government
While Protect San Jose often does have content that entice a click-through, they haven’t posted since September 16th… We miss you…
Finally, James at Mission City Lantern is posting stuff if you are interested… he also has a new template he’s testing out.