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Daily Fetch 3.3.11: first Lullaby Lane, now Artichoke Joe’s

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Those of you who were enjoying your Pai Pow and Texas Hold ‘Em yesterday at Artichoke Joe’s got a rude awakening when the Feds showed up and busted the place.  Will Artichoke Joe’s go the way of Lullaby Lane?  That would certainly not be good for downtown San Bruno…
You certainly recall yesterday’s story from Atherton when a middle school student called the police because her teacher rattled a desk… Well, for some unknown reason, Atherton Police decided to release the girl’s 911 call which has made its way to nearly every news outlet in the world… Was it absolutely necessary for the Atherton Police to release this tape? The City of San Jose doesn’t release 911 tapes when people get killed, but Atherton does at the drop of a hat?
From San Bruno (via the DC hearings of the National Transportation Safety Board):
Menlo Park is following San Jose’s lead and opening the curtain a little bit to the public about its negotiations with labor unions.  An obviously annoyed Bonnie Eslinger from the Daily News couldn’t resist this ending to the story’s first sentence:  ”…after waiting until almost midnight Tuesday to discuss and vote on it…”
There will be a new County Counsel soon when Mike Murphy retires:  John Beiers.  John Beiers is now the Chief Deputy County Counsel

Daily Fetch 2.25.11: NIMBYs versus Notre Dame de Namur… continued

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Wow, the drama in Belmont over the field issue at Notre Dame de Namur is never-ending… First neighbors complained about NDNU’s plans throwing the original plan into NIMBY-land…  Then the City Council came up with their own plan for the fields… Now, NDNU is saying “take a hike” to the Belmont City Council’s plans… In responding to saying no, NDNU President Judith Maxwell Greig is quoted in the Daily Journal saying this (about the NIMBYs…):  ”…The council’s action not only strips the university of its vested rights in the use of Koret Field, it also imposes numerous restrictions and reporting requirements on us that would serve no purpose other than to supply a handful of local residents additional ammunition with which to continue their complaints…”  It seems like she has a pretty good grasp of Belmont politics…
From San Bruno:
Could you soon pay to travel in an express lane on 101 during rush hour?  It could happen if Supervisor Rich Gordon gets his way…
Yesterday there was a story out of Menlo Park about how one union leader wanted to meet personally with some City Councilmembers.  Those meetings were rebuffed by the Council.  Today we learn that some folks in Menlo Park, i.e. taxpayer advocates, would like the City Council to discuss the contract negotiations in public at Council meetings.  Memo to Menlo Park: See City of San Jose/Alex Gurza
While we are in Menlo Park, we learn that Facebook wants to add new “amenities” to its future home at the former Sun campus.  What type of amenities you ask?  ”…a bike shop, small bookstore, perhaps Kepler’s, and a three-days-a-week farmer’s market…”  We “like” that a lot…
An interesting twist in the Supervisor’s race… It seems Michael Stogner, a.k.a. the Mike-Hotel, hasn’t been invited to a bunch of candidate forums and he’s a little peeved about it.  Mr. Stogner, if you would like to talk about all this publicly, we’ll give you 300 words on The Daily Fetch.  Email us
In other political happenings, we would like to point out the Google Ad that appeared on the Daily Journal Opinion/Letters page this morning… Someone thinks that right wingers read the Daily Journal…
Brisbane is the latest school district to look at a parcel tax to stave off cuts, and perhaps even a campus closure
Have a wet weekend friends…

Daily Fetch 2.24.11: There is nothing investigate…

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

After a few days off… what’d we miss?

The District Attorney is downplaying the fact (or is it not a fact) that the FBI is looking into his office… In the Almanac, Steve Wagstaffe said, among other things, “There nothing to investigate involving us. What would it be?”  Well Mr. Wagstaffe, we’ll probably find out the same time you do… (Remember to clip this story, it will look ironic in hindsight…)
The San Carlos Planning Commission approved a cell tower… officially making them the most recent most hated folks on the Peninsula in the cell tower debate.
The Planned Parenthood clinic in Redwood City will likely be decided upon next week, according to Bonnie Eslinger’s story in the Daily News.  The zoning folks in Redwood City are looking at traffic and how potential protesters would be handled around the clinic. While this decision is zoning and therefore “nonpolitical” it will certainly be viewed as such if the zoning folks in Redwood City pull the plug on the clinic…
Menlo Park politics is always so interesting… so when a local labor leader from SEIU wanted to meet with City Councilmembers in the midst of negotiations it is newsworthy.  And Menlo Park City officials are not that pleased about it…
This isn’t a headline anyone in Daly City wants to see:  Seton Medical Center braces for potential layoffs again
Trying to avert layoffs… Burlingame is looking at a business tax hike, because just what businesses need right now is more taxes.
Millbrae is looking at a phone utility tax to raise revenue… but one Millbrae City Councilmember has lots of questions about new taxes, especially during a big election where she hopes to become a Supervisor.  (Gina Papan…)
While other cities deal with incredibly challenging budget problems, Foster City is looking to crack down on dogs… And the County Times obviously thinks the story is important enough to load it twice on their website…
Two new charter schools could be coming to the Ravenswood City School District.  Aspire and Rocketship, two well-known charter school groups are looking to open in the oft-challenged school district
Let us know what we missed, including you Mr. Wagstaffe…

Daily Fetch 1.28.11: San Mateo County lands a big fish (maybe)

Friday, January 28th, 2011

In real estate news… San Mateo County is landing a big fish:  Facebook has bought land near the Sun Microsystems (former) campus is Menlo Park.  That’s good news for Menlo Park, bad news for Palo Alto, Facebook’s current home.  We who will play Facebook’s real estate agent in Social Network II…
From San Bruno:
The Daily Journal Editorial crew gives props to Congresswoman Jackie Speier for being generally awesome, but specifically about her response to the Tuscon shooting.
There will be (another) Save Caltrain-type summit this weekend.  If you didn’t get your fill last week, this weekend is your chance
Woodside will start looking for a new Town Manager as Susan George announced she’ll step down (in 12 months)… Nothing from COWs of Woodside on this topic yet
That’s all for now…

Daily Fetch 12.8.10: Menlo Park (Barely) Mayor Kelly Fergusson

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

We’ll start in San Bruno:
Menlo Park is in the political spotlight again today.  From the Daily News‘ Bonnie Eslinger:  ”…Council Member Kelly Fergusson gained just enough votes Tuesday night to become Menlo Park’s next mayor…”  It was a split 3-2 vote, which is generally an indicator of rocky relationships ahead.  How fun!
But the relationship on the City Council in Menlo Park is not as bad (perhaps) as the relationship between the Menlo Park Fire Protection District and their firefighters’ union.  The union rejected the “last, best and final offer” yesterday
A different kind of Garbage Saga is unfolding in Half Moon Bay.  Apparently, not everyone in Half Moon Bay has (or is mandated to have) garbage collection service.  That might change
That’s it from here…