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Daily Fetch 8.29.12: You may be having a good day, but a bunch of folks aren’t

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

The Daily Fetch crew is having a good morning… but not everyone is:

  • There is another story about the Supervisor Shirakawa’s body guard… Let’s just say that the County Supervisor and the Sheriff aren’t handling this well and leave it at that.  We can only imagine how much fun these stories are to write for Tracy Seipel at the Merc…
  • The Water District is (still) proving to be the gang that can’t shoot straight… Not only did they mis-write their ballot language and had two too many words in it, they also didn’t add to 15 properly.  (Seriously…) Perhaps Joe Judge knew this was all going down and was the catalyst for him bowing out?  We doubt it, but it does make you wonder who’s minding the store over there… and
  • Milpitas and Morgan Hill may have to cough up a bunch of cash to the state for improperly trying to move around Redevelopment funds… Perhaps Milpitas and Morgan Hill can get some help with how to do things properly from the Water District.

If you’d like to know what the Editorial Board at the Merc thinks about the Republican Convention, you can read this… But if you’d like to know what some big-name Republican think about Mitt Romney, you can absolutely not miss this from David Brooks

We are sorry we missed this previously, but Sal Pizarro at the Merc visited Casino M8trix and has a lot more to say about the terrible name of the place than we ever have… Oh, and people read Pizarro’s column, which is more than we can say for our online rag.

Finally, there is a very strange story  brewing in Mountain View.  Rapper E-40 believes that he and Too Short are being kept out of performing at Shoreline.  This one is a little hard to follow, but worth the trek over to the Mountain View Voice for a read-through

Daily Fetch 5.1.12: Managing Director of the Successor Agency to the Agency Formerly Known as the Redevelopment Agency Agency…

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

It’s May Day, is anyone interested in a big sale? Because the former San Jose Redevelopment Agency’s properties are going up for sale because of Sacramento’s money grab… The story int he Merc is great because the title of the guy in charge of the former Redevelopment Agency in San Jose is: Managing Director, Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency. Remember when your grammar teacher told you not to use the same word twice in once sentence? Well, the same goes for a title…

For those of you who like a political heavyweight fight (and that isn’t directed at either of these two candidates… wiseasses) the League of Women Voters will hold a series of forums for Jim Beall and Joe Coto to go at it…

The Editorial Board at the Merc writes, perhaps, the most far-reaching editorial in some time about the Independent Police Auditors report about the San Jose Police Department. We anxiously await Protect San Jose’s response. Kerry, what say you?

Daily Fetch 1.12.12: San Jose A’s, “absolutely on the unofficial agenda”…

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Mark Purdy is on scene at the Major League Baseball owners’ meetings in Arizona. And if you want an inside baseball view (literally) of what is happening at the meetings, read Purdy. While the San Jose A’s decision isn’t on the “official agenda” — Purdy tells you why “it is absolutely on the unofficial agenda…”

The end of Redevelopment, the federal funding of BART, and a decision on the A’s all in one month… That’s pretty groundbreaking shit. Someday we’ll look back on this, and it will all seem funny.

Scott Herhold dips his toe into Santa Clara (stadium) politics this morning by advising Santa Clarans not to sign the Plays Fair referendum on the stadium financing vote. Herhold and James Rowen on the same page… what’s next?

To technology, where it is really a tale of two tech companies… Facebook up and HP down. To add insult to injury, whoever is putting together the Mercury News website these days adds extra ouch to HP by placing the two stories right on top of each other.

An Evergreen School District teacher was arrested on sexual assault charges. These stories are always horrifying, but the headline of the story: Parents shocked at arrest of San Jose teacher on sexual assault charges is a little obvious, don’t you think? If parents weren’t shocked, wouldn’t that be shocking?

San Jose Inside has been busy…


Daily Fetch 1.3.12: Happy (Redevelopment-free) New Year!

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Happy New Year… and if you didn’t hear the pre-New Year’s Eve warning, East Palo Alto and Redwood City Police warned everyone not to shoot guns into the air… Do people really need that warning? And if you do need that warning, are they going to listen to the East Palo Alto and Redwood City Police? Apparently not

To deal with all the craziness (garbage rates, an Interim Acting Town Manager, an acting Police Chief, a library (or not))… Atherton has a new Mayor: Bill Widmer. Good luck Mayor Widmer.

While we’re in Atherton. This was very sad: an Atherton police dog died after eating leaves of popular sago palm plant in his owner’s backyard.

Tragically, the first Caltrain-related fatality occurred yesterday on the tracks in Menlo Park. A pedestrian was struck and killed.

Redevelopment is finally gone for good… unless the hard-working folks in Sacramento can save it. Don’t bet on that, however. The State Supreme Court said the State’s money grab is legal.

The (often disorganized) organizers of Mavericks will hold a community meeting on Thursday night in advance of the window for the contest opening on Friday.

Welcome back… Happy New Year!

Daily Fetch 1.3.12: Happy (plastic-bag-free) New Year!

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Well, we’re back. It will take us a while to get to everything we missed, but we’ll give it an old college try…

Speaking of college try… Poor Stanford’s place kicker

Happy? New Year: A string of violence screwed up New Years Eve celebrations… but Protect San Jose is still on vacation, so we can’t figure out how they feel about it.

More violent news…

Is the HP Pavilion the new Oakland Coliseum or Chavez Ravene? “Teenager with brain tumor suffers concussion in attack by Sharks fan at HP Pavilion

A 65 year old woman was killed in her home in Willow Glen over the holiday week. The suspect? The woman’s daughter’s live-in boyfriend…

Redevelopment was sacked for good by the State Supreme Court. There was lots and lots about this over the holiday week, but at the end of it all, Scott Herhold got in on the San Jose Redevelopment postmortem.

Speaking of Redevelopment… or projects that used to be considered Redevelopment projects in San Jose…

Lew Wolff bought the Sainte Claire… and it will carry the Westin moniker.  We wonder where he’ll host the away teams… the Fairmont of the Sainte Claire?

But the biggest news of the holiday was all the news/gossip/speculation about the San Jose A’s. Specifically, if Major League Baseball owners will discuss (or not) the San Jose A’s at their winter meetings this month. The San Jose-hating Giants better hope not, and put on a full-throttled PR effort to stop it. We’ll see…

The single-use plastic bag ban went into effect while you weren’t looking earlier this week. The Fetch prediction? No one will notice in a month. Except this guy

Finally, the news you probably can’t live without… Monte Sereno has a new Mayor… Susan Garner.  $5 to anyone who can name the last Monte Sereno Mayor…

Welcome back friends…


Daily Fetch 11.8.11: Election Day?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

It is election day in some places locally — Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and maybe one or two other places too.  Who knows?
When the A’s open their 2016 season in downtown San Jose, today’s San Jose City Council vote will be remembered as historic.  Today, the land deal will be front-and-center at the Council meeting.  The Merc Editorial Board wants to reassure you (and us) that the deal “isn’t a city giveaway…”
Finally… something exciting happens at Occupy San Jose.  Actually, it is more sad than exciting.  A few idiots seemingly attacked some Occupy San Jose protesters and then proceeded to attack a San Jose Police Officer.  That dude is lucky he’s still alive…
Speaking of fights… The California Supreme Court will hear arguments of folks that want to keep Redevelopment local.  reGovernor Brown, get ready.
For a long time, it was San Jose who longed for a downtown grocery store… Now, Mountain View may get its wish too
And huge crime news in Los Gatos.  A Saratoga High School Junior Varsity player’s stuff was vandalized and stolen at Los Gatos High School last Friday night.

Daily Fetch 9.15.11: MP pays the Piper…

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

This headline is so sad, but isn’t there a better word than “pimping”?  From the County Times: Couple pleads not guilty to pimping teens at South San Francisco motel
From San Bruno:  Well, San Carlos actually.  A gas pipeline in San Carlos will be tested next week.
Menlo Park is the latest to pay the Piper (Jerry Brown) in order to keep their Redevelopment Agency

Daily Fetch 8.22.11: Are Santa Clarans ready for the NFL?

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

We’ll start with NFL pre-season.  Santa Clarans, are you ready for this? (From the Merc.)  ”Gang rivalry blamed for some of violence at 49ers/Raiders game”  There was other 49ers/Raiders-fan violence too… Maybe these two teams shouldn’t share a stadium after all… James?
Last week, San Jose Inside had a piece about San Jose Councilmember Sam Liccardo’s idea to shine a light on San Jose’s (money-pit?) incubators (Did RDA waste $30 million?).  And now the dynamics of the San Jose City Council have been a little shaken up.  It seems defending the money-pit is really cool.  But the Merc Editorial Board and Scott Herhold are taking aim at incubators and the Councilmembers (and Harry Mavrogenes) who love them…
To this weekend’s Internal Affairs:
We couldn’t help but comment this weekend on this @morganhilltimes Tweet:
Really? ‘Here’? Really?
Have a fun Monday…

Daily Fetch 8.12.11: A well-shaven Friday to you all…

Friday, August 12th, 2011

We have this story today:  Cupertino has decided to pay up in order to keep their Redevelopment Agency intact…  But that is really small news compared to this:  State Supreme Court temporarily halts raid of redevelopment agency funds… What does that mean?  Who knows, but all the villages and towns that sued to keep the State’s incompetent hands away from Redevelopment must be happy this morning.  Perhaps Harry Mavrogenes wants to come back?
Blame it on the economy or high gas prices or a renewed sense of community… (ok, not the last one) Transit ridership in the Bay Area has “surged” according to Mr. Roadshow in the Mercury News
Here’s some in-flight reading for San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore:  Palo Alto settled a lawsuit brought against the Palo Alto Police Department for an incident when they Tasered someone in 2008…
And finally, to set your weekend off in a very interesting way, with this missive from the Mountain View Voice:  ”A stark-naked, ‘well-shaven’ young man asked a woman in a Mountain View parking garage for directions…”  Unfortunately, neither the Mountain View Police nor The Daily Fetch has any details about what the “well-shaven” part of the story is referring too… and apparently, the Police Naired not ask… we could wax poetic about this story all day…

Daily Fetch 8.10.11: Big day for High-Speed Rail haters…

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Here’s some good news to all the High-Speed Rail haters… the pricetag is looking to be over $60,000,000,000… (We are pretty sure we have the right amount of zeroes…) Have at it Burlingame Voice… and Pacifica Riptide
San Carlos is the City of Good Living, but it is also the City of Clean Yards apparently… The City is suing a homeowner who has a very messy yard and home…
If there wasn’t enough proof that the California public school system was in a serious state of decline (think shorter school years, increased UC and Cal State fees, overcrowded Community Colleges, increased class sizes, etc., etc.) the Redwood City School District is looking to hike the price of their student meals
Bucking the trend, Belmont is sticking with their Redevelopment Agency.  Sometimes habits (and slush-ish funds) are hard to break…
Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to send a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Journal, the Editor of the Daily Journal (Jon Mays) provides some insight into what goes into what gets printed