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Daily Fetch 9.14.12: Happy Friday San Mateo County!

Friday, September 14th, 2012

It is Friday, which is great news… So, we’re sorry to start the good news day with a bad news update:  Remember the Redwood City School’s teacher who is accused of abusing special needs kids?  Well, the trial is set for December.

So all the folks living near Sharon Park have had their say about senior housing going into the park… but that doesn’t mean senior housing won’t go into the Sharon Heights neighborhood.  Bonnie Eslinger covers the NIMBYism well…

To the coast, where Riptide has something to say about fireworks in Pacifica…

Daily Fetch 6.1.12: The Daily Fetch does not have a degree from Stanford or Harvard… just like Carlos Romero

Friday, June 1st, 2012

We have a contender for the best headline ever this morning, courtesy of the Daily NewsSan Mateo County supervisor candidate Romero says he didn’t intend to mislead anyone by falsely claiming degrees from Stanford, Harvard.  Why would that be misleading?  Oh Carlos, videos don’t lie… but you sometimes do…

In case you were looking for all the Daily Journal’s endorsements for Tuesday, here they are.  Oh, and we can only assume that Jon Mays and Michelle Durand would also endorse anyone who can send them a Brian Wilson Garden Gnome…

If you thought the days of shrinking budgets were still all the rage, you don’t know the County of San Mateo… Next fiscal year, according to Bonnie Eslinger’s story, the County budget could grow by $80 million.  Really, because you are asking voters for some new taxes on Tuesday.  Perhaps the new budget roll-out could have been postponed a week?

Finally, another chapter in the case in Redwood City where a teacher allegedly mistreated/beat a special needs student… The parents are suing the school district and the teacher.


Daily Fetch 3.13.12: So close, but so far for the Carlos Club…

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Carlos Club in San Carlos has been on a roller coaster ride regarding their expansion plans. The Planning Commission said yes, but yesterday the City Council said no. We think the Police Chief/Sheriff’s Captain had something (ok, a lot) to do with it…

To San Bruno: Yesterday, the City of San Bruno and PG&E came to a $70,000,000 settlement agreement.

The news about the (alleged) abuse of the special needs boy in Redwood City schools gets worse and worse. Apparently, the boy needed to be hospitalized after the abuse

Daily Fetch 3.1.12: Raises all around…

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

From the Daily News: “…San Mateo County Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson is taking a medical leave of absence after undergoing breast cancer surgery on Friday…” According to her office, she’ll be back soon. We wish her well.

If you were having a good morning in Redwood City, this might change things. The already well-paid City Clerk and City Attorney got raises… “without discussion“… The City Clerk will make $108k and the City Attorney will make $215k. I guess we now know which City services those new taxes in Redwood City are being used for…

And if the previous story didn’t change your morning mood in Redwood City, this probably will. Remember the story of a special education teacher in Redwood City being arrested on alleged abuse charges? Well, six other school workersknew of abuse” and didn’t report it…

Typo Alert:

Here is a weird and disturbing story. Metal thieves are stealing from the graves in Colma… It isn’t necessarily what you think, they are stealing the brass planters on graves. But still…

Daily Fetch 2.21.12: Supervisor = Best Job in the World?

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Being a San Mateo County Supervisor must be the absolute best job in the world because there is another Menlo Park City Councilmember entering the race: Andy Cohen. He joins everyone else in the race to replace Rose Jacobs Gibson. Everyone else includes: Kirsten Keith, Shelly Masur, Memo Morantes, Carlos Romero, David Woods, and Ernie Schmidt… Let the games begin.

Speaking of the June ballot (and Shelly Masur) the Redwood City school district is considering looking for a parcel tax… again, again, again

As if rates for garbage weren’t high enough, over the weekend Bonnie Eslinger let us know that “Recology overcharged San Carlos customers for waste pickup“… Garbage Saga, Chapter 2?

Daily Fetch 2.10.12: Penn State West?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Joshua Melvin is following the case against the Redwood City teacher
accused of child endangerment and battery… and things are looking
worse than originally thought: “…The Redwood City School District
placed eight employees on administrative leave Thursday and launched
an investigation into its workers’ handling of allegations that a teacher
slapped and kicked special needs students during a two-month period
Penn State West?  (Note to Shelly Masur:  You should say something about this sooner rather than later…)

It seems that Styrofoam is enemy number one in San Mateo County. This week it was Redwood City looking to ban it and next week it will be San Carlos. What did Styrofoam ever do to you Andy Klein?

Ah, downtown Burlingame. It is getting all the attention today. From the Daily Journal’s Editorial and from the Burlingame Voice. Good times…