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Daily Fetch 1.27.11: The reGov’s Middle Finger…

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The San Jose Police Department released the 911 tapes of the folks at Peet’s calling following the recent murder-suicide when Jeanine Harms’ brother shot the guy he thought killed his sister, Maurice Nasmeh.
That’s a big story on its own, but the fact that the tape is being released by the Department is newsworthy on its own… We seem to remember when releasing 911 tapes was something the City of San Jose never, ever did
Here’s a Merc headline that should get folks a little riled up:  Another day, another shooting in San Jose… Maybe Anthony Batts would be the best choice for Police Chief, he’s dealt with stuff like this as Chief in Oakland…
An update to the fatal shooting by a San Jose Police Officer in the San Jose foothills earlier in the week: “…the officer fired to save another officer’s life…” More details from Sean Webby’s story in the Merc.
San Jose Inside has a recap of Tuesday’s San Jose City Council discussion about pensions, including a comparison to the nation’s Social Security outlook
Inside was busy yesterday, they also have a recap of the LA Times story about how reGovernor Jerry Brown gave the middle finger to big city mayors close up during a press conference following a meeting in Sacramento.  Redevelopment is going away, like or not
Some final (blog) notes:
Protect San Jose has another tribute to a fallen officer.  Today’s tribute is to Robert White who died in the line of duty 26 years ago.
Councildweeb Jim Griffith has posted his “Council Summary” from the Sunnyvale City Council meeting on 1/25.  Since the only Daily Fetch reader who was there was Jim Griffith, perhaps you should check out his wrap-up…
Metblogs is having some serios technical difficulties and has been down for some time… You can follow them on Twitter if you like.
Speaking of following folks on Twitter… We hate to do this, but:
At noon yesterday, @SanJoseDotCom wrote this on Twitter:
  • NEWS: Yahoo announces more layoffs. Will their former employees head down 101 to Google?
If that looked familiar, because we wrote this and posted this at 9:01 a.m. in our regular Daily Fetch post titled “In Google, Out Yahoo…“:
  • There is an interesting Silicon Valley 2011 Snapshot in the news this week: Google will hire a bunch of folks (about 6,000)  and Yahoo will let a bunch go. Perhaps the Yahoo folks should just send their resumes a little further north on 101…