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Daily Fetch 03.07.14: The Great SJ Mayoral Debate, MACSA is a Mess and We Spent a Week in Traffic Last Year…

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Exclusive San Jose Mayoral Debate Analysis 

There was a San Jose Mayoral debate this week hosted by the SVLG and moderated by the Merc’s Barb Marshman.  We know, hardly anyone else knew about it either.  This is the first debate between the candidates after a recent poll showed Dave Cortese leading the pack with Madison Nguyen in second and Oliverio and Liccardo in a virtual tie for third.

SJ Master Debators

If you weren’t invited to the Fetch debate watch party or our roundtable discussion following the debate to discuss the winners, whiners and losers, here are the key takeaways:

It was a collegial affair that was about as exciting as clipping your toenails.  Is this really the best San Jose can do?

Rose Herrera

All one has to do is watch the opening of the debate to see what Rose Herrera is all about.  The Host, and bike ride buddy to Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo, Carl Guardino introduces the candidates in alphabetical order and asks them to take a seat on the stage.  First up, Dave Cortese.  Dave walks past Carl and sits in the furthest chair.  Next up is Rose Herrera.  She walks on stage and instead of going to the next furthest chair she plops down in the middle chair, front and center.  Anyone who has worked with Rose knows she must be the center of attention…

Rose’s actual debate performance was good and she only made one mistake in our esteemed panel’s view (esteemed panel=interns).  She talked about being the only candidate for Mayor that has run a business.  Not true, Cortese has and still does run a business and Rose actually ran her business into the ground.  Other than that one mistake she was cogent and did well.

Pier Oliverio

Mistake free and folksy delivery of what he believes in.  If he were running for Mayor of Technology City he would cruise to victory.  He was smart, funny, and should be happy with his performance.  BTW, he looks way better in a suit and tie and clean-shaven versus his infamous sweatpants and Abe Lincoln phase.

Pierluigi Oliverio as Abe Lincolin

Oliverio opposes inclusionary housing and was articulate as to why.  He is a big proponent of housing on transit corridors and wants San Jose to change its City Charter to a semi-strong Mayor format that would allow the Mayor to hire and fire the Planning Director and we presume other department heads that are not cutting it.

All in all, a good job.

Dave Cortese

Clearly, the adult in the room.  He has improved since his 2006 Mayoral run where he was as wooden as Al Gore in many of the debates and forums.

Cortese explained his positions with examples of key votes he took such as the swing vote to approve the EIR for BART and his opposition to 90% pensions for public safety workers, he even rattled off the date of that vote (BTW, Chuck voted yes).  When Liccardo tried to attack Dave over BART (the only attack of the entire debate) Cortese smacked him down without breaking a sweat.

Dave pointed out several times that San Jose is not as safe as it once was and that all one has to do is look at his opponents actions on the council as to why.  Very good performance for Dave.

Sam Liccardo

No mistakes with a crowd that he is working overdrive to please. Heavy emphasis on technology as a tool to improve city government and understands the jobs to housing imbalance must be addressed.  He also said no development in Coyote and no more conversion of industrial land to housing.

Our roundtable experts all concluded that Sam tries too hard, he comes off as smarmy and is always looking for a quip or funny line instead of just talking from the heart.

Not a bad performance but for someone with ground to make up he should try to make more sharp distinctions with his opponents.

Madison Nguyen

If her goal was to be likeable, then she succeeded.  Her immigrant story is compelling and she did well.  She politely disagreed with Oliverio over affordable inclusionary housing as she is a supporter and Oliverio is not but did it in a manner where she did not look mean.

Her only mistake was saying she opposes converting industrial land to housing because she has voted many times to do just that.  She tripled down on Measure B and pension reform but did distance herself from Mayor Reed by saying her administration would make SJ more business friendly.


The only slight scuffle was over public safety and Measure B.  Cortese said the council knew Measure B was illegal and went ahead with it anyway and that has led to hundreds of po-po bailing and made SJ neighborhoods less safe.

The other contenders defended their pension position by saying they did what they needed to do to curb rising pension costs.  Other than that minor scuffle no other fireworks.

Winner: Nguyen

Runner up: Cortese

Honorable Mention: Oliverio


Onward to other happenings

Can MACSA ever turn its fortunes around?  Well, certainly not if its leadership, past and present, can’t handle their finances.  The Merc’s Joe Rodriguez reports that the troubled non-profit is taking that moniker way too seriously as it struggles to stay solvent.

Lame Duck Chuck Reed released his 2014 March Budget Message with a whimper yesterday.   The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall covered it but it looked eerily like last year’s coverage from the Old Guy at City Hall so we linked to his 2013 March Budget Message story instead.

The countdown to the closure of DTSJ’s Safeway mini-store has started as Ceberus put down $9 billion to buy the struggling grocery chain.

Another arsonist in SJ?  A man and woman were burned in a fire that is being looked at by arson investigators.

The SV Biz Journal tells us that traffic in SF and SJ shot up 23% last year, this means you spent a full week in traffic last year.  It is an informative and depressing read.

San Jose keeps up its Don Quixote or Barney Fife (depending on who you talk to) quest for the Oakland A’s as it asks the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate its lawsuit against Major League Baseball that was recently tossed out by Judge Ronald Whyte last year.

Feeling ever confident with the latest legal wranglings over where his team will play in the future, A’s co-owner Lew Wolff wants to build a pop-up stadium for the team to play on a temporary basis.

Forbes tells us where the best and, well, yuckiest tech cafeterias are in Silicon Valley.  See which tech companies provide its employees bowling alleys, video games, climbing walls, and fitness centers to keep them happy along with food that is a tad better in some locations.

SJ Inside provides some household tips to cut water consumption by 20% and reminds everyone that, duh, there’s a drought.

The South First Friday Art Walk in San Jose is tonight.   Check TheSanJoseBlog for the deets.

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Daily Fetch 02.10.14: What did “Cheaties” Liccardo know and when did he know it?, Will City Attorney Rick Doyle Act? and Judge RiTchie should cancel her Merc subscription

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Will SJ City Attorney Rick Doyle take action to enforce the very law he warned all mayoral candidates to follow by determining how many of Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo’s contributors were illegally solicited prior to the official start date of December 5, 2013?




The FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) conducted a forensic audit of Liccardo’s FPPC Form 460 comparing those listed on this fundraising event invitation as the host committee and found nearly all of the host committee contributed to “Cheaties” Liccardo.  Maybe City Attorney Rick Doyle should start his investigation here:


The host committee and fundraising event was posted on the Liccardo website on November 16, 2013 and the contributors listed so far on the forensically audited FPPC Form 460 include:

SF County Supervisor David Chui–contributed

Dan Luscher–contributed

SV Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino–contributed

Alex Potente–contributed

Fei Tsen–contributed

Trecia Knapp–contributed

Angela Cheung–contributed

Eric Jaye–contributed

Jeffrey Heller–contributed

David Rice–contributed

Chris Kelly–contributed

Stacy Burd–contributed

Elias Portales–contributed

Russell Pitto–contributed

Lawrence Coburn–contributed

Rick-Doyle copy

Many questions remain to be answered: Will City Attorney Rick Doyle ACT?  Was this an isolated incident? Who decided to violate the law?  What did Liccardo know and when did he know it?  When were the host committee members solicited?  Who solicited them and on what date?  Who attended this event and were they solicited for contributions prior to the legally allowable date to begin fundraising?

The FBI (Fetch Bureau of Investigation) is dedicating resources to this ongoing investigation and if you have information that will shed light on this unscrupulous episode…drop us an email at  We protect our sources…well, except for that one time.

KTVU tells us about the San Jose homicide unit, po-po in suits, investigating an officer involved shooting that happened over the wet weekend.  And this morning another crackpot decided to barricade himself in a home.  The SWAT team eventually ended the standoff to start the week off fresh in San Jose.

Future millionaires and billionaires were in Sunnyvale recently at a Rubik’s Cube Cube-Off.  Pretty cool event for Silicon Valley up and comers and not a pocket protector to be seen.

TracEy Kaplan is working on overdrive to ensure readers know about a race for Judge that normally would get the attention of Pier Oliverio at a singles bar…The Ed Board chimes in as well with their two cents as to why Diane RiTchie poor performance should warrant this much ink in February.

San Jose’s emergency medical response times are worse than previously reported as this NBC Bay Area investigation reveals: San Jose claimed that for 6-months in 2012 it had actually met its contractual obligation to respond to emergencies in under 8-minutes 90% of the time.  Well, Acting Fire Chief Ruben Torres threw cold water on that lie and admitted they didn’t.  That means it is not 14-months of not showing up on time but 20-months. Well done city council, well done.  That smoke you see at 70 West Hedding Street is coming from S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian’s ears.

Is Safeway headed down the same path Mi Pueblo took?  Takeover talk is getting louder as Safeway tries to improve its bottom line.  As for Mi Pueblo, they landed $6M in financing as they continue to figure out their next steps in bankruptcy.

Matt “Magnum P.I.” Mahood wants to raise your taxes now that some in the business community are worried about crime in San Jose.  Mahood and the Merc are partly responsible for the current public safety mess and instead of admitting their Measure B mistake and seeking legal pension reform they want taxpayers to bail them out.  That’s funny.

The Merc’s IA tells us Forrest Williams ended his stealth campaign for mayor and has endorsed Dave Cortese.  Who cares?

And IA also tells us that San Jose Firefighters said no thanks to a 2% raise as they gird for a contract confrontation over the summer.

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Daily Fetch 8.22.12: Who wins the PR battle today? You decide…

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Let’s see, where to start, where to start?  How about pensions in San Jose?  Good stuff…

We have this:  The State Controller conducted an audit of the now infamous $650 million figure the Mayor was fond of using to discuss a worse-case pension obligation scenario… and the day’s PR winner is not the Mayor, but Protect San Jose is a little bit slow to pounce this morning…

Let’s not get too excited about the pension obligation not being $650 million… Because the Merc (including San Jose City Hall’s own reporter, John Woolfolk) takes a look at sick-leave payouts… and the day’s PR winner on this issue is not public employee unions

If that wasn’t enough bad news for the day, San Jose had its 31st (31st?!) homicide of the year last night.  A stabbing at Safe?way

Now for some good San Jose news… SJC can now use “International Airport” with a straight face.  ANA is going to start flying SJ to Tokyo in January… And to think, Vossbrink isn’t at the airport anymore for this shining moment.

With pressure mounting to not do anything drastic to their Park Charter Fund, the Board of Supervisors did what they often do… they “decided on a compromise”…

(Professional politician) Jim Beall is pulling out all the stops against his State Senate rival, Joe Coto, and trying to block Coto’s ballot statement from entering the voter guide…  Inside baseball fellas, let’s keep our eyes on the ball…

In some more political news, Craig Mann is leaving the County Board of Education to head into the classroom (and perhaps onto a Community College District Board)…

Daily Fetch 12.5.11: Sue Lempert’s Thanksgiving…

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Development in Burlingame is notoriously difficult (ask Safeway)… But the old drive-in spot could turn into a biotech campus… maybe.  The Environmental Impact Report says traffic could be be increased significantly
There is a new (well-paid/well-pensioned) Police Chief in Redwood City.  JR Gamez was sworn in last Friday.  (His automatic cost of living adjustment on his pension may be altered… check out the other side of this blog for details…)
In case you were wondering how Sue Lempert spends her Thanksgivings… Her column inches in the Daily Journal.
Here something that may alarm you, but shouldn’t:  SFPUC warns that water color may temporarily change because of increased air pressure… How reassuring…

Daily Fetch 10.14.11: GavCoast Gate… another turn

Friday, October 14th, 2011

GavCoast Gate has taken hold… Remember, the HMB Review had a story about how poorly the Lt. Gov’s speech was received at the Coastside Democrats’ event last week.  The Review story was picked up by Matier and Ross at the Chronicle.  The Lt. Gov’s staffer wrote a letter to the editor of the Review… and then a Coastside Democrat wrote to the Huffington Post… Whew.  Are you still paying attention?  Good… Because Clay Lambert re-chimes in from the Review to stand by their original story… but this time, they include the audio tape of the event…
Remember that a local Occupy Wall Street group wanted to protest by marching on a bridge they said was unsafe and needed the jobs package passed by Congress?  Well, that bridge turned out to be safe after all… No matter, the protest will go on.
In a really creepy story, a dude was arrested at the 24 Hour Fitness in San Mateo for peeping
Speaking of national chain stores… Safeway opened in Burlingame.  Joshua (not John!) Melvin in the County Times notes, “…it only took 14 years…”  After all that time, that Safeway better be real friggin’ nice…
From one thing that took a long time to one that might take a long time… The trail along Alpine Road. County Supervisors would like some more time (2 years) from Stanford’s offer of $10 million.

Daily Fetch 10.5.11: Recurring Story Day…

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

A bunch of recurring stories today…
1.  Hmmm, where have we heard this before.  From the Daily News: Atherton residents will see more of their cash going to trash.  Do any of our readers remember the Garbage Saga?  Well, the chickens are roosting…
2.  The County Supervisors are going with the big jail!  That’s good news for the Sheriff, who wants a big jail… Because as we know from California’s experience, the bigger jail, the more criminals
3.  The Burlingame Safeway is set to open
And finally, East Palo Alto is considering a stop sign or “crosswalk lights” at the intersection where the 6 year old girl was killed earlier in the week…

Daily Fetch 2.9.11: Welcome Facebook…

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

From Terry Nagel’s Twitter-feed yesterday:  It’s official: I’ve filed as a candidate for county supervisor! Find out why I’m running:
Now that we know that political news…
Bruce Balshone at the PP Examiner looks at the theory that Debra Bowen will run for Jane Harman’s Congressional seat and Jackie Speier may end up looking to be California’s next Secretary of State… which will then create a massive cluster-fuck in San Mateo County…
While Caltrain looks at cutting a lot (and paying their CEO a lot)… The President is looking to give California’s High-Speed Rail project a lot of cash, much to the chagrin of Athertonians…
Speaking of lots of cash…
Facebook is leaving Palo Alto and moving to Menlo Park… Welcome to San Mateo County Mr. Zuckerberg…
From San Bruno:  Actually, this is from places that are not in San Bruno, but PG&E found that “No other sections of pipe like San Bruno found so far in Northern California“…
The bidding to take over some/most/all of Half Moon Bay’s services has begun.  The Daily Journal takes a look at who wants to police the coastside streets
While not quite in the dire straights like Half Moon Bay, Redwood City is talking “cuts, layoffs, tax“…
Perhaps this will ease some local budget strain, at least in Belmont.  SunEdison may be moving to Belmont from Maryland
This will help Millbrae’s budget strain… the new Safeway will begin construction next January
The local community college district may be asking for bond money to improve facilities… Saturday, the Board will discuss exactly when to ask voters…

Daily Fetch 1.26.11: Yee’s love affairs with the microphone…

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

As we said last week, State Senator Leland Yee never saw a microphone he didn’t like (or love)… especially now that he’s running for Mayor of San Francisco. Now, he is launching a boycott of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers.
That injured (and revived) Mavericks’ surfer is doing better
From San Bruno:  The Mercury News Editorial Board says, “Allow sunshine on San Bruno pipeline records” agreeing with Assemblymember Jerry Hill…
If there was ever a city or town where planting trees would be opposed by environmentalists, it is Menlo Park.  The tree-planting plan for Bedwell Bayfront Park only got 3 votes on the 5-member City Council.  While some trees are being planted, the big redwood on a Menlo resident’s lot will be removed, because the Council voted to let the homeowner-to-be cut it down… Menlo Drama at its best…
101 in Belmont will be closed this week… (Don’t worry, it will be in the middle of the night to build the bike bridge.)
Speaking of construction:  ”The Digging is Done” on Devil’s Slide Tunnels.  Hat tip to Pacifica Riptide
And even more construction:
Burlingame Voice has an update (#63) on the new Safeway

Daily Fetch 9.20.10: When ads match stories…

Monday, September 20th, 2010

From San Bruno:

Redwood City residents’ opposition to another jail is “growing“… we wonder how that is possible with a high-end PR firm (like Davies Public Affairs) working for Redwood City.  If you recall, when the story first came out that Redwood City was going to spend $300,000 on a Davies to make the jail ok, The Daily Fetch pointed out that Davies brags that:  Davies makes NIMBYs and naysayers irrelevant… We’ll see about that…
The Daily Journal can’t resist a play on words in today’s paper:  Candidates for Harbor District float new ideas
While we are on politics… Sue Lempert (in the Daily Journal) gives a run-down of the Horsley/Vargas Supervisors race in November… Insider (Horsley) versus Outside (Vargas)
If you have been waiting to see what Atherton is all about first hand, perhaps you should hustle (and catch the end of) a meeting this morning about High-Speed Rail in Atherton.  Trust me, this will be an Only In Atherton experience…

Daily Fetch 9.17.10: O1010101

Friday, September 17th, 2010

This is a big news day, so make sure you have your Starbucks handy…
First things first… this weekend is the coolest weekend in San Jose.  Zero One SJ Biennial is on… and so are the pianos…
There are two strangely-related stories in today’s paper…
1.  San Jose City Council candidate Xavier Campos has been avoiding this story for a long time, but it has finally caught up with him:  Campos faces new MACSA questions.  Today, those questions are being raised by the Chamber of Commerce, which Campos could probably handle, but also by the John Woolfolk at the Mercury News, which is probably a bigger problem for Campos. The Chamber did a public records request from the County Office of Education’s audit of MACSA as MACSA was embezzling money from teachers… and it seems Campos was around when it all went down… (If you are interested, you can see the Chamber’s “op research” into the MACSA/Campos on the Merc’s website…)
and then this…
2.  DA Dolores Carr will (probably? maybe?) serve out the rest of her term, even as she looks for a temp-judge gig.  It seems rumors were swirling (or hopeful thoughts?) that she would leave early so Mr. Rosen can get in there… but we sense there are some hard feelings between Carr and Rosen so Carr is going to make him wait…
Story 1 + Story 2 = Flashback + Flashback…
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group held its Projections event yesterday at Santa Clara University… The Daily Fetch press credential must have gotten lost in cyberspace…
From the Leadership Group to the Chamber…
The Chamber endorsed Carly Fiorina.  We are certain that will tip the scales heavily toward Fiorina… among the 4 people that follow the Chamber’s statewide endorsements… We do have to wonder, however, is this was a quid pro quo for Fiorina speaking at a major Chamber event in April.
We love the juxtaposition of these two stories:
State Senator Elaine Alquist and State Assemblymember Jim Beall were in town yesterday to promise tougher state regulations about fire safety in schools.  (An issue they cared not a lick about until the Trace Elementary fire…)
and then there is this…
Perhaps it is because Alquist and Beall aren’t up there… (just kidding… we are certain they have absolutely nothing to do with the budget.)
Lots of grocery store news this week (PW closing, Safeway opening 2 new stores)… the Los Altos Safeway would like to double in size.  We’ll see what neighbors say…
Have a good weekend folks… 01…