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Daily Fetch 05.06.14: Madison for Madison, Is D-5’s Carrasco looking for work and Who needs security at SJC?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Madison Nguyen has endorsed herself in the June primary race to succeed termed out Chuck Reed.  In a mail piece that landed yesterday and paid for by Madison’s very own campaign she pens an Editorial Opinion about herself that describes herself as full of courage and leadership.  Fetch thinks she’s full of something but it ain’t those two things. Click the image for a closer inspection of Madison’s self-love.

madison's record

This is a sneaky and dishonest attempt to fool voters into thinking someone, other than herself, has endorsed her for Mayor.  Pathetic.  Fetch imagines Madison’s endorsement interview with herself went something like this:

Madison Nguyen Endorsement Interview

KTVU-2 reports on two men shot to death in a South San Jose townhome.  A neighbor found the two bodies and the SJPD Homicide Unit (yes, they still have one) is investigating.

Jeff “I am the law” Rosen may have learned some PR lessons after his bruising scuffle last year over the granting of administrative leave to some of his subordinates.  Rosen’s handling of the latest flap over the crime lab screwing up a couple thousand drug tests is textbook crisis management.  He owns the mistake, makes an apology and puts in place new procedures to ensure it does not happen again.  Since his spokesflak’s desk was moved out of the inner sanctum of the DA’s office, Rosen’s media skills have improved.  Just sayin’.

Apparently, the the knuckleheaded misguided kid that jumped a fence at SJC took the long way to bypass airport security.  He could have just strolled in without swiping a security badge like these folks, caught on tape by this NBC Bay Area investigation, did.  If everyone had their underwear in a bunch over the fence jumper, then the Fetch can only imagine all hell breaking loose after the latest security, or lack thereof, breach at SJC is looked into.  We wonder what the City’s airport commissioners; Reed, Herrera, Liccardo and Rocha will have to say?, fresh off of its win over the charter school Goliath Rocketship, wants everyone to know about another mind-numbing SJ mayoral debate this weekend.  Make sure to order a few quadruple shot Venti something-or-other from Starbucks to stay awake if you decide to go.

Some Tea Party “Patriots” in Morgan Hill are in dire need of lives as they spent the morning of Cinco de Stupid in front of a high school wearing American flag t-shirts.  The GOP must be so proud of these “patriots.”

GOP Gov hopeful Neil Kashkari released his first television spot yesterday and he’s wielding an ax, no really, an ax chopping wood and saying he is going to ax wasteful spending.  Fetch can’t really take Neil too seriously as he is wasting $500K of his own money on the ad which we believe is the epitome of wasteful spending.  You can see the ad here.

The SV Biz Journal says Republicans love them some Pinterest and Democrats love them some Twitter.  87% of both parties love them some Facebook.  Check out the survey of social media platforms use by political party affiliation conducted by Harvard Institute of Politics.

Although on life support, the push to keep the Century 21 Dome standing is inching along as the State Historical Resources Commission says the movie house is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The NRHP will decide this summer if the dome makes the cut.  Tomorrow night the CSJ’s Historic Landmarks Commission will decide whether to recommend the City Council declare the iconic dome a city landmark.  When it is all said and done, it may be all for not as the property owner has the final say and they see dollar signs.  Gentleman, Start Your Bulldozers!

D-5 Political Consultant and council wanna-be Magdalena Carrasco is the target of these questions surrounding her ballot designation and seek the truth about where, or if, she actually is employed and by whom?

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Daily Fetch 6.12.13: Lighten up Omar and I am the law Rosen has a good day

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Our apologies to the thin skinned (almost transparent-like) Omar Torres for our inclusion of a throw away one liner in our post yesterday. (Read Omar’s freak out/panic attack). (Apparently) Torres missed the point of the one-liner entirely. No one cares if you blog for free, but as a neighborhood activist who has blogged about prostitution in your very own neighborhood, why the silence about Metro Newspaper and its affiliation with

This is what the big boys call a textbook opportunity. But we’ll leave further unsolicited advice to your fellow blogger Rich Robinson. As Sgt. Hulka from Stripes says, “lighten up Francis”, now go back to obscurity.

Back to our meat and potatoes.  San Jose and the State of California had some budget news yesterday.

KGO’s Vic Lee tells us Jeff “I am the law” Rosen detailed the biggest gang prosecution in Santa Clara County history. The good news day just kept coming for Rosen, as the Merc’s Tracey Kaplan reported that the County backed his decision to ship an outspoken DA to Siberia (Palo Alto) and demote him (you remember, the guy with the Autistic son).  Seems like they fought the law and the law won.

The Mercury News editorial board thinks that PG&E is a little too cozy with the government entity tasked with regulating it, the CPUC. The Board says it’s enough to make California’s real reformer Hiram Johnson spin in his grave.  Those PG&E lobbyists, past and present, must be good.

In the midst of the news that Obama reads our emails and the DA’s Sean “Big Brother” Webby listens to reporters phone calls, sales of George Orwell’s 1984 have skyrocketed.

What does Mountain View have in common with Fargo, North Dakota? Both are on the list of America’s fastest-growing cities.

The SV Biz Journal wants you to get your drink on at yet another business Tom McEnery is providing folks with to get drunk in San Jose’s urine stained downtown. Welcome Farmers Union. We look forward to sampling every one of the 60 craft beers on tap and then calling 777-7777 to get home.

“I heard San Jose was getting bad, but this is crazy”, there was a shooting in broad daylight yesterday at 1st and Santa Clara Street. So glad things have calmed down enough downtown to bring back drunk in th….Music in the Park.

Some guy named “Chop” wants to build a parking garage in Palo Alto.  The problem, he wants to build it on public property.

Speaking of things not getting done in Palo Alto, the PA Council punts on the issue of whether to build housing for poor old people as their billionaire constituents are worried about having to slow their Bentleys.

Another day has passed and the folks in black robes have still not made a decision as to whether all of us are equal under the law.  On the day the decision is handed down there will be a celebration rally at SJ City Hall (balloons, confetti, and happy people) or a protest (I hate Chuck Reed signs, Supremes Suck banners, and sad people).

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Daily Fetch 5.22.13: Brother-in-Law of Rosen’s top aide fired, Barb Marshman prepares to eat crow

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

The Merc’s Tracey Kaplan writes about Jeff “I am the law” Rosen screaming “all aboard” for this latest ride on his crazy train. Hot on the heels of the Merc Editorial Board’s lauding of the immaculacy of Boss Rosen’s hires, one of those hires has been fired by the county. The reason? Being the brother-in-law to Rosen’s number two in the office, Jay Boyarsky, isn’t enough; you actually have to meet the minimum qualifications for the job.© 1999 EyeWire, Inc.

Rosen’s communications guy, Sean “big brother” Webby, who our spies tell us got a nice salary bump,  had this to say his boss; “No comment”.  Glad your getting more money to say less. Snoop on any phone calls lately?

And in a major economic boom to the South Bay the Santa Clara 49ers will be hosting the Super Bowl in 2016.  Congratulations Jamie Mathews, who could be our favorite local Mayor!

Now that Metro has a stack of emails, minutes and other documents from the Health Foundation, who’s Board both Teresa Alvarado and Cindy Chavez sit on, we’re sure they will have enough material to keep their keyboards clicking for days. They’ve even given their new series the catchy name, “Family Health Fiasco.” Their first post…a tale about Kathleen King fundraising while also being a government employee.  What’s next?

And in a sign that the San Jose City Council may be trying the product they are increasing taxes on, they have approved another $1 million dollars to go with the first million dollars to continue litigation on Measure B. Protect San Jose, what say you?

Chick-fil-A is bringing a new location to Sunnyvale. We’re sure Chuck Reed will be the first in line.

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Daily Fetch 5.10.13: Jeff “I am the law” Rosen issues forth big brother

Friday, May 10th, 2013

The Jeff “I am the law” Rosen crazy train continues to go off the rails. The Merc’s Kaplan reports that the DA whistleblower with the disabled kid who was demoted and exiled to Siberia (Palo Alto), has filed a grievance with Santa Clara County.

The grievance, which was posted on the Merc’s website, details Jeff “I am the law” Rosen’s Revenge. Making the situation even more bizarre, (apparently) Rosen’s “media coordinator” Sean Webby—henceforth to be referred to as Big Brother—is now monitoring Rosen’s employees telephone conversations with reporters. Holy crap!Sean Webby Big Brother

Sean “Big Brother” Webby, maybe it’s time for an ethics refresher course.

You heard it here first, former SJ Police Chief Chris Moore has a new job. The cushy new gig is with the company that designs public safety communications networks—you know like the network that Chris spent most of his time as chief getting through congress.

You know that whole Google buying San Jose Airport thing? Yeah, well…about that. The SJ Bizjournal reports that the saga continues,

Caltrans just can’t do anything right. First they bungle the Bay Bridge project by using bolts that can be defeated by rainwater, and now they are stumped as to how spell check works on a computer.  Paging Armando Gomez, your city of “Milipitas” needs you.

As the Merc’s Wolfolk talks about cops being greedy, Protect San Jose emerges from it’s undisclosed bunker to deliver a right cross to San Jose’s Alex Gurza’s upper jaw (apparently) at this week’s arbitration action at City Hall.  Glad to see you back, Protect.

Woolfolk has yet another piece about Supervisor Dave Cortese’s bright (?) idea to get the Merc to move into the old city hall building. If it happens, could we take over the Merc’s spot at the new city hall with the same sweetheart, rent-free deal the Merc currently enjoys?

Sam Liccardo is tired of doing his job. Not content to pull a Don Rocha and just sit in the corner, Sam wants to throw money to the people and let them sort things out. So what you’re saying Sam is that councilmembers are about as useless as, well…councilmembers, right?

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Daily Fetch 4.08.13: Jeffy you got some splainin to do

Monday, April 8th, 2013

NBC Bay Area dropped a bomb on Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen this weekend. The county’s top prosecutor got caught altering time sheets to dole out paid vacation to handpicked appointees.  The county attorney union’s attorney says this is a“gift of public funds” and illegal.  Polish that turd Sean Webby.

Tracey Kaplan from the Mercury News piles on and discloses that County Exec Jeff Smith has ordered an investigation of Rosen’s actions and is worried about evidence being destroyed and has ordered “Mr. Transparency” not to hit the delete button or plug in the shredder.  Jeffy!!!RosenSplain

IA let’s us know that Kansen Chu is (apparently) the only person around that’s made money from Facebook stock. Oh, and he’s running for Assembly.

The development bonanza that is the Santa Clara 49ers stadium has now spawned plans to convert a 230-acre city golf course into an “entertainment district” that Mayor Jamie Matthews implies could be a supersized Santana Row. Meanwhile, downtown San Jose continues to be a urine stained ghost town where our spies tell us tumbleweeds were seen blowing down Santa Clara Street this weekend.

Scott Herhold gives us his take on how the mayoral race is shaping up in San Jose.  Clearly his “bromance” with Sam Liccardo is in full swing.  And for those that gamble (George), the over/under on Herhold coming to the defense of Jeff Rosen giving away county money is –ANY minute now.

Daily Fetch 10.24.12: “I need to leave work at 4 today for an ‘off-site’ meeting”

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

The San Jose-hating Giants take the field tonight… so expect every single one of your employees to have a meeting “outside the office” at about 4:15 (so they can get home for the 5 p.m. start time)…

As if there is any other news…

Here’s a story that will make Sean Webby wish he never left the Merc:  A former San Jose police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the city alleging he was pressured to retire in retaliation for reporting what he considered time-card fraud among his fellow cops.  (Protect is still on Rose Herrera duty…)

County Supervisors will starting thinking about what to do with the only building in San Jose uglier than their own:  the old City Hall.  Hold on to your hats, the County’s record in dealing with big projects (like the ambulance contract) and small projects (bodyguards) is not great…

Proving that you can do your homework while watching television, Scott Herhold writes a column about watching the Giants Game 7 and watching the Presidential debate on Monday night…

In other (down ballot) political news, Sharon Noguchi looks at local school board races:  San Jose Unified, East Side Union, and County Board of Education… It’s the last race where we’re getting all the emails.  Someone please send us some of the mail…

In more (down ballot) political news, the San Jose City Council took “no position” on Measure D – the minimum wage hike.  Of course, it’s a little hard to follow the story when this is a key sentence in it:  During the afternoon session, councilwoman Nancy Pyle had voted to oppose Measure D, along with Mayor Chuck Reed and council members Sam Liccardo, Rose Herrera, Nancy Pyle, Pete Constant and Pierluigi Oliverio.  What did Nancy Pyle do in the afternoon?

Team San Jose is losing its fearless leader (and so is the airport) next year… but the City Council in San Jose renewed the contract for Team San Jose for another 5 years.  Time to bring back Dan Fenton?

Daily Fetch 10.19.12: The biggest crime story of the year: Chuck’s ticket or File Gate?

Friday, October 19th, 2012

John Woolfolk has been doing some follow-up on the biggest crime story of the year… with Sean Webby gone, someone has to:  Police Officers, dispatchers cheered San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s ticket.  Imagine if they caught him doing something really bad, like j-walking…

Wait, we spoke too soon:  Tracy Seipel is following the biggest crime (?) story of the year:  Shirakawa mission campaign reports case handed over to Santa Clara County DA… Well, we have a feeling that Chuck Reed’s ticket will be far less expensive, both politically and in real dollars, than Shirakawa’s File Gate…

The Shirakawa political hit may have already started… Darcie Green got appointed to the County Board of Education over Shirakawa’s choice:  Javier Gonzalez.

Speaking of people who opposed the minimum wage increase (that’s you Javier)… Lew Wolff doesn’t like Measure D either.

Our email is burning up with traffic from Santa Clara (Mission City Lantern where are you?).  The Mission City is abuzz with speculation in the Santa Clara Weekly publisher’s column that an unnamed councilmember is cajoling and threatening people who signed the ad to oppose Chris Stampolis for school board.  As we do not believe that the councilmember is the infamous Lord Voldemort, we are not afraid to call out his name (the almost infamous Kevin Moore), which we did a few days ago.

If that news wasn’t sexy enough… Santa Clara might get a Super Bowl, but:

At a news conference in San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee and other city leaders unveiled official marketing materials led by a logo that shows Golden Gate Bridge-style football goal posts featuring the title “SF Super Bowl.” They boasted of the need to bring the “world-class event to a world-class city,” unveiled the website and had an opera singer belt out “I left My Heart in San Francisco.”

Finally, in some very funny political endorsement writing… the Merc endorsed Jim Beall and Jerry Hill for State Senate (sorry Joe and Sally), and then they had this to say about Paul Fong:  Reluctantly, we recommend re-electing Paul Fong.

Daily Fetch 1.27.12: Rob Davis takes the stand?

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Good Friday to you… Let’s see what’s going on, shall we?

Tracey Kaplan at the Merc gets a great first line into her piece today: “…Ending an era in which criminal defendants’ constitutional rights were routinely jeopardized, Santa Clara County will now offer legal representation to anyone who can’t afford an attorney at their initial court appearance…” How do you really feel about it Tracey?

Speaking of Constitutional rights being jeopardized… There is a retired San Jose Police Officer who is suing the City of San Jose “for allegedly bypassing hmi for a lieutenant’s job on at least four occasions in favor of less qualified candidates…” during his 25 year run with the Department. The case is in federal court right now. In an added twist, “The trial is expected to force current San Jose Police Chief Christopher Moore and his predecessor, Rob Davis, who is accused of specifically retaliating against Harper, to take the witness stand…” Where’s Sean Webby when you need him? (No offense, Mr. Mintz…)

Here’s some heartwarming news, a Milpitas Unified School District employee was arrested for (allegedly) lifting almost $40,000 from “study body funds“…

Joining San Jose and a growing number of other cities, Mountain View is moving forward with a plastic bag ban… much to the dismay of some local lobbyists

We’ll end with the blogs…

San Jose Inside is on its game this week:

  • First, a story about how (and why) former San Jose Police Officers’ Association President George Beattie left his position at the union and headed back to work to put in some more time to pad his pension — and now he is Bobby Lopez’s direct supervisor. Awesome.
  • Second, there’s a story about a growing rift between San Jose Councilmember Kansen Chu and Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen, including some pretty nasty (and now very public) emails between the two. Surprise, surprise, at issue is a Vietnamese flag raising ceremony and the political implications of who was there/wasn’t there…

And with all that is going on in and around San Jose, including the aforementioned story about George Beattie, Protect San Jose took another week off. In case they’ll be back next week, here’s the City Council agenda for your Council Watch

If you are interested in an interesting take on all things Santa Clara (and a good laugh), you should probably head over to Mission City Lantern

Have a good weekend…


Daily Fetch 1.23.12: Headache Monday… (especially for Kyle Williams)

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Today will be short, because our post-football partying was long…

The Santa Clara 49ers lost…

Over the weekend, Internal Affairs let us know that Councilmember/candidate Pierluigi Oliverio uses a non-union print shop, Mayor Chuck Reed gets a cold shoulder from San Jose PD (very professional), and that Sean Webby was a good guy…

Palo Alto is getting ready to say hell no to affordable housing. The Weekly takes a look

Finally, proving that those that hold important positions of public trust don’t need to delay their responses to the public’s questions, DA Jeff Rosen responded to questions on San Jose Inside. And at least one question should have at least one City Councilmember in San Jose calling his attorney…

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Daily Fetch 12.16.11: Have You Seen Us?

Friday, December 16th, 2011

SJPD had a win yesterday busting a notorious tagging crew… Have You Seen Us?  Apparently SJPD has seen you dudes…
In other SJPD news, a man was shot and killed by an Officer last night because he “displayed threatening behavior” as he was being approached by Officers. We’ve lost count as to which OIS this is for the year… Does anyone know? Webby?
Protect San Jose chimes in on something topical… finally.  Their third post in three weeks is titled, “Do Police Officers earn a fair pension?“… You can guess the answer considering the source, or you can read it yourself… (Note:  It is a compelling read, but you won’t find the actual details of the retired Sergeant’s pension.  Webby?)
Usually it is Cities (and Counties) that get lobbied… but the shoe is on the other foot with Palo Alto.  On Monday, they will approve a contract for a group of Sacramento insiders to lobby to stop — we’re sorry “to represent its concerns” about — High Speed Rail… The contract will be with a law firm and with an outfit called the Professional Evaluation Group.  Lest you think they are not connected enough, the Professional Evaluation Group is led by a guy named John Garamendi (Jr.)… (And yes, he has that winning smile…)
While we’re in Palo Alto… we can’t help but mistake Palo Alto for East Palo Alto today with the top three stories on the Weekly’s website:  sketch of robbery suspect, man attacked with a bat downtown, and copper thieves.  No wonder Facebook is moving… (Just kidding Mayor Espinosa…):
You know you’re in a small-town-minded City when… it takes 12 years to build a fire station.  Mountain View, hats off… Bud Selig thinks that’s too long…