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Daily Fetch 05.14.14: Guardino Super-PAC for Sam has some newbies, Liccardo puts himself in a time-out and It’s tough being über-rich…

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

FETCH EXCLUSIVE – 1%’er Darling Sam Liccardo, Part Deux

The Carl Guardino Super-PAC to help Sam Liccardo has some newbies from everywhere but San Jose who wrote more fat checks and were not included in our post yesterday.  These amounts are well above the $1,100 dollar limit San Jose has in place for contributions to a candidate and they include more Republican loving folks like:

The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall did his best to put Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo in his cross-hairs in the latest profile piece of the 4 serious SJ mayoral candidates and Rose.  The New Guy forgot to mention the 400 po-po that have left, the crime rate rising faster than the national average, major portions of the Measure B pension measure being ruled unconstitutional and hundreds of thousands pouring into a Carl Guardino Super-PAC to bolster Liccardo. But the New Guy did hit the nail on the head when he pointed out all the promises Sam makes with little to show for it.

Liccardo reminds us of this fellow GOP politician who was an idea machine but had little focus or follow through to see these ideas to fruition.

The best part of the profile was this line describing Sam being just plum tuckered out and putting himself into a time-out:

“…at one point during an interview last week…he asked for a break so he could sit quietly for a bit.”




Fetch guesses that all those ideas bouncing around Sam’s head can be exhausting.

And in other news from über rich techies, their companies and problems they face

Apparently, 1%’er billionaire investor Vinod Khosla did not block access to Martins State Beach when he plopped down $37.5 million for the beachfront property where a closed gate has prevented the 99% from reaching the beach by land.  Khosla’s property manager, Steven Baugher, took the bullet for his boss in his testimony in San Mateo Superior Court when he testified it was his idea to close the gate and he did not consult with Khosla.  Fetch can’t even imagine the Christmas bonus Baughers’ gonna get….

Jesse Jackson brings his Rainbow PUSH Coalition back to Silicon Valley to poke at tech titans like e-bay and Google for their lack of inclusion.  Jackson says:

“Technology is supposed to be about inclusion, but sadly, patterns of exclusion remains the order of the day. When it comes to African-Americans on Board[s] – ZERO.  C-suites, ZERO.  Minority firms in IPO’s and financial transactions, advertising and professional services – ZERO.  These ZEROES are contrary to the enlightened values exposed by the industry. Rainbow PUSH is seeking meetings with tech leaders to address these ZEROES head on.”

Leave. Zuckerberg. alone.

Up in Smoke…again.  SJ’s city council chambers looked like it was converted to an Ashram to host a Hare Krishna convention last night.  The city council was supposed to vote on clamping down on SJ pot stores run amok but instead did what they do best and punted until next week.  Maybe the councilmembers got a contact high because no amount of incense can disguise the smell of weed that was practically imbedded into many of the audience member’s clothes.

KTVU-2 says it is being told by city hall insiders that M8trix Casino is under investigation for shuffling money around to show it is not making a profit and thus not required to pay into a fund to help gamblers avoid gambling.  The report says that our off the market, Hottie AG, Kamala Harris has issued a complaint against Matrix and is looking further into the accusation.

Help for gamblers came too late for former Supervisor George Shirakawa who has been sprung from the Santa Rita jail he has been housed at, so says Metro’s Josh Koehn.  Shirakawa’s legal troubles are not over as he faces a new trial in September over an untrue/illegal mail piece attacking Magdalena Carrasco as a communist sympathizer during the heated 2010 D-5 election that saw Shirakawa’s aid, Xavier Campos squeak into office.

Nobody is spying in Palo Alto…well…at least that is what city officials are telling residents who are complaining about cameras popping up in their neighborhood. The cameras are being used to count cars and bikes in some neighborhoods. Snowden, where are you…

Looks like this SJ po-po, who is out on bail and on administrative leave, may be in even hotter water as the DA adds charges that could lead to 12-years behind bars.

SJ residents gave the city council an earful about garbage rates rising.  Didn’t work, the council raised rates to about $30 bucks a month for a 32-gallon container.

The recall of Sunnyvale City Councilmember Pat Meyering is alive and kicking and the reasons for recalling the petty, abrasive, and disruptive Meyering are laid out in this well written op-ed by Christopher R. Moylan and Nancy S. Tivol.

Today is going to be incredibly hot, like in a scorcher.  So if you want a place to cool down head to one of these cooling stations scattered throughout Santa Clara County.

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Daily Fetch 03.25.14: Liccardo and that awful male shrinkage, Honda Dodging Debates, and Stamp-gate trial won’t be delivered until September

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Is Councilmember Johnny Khamis behind the scenes manipulating what happens with another rink, this time ice?

In the race to replace Lame (Duck) Chuck Reed the top three money raisers are in the inverse order of how they will probably finish in June.  “Cheaties” Liccardo’s lead has shrunk as Nguyen and Cortese have closed the gap and PLO is trending in the right direction.  The Merc’s New Guy at City Hall has the details.

Liccardo, down in all polls won’t like this news.  He will appear dead last on the ballot in June.  The Secretary of State announced ballot placement last week and the news is not good for a candidate with big bucks and a whole bunch of ground to make up.  Most studies say ballot placement can be a 2% to 5% advantage or disadvantage from the top to the bottom.  Oliverio will be on top, then Cortese, Herrera, Nguyen and on the bottom “Cheaties” with the also-rans interspersed throughout.

Clearly this poor soul may have been watching a replay of a SJ Mayoral debate since she fell asleep on a Caltrain and woke up alone and in need of assistance well past her scheduled stop.  NBC Bay Area reports on the sleepy tale here.

Speaking of narcolepsy inducing political debates, SF Chron’s Carla Marinucci reports on Congressman Mike Honda dipping and dodging a true Lincoln-Douglas type of grudge match with his main opponent Ro Khanna.  Marinucci spells out the pitfalls and pluses Honda is weighing as he says no to debates and yes to forums…

The Stamp-gate case involving the locked-up former County Supervisor George Shirakawa got kicked until sometime in September.  SJ Inside’s JK has the entire scoop about the costs, consequences and conundrums of this sorry episode.  He also pokes a friendly stick at the Merc’s TracEy Kaplan for sneakily mooching off of a PRA submitted by SJI.

A new study evaluating Charter School performance throughout California was released and it’s a mixed bag at best for the charter movement.  Some demographic groups struggle at charter schools and the lower the grades the better off students perform with high schools being the weakest performers.

Here is a winning combination of ideas being spouted by GOP Gubernatorial also-ran Neil Kash-and-Carry: Fracking the environment, corporate tax hand-outs, and bashing workers.  Neil Kash-and-Carry is a real breath of fresh air from those tired GOP platforms of the past…sheesh.

Political prognosticator Nate-Silver (not to be confused with the SV Biz Journal’s Nate-Dog), who famously predicted how every state in the union would vote in the last presidential election, has panicked Democrats with his latest forecast that Republicans are now favored to take back the US Senate.  Of course, Nate is not always on top of his game as his NCAA March Madness picks tanked this year.

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Daily Fetch 03.14.14: Reed, AKA A Boy Named Sue (tentatively) loses another pension case, a Virgin pulls out of SJC, and Santa Clara County Sheriff Wanna-be Jensen and his backers have some explaining to do

Friday, March 14th, 2014

A Boy Named Sue keeps his losing streak alive as Reed loses yet another court case over his Enron oil money backed pension grab.  A Superior Court Judge issued a tentative ruling yesterday that upheld California’s Hottie AG’s inclusion in the title and summary the word “eliminate” and “teachers, nurses, and peace officers” and every other word Harris used to describe Chuck Reed’s latest attempt to screw workers.  The ruling also pretty much ensures that there will be no pension measure on the November 2014 ballot.


Funny how Mayor Reed loses and the Mercury News headline of the loss reads:

Pension measure at standstill

The Sacramento Bee headline, covering the same story, was:

Court rejects Chuck Reed’s challenge to pension-measure language

Apparently, even the Merc headline writers got the memo to do all they can to support Reed and his cronies.  Well, at least they still have jobs.  The SV Biz Journal is reporting on yet another round of layoffs at the Merc’s parent company.  Sorry, folks, Herhold was not one of those that got a pink slip.

Al Jazeera does an in depth analysis of how Reed, Liccardo and Nguyen have stacked the “independent” boards that administer San Jose’s pension funds with “financial experts” that have pushed investments into hedge funds and other risky adventures.  Conclusion: Wall Street money managers are inches away from getting their hands on SJ’s pension dollars.

Mineta San Jose International (International if you count Canada…) Airport’s marriage to a Virgin has ended in a divorce. After sleeping with SJC for under a year, Virgin America has lit a cigarette and is moving out of SJC and taking with it its daily flight service to LA.  There was much fanfare last year when the announcement was made about Virgin coming to SJC and now the fight will be over who gets the dog and who keeps the CD’s in this ugly break-up.

Shirakawa’s Stamp-gate defense team is going all out to keep the former Supervisor from spending more time in the slammer, jail, not Alabama.  District 5’s Xavier Campos must be doing backflips as he may stay off the stand during his re-election race against Magdalena Carrasco, the victim of the illegal mailer that may have tanked her campaign.  TracEy Kaplan, who apparently survived the latest cuts at the Merc, has the story.

NBC’s Damian Trujillo welcomes viewers to the jungle, one of the nations’ largest homeless encampments near SJ’s Happy Hollow Zoo.  At this jungle, there are no fun and games.

Kevin Jensen, the second place finisher in the upcoming County Sheriff’s race to replace the inevitable winner Laurie Smith was the subject of an FPPC complaint over financial irregularities with his campaign reports.   SJ Inside has the story.

The Left Hook also reports on Jensen’s biggest group of wishful thinkers, the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, and their non-filing of required FPPC disclosure reports on where they have been spending their money from their political action committee.  We are sure their new hired gun, the mastermind of San Jose’s Measure B, Vic Ajlouny will provide them ethical and legal advice to get them out of their latest bumbling screw-up.

In more election news, tech wunderkind Ro Khanna has just discovered that smart-phones have this thing called an app and that this app can display a map of streets with people on them (in color).  Get this, this colorful app can also be programmed to collect and display data that has an address of a voter that you can look at and then go to the voters house and knock on their door.  WOW, Ro is way ahead of anyone when it comes to using technology…we need him in Washington DC for sure.

South Bay farmers are about to lose their water supply due to the drought.  KTVU’s Robert Handa reports that the water district will cut off supply to many surface water farmers starting April 1.

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Daily Fetch 11.26.13: Shame at SJSU

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

The Spartan Daily gives a comprehensive run-down of the latest developments in a hate crime case that is being covered around the world.  KTVU provides additional coverage of the NAACP and other community groups calling for felony charges to be made against the four (alleged) dipsh#@s who say they were just playing around.


SJSU President Mo Qayoumi steps up and admits that the university and he himself had failed the victim and pledged to get to the bottom of how this could happen on a college campus that many believed was a beacon of tolerance and inclusion.

And talk about bad timing for this puff piece.  Qayoumi gives this interview to the SV Biz Journal, we presume well before his campus imploded, that talks about what a wonderful world we live in.

The Merc ed board wants the public to know that DA Jeff “I am the law” Rosen struggled with the misdemeanor charges against the defendants.  Maybe if the idiots charged in the case had ripped off some money the charges would have been increased to felonies, like the case below?

Judge Griffin Bonini denied a motion from “likety spit” Shirakawa’s attorney requesting to seal GJ transcripts that have already seen the light of day when SJ Inside published them this past Friday.  The transcripts reveal…ummm…nothing new but are an interesting read nonetheless.

Here are the highlights:

  • Some campaign hangers-on talk about how much they don’t know about campaigns and that they think their political opponents were mean to them (Lisa Jensen and Omar Torres).
  • The Prosecutor, who made a campaign contribution to the victim in the case, focused on a campaign contribution to Shirakawa that was made after the despicable hit piece was sent but not on any campaign contributions made before the mail was sent. (Soon to depart DA Karyn Sinunu and her hubby were financial supporters of Magdalena Carrasco)
  • Assemblymember Nora Campos testifies that she contributed to Shirakawa to retire his campaign debt.  No testimony was given or evidence presented to the GJ that contradicts her testimony.
  • The Metro’s Josh Koehn hustles.  He has run circles around the competition on this story and has continued to break news on this topic, even when there appears not to be much of it.

And Xavier “I should have drank a fifth when I took it” Campos unleashes his legal team to defend his actions before the GJ.  Heavy hitters James McManis and Gregory Ward remind everyone that it’s ok to not answer questions from a prosecutor that supported your political opponent.

In a first, San Jose has something that another South Bay city wants to emulate.  Palo Alto wants to turn food scraps and other waste into renewable energy.

Tech giants are in the running for billions in education dollars as “Common Core” invades your student’s classroom.  It may not be long before our entire education system revolves around a student looking at a screen all day in a lab environment with 50 students per teacher, oh, sorry, that may be already happening at some Rocketship charter schools.

What else is Rocketship trying to hide?  Here is a Letterman type list of the Top 7, sorry not 10, things that Rocketship doesn’t want you to know.

High-speed rail has flown off the tracks as a California judge has ruled that the project be halted.  This latest setback to the troubled choo-choo is covered by SF Gate and will surely add a lengthy delay to the train wreck of a project.

President Obama travelled to SF to get beyond the yelling in DC only to get yelled at in SF. The CC Times tells us about the student who thought it was a good idea to interrupt the Obama ” I have not done shi#” Immigration Apology Tour.

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Daily Fetch 11.14.13: The Curious Case of Campos, Esquivel evades explanation, and Walmart has a new lobbyist

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The Curious Case of Campos justifiably gets major play by Metro’s Josh Koehn who, once again, scoops everyone with a detailed description of Grand Jury proceedings surrounding “lickety spit” Shirakawa’s Stamp-gate.   One Campos takes the 5th and another does not as outgoing DA Karyn Sinunu says this about the case; “It gets curiouser and curiouser.” The Fetch is eagerly awaiting the statement from Campos that says he didn’t hear the questions, just like Benjamin Button.


Scott “call me maybe” Herhold says that Interim/Acting/ Soon to be SJ Police Chief Larry Esquivel “has some ‘splainin to do” over Statistics-gate.  Who ordered the gang homicide numbers to get cooked and who was the chef?

San Jose experienced another homicide yesterday, 41 according to the Mercury News.  This homicide has not yet been categorized by SJPD brass but may fall under a new category they are contemplating using called; “He Fell.”  That would make it, 40 homicides and 1 He Fell so far this year.

Inside Bay Area tells us that the majority of killings in the Bay Area go unsolved.

Yo, dipsh*&s, pull over when you see lights and sirens or cones on the side of roads.  NBC Bay Area tells you why it is so important to get out of the way.

Legionnaires disease at Santa Clara County’s crime lab has caused quite a stir.  The county is moving quickly to contain the contamination and protect the 60 employees from exposure.  TracEy Kaplan has the story.

Sunnyvale joins the fray against County of Santa Clara for granting Lehigh Cement a pass from many environmental rules and restrictions that would allow the company to mine 13 of 19 parcels on their property.

The SacBee provides a line-by-line comparison of Chuck Reed’s latest rendition of his statewide pension grab and confirms what the Fetch reported yesterday; the Santa Ana Mayor has pulled his support.   Also, the PR firm hired to flack for Chuck’s initiative, Mercury Public Affairs has quit the effort as well.  Dave Low, chairman of Californians for Retirement Security had this to say about the developments, “It is clear that the wheels are coming off the wagon of Mayor Reed’s pension scheme.”

Ben Field “of dreams” from the South Bay Labor Council exposes the joy Wal-Mart feels in its heart when food stamps for the needy are cut.  Ahhh, the holidays are fast approaching and food stamps have been whacked and Walmart will see their bottom line expand, it’s the American way.  Maybe Walmart’s new lobbyist, Jude Barry, will be able to do for them what he did for Dick Gephardt, Howard Dean or Steve Westly?

Obamacare is in serious trouble as support begins to crumble….from Democrats who are beginning to crap their pants over the debacle.  In one bright spot for the health care program, Covered California has been able to chalk up 59,000 enrollees.

SV Biz Journal’s Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann reports that workers at the Tesla factory were injured by hot metal ejected from manufacturing equipment.  And in yet another reason why CEO Elon Musk is a cool boss, he was on his way to the hospital to ensure his peeps got the best medical care for their injuries.

Tech M&A, (not T&A), is the name of the game in this article by Preeti Upadhyaya, the tech reporter for the SVBJ.  She says that tech heavyweights like eBay, Cisco, Qualcomm and Twitter are on the look out for companies to gobble up.

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Daily Fetch 11.12.13: Herhold’s bike hijacked, Liccardo’s concert pavilion tax, and Rural/Metro may be off the defibrillator

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Scott “call me maybe” Herhold joins the ranks of the 6,200 other San Jose residents who so far this year have had their mode of transportation ripped off by thieves.  Oh, sorry, the 6,200 reference was to cars stolen, not 30-year old bikes.

thief-cartoon KTVU tells us about a trio that have been arrested for a mini-crime spree that included kidnapping, robbery, and prostitution or as many now refer to these crimes; Another Day in SJ.

NBC Bay Area investigates a San Jose fire station where firefighters MAY be exposed to cancer causing agents that MAY have caused many to be diagnosed with various types of cancer after working at Station 5. The City is going to investigate the allegations.

Call 911 in Santa Clara County and (apparently) happy paramedics, in working ambulances, will arrive as Rural/Metro and its workers reach a 2-year contract.

Veterans were honored for their service throughout the Bay Area yesterday.

SJPD brass admit to juking the stats after NBC Bay Area cracked the code behind the miraculous and, apparently, bogus drop in gang homicides.  New City Manager Ed Shikada has his broom out and Chief Larry Esquivel is lifting the rug so that the juking can be swept away.

Cupertino joins the ranks of the environmentally aware as their ban on plastic shopping bags is now in place.

Former Supervisor “lickety spit” Shirakawa was sentenced to one-year in jail last Friday and will be back for more in early December as San Jose Inside reports.

Bikini Cop/Rocketman/Circus Clown Liccardo wants to tax those living or working around St. James Park to fund an outdoor concert venue at the urine infested park.  This is the same councilmember that voted against a tax to improve public safety, restore library hours and fill potholes in our streets…but hey, at least Liccardo has his priorities.

SV Biz Journal takes us inside Apple’s spaceship as it reveals new renderings and illustrations of what the inside of this iconic building will look like.

Did you know that Netflix and YouTube eat up about half of all broadband capacity, us either?

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Daily Fetch 11.08.13: San Jose Officials admit to “Juking the Stats,” Twitter soars and We like Mike!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Poor SJPD spokesflak Heather Randol, apparently, she and her co-spokesflak Albert Morales are being asked to defend the edict from San Jose Officials to “Juke the Stats” making it appear that gang violence was on the decline.  Problem is, it wasn’t, but that’s what the department and Mayor Reed told the public.  Questions that remain to be answered:

  • Who ordered the code red…oh sorry, we mean, who ordered the Juke?
  • When did they order the Juke?
  • Who knew about the Juke and when did they know it?
  • Did CM Deb Figone trumpet the bogus drop in gang violence as a reason to promote Acting Chief Esquivel to the top job?

This story is so juicy it’s like it was made for TV…wait it was! Here is a clip from HBO’s the Wire. You can almost imagine that this was what the discussion was like amongst SJPD’s brass.


KTVU-2 reports on the crimes that will now go uninvestigated in SJ as a result of the cop exodus and says that so far this year in SJ there have been 6,200 car thefts.  Not a typo, SIX-THOUSAND-TWO-HUNDRED cars have been jacked, of course SJPD brass have categorized those rip offs as innocent joy rides, so don’t worry public, all is well.

The Merc jumps on the detectives to patrol story with this piece.  SJPD spokesflak, Heather Randol must be asking herslf, “WTF did I sign up for”.

Twitter explodes on to the stock scene in a big way and all you local club hoppers better get prepared to battle newly minted tech millionaires for table service as the geeks will be out in force this weekend celebrating their triumph.

CNN tells us who owns the top Twitter accounts…it’s a fun list to check out.

Palo Alto anti-everything residents, emboldened by the rejection of the Maybell affordable senior housing project, are protesting another development in Palo Alto.  Our sources tell us there is a group forming to also begin advocating for the return of the horse and buggy.

NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo, the eternal optimist that he is, reports that San Jose police officers and the city will be back at the bargaining table trying to work out their differences.  The Fetch does not advise anyone to hold their breath in anticipation of a breakthrough, we need material…

In what had to be a painful admission, President Barak Obama is sorry.  Yup, after getting pummeled, beat down, and vilified by all sides for the disastrous roll out, or lack thereof, of the ACA, Obama has bitten the bullet and uttered the magic words every politician should memorize; “I’m sorry”.

“Lickety spit” Shirakawa will walk the plank today as he (supposedly) is going to be sentenced by Judge Nishigaya.  The prosecution will be calling County Executive Jeff “There is no spoon” Smith to talk about the damage done to the county and the defense will be calling Michelle Lew from AACI to plead for community service.

The Merc’s Sal Pizzaro tells us that the Silicon Valley Education Foundation gave the Flextronics CEO Mike McNamara an award for his education philanthropy and County Supervisor Ken Yeager is a fitness fanatic. Saturday morning, Yeager competes in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s 5K Heroes Run and then rides a portion of the 33-mile cycling leg of the Health Trust’s Hike & Bike fundraiser for its AIDS Services programs.  Then he will emcee the Hike & Bike’s finish-line party.  Um, tomorrow, were sleeping in to nurse a hangover, we hope!!!

In its latest corporate giveaway, San Jose will be launching a non-profit to promote clean tech inventions

Yet another reason why “We like Mike!”  County Supervisor Wasserman cuts a ribbon at a South County elementary school that opens a kid-sized salad bar in the cafeteria.  The picture is awesome and the promotion of healthy eating is better served by this idea than banning soft drinks.


California unions replied to SJ Mayor Chuck Reed’s invitation to meet and talk about his quest to strip retirement security away from workers.  The unions tell Reed, no thanks and that if he actually wanted a dialogue he would have sought a meeting BEFORE submitting his ballot initiative.  The Sac Bee has the story and a copy of the letter replying to Reed.

The SV Business Journal loves them some lists and the latest one is the Top 25 most generous companies.  See if your employer made the cut.

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Daily Fetch 9.27.13: Document reveals Chuck Reed funneled $200,000 from shadow Texas group to SV Chamber to change California’s constitution

Friday, September 27th, 2013

FETCH EXCLUSIVE: Chuckster the Huckster wants to do for California what he’s done for San Jose.

The Daily Fetch has obtained a document filed by Chuck Reed that discloses he personally facilitated the funneling of an initial $200,000 dollars from an organization named Action Now Initiative to the SV Chamber of Commerce to (apparently) launch his statewide pension ballot measure to change California’s constitution and allow the government to break contracts.

Chuck Reed money gusher
Action Now Initiative has numerous ties to the former Enron day trader and billionaire John Arnold.  Rolling Stones Matt Taibbi delivers the goods on who is behind the Chuck Reed push to screw public employees as he describes Enron Exec John Arnold in this paragraph:

… at the behest of powerful out-of-state financiers with dreams of pushing pension reform down the throats of taxpayers and public workers from coast to coast. One of her key supporters was billionaire former Enron executive John Arnold – a dickishly ubiquitous young right-wing kingmaker with clear designs on becoming the next generation’s Koch brothers, and who for years had been funding a nationwide campaign to slash benefits for public workers.

Chuck Reed’s statewide ballot measure language to cut workers’ pensions has been obtained by Frying Pan News and can be read here.  For San Jose workers who repeatedly told Reed the provisions of Measure B were unconstitutional, this ballot measure proves them right.  Why change the constitution if San Jose’s Measure B was legal?…Because it’s not.

Chuck Reed is in bed with right-wing ideologues intent on getting their greedy little hands on pension fund money to line their hedge-fund stitched pockets.  They want cops, firefighters, nurses and teachers to gamble their retirement security.  Chuck Reed is trying to do for California what he has done for San Jose–Now that’s a gamble.

Reed and Enron

The Fetch will have more on this breaking story.

Onward to other happenings…

As “Bikini cop” Liccardo prepares his Mayoral campaign apology tour (I’m sorry we don’t have enough cops and crime is up, I’m sorry I gave millions in tax breaks to my developer friends, I’m sorry for those bike lanes, and I’m sorry we spent millions trying to defend an unconstitutional pension ballot measure) he is getting all the free help he can from his friends.  The SVLG ran a full-page Mercury News ad touting an already sold out event that featured a “debate” between San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu and Liccardo.  Wow, we wonder how much that free publicity cost?

Sam Liccardo free advertising

While Liccardo was spending his time displaying his repertoire of ready clichés at his “debate”, his downtown constituents launched another petition asking the city to clean up crime and drug riddled St. James Park.  The San Jose Blog has the petition.

And thanks to one of our spies for pointing out to the Fetch that the commercial attached to another petition going after Liccardo for (allegedly) being a phony when it comes to public safety has been trimmed to precisely 30-seconds.  We wonder if SJ TV sets are the next stop for this lil’ ditty.

Hawaiian Airlines is dropping some direct flights to paradise out of SJC.

Sheriff Laurie Smith officially has a challenger in her quest for re-election.  NBC Bay Area covers the kick-off of Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Captain Kevin Jensen’s uphill battle to unseat the popular Sheriff.

NOTE to those advising Jensen…not a very compelling reason to fire Laurie when Jensen says this about the department: “I truly believe that our department is made of fine men and women and administrators, (it) has a lot of room to grow. There are things that need to change.”

In a posting to SJ Inside, Rich Robinson says “meh” to a proposal to shine some light on county government by requiring lobbyists to register and report their attempts at influencing.  At this point it’s the guy who helped “lickety spit” Shirakawa get elected in 2008 and S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian in opposition to more disclosure versus everyone else who wants transparency…Interesting.

Robinson also ridicules the FPPC for their flaccid fine of Chuck Reed for violating California’s Political Reform Act.  His posting on the SBLC blog concisely tells the story of how the dirty $100K funneled by Reed to save Herrera was used to defeat novice Jimmy Nguyen.  In case you forgot, Rich was Jimmy’s campaign strategist in the controversial D8 race.

Some Milpitas employees won’t be getting their jobs back as a judge rejects their claim that the city was in the wrong when they contracted out their jobs as part of a budget balancing strategy.

KCBS 740’s Mike Colgan reports that Sunnyvale enacted restrictions on payday lenders.

Bud Selig is headed for the door after one more season and promises to make a decision on the A’s move from crime-ridden Oakland to crime-ridden San Jose.

Palo Alto powerhouse law firm Wilson Sonsini goes all Murphy Brown and walks 35 secretaries to the door.

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Daily Fetch 9.26.13: Team Oracle USA defends the cup, Mayor Reed’s metaphorical bed buddy revealed, light will shine on county government, and Metro chews on Kansen…

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The Frying Pan News reveals Mayor Reed is in bed with a former Enron executive (in a figurative sense) as he continues to attack public employee pensions while at the same time doling out taxpayer subsidies to his developer friends.

Chuck Reed and Enron

Mr. Nuts predicted the Oracle come from behind win over New Zealand to retain America’s Cup.  We are hearing that Mayor Sweatpants is jealous of the prognosticating cat.

USA Today covers the big Oracle win that many are calling the greatest sports come from behind victory in history…that’s for those that consider yachting a sport.

The Metro’s Fly chews on Kansen for showing up late and leaving early from a conference and for (apparently) not figuring out that when the Fly gives you a buzz to chat, one shouldn’t ramble.

Of course political insiders are eagerly awaiting the Metro’s coverage of the Ireland junket that City Manager Figone and Councilmember Khamis are taking or the to numerous to list trips Pete “quadruple dip” Constant has taken to promote himself…We won’t hold our breath.

NBC Bay Area reports that “lickety spit” Shirakawa wants a public defender in what has become a long, drama filled case that is lurching toward a conclusion.  Luckily for George he beat the latest increase in the cost of postage stamps, they are now going to cost 49-cents.

Palo Alto’s controversial (if you have a home and don’t want others to have one) Measure D will be debated on Saturday, Sept. 28, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 250 Hamilton Ave. The League of Women Voters of Palo Alto will host the debate.

Calling it a “moral responsibility,” Gov. Brown signed the minimum wage increase into law yesterday.  The LA Times gives us this take on the historic day.

South Bay Labor’s head honcho, Ben Field, blogs about labor’s love for Mike Honda and about Santa Clara County Supervisors pushing for more transparency at 70 West Hedding Street.

That County transparency push looks like it will require lobbyists to register with the County and disclose what they are up to.  We wonder if S. (S is for secret) Joe Simitian will support the Chavez initiative to shine some light on the 10th floor?

Tracy Seipel lands the front page of the Mercury News today as she does a good job assisting readers navigate the ins and outs of Obamacare.

KTVU reports on a shooting that took place in broad daylight yesterday near San Jose State University.  Luckily the shooter had bad aim and was nabbed by the cops.

Fetch Tech Bureau

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lit a big match under its Kindle Fire as he unveiled a lighter, bigger and faster version of his hand held alternative to Apple’s iPad.  Our interns love the “Mayday” button…Maybe Bezos can make us a Fetch signal button for our spies?

Google expands its delivery service; Google Shopping Express will now deliver in virtually the entire Bay Area.

Facebook has fans as its stock price keeps climbing.  Now if it can just figure out real boobies from fake golden brown ones…

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Daily Fetch 9.17.13: Retiring Deb Figone is off to Ireland, Mayor Reed confused about Chief of Police selection, and Crime is up and down in San Jose

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

SJ City Manager Deb Figone is leaving…for Ireland.  On the heels of announcing her retirement and apparently unable to fill key city hall positions, like the Police Chief and Fire Chief, Figone thinks it’s a good idea to charge taxpayers for airfare to go to Ireland. We wonder if she’ll party as hard on the public dime as her Irish counterparts did when they last visited San Jose.

FIgone Off To Ireland

San Jose Inside’s Josh Koehn dissects Mayor Reed’s weekly KLIV radio interview to expose that the Mayor doesn’t quite know what’s going on in the city he is in charge of.  He says Ireland bound Figone is ready to announce a new Police Chief but Figone’s spokesflak David Vossbrink says it ain’t so.  Who’s running the show at city hall?

The Mercury News reports that crime is up in San Jose and the bay area in general, according to the FBI.

NBC Bay Area and KTVU report that crime is down in San Jose…wait what?

And this San Jose neighborhood just wants their streetlights turned back on because they say it’s an invitation to criminals to target their homes and cars.

Mayor Sweatpants Pier Oliverio will get to vote on the Environmental Innovation Center one more time.  You remember, the one he voted for and then claimed publicly that he voted against.

Surely, “lickety spit” Shirakawa’s scheduled court hearing this Friday should be quite a show, oh and stop calling me Shirley.  The defense attorney contacted the judge without telling the prosecution to ask the judge to be a witness for the defense…the Merc’s de Sa’ tells the tale.

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors is finally getting off the dime and will vote to develop San Jose’s old city hall complex.  Maybe the Supervisors can give San Jose some tips on how to fill the empty retail spaces at San Jose’s new city hall?  Just a thought…

The Merc’s Eric Kurhi covers the re-emergence of a rock and roll venue in downtown San Jose in his profile of Dave Nevin, owner of the San Jose Rock Shop.

Tam Nguyen, rumored to be mulling a run for city council in San Jose’s D-7, takes to South Bay Labor’s blog to break down the Vietnamese vote that went overwhelmingly for Cindy Chavez in July’s County Supervisor special election.

Palo Alto Online reports on the appointment of Houman Boussina to beocme Palo Alto’s City Auditor.  We can think of one project that he ought to look at right away.

Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park Library project is over budget and over 20-months behind schedule.  On top of that the Palo Alto Free Press tells readers that the project will cost taxpayers an additional $785,000 to complete.

Greg Baumann, the Charles in Charge of the SV Biz Journal, introduces Silicon Valley’s billionaires who landed on the Forbes 400 wealthiest list.

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