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Daily Fetch 05.06.14: Madison for Madison, Is D-5’s Carrasco looking for work and Who needs security at SJC?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Madison Nguyen has endorsed herself in the June primary race to succeed termed out Chuck Reed.  In a mail piece that landed yesterday and paid for by Madison’s very own campaign she pens an Editorial Opinion about herself that describes herself as full of courage and leadership.  Fetch thinks she’s full of something but it ain’t those two things. Click the image for a closer inspection of Madison’s self-love.

madison's record

This is a sneaky and dishonest attempt to fool voters into thinking someone, other than herself, has endorsed her for Mayor.  Pathetic.  Fetch imagines Madison’s endorsement interview with herself went something like this:

Madison Nguyen Endorsement Interview

KTVU-2 reports on two men shot to death in a South San Jose townhome.  A neighbor found the two bodies and the SJPD Homicide Unit (yes, they still have one) is investigating.

Jeff “I am the law” Rosen may have learned some PR lessons after his bruising scuffle last year over the granting of administrative leave to some of his subordinates.  Rosen’s handling of the latest flap over the crime lab screwing up a couple thousand drug tests is textbook crisis management.  He owns the mistake, makes an apology and puts in place new procedures to ensure it does not happen again.  Since his spokesflak’s desk was moved out of the inner sanctum of the DA’s office, Rosen’s media skills have improved.  Just sayin’.

Apparently, the the knuckleheaded misguided kid that jumped a fence at SJC took the long way to bypass airport security.  He could have just strolled in without swiping a security badge like these folks, caught on tape by this NBC Bay Area investigation, did.  If everyone had their underwear in a bunch over the fence jumper, then the Fetch can only imagine all hell breaking loose after the latest security, or lack thereof, breach at SJC is looked into.  We wonder what the City’s airport commissioners; Reed, Herrera, Liccardo and Rocha will have to say?, fresh off of its win over the charter school Goliath Rocketship, wants everyone to know about another mind-numbing SJ mayoral debate this weekend.  Make sure to order a few quadruple shot Venti something-or-other from Starbucks to stay awake if you decide to go.

Some Tea Party “Patriots” in Morgan Hill are in dire need of lives as they spent the morning of Cinco de Stupid in front of a high school wearing American flag t-shirts.  The GOP must be so proud of these “patriots.”

GOP Gov hopeful Neil Kashkari released his first television spot yesterday and he’s wielding an ax, no really, an ax chopping wood and saying he is going to ax wasteful spending.  Fetch can’t really take Neil too seriously as he is wasting $500K of his own money on the ad which we believe is the epitome of wasteful spending.  You can see the ad here.

The SV Biz Journal says Republicans love them some Pinterest and Democrats love them some Twitter.  87% of both parties love them some Facebook.  Check out the survey of social media platforms use by political party affiliation conducted by Harvard Institute of Politics.

Although on life support, the push to keep the Century 21 Dome standing is inching along as the State Historical Resources Commission says the movie house is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The NRHP will decide this summer if the dome makes the cut.  Tomorrow night the CSJ’s Historic Landmarks Commission will decide whether to recommend the City Council declare the iconic dome a city landmark.  When it is all said and done, it may be all for not as the property owner has the final say and they see dollar signs.  Gentleman, Start Your Bulldozers!

D-5 Political Consultant and council wanna-be Magdalena Carrasco is the target of these questions surrounding her ballot designation and seek the truth about where, or if, she actually is employed and by whom?

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Daily Fetch 12.03.13: Merc independent expenditure for Liccardo begins and Apple moves in on Twitter’s turf

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

The Mercury News independent expenditure supporting Bikini Cop/Rocketman/Circus Clown Sam Liccardo is underway with today’s double whammy covering two sections dedicated to what a classy guy Liccardo is and how we all should just coronate him Mayor.  The campaign strategy meeting the Fetch reported on between Scott “Miyagi” Herhold and his protégé Sam “Danielson” Liccardo is already paying dividends.

Sam Liccardo Crane Kick

Herhold “lavishes praise” onto Liccardo as he gently tries to guide him toward issues that a Mayor has more control over as opposed to lengthening the school day as Liccardo is championing.  Ahhh, journalism at its finest. Though it just serves as a reminder of how the Merc plays politics…heavy handed. Remember Barbara Marshman’s “advice” to Barbara Keegan last year?

Not to be outdone, the Merc Editorial Board tells us what a great visionary Liccardo is because he wants to spend taxpayer dollars on a concert venue in urine stained and needle riddled St. James Park.  It is just a coincidence that fundraising begins for the Mayor’s race at the end of this week, it’s just a coincidence that these two “stories” appear on the same day, no coordination going on at all.

Time reports that Democracy for America has endorsed Rep. Mike Honda in his re-election race against Ro Khanna for the 17th Congressional seat.  DFA was founded by former presidential candidate Howard Dean, who had this to say about Honda: “We’re working to elect not just any Democrat, but better Democrats. I’ve known Mike for years — he’s one of the strongest progressives we have in Congress.”

Politico reports that the health care dot gov website survived its reboot as hundreds of thousands of users tapped their keyboards to see how bad they may get screwed by Obamacare premium increases.

Small businesses in California can log onto Covered California to shop for small group health insurance.  Apparently, in one of the few bright spots for health care dot gov, the Covered California website actually works, go figure.

An audit has uncovered that nearly half of calls to the county child abuse hotline went unanswered.  The County Board of Supervisors is none too pleased and has ordered that all calls must be answered by their next meeting.  Supervisor Dave Cortese says in the NBC Bay Area report that heads should roll.

One of the hardest working news teams in the world has begun to compile its 2013 Year in Review lists.  That’s right, the SVBJ will be printing several lists on various topics and this is the spot to keep up to speed on what went down in 2013.

SJ Inside takes a look, albeit brief, lacking in depth, and not very thorough, at San Jose’s D-3 City Council race.  OK, they glanced and didn’t really take a look but inform readers that former Chief of Staff to Nancy Pyle, Kathy Sutherland and SJ cop Raul Peralez are joined by soccer cheerleader Don Gagliardi in the race to replace Bikini Cop/Rocketman/Circus Clown Sam Liccardo.

Apple tinkers with Twitter as it drops $200 million to buy social media search and analytics startup Topsy, which specializes in analyzing data from Twitter.  What does Apple have up its sleeve?

Homeless in Santa Clara County will scrum for 275 beds that EHC LifeBuilders will be administering as the winter weather is upon us.  The richest area in the world, with corporate giants like Apple, HP and Cisco and only 275 beds…Keeping it classy in the valley of the hearts delight

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Daily Fetch 12.03.13: Undocumented nonprofits in South City and cries of recall in Half Moon Bay

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Papers please? A nonprofit that provides social services to the needy in South San Francisco appears to be undocumented.

Despite the sh*%t storm they seem to cause every time one decides to show its whiskers in public, mountain lions and a Jerry Hill bill protecting them were celebrated in Half Moon Bay on Sunday.

Folks are up in arms in Half Moon Bay over the city council’s vote to destroy the Main Street Bridge. Its got so bad 20 environmentalists met over coffee to talk about it…we’re sure the discussion will move mountains (or save bridges). (Apparently) some are even calling for a recall of the city council over the action. Fun times Half Moon Bay, it’s so cute when you try to be interesting.

Politico reports that the health care dot gov website survived its reboot as hundreds of thousands of users tapped their keyboards to see how bad they may get screwed by Obamacare premium increases.

Small businesses in California can log onto Covered California to shop for small group health insurance.  Apparently, in one of the few bright spots for health care dot gov, the Covered California website actually works, go figure.

Apple tinkers with Twitter as it drops $200 million to buy social media search and analytics startup Topsy, which specializes in analyzing data from Twitter.  What does Apple have up its sleeve?

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Daily Fetch 11.14.13: The Curious Case of Campos, Esquivel evades explanation, and Walmart has a new lobbyist

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The Curious Case of Campos justifiably gets major play by Metro’s Josh Koehn who, once again, scoops everyone with a detailed description of Grand Jury proceedings surrounding “lickety spit” Shirakawa’s Stamp-gate.   One Campos takes the 5th and another does not as outgoing DA Karyn Sinunu says this about the case; “It gets curiouser and curiouser.” The Fetch is eagerly awaiting the statement from Campos that says he didn’t hear the questions, just like Benjamin Button.


Scott “call me maybe” Herhold says that Interim/Acting/ Soon to be SJ Police Chief Larry Esquivel “has some ‘splainin to do” over Statistics-gate.  Who ordered the gang homicide numbers to get cooked and who was the chef?

San Jose experienced another homicide yesterday, 41 according to the Mercury News.  This homicide has not yet been categorized by SJPD brass but may fall under a new category they are contemplating using called; “He Fell.”  That would make it, 40 homicides and 1 He Fell so far this year.

Inside Bay Area tells us that the majority of killings in the Bay Area go unsolved.

Yo, dipsh*&s, pull over when you see lights and sirens or cones on the side of roads.  NBC Bay Area tells you why it is so important to get out of the way.

Legionnaires disease at Santa Clara County’s crime lab has caused quite a stir.  The county is moving quickly to contain the contamination and protect the 60 employees from exposure.  TracEy Kaplan has the story.

Sunnyvale joins the fray against County of Santa Clara for granting Lehigh Cement a pass from many environmental rules and restrictions that would allow the company to mine 13 of 19 parcels on their property.

The SacBee provides a line-by-line comparison of Chuck Reed’s latest rendition of his statewide pension grab and confirms what the Fetch reported yesterday; the Santa Ana Mayor has pulled his support.   Also, the PR firm hired to flack for Chuck’s initiative, Mercury Public Affairs has quit the effort as well.  Dave Low, chairman of Californians for Retirement Security had this to say about the developments, “It is clear that the wheels are coming off the wagon of Mayor Reed’s pension scheme.”

Ben Field “of dreams” from the South Bay Labor Council exposes the joy Wal-Mart feels in its heart when food stamps for the needy are cut.  Ahhh, the holidays are fast approaching and food stamps have been whacked and Walmart will see their bottom line expand, it’s the American way.  Maybe Walmart’s new lobbyist, Jude Barry, will be able to do for them what he did for Dick Gephardt, Howard Dean or Steve Westly?

Obamacare is in serious trouble as support begins to crumble….from Democrats who are beginning to crap their pants over the debacle.  In one bright spot for the health care program, Covered California has been able to chalk up 59,000 enrollees.

SV Biz Journal’s Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann reports that workers at the Tesla factory were injured by hot metal ejected from manufacturing equipment.  And in yet another reason why CEO Elon Musk is a cool boss, he was on his way to the hospital to ensure his peeps got the best medical care for their injuries.

Tech M&A, (not T&A), is the name of the game in this article by Preeti Upadhyaya, the tech reporter for the SVBJ.  She says that tech heavyweights like eBay, Cisco, Qualcomm and Twitter are on the look out for companies to gobble up.

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Daily Fetch 11.08.13: San Jose Officials admit to “Juking the Stats,” Twitter soars and We like Mike!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Poor SJPD spokesflak Heather Randol, apparently, she and her co-spokesflak Albert Morales are being asked to defend the edict from San Jose Officials to “Juke the Stats” making it appear that gang violence was on the decline.  Problem is, it wasn’t, but that’s what the department and Mayor Reed told the public.  Questions that remain to be answered:

  • Who ordered the code red…oh sorry, we mean, who ordered the Juke?
  • When did they order the Juke?
  • Who knew about the Juke and when did they know it?
  • Did CM Deb Figone trumpet the bogus drop in gang violence as a reason to promote Acting Chief Esquivel to the top job?

This story is so juicy it’s like it was made for TV…wait it was! Here is a clip from HBO’s the Wire. You can almost imagine that this was what the discussion was like amongst SJPD’s brass.


KTVU-2 reports on the crimes that will now go uninvestigated in SJ as a result of the cop exodus and says that so far this year in SJ there have been 6,200 car thefts.  Not a typo, SIX-THOUSAND-TWO-HUNDRED cars have been jacked, of course SJPD brass have categorized those rip offs as innocent joy rides, so don’t worry public, all is well.

The Merc jumps on the detectives to patrol story with this piece.  SJPD spokesflak, Heather Randol must be asking herslf, “WTF did I sign up for”.

Twitter explodes on to the stock scene in a big way and all you local club hoppers better get prepared to battle newly minted tech millionaires for table service as the geeks will be out in force this weekend celebrating their triumph.

CNN tells us who owns the top Twitter accounts…it’s a fun list to check out.

Palo Alto anti-everything residents, emboldened by the rejection of the Maybell affordable senior housing project, are protesting another development in Palo Alto.  Our sources tell us there is a group forming to also begin advocating for the return of the horse and buggy.

NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo, the eternal optimist that he is, reports that San Jose police officers and the city will be back at the bargaining table trying to work out their differences.  The Fetch does not advise anyone to hold their breath in anticipation of a breakthrough, we need material…

In what had to be a painful admission, President Barak Obama is sorry.  Yup, after getting pummeled, beat down, and vilified by all sides for the disastrous roll out, or lack thereof, of the ACA, Obama has bitten the bullet and uttered the magic words every politician should memorize; “I’m sorry”.

“Lickety spit” Shirakawa will walk the plank today as he (supposedly) is going to be sentenced by Judge Nishigaya.  The prosecution will be calling County Executive Jeff “There is no spoon” Smith to talk about the damage done to the county and the defense will be calling Michelle Lew from AACI to plead for community service.

The Merc’s Sal Pizzaro tells us that the Silicon Valley Education Foundation gave the Flextronics CEO Mike McNamara an award for his education philanthropy and County Supervisor Ken Yeager is a fitness fanatic. Saturday morning, Yeager competes in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s 5K Heroes Run and then rides a portion of the 33-mile cycling leg of the Health Trust’s Hike & Bike fundraiser for its AIDS Services programs.  Then he will emcee the Hike & Bike’s finish-line party.  Um, tomorrow, were sleeping in to nurse a hangover, we hope!!!

In its latest corporate giveaway, San Jose will be launching a non-profit to promote clean tech inventions

Yet another reason why “We like Mike!”  County Supervisor Wasserman cuts a ribbon at a South County elementary school that opens a kid-sized salad bar in the cafeteria.  The picture is awesome and the promotion of healthy eating is better served by this idea than banning soft drinks.


California unions replied to SJ Mayor Chuck Reed’s invitation to meet and talk about his quest to strip retirement security away from workers.  The unions tell Reed, no thanks and that if he actually wanted a dialogue he would have sought a meeting BEFORE submitting his ballot initiative.  The Sac Bee has the story and a copy of the letter replying to Reed.

The SV Business Journal loves them some lists and the latest one is the Top 25 most generous companies.  See if your employer made the cut.

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Daily Fetch 11.08.13: San Mateo County will soon been overrun with old people

Friday, November 8th, 2013

(Apparently) old people in San Mateo County will account for a quarter of the population by 2030 and many won’t be able to afford housing. Good for them they don’t live in Palo Alto—which means there’s at least a chance local electedpersons will do something about it other than giving them a bus ticket. oldpeople5697

The agency responsible for accrediting community colleges came under fire yesterday as San Mateo College District officials, met with Representatives Ashoo and Speier to discuss a draft a resolution calling for the agency to be reformed.

Sadly, the Park Theater in Menlo Park has been torn down. While the Fetch isn’t a big fan of the domes we love these old majestic movie houses. Bad call Menlo Park.

The Merc’s Mr. Roadshow tells us of the plans to de-cluster Facebook HQ’s impact on commuters.

Atherton may soon have a Tesla Model S police car…

Twitter explodes on to the stock scene in a big way and all you local club hoppers better get prepared to battle newly minted tech millionaires for table service as the geeks will be out in force this weekend celebrating their triumph.

CNN tells us who owns the top Twitter accounts…it’s a fun list to check out.

In what had to be a painful admission, President Barak Obama is sorry.  Yup, after getting pummeled, beat down, and vilified by all sides for the disastrous roll out, or lack thereof, of the ACA, Obama has bitten the bullet and uttered the magic words every politician should memorize; “I’m sorry.”

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Daily Fetch 11.07.13: Chief Esquivel’s head may explode as NBC Bay Area and the Mercury News expose he cooked the books on a “drop” in gang crime

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

NBC Bay Area reports that San Jose police brass (apparently) misled the public when they reported a dramatic drop in gang related crime.  The Unit (NBC not southpaw Randy Johnson) exposes the chicanery behind the shady manipulation of re-classifying gang homicides to make it appear that all is well in San Jose.  Bottom line; if the NBC report is true, the city lied.  Looks like Chief Larry Esquivel took a page from Chuck Reed when it comes to making up numbers off the top of his head.

NBC Bay Area The Unit

The Merc’s Gomez and Solanga pile on and report that the police brass cooked the books when they touted a 43% drop in gang homicides and that this number was not accurate.  The SJPOA’s Jim Unland is calling it a “shameful deception” and “deceitful behavior”.

KTVU’s Investigative Unit (they have one too) uncovers that police staffing in San Jose is the worst in the country as it dug deep into how other cities compare to the understaffed SJ.  San Jose has officially made the big time as two investigative news outlets (NBC and KTVU) duke it out for stories…should make for some fun times.

SJPD responds to being so understaffed in its patrol division by stripping its detective bureau and assigning them to patrol…so who is left to do the detecting?

There are also a few less cops on the beat as some have been assigned to investigate Johnny “WAAA!” Khamis’s internal affairs complaint of cops being mean to him on Facebook.  KTVU reports on the official IA complaint and we will have to wait until Sunday’s Merc to read about the other IA complaint.

The Fetch thinks that Chief Larry Esquivel’s head may feel like this after this last 24-hour news cycle.


A split San Jose City Council voted to wait a bit before deciding which Softball field option they will choose that will dig the city further into debt to build.  In a 6-5 vote the council decided to study an option that would build fields at the county fairgrounds.  Who cares?

The NY Times reports that the federal government has been providing farm subsidies to billionaires including Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen; the investment titan Charles Schwab; and S. Truett Cathy, owner of Chick-fil-A. The billionaires who got the subsidies have a collective net worth of $316 billion.

TIME reports that the big election winner this past Tuesday was Big Labor…from local elections to the national stage progressive candidates and causes had a good day.

Twitter went live this morning as trading began on the NY Stock Exchange.  The IPO was priced at $26 bucks a share, but actually started trading at $45.  The stock symbol is TWTR for those interested in panning for gold.

The Merc Ed Board praises the voters of Sunnyvale for choosing wisely when it came to the city council candidates they elected and the South Bay Labor Council wants you to know that they picked a winner(s) on Tuesday as well.  The Merc then goes on to call out the voters of Palo Alto for rejecting the Maybell senior housing project and allowing NIMBY’s to prevail and prevent old people from living the dream in PA.

The Metro’s Josh Koehn tells Mike Honda he better wake up because those footsteps he hears in his sleep are the big money feet of his opponent, Ro Khanna.  Josh digs deep into the Democratic party slugfest and shoots a video that we are sure is not making the Honda camp too happy.  Koehn’s video gets a mention in The Hill as well.

The SVLG’s Carl Guardino better watch out for a jilted Scott “call me maybe” Herhold as the Metro’s Fly reports that Guardino may be moving in on Scott’s guy, Sam Liccardo.  Ahhhh, another bromance for Bikini Cop/Rocketman/Circus Clown as he sucks up to anyone he can in his quest to become Mayor.

SJ Firefighters got knocked down as they knocked down a two alarm fire on Almaden Avenue.

Santa Clara County Supervisors are shelling out $4 million to provide intensive case management and house subsidies to parolees that were sprung by AB 109.

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Daily Fetch 10.25.13: Mercury News shakes up city hall bureau, San Jose bans car washes, and Potter the Otter has a website

Friday, October 25th, 2013

In news of the absurd, don’t wash your car this weekend in San Jose or you may get a visit from a pesky city official telling you that it’s a no-no. And to all of you kids trying to raise some money for school events: so sad too bad, put down those signs and go sell See’s Candy ‘cuz the City of San Jose is cracking down on car washes…WTF!

In a major shake up at the Mercury News San Jose city hall bureau, longtime reporter John Woolfolk is getting a promotion, Tracy Seipel is being reassigned, and Mike Rosenberg will be covering the city hall beat.  Oh, and Scott “call me maybe” Herhold stays put with Woolfolk becoming his editor…Awkward!  The moves should become a reality in November.  Thanks to our many spies who forwarded the City Manager’s spokesflak email with the announcement:

From: Vossbrink, David 

Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2013 1:41 PM

To: #Senior Staff; #CRT

Subject: Changes at SJMN City Hall Bureau

FYI, the Mercury has changed staff assignments at its bureau in City Hall.

-John Woolfolk will be moving to the main newsroom at the paper as an editor overseeing reporters covering City and similar beats.

-Mike Rosenberg will be coming to the bureau to replace John. Mike has been writing on transportation issues for the Merc for the past several years.

-Tracy Seipel will now be covering health and Health Care Act issues. Not clear yet whether she will be relocating, but probably so. She will not be replaced on the local government beat by the Merc.

-Scott Herhold remains as local columnist, and will now be edited by John.

County Supervisor Ken Yeager announced the installation of 100 water filling stations to be installed throughout Santa Clara County to promote water, over drinks that make you fat.  Yeager was joined at the launch, reported by NBC Bay Area, by First 5’s Potter the Otter who has his own website, we shi# you not.

Apparently, Robert Braunstien isn’t quite over his D-10 loss.  In a recent self-published fiction opinion piece, he waxes on about the reconciliation of the local Democratic Party and the SV Chamber of Commerce, or as our interns call them: The Hatfields and McCoys.  Problem is, according to Jennifer Wadsworth at SJ Inside, it didn’t happen and she points out that Braunstien has a knack of injecting his council race loss into many of his “stories.”  In a parting shot at Braunstien, Wadsworth counsels him to stop reliving the campaign as it was not a glory day for him.

SJ Inside continues to reveal those who may be thinking of funding Chuck Reed’s efforts to steal retirement security for government service providers.  Reed spent yesterday in NYC and today he’s in Washington DC, apparently he needs to hear again from the IRS that they are not approving his unlawful Measure B pension scheme.

Working Partnerships Bob Brownstein smells something fishy when it comes to Chuck Reed and who he is cozying up with to change California’s Constitution.  Brownstein fires both barrels at the duplicitous and deceptive maneuvering taking place to gut public servant’s pensions.

The Sac Bee’s Jon Ortiz spells out how unions will work to defeat Chuck Reed.  Although Ortiz’s first bullet point, Kill Chucky’s initiative in the crib, is, um…creepy, the playbook is a good assessment of what the coming months will bring.

chucky reed

Cal Watchdog thinks Jerry Brown is gearing up for another election, no, not for another hitch as California’s Governor but for President of these here United States.  Is a fourth run to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a charm for Brown?

Recall attempts will be launched against legislators who voted for common sense restrictions on guns.  Emboldened by successes in Colorado, where recalls of gun control proponents were successful, a political consultant and a few right, right wing republicans will be targeting 5 democrats, including Speaker John Perez.

Twitter for twenty.  Reuters reports that those Tweets are going to raise a whole bunch of money in the company’s much-anticipated IPO.

Sunnyvale’s City Council is looking to ban EPS food containers.  The Merc’s Alia Wilson tells readers that Sunnyvale would become the 55th city to ban the toxic substance.

Money is pouring, well, more like trickling into campaign coffers of those on opposite sides of Palo Alto’s controversial Measure D.   Those supporting affordable housing for seniors posted the largest number and those opposing affordable housing for seniors posted the smallest number.

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Daily Fetch 10.07.13: Judge skeptical of A’s to San Jose move, Riverdance revival, and SV Biz Journal’s Schubarth wants to know where them Twitter girls at

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Storify by KQED News provided a live Twitter feed of developments in the San Jose vs. MLB trial that took place Friday in the federal courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte.  Looks like the Judge is skeptical of SJ’s claims.

Remove performing the “Riverdance” in Ireland from the bucket list of Deb Figone, Johnny Khamis, Ash Kalra, Xavier Campos and Rose Herrera as (apparently) they are all headed to Dublin on the latest taxpayer funded junket of all junkets.  Pete “quadruple dip” Constant is a little mad he can’t make the trip. Maybe instead of international sightseeing trips the councilmembers should focus on solving problems…take a look up north.

San Jose Bobblehead Riverdance

When the City of San Francisco is confronted with a problem, such as funding retiree health care, their leadership works to find common ground and a solution that does not decimate city services.  The Chamber of Commerce, Democratic and Republican Parties and the SF Labor Council all support the latest compromise out of SF.  Are any San Jose politicians or labor leaders watching.

The SV Biz Journal’s Cromwell Schubarth wants to know where all them Twitter girls at…Hollar! As the Tweeters are about to launch their IPO, the lack of any women on the Twitter Board of Directors is sparking some tough questions and funny Tweets.

Jerry Brown signed legislation to provide drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.  Now they can drive to practice law, as he also signed a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to practice law.  Here is a list of other bills the Gov. signed or vetoed on Friday.

Local democrats should send Republican and SJ mayoral wannabe Pat Waite a free laptop to try and get him to write more letters to the Merc editor like today’s, where he ridicules Democrats for supporting Medicare, Social Security and accessible health care.

It’s exactly the Tea Party opposition to government providing a safety net for seniors like Social Security and Medicare that have enabled Democrats to come within reach of taking back the House of Representatives.  Well, it also doesn’t hurt that the current speaker is depicted as a crybaby for shutting down the government.


KGO-7 reported that the fugitive murder suspect wanted in the August 24, 2013 daytime shooting in downtown San Jose was arrested in Las Vegas. 

Lucky for San Jose that it did not need its police helicopter because it has been grounded since the federal government shutdown.  Don’t worry, Sheriff Laurie Smith has one we can borrow.

Scott “call me maybe” Herhold swings at his favorite piñata in his latest angle to keep the “lickety spit” Shirakawa scandal in the news.

And it looks like the Merc’s IA columnists phoned it in this week as they rehash what was previously reported by SJ Inside and the Chron.

Google is expanding in Palo Alto, so says Donato-Weintein in today’s SV Biz Journal.

Palo Alto rolls out new cop cars and they look pretty cool.

The Palo Alto Free Press tells us about a new program to house the homeless in Palo Alto, no that is not a typo.  The city will be teaming up with Santa Clara County and will utilize a state grant to launch the program.

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Daily Fetch 9.30.13: Did Chuckster the Huckster not disclose the true source of his state pension measure seed money?

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Fetch Exclusive – UPDATED with ADDITIONAL INFO: The Texans from ENRON Are Coming!!!

The Texans are coming

As the Fetch detailed in this exclusive report, under penalty of perjury San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed signed a required state document titled, “Behested Payment Report,” disclosing that he solicited a $200,000 dollar “charitable” contribution from an organization named Action Now Initiative for “Policy analysis for statewide pension reform.”

Frying Pan News first reported that Chuck Reed is the poster boy for a group of right-wing, wall street fanatics hell bent on changing California’s constitution to break decades long promises of retirement security for nurses, cops, firefighters and teachers.  According to the report by David Sirota titled, The Plot Against Pensions, the leader of this effort is a former Enron executive named John Arnold who “invoked the Fifth Amendment when asked during a deposition if he manipulated markets at Enron”.

John Arnold was an executive with Enron and made his fortune from hedge funds trading natural gas. Californians remember Enron, that’s the Texas Corporation that lacked scruples, ethics, or decency that plunged our state into a massive energy crisis.

Sirota’s Plot Against Pensions goes on to find that according to Institutional Investor, Arnold “was a key target” of a federal sting operation aimed at the firm’s possible insider trading”. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that he was one of the top Enron executives “who scooped up more than $72 million in hastily arranged bonuses within days of the company’s bankruptcy filing.” AP noted that Arnold’s $8 million bonus, in fact, was the largest ever given to a single Enron employee and came “about two weeks before Enron filed for bankruptcy on after six weeks of revelations of hidden debt, inflated profits and shady accounting.”

Sirota’s also reports that…”In a ruling Mondaq Businesswire called “not a close call,” a bankruptcy judge sided with the plaintiffs who sued Arnold and other Enron executives for looting the company”.

A Fetch investigation has uncovered that Reed’s benefactor, Action Now Initiative, is a front group that for several years shared the same offices on Post Oak Blvd. in Houston, Texas with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Also, in his 2011 IRS 990 filing, former Enron executive John Arnold describes his foundation’s relationship with Action Now Initiative as having Common Officers/Directors.

enron 990_1

Was there a reason why Chuck Reed chose to not disclose the intertwined relationship between Action Now Initiative and the Arnold Foundation?

Maybe this snippet from a recorded telephone poll will shed some light on why Reed may want to stay at arms length from dirty Enron money.  Thanks to our spies for providing the entire poll and responses. (Fetch cut out the poll respondent’s replies to protect their identity).

Onward to other happenings…

SV Biz Journal’s Greg “Charles in Charge” Baumann lays into the misguided attempt by the Matt “Magnum PI” Mahood led Chamber of Commerce for trying to determine who leaked information to the FPPC that has led to an investigation of wrongdoing by the ChamberPac.  Baumann, our favorite editor, for sure, gives the Fetch credit in his piece that teases several paragraphs before going behind a pay wall.  Mr. Baumann, tear down this wall (but thanks for the respek).

John McAfee dazzled ‘em at the C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival, just like The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, so says Tracey Kaplan as she covers McAfee’s roll out of an encryption device that he says will thwart the NSA…Shazam!

Doing her best to earn her 10% wage increase (all other city workers got between 0% and 2%) the “Independent” Police Auditor LaDoris Cordell spent taxpayer dollars on controversial billboards that will adorn buses in San Jose urging residents to drop a dime on cops.  SJ Inside tells readers that Acting Chief Esquivel approved these morale-inspiring placards, ahhh, another politically tone deaf move by Esquivel that is already sending rumblings through the ranks.

Mark Gomez reveals a former San Jose family turned upside down by thieves who stole irreplaceable pictures from a moving van.  The family was moving to Virginia and San Jose crooks gave them this send off.

In Sunnyvale, the Mercury News says go with Griffith, Hendricks and Larsson for City Council.

A rave gets out of control in Mountain View as 100+ get arrested.

Santa Clara residents wanting to save the Santa Clara Post Office should attend a meeting tonight with the USPS.  The shindig goes from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and will be at the Santa Clara Council Chambers.  Sounds about as exciting as clipping our nails.

The SV Biz Journal is reporting that Twitter could announce its IPO this week!

The Merc’s IA writers let us know that Carly Fiorina has been appointed to lead the American Conservative Union’s education arm.  We are sure ACU is hoping Carly brings her experience as HP’s former Grande dame and as a US Senate candidate to their organization.  Oh, snap, we forgot, sorry.  We are sure ACU is hoping Carly does not bring her experience from either HP or her losing senate candidacy.  Good luck Carly and the ACU.

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