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Daily Fetch 05.02.14: SJ Pension Defeat for Reed…Again, Rose “Colonel Sanders” Herrera, and May Day Everywhere But at the Merc

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Local Government 101—The Education of Rose Herrera, Schools Out!

Apparently, VTA Director Rose “Colonel Sanders”  Herrera did not want to face her colleagues at the VTA meeting last night when the item came up about who is responsible to police VTA land.  After the Kalra/Yeager beat down of Rose in this letter/memo distributed to the VTA board was coming up for a vote, Rose did what any responsible elected official would do…she bolted for the door.  Several spies informed Fetch that when the discussion turned to increasing a police presence in San Jose on VTA’s dime, Rose chickened out and about fell out of her chair as she scurried to get out of the chambers and avoid defending her pinheaded assertion that the County is responsible for policing VTA land.

Rose Herrera Fried Chicken

Rose, class is dismissed for the summer.  We hope you will not only practice your times tables over the break but that you will also actually read those thick packets of material that provide information on issues you will vote on.  Or, as in last night’s instance, run from.  Now go get a bucket and enjoy lunch.

Yesterday’s announcement that there will be no implementation of SJ’s Measure B pension reform catastrophe until at least July 2015, has Chuck Reed scurrying to change his “pensions are bad stump speech” before he speaks at this conference next week.

After the City realized that their Measure B scheme has failed, our Fetch interns came up with a top five list of what Reed won’t say in his speech to the merry band of pension doomsayers that will be gathering for their 4-hour media event conference to hear from Chuckie:

  1. I was wrong.
  2. Yes, I did make up the $650 million dollar pension projection to scare people into voting for Measure B.
  3. I have my own police security detail so I am not concerned about the massive crime increase in San Jose.
  4. This whole pension thing is nothing more than my meal ticket for when I’m out of office.  I will travel around the country as a phony Democrat and make money speaking to nut jobs, like many of you here, and get paid.  Boooya, a guy has to eat!
  5. I have a more lucrative CalPERS pension then what San Jose offers to new city workers and I have a better disability provision in my pension plan versus what San Jose offers the po-po.  Double Boooya!

Massive May Day rallies in San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco urging increases to workers wages, immigration reform, and a universal minimum wage hike were covered by every major news outlet in the Bay Area…Oh, sorry, everyone but the Mercury News.  Apparently, higher wages, immigration reform and thousands of bay area residents marching in the streets didn’t make their cut for coverage.

Ooops, our bad, the Merc did cover a May Day rally in…Russia.   Fetch recommends BANG’s Merc editors read this piece in the SV Biz Journal about how to better connect with the growing Latino community.

Looks like Mt. View City Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga is hearing the voices of those that marched in the streets for a higher minimum wage as she provides her reasons why Mt. View should do just that in this blog post on The Left Hook.

Sheriff Laurie Smith’s adversaries have released a poll that says she is in trouble as the June primary closes in.  Smith is ONLY up 39% to 12% over her opponent Kevin Jensen.  Of course, without knowing more about the poll questions or sample, Fetch guesses that only being down 27% is a good thing for Jensen and his backers.

The Bay Area is the fastest growing region in the state, according the State Department of Finance.  Two cities at the top of the fastest growing list can attribute their growth to more inmates in their jails.  Not quite the best PR image for those cities, wouldn’t you say?

Self-anointed political guru Rich Robinson provides some unsolicited advice to candidates that is chock-full of puff and platitudes.  Fortunately the advice is free because Fetch can’t believe anyone would actually pay for it.  Just sayin’.

The SV Biz Journal reports that 1 in 5 sign-ups for Obamacare came from Cali.  Out of the 8 million plus that signed up almost 2 million come from the Golden State.

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Daily Fetch 05.01.14: Kalra Schools Herrera, Sharks break hearts again, and Santana to Sunnyvale

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Local Government 101—The Education of Rose Herrera, Day 2

Day two of VTA Director Rose Herrera’s education has an additional reading assignment for the oft-confused student.  As you may remember from yesterday’s post Herrera does not want help from county sheriff’s in tamping down crime in San Jose.  Rather, Rose wrote in her dunce-like memo that the county should police its VTA sites. Tsk, tsk…Rose has been assigned to read this beat-down administered by VTA Board of Directors Chair and City Councilmember Ash Kalra (thanks to our spies for sending this little gem).  Ash informs Rose that the VTA actually owns VTA land not the county and that VTA contracts with the county for public safety services.

The Education of Rose Herrera

Kalra, the Chairman and VTA Director and County Supervisor Yeager also author a memo directing VTA to go have a chat with SJPD and see what else the agency can do to backfill the hundreds of SJ po-po that have scrammed for other jurisdictions.

Rose, class is over for today.  Read up and do yourself and the public a favor, don’t talk at tonight’s VTA meeting, instead spend some time writing sentences like the one above.

Sharks collapse is complete.  Painful time at The Tank.

We here at the Fetch support these workers on this international day of protest, May Day.

Sunnyvale has a new City Manager.  San Jose to Oakland and now to Sunnyvale.  If the pattern continues, expect crime to soar in Sunnyvale, city workers to be upset and in-fighting amongst the Mayor and City Council over the direction of the city.  Welcome Deanna Santana.

A memorial is growing in front of the home of the most recent homicide victim in SJ.  She was stabbed to death and the culprit(s) are on the loose.

Bob Wieckowski ain’t pulling any punches as he slugs Mary Hayashi with this website

Matt “Magnum PI” Mahood still can’t control the crazies who hold the purse stings over at the Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee.  As he is begging for County money to bolster one of his initiatives, his PAC keeps throwing stones at one Mayoral aspirant, Dave Cortese.

49ers Crime Bureau Report

The suspect that allegedly stabbed Aldon Smith at a raging party has pleaded not guilty.  NBC Bay Area has the story here.

Sure enough, the GOP in the US Senate says no to raising the minimum wage.  Shocking, they join Madison Nguyen, Sam Liccardo, Rose Herrera and Mayor Sweatpants Oliverio as opposing any increase to the minimum wage.

San Jose topped 1 million residents.  Who cares?

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Daily Fetch 04.30.14: The Education of Rose Herrera, NBA Commish for President, and Typhoid Mary Beware!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Local Government 101—The Education of Rose Herrera

Clearly Rose Herrera skipped some classes in school and Fetch wants to help the fledgling mayoral candidate better understand local government and better understand the very agency she is a Director of…The Valley Transportation Authority.


Rose has warmed a seat at VTA for several years now and still does not grasp that VTA actually owns the land underneath its facilities, not the county.  This is why Fetch was so perplexed by this memo from Herrera saying no thank you to the County Sheriff deploying more po-po to help fight crime in SJ neighborhoods and popping off by saying the County should police its VTA sites.  Rose, as a Director of VTA you should know that the County does not own VTA property.

Rose should know this because it was her motion, as a VTA Director, to spend $21,492,330 of VTA money to contract out with the County Sheriff to police VTA locations.  See item 8.1 of the meeting minutes.

The minutes also reveal that Downtown SJ Councilmember Sam “Cheaties” Liccardo did not push for a penny more from VTA to increase the contract amount to put more po-po on the ground of SJDT’s crime and urine stained downtown.  Remember this is VTA money that could have been used to augment SJPD’s depleted po-po.

Let’s recap what we have learned in our first Local Government 101—The Education of Rose Herrera class:

  • The County does not own VTA facilities/locations.
  • VTA pays the County Sheriff’s office to patrol VTA facilities/locations.
  • Rose Herrera made the motion to spend over $20 million of VTA money to have the Sheriff patrol VTA facilities and locations.
  • Rose must have forgotten all of this when she wrote her dunce-like memo to the Council Rules Committee saying the County should patrol its VTA facilities and locations.
  • Neither Rose nor Sam proposed any increase in the amount VTA was proposing to spend to put more Sheriffs on the ground of SJ’s gang and urine stained downtown.

Rose gets an A for deception, again, and an F for knowing what the Fu#@ she’s doing as a VTA Director.  She should go back to school.

Soon, South Bay foodies will know if cleanliness is truly next to godliness when it comes to their favorite restaurants as the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted to require the posting of a grading system to inform those eating out if the establishment they chose is devoid of Typhoid Mary.  Taking the lead from S. (S. is for secret) Joe Simitian the board also voted to create two new positions to inspect local establishments.

As the City Council was blathering on about findings from the police auditor’s report, another stabbing in San Jose cost a woman her life as the city chalked up its 13th homicide the year.

NBC Bay Area is calling for more transparency when it comes to po-po getting accused of crossing the line.  And KTVU reports that the latest mayoral political stunt performed by the dynamic duo of Herrera and Liccardo was voted down by the rest of the city council.

The Merc’s Robert Salonga is reporting that two arrests have been made in the “wrong car color” murder of a young father in SJ earlier this month.  Salonga also reveals that two more suspects are being hunted down for the brutal killing.

The NBA Commish earned his stripes yesterday by giving the Clippers owner, Donald “forever tarnished” Sterling the equivalent of the death penalty.  Banned for life and, if the rest of the NBA owners have an ounce of brains amongst them, the boot as an owner in the league.  Sterling should also be made to watch two dozen Chuck Reed speeches as further punishment, but that may be going too far…

Fetch imagines that there is at least one “news” outlet not too pleased with the creation of the Santa Clara County Human Trafficking Commission.  Gee, we wonder who that can be…?  The County Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to shine a bright light on those that exploit women and children for profit.

Madison Nguyen has been saying some really dumb things lately and apparently is targeting the wino vote in her quest to be Mayor, but at least she is paying her own freight.  Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio thinks the so called broke City of San Jose should be paying for beer mugs and other Chotskies for him to hand out.  Lucky for Oliverio his dimwitted 40% budget set aside for the po-po went down in flames or he would have had to downsize to shot glasses to hand out for free…

A reader or viewer should always know that if a reporter or, in this instance, a blogger says that an event being covered was not a “press event” that it most certainly was a press event.  In any event, Sparky Harlan takes to SJ Inside to tell us about Mike Honda spending some time with homeless youth at Bill Wilson Center’s TAY Inn.

TheSanJoseBlog tells us that La Victoria, a venerable staple amongst Mexican food joints in DTSJ will be opening a new restaurant at the old Tico’s Tacos at 4th and Julian Streets.  Tico’s closed shortly after this daytime homicide took place that was caught on tape.

After squeezing the City of San Jose for a substantial corporate handout in the form of free and subsidized parking and free Wi-Fi, it looks like BANG’s Mercury News will be moving soon to SJ’s gang, drug and urine stained downtown.  Nate-Dog at the SV Biz Journal has the latest from the daily trying to shed debt by dumping the land that housed its HQ and becoming a renter.

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Daily Fetch 01.31.14: Mayor “Sweatpants” Oliverio returns, Liccardo’s newest circus stunt and A Boy Named Sue Sues

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Can anyone really take Mayor Sweatpants Olivero seriously?  The public discourse has improved greatly since his hiatus from his weekly rants on San Jose Inside, but now he turns to the Merc for this op-ed about why a Mayor of San Jose should not give a sh*# about schools.  BTW, nice sweatpants.



Sam “Circus Clown” Liccardo took to SJ Inside yesterday to unleash his latest campaign stunt by going after the local Democratic Party for trying to elect democrats by spending money on campaigns just like the Charter Schools will be doing for Sam and probably the Republican Party.  Sam’s campaign flak, his former Chief of Staff, not the one he married, she’s a lobbyist for a Charter School, but the other one, Ragan Henninger pleads for the local Democratic Party to not accept “…contributions from companies that have contracts with the city to support its chosen candidate.”  Is she F’ing kidding us?

Remember this Fetch report in October about Liccardo needing to recuse himself from voting on VTA contracts for soliciting contributions from those seeking VTA contracts:

On the eve of Sam Liccardo launching his bid to become San Jose’s next mayor, (thanks to our spies) questions have been raised as to whether the councilman is actively fundraising prior to the legally allowable date.  This audio tape of the September 5, 2013 VTA Board of Directors meeting captures Liccardo recusing himself from several items on the agenda and disclosing that he has solicited funds from an applicant doing business with the VTA, go to the 7:07 mark and the 22:05 mark.

As the Mercury News recently reported, San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle admonished mayoral candidates to follow the law and when it comes to solicitation of funds he wrote:

But, lining up pledges or contributions from now until then, they write, “would seem an indication that some degree of solicitation was made and is therefore prohibited” until after Dec. 5.

At the June 6, 2013 VTA Board of Directors meeting, Liccardo does not recuse himself on the same item (3.1 A) that he recuses himself from at the September 5 meeting (3.1 C).  Soooo, during the period of time from June to September who did Liccardo solicit funds from and for what purpose?  Inquiring minds want to know.

In Reed’s latest bid to help his choice for Mayor not look like a total hypocrite, he has removed Liccardo from the VTA board so Liccardo is free to solicit campaign cash from entities that he has voted to award contracts to.  This guy is a piece of work.

If a student is in the bottom fifth with regard to income and they aspire to be in the top fifth, what City has the best public school system to get those students there?  Drumroll please…..….San Jose’s public schools.  Researchers from Harvard and Berkely collaborated on the study that must have Sam “Rocketman” Liccardo’s lobbyist spouse in a tizzy.

Chuck “A Boy Named Sue” Reed does what he does best, SUE.  This time he goes after our Hottie AG, Kamala Harris over her impartial title and summary for his doomed scheme to eliminateELIMINATE….ELIMINATE retirement security for his nemesis…public servants.  On the local Measure B front, lawyers will be back in Superior Court today to plead their case one last time before Judge Lucas finalizes her ruling that Measure B is illegal.

The Left Hook blog soaked in our wisdom and will now identify its scribes; the new ID policy took effect with this post from Rich Robinson.  The Fetch will continue to mentor the new blog much like this scene from Kung-Fu.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports on a recent study by the Center of Juvenile and Criminal Justice that concluded that there is no link between California’s Prison Realignment and increased crime.  Crap, then what the hell is going on here in San Jose?

Phil Trounstine for Governor???  The scribes at Calbuzz must be, well, buzzed as they explore one option to topple Gov. Moonbeam.

San Jose Firefighters responded to a mobile home fire and revived two victims of smoke inhalation, one was human and one was not.  The firefighters were able to save both and the pictures in this piece are worth the click.

Tonight, the San Jose Earthquakes will unveil their new logo…Who cares?  For those that do, here’s the link to the live-stream that starts at 6:30 pm.

The FBI, CHP, and local SJ po-po took down a meth distribution network right in the middle of a strip mall close to San Jose State University.  20 arrests were made and several guns were recovered.  KTVU has the story.

We wonder if Scott “Call me maybe” Herhold will go after Valley Christian School with the same fervor as Castilleja School, in Palo Alto for trying to blow past its current enrollment cap and increasing traffic in this not too affluent neighborhood in San Jose.  We won’t hold our breath.  See page three of this City of SJ report.

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Daily Fetch 10.23.13: Mayor Sweatpants is not the Secretary of State, Merc argues with itself over BART deal, and who did Liccardo solicit funds from?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

San Jose voted to condemn its Russian Federation sister city, Ekaterinburg over the Federation’s recent spate of laws targeting the LGBT community.  Mayor Sweatpants Pier Oliverio was the lone no vote on the SJ City Council resolution and offered up the lame excuse that although he supports gay rights he didn’t think San Jose should get involved in foreign policy…that’s funny.

Pierluigi Oliverio

On the eve of Sam Liccardo launching his bid to become San Jose’s next mayor, (thanks to our spies) questions have been raised as to whether the councilman is actively fundraising prior to the legally allowable date.  This audio tape of the September 5, 2013 VTA Board of Directors meeting captures Liccardo recusing himself from several items on the agenda and disclosing that he has solicited funds from an applicant doing business with the VTA, go to the 7:07 mark and the 22:05 mark.

As the Mercury News recently reported, San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle admonished mayoral candidates to follow the law and when it comes to solicitation of funds he wrote:

But, lining up pledges or contributions from now until then, they write, “would seem an indication that some degree of solicitation was made and is therefore prohibited” until after Dec. 5.

At the June 6, 2013 VTA Board of Directors meeting, Liccardo does not recuse himself on the same item (3.1 A) that he recuses himself from at the September 5 meeting (3.1 C).  Soooo, during the period of time from June to September who did Liccardo solicit funds from and for what purpose?  Inquiring minds want to know.

(Apparently) the Merc Ed Board thinks BART workers got a 16.4% raise and didn’t give a whole lot on archaic and costly work rules. But, on the news side, Merc reporter Mike Rosenberg says BART workers got a 15.38% raise, and will pay more for health care and retirement. The reporter also points out that when it comes to work rules the workers made substantial concessions. Who should we believe???

Those in charge of Congressional wanna be Ro Khanna’s social media made a boo boo as the Merc’s Josh Richman reports on mistaken fundraising pages created for Twitter followers, including many reporters.  Hey, lets make sure Ro’s folks are not the “Tech surge” team coming in to fix the Obamacare website, they have enough problems to worry about.

Much to the dismay of the anti-Rocketship activists in the Tamien neighborhood the SJ City Council approved a deferral of yesterday’s scheduled land use hearing until November 19.  Maybe the Council didn’t want to hear this perspective from a teacher at Rocketship or from Gemma Abels the VP of the Morgan Hill Federation of Teachers who wrote this piece about the controversial charter school company and its test scores for the South Bay Labor Council.

KPIX’s Kiet Do reports local residents fought back against a bike thief by “Crowd source crime fighting” as they take to the web to track down the person who tried to sell the stolen bike on-line and the police make an arrest.

And KTVU tells us about a neighborhood working together to try and nab a pair of residential burglars.  A home surveillance camera captured pictures of two young men ransacking a house.

NBC Bay Area lets us know that 6 suspects have been arrested in connection with SJ’s 25th homicide.

Former Saratoga Mayor Norm Kline is partnering with CreaTV San Jose and History San Jose on a documentary about San Jose.  The San Jose Blog via the SVBJ has the details.  The tentative release date is Spring 2014.

San Jose is getting its first School of Rock!  The SV Biz Journal’s Shana Lynch reports that a former Apple executive wants to teach kids how bang a gong.  The school opens on October 26th.

Politico informs us that Sen. Ted Cruz thinks Nigerian internet scammers are running the Obamacare website.  Nothing like throwing a little red meat to his Tea Party friends.

Some in congress are calling for HHS Kathleen Sebelius to step down and take responsibility for the ACA roll out mess.  Interesting to note in this recent poll, reported on by The Hill, support for Obamacare has risen since sign ups, umm we mean, attempted sign ups began…go figure.

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Daily Fetch 11.29.12: The Daily Fetch Scoop and expensive fridges…

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

The giant has been woken up, apparently.  Yesterday, Supervisor George Shirakawa sent an email to “friends” to defend himself against the “political lynching” that has been going on.  (The “political lynching” is what Shirakawa is calling it, but nobody else.)  His letter, which was sent by email and published on The Daily Fetch first, goes point-by-point on some of the (apparently) defensible points of recent criticisms of Shirakawa.  Of course, he neglects to defend his late campaign filings, he denies buying booze with the County credit card, and says that everything ill-gotten was reimbursed.  We’ll see if Jeff Rosen, or Ann Ravel, or Barbara Marshman, or anyone else is impressed with the letter… (San Jose Inside lets us know that George’s fancy fridge is indeed fancy and not frugal…)

Not to be left out of talking about lynchings:  Scott Herhold chimes in to let us know that the San Pedro Market Bar has a drink about a 1933 lynching in San Jose.  We wonder if any bar in town will name a drink after Shirakawa…

VTA seems prepared to build a lightrail extension into Los Gatos that is projected to attract 200 riders a day for a pricetag of $175 million.  (Note:  The previous sentence is not a typo…)

Daily Fetch 5.15.12: Protect San Jose learns about Photoshop…

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

The dream of high-rises in downtown San Jose still remains.  Mayor Chuck Reed and Councilmember Sam Liccardo have a proposal to make it easier to get done.  San Jose Inside takes a look.

And we now know what the folks at Protect San Jose do when they aren’t focused on Rose Herrera… figure out how to use Photoshop.  Target #1 of the Photoshop era:  the aforementioned Sam Liccardo.

Yikes, here’s a creepy story:  Ray Haisell, a VTA supervisor, was found dead near Tracy.

Scott Herhold and Mitt Romney have at least one thing in common (aside from great hair)… but better Herhold confess/describe it to you than us.  (By the way, there are lots of folks who won’t be surprised that Scott Herhold was mean…)

If you send them, we post them… Today’s mailer is from the Chamber of Commerce against District 10 candidate Edesa Bitbadal.  The Chamber could use a lesson in hit-pieces from Protect San Jose and Cindy Chavez…


Daily Fetch 4.25.11: They got paid what?

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Tim Kawakami in the Merc sums it up best:  ”…You have to give the Sharks credit for consistency: They hardly ever miss a chance to miss a chance…”   You thought the Giants were torture…
The Merc’s 2010 Public Employee Salary Database is up and running… Which means there will be lots of people on the 18th floor at San Jose City Hall running queries all day today… Aside from that, there is a story in the Merc about the perk that nobody ever writes about for elected officials:  health benefits. And wait until you see which school district has the most generous health benefits.  Here’s a hint:  It starts with M and ends in ount Pleasant
That was the start of the theme of the weekend/Monday in the news…
You might remember the story about (alleged) corruption at the Luther Burbank School District.  There was a former Board member who voted to award contracts to a construction company (Blach) that he worked for as a woodworker… Well, now he faces a $2,000 fine, 200 hours of community service, and can’t hold public office for 4 years… Seems light, but who are we to judge…
And the theme continues…
From Internal Affairs in the Merc, we learn of a dust-up at a community budget meeting held by San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant, where he almost had a police officer remove a commenting City employee
Sean Webby at the Merc is one of the least loved guys at the SJPOA headquarters (and probably at the SJPD headquarters too).  And now that Raj has the ear of the new Police Chief in San Jose, Sean is probably getting a brunt of the angst… and that isn’t going to change today as he writes up the details of two separate lawsuits against SJPD that allege excessive force
Here’s something, VTA is “back from the brink” and relative to other government agencies, in pretty good financial shape.  Mr. Roadshow has the details. VTA, Caltrain called, they’d like some help…
To blogs… has a preview of the Sunnyvale Council meeting tomorrow
In case you haven’t read the Watch Commander’s Report for last week, Protect San Jose is for you
Metblogs has a look into Guadalupe Gardens in springtime
And James at Mission City Lantern will be wearing an A’s cap… sometimes… hopefully more frequently than he is right now…

Daily Fetch 2.8.11: Dan Fenton jealous of Caltrain CEO?

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Recently, there has been a serious effort, by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and others, to Save Caltrain.  Last week there was news that one of the cost-saving measures was to close half of the Peninsula stations on top of other cuts that have already been implemented… But then there is this:  Despite historic financial woes, Caltrain CEO’s $400,000 paycheck is state’s highest… That will not sit well with anyone… While everyone can debate that salary, VTA might have a plan to actually Save Caltrain… May we suggest cutting the CEO’s salary?  John Horgan at the County Times is also sharing an idea:  BART-only north of Millbrae
Tracy Seipel takes a look at what the San Jose and Oakland Redevelopment Agencies are doing to assembly parcels (and cash) to build a Major League Baseball stadium.  Do you think the folks at Major League Baseball’s headquarters are sifting through Redevelopment Agency spreadsheets on one computer screen while they monitor reGovernor Brown’s press conferences on the other?
We know that the San Jose City Council is concerned about the Redevelopment Agencies long-term health, whether or not reGovernor Brown steals it… San Jose Councilmembers Ash Kalra and Kansen Chu penned an Op Ed in the Merc defense of Redevelopment
The Gilroy Dispatch Editorial Board is getting impatient over the long-simmering story about MACSA… They have piece calling on Jeff Rosen to do something where Dolores Carr did not… Specifically, “Rosen needs to gather the investigative team and assess where the case stands. Are there more resources needed to determine whether charges should be filed? Is prosecution near? Is the case a black hole that the plug should be pulled on?”…
Team San Jose gets some rare props from the Mercury News Editorial Board for the (delayed) changes it has made, including last week’s disclosure about former CEO Dan Fenton’s compensation/settlement package.
This story came online yesterday morning and it isn’t good news for a local community college district.  It seems San Jose/Evergreen Community College District is in real danger of losing its accreditation.  According to the Merc story, the District “…has been warned to fix financial, planning, evaluation and governance issues…”  Perhaps you’d like to know who the folks on the Governing Board are?  We were interested too…
Fill in the blank in this story, from the Daily News: Man hurls heavy plastic lid at another’s head outside [insert name of city] club… The answer is Mountain View, but we bet you guessed San Jose…
From Palo Alto, the City Council spent hours Monday night going over a report from consultants about what Palo Alto should do about their Fire Department, staffing levels, station hours, etc., etc.  Flashback:  Remember the last time Palo Alto hired consultants to look at the Fire Department?  From the Palo Alto Weekly in April 2010:  Council members:  Bias in fire-staffing study?
Double Michelin-starred Manresa in Los Gatos would like to add a lounge and a bar area… While that may not be big news for you and me, it’s what passes for big news in Los Gatos.
To the blogs…
Protect San Jose gives props to two San Jose Police Sergeants, Dale Harris and Rick Foster, for being named “Officers of the Year” by the California Robbery Investigators Association.  May we suggest that Protect and Sergeants Harris and Foster get some new photos to celebrate the honor?
There will be a giant pillow fight in downtown San Jose on Sunday… (You read that correctly.)  Metblogs has the details
From Remember way back when when Tesla gave San Jose the shaft?  Well, they are coming back, sort of… they are opening a show room at Santana Row, which isn’t really the same thing at building a manufacturing facility in North San Jose, but we assume the City of San Jose will take the sales tax.  What is 9 percent on $100,000?
HuffPo got sold for a huge sum of money.  If there is a buyer out there for The Daily Fetch, we are all ears…

Daily Fetch 1.25.11: City Council meeting, State of the Union, and Glee. A perfect day?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

A few San Jose A’s/Diridon Station/Redevelopment stories to kick things off today…
The Bay Citizen really, really wants the A’s to stay in Oakland.  Yesterday, they had a story that called Lew Wolff’s land-use deals in San Jose “questionable“… We’d use the same word to describe their coverage of San Jose…
From the Merc:  ”…the grand plan for the area surrounding San Jose’s Diridon Station will be  unveiled…” at tonight’s San Jose City Council meeting… but you’ll probably be watching the State of the Union (or Glee) instead, however.
This may not be good news for Harry M. at the San Jose Redevelopment Agency… State Controller John Chiang is doing an RDA audit of big Redevelopment Agencies in the state
The Merc Editorial Board gives props to Mayor Reed’s plan to make the City’s labor negotiations more public and transparent by having the City’s lead labor negotiator, Alex Gurza, present the City’s position publicly and letting unions present the rebuttal publicly.  (That’s at least how The Daily Fetch understands the new plan.)  The idea will get discussed today…
While we’re on the topic:  Protect San Jose does their weekly run-down of the City Council agenda.  Interestingly, they have nothing to say about the new negotiating guidelines or the finalists for Police Chief.  When they do, we’ll let you know…
Speaking of Protect San Jose…
There is a story from Tracy Seipel at the Merc about drug dealing that happens in downtown San Jose’s Fountain Alley and how the police are cracking down successfully.  While the story certainly isn’t funny, The Daily Fetch tries to look for silver linings sometimes, and we found one in this story:  ”…Police say dealers jump on and off [VTA] trains around the downtown core: from Second and San Carlos streets up First St. to St. James Park…”  At least some folks are riding lightrail, right?
How many houses does it take to pay for a city service?” San Jose’s Pierluigi Oliverio has some answers and some ideas on San Jose Inside...
Last night, Palo Alto Mayor Sid Espinosa gave his State of the City and he wants more civic involvement, which shouldn’t be a problem in Palo Alto.  Perhaps the most interesting line from the speech, at least the part of the speech that was covered in the Daily News, was this:  ”…Let me say, the Stanford project will move forward this year…”  From the Mayor’s  mouth to the land-use gods in Palo Alto’s ears…
While Esponisa’s State of the City got some ink today, it is unlikely that the Mountain View State of the City address, given by City Manager Kevin Duggan at NASA Ames Research Center over lunch, will be as interesting…
What does every single City Councilmember need during this historic economic downtown and streatched budgets?  An iPad.  That’s the paperless plan in Morgan Hill to the tune of $840 each
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Google gave $100 million to Eric Schmidt. Is that a better deal than Dan Fenton got when he left Team San Jose?…
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