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Daily Fetch 03.27.14: HolYee Shi# and Jerry Hill tries to clean up the swamp

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

When it comes to restaurants, skyline, culture and, apparently, political corruption, Silicon Valley can’t compete with San Francisco.  Senator Leland Yee’s House of Cards came tumbling down for…Gun running, really?  In Silicon Valley, it was some meals, golfing, gambling, and stamps but in San Francisco it was automatic weapons, murder for hire, extortion, drugs, gang hits…you name it!  That damn SF.


To read excerpts of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation not Fetch Bureau of Investigation) affidavit go here.

For an international take on Yee’s arms for campaign cash catastrophe go here. Well, it’s a Canadian news story so international is a stretch.

Senator Jerry Hill is still on a policy tear from the last senate scandal. His latest idea is to require nonprofit groups that pay for legislators to take trips to “conferences” to disclose their donors.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors overturned a planning commission decision that would have allowed a meditation center near Woodside to be converted into a rehab facility.

Facebook bought a virtual reality company yesterday and the company’s stock promptly took a nosedive.

Half Moon Bay’s City Council has decided to use a $1.6 million tax windfall to fund 22 projects including renovating facilities and fixing roads.

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Daily Fetch 02.12.14: Shirley Temple Black passes and some Peninsula politicians announce their future career plans

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Famed child star and Woodside resident Shirley Temple Black passed away at her home yesterday. She will be missed.

Bay Area law enforcement officials met in Millbrae yesterday to highlight the problem of human trafficking in the Bay Area. The county also initiated an informational campaign to educate residents about the problem.

San Mateo County Schools Superintendent Anne Campbell will run for reelection, and Belmont Councilwoman Christine Wozniak has decided to peace out on her term early.

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Daily Fetch 01.28.14: Another bridge with bad bolts, wood banning and pruning in Woodside and Moss Beach and Tom Perkins tries to remove foot from mouth

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

A near disaster was averted when bad bolts were slated to be used to retrofit a local bridge.  No, not that one, this time it was the Carquinez Bridge where hundreds of thousands of incorrectly sized bolts manufactured in China were almost used.  Scary.

If you live in Woodside or Portola Valley and have a wood shake roof, pay attention. Due to the extreme fire danger, both town councils will be discussing banning this type of roof at a meeting tomorrow.

Following the injury of a 17-year-old girl at an intersection, Foster City Councilmember Herb Perez wants additional pedestrian and bicyclist safety measures put in place.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach may get a little thinner if a plan is approved to prune some of the Cypress Trees that grace the reserve.

Yesterday, Tom Perkins issued faux apology for his insensitive, moronic, lame, (insert your own adjective here) comparison of the 1% living the high life in SF to Jews living through the Holocaust in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  The Verge dissects the latest rant from a guy who says the watch he currently wears can buy 6 Rolexes.  We shi$ you not, he says it.

Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla, wants Martin’s Beach off limits to the 99%.  Remember folks, the rich are under siege by the rest of us.  Seeking the seclusion of a pristine beach just south of SF, Vinod has blocked access to a the beach for the masses.  Beach lovers are suing to catch some rays and a wave or two.

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Daily Fetch 11.20.13: San Mateo County Sheriff has a new “exciting” webcam and amazingly there is news from Foster City

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Showing their obvious excitement, which we doubt is shared by anyone else, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s office has put up a webcam so you monitor the construction of the new San Mateo County Jail. We’re sure it’s excellent.


Showing the pull that boatloads of cash can get you, when Atherton residents complain about airport notice it (apparently) warrants a story in the paper.

Speaking of rich people, we’re sure the well-heeled NIMBYs will have absolutely no problem with this drug rehab facility popping up in Woodside. We’re sure the county planning commission meeting tonight on the topic will be entertaining.

In news of yet another San Mateo County politician peacing out shortly after a local election (which could have been an inexpensive way to replace her) South San Francisco School Board Trustee Shirlee Hoch is heading for the door. Though in her defense, she does have serious medical issues.

The fact that there is news reported from Foster City is news in itself, but (apparently) the Foster City Council has approved a large new senior housing complex, after only 42 years of contemplation over what to do with the 15 acre site.  So ahh, Palo Alto blocks construction of a senior housing complex and one month later nearby Foster City approves a large new senior housing complex…hmmmm.

In stunning news from Half Moon Bay, the Half Moon Bay review has received running up of a major award…umm, what?

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Daily Fetch 10.31.13: Happy Halloween! Judge says PG&E mislead public on San Carlos pipeline

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Have Happy Halloween…but not too happy. Police in San Mateo County will be on the look out tonight for drunks.

A CPUC administrative law judge yesterday levied nearly $7 million in additional fines against PG&E regarding gas Line 147 that runs under San Carlos. The judge called the line “distressingly similar” to San Bruno and noted that PG&E’s failure to come clean on the pipeline amounted to “misleading the commission and the public.”

South San Francisco Library is hosting its 21st annual trivia challenge tomorrow. Personally we prefer our pub quizzes at establishments that serve alcohol.

After sending out the wrong ballots to a neighborhood in Menlo Park, the county registrar has hand delivered corrected replacements.

Woodside’s Town Council had a raucous meeting yesterday wherein the NIMBYs emerged somewhat victorious but getting the council not to move forward on issues such as developing more parking or making streets wider.

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Daily Fetch 10.25.13: SM County is number 2 in tech and the Emperor of Martin’s Beach wins a key victory

Friday, October 25th, 2013

The Progressive Policy Institute has ranked San Mateo County as the number 2 high tech hotspot in the county. Neighboring San Francisco County was ranked number 1 and Santa Clara County was ranked number 3.

On that note, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors are taking a look at updating the way the county taxes farmland.

The San Mateo County Harbor Board is so dysfunctional and relations between board members so acrimonious that the board voted last week to seek the help of a therapist…well, mediator. The most awesome part of the situation is that the mediation between the warring members of the board will occur in public! Get your popcorn ready folks.

Mid-Peninsula Congresswoman Anna Eshoo made right-wing nuts foam at the mouth yesterday when she questioned why the Obamacare website wasn’t ready for primetime. She went as far as to say it would be like Proflowers not being ready for Valentine’s Day.

We hope that this article saying that Nirmala Brandrapallis is “launching” her bid for Burlingame City Council is a typo. Isn’t two weeks before an election a little late in the game for a campaign kick off? After all absentee voters have had their ballots for weeks.

The Emperor of Martin’s Beach, Vinod Khosla, won a key legal victory, but the surfers fighting for public access have vowed to appeal.

The combatants in the battle for the Woodside Elementary School Board are profiled in this piece by the Almanac.

The combatants in the battle for the Atherton City Council are profiled in this piece.

An investigator has been hired to take a deeper look into the San Carlos School District’s sweetheart $1.3 million loan to its superintendent. The move comes following the resignation of a long time board member over her fellow board members desire to sweep the matter under a rug.

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Daily Fetch 10.04.13: Light at the end of the BART tunnel and San Mateo Mayor Lim says “No on P”

Friday, October 4th, 2013

With the 60-day cooling off period barreling down the tracks the BART talks made some progress yesterday.  The SF Examiner reports that the two sides agreed on a formula for pension contributions and that talks continue on wages and health care.

And according to a poll released by the Bay Area Council, 63% of respondents want the BART union to accept the management offer and avoid a strike.  The poll is a little quirky as only 19% of the 509 respondents actually ride BART.  Nonetheless, it is another indication that the public would blame the union in the event of a strike.

The Daily Journal reports that San Mateo Mayor Lim and Deputy Mayor Ross recommend opposition to Measure P when the council votes whether to endorse the school bond at its Monday night meeting.  Their beef is that the $130M bond measure does not “adequately address equity issues for students in San Mateo” and “was formulated with no input from key stakeholders”.

Those in East Palo Alto wanting to cultivate community gardens got a boost from a bill signed by Jerry Brown.

Up in smoke went close to $30 million in pot that has been destroyed by the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force.  Dozens of raids have netted nearly 8,100 mary-jane plants.   HMB Review has the story.

Hey, is one of our interns working on the side writing headlines for the Daily News?  Redwood City Planning Commission corks plan for huge water tank in Emerald Hills.

The four candidates vying for three seats on the Woodside school board are introduced in this Almanac story.

Menlo Park has some openings in its planning department as the city continues to grow.

Opponents to a woman’s right to choose in San Mateo County are still at it.  They filed a lawsuit to stop the South SF Planned Parenthood facility approved by the city council.

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Daily Fetch 9.04.13: Still no joy for Mills High AP hopefuls, and while PG&E whining continues San Bruno is still rebuilding

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

A judge has agreed with the College Board that the hundreds of Mills High Students shall not pass the AP.

you shall not pass the ap

Moss Beach will (apparently) be saved, so sayeth Supervisor Don Horsley.

The San Mateo County Democratic Party has made its endorsements for this November’s local elections. The Redwood City Woodside Patch has them for you…

Liege Lord of San Mateo County, John Maltbie, is recommending that the county spend $14 million on a new HR system.

Speaking of the Maltbie paterfamilias, former Judge and Senator Quentin Kopp piles on the County Manager for criticizing the county grand jury.

San Mateo has chosen a new interim City Manager, Larry Paterson. Welcome to the party pal.

Three years after PG&E blew up San Bruno, the Crestmoor Neighborhood continues to rebuild.

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Daily Fetch 8.23.13: Jerry Hill VBM Verify Bill on the Way to Moonbeam and PG&E crying over having to pay for blowing-up San Bruno

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Senator Jerry Hill’s bill to allow voters to verify that their absentee ballot were counted has cleared the legislature and is on the way to Governor Moonbeam for signature.

PG&E says it can’t afford to pay the $2.25 billion fine for blowing up San Bruno. San Bruno says screw you PG&E, the fine should be $1.4 billion higher!


A letter containing a white powdery substance shutdown part of the San Mateo County Government Building yesterday.

Under a new proposal, students from the lower income community of East Palo Alto would no longer be able to attend schools in the higher income communities of Woodside and Atherton. The Palo Alto Weekly spins this as a good thing.

The Mercury News tells us that Facebook teamed up with U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier to donate laptops to some East Palo Alto students on their first day of school.

Burlingame residents want an eyesore of and unfinished building to get done.  They met with developers push for completion.

Firefighters and chili this weekend at the San Mateo City Firefighter’s Association sponsored Chili Cook-Off taking place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Central Park in San Mateo.

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Daily Fetch 8.19.13: Grand Jury says politicians misleading public on San Mateo County finances

Monday, August 19th, 2013

The San Mateo County grand jury says that the County is not as broke as the politicians have been saying. In fact, while claiming a deficit last year the county (apparently) ran a $26 million surplus. Politicians misleading the public…we are just shocked.

The Almanac tells us a run down of the races in Portola Valley and Woodside.

A San Mateo County bank teller stole over $119k from a 91-year-old man and went on a shopping spree.

The South Bayside Waste Management Authority Board is meeting for the first time since its board was emptied of bureaucrats and replaced with politicians. Of course their first act will be to develop a code of conduct.

The Daly City City Council is going to reconsider allowing a CVS store to sell booze as the wrong data was used when the Council voted to ban such sales in July.

The Menlo Park Fire chief who fell from a ladder at his San Jose home has been rendered a paraplegic from his accident, but is planning to return to work next month.

Instead of getting rid of red light cameras like many other cities, Menlo Park will be adding more.

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